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July 31, 2009

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Levrone Definition Transformation, Day 1: Canyon Run • LevroneReport.com

July 28, 2009

OK, let’s get started. Right now I’m at 6% with calipers. Calipers can be misleading, the only real measure is the dunk tank. Given past experience I’m going to estimate that I’m at 8% actual body fat. I need to be at 3 or 3.5% to complete this next transformation. I’m giving myself 30 days.

Failure is not an option. When I know you’re watching, it’s like a blood oath, man. So keep watching, keep being vocal, and together we’ll get crazy shredded. I’m already visualizing it. Start seeing it right now.

I plan on training heavy but with higher reps. 12-15 reps, instead of 6-8 reps. Working the fast-twitch muscle, sculpting, losing fat and increasing conditioning and performance.

I’m going to be eating low carb, high protein. I’ll be sharing my diet weekly in the LevroneReport.com newsletter. I know you’re waiting on the MASS transformation nutritional info, and I’ll email that to you first, in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.

From the treadmill to the boxing ring and everything in between – I’m going to try out as many fat burning activities as possible. Starting with a 1.5 hour run in the canyon, below. This was a big workout – not for every day, more like twice a week. I wanted to start with a bang. Pick a safe, realistic goal that’s out of your comfort zone, and hit it. Let us know how you do. Seeing that you’re doing it too helps motivate me.

There might be a short service interruption later today or tomorrow as I switch the blog to a new server for more features and a forum. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I hope you’re not, either. Out.

Levrone Transformation • Final Picture From Week 8

July 26, 2009

Picture 32Here it is. I wanted to get this up earlier – this pic was from the beginning of last week. I was hoping to put it up with a leg and back shot, but I never had a chance to get those done, so I’m putting this up now.

This pic is important because not only is it the last pic of the MASS transformation, it’s also the first pic for the DEFINITION transformation to come.

Starting tomorrow we’re going to get back to posting regularly, and we’ll be setting the stage for the definition transformation. I hope you all join me in getting more cut than you’ve ever been.

– Kevin

Final Transformation Workout • Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach

July 24, 2009

The first transformation is officially complete. I finished strong with a killer leg workout at Gold’s Gym, in Venice Beach. It was fun to check out the mecca – really fantastic experience. But you and I know, it’s not about the name. It’s not about the place. It’s not about the history. It’s about you and the iron, and it always will be. But it was a meaningful visit for me, nonetheless.

It’s been a great ride, and it wasn’t easy. But you made the transformation a lot easier by making this blog a part of your daily routine, and sending in your stories, thoughts, ideas and support. If this blog is helping you now, good news, it’s going to get even better.

Take a look at the video, and pay special attention to the end. I want you to understand my feelings about where we are, and where we’re going. It’s about endless transformation, and you’re all invited. RSVP: comment board below.

– Kevin

Full Work Out


Leg press:

610 lb x 15

700 lb x 15

790 lb x 15

840 lb x 15

970 lb x 15

1060 lb x 20


Hack Squats :

430 lb x 3 sets of 6

430 lb x15


Leg extensions :

150 lb x 12

180 lb x 12

190 lb x 12

200 lb x 12

Levrone Transformation, Steroid Test Results Announcement

July 23, 2009

Not surprisingly, I passed. I know it’s not rational, but I was still nervous. My mind playing tricks on me that maybe something from 5 years ago was hanging out. Also, for some reason I was thinking about the glass of wine I had and if it would show up on the test. I know, crazy. Bottom line is, to this day I’m not a big fan of tests.

Dave and Jon are good guys and we go back, however, I know this about them, they do not pull punches, they tell it straight. That’s why I let them do this. Wherever they stand on steroid use, they did a first-class job setting up the test and presenting the results.

So that’s that. I’ll still take a test anytime, anywhere. Doubters, bring it on. Most of you don’t care either way and I’m cool with that, too. I think that by taking steroids out of the equation for this, we get to focus on the essence of bodybuilding: training, genetics, hard work. That means something to me, and I know it does to you, too.

Sit tight, a lot of you guessed right. Gold’s Gym, Venice. A great hard leg workout. Eleven plates each side, 20 reps. It was hard to tape there, people kept coming up to me, which is great though – it was great to be there. Sit tight, I’ll post it shortly. Out.

Listen to results announcement on rxmuscle.com.

Picture 1

Levrone Transformation, Back and 500lb Shrugs

July 21, 2009

Below is my second-to-last workout for the “mass” transformation. Think of this as the finale week. Drawin’ it out, having so much fun I want to savor the ending.

Today I’m heading over to a famous landmark gym with a rich history in the sport, for my last mass workout, which I’ll post tomorrow. This gym will mean something to anyone interested in the sport of pro bodybuilding – I’ll let the place be a surprise. You’re coming with me, VIP, front row, baby.

It’s worth the extra time it took to arrange tomorrow’s workout because when it comes to ending this first chapter, it’s gotta be at this gym…where I’ll finish strong and sum up what happened, where we are, and where we’re going. There will be more videos to come, more training. Out.

Full Work Out


Bent over Rows:

135lb x 8 225lb x 8 275lb x 8 275lb x 8 Reps

Seated Rows:


150lb x 6 200lb x 6 250lb x 6 300lb x 8 


Front Lat Pull Downs:


150lb x 6  180lb x 6  200lb x 6  240lb x 8 Reps


One Arm Rows:


120lb 4 Sets of 6 



315lb x 6  405lb  x 6  500lb x 6

Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Chest/Shoulder • LevroneReport.com

July 19, 2009

Here’s Friday’s workout. A really solid chest and shoulder program.

I’m in a good place, physically, as we near the end of this transformation, and in a good place overall, mentally. It’s been helpful to have your presence in the gym with me as you watch at home. I hope you feel my presence in your gym, too, and I hope it helps you as much as your presence helps me.

In the next few days you can expect a proper wrap-up of this first transformation. The week will be a look back at the gains, a review of what we learned and a chance to plan the next chapter. As I mentioned in the comments, I’m leaning toward a “definition” transformation.

I’ll update the look of the blog and add a forum feature so we can take the conversation to the next level and make information easier to navigate. I’m going to keep it free and simple.

I’m going to be sending out the Levrone Insider, the first edition of the newsletter, and it will contain info about diet and nutrition that relates to this past transformation. If you have not signed up for the newsletter, please do it now. This edition of the newsletter will only go out once and will not be published on the site.

What an incredible, life-changing eight weeks. Let’s keep it going guys.

– Kevin, out.

Chest :

Flat Bench:

135 lb x 6, 225 lb x 6, 275 lb x 6, 315 lb x 7 reps

Incline Chest :

225 lb x 3 sets of 6, 225 lb x 11, 315 lb x 4  reps

Machine Flys : 150 lb x 12, 160 lb x 12, 180 lb x 12, 190 lb x 12, 200 lb x 12 reps


Front Dumbell Raises:

40 lb x 8, 50 lb x 8, 55 lb x 8, 50 lb x 8 reps

Seated Lateral Raises:

4 sets 30 lb X 12 reps

Dumbell Shoulder Press :

3 sets of 60 lb x 8 Reps, 100 lb x 5 reps