Response on Water


7 Responses to Response on Water

  1. Zambraxas says:

    Great to see you responding to the posts Kevin.

    I have a question on some other issue : What is it with the freemason videos ? You have them favourited on youtube and one here on your blog.


  2. Zambraxas says:

    Hi Kevin.

    Great to see your responding live via videos to your commenters.

    I would like to switch gears : Are you a freemason ? If so, I want to become one 🙂


  3. Jaceuk says:

    Wow my BB idol answered my question thanks a million Kevin,Great reply and ill follow it
    thanks again

  4. jacelynn says:

    Insipred me to set up my own wordpress blog to reach my goals.thanks
    Jaceuk(now under jacelynn due to blog)

  5. Ramil says:

    Greetings, Mr. Levrone!

    One and the only question that thrill our hearts is –
    Are you going to return to competitive body-building?
    We miss you and noone could fill the gap after you leaved The Stage.

    Thank you for all this years! And great respect from Russian fans!

  6. Aljay says:

    yeah whats with the freemason thing?

  7. Egor says:


    I’m your fun from Russia! From Tyumen town (West Syberia).

    You’re the best!

    Thanks a lot!

    God bless you!

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