Post-workout shake…what’s the deal?


10 Responses to Post-workout shake…what’s the deal?

  1. jace.UK says:

    Sorry to bother you Kevin but the video above(post work out shake) is saying “this is a private video,if you have been sent this video,please ,make sure you accept the senders friend request”think its the youtube settings maybe

  2. Phil says:

    Yeah.. unfortunately we can’t see the video! =(

  3. jace.UK says:

    working now ,thanks another good Video

  4. Phil says:

    awesome. I got a question for you Kevin that sort of relates to this. What supplements would you say are absolutely essential to bodybuilding?

    • Hey Phil, if we’re talking about absolutely essential it’s a multivitamin. I can get into all sorts of secrets that are healthy and effective, but it really depends on your goals and body type – everyone is slightly different. I will be answering your question in more detail later this year with some new formulations I’ve put together. But in the meantime I can say with full confidence, bodybuilders, if you ain’t taking that multivitamin right now, you need to start.

  5. msblueeyes says:

    Regarding protein shakes.

    What source of protein shakes do you suggest is most beneficial? I notice that some protein shakes are higher in calories than others. If one is looking to get leaner rather than bulking up. Which protein supplement shake do you suggest and how often should one take consume it on a daily or weekly basis?

  6. david says:

    In your M3 video, you mentioned that you couldn’t train heavy for a few years due having had a disc compression, please let me know how you were able to cure that problem, Kevin. Thank you.

  7. msblueyes: that’s a smart question but the answer is too complicated for a quick comment – I hope to answer it in coming blog posts.

    david: the best way I knew how to cure the problem was to do exactly what I said: put less weight on my back during workouts, that’s what let the problem heal itself over time. Also, I believe that balanced meals and vitamins played a part.

    • Msblueeyes says:

      When time allows on your end to give a more detailed answer, Kevin. Would you also add to the above question ..this.

      When it comes to female workouts & protein shakes. Should we as women looking to get leaner (rather than) bulking up. Should we take the same type/calorie intake of protein shakes as men? Or should we go lower our calorie intake of protein shakes and the amount per-day we consume it?

      I ask, because as a woman (tall) one. I tend to bulk up rather quickly in my arms/legs & thighs when I take protein shakes. It doesn’t leave me feeling sexy. Rather too manly. I don’t like the bulking up effect.

      Also: even w/o protein shakes.

      How can a woman, get leaner/toner while working out. W/o getting the effect of bulking up (muscular wise)?

      Yes……..I’m having this problem.

  8. Hey Kevin,

    firstly i want to thank you for the time you spend in here. You mentionend in another video, that you were ” naturally strong ” when it came to benching. In comparison with my other bodyparts, my chest is built well and ” full ” but I am actually not really strong. What kind of training would you recommend ? Mainly, I do not do crazy cable stuff .. 😉 I want to gain power ob basic movements.

    Greetings from Germany to a legendary!

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