Day One of the Kevin Levrone Transformation:

Started the day with a banana and coffee. Headed to the gym where I weighed in at 206. The plan was chest, shoulders and triceps. It’s been a few years, so i wanted to take it easy. Check out the video of me maxing out on bench.

It felt natural to be lifting, everything fell into place. I got in early so I didn’t have an audience or distractions. Thanks Lucien for spotting.

The workout:

Flat Bench: 4 sets, (135 lbs., 225 lbs., 275 lbs., 315 lbs.) 6-8 reps, cranked out 4 reps of 315 on last set – not bad.
Incline Bench: 4 sets of 6 (225 lbs.)
Peck-Deck Flies: 4 sets of 8 (180 lbs.) Free Weight Flies: 4 sets of 8 (35-pound dumbells)

(No negatives, I’ve never done negatives – more about this in future blog posts.)

Behind The Neck Press, Smith Machine: (1st set, 135lbs, 8 reps, 2nd-4th set, 185, 8 reps.)
Note: Someone asked on the blog about doing these in front of the neck. Behind the neck is ideal because it works front, mid and rear delts – all three. If your front delts are lacking or disproportionate you can do some sets in front.
Side Lateral Raises: 2 sets at 35lbs, then 8 sets at 40lbs.

Push Downs with EZ Bar: 4 sets at 120lbs.

It’s a start. This simple workout was about 25% compared to my competition workouts in terms of weight, intensity and duration. I haven’t done even a set of pushups in 2 or 3 years, so I needed to ease into it. The 315 max at the beginning was probably not my true max, but it showed how, psychologically, my goal was to take it easy.

Afterwards, I had two chicken breasts, two bowls of rice, and oceans of water. No supplements. I’m doing this 100% naturally – no problem.

Looking forward to being sore when I wake up tomorrow morning – I’ll let you know.

It’s a humble beginning. But sufficient proof that…it’s on.

Picture 23


69 Responses to Day One of the Kevin Levrone Transformation:

  1. Chris Hansen says:

    nice keep posting more looking forward to them

  2. Donnie says:

    Im glad to see that you are getting back into it because I know that you will obtain great results. Stick with it and stay motivated.

  3. Zander Tiflia says:

    Atta boy levrone!!

  4. Olof Eklund says:

    This will be very interesting to follow! Keep up the good work and keep us updated!

  5. ASJChaotic says:

    That’s awesome Kevin!
    It’s GREAT to see you’re back in the gym!
    You will shock many people with your transformation, I am sure!

    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!

  6. Max says:

    You maxed out at 315 in the video, but it says that you repped it for 4 in the log?

  7. John says:

    It’s great to see you doing this transformation online for your fans. I look forward to seeing your actual results and what tips and advice you give out. Everytime I get injured or fall into a slump of not wanting to train I always go on youtube and wherever else in search of your videos to try and find find new ones so this new blog is greatly appreciated. I always meticulously watch videos of pro bodybuilders in search of their actual diet and supplements, but from my point of view the whole supplement thing seems shady when pros take supplements in front of a camera. For example in one of Ronnie’s videos it shows him taking BSN products (his sponsor, but I’m sure you already know that) and he literally has to turn the supplement packages around and read the label to see how much to take. That pretty says that he doesn’t take the products and never has, but BSN supplies the check so I understand why he had to showcase their products. The same thing happened with Jay and Dexter on Muscletech products. It just seems like there are so many secrets and myths concerning supplements and what exactly do the pros take. I’m hoping you can somewhat shed some light on this for your viewers seeing as how you are not a pro bodybuilder anymore and you aren’t sponsored anymore either. Also I could have sworn I read somewhere that you were coming out with a supplement line. If that is true then why aren’t you taking the products to showcase them and prove their effectiveness, well if they are effective. I am in no way trying to be rude so forgive me if I am coming off that way. I as well as many others just want some straight forward answers concerning real bodybuilding diet and supplementation, well over the counter supplements in this case. Thank you for reading this and creating your new blog. I look forward to your reply. Best of luck to you!

  8. Steve Namat says:

    Hey Kev,

    315 on the bench press…now that’s what I call a good start. Well I really see very good perspective in you as a future bodybuilder. 🙂 Just kidding. You are the best! Keep pumpin’! Show them bro!

  9. […] Kevin Levrone transformatie (jaja, hij gaat weer buff worden!) Day One of the Kevin Levrone Transformation: May 25, 2006 Started the day with a banana and coffee. Headed to the gym where I weighed in at […]

  10. Paul says:

    thats a very big motivation for me thanks Kev i will keep tracking progress, slowly but will come and remember: never give up !!! 😉

  11. arnoldfan says:

    wow kevin

    ferie nais thet you return back on se stage

    guld luck
    meebie you wil get as bick ass i am
    ai lav steroids so mutch

    greetings from arnoldfan.
    maybie jou will like to come to se forum


  12. AlexMax says:


  13. AlexMax says:

    Kevin please make longer videos.

  14. koerperkult says:

    this is realy impressiv im a bit jealous 🙂 thanks from germany again

  15. Thanks for your posts.

    Max – getting four reps at the end surprised me, too. 🙂 The 315 max was before I was really warmed up but also shows how I wanted this workout to be light, maybe it could have been a little higher if i pushed it.

    John – In terms of supplements…the way companies sell these things is a little demeaning to my intelligence, but that doesn’t mean it’s all bad. if i personally ever recommend a supplement it will be something I use myself. and if I use it, it means i probably mixed it myself. if that’s financially reckless, so be it. as my workouts get harder i will be playing with new ingredients and consulting my private “alchemist” from back in the day when i was competing. i will let you know if we strike gold.

    AlexMax – I’ll try to make longer videos, but short ones with pics and text is what I need to do to keep ’em coming.

    To the rest of you, thanks for the questions – I can’t answer all of them. I will be releasing things over time. Sign up for my email and i promise to send some more detailed diet and training info soon.

    PS: Yes there’s a genetic component, i won’t deny it or apologize for it. Out of respect for you all, I won’t waste it or take it for granted, either. 🙂

    • John says:

      Alright, thanks a lot for replying man. I wish I had a personal alchemist. I’ve always wondered how you and other pros stayed lean in the offseason. By lean I mean still with visible abdominals, but with more fat and water. Well you know what I mean, like say the look of 12 weeks out. Which is still in very good shape just not show quality. How is that level attained throughout the year? I’m having, as well as many others, great difficulty in just attaining the 12 week out look. There’s just too much stubborn fat that won’t go away. I was going to do a contest in July, but I just can not get rid of the “gut”. I changed my diet up completely about a month and a half ago to 6 to 8 meals a day of 8 oz. to 12 oz. of chicken, fish, and beef with an egg meal a day as well. Each with either oatmeal, grits, rice, or sweat potatoes. Of simply the diet change my weight went from 205 to 190 then to 215 were I’m at now. I can see the fat slowly going away while gaining muscle, but it’s going very slow. Do you have any advice as far as this situation goes? I’m very eager now to focus on becoming a pro bodybuilder now that there is a legitimate 202 lb. pro class. Thanks a lot again for replying to my other post. I look forward to your next video and what advice you have. Thanks a lot man!

  16. jerome says:

    Hi kevin, good to see you again.
    Pro bbing seems to be a desert since the end of the 90’sss, i started seing your pics on the wall of my club in the 90’s, real motivation, and it’s good to see you healthy and more determinated !

  17. Hai (from Vietnam) says:

    I have no words to say more than “thank you” for this awesome website. I’m like to watch you train! You’re my Idol!

    • LupeLupe1 says:

      Thats the truth man, this is motivating me to start my transformation as well, who cares about obstacles, i need to stop dreaming it and start living it.

  18. LevroneFan says:

    Mothe f—a!!! Go, Levrone!! Man, you are awesome! Thank you for inspiring us!!! Oh, yeah! I’m very happy you are back!

  19. felix83 says:

    Damn, Kevin. How would you feel if your favorite athlete jumped back into the game after 4 years? Well, that’s how I feel right now!!!!!!!!!!!! Better yet, he’s gonna be kind enough to post video and describe his techniques! This is great Kevin. You dont even understand how motivational this is for me!

    Unfortunatley, I have a front delt injury that I sustained from doing exactly what you are doing in the video: a 305 max. It’s been dogging me for months, and I am having a tough time going very heavy on any pressing movements. I’m gonna have to get to the doctor for an x-ray or something, but enough about me.

    I must admit, I was kind of stunned (well, not really) that you you’ve still got 315 for reps in you after all this time out of the gym with no weight training! I can see in your expression that it felt damn good too. I’ve been out of the gym for a longish period aswell, and let me tell you, I was maxing out at 140 hahaha.

    What I’m trying to say is that, the times (ive had two layoffs fron the gym in my life, so far) I’ve gotten back into lifing, I just rekindle that fire for it all over again, and it just gets more and more intense, like a love affair, you know?

    Just take it step by step and see where it takes you. No need to compete and all that if you dont feel like it. Oh, and dont listen to the haters out there if they start gettin jealous cause they don’t have what it takes.

    Sorry for the long post, and thanks again for letting us follow you’r progress!

  20. Helio says:

    Go Kevin! Thanks for posting! You will be my inspiration during my returning process too! Not to your competition level ( MAYBE! haha ), but, in getting big again! Thank you. I’m brazilian and more guys like me here are supporting you!

  21. I am Glad your Back Man, Gives me alot more motivation keeping up with your progress

  22. JJ says:

    Thanks for the inspiration Mr. Levrone!! YOU ARE 1# BABY

  23. Felix, good luck with that front delt – stay with it, bro, get it looked at.

    i owe my success to the fans. if this blog is motivational and what you’ve been waiting for, you all deserve it.

    i didn’t quite expect this outpouring, over 7,000 hits on the blog today already. i’ll be thinking about each one of you as I crank out my reps. everyone – thank YOU for all your motivation and kindness. let’s all set some goals and get to work – it’s going to be a great summer.

    • ASJChaotic says:

      You have always been great to your fans, Kevin. That’s one of the reasons why you probably have the biggest fan base since Arnold.
      Not many bodybuilders have that kind of following.
      You are a great inspiration to any bodybuilder, the perfect blend of aesthetics and size.
      Guys like Dorian Yates and Ronnie Coleman were great bodybuilders but their gut and lack of aesthetics really made them look terrible, like a giant mess, when I watch youtube clips ….to this day people still can’t believe that the judges picked Ronnie over you in 2000 and 2002.
      When I look at the photos of those competitions Ronnie’s physique makes me want to give up bodybuilding and yours makes me want to get in the gym and bust my ass and train hard, just so maybe I can look a fraction as good.
      99% of the population feel the same way, I believe.
      As far as bodybuilding today goes, forget about it, bodybuilding has been going down hill, the level of competition is really sad, it’s like no body is hungry anymore, no body pushes the limits anymore, they train and diet a whole year for just one show and they manage to come in soft and flat, a real shame, bodybuilding was at it’s peak when you were competing, if you were on stage these days, it would be no contest, game over, they would probably hand you the sandow before each Olympia and call it a night lol!

      I know for a fact that if all the guys you were competing with back in the day decided to do a natural show with you, you’d blow them off the stage!

      You are the greatest ever, Kevin!
      Maryland Muscle Machine!

      We are all looking forward to the upcoming clips!

  24. LM says:

    I admire you for the way you are and for what you have accomplished in your life! This is something I´ve been looking forvard to see, GO Kevin!

  25. Bob says:

    Good job on your first day! Thanks for posting this blog.

  26. STERNBAUER says:

    I love what you are doing and this is the best motivation ever

  27. Brian Judge says:

    You have inspired me to make a come back too. Seeing you make this decision is the motivation I needed to make the come back from an injury. I along with many others have been hoping you would do this for a while. Whether or not you compete you are inspiring man this sport has seen. Thank You.

    Are you training and living in MD again?

  28. Charles says:

    Hey, I was wondering how much coffee you use Mr. Levrone, I have a habit of drinking alot as well.. is it like 6-8 cups for an energy boost or only like 2 ?

    • Glad you asked, Charles. I just needed it that one time – for the first workout. I doubt I’ll be drinking more coffee during the transformation, or getting out of bed quite as early. Bottom line, Charles, WATER is better. You gotta be hydrated to get through a workout like that. If coffee works for you, fine, but please don’t be influenced by the coffee in that post.

      • Brian Judge says:

        Damn…I had 9 cups of coffee and 14 bananas today. lol

        Sorry I had to. Kev, do you plan on posting a video once a week or just whenever you can?

  29. survivor666 says:

    It’s a great idea!!!!!!!
    Let’s go Kevin,good luck from France!
    (please more videos!!!!)

  30. D says:

    Awesome Kevin…keep it going man! Looking forward to seeing this follow all the way through…awesome idea

  31. juergen says:

    As a long time Kevin Levrone fan I say it’s great to see you back in the sport. I am really curious to see the results you get with your outstanding genetics and not using any roids. Very motivating … thanks Kevin.

  32. D & D says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Your without a daught the best bodybuilder in our eyes and it is a pleasure to see you back in the gym Kevin. Your a true inspiration for all ous bodybuilding fans. All the best and good luck to you! ps hope to see you on that stage again!

    Best regards from your fans in Sweden!!!!

    Daniel & Daniel at gymgrossisten store.

  33. Discipline says:

    wow. . . I saw your vid posted on a board and I scrambled over to youtube to see if the date was legit and really from recently! All I can say is DO IT UP LEVRONE! You are pretty much my bodybuilding idol. I have M3 and I still think there hasn’t been a better physique than yours to date. I think you still got it man. I guess all I can say is the best of luck to you!

  34. Sergio says:

    Please Kevin do not give up, keep on pumpin and growing day by day, little by little, like the rising sun, slow but unstoppable.
    You can do it! Come back in shape then decide what can be done 😉


  35. Andy says:

    Good luck Kevin, you are one of my favourite bodybuilders of all time and it will be great to be able to keep track of your training and progress, hopefully I will learn something new and improve my training as well.

    All the best

  36. Kwon says:

    You can do it Kev!

  37. Hey Kev,

    since the day I saw Your pictures on some websites You are my true authority, not only on bodybuilding. I’ve really, really admired Your contest-ready phisique and I’m sure that this transformation will be amazing!

    Best wishes from Your great fan in Poland

  38. Ben says:

    Can you post measurements and bodyfat % so we can track the changes

  39. Jose says:

    This is the best day of my live!!

    kevin returns!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Roman says:

    I’m glad to see you back on it man.

    Hey I have a question regarding guitar. How long have you been playing? I started playing almost a year ago and in that time I’ve been very inconsistent. I finally have a legitimate reason to focus on practicing as I’d like to be able to play some worship songs at my church. I also write songs and can sing them but I really want to be able to play guitar and sing at the same time.

    Did you, or do you have a set practice routine? How did you go from beginner to as good as you are now?

    • I was around music as a kid, a lot of musicians in my family. It was something I liked to do and it came naturally, I’ve never taken a lesson. Playing and singing on guitar, it’s like anything else. Practice a lot and don’t forget to ENJOY THE FEELING of doing it. Follow that joy and you’ll find yourself picking up that guitar more and mastering it quicker.

  41. Stephen says:

    Why only start the day on a banana and coffee? Is that
    something you would do while competing as a pro?
    Great to see a legendary BB as yourself giving something like this to his fans!
    Thanks Kevin

    • Msblueeyes says:

      Everyone keeps asking about his coffee & banana prior to his morning work out.
      I believe he’s just getting the hang of getting back into the swing of things. I’m sure his diet will change, real soon.

      I’ve known Kevin for many years. I had the honor of
      being able to cook for him during competing days.

      One of the high in protein meals that Kevin would eat 4xs a day for a week (yes you read correctly) was the following.

      1 lb of fish per meal (Before cooking) he ate trout (bake in oven @ 425 for about 45 min)
      8 oz of sweet potato(before cooked) (wrap in tin foil and cook in oven) while fish is baking.
      Either 1 cup of steamed Broccoli
      1 cup of spinach leaves. (you can add sliced onion, bell pepper on top) and then top off with plain vinegar. (NO salad dressing).

      Doesn’t seem like an appetizing meal. But eating the above 4xs a day for a week, in between
      eating your high in carbs/energy meals. Helps.

      Alternate your weeks of meals and make the 2nd week that of boneless skinless chicken and so forth.

      Now for cooking the fish.
      I baked it, (no oils/no salt). A dash of fresh lemon and lime. Fresh herbs on top of it.
      A dash of crushed black & red pepper…and then I added water in the baking dish to help keep
      it moist.
      If you want to add more flavor, you can use any of the Mrs Dash salt free seasoning. (minimal)
      the table blend is the best.

      If you decide to use olive oil. Try using the one with Basil in it. That way, whatever you cook.
      (meats or fish) the hint of Basil will give your food some flavor. W.o wanting to reach for the salt etc.

      For making your sweet potato taste good:
      After baking it. Slice it open & add a hint of vanilla & cinnamon.

  42. AlexMax says:


  43. AlexMax says:


  44. RoB says:

    Kev dude this is the best thing ever bro!!!

  45. Yasin says:

    Yo kevin greetings from Turkey, its good to see you back and good luck with your transformation.

  46. John says:

    One more question. Why just coffee and a banana before the workout?

  47. Msblueeyes says:

    Kevin, your an amazing guy. I’m proud to know you
    and to watch as you start a new chapter in your life.
    This new transformation, w/o the juice is something
    that’s going to me amazing to watch.
    I know your determination & drive. And when you
    set a goal. You achieve it 110%.
    Your a force to be reckoned with.

    Bring it on!

  48. Msblueeyes:

    So glad you posted and thanks for taking the liberty of answering on my behalf. All of you, FEEL FREE TO DO THAT, if someone asks a question and you know the answer, please chime in. though i wish i could, there is no way I can get to all the questions, and many of you have wisdom to share. If you read in the About section I say that I’m here to share wisdom…but also to GAIN wisdom.

    John – the coffee/banana thing is by no means a secret weapon – to all of you who had it this morning. 🙂 Sorry. As I mentioned above, the coffee is history, bananas are good. Try starting with bananas and WATER next time.

  49. SAV GHEORGHE says:

    HY! Great! Nice to see you’re back! I totally agree with the “muscle memory”. I just packed on 18 kg in 4 month;didn’t train for more than 5 years. What is your weekly routine? Good luck and keep posting!

  50. Robin Brantz says:

    Hi Kevin,

    My name is Robin Brantz from the netherlands. I’m an amateur bodybuilder. My last competion was last march at the Arnold Classic for amateurs. Unfortunately I became 6th. Anyway I wanted to say that I’m a big fan !!! I hope that you will enjoy the training again like before. And that everything will go as planned !!!

    Kind regards,


  51. Marc Z. says:

    hi kevin,

    these are really great news..
    magic levrone is coming back into the sport and as a
    big oldschool fan of you i was waiting for that announcement for years 🙂

    lets me just wish you all the best and all the luck..

    best regards for germany

  52. Kenny says:

    hello kevin,

    I am in disbelief that you are back into it ! i truly hope that you reach your intended goals, with most success and of course safety, but i am psyched that you are back, whenever its bench press, i play the video from BFTO 1998 when you bench press all that wieght, man, with much love and respect, take care and good luck =)

  53. SammieSam says:

    Kevin, you’re the main reason I listen to Creed during my workouts.

  54. kmk1 says:

    Hi Kevin, just joined up. Im over the moon your back in the gym. Ive got a picture of you in my gym that you signed for me and some buddys a while ago. Your the reason I started competing. Im 14wks out from my regional qualifier.. All the best bro. Kevin .

  55. Chris VAMPIR3 says:

    Glad to see you back in the game Kevin. I use to work next to your gym in Millersville, MD at Chesapeake Sciences. Loved working out there! Dunno if you remember me but I sent some scans for you when you tore your pec years ago….. Best of luck to you bro!!


  56. marty says:

    good job man! Hope you make a great comeback you need that Olympia and the sport needs something like this,thanks great idea.

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