Levrone Transformation Update – 5/27/09

I got a good workout in this morning, feeling a lot better. No footage, but I’m going back this afternoon for a leg workout. I’ll get some footage of that so please check back tonight if you want to see it and read full details about the day’s workout and my progress. (This morning I did chest, shoulders, tris, bis and traps.) Also, stay tuned for body measurements later today so we have a benchmark to look at my progress.

4 pounds gained in a few days. Hard to believe just from one workout and upping calories, and getting a 24-hour stomach thing. It’s muscle memory, the calorie jump and a lot of rest. My system was empty when I stepped on the scale this morning so I believe my gain is lean.

Even I’m amazed. As many of you like to point out, I’m something of a “genetic freak.” I will try to take that as a compliment. 🙂 I prefer the phrase “genetic marvel.” Either way, my genetics don’t do your workouts any good. So here’s something that might:

This morning I had eight egg whites and a cup of oatmeal. I plan on three more meals today, each will be two chicken breasts, two bowls of rice and mixed vegetables. There’s fat in the chicken and rice but it’s minimal. It’s smart to keep things clean and simple at the beginning of a new program to see how your body reacts in a natural state. Then you adjust upward from there, as I’m sure I’ll need to do, and I’ll be telling you about it.

100,000 blog hits in one week. Something big is happening. It was not planned and not sponsored by anybody. This is a pure moment. This is me doing my thing, inspired by you – just you and me and I’m having more fun than I’ve had in years, believe it. Get out to the gym and let’s do this together, and let me know how you’re doing. Just like you, I look forward to seeing how it’s going to turn out. 

Again, for footage and details of today’s workouts check back with me tonight. 

– Kevin


43 Responses to Levrone Transformation Update – 5/27/09

  1. dave says:

    hey kevin,

    great to see you back in the gym. i’m looking forward to follow you’re progress.

    keep up the great work,

  2. Babet says:

    I think 100.000 bloghits is a mere sample of what it will be in no time..it’s buzzing everywhere and spreadout over every BB forum on the planet…Here in Spain the google translator is working overtime..:)..I think ‘big’ is not a big enough word for what is about to happen.

    A lot of people have been waiting for this moment..and I think it’s a testimony of the kinda guy you are that instead of prepping in secrecy and one day pop out of the box and jump on an Olympia stage..you share the journey with all of us, allow us to have a peek in your kitchen and learn from you in the trenches.

    In fact your timing couldn’t be better..with a lot of people’s minds occupied with the backlash of the credit crunch and massive lay off’s everywhere it all got a bit gloomy at the end of the rainbow, I can imagine someting as exciting and uplifting as this is beyond welcome and appreciated. It is by me, without a shadow of a doubt…

    Good luck and heeps of fun on this journey, mr Levrone,..For those about to rock, we salute you!..;)

  3. Thanks!
    More interested in counting calories, pounds and reps. Less interested in counting blog hits. i do like the company, though.

    taking control of your body in uncertain times is exactly what I’m trying to inspire people to do.

  4. Mike says:

    Truly Inspirational.

  5. felix83 says:


    It would be awesome if you could film yourself get on the scale so that we can see what you weigh at the beggining (and eventually at the end) of you metamorphosis.

    How was your recovery from that first session? Any major soreness? I assume not since you hit the same body parts again already.

    I’m excited to see the leg workout. Since it’s your second workout of the day, I assume your just getting in there to warm the legs up for what’s to come over the next weeks, no?

  6. Ben says:

    BIG KEVIN! Hey bro we are all your fans and we are all looking forward to watching you succeed. This really is a wonderful thing your doing for the natural lifters and beginners out their, i don’t fall into that category as i have been lifting for 11 years, but i see what your doing and respect it very much. It is very cool to see a guy who was a top pro and a guy who dominated post up a blog about his daily workouts the fans will love thsi blog!

    From the bottom to the top nothing but success for you bro!

  7. D says:

    Looking forward to the footage Kevin! This is great.

  8. corvin25 says:


    What an inspiration you are bro! Thanks for letting us into your world on this journey. Taking the time to do this for not only yourself but the fans is unbelievable!
    Just the other day I was watching an old battle for the Olympia (think it was 97) and you said to Misturo Okabe : “It took a long time but you did a great job (talking about M3)and everyone loves it, matter of fact I was watching it this morning and I couldn’t wait to get to the gym” lol you liked it as much as the fans did!!
    No doubt a motivating video and one of if not the best ever training video for allot of us fans!
    I tell you what though I watched you do that single rep bench press right here on your blog and I was just as gassed up and ready to hit the gym as if I had just watched M3 all over again!
    It’s a testament to how many people care about you and want to see you do good!!
    Looking forward to your incredible transformation on the blog…because it’s so “In your face!!” kinda like a 100 pound dumbbell curl Levrone style!!
    you rock bro!! like the lyrics in your song “Dasvidanya” …God is not finished with you yet!

    Fullblown Baby!!

  9. Mattp says:

    Like everyone else, I’m excited to see you back in the gym!

    One question, with the amount of interest in you returning to the gym, if you see substantial results will you consider going to the next “level” and maybe do a show or two in the future or is it too early to tell?

  10. mikecart1 says:

    You are the true machine like a modern day Bruce Lee but in bodybuilding. Quick question so far, when you say 2 chicken breasts, about how many ounces is that since chicken comes in different sizes? I want to get on the Levrone Diet! 😀

  11. ASJChaotic says:

    The best chest, tris, shoulders, traps and biceps in bodybuilding history have been trained again! Hoorah!

    Keep going strong Kevin! 😀

    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!!

  12. Adam says:

    Your blog here has inspired me to get back in shape and ATTEMPT to keep up with you. Though as your progress develops, I know this will be impossible. Despite this, i’d like to give a big thanks for keeping me motivated. I’v decided to go ahead and hit the stage again this October – so i’ll be riding this ride with you buddy. Just started hard workouts and upping the CLEAN calories – feel better already!

    Best of luck to you, although i’m sure I’M the one who needs it LOL

    Your fan,


  13. Matthewa5 says:

    Kevin, dude this is awesome, thanks for taking us with you back into the gym. I’ve always been a huge fan of yours and get alot of motivation from your videos. I’ve been in a lull lately and this blog is really kicking my ass to get back in the gym. I plan on making some body transformations myself along with you, tho probably not as impressive. hah.

    thanks again brosef!

  14. Lukas says:


    Your transformation it is good idea.
    I root you.
    And Im prepare to competition and you are inspiration for me when Im on diet.


  15. LevroneFAN says:

    HI Kevin!

    I whant to let jou know that i’m a BIG fan of you!
    I Alway’s liked you charisma,training video’s,Posing and your passion for the sport(bodybuilding of cource).

    I’m now 20 years old and compete for the nationals IFBB juniors.
    you are my example, and i hope to forfill it and go to America to compete there.
    I still respect you for what your doing for the BB comunity!

    Kevin dont pay any attention on my English because I know it’s not that good:D

    You are my MR OLYMPIA!

    Mr S.

  16. Scott says:

    So pumped you’re back training Kevin. So excited to follow your journey back.

  17. SAV GHEORGHE says:

    hY kEV! I am from Romania, Cluj in Transilvania.:)You have many fans here in CLuj.
    It’s a great thing what you are doing, the blog and all… It must be a first! You’re really inspiring me especially I started training a little time ago, after 6 years of settling down (wife and kid) 🙂
    Just a short question: after workouts is it ok if a put honey in the water that I drink (mix it); what about sugar?
    Looking forward to reading your posts. It;s past midnigh here, goota go and rest. I have chest tomorrow. Take care!

  18. RobFitness says:

    Great Blog you have here. Very informative and I enjoyed seeing what you eat as well. It gives me ideas on how I can continue to get fit and healthy.

  19. Lavant says:


    I used to love watching you Shawn Ray and the other guys on ESPN back in the 90’s it was like the only show with big guys hitting some serious iron and showing how to use good form. I stumbled across this site but will surely be checking it out

  20. callesteve says:

    Your keeping us on the edge of our seats here Kev!

    I was wondering the same thing that Felix83 was: how sore were you after the 1st workout?

    Can we assume not much considering your doing the same workout on your very next workout?

    Maybe your underestimating yourself when you think,”my genetics don’t do your workouts any good” because recovery time is a major obstacle for the non-genetic marvels like us.

    Good luck bro


  21. Paul says:

    How is with cardio Kev You doing any ?

  22. Dave says:

    Just here to reiterate that I love what youre doing and seeing you coming back in the way that you are, especially natural, considering I’m a bodybuilder that has also used gear and has now switched to the natural swing of things.

    My questions have already been asked but there was no answer to other people, so once again how many ounces of chicken breasts do you mean by “2”, and are you doing any cardio? Why are you not using protein shakes yet in your diet? are you doing deadlifts/will you be doing them on backdays?

  23. Aron says:

    Nice to see this, Kevin. I’m getting back into training after 15 years off. I’m seeing rapid gains but my diet is still relatively moderate and my exercise s high intensity but sporadic. I don’t want to be as big or powerful as before as I’m thinking of a different type of body this time but already am finding my strength increasing fast.

  24. Khan says:

    Wow! truly inspirational stuff. I got a link to this blog today off a social networking forum where people left and right were flocking in on the thread.

    You shouldn’t be surprised at all by the number of hits you are about to get through the course of this journey man. I spoke to my friend(a fellow lifter who worships you lol) right after I got the link myself and told him you were back in the gym. He was besides himself!!

    Keep doing your thing man all the best to you from the LOT of us!

  25. Ben says:

    Great to hear your back in the gym. You truly are a genetic marvel! Along with everyone else, I’m looking forward to seeing your progress.

    Have fun “pumping the iron”!

  26. survivor666 says:

    Kevin,the war is beginning,your war and you must win for you,for us.
    You showed us the path to success,and now,we go with you.

  27. Andrew says:

    Hi Kevin, it’s awesome that you are training again. You’ve probably heard this a million times; but you’re one of my favorites in bodybuilding of all time. The symmetry, size and vascularity was purely awesome. You used your awesome genetics to its full potential with your hard work. I use you Flex workouts and competition clips on youtube prior to my training; revs me up good, gets me to my pumped mental state.

    Just one question, i’ve been eating grilled chicken breast with spices (no oil on the george foreman grill) for the past 2.5 years. I think I’m getting sick of it along with the buckets of salad i eat. How do/did you eat the same staple diet without finding it dry and boring?

    I look foward to more of your clips and blogs. Keep strong and pumping.

    Andy (from the land downunder!)

    • Andy, it’s takes strength to walk away from the joys of eating, and trade them for the joys of victory. Luckily I’ve been so in tune with my goals that I never needed to make my diet fancy. Keeping the diet simple (and boring) also makes keeping track of my calories, fat and protein simple, so I can focus my time and attention on more “pressing” matters.

  28. Nelson says:

    Kevin, plain and simple: we want to see u compete again. This movement that has started needs a “climax” and that “climax” would be seeing our favorite bodybuilder onstage once again showing everyone how it’s done.

    Your body has rested for 4 years from the heavy pounding, one can only hope that through this journey, the competitive fire is lit once again.

    God Bless

    • notta says:

      Nah man be realistic. I think Kevin has moved onto other things. You see guys comeback in other sports and all people remember about them are the 1 or 2 sub par seasons/shows and not all their previous accomplishments. Look at Favre for example. On the other side look at Lennox Lewis. You never hear a bad word about the guy because he went out on top.
      I just want to see Kevin go into the gym and get in great shape. Like the rest of us folk only 100 times better. The guy has great charisma and is exciting to watch. Honestly, I feel Kevin could still compete but why should he?

  29. felix83 says:

    You know that video where you are at the Smith’s place (I think) having a meal? You eat one fork full of that massive plate of rice and meat and you say, “man, I’m already full.” Well, i think of that comment virtually every day when im shoveling food into my face. The eating is the toughest part for me, you know, and knowing you had the same experience at that meal pushes me to keep stuffing my pie hole with chicken, rice, beef, fish, what have you….No food platters will stop from getting to where i wanna be.

  30. cru jones says:

    This is pretty cool that you’re documenting your journey for us to be a part of. Im excited to see your progress and this is a great tool to keep us on track aswell. Ive been back in the gym for the past two months after not lifting for about a year. Lost 18 lbs so far and I feel great! My goals are to find a happy medium in my diet and training. Anyways, Im a big fan and cant wait for the updates!!

  31. Roger says:

    This is inspirational and I really appreciate you documenting this. I don’t want to sound like a 14 year girl at a freakin’ Jonas Brothers concert, but what you’re doing is just really really cool.

    You’ve got absolutely nothing to prove, and the way I see it, it’s not about that.

    Rock’n’roll brother!

  32. Mark says:

    What is your hormone cycle?? Wondering how you gain all that muscle so fast, and get no negative side effects?

  33. Adrian says:

    Congrats on gains and blog hits! I’m jealous a bit 😛 Wish my blog was so popular 😀

    Anyway, best of luck!

  34. koerperkult says:

    exciting to see… i saw your old face while doing the leg press 🙂 sad that this tipps won’t help me that much because I’m near my natural maximum ..not that genetic giftet 😦 needed nearly 2 years to build up 50pounds but what ever I hope you can help me to get from b to c 🙂

    much love from germany

  35. klfan says:

    kevin dont your deep inside feel that u still want to go get that sandow ? doesnt it still burn insde the passinon to become mr.olympia?

  36. Andy says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Great that you are back!
    Good luck! 😉

  37. Sammadi says:

    I am just another name in your world of online fans but to me you were my favorite bodybuilder of all time, then, and now.

  38. Ellis says:

    Kevin it’s really inspiration that you are back training hard and trying to better your current physique. i’ll be visiting this site to check out how you are progressing and hopefully u can pack on 40 pounds of muscle and kill the current pros 😀 it’s possible u r a genetci marvel. God bless you and your family Kevin.

  39. Alex Bradford (LONDON) says:

    Looking good Levrone! I only just came across the transformation so am just reading through the posts now- hope i’m not too late to get a reply..

    What is the 24-hour stomach ‘thing’ you mention in your post? Is it a supplement or something?

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