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I measured my biceps at 18 inches. To ME that sounds small, but as you can see I had fun today. More gains are ahead. Are you feelin’ it? Are your workouts better from all this? I couldn’t do this without you guys. I can’t wait to get in the gym tomorrow. Later.


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  1. notta says:

    How you looked right there is the perfect build for me. I would never role my sleeves down 🙂 Looking good bro. Keep posting man.

  2. Stercus says:

    Woah , was not expecting your arms to be that big from the get go.

    Good job Kevin , very inspiring keep it up.

    I will dedicate 2 reps to you on arms tonight.

    Stay healthy, be safe.

  3. gymtime says:

    AWESOME BRO!!!! UP THE DOSE!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    start it up bro you know you want to!!!

    • ASJChaotic says:

      You need all that just to keep up with Kevin when he is clean and not even in the gym, You sound like a drug addict, maybe you should get help.

      • gymtime says:

        you sound like you have no idea what youre talking about. its past your bedtime, spaghetti arms. go to sleep.

      • gymtime says:

        and stop riding his dick, hes my favorite pro of all time, but you need to lay off and stop buffing his nutsack. i asked a legit question, the man is going to post a video and answer it, get the **** out with your b.s. “drug addict”…..i guess 95% of bodybuilders especially pros are drug addicts, go back to fairy tale land dude.

      • klfan says:


    • callesteve says:

      gymtime, I’m not hating on ya bro -and I sure aint riding the man’s dick – but you did say that the man wanted them drugs. C’mon dog, I’ve been on this blog pretty regular and you gotta be the first dude to tell someone to “stop buffing his nutsack.” Ya starting to hate dog. 95%, that means that only 5% are not using: pretty steep accusation???

      • Roman says:

        Hey man, didn’t you know that 95% of all statistics are only accurate 25% of the time.

        By the way I don’t have a problem with people using gear but to reply to gymtime and his comment on being an addict. So you say no bodybuilders are drug addicts. So I’ll ask you a question. Why do you do it? “Because you want to right? It’s your body.” Why don’t you quit, because you can’t? And you say, “I don’t quit because I choose not to. I can quit anytime I feel like it.”

        Yeah, your right. That doesn’t like a drug addict at all.

        Don’t listen to the haters Kevin, you don’t have anything to prove man. I appreciate you doing this and sharing your knowledge. Thanks again.

    • Sergio says:

      ‘cmon man, not on a public blog 😉 be smart please.

    • ASJChaotic says:

      MELTDOWN!!! 😀

  4. Sorry, ain’t gonna happen.

    • notta says:

      Smart move Kev.

      • ron says:

        why is it that you’re drug free?

      • why drug free? maybe it’s cause i I have no plans to compete – for now. your question makes me want to say more so let me stop here and put together a clip that talks about this head on. I think it’s important to give a 100% honest opinion on this serious subject, and I want to do this while also showing my love and respect for the industry.

    • gymtime says:

      awesome, im looking forward to the video!

    • callesteve says:

      You don’t need it Kev. That card has been played. Just keep doing what your doing now! Brush off these haters bro!

      • Dave says:

        who the hell is hating? why do you keep repeating that im a hater? i openly said hes my favorite bodybuilder in the world, if he doesnt wanna do the sauce, then good for him, if he does, then good for him too, why do you keep riding his jock and feel better about yourself by calling me a hater? where do you see one offensive remark toward kevin? stop having oral diarheaa with the word “hater”

      • Callesteve says:


        Bro, who the hell are you? I’m calling you a hater? Do you have a complex or something? Was I talking to you bro? Did I spell your name out on this blog? At the very least, if your gonna ride my ass on something, then call me on it, spell it correctly -diarrhea.

  5. loscos says:

    this man dont need that …his doing it natural..
    his gonna get big anyways. kevin keep going man dont give up.

  6. Jim says:

    Good stuff!

  7. mikecart1 says:

    His arms are already 18″ after this huge break in training. He will hit 20″ naturally cause he is the M3 of bodybuilding! 😀

  8. SAV GHEORGHE says:

    Nice!Very impressive after such a long break…18inches is pretty much;I mean there are active bodybuilders that don’t have those arms. I can see the shape f you huge triceps… how it used to be. It’s there!:) I guess triceps is something you were born with…I mean the shape and the size. Great stuff! Keep up the good work. You’re inspiring us all!

  9. SAV GHEORGHE says:

    the shape of you huge triceps…

  10. I have bigger arms than Kevin Levrone (Not for long though)!!! Seriously, Kevin, keep this up Bro… People are betting against you all over the internet. Personally, every time I see one of your blog posts it makes me smile. I can’t help but hope you’ll one day be back on the stage winning again.

  11. SammieSam says:

    Kevin, when you get up to 245lbs, you should do a remake of the Conan movies

  12. Brian89 says:

    Kev you got this! You have the top of the line genetics and I am sure you are close to being back on that diet of old. I am glad to hear you use the word naturally 🙂 Any diet tips for hardgainers besides uping calories and the number of meals/protein in a day? Lastly, when are you working out usually? I know back in the day you would be there after midnight doing your thing, Anyways looking great already and I will be following your transformation progress daily!

  13. Matthew says:


  14. RoB says:

    Wuts up bro…im lovin this, this is great shit man….reading the other comments i guess u gotta take the good with the bad, thats the internet for u LoL…What did u do for back? I know u had sum back issues a few years ago and could deadlift until back in 2002 when u should of won the Olympia…keep it up man!


  15. RoB says:

    Couldn’t Deadlift until 2002*****

  16. Steve W says:

    Hey Kevin…I’ve never been one to be OCD about lifting… I just eat clean, lift hard, get plenty of sleep, and I see results.

    I’ve been reading some articles about carb cycling and most of them say little to no carbs post workout and another one I just read said no carbs before your workout and only the first 2 meals following your workout. I usually wake up some time between 8 and 10am and work out some time between noon and 2pm, have 2-3 small meals before, all with carbs, have a spoonful of honey + whey shake for PWO then taper off carbs as the day goes on

    • ASJChaotic says:

      Just have your carbs around your workout, before to have energy to actually workout and after to fill the depleted glycogen stores.

  17. Mark82 says:

    Thanks for the MOTIVATION…………..

    Keep it up.


  18. Mark82 says:

    See his tri’s?


  19. klfan says:

    kevin why is it that u dont respond to alote of post? i have posted alote of posts n other videos and u didnt respond.

    • ASJChaotic says:

      Great stuff Kevin, wow, 18 inch arms with out even working out! 😮

      Keep going strong Kevin!
      Ignore tha haters.

      Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)
      Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)
      Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)
      Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)
      Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)

      • klfan says:

        by the way i am no hater am one of the biggest levrone fans even more than earl ;D ( i know u from getbig ;0) anyway its just that i wanted to know wyh doesnt kevin reply to the posts thats all,,

  20. ASJChaotic says:

    klfan, my comment wasn’t directed towards you bro, I pressed the reply button wanting to tell you that Kevin is busy and not able to reply to all comments but it’s late at night and I’m half asleep so I forgot 😀 and you can’t undo a reply or edit lol

    ASJ approved! ;D

  21. klfan says:

    who here thinks that mr.levone holds the best side chest pose in history ;)??

  22. Jose says:

    nice biceps!

  23. klfan says:

    who here thinks that mr.levone holds the best side chest pose of all time ;)??

    • ASJChaotic says:

      Best side chest and most muscular, let’s not forget that Mr. Levrone is the best bodybuilder ever. 8)

      • klfan says:

        nah i’d give the most muscular to dorian lol
        the maryland muscle machine all the way!!!

  24. Matt says:

    All I can say is WOW. What your doing is great. I have so much respect for you and wish you well on reaching your goals. I look forward to seeing every video clip, so no backing out! Reach your goal!

  25. klfan says:

    who here thinks that mr.levone holds the best side chest pose in histry ;)??

  26. klfan says:

    kevin which posing routine in your carrer did u enjoy the most???

    • At 2000 Olympia – I think I should have beat Coleman with that. Everything fell into place. The music, the custom intro with the voiceover thanking everybody, that whole routine sticks out in my mind.

      • notta says:

        The 96 Arnold music was classic as well. You were 10 times better then everyone else that day. Flex even looked like he didn’t belong in the same building with you.

      • ASJChaotic says:

        Agreed, you should have beat Ronnie in 2002 and 2002, for sure, it’s RIDICULOUS that the judges still gave him the Sandow. 😡

    • klfan says:

      “To every mc that intoduced me,to every expert that told me where to stand,down to every lightman with a plane,to every judge that has judged me,to every photographer and writer that poured there hearts and souls out so the world could see,,and to all my fans and love ones that cried for me ,,THIS ONE’S FOR YOU BABY!”-kevin levrone
      2000 mr.olypmia

  27. ASJChaotic says:

    Wow, Kevin has bigger arms than almost every person who works out regularly and alot of Pros …. when he hasn’t even worked out in 4 years! :O

    I feel small all the sudden. 😦

    • klfan says:

      and who isnt compared to a 2 time asc champ a 4 time olympia runner up,,a 22 time ifbb pro champion n the best bodybuilder of all time !!!

  28. klfan says:

    kevin i had three dreams in bodybuilding,,have a physicaly good looking healthy physiqeu,,attend the olympia,and meet you the guy that inspired me to train,you.

    • ASJChaotic says:

      and I’m guessing you have not accomplished any of those.

      😀 a little taste of getbig 😀 😉

    • klfan says:

      lol no i hve just achived the body ive been trainin for 6 yrs now but am livin in a wayy far away country from america n money is too tight to travel u know,,but its a dream u know 😉

  29. Superfly says:

    Still got them crazy-ass Levrone triceps…keep going, man!

  30. giz says:

    this blog is a godsend! I’ll be watching daily… it’s a treat to be exposed to world class training + diet

  31. Awesome, keep on the good work. It surprised me you used perfect form for the biceps curl (you know, many pro videos I’ve seen don’t use a very strict form).

    Perhaps they are still small for you, but they really look good for only 3 training sessions.

    Greetings from spain

    • Jim says:

      That’s true, all pros seem to just swing/throw the weight around rather then only use muscle contraction power.

  32. dave says:

    hi, kevin is numero uno!!!!

  33. ASJChaotic says:

    Kevin you tore your left tricep before the 2003 Mr. Olympia, does it give you any problems or is it back to perfect? looks back to perfect, that’s for sure.

  34. Kim says:

    Gonna do like “Stercus” said, dedicate 2 more reps for you on my biceps training today 😉
    the dumbell curls 😛
    keep it up Kevin, looking good =)

  35. Fran says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Well, after 1 year totally off the gym, you made me get back to it. Belive me, I dont know when I would have been back to train if it wouldnt have been for all this you are doing with the blog 🙂
    Congrats and well…you will get as big as you want in the time frame that you want, no doubts about that.
    Fran Estevez

  36. kl fan says:

    me too 😉

  37. ron welker says:

    Dear Mr. Levrone./ I am sorry that I nonly just this past week came across a movie website and found out that you had starred in the films I AM (2008) , BURNING HOLLYWOOD (2009 TV SERIES — when and on what channel is it being shown?) , RED LINE (2007) and BACKLASH (2006)

    I can not find these films in Youtube, and definitely not in ebay or amazon.com SO HOW CAN WE PURCHASE THESE FILMS TO SEE YOU — YOU HAVE NOTHING ABOUT THEM ON YOUR WEBSITE. CHEERS. RON WELKER,WATERLOO,ONTARIO

  38. Cinephile says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Thanks for this, just started back in the gym after a two year lay off and have got really out of shape. Came upon your blog the same day I came back from my first session it has been an inspiration to me to get back into shape and train harder

    Thank you

  39. mrmeotz says:

    Nice Work Bro!

    It would be awesome, if you could elaborate some more on terms of Nutrition,Meals,Supplements,Lifestyle..

    Keep it going..

  40. Kevinfan says:

    Best Side Chest in history ? Arnold, honestly. I think Kev agrees.

  41. golden_eagle says:

    omg, this is awesome.
    you are my favourite bber of all time, and the fact that we can watch and read step by step your trasformation, day by day, is awesome.
    I’m a italian guy and i wish a lot, see you at the rome’s fitness festival in june, but i believe that there isn’t no way that this is gonna happen.

    Good luck nad pushhh.

  42. fOLKE says:

    Looking great Kevin, can’t wait to see your progress.

    Stay clean ya’ll.

  43. survivor666 says:

    Very impressive Kevin!!!!

  44. Roger says:

    Excellent work again Kev. Keep it up bro! The world is watchin’!

    What you’re doing is cool shit and I’m sure all this attention will do good things for you, besides improving your body and mind obviously…

  45. all the best from Germany !

    Annette and Peter

  46. sav gheorghe says:

    Hy! Did you use to take creatine? Monohidrate or phosphate? Do you recommand it?

  47. sav gheorghe says:

    Hy! Did you use to take cratine? Monohidrate or phospahatE? Do you recommand it?

  48. BigPete says:

    Hey Kev,

    I’m from the UK and I’ve been working out for over 14 years now I must say that your truely inspiring, and I’m glad your getting back into bodybuilding, you belong in the sport!!

    One question, when are you gonna bring out a new album? your first Fulblown album was amazing, always in my workout music along with creed!

    Peace out!

  49. polish_FAN says:

    Hi Kevin,
    What is your current, average blood pressure?

  50. LM says:

    Anyone knows what Levrone had at his peak around his arms? Would very much like to know that!

  51. Marcus says:

    Hi You are the best. You will always be the best!

    Keep pumping!!

  52. Denny says:

    GENETICS and HARDWORK = BIG MUSCLES NOT STEROIDS.. a lot of people dont get this.

    I know some guys on steroids that have been working out for years and dont even have 18 Inch arms.

    Reality is that… you can improve what God gave you but when your gifted with muscle building receptors like (Kevin, ronnie coleman, etc..) then you dont need steroids to achieve a mind boggling body and 20″+ arms… naturally.

    Keep working hard Kevin and ignore the haters..

    • gymtime says:

      reality is that to surpass your natural ability and get into “freak mode” you DO need steroids. Most peoples natural ability cannot get them to 245 shredded at 5%, hate to break it to you, sorry if your mom told you otherwise. Humans werent naturally meant to look like ronnie coleman or kevin levrone in their prime.

  53. felix83 says:

    Good to see you out of breath from a rigorous work out Kevin, I love it. You know, when I lift, I dont play around. I lift heavy and I lift quick. I dont spend more that 50-60 minutes in the gym.

    Often times, I enter the gym and there are the usual individuals up on the treadmills and bikes and ellipticals. Ofcourse, they arent sweating one bit. It’s just a ‘workout’ for them.

    Sure, I dont know their goals are. Maybe they like being fat, and dont wanna burn too much of it off hence the low intensity cardio, what do i know, right?

    My point is, we gotta consistently push ourselves out of the comfort zone to see results. Regardless of what we’re training for.

    We gotta find that little place in our minds that we can go to when the burn starts to become unbearable and our lungs are gasping for air. This is the zone where the real muscle growth will come from, and once I reach it I wanna get there again and again.

    • Wise words Felix. Heavy, quick and efficient describes my approach, too. I need to add that the harder you push yourself, the more you really have to know what you’re doing.

  54. SammieSam says:

    Coming soon…24 inch guns, in yo face!

  55. Kevin M says:

    Awesome stuff. Lots of people said this wouldn’t ever happen. It makes me happy that they’re gonna be proved wrong. Train hard big Kev

  56. Henry91 says:

    Hello kevin… keep doing it bro! you are a PRO BB we know you dont need to prove anything all we see it’s all you are

  57. xpreS says:

    Hi Kev. It will be exciting to see what is going to happen after your transformation. I’m sure there are a lot of pro BB’s are checking out your blog and tremble with fear. Current industry is turning out to be so boring and your should bring the good old times back! Shawn should also follow the sample 🙂
    Good luck bro!!!

  58. demal says:

    awsome stuff kevin keep workin!

  59. Frankenstein's Assistant says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I’m writing from Eastern Europe. Just a brief note to let you know that you are a huge inspiration for bodybuilding enthusiasts worldwide. All eyes are on you. Russian discussion boards are now abuzz with talk of Kevin Levrone, “one of the greatest”, no less. You have really shut a bunch of naysayers up.
    In this part of the world, your comeback may be the next biggest thing after Rambo First Blood 🙂 (For the uninitiated, this movie is believed to have sparked the bodybuilding culture in the Soviets). I am sure Alexander Fyodorov is watching you closely 😉

    Keep it up! Your long-time fan.

  60. klfan says:

    hey kevin,,,
    i just wanted to ask are your motivated for this transformatin as u were motivated in the past to conquer your body as a competitor?

  61. Squeezer says:

    im not fooling.. every b*tch i see on here talks, but they dont realize they are talking through a computer. i guarantee that more than half of you wouldn’t talk to me or others in real life the way you do on here. I know the guy that created google maps and I can locate you in the time it took me to type all of this up. Dont want anymore problems? I didnt think so……

    Someone needed to bring this up and i figured i might as well do it before someone else does

    • gymtime says:

      HAHAHAHAHHAHAHHHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA mega lulz, getting mad presidential up in here

      • ASJChaotic says:

        “gymtime” perhaps you should stop melting down all over the place, it’s okay that Kevin is bigger than you clean, get some help for your drug problem.

  62. Mazman says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Your looking great bro from such a long break, I so hope you get back into it hard and be like you were before – godlike! Go for it bro

    Much respect

  63. ASJChaotic says:

    If the Kevin of back in the day was on the Olympia stage today, it would be no contest, Kevin would win hands down. 🙂

  64. Nuno Trigo says:

    good luck BRO FROM PORTUGAL

  65. RoB says:

    Kev bro i love this brother!! What did u do for back yesterday? How u feeling today?

  66. Iron Angel says:

    Had the chance to go over the first three transformations and also a lot of the older training footage from the past like “Battle for the olympia 96″,”Full Blown” and”M3″ along with contest footage of Levrone.

    This man is truly blessed with the unique and superior genetics from both his parents(God Bless them both) to be able to comeback this year if he really wanted to and pose a legitimate serious threat at the 2009 Mr. Olympia.

    With his stellar bodybuilding record of 58 pro shows with 51 top three placings there is little doubt that if you put Kevin Levrone into the ’09 Oympia equation the current pros would know that they would have to train harder and smarter knowing the possible chance that Levrone could be 100% ready in a short period of time and on stage to compete as he has proven in the past, most notibly in 2002 when he placed 2nd to Ronnie Coleman.

    The sport of bodybuilding could use a comeback story like when Tyson and Ali made a successful brief comeback after several years away from boxing. One can only imagine how exciting it would be to see Levrone once again on stage with his awesome trademark poses competing against the current contenders of Dexter Jackson, Jay Cutler, Phil Heath, Dennis Wolf, Evan Centopani, Victor Martinez, Kai Greene etc……

    You are a true inspiration to the sport of bodybuilding and the fans!!



    Iron Angel

  67. walter jarno says:

    Today i had my chest workout listen to Higher-creed- Only that song for 50 min,i never train longer then 1 hour! When i got that song on my i-pod i always think about you,there a great video on youtube with that song! check it out bro!

    Stay safe bro

    • felix83 says:

      Great video Walter, thanks for posting it.

      Let’s all not go crazy here gentlemen. We are all Levrone fans, and we know what the man is capable of. However, it’s the guy’s third workout. Let’s not get all ahead of ourselves with all the olympia talk. He stated that he has no intention to compete. Even if he did want to be in the Olympia, he’d have to qualify somehow and it may be just a tad to late for that 😉

      Let’s just enjoy the journey !!!!

  68. walter jarno says:

    You’re welcome Felix 🙂

  69. Michael Campbell says:

    Kev what happen to you my man, Murray and i never heard back from you and Todd We are glad to see you doing well keep in touch ,, enjoy the ride again we can pick up were we left off you got our number’s

    God Bless you and yr family … if you need anything please call me ,,,, MC

  70. Floalpfeell says:

    Отлично,несогласен с предыдущими ораторами
    ) 🙂

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