The Naked Truth

This is my “before” shot. I took this picture yesterday. I’ll post one every week.



61 Responses to The Naked Truth

  1. Hélio says:

    You look good for 4 years out, i come to your website like 100 times day just to check if you posted anything….

    Keep posting you are the #1

  2. Enrique says:

    Kevin thanks for doing this! I still watch on old youtube vid of you from back in the day for motivation before I sling the iron. You are truly an inspiration and I look forward to seeing your transformation.

    You rock man!

  3. Mike says:

    for 4ish years of not doing exercise. he looks pretty damn good! most people after that wouldnt even be recognizable!

    When i got nothing to do at school or where ever i`m at i always go to my mp4 and watch those routines again!

  4. Rob S says:

    Lookin good already Kevin. How much do you weigh now?

    I’m not sure if it’s already been mentioned but are you doing any cardio or plan on it?

  5. ron says:

    natural freak!

  6. ron says:

    you look like cinnamon rolls now but in 3 months and after celltech FULL BLOWN will be back. and it will be NICE

  7. brian judge says:

    This is going to be fun to track your progress. Like I said before, I too have decided to give that extra push to go back hard to the gym due to your modivation. This week I had two twice a day workouts and I’ve got that amazing feeling back already. I’ve ramped the cals up to 4000 over 7 meals and it’s coming back quickly. I too chose to follow a career change that required me to travel quite a bit and after a leg injury I never got back into it the way I once was. This extra push you have provided me is just what I need. I am up 5 pounds are the lifts are skyrocketing. Thanks again bro, and I can’t wait to see how this all goes down for the both of us.

    B. Judge

  8. survivor666 says:

    Kevin you’re be back!!!

  9. SammieSam says:

    u look different from that burning hollywood video

  10. Jose says:

    yes you look better from that burning hollywood

    • I was down to 190lbs for that video. Later I went off the diet and gained some weight back. Some of that weight was muscle. Then last week I was lifting for the first time and upping my calories and protein. That brings us to yesterday.

      • ASJChaotic says:

        lol you still made those two guys look pretty damn small and out of shape.

        It was cool to see you can let go and have fun.
        I bet no other bodybuilder would have done that because they can never stand people not seeing them at their best.

        Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)

      • willie thomson says:

        hi kevin just want to say its great to see you back at it again i always wondered what kind of impact you could make out there if you were to compete again,hope everything goes well mate, will be watching your progress as the weeks go on,

  11. ASJChaotic says:

    Still looks better than 95% of guys in the gyms around the world LOL!

    Without even working out LMAO! 😮

    Go Kevin!

    Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)
    Maryland Muscle Machine!!! 8)

  12. Mike says:

    Hey kevin you look great for the amount of time out of the gym. Im a very big fan and always will be. i know your going to come back strong.

  13. Mazman says:

    Still looking BUFF bro even though your just getting into it again.. i’m really looking forward to seeing how fast you will progress (hopefully back to all those vids of you training in the past on youtube) – you give me great motivation, Maryland Muscle Machine!!

  14. Aron says:


    I was reading your routines. Why are you doing so many sets? When training naturally and at an older age the body has less recuperative abilities. Wouldn’t it make sense to do brief high intensity workouts every other day and train each body part once a week to ensure full recovery?

  15. walter jarno says:

    Check this out guys….here Kevin makes Ronnie look like a little kid!

    GP GERMAN 1996:

    Keep going Brother!

  16. Greg says:


    even in Austria a lot of guys are looking forward to you! Keep on pumping! You are the number 1

  17. siouxcountry says:

    Thanks for being on our radio show in April, Kevin. Best of luck on your transformation!

  18. Squeezer says:

    You gonna get mad swole son, mad swole on the reals!

  19. gymtime says:

    is anyone but me really annoyed by the toolshed that keeps posting MARYLAND MUSCLE MACHINE 🙂

    600x in every new blog 10x per blog?

    just shut up bro, we get it.

    • Hélio says:

      He is just very excited about being posting comments on the blog. After all Kevin is reading our comments and that is really something.

      Every time i write a letter in one comment i feel like I’m talking to Kevin Levrone in person.

      Kevin post more stuff, one more thing, i subscribed a secret tips mailing list, something like that! Will we receive any mail from that mailing list? can we know what type off information will you be sending.


    • mikecart1 says:

      Fans make the sport come alive. Complain about fans and soon there won’t be no sport. 🙂

      Maryland Muscle Machine! 🙂

  20. gymtime says:

    Hey Kevin what is your take on alcohol, do you drink it? I heard you love Jack Daniels, is this true?

  21. T says:

    Great amount of respect to you Kevin.
    Your a huge inspiration to me along with the masses.
    I’m pumped on your blogging.


  22. John says:

    Get some leg shots too man!

  23. Lievore says:


  24. Pumper says:

    Would be interesting to see the complete picture every week, including legs/back.
    But not bad whatsoever for a “before pic”. Keep on pumpin bro! 😉

  25. Toby says:

    Hi Kevin!Big fan in Sweden follows this video blog…You have a great fysik keep it on..good luck

  26. Mark says:

    Hey Kevin! You have a lot of fans in Hungary, who love you! Your are a huge inspiration to us, and mean a lot of motivation day-by-day! Keep doing it baby! You are the man!

  27. Seth says:

    Strong tan lines on the arms Kevin, been workin’ in the sun? Thanks for the blog

  28. J says:

    Why didn’t you include you’re legs in the photo?

  29. yair says:

    good luck man. we love you.

  30. freqeist1 says:

    wow, superior genetics, combined with bloody hard work

  31. Paul says:

    what about cardio Kevin are you doing some ?

    • Yeah i’m gonna be doing cardio. I can’t imagine logging in endless hours on the treadmill so i’m going to find activities I enjoy that also keep my heart rate up. I’ll be posting another clip tonight – leg workout #2, and I’ll mention more about weight and cardio.

  32. This is most interesting project what i’ve ever seen. I will check your sites everyday.

    Joonas Haapasaari


  33. jorge martino says:

    hey man thanks god you decide to start training again . im a big fan from puerto rico, happy to see how your transformation

  34. Ben says:

    Awesome man. Your physique is the kind of physique I’d want to emulate. No doubt you’ll be back to your old self in no time.

    Good luck brother.

  35. Julian says:

    Woow, u look great.
    Many german bodybuilder stand behind you Kevin.
    Keep on pumping!

  36. Carlos (Kaa) says:

    Dear Mr. Levrone,

    Thanks for doing what your moving.
    (I think i speek for the hole planet)

    I life in Amsterdam and going to Cabo Verde in Jul/Aug. When i’am back i’am gonig to have a operation on my knee.
    After my recovery i’am starting training.(again)

    Ps. whenever your in Amsterdam sent me a e-mail and i will show you around.
    Take care. Kaa

  37. Culturismo says:

    Hello,I am fan from Barcelona (spain) , i am happy to see your transformation.

    King recards.

  38. Andrey_Taganrog says:

    Hi, Kesha! Russia keeps a check on you! 🙂

  39. Anderson says:

    Hi, people, im from Brazil!Kevin, go hard, warrior! You looks great!

  40. SaraMarie says:

    Go Kevin! We are behind you on your transformation! Putting it all out there takes a lot of b@lls and you are going to reach your goal!!!!!!!!

  41. james says:

    steroids steroids and steroids

  42. Roger says:

    Awesome work Kevin.

    We’re keeping an eye on this everyday so keep it up bro!

  43. Stuart Counter says:

    Wow. I feel privilidged to be able to see this right from the start. You better be doing a DVD because that’ll be the stuff of legend. If you win the Olympia that film would be like a real life Rocky movie.

  44. michael says:

    hi levrone, quick question. You and shawn ray are my best bodybuilder ever, i heard that the old generation of bodybuilder dont use a lot of supplement, vitamins, aminos, maybe protein.. like i saw in you movie maryland muscle machine you was eating 7-8 solid meal of meat. but now i the new bodybuilding generation you too much supplement that you can take, NO booster , bcaa, pre workout, post workout… and you what do you think is best to prepare for a show,excluding hardcore shit.

  45. Sergey says:

    Greetings Kevin! Sergey Kiselyov writes to you! I from Moscow. To me of 25 years and I professionally am engaged in bodybuilding. This photo “the NAKED TRUTH” really you now the truth the such? After all if to throw should train to remain more weights! On the experience has tested. Thanks.

  46. duduzinho says:

    kevin voce esta usando quais tipos de suplementos nessa volta???
    abraçao duds

  47. Spank says:

    Heyaa There, here a fan from Holland.. Saw u on a Pixx in our gym (Back2Basiscs) nd was pretty wondered about how youre body was just perfect.. Way better then all thos BB from this time..

    Wish ya Good Luck with ur new transformation..

    Have alot of questions but wont bother you with those..


  48. Ali says:

    I don’t bleive tis is u comparing to you olympia pictures, till i saw the all pictures and the progress on you body..

    I love your muscle and your life style

    Ali Al Hajji, Saudi Arabia

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