Levrone Transformation, 885 lbs Leg Presses • LevroneReport.com


Here’s the whole leg workout. I’m not locking my knees this time, one of you called me out on that with a comment last time. Thanks. I’m listening to you guys so keep posting. 


Stay tuned for longer clips. Next week we’re going to step it up with longer scenes, more sets, more instructions. 


That’s a lotta weight. 885 lbs on the leg press (including 18 plates + estimated weight of machine) is no small feat. I’m able to do it cause of the hard work I did years ago and the muscle memory. If you work hard, too, you’ll get there. Keep following and we’ll help each other do the impossible. 




1st set:  12 reps, 8 45lbs plates (4 each side)

2nd set: 12 reps, 10 45lbs plates (5 each side)

3rd set:  12 reps, 12 45lbs plates (6 each side)

4th set:  12 reps, 14 45lbs plates (7 each side)

5th set:  12 reps, 16 45lbs plates (8 each side)

6th set:  12 reps, 18 45lbs plates (9 each side)




1st set: 15 reps, 100lbs

2nd set: 10 reps, 150lbs 

3rd set: 12 reps, 200lbs 

4th set: 12 reps, 250lbs

5th & 6th set: 15 reps  275lbs


(Note: Increasing weight and reps at the same time might look a little backwards. Keep in mind I’m constantly re-adjusting as I come to terms with where my strength level is.)




4 sets: 10 reps, 150lbs



63 Responses to Levrone Transformation, 885 lbs Leg Presses • LevroneReport.com

  1. kenny says:

    Lets get it !!!!

  2. McK says:

    Looking great

  3. Hélio says:

    Looking big already!!!

    Biggertube.com is always open for you bro.

  4. gymtime says:

    Oh, yeah! That’s it, man!!!

  5. Alex Novossad says:

    Hello Kevin,

    You know, I sometimes don’t believe you are letting us watch your workouts, so that seems like we are all training next to you at the same gym 😉

  6. Roman says:

    Awesome man! You’ve motivated me to step my workouts up a notch. Thanks!

  7. Roger says:

    You’re having growing by each video you post Kev! Ridiculously awesome. Muscle memory is a good friend.

    I’m doing legs tonight, so I’m gonna throw on a few plates extra too man! Yeah!

  8. Fordman65 says:

    Damn impressive already man! Keep up the great work!

  9. fordman65 says:

    Damn impressive already man! Keep up the great work! Just motivates me to push that much harder myself.

  10. gymtime says:

    Kevin why arent you doing squats bro?

  11. I want to avoid putting that kind of pressure on my spine, at least at the beginning.

    • gymtime says:

      understood, do you avoid deadlifts as well for that reason? did you do heavy squatting/deadlifting when you were in your prime and competing? I actually just hurt my lower back today after 7 years of training, heavy squatting, heavy deadlifting, and zero problems.

      im now debating eliminating heavy bent over rows, squats and deads for a while, if i do decide to squat it will be with smith. its just too strenuous, im 26 and am having back problems where i cant walk. you feel me, kev?

      • Igor says:

        Don’t do squats in the smith, they will be worse for your back than normal squats.
        If your back problems are that serious, you don’t really HAVE to squat for quad development. Use leg press, hack squat machine, stuff like that.
        Stay away from the smith though.

      • Filmboy says:

        HAHAHAHAHA, heavy squats and deadlifts? you don’t squat and you dont’ deadlift. I’ve seen wheelchair bodybuilders with bigger legs.

  12. Scott says:


    You are the man. It is great to see you share your knowledge with your fans. The comment of overcoming obstacles is so true. Pay it forward brother. We are all behind you.

  13. BillySoul says:

    Man, I had the same issue, feeling pain in my lower back (some beginning of hernia).

    Once I saw a girl with big legs doing a different squat, putting one leg in front and other behind using the squat bar. I’ve seen she doing that and no normal squats and she has a very muscular legs, and then I got curious.

    I tried it and I felt my quads much more worked day after than when I did normal squats and finally my quads are getting bigger (my butt started to get big as well, shit, lol) and absolutely no pain in my lower back because I could reduce the weight for half without losing the muscle work. I try to force only one leg to get up and use the other just for some support.

    Today I do this squat, leg press, leg extensions and leg curls. I finally found a very good leg workout without hurting my back. 🙂

    • SammieSam says:

      im going to try that too. shawn ray did something similar

      • BillySoul says:

        I do leg press with one leg too. This way I don’t force my spin because I don’t need to double load the leg press and I do get the same workout effect! 🙂

  14. D-Rock says:

    Thanks for doing this Kev. You have really “bridged the gap” between both ends of the bodybuilding spectrum. This really shows what you stand for. So here’s more fuel for the fire, keep it up!

  15. D Rock says:

    You da man kevin. Keep it up.

  16. Animal says:

    Grind it out baby!!!!

    Making a transformation right there witn ya!!!! Keep it goin

  17. cody- oregon says:

    man loving it Kev!! Very inspiring stuff.

    I was watching some of your youtube videos today and I had to do some behind the head shoulder presses in my workout. It was one of those “add more weight!” days haha. I’m hooked on the Levrone Report!!

    Cody- Oregon

  18. Hi Kevin!
    I just wanted to say I think it’s great that you’ve started this video blogg.
    I haven’t seen anything training related with you in a couple of years, so this is awesome!

    You’re definetly one of the greatest bb’s of all time and it’s so fun to see you get back into shape again.

    You are such an inspiration.

    Keep doing what you do, bro!

    Greetings from Sweden!

  19. Hi Kevin,

    I have just seen one of your videos ‘kevin levrone -Maryland Muscle Machine’ And I love your conditioning back in 1997 from the video.

    It still amazes me how healthy you look and how big you get, steroids or not-impressive baby!

    The weight you use on the leg press you are doing looks pretty impressive,although because of the angle of the weight being pushed (looks like its around 35-40 degrees) then you are really pushing anywhere between 507 and 568 LB (that’s not including weight of footplate & friction on the rails) The shallower the angle, the less gravity is working through it!
    Despite this it’s still alot of weight there m’man!

    I wish they still done vertical-sled leg press machines then we wouldn’t have to spend so long loading up! 😉

    I love the way you are taking tips from your fans, for example about not locking your knees, this shows real wisdom and proves you are genuinely a fantastic person!

    I plan to carry on watching your progress all the way!

    Wishing you total injury free training and future success.


  20. porter says:

    Damnnn… the tris and delts are allready poping out! Genetics baby

  21. Thomas says:

    I am trying to keep up with you and yet I have not had any break from training! Hope you have this all year, you really motivate me for my upcoming shows this winter!
    Keep it coming!

  22. WOW….kevin you all time best for my wife and me!!!

    Peter and Annette from Germany

  23. Tim Tilburg says:

    This is crazy Kevin, your getting bigger every video. This is definitly a inspiring, i’ve been on a point where I can’t get more wait on the legg press, this video is giving me some crazy motivation to push myself and go all out on the legg press tonight. Thanx man

  24. Alexander says:

    Kevin u sure are motivation! glad your back man. Il dedicate a few reps for ur hardwork man! My best regards!

  25. survivor666 says:

    Kevin,it’s great to see your Strength is back.

    And,Strength=MASS,oh yeah.

  26. Looked strong Kev… Too strong for that weight actually. When you can talk DURING a set of leg press, I think it’s safe to say, it’s TOO LIGHT! lol… Talk about getting strong fast.

    Now you say you are going to add cardio?! While trying to add 40lb+ of muscle in such a short period of time?! Don’t you want to use those calories to build?

    Looking forward to your next post,

    Aaron Singerman
    Host of OFF TOPIC

    • Tye says:

      Cardio is excellent for building mass. Dorian Yates would do cardio 3 times per week, even in the off season. What it does is increases the amount of oxygen in the to help with A.T.P. production. So in all reality, doing a little cardio while you build, is actually really helpful, and I would recommend it my friend. Nothing strenuous, just enough to get your moving a little, and help with your oxygen supply. – I hope that helps man. I know I am not Kevin ha ha, but I just thought I would help. We brothers of Iron need to stick together. 🙂

    • Tye says:

      I messed up my last message. I forgot to write stream. “It increases the amount of oxygen in the stream………” Sorry man. haha

  27. Loomster2000 says:

    This is an awesome idea Kevin! I look forward to seeing your transformation and following it every step of the way. I used to live in Glen Burnie and trained at your World Gym. I would get to see you every once in a while. BTW, what ever happened to Paul LaRochelle (I think that was his name)? You used to train with him back in those days and he worked at the gym.

    Let me also add this: It seems like you’re “nicer” and more laid back and easy-going in these transformation videos than you used to be in your other ones (Maryland Muscle Machine, Road to the Olympia, etc.). You’re laughing and smiling and joking around where before, you seemed to be so hardcore and no-nonsense. I like the lighter mood!

  28. Demorak says:

    Looking bigger…traps startin to pop up and arms getting thicker,,,,you must be having a blast!

    Thanks for doing this it´s awsome!

  29. SaraMarie says:

    Go Kevin, we’re behind ya!!!!! Is it me but do you already LOOK different??

  30. Jari says:

    Hi Kevin,
    your blog will help and inspire a lot of people all ower the world, including me. Keep up the good work, and remember, you are still an idol for many of us.

    I hope to hear from you soon, and thank you for your blog!

  31. Klaus says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I am natural all my life. Can I follow your workouts or would that be to much for me without your expirience ? At the moment I am doing much less volume.
    Exept for the weight you use, do you think you can use the same workouts / numbers of sets and exercises as in the old days ore need naturals a different approach ?

    • As long as you use good form and don’t have any medical issues, my workouts in terms of reps and sets are pretty standard and shouldn’t be a problem at any level. Good luck.

  32. Egor says:

    Kevin, brother!

    You inspire a lot of me!

    Go, Maryland Muscle Machine!

  33. Scaffer says:

    You’re doing awesomely! When you think about ,its not how many supplements that makes you better,its just,hard,intense training and good nutrition!


  34. From Romania says:

    Nice words
    You can do it , from ground zero to the top …

    Good luck Kevin

  35. marco says:

    About the squat issue.

    Way dos everybody always want to copy the weights that some 250+ bodybuilder usses.
    Try leaving the ego home and put a little less on the bar and squees those focking legs with proper form till they burn like hell.
    O yeah…and drop your ass to the floor…see if you feelin that the next day.
    It is and stays the mother of all exercises.

    Obvoiusly kevin is’nt focused on the ego shit..he’s waiting till he has the control and strenght befor going to the super heavy compound shit.
    Smart move bro. But he’ your kevin levrone man, you’ve binn around eh 😉


  36. MattP says:

    Kevin, where are you doing your workouts? If you would rather not tell it’s cool. You still co-owner of the gym in Maryland?

    Keep it up, your getting the look back!

  37. Tye says:

    It wont let me write the word b l o o d. Whats up with that? ha ha

  38. Darren Malaly says:

    hey kev , i actually cant believe i am talking to you , i know you probably hear this all the time but you, in my personal opinion, are the best and greatest bodybuilder tht has ever lived !! i am so serious , you are my idol and are the reason i started bodybuilding 3 years ago , i have the video ” the best of kevin levrone ” ( from youtube ) on my ipod and i sit in the lockerroom and watch it before EVERY workout and it turns me into an animal for my workouts and gives me 1000% motivation and drive to lift weights , you are my inspiration ! i want tp find every single judge tht judged your olympias and i want to personally slap them across the face for not crowning you champ !! its gobsmacking tht u never won , how the hell did ronnie coleman win it with a waist the size of a monster truck wheel ??? u were the champ in my books and always will be 😀 you actually have no idea how happy i am to see you back in the gym , how dare you stop working out , i honestly love you man !! keep thd vids coming please , you are an amazing human being , a true freak of nature and one in a million , from a unknown amatuer bodybuilder from Scotland !!

  39. walter jarno says:

    Just yesterday i had my leg workout (5 set 12 reps)and i did on my max with 5 plates on the Panatta leg press,a bit different,the one you use i think is more heavy.
    Anyway….my ass is still sore and my quads are ko!
    i mean…..401 kg is a lot of weight…you are the man. Keep going bro!

  40. donny says:

    uhmmmm…no drugs Kevin?

  41. ste lowe says:

    man get back into shape and hit the stage again give all us fans one last chance to see the maryland muscle machine in action….you inspire millions good luck with everything you do in life

  42. njp1185 says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Just wanted to stop by and say whats up. Thank you for all your inspiring words and for sharing your wisdom. Ive learned alot from you and now i can pass it on. Keep it up.

  43. Randy says:

    Sorry to hear about your family loss I know it must be hard for you. Question: are you going to be doing any squats.. or do you wait till you fully back into it..

  44. Randy says:

    sorry i didn’t read up about the other posting squat comments

  45. Robin says:


    Thanks for the vid! Good to see you back in the gym, after your loss….do you use that experience to motivate you at all? I often use the memory of my brother, Hughie as motivatoin, Kevin. I’m still doing on earth what Hughie loved to do too. I train with him in mind.

    Anyway, awesome leg presses!! I trained..squatted/hacked today…gonna feel it tomorrow for sure! I want to pack on lean, shapely muscle for my first contest in April 2010!

    God Bless, Kevin!


  46. tony gibson says:

    Hell yeah, thats what I’m talkin about! Made that shizz look easy!! what is your current body weight now.

  47. Jochen says:

    Impressive arms already.. leg pictures would be great too!

  48. Steven says:

    Hi Kevin, which was your best year in the gym, 1997 or ’00? What about in 2003, how did you compare to the mid 90s strength wise?

    I saw a training clip of you on youtube from 1995, and you rowed 3 plates then 4 all out for 6 or 8 I think. Did you ever go above 405 on rows?

  49. raf says:

    good weight and good form.

    best body before, and best body soon.

    good luck, your vids are very inspiring

  50. Andrew says:

    Donny give kevin a break he is just out here enjoying the sport of bodybuilding, and luckily enough for guys like me and all of his fans he is kind enough to post his porgress on this blog. and he doesnt need people to keep saying is it going to be done with drugs he is just training naturally and eating the right foods so give him a break.

  51. Jimmy says:

    you can do it baby

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