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I really want you guys to try this today. Visualize your ideal physique, and then over time make the picture clearer in your head. Clear your mind and do it for a few minutes a day – it works. Tonight I’m posting chest, shoulder and tri workout, and a set from EVERY exercise will be included. Later.



17 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Visualization Technique • LevroneReport.com

  1. MattP says:

    Sweet! More footage!

    Where are you training now? You still own the gym back home?

  2. LSquead says:

    When I saw that you got back to the gym, I really got nervous!!! Because I`m a big fan!!
    I`m from Brazil, and while all my friends talk about Coleman, Cutler, etc…I always spoke, and still speaking about you, of your gorgeous work since the first appearance on Mr. O!!
    I just wanna thank you, because for me, its a big pleasure to see you on videos, training and do some other thing!!
    ps: sorry about my grammar. I hope you understand my message!!

  3. Adam says:

    Excellent mindset advise Kevin. Sometimes it is difficult to stay focussed whether it be in training or eating and what you mention is often neglected.
    Thanks for the advise and keep doing a great job.
    A true inspiration!

  4. Molight says:

    Your awsome man!
    I feel the same way about the mental prep, iv been training for 6 years now, im 21 at the moment. Still havent reached my goals, but im still going for it man, keeps my motivation up in the gym every single time!

  5. Sean says:

    From the moment I saw this I thought it was one of the greatest ideas i’ve ever come across.. Im sure theres others like myself that spend hours on search engines and forums just diggin for more info, and I mean real info for people who are serious about themselves and this lifestyle we live… I just want to say I think what your doing is truly a gift to all of us who strive to be better every day… I never thought this would be a motivational tool but man the more I watch the more I wanna do… You’ve got me jacked for chest and bi’s tonight.. Peace bro just keep doing what your doing, like I said its a gift for us to witness this…

  6. Fordman65 says:

    Gotta say man, I really appreciate that you contribute to the blog on a daily basis. It’s nice to visit the site every day and get an update on your progress.

  7. Katiero says:

    Kevin, I’m here every day reading your blog and I’m very motivated with these all things, with your back, and about the muscular memory, it is really true, is more easy get big if we were already big one day, than someone that starting now, or if we will try pass over from our limits.

    For now I will watch the MMM movie using this Visualization Technique, I think that can be with one picture or video… more important is concentration.

    Waiting for chest, shoulder and tri.

  8. LeByron says:

    Love what you’re doing. I Watch these videos every day before I step in the gym. Real motivating.

  9. Djekay says:

    Arms are looking good!
    Keep up the good work,

    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  10. Kostas Rod. says:

    Hey man. Everytime I workout my shoulders, I m visualizing yours. Hope you get your goal… Looking forward for your shoulder routine…Hope you show us some lateral raises. I ll be watching…

    Peace and health

  11. Stuart Counter says:

    Do you do lateral raises? I could’ve sworn in a DVD I watched you said you didn’t believe in them.

    I guess we will know soon.

  12. Filmboy44 says:

    the visualization thing is so true! Its always worked for me in regards to muscle hypertrophy as well.

    I wish, however, it would work in regards to penis size 😦

  13. Steve W says:

    i will try this every day kevin… thanks for the tip!! do you think its ok to just think about the image in the shower or when driving, etc? or do you mean like take 5 minutes out of your day to just sit and think about it? like meditation.

  14. Matt W says:

    Hey Kevin, I like everyone here am glad to see you training again, and documenting it as well. I grew up seeing you in Muscle and Fitness and Flex magazine and can definately say it inspired me to begin training as well. Keep up the great work, you have a TON of fans out there!

  15. Doug B. says:

    Big Kev,

    Glad to see you back in the Gym. Looking good man. When are you come to my neck of the woods and train back with me. Like old times

  16. sairusi says:

    OH yes!! its all about the mind man. you are true and honest man in all the thing you do in here…mentality, spirituality and physically you my hero man, thanks. Glad to see you back.. looking good already.. peace bro.

  17. GERARDO RIVAS says:

    Kevin this the closest we could ver get to the wisdom of a true Olympia competitor, so please let us know a little bit more about your diet, how to combine foods and timing aswell. Supplements and any other thing that coul make us grow bigger and cut

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