Levrone Transformation • Updated “End Of Week Two” Photo

Here’s an updated “end of week two” picture. The lighting and angle is more consistent. Thanks for your feedback. 

END OF WEEK ONE:                                                      














93 Responses to Levrone Transformation • Updated “End Of Week Two” Photo

  1. WillD says:

    hey kevin you look good! but try to keep the same lightning when you take your pictures every week so we can see the real progress because you know it, lightning is everything :p
    keep up the good work and PUMP UP THE VOLUME MARYLAND MUSCLE MACHINE!!!

    • Will do. Lighting aside, the shapes of the muscles are clearly a little different, but your point is well taken.

      • camron says:


        If there is still a possibility of me becoming Mr. Olympia, my mind visualization was always to look exactly like Kevin Levrone. To have the tricep/delt/trap combo of a 350 lb man placed on a 250 lb man AMAZING!

        Your delts and chest are much thicker than your stomach now man! I see the difference BIG TIME this is like 6 weeks worth of shaping all in 2 weeks man GREAT JOB!

      • willie T says:

        looking good mate can see a diffrence all ready and thats only over a couple of weeks,talk about muscle memory,keep up the good work,

      • jamie dearie says:

        hey kevin 2 weeks and you look great!can see the gains now how much gains so far levrone?
        oh and stats and measurements to come soon ?
        thanks levrone.

  2. Scaffer says:

    im liking those tricep!! whats your routine?

  3. McK says:

    Delts are noticably better, chest looks thicker too, this will be one helluva transformation to follow!

  4. Someone BIG says:

    Hi Kevin,

    i think i can see some vein in your shoulder already..
    Your waist looks better too, one stupid question, how did you get rid off your body hair??

  5. Mike says:

    Hey kevin your looking great for the amount of time back to the gym. i notice that your waistline is getting smaller. keep up the good work. also can you give more information on ur diet. thanks

  6. alan says:

    Chest and delts are looking good already.

  7. Stercus says:

    Keep it up Kevin , noticable changes happening already.

    Best of luck

    Thank you for motivating us

  8. Leon says:

    Great work Kevin.Your waist looks narrower,Chest is larger and harder,Arms more vascular..but what blew me away was your Delts.It`s not the lighting.Looking at your medial delts they are MUCH larger than a week ago.

  9. Chris says:

    Looking good Kevin!

    I’ve lost about 15 lean pounds in the last 4 months after I stopped working out when crap hit the fan in my life.

    Seeing your progress after 4 years off no serious lifting really gives me a lot confidence that I’m not going to have to spend the next 2 years getting those 15 lbs back (what it took me to put the muscle on originally).

    It’s awesome to see you back involved in the community. Really inspirational to me!

  10. Roman says:

    Awesome progress Kevin. How tight has your diet been? Are you doing any cardio or just lifting and eating right?

    • Looking at my overall diet I think it’s pretty tight and is sufficient for my stated goals – this week I fell off the wagon here and there…I’ll allow myself a slice of pizza or something, in moderation. I know many of you want to see more diet info, it’s coming.

      I’m doing some cardio, I’m going to be ramping that up in coming weeks to sharpen up my abs a little more.

      • Roman says:

        Right on man thanks. Yeah I was noticing your face looked much leaner in the visualization video.

        Also your mid section is tighter, your chest looks tighter in the lower area and your shoulders look more full. I don’t know if it’s because of lighting and you were pumped up but so far man that’s great progress either way.

        Keep it up!

  11. D Rock says:

    Chest and shoulders looking thicker Kev! Muscle memory is kicking in.Try to keep same lighting like (above) said.

  12. Callesteve says:

    I’m also with WILLD on this one in regards to the lighting, but I can see some changes is your overall torso from just a week out.

    Curious Kev, why are you posting this on a separate blog from M3? You could’ve channeled them through M3; picking up some new members along the way. Ultimately, your transformation process would’ve been exclusive stuff – for members only.

    Just a thought, thanks again.

    • Nothing against M3 but I want to keep the blog clean and focused and I don’t need to charge for it right now because the blog is affordable to maintain. Mainly I want to give everyone a chance to take this journey with me.

      • tjoe says:

        class act Kevin.
        very interesting to follow… although I have to say in most of your vids, I think you are still taking it kind of “easy”. Seems like you could use more weight or get more reps on those final sets (maybe both on occasion). Is this on purpose? Crank it up a bit each week rather than jumping in too quick? Just curious.

  13. rick says:

    Hey kevin, really nice what you’ve been doing, that’s really nice have the oportunity to follow your progress man.

    keep up pushing hard that you’ll reach the top man.

    congratulations from your fans from Brazil man.

    Good luck.

  14. Pavel says:

    Hey Kev,

    Do you have a pump in the second picture or is it cold?

    • Mild pump. This was hours after my workout, but I did crank out some pushups. Human nature I guess. I will post another pic tonight that’s much more comparable to the first one in terms of angle, lighting and pump level. Thanks

  15. notta says:

    The man is a freak. The shoulders are the first thing that I noticed. Looking good babe. Can you post more about the diet Kev? Thanks.

  16. Oli says:

    Hi kev

    Awesome progress so far, just wanna wish you the best of luck with this. Perhaps you could post your diet and routine aswell?

    Kind regards from Sweden!

  17. spartacus says:

    Well done kevin. You’re my big inspiration.
    Grtz from belgium

  18. Denis says:

    Hi Kev,
    I can just say, what em others said bout the light. With different light changes aren’t compareble but it’s not only the light – your second picture is from a higher perspective and a longer distance, that makes shoulders, chest… look bigger and for example the belly smaller. I’d like to see your comparaison-pictures at the same circumstances (Time/Meal/Light/Perspective/Distance/Train/Room/…) But pumped up or not makes no difference – at last at the third picture 🙂 No need for you to cheat – you’re looking great ;-)I look forward to see more of your transformation. So far I can only see a straighter vascularity in your right shoulder and on the rest of your arms.
    Greets from Germany and a big compliment for what you’re doing here! Denis

  19. Tim Tilburg says:

    Definitly see the change in you shoulders and chest. Makes you waist look smaller, or dit you waist come down?? Keep it up man, getting better every week. And thanks for all those vids and the time and effort you put in this

  20. walter jarno says:

    Great progress on your shoulders and waist,
    actually the lighting help’s you a bit but the progress is huge!
    How many pounds now bro? 215?

  21. Kyle says:

    I’d like to see a short video of you hitting a couple of poses in that same lighting you took the second picture in.

  22. Toni says:

    Damn looking good Kevin, nice work! Keep it up man, you give so much motivation, GO! 🙂

  23. jose says:

    good delts kevin!!

  24. mikey s says:

    fantastic resul;ts, your an inspiration!! Keep its going, you seem realy hungry and determind

  25. From Romania says:

    It`s on 😉

  26. Joe says:

    you are awesome.. After week one, the transformation is great, I can’t wait till the next week to see new photos.


  27. survivor666 says:

    Kevin can you posing with your legs?
    Thanx by advance!

  28. Patriot says:

    Hello Mr. Levrone,

    I am your big fan and your tranformation is strong motivation for me. I hope you will be soon back a kick ass nowadays bodybuilders! 🙂 I am from Czech Republic ( so sorry for my bad english) and many people here are watching you. Keep pumping!

  29. Will says:

    I love the idea of this vlog, and I check it everyday. Keep up the good work! I have a question concerning supplements. Are you using anything except legal supplements. I mean the progress you’ve made in two weeks is amazing, especially in terms of bf and vascularity. If you’re using illegal substances, aren’t you worried about your health now that you have a family and all.

    • I’m not using illegal substances, and given my current goals, I believe I don’t need to. That’s the point of all this. We’ll see if I’m right. Gains came easy in the first couple weeks, I’m curious to see what happens next.

      • Will says:

        That’s great! I’m a big believer in muscle memory, and I’m sure it will help you get back into incredible shape very quickly. BTW, I gotta say I’m surprised that you actually replied to my post so honestly. I figured my post would be deleted in no time. I really hope you remain this honest, and keep this healthy attitude towards this great sport. I wish you all the best!

      • jamie dearie says:

        hey kevin,yes i agree i think its because you have been at 240 -260lbs before and your body can easyily make the gains.obviously from hard work.good luck kevin.Still got it man.hope you make the target thanks levrone.

  30. Kien says:

    your chest looks visibly larger. keep it up kev! I’m watching your blog everyday!

  31. Flip says:

    Hey Kevin, your progress is looking good so far, can’t wait to see you get big.
    Keep up the good work 🙂

  32. Jan_Berlin says:

    Hey Kevin,

    you have always been a huge inspiration and now you are an even bigger one!
    All the best to you from Germany!

  33. Djekay says:

    Jesus Christ,

    Only 2 weeks of training!!
    Nice V-shape, small waist because of you’re thicker chest, back, traps, arms and shoulders!

    Nice work Kevin.

    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  34. The lighting is different, so it’s hard to tell EXACTLY how big a change has been made… BUT look at Kev’s waist line… The love handles are obviously disappearing, and the chest and shoulders look more developed. I’m still not sold on doing cardio while trying to gain 40lbs of muscle in 2 months. Keep up the good work Kev!

    Aaron Singerman
    Host of OFF TOPIC

    • I do cardio while I grow – if you manage your calories properly you can burn fat and build muscle at the same time. I grow into shows, always have, that’s very rare. I do it all at once which is why I can do this quickly.

      I’m going to hit the treadmill, hr 124-129 (fat burning target) 40 minutes every morning on an empty stomach. Combining cardio with growth might not come as easy to someone without my muscle memory, but if you do it right, you can still blend cardio with new muscle growth.

  35. Beton says:

    Lost some fat on your waist!

  36. Gorilla says:

    nice ……..
    i m curious to see what willhappen next too 🙂
    one question do u make cardio and how lond 🙂

  37. Stanford says:

    Kevin,your second week pic looks great.
    You’re getting there dude,wish i had your genetics,haha.

    I always loved your shoulders and arms and one day i hope to have some like you did.

    You said you are doing some cardio,what do you suggest for some cardio excercises and how long should i cardio.

    Also is it better to do cardio after my workout or before or 10min before and 40min afterwards?

    Keep up the good work and keep them workouts and vids comming.

    From a dutch fan Stanford

  38. diesel79 says:

    Noticeable improvements, Kevin. Particularly the shoulders. Chest and arms are looking bigger, and overall just bigger with improved body composition. You just got rolling too . . . weeks 2-6 are going to show some jaw-dropping progress I think.

    Do you have either a powerlifting background or an athletic background outside of bodybuilding? I ask because you seem to train for strength increases with progressive overload principles, which I always thought was ideal because it makes your training quantifiable, but it’s not something you see across the board in bodybuilding, even though it is the only way to train in the strength and conditioning world.

  39. Stuart Counter says:

    Lighting might seem like an important detail to some of you know but trust me it isn’t going to stay that way for very much longer.

    Once changes start stacking up, and thats what it’s really about no amount of lighting is going to make any difference.

  40. Stuart Counter says:

    Obviously if it was pitch black then it might LOL.

  41. Mathias_from_Austria says:

    Hey Kev,
    it´s unbelievable to see you again in training. 7 years before you were my inspiration. And now M3 is back.

    … i´ve to know more details about your diet. please write some !!!

    … have you ambitions to be an active pro bodybuilder again?

    … will you release an DVD about your actually transformation?

    wish you the best.

  42. Lievore says:

    Genetic Freak ! omg your so much better now ! good job kevin

  43. troy says:

    looking good, the camera angle is a little higher but i can still see that your chest and delts are looking thicker and rounder already, aswell as a little more vascular in general, its a great start keep up the good work kevin! cant wait for your next vid, keep em coming

  44. Aron says:

    How about some compulsory poses, Kevin?

    It would be great to see you in the kind of shape Arnold was in for Predator or Commando and then see you in some great action movies of that caliber. You have plenty of fans who would pay to see that.

  45. Travis says:

    Hey Kevin. This is Travis from Singapore.
    I saw some great useful tips here.
    Keep up the good work!
    All the fans around the world will be watching you.

    Travis here wishing you all the best.
    Really glad to see you back.

  46. Will says:

    I know the following question belongs into the “eating” section, but that section seems kinda dead, so I’m posting it here. Kevin, can you give me some advice in terms of supplements for joint health, bone healing, and such. The reason I’m asking is that I had an accidents a few months back in which I sustained a tibial plateau fracture accompanied by a torn PCL, LCL, and a few more ligaments. I’m trying to utilize all the supplements that might help with the fracture healing more quickly, lubricate the knee joint and possibly delay arthritis. I’m only 28, so any advice in terms of joint/bone/arthritis supplements would be highly appreciated.

    • Aron says:

      Hey Will, drink lots of milk and have olive oil regularly as part of your diet. If you’re lactose intolerant or want to try the supplements route then Calcium and Iron to strengthen the bones, Cod Liver Oil, Dessicated Liver (which is also a good source of iron) and B Complex for your joints. A lot of weight gain/protein shakes are rich in most of that. Make sure you get lots of recovery and good luck.

  47. Raphael says:

    Hey kevin im glad Your starting over again!! I used to work out a hell of a lot (and everything that goes with it….) But i stopped about a year ago and lost about 30 pounds. I started again a few weeks ago and im in a similar shape as yours. You know what? im gonna try to follow your progress. Its on Kevin! 😛

  48. Joey says:


    This site is huge motivation for me and thousands of others. I first wanted to say thanks for doing this. you mentioned cardio. I work a pretty physical job, I work at the airport and throw luggage on the ramp, but I still manage to do cardio 2-3 times a week. I use the revolving stairs with a weighted vest for about 30 mins a session. My main goal is to gain mass but also keep the fat gain to a minimum. I’m 5’8 170 about 15% bf. My long term goal is 185-190 10% or under. Should I ditch the cardio and just focus on the mass and keep my calories up?

    Thanks again kevin, and good luck the the progress

  49. Kevin says:

    Hey bro

    make a posingvideo please 🙂

    after 2 weeks you are bigger than me after 4 years of training 😀
    greetz from germany

  50. Menphisdaemon says:

    Hi Kevin,I’m a big fun of yours!
    I’m italian and here there’s a lot of trepidation for your experiment. I’ve just few questions for you just to keep italians up to date LOL.
    1)Do you plan to come back to competitions?
    2)I’m really interested in nutrition, can you please post a daily sample diet? just to know timing and partition…
    3) You replied that you are not using illegal substances: i find it very very (already said very:-) ??)interesting in light of your actual results. You have to know that we have different supplements allowed respectively by FDA and “ministero della sanità”: do you use pro hormones?

    Sorry if some of the questions are innoportune: if you want just damn me and avoid replying 🙂

    Keep us posted and go on with this GREAT project!!!


  51. Tomi says:

    Unbelievable! You look great !!
    Kevin you are BACK man =) And I am happy for that!
    I live in Finland and i guess that you don’t even know where Finland is but it doesn’t matter 😀
    I’m your biggest fan and I wanna ask you something..the guestion is that how much protein you eat in one day ??
    I’m very happy if you can answer that guestion 😀

  52. Michał says:

    I see you transformation after 2 weeks and i must say there is no justice in this world he he ;]

    Like u say true genetic marvel!

    Awesome man!

    Greetings from POLAND!

    • Partly genetic, but mostly muscle memory, and there is some justice to that. Do not expect these results as quickly if you haven’t been huge at one point in your life. Please keep that in mind as you try to reach your potential.

      • Andrew says:

        I think you summed it up great there kevin. Because you were apsolutely huge for a long period of time the muscle memory was incredible. And now that is carrying on into this stage of your bodybuilding career.

  53. loscos says:

    hahaha the man is back!!

  54. Andrew says:

    Kevin the transformation between week one and week two is apsolutely incredible. The cuts in the muscles are clearly visible especially just at the bottom of your abs on your right side you can see the lines forming it is amazing. Also the triceps are growing in size. cant wait for week three keep up the good work kevin

  55. Chad says:

    looks like 2 months of progress in a week !. good job !

  56. hab says:

    Amazing dude!!!

    I read an interview a while ago, you said that you know your buddy so good and you could gain or loose weight so fast, now I can see you was telling the true.

    I definitely following this web from Spain.

    Take care.

  57. Ryan says:

    Nice, man, definitely some good genetics and muscle memory, hey kev, do you still train or keep in touch with Stan McQuay by the way???

  58. Steve W says:

    Awesome !! can’t wait to see progress after 1 and 3months!!

  59. cristian says:

    hey kevin, I’m really happy to see you well and is very inspiring you do go ahead with this. argentina remain in your reports in a bodybuilding forum called foropesas.te send a greeting
    you are admired in argentina, you will be always

    Pd: I do not speak English well, i”m sorry


  60. Farrukh says:

    I have been watching you over the years and have been amazed at your physique, especially in comparison to other greats. I’ve gotten myself back in the game recently as well, which I wasn’t able to do due to the nature of my job.

    I started on May 25, 2009 at 248.6lbs with a 49″ waist and am currently at 246.4lbs with a 46″ waist. Thanks to your undergoing transformation, I am motivated as well.

    And lights or no lights, you have significantly improved overall. Keep it up.

  61. Mario says:

    Your making great improvements Kevin. Keep training hard because your motivation, motivates us. Quick question what do you think about carb cycling?

  62. Carsten says:

    Wow Kevin !!!

    great job for a two week workout an diet, awesome!
    The picture above is better than the one before. Better lightning so we can see the differences and the progress! Keep on pumping Kevin!

    Greetings from germany

  63. falter s says:

    salut kevin

    je te suis depuis le début à travers les magazine de bodybuilding les dvd et les diverses sites internet.
    Nous sommes plusieurs à se dire et répéter que tu aurais dût décrocher minimum deux titres de mr olympia.
    mais bon les juges en ont décidé autrement.
    Tu as du mérites et nous te soutenons et te suivons tout au long de ta reprise.
    Merci pour tes conseils.
    the frenchies STEFF.

  64. Mauricio IFBB PRO says:

    You are in your way to the Olimpia, Kevin please tell us your weight at the final of each week.

  65. Ricca509 says:

    Man you’re the best, you’re growin’up. Phenomenal. Even if there’s a different light, you’re changing your body very fast. Keep on pump, greetings from Italy!

  66. Marco says:

    Kevin i have been waiting for you to beginn weight training again , and i’m glad that you began again, hoppfully to see you on stage in the future :).

  67. Thierry says:

    Hie kevin congratulate for your job! and thanks to decide to create this blog! you are a source of inspiration for all the guys who want to build muscle!
    Can we have more advises about your diet to grow?
    How much gram of protein needs it per lbs of body weight?
    Thks a lot !

    A fan from france

  68. hilme says:

    you r a beast man, A BEAST!

  69. Georgina says:

    My flatemate Piero, is mad about you Kevin! And he is driving me mad! I am half argentinean half italian and he is italian. We live in Oxford, England.
    When we are cooking I bring my laptop to the kitchen so we listen some music but the only thing he wants is to see your videos in youtube! He keeps singing that song “who’s got on my back now” I have already learnt by heart myself! He is a very disciplined guy in his excersices and nutrition and you are his absolute idol. If you could just say hello to him, am sure it will be his happiest day ever! Kind regards, Jorgelina

  70. PalazzoForever says:


    How did you grow that big in only 2 Weeks..
    F…in awesome Man

    I Have to go to the Gym …

  71. Raphael says:

    holy shit kev, amazing progress in one week. I cant even do that on 1g of test a week!

    how many calories are you eating a day?

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