Levrone Transformation, 3rd Chest Workout • LevroneReport.com


1st set: 6 reps, 90 lbs

2nd set: 8 reps, 140 lbs

3rd set: 6 reps, 160 lbs

4th set: 10 reps, 180 lbs


1st set: 6 reps, 90 lbs

2nd set: 6 reps, 110 lbs

3rd set: 8 reps, 140 lbs

4th set: 12 reps, 160 lbs


1st set: 6 reps, 90 lbs

2nd set: 6 reps, 140 lbs

3rd set: 8 reps, 160 lbs

4th set: 12 reps, 160 lbs


1st set:  10 reps,  120 lbs

2nd set:  10 reps, 130 lbs

3rd set:  10 reps, 140 lbs

4th set: 10 reps, 150 lbs


51 Responses to Levrone Transformation, 3rd Chest Workout • LevroneReport.com

  1. Egor says:

    Hi Kevin!

    Your physical condition severely affect your workouts? If you feel that not recovered, you can skip workout, or simply intensity strength training is reduced?

    Good Luck

  2. mikecart1 says:

    Your best workout video yet. It helps a lot to see how you work out each exercise even if it is just 1 set. No real reason to see a bunch of sets on the same exercise like other people do. 🙂

  3. Javorski88 says:

    good chest workout vid. kevin! love seeing you working out again. how much you benching today?

  4. Javorski88 says:

    Hey whats up kevin. Its great seeing you working out again!!! Your going to get huge in no time!! keep up the good work!

  5. Nelson says:

    I have a questio, Kevin, see if u can answer it for me: When do u stop the set? Do u get to failure, or do u just pick a target and once u reach it, u stop, or how is it u do it? Cause this to me is very confusing, and im just starting out weightlifting and stuff, but some people say “to failure”, others say “BEYOND failure”, others say “NO failure”. Any help would be appreciated.

  6. Alex says:

    How many times a week are u training each bodypart, Kev? And are u doing the “two a days” for each bodypart, or only once a day?

  7. Pavel says:

    that was awesome, its great to see that you take the feedback we give you and incorporate it! More power to you for that kevin.

  8. Kyle says:

    isn’t this the 2nd chest workout?

  9. notta says:

    Kev, good video. That’s how I hope to see you do most of your videos from now on. Keep them coming. Thanks.

  10. Steve W says:

    thanks so much for posting this kevin! i hope you post more long workout vids like this in the future instead of just 1 or 2 exercises. also can i ask you a personal q??? what kind of anti-perspirant do you use??? cause i see your wearing a tight shirt but there isnt much pit sweat… but i use certain-dri and also some anti persipirent and i still sweat like an ox!!!

  11. Kyle says:

    The video of the chest workout today and the feedback and everything is perfect kevin, keep working hard!

  12. Marcus says:

    Hi Kevin!

    It’s a very good chest workout. But why don’t you use free weights instead of the machines?

    My best wishes from Stuttgart

    • Stuart Counter says:

      I was wondering why also.

    • Egor says:

      And i am interested in

    • Kyle says:

      Alot of times guys like to switch up they’re workouts to hit the muscle from a different angle to shock the muscle, including a wide variety of exercises from free weights to cables to machines. In this case it is more organized if you do all free weights one workout and all machines the next workout to ensure that he is shocking the muscle.

  13. Demorak says:

    Looking good Kevin….. hope you will do more of these long videos.

    Btw you are going to have to invest in a new wardrobe soon because you are growing FAST.

  14. Robert says:

    Hey man,
    nice vid
    that´s what i like to see bro
    but i wait for more tips and secrets :p

  15. Kryze says:

    If you plan on continuing with your training after this transformation is done, it would actually be kinda cool if you did a natural show sometime in the future.
    Maybe even try for a natural Pro card. (like IFPA or such)

    Anyway, great video, great inspiration. Keep it up!

  16. German-fan says:

    Hey Kevin,

    great Vid ! Keep on growing man!

    The threads about you on those big forums are growing just as fast as you do – on everyone’s lips again 😉

    Keep it up!

  17. Igor says:

    Awesome workout Kevin.
    Looking forward to seeing more

  18. Alexander says:

    Damn nice kevin! man after seeing your video i think its about time i hit the gyyyymmm!, but i am wondering, are u still doing chest shoulders triceps in the same day or what are your plans? and what is your thoughts on muscle development, short rest ala 2 days or longer rest 7 days? before i hit the same muscle.

  19. Alexander Novossad says:

    Sorry for being off the topic now, but can you tell us about the person shooting yourself within the workouts, and what is the gym you are training at? Is it yours?
    I’ve heard from Inet that you owned one, seems in Baltimore, right?
    Anyway, have a good day and nice recovery time. Adios! 🙂

  20. seymour says:

    Hello Kevin,

    Good luck to your new venture. I think the most amazing part is that we get to see your transformation like when you first started working out, probably decades ago. So why not re-fulfill yours and but also our dreams and compete again? It would be more than interesting.

    Clearly stated that you are not using illegal substances and that is great since you manage to reach your short-term ambitions. But which legal substances (supplements) do you get?

    One of your greatest fan from Greece.

  21. Simon says:

    Great vid. kevin! you are awesome!
    i have a tips for you pec dec exersice. as you did it now your front delts are working aswell if you want to isolate the chest even more, try making your elbows pointing down at the floor, that will make your chest come forward and the exersice will concentrate more on the chest! :D:D
    you are growing incredibly fast, your arms are huge!:)
    keep it up bro im dedicating todays workout to you

  22. mike says:

    Hi Kevin,
    very interesting to watch youre report my man !

    Hope to see you back on the free wights soon meaning..

    bench press
    shoulder press
    barbell curls etc…

    and keep up the love !

  23. JJ says:

    looking huge Mr Levrone!
    do you count all the sets as working sets?

  24. xpreS says:

    Hey Kevin, great workout 🙂
    it would be nice to see you working out with free weights as mike said. So everybody could better compare your lifting amount and strength.
    Keep going…

  25. spartacus says:

    arms are growing with the day

  26. Randy says:

    This is great kevin. We actually get to see the true human factor, as apposed to believing pros are in-human or have some great secrets they never tell.. This is straight out training and dieting. Loving it !

  27. McK says:

    Great work, improvements are definitely noticable.

  28. giv.Romania says:

    is not fear,man…you know what I mean.In 2 weeks to grow that much,even whit muscle memory it s strange;your arms grew visibly.But,it seems like you don t train to heavy.Anyway,your idea to tell us daily what happens is a fantastic idea.Kevin you motivate Romania,too.Sorry for my english.

  29. PIRRAN says:

    Awesome to se Levrone back in game =)

    One of my biggest idols ever

    God luck with your training man , Pump up the volume 😉

  30. AussieTroy says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Looking really impressive in the comparible pictures WEEK 1 – WEEK 2..

    And i like how you are using form over ego.. most guys when they hit the gym after having some time off like to throw around the weights and pump up there ego lifts, you dont do this so props to you for that..

    Also i have a question about something you have said before regarding building muscle and cardio (cutting fat).. with regards to building muscle as a natural (not using muscle memory) so we are talking about new muscle here.. How do you feel is the best way to do so whilst cutting the fat? Do you manipulate your calories by going lower on one day, and then bumping them up the following day?? So 1st day you will be burning fat by slightly lowering your required calorie daily intake? and the 2nd day or the next day your slightly eating over your daily calory intake for proper muscle recovery? This whole concept would be great if you could explain how you do this as you said that it is possible to loose fat, and gain new muscle without muscle memory…

    by the way your blogs are awesome, your dedication to yourself and your fans is amazing keep up the hard work


  31. Mike says:

    Hey Kevin, your looking better and better everyday. Your muscle memory is amazing. I hope to see your workouts more and more everyday, especially your shoulder workouts. keep up the good work.

  32. Kev,

    Looking bigger bro! I was surprised at how light you went on Incline Hammer… 2 plates?! I bet you could have got 3 plates for 8! I know it’s been a while, but you gotta push yourself Baby! Light-weight Baby!

    Aaron Singerman
    Host of OFF TOPIC

  33. Kevin… are you on HRT?

  34. Mikael says:

    Hi Kevin !

    Nice to see you training again. You have been my idol within bodybuilding next to Arnold since I started to train my self long time ago. You had an amazing body before and will have again, if you want to. And I know you still have it in you !

    I’m very inspired by your training videos but also your philosophy. And by that I want to thank you helping me to get into in some kind of shape this summer.

    Big thanks !

    Best regards
    Mikael – from Sweden

  35. Andy says:

    Checking your vids before i’m going to the gym, keeps me motivated, you radiate energy!, that is what I like about you!
    Keep it up!

    greetings from Belgium.

  36. Enzo says:

    Hello Kevin!

    You are not focusing on compound exercises like squats, deadlifts, chins, bench press etc. Is that because you are taking it easy in the beginning? Are you planning to change this in the future?

    Also you seem to split the body up a lot. Have you tried doing a half body split and training the muscles 2-3 times per week but not as many exercises per muscle?

  37. mikael says:

    best bodybuilder in the world this is crazy

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