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With all the hard reps and sets so far, this was the hardest thing I’ve done. Try eating dinner with a camera in your face. That camera person is nuts. I wanted to throw the camera out the window. When people see this they either cry laughing or just think it’s weird. Let me know what you think.

More footage from my last workout is going up in a few hours. 



92 Responses to Levrone Transformation, “Dinner” • LevroneReport.com

  1. Viper says:

    This must have been a funny situation for you. I belive it was very hard. The music that you was listening to is pretty cool.

    Keep it going Kevin. Very good work till now.

    Greetings from Germany

    • Billy says:

      My cousin and I are following you thru this. I laughed brother. The faces you made were killing me. I feel this is what people want to see though. In terms of what you are really eating. I would have done, said and felt the same way you did. You made me laugh and I needed that today.

  2. SammieSam says:

    sometimes they record u eating at weddings but not for a whole 5 minutes. i thought it was funny

  3. Spacemarine says:

    Hey Kev,

    is it possible that you like those green beans very much? ;D
    btw. it was really funny to watch you while eating^^

    unfortunately i´m not able to have a meal like that four times a day 😦
    wish you all the best

    greetings from germany again xD

  4. Padrinho says:

    u rock haha, was the last piece of chicken from the camera-gal’s table? 😀

    wish you good luck with your transformation


  5. Big Moe says:

    Firs of all congratulations 🙂 Your return has made a big impact in the UK well were I train at Panthers (Uxbridge,Middlesex)) that’s for sure lol.I am with you all the way brother ! Man you must have heard this a millions of times but honestly speaking from my heart your a true legend ,in my eyes you always deserved the MR O.Look at Dorian Yates don’t get me wrong his a legend too but he hasn’t made a comeback they way you have and it takes a lot guts its not easy after 4 years man !!!! Well we wish you all the best from all of your fans in the UK inc Panthers gym lol…

  6. Big Moe says:

    Oh Yeah I forgot man loving your video hahaha chicken & green beans its all good !I know its a very weird situation to be in when your been watched eating lol….

    Speak to you soon
    Big Moe

  7. Kim says:

    Very funny clip Kevin 😀
    just cant hold myself from laughing 😛

  8. Josh says:

    Man you can so see how fed up are are with that dude there while your trying to eat would have drove me crazy wouldnt have wanted to be him the looks he was getting.

    My diet it where im struggling i can train my ass off but if im not eating right im not gaining its the preperation that gets me i think

  9. Kryze says:

    I can tell you though, personally I need more carbs than that. But I’m what you call a “hard gainer”.

    A meal with minimum of 3 cups of rice, followed by another meal with 4 potatoes… that’s post workout for me. Otherwise, I actually lose muscle. (it’s true)

  10. Peter says:

    Hi Kevin,

    only showing a nice picture of your cooked meal would be

    What about your cardio workout clip? For entertaining you could talk about your upcoming meal while doing cardio session.

    Take care…
    one more german supporter

  11. cody says:

    pretty funny stuff, most deff the most hardcore thing i watched since that old movie from the middle ages, i think its called Maryland Muscle Machine or something of that nature. im not one that needs a lot of motivation. but kevin just knowing that the guy i look up to the most is staying true to the iron, it gives me a great feeling of joy. i was upset i didnt get to see you at the nationals. they said you had come down with a stomach virus. i was thinking you was going to be the highlight of the night for me.

  12. germany here..

    bro you got me eating 2 plates big dawg…and it was shoulder day today..

    just watching you eat – got me modivated to get in the kitchen… lol

    you rock

  13. Markus says:

    jam jam jam kevin!!!

  14. Andy says:

    Hahahaha this is scary :p

  15. Ronnie says:

    Just found this blog and this was by far the best clip so far, made me laugh big-time!=)

    You´re a role-model from the good old days. So glad you´re sharing this transformation with your us. You inspire man, keep up the good work!

    Best wishes from Sweden!

  16. Djekay says:

    Kinda awkward when you are eating and someone is filming. I would smashed that camera after 2 minutes.
    But it was fun.

    Keep up the good work Mr. O.

    Greetings from The Netherlands.

  17. Kyle says:

    I almost cried laughing lol. I would’ve been pissed too if he was doing that shit while I was trying to eat.

  18. Uzz says:

    hate green beans!

  19. kev says:

    haha, thats quite funny 🙂

    great progress so far, looking forward to the next few weeks.

    greets from germany 😉

  20. alpino250lb says:

    Haha, def. a funny clip Kevin! Keep it going man, I cannot wait until more clips… I get the same way, I cannot really sit there and eat and have somebody look at me or even film me, but you held it together! haha

  21. Paul says:

    that must be very disturbing – pointed camera while You eating , Kev You doing a lot for fans and I’m respecting that I hope You will achive Your goal

    take care

  22. Tye says:

    Who is the camera women? ha ha

  23. Alexander says:

    haha i laughed out loud like 4 times. haha but man you were so grumpy in the end ^^ keep pounding!

  24. AlexGermany says:

    haha i think every bodybuilder look’s mostly like u when they try to eat the god damn chicken every day 4 times a day. I always think man when is the plate empty it’s always a fight to eat this chicken. haha

  25. diesel79 says:

    haha, got me in the mood for BBQ chicken. Kevin, do you eat clean like that throughout, or do you reach a point where you just require so many calories that you have to eat some not-so-clean foods just to be able to get the cals in?

  26. Jimmy James says:

    Sweden here

    I´m daily checking your website and thinks this is a great idea for us, the fans, to see more of you Kevin!

    Regarding this eating video: Who filmed it?
    I also kind of got the vibes from one of your scenes in of your earlier video, years back when you sit and eat, think it was rice and lean beef back then?

    Anyway, I think it´s an informative “thingy” when you show us how or what you actually eat…well, not “how” you eat, we already know “how”. =)
    What you eat is informative, learning and fun to know.

    Keep it up, Kevin. I know I´ll be checking in everyday.


    //Jimmy James, Sweden

  27. Dekken says:

    Do you find at times you are not hungry after a workout? if so how do you deal with this? shovel it in? or wait a hour or 2

  28. Squeezer says:

    Watching you eat is hypnotic and mesmerizing.. Like a lion devouring a water tatonka, or an old man eating tomato soup at a deli..

    thanks again for this blog. it keeps me motivated.

  29. D Rock says:

    Haha. Definently crying from laughter! This made my day. Thanks Kev.

  30. Penn says:

    Dear Mr. Maryland Muscle Machine,

    Love that training video of yours. In it there’s a scene with some friends of yours talking about the 3 hours of meal prep they did for you every day. How you ate $500 worth of food every week, how you ate 25lbs of lean ground beef, 25lbs of fish, and 25lbs of chicken each week. And you were sitting right there, eating one of what looked like 12 meals, and saying “I love them and I couldn’t do it without them.”

    I got the impression that you were able to put on muscle so quickly not just because of your genetics and muscle memory, but because you ate an absolutely insane amount of food for the 4 months you trained.

    Will you be working back up to the amount of food you were eating when ‘Maryland Muscle Machine’ was filmed? Do you no longer find it necessary to eat that much food in order to get up to 240lbs?

    Thanks for documenting your transformation and answering our questions.

    And by the way, I wouldn’t have know about this website and your transformation if I hadn’t Youtube searched your name and found your Youtube Channel.
    You REALLY need to contact Muscular Development, Flex.com, or another big bodybuilding site so this blog of yours gets more exposure.

  31. Greg Rask says:

    That was pretty funny Kev.Although it is awesome to see what you are eating the camera guy could have left you alone to eat!!

  32. Jay says:

    Love it Kevin, keep the good videos coming! Haha, it is great to see first hand other people going through the same diets, great motivation!

  33. Jasmin89 says:

    Hi Kev,

    It’s great to see you again training after years, I know that you heard this a milion times but, I think you are really one of the best Bodybuilders ever, and I can’t understand why you never won a MR O title, but ok life is sometimes a bitch :P….

    Greets from the Netherlands

  34. Alexander Novossad (Ukraine) says:

    Hola, Kevin!

    To me, I personally don’t believe you wanted to stop filming 😉 Since you acted in a few movies and sang for many times on scenes, you should be very familiar with live acting 🙂 This is just another episode that the director (yourself) told you to play 😉

    Regarding the person making this video, I hope it was you wife, yup? If so, the community guys here might recognise her by watching the clip below (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7_5ZFQh2qok).

    2Guys: A couple of Czech journalists once caught Kevin a day before Olympia 99.

  35. notta says:

    Like someone else wrote I found myself laughing at a few points in this video. Must have been uncomfortable. Could have been worse though, she could have been filming while you were eating the corn off the cob.

    Did you cook that food yourself? Also, who was singing the second song? I know it was a country star, but I can’t make out the voice. Does anyone know?

  36. Jim says:

    That excerpt was inspiring to attract us fans to clean healthy foods. If that was me however there would have been the temptations to soak the corn down with butter and hit that salt shaker that I saw on the table. I also noticed that there is some exquisite artwork behind you. I am assuming those belong to Gabe.

    Excellent video

  37. Andrew says:

    Can see why you were so annoyed kevin. I think it would be best if you just layed off these sort of clips for a while haha.

  38. LeByron says:


  39. mikecart1 says:

    This was one of the funniest video clips ever recorded by a person in history!!!! I was eating while you were eating and I couldn’t stop laughing!!! This should be a comedy show LOL!!!! 😀

  40. giv.Romania says:

    This video reminds me of a Mitsuru Okabe movie.You agree with me?Nobody,except you,is that close with his fans, as you are…

  41. Jimmy says:

    I’m your greatest fan i start competing because of you, you give me the motivation that i need for my training. I have a competition in 2 weeks in Belgium and when i see you i think every thing is possible baby train hard show people who your really are you are a gladiator kevin . jimmy from luxembourg and 1 day i will be in america to fallow your steps

  42. Adrenergic says:

    “oh look what I found, some mustard.”

  43. LM says:

    Kevin, your the man!

  44. Uzz says:

    that is the link posted above

    great video kev

    was brilliant to watch you do that outside some supermarket!..shame we couldnt hear what was said at the end..but incredible condition

  45. lee68 says:

    Hey, Kevin. No need to post ” Coleman ” type vid`s. Keep up the good work and all the best to you.

  46. karammujo says:

    Hey, I didn’t understand the part of the cry.

    does anybody explain to me?

  47. Lievore says:


    im sorry kev, but i didn’t really like this video, a long video like this of you eating >< idk man i think you should put longer vids of you training not eating, just give like 2 mins tip of diet and stuff… no 4.3 mins, my suggestion !


    my back/bicepis training today was insane

  48. Lievore says:

    i just finished seeing the video and all i can say is lol, hahahahaha honey why dont you eat your vegetables ? i dont feel like it AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHA

    This videos is the funniest one you ever made man… pretty useless but GJ man, continue your work… more training videos less of you eating your food ><

  49. Moz says:


    That was gold.. Lol… What radio station you listening to. Keep up the good work big boy..

    All the best from down under Australia.

  50. Roger says:

    Just had to laugh after a while. You know, all the time we spend eating and just staring out into nothing. It’s a big part of what we do.

  51. troy says:

    whatever you do dont delete this video! i nearly choked with the laughter around the last 20seconds of this video, the frustration on your face when she wouldnt put the camera away was priceless, some people just dont realise the stress we bodybuilders have to put up with hehe

  52. Lievore says:

    it has hilarious ! hsauahuhasuahsu very funny

  53. Filmboy44 says:

    hhhahahahahahahahahahaahhahah that shit was mad funny, almost as funny as how weak my bench is

  54. gymtime says:

    question – were you only eating 4 meals when you were competing as well? are you using any protein supplements yet or no?

  55. Adonis28 says:

    Glad your back in the game again bro. . . .was that your wife filming ?? LOL . . . I noticed you came close to cracking a couple times and start laughing. Then from there just turned into frustration. . .lol. . . . ANNND CUT !!!

  56. Steve W says:

    the song he’s listening to

    thanks for posting this vid kevin! you are a BEEST

  57. Thanks for all your different reactions. I wasn’t sure what to make of it myself, but if it gave some of you a moment of laughter then it was worth posting. Training, growth and diet are important. We also have to remember not to take things so seriously. Add laughter to your daily regimen if you can. Now it’s back to the gym. More training videos and insights coming tomorrow.

    • patrikk says:

      Just continue to post also videos like this…
      It’s great what you’re doing
      Keep up pumping
      Hello from Slovakia

  58. Egor says:

    Thank you Kevin for that you do.

    Thank you for the wise advice!

  59. Matt says:

    Thanks for that vid. Made me laugh and made my day!

  60. John Guhem says:

    Yoo very kind person that tell us how importen to be back again.Wow big bro you are such a leader man,keep doing whatever you do in your career.

  61. musclenz says:

    Kevin, just to say that the dinner vid sure was a bit lame. I sort of sat thru it waiting for you to start talking BBing Nutrition. However, on reflection, I guess you eating a standard BBing diet type meal, was sufficient to impress on people how simple the food can be & remind people that training is only 20% of the equation & nutrition is 80%. Anyway, you are looking great after 2 weeks & I know a lot of my Gym Mates are watching your progress with interest as I am.
    Rod B.
    New Zealand

  62. Markus says:

    Kevin, IN YOUR FACE :-)))

    greez from Austria!!!

  63. Rzok says:

    This is awesome, keep the videos coming Kev !! 🙂

  64. santino says:

    You are going very well!
    U’ve grown since last week.
    Good luck, Kevin!

  65. Karl says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Just wanted to say – I’m really enjoying checking out your Leverone report site daily,finding it all very interesting but most of all incredibly inspiring and motivational to read and watch.
    Keep up the good work and please keep posting…by far the most interesting bodybuilding related site – imo.
    Regards from the UK.

  66. Ramos says:

    Kevin, there’s something i need to know.

    Why did you made that vid if don’t want to.
    Or it wasn’t your idea in the first place?

    Lol. Good vid though.

  67. Kevin says:

    Whats up with that music?? HAHA

  68. Torsten says:

    Hi Kevin,

    can you publish how much protein you eat a day, carbs as well how many meals/day? What do you recommend?


  69. Eddie says:

    The idea of this transformation report and that you share it with the people on the world wide web is the best thing you ever could have done, really nice work!

    Best greets from Austria Vienna

  70. Wyatt says:

    Kinda off the wall but very funny video.. I can’t be serious all the time….. Congrats on your desire and drive to train again. I quit competing and training in 2001 after years and years of hard work. Your comeback has given me drive to start training soon.


  71. Mark E says:

    Hi Kevin.
    Why this weird filming while you eat when you’re not comfortable with it? I don’t get it? Is it a part of some deal or what?

    Best Regards from Sweden

  72. andreas says:

    Keep up the good work Kevin! I hope you will do something like this if you are going to do a comeback someday 🙂

  73. Merat says:

    Hey kevin, must be pretty awkward eating in front of a cam eh! Got to admit, thought you would be knecking down alot more carbs then that! Looks like what a typical guy eats for a cut, but I have a pretty quick metabolism myself so Carbs are pretty much my best freind when lean bulkin, anywho each to their own, lovin the vids keep it up!

  74. Gorilla says:

    who is the person behind the camra?
    and yeah its god damn stupit someone desturb u while ur eating i hate that !

  75. Mark E says:

    Hi Kevin.
    It’s like a realityshow right?
    You put on a little acting there man
    it’s quite funny actually.
    Good luck to ya and I want to see
    some heavy squats, deads and bench.

    Best Regards from Sweden

  76. Stuart Counter says:

    I see alot of eating and cooking scenes in bodybuilding DVD’s. I do not understand what people find so interesting about it, particularly the eating part.

    But it’s cool that this was put up for the people who are interested, I think it shows dedication to the project.

  77. donny says:

    so romantic this dinner 🙂

  78. Agostino says:

    GooD food, i find it interesting. Feel good in front of the camera and be proud of the things that you do! You are showing to us a good way to eat and training. The only thing i (and the people) can say is thank you Kevin!

    I love watching you eat, it makes me hungry! Ahahah i wish you a good work!

  79. Stanford says:


    haha loved the clip but i prefered the Ungly kid joe version of that song Cats in the cradle.

    I can see you felt uncomfortable shooting that clip,i would be too,lol.

    But nice seeing the otherside of only the gym.

    Hang in there bro.

    Stanford from holland

  80. enrique says:

    bien hecho kevin asi se hace , es hora de q vuelvas a pisar de nuevo los ecenarios del olympia haslo kevin no te rindas sigue adelante para mi eres uno de los mejores culturistas con una simetria moustrosa , animos no te rindas campeon haslooooooo!!!! rompe ligamentos!!! suerte .. enrike

  81. enrique says:

    kevin I know how you feel inside x start again from scratch, yo tb coached. but a serious injury in a pyramid, I am stopped 2 years, now returned to training recently, but only started a month, the pain reappeared again and then I move away from the gym but my heart tells me warrior q q I continue, I q forward. do not ever give up, I speranza q train and compete again. spero q and achieve what is my big dream. you were my inspiration in my early days as it was dorian yachts, and now I see you again q train me great joy to see you back there catching a dumbbells, starting with your diet. me want to follow your steps but I have q to be patient. if god kiere train again thanks x tu videos me kevin rose minds. if only he knew in q of the U.S. Radika me gustaria q tu me trained. I wish you the best you can hasło good luck! campeon .. a greetings from peru. spero q ste message answer me one day, thanks. enriqueolympia@yahoo.es only_enrikec@hotmail.com

  82. Josefine says:

    Kevin, you are so cute and love you forever!

  83. It seems you hate those vegetables ;p

  84. Peter says:

    hey Mr Levrone, nice song in the background..cats in the cradle..towards the end of the clip your have like a sad moment in your eyes..especially when the “song search your heart, search your soul” is playing in the background..I think I felt that you were overcame with emotions, as in goals in life, obstacles you faced or facing, failures, sacrifices you made, maybe even broken relationships, everything just boggled down in that moment right there towards the end…it shows in your eyes..I am not a psychologist or anything but I feel you in a way cause bodybuilding is a 24 hour job and sometimes u question “why” you are doing it…truth is..we are what we are..

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