Here are scenes of the complete workout from Sunday. Cardio & shoulders. You’ll notice that it includes that same clip with 80 lb dumbs – this shows one set from the exercises from that day.

I usually do four sets of each exercise. For the clips that I upload to this site, I usually just do one of those sets per exercise. I like to show the last one because that’s the most intense set, but keep in mind that I’m doing at least four sets per exercise. This may seem obvious, but I’m saying it for the  benefit of my friends overseas who may not have the easiest time understanding what I’m saying on the video.


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  1. gymtime says:

    good workout kevin. I cant believe you gain muscle doing cardio on an empty stomach every morning like that. crazy.

    • lolwut says:

      ya that’s awesome. could anybody get away with this though? i’ve read so many conflicting arguments on when one should do cardio…

      • Stuart Counter says:

        I always go for a 15 minute walk in the morning after half a shake and an orange juice mainly because it helps my digestion. Otherwise I struggle to eat all my calories in the morning.

      • Kim says:


  2. Jonathan says:

    Hello Kevin,
    it would be nice to see your whole training plan, because I’m a little bit confused.
    You trained in the Video “Intensity” (June 8) shoulders and today (June 9).
    An other reason is, that I often watch videos from earlier days of you and I want to how an idol of mine trains 🙂
    Best regards from Germany

  3. Tim Tilburg says:

    Hey Kevin, great workout. But I got one question, since I can’t do cardio in the morning, what’s best, right before training or right after?? Or maybe separate, train muscle in the afternoon and cardio in the evening. Keep it going man, your doing a amazing job showin us all these clips, keeps me motivated. I’m gonna do a shoulder workout right now!!!

  4. PolishFan says:

    hello kevin!
    keep it going, back to the form of 1997 😉
    nice form after two weeks, be big

    greetings from poland!!!!!!!

  5. Jim says:

    Hey guys, let’s not pry in to Kevin’s personal life. It’s only natural to be curious about someone you admire, but let’s respect what he wants to show and what he doesn’t want to show.

  6. Kenny says:

    Hey kev,

    I hope to god that you can answer my question, that would make my life complete =) On the subject of decreasing stomach fat, do cable crunches burn more calories then that of situps?

  7. Jim says:

    Serious question? Shit you don’t have to be an IFBB pro to field that one. Doesn’t matter what kind of crunches you do, if you want to lose fat and preserve as much muscle as possible you have to diet properly.

    Simply put, eat slightly less food than you need to maintain your current weight. Keep protein high of course. Keep training hard, give your body a reason to hang on to that muscle. Do mirror checks every week or so and adjust your cals as needed.

    Oh and no one should be doing sit ups.

  8. Jay says:

    Looking good Kevin, keep up the hard work!

  9. Lievore says:


    that last exercise that you didn’t isnt it for back ? oO

    Doesnt look liek for shoulder

    Good job man keep up excellent work

    • gymtime says:

      stop wasting his time, its a rear delt exercise, go read some basic exercise guides or read the stickers on the machines before you bother posting jibberish like this and bothering MARYLAND MUSCLE MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • walter jarno says:

      Posterior shoulders buddy……..attention please!

      • LeByron says:

        That’s hilarious Walter. Rear delts or ‘posterior shoulders’ as you call them are the different names for the same thing, posterior deltoids. Don’t try correct people with a lack of knowledge, makes you look silly =)

      • walter jarno says:

        Hey LeByron,
        Sorry if i can’t write good as you in english but i’m from Italy and i just translate how we call that exercise.Now i now the correct name,but don’t try to say what i have and i don’t have to do,because you don’t know my level of knowledge about BB.
        that it,peace.

    • Stuart Counter says:

      It works the trapezius top to bottom and rhomboids, the rear delt and to some degree probably also the side delt and it also works the parts of the rotor cuff that attach to the rear of the shoulder blade.

      Small changes in form can also alter the main focus within this group of muscles. So it could be more traps and rhomboids or it could be more rear delts and often when dealing with highly advanced trainees it can even be different when the same person performs the same exercise for a different purpose.

  10. Wyatt says:

    Man, you looked ripped already? Why all the cardio and low carbs? Are you going for a marketable more mainstream look?


    • gymtime says:

      where do you see him low-carbing if hes pounding 2 bowls of rice 3-4x/day?

    • I’m doing cardio and watching carbs to get in shape and transform my body. My initial goal is to be at around 6% bodyfat. Haven’t thought much about the marketable mainstream aspect, I just want to get in shape.

  11. Edwin says:

    Reporting from the Netherlands! we are following too, good luck!

  12. Guilherme says:

    His back is very motivating to us all that we take the bodybuilding as a lifestyle
    What your measures now?
    Congratulations from your fans from Brazil man.
    Keep Training

  13. Andrew says:

    Kevin is known for his long bellied triceps and well developed delts. keep up the work kev

  14. 7SiNz says:

    This is pretty awesome Kevin, I’m suprised no one else has never done this. Following along with this is awesome. your giving us some good insight and I appreciate it.. Keep this going !!

  15. klfan says:

    hey kev,,
    kevin what do u think made u have the best side chest pose of all time? is it the complete shoulder development or the sick chest or what?

  16. Aleks says:

    Hi Kevin. First of, I want to say, this is really cool to see you training again. Couse you are and was an inspiration and idol, from the first time I saw u in 1999 English Grand Prix, that a friend showed me years ago when I started lifting weights.

    I will follow you and after every report ill walk too the gym and try to be better! You are the Rage against the machine!

    Keep it up! Sweden!

  17. LM says:

    Its hard to understand why peapole keep asking those retared questions anyone who ever been in a gym could figure out… Swedish viking

  18. Lievore says:

    damn sorry didn’t know about that…. thxs guys 😛

  19. troy says:

    that was your best video yet, you explained your game plan in very clear detail so keep up the good work kevin

  20. Tom O says:

    Kevin – It’s great to see you get back into it after years of speculation about whether or not you still had a love for the iron.

    Keep cranking out the videos, it’s great to see you back at it.

  21. Roger says:

    Just joining the muscle choir once again. Awesome video. With every workout you’re posting, you’re motivating a whole lot of people.

    Roger, big fan in Hong Kong!

  22. Steve W says:

    thanks for posting this kevin! i hope you do similar videos for future workouts cause im learning ALOT!!!

  23. Callesteve says:

    Keep up the good work, Kevin!

  24. Alex says:

    Kevin, i’m one of your biggest fans in France (sorry if my english isn’t so good), and i’m sooooo happy with your come back! You’re the most incredible bodybuilder i have ever seen, just the best. Best wishes for your transformation, and please don’t stop to make us dream!
    Of course, i will find much inspiration in your workout and all your precious advices for my own transformation. And be sure that i will be there for your come back in competition!
    Good luck, Kevin, and see you soon!

  25. Andy says:

    “You guys see that I was a little fatigue on my last rep, but still I pushed it out.”

    Like your quotes Kevin 😀

  26. Spacemarine says:

    uwaaaa…want new video!!! ;D^^

  27. koerperkult says:

    can’t wait to see you big again 😀

  28. Mike Fry says:

    Just popping in to say I’m enjoying watching your training, Kevin. I’m a big fan and looking forward to seeing your progress.

  29. Anonymous says:

    Yo Kev…cardio on empty stomach. That doesn’t mean coffee right? I mean, we need our joe!

  30. Joey says:

    So Kevin you are doing cardio everyday of the week? Are you applying any rest days at all?

  31. jasper says:

    Kudos to Kevin for doing this. Sharing his knowledge and experience with us. I really appreciate the fact he has this website where he posts himself and keeps us up to date, it’s nice to have this interaction. It’s motivational and inspiring, quite a role model.

  32. Sebbe says:

    Hi there Kevin!

    Impressive videos man, always a pleasure to watch 🙂 I just have one question though. How comes that you don’t include any isolation excercise for the outer (lateral) deltoids?

    Regards from Sweden!

  33. Stanford says:


    I see you are doing cardio in the morning on an empty stomach.

    As my daily work schedule doesnt alow me to hit the gym in the morning( i start working at 8 am and wake up at 6.30 am)i do my cardio at night when i go to the gym at 7 pm after i have eaten round 5pm.

    As you say you do cardio on an empty stomach to burn the fat instead of the food taken in is it wise for me to hit the gym after work and when i come home take my dinner or is it ok to eat at 5ish pm and hit the gym at 7pm and do the cardio?

    Wanna burn some real fat so any advice is appreciated.

    Kudos Stanford from holland.

  34. Will says:

    Lookin good Kev.Cant wait to see the end result.My question for u is what is the best exercises bringing out the hamstrings? My hamstrings sucks from a side leg shot.

  35. Ricardo Groenhardt /+/ says:

    Nice job, buddy!
    keep doing this!
    but do you take suplements, vitamins, which one?
    Best regards from Brazil!

  36. Thank for shareing, great content..

  37. luebke666 says:

    hey kevin,

    i think we here in overseas (Germany) understand you very good!

    keep going man…your transformation looks very good!

    Pump up!!

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