Levrone Transformation, 3rd Back & Biceps Workout • LevroneReport.com


This was an awesome workout. I did 16 sets per body part yesterday. The nutrition is working, my body and mind are starting to adjust, it’s all falling into place. Thanks again to Chris for the spot on the preacher curls. Stay tuned for progress photo, weight and measurements on Friday. 


1st set: 15o lbs, 10 reps

2nd set: 165 lbs, 8 reps

3rd set: 170 lbs, 8 reps

4th set: 18o lbs, 8 reps


1st set: 12o lbs, 6 reps

2nd set: 130 lbs, 6 reps

3rd set: 135 lbs, 6 reps

4th set: 15o lbs, 8 reps


1st set: 12o lbs, 6 reps

2nd set: 140 lbs, 6 reps

3rd set: 150 lbs, 6 reps

4th set: 16o lbs, 8 reps


1st set: 65 lbs, 6 reps

2nd set: 70 lbs, 6 reps

3rd set: 75 lbs, 6 reps

4th set: 105 lbs, 6 reps


1st set: 40 lbs, 6 reps

2nd set: 40 lbs, 6 reps

3rd set: 50 lbs, 6 reps

4th set: 5o lbs, 6 reps


1st set: 25 lbs, 6 reps

2nd set: 30 lbs, 6 reps

3rd set: 40 lbs, 6 reps

4th set: 40 lbs, 6 reps


1st set: 75 lbs, 6 reps

2nd set: 85 lbs, 6 reps

3rd set: 95 lbs, 6 reps

4th set: 95 lbs, 6 reps


1st set: 55 lbs, 6 reps

2nd set: 60 lbs, 6 reps

3rd set: 65 lbs, 6 reps

4th set: 65 lbs, 6 reps


60 Responses to Levrone Transformation, 3rd Back & Biceps Workout • LevroneReport.com

  1. Spacemarine says:

    Great workout Kev!
    do you always use less weight doing hammer curls in comparison with alternating one-arms?

  2. Scott says:

    Kev, you look FANTASTIC. The gains you have made in such a short time shows that the commitment, dedication and know how all pays off. Keep it up brother as we are all in your corner.


  3. Egor says:

    You are legend Kevin. Just legend

  4. Aleaxnder says:

    Best video so far! i can see your progress already man! cant wait for what you got in store for the levrone newsletter :). How long are you workouts, with that kind of volume i cant imagine you doing it under one and half hour?

  5. William says:

    Nice vid as usuall.

    think those arms getting bigger broh!
    Really nice job in so short of time.. genetics baby!
    Keep uploading clips, you are a great inspiration.
    Even though im sick n can’t train for a few weeks:( , but it’s nice to have something inspiring to watch and something that makes me more motivated to come back.
    Peace kev

    William from Sweden

  6. zoltish says:

    Hey Kev
    Great workout as usual, keep it up!
    Do people in the gym ask you questions often regarding training or just autographs? I sure would 😀

    Best regards from Sweden!

  7. Leon says:

    Incredible,11 pounds of muscle already.Levrone is # 1.

  8. D Rock says:

    11 lbs!? wow baby. That’s what i’m talking about. I like the longer workout vids. Two thumbs up. Can’t wait for new pics!

  9. Markus says:

    Hello Kevin!

    Since this site is online, I am watching your training. It’s amazing what you do in such a short time. I’m looking forward to your new videos.
    Keep on pumping.

    Greetings from middle Europe, Austria.


  10. SammieSam says:

    hey kevin, how come you weren’t wearing a lifting belt during this workout?

  11. SammieSam says:

    people actually mentioned that video weeks ago and he said he dropped down to 190lbs for that role

    • Penn says:

      Pretty funny that after years of not training and eating a sparse diet he still has to drop weight just to be 190.

    • Callesteve says:

      SammieSam appreciate you posting that vid as I was just thinking about it. What a difference a year later. Funny as hell, that clip.

  12. Olof says:

    Now that is what i call improvements!

    Great vid posted, both you and Penn… haha.
    Some trainingbuddy Chris is, “Chris, where you at”… Laughed my ass off:)

    Keep them videos and the transformation coming, awsome inspiration!!

  13. Tuncay says:

    Hi ,Kev
    I am from Austria,you ar just the best,simply the best.Thats all.
    Best Wishes from Vienna ,Austria

  14. McK says:

    Awesome work

  15. Alex says:

    Great workout! And i’m really impressed in your gains in 3 weeks… fantastic arms!
    Let’s go to the gym now!!!

  16. Kenny says:

    Hey kev,
    wondering about your stand on the eccentric part of the straight barbell curl, have you ever incorporated them into your workout routines?.

  17. Lievore says:

    Man great job with the training very intense…

    hahaahha at the end of the video, you resting, hahahaha i laughed at that part, your hilarious man !

    Good job keep up the great work awesome arms !

  18. Gabriel Ortiz says:

    Man… This video was polemic. Kevin, how it was the repercussion of this video “Burning Hollywood”? Some people must hated. What people said to you? And i want to know if this video really helped you on your career on TV.

    Really good workout, maybe onde day you come to Brazil to give some seminar.


  19. Michael says:

    Keven your getting big as hell. Your blogs are cool to watch, glad that your part of the lfestyle again. Hope for more badass workouts to come Keven.

  20. Kenneth says:

    hey kevin. i have a request; id like some big posters of your sidechest and most muscular poses, is there anywhere i could buy that?

  21. Adam says:

    Stay motivated Kev, got to say this is a true inspiration to me.
    Keep going…..YOU CAN DO IT!

  22. Roy says:

    Hey Kevin,

    This is the first time I am posting an reply, but I am following your report from the beginning.

    When I started bodybuilding and I watched movies for inspiration on youtube your were the one for me that took my attention of all the bodybuilders I had seen…

    Perfect body, and charisma…

    You got the looks and everything!!!…

    Keep on posting those vid’s and pic’s..

    All the love I can give…

    From your biggest fan of Holland..

  23. Jay says:

    Looking good Kevin, it is already obvious that you have gained a lot of size back. Keep the great videos coming and we will keep supporting!

  24. Squeezer says:

    Great vid man, you can definately see progress already. In just a few weeks! Cant wait for the next vid. I also think its really awesome of you to have that guy as a workout partner. So many out there think that people with Special Needs are unable to function in society. But there he is spotting a bodybuilding legend. Good on ya Kevin!

  25. spartacus says:

    bigger and bigger

  26. Patrick says:

    Hey Kevin,

    good work! Dont Stop it!
    Why are u doing 16!!!! sets for bizeps & the back?!
    isnt it too much? i always hear: “dont do too much sets if u do 6 sets ur muscles get faster bigger”

  27. Filmboy says:

    Awesome job kev!

    BTW, gymtime (patrick bateman) how are those squats coming? You have the legs of a god, post them up so we can all envy your dedication and quad development bro!

  28. Enzo says:

    Hello Kevin!

    Holy crap you’re going to be huge in a month, you look awesome.

    I have a tip for you on the bicep curls since you are talking about good form: Don’t move your elbows forward when you lift, it makes it easier on the bicep when the weight is in the top position and you don’t get tension on the muscle in a full range of motion.

    However if you do it as you did you can handle a little more weight and more weight means more muscles so I really don’t know what’s best 😛

  29. Andrew says:

    The maryland muscle machine is getting back to his true roots

  30. Djekay says:


    You are made to be a bodybuilder. Look at the transformation you already have made. If you are steroid free as you have claimed on this blog you really look fantastic, better than 50% of the juicers!

    Maybe you should compete once more again and knock out the current Mr. Olympia and all the other strange IFBB pro’s.

    Keep up the good work,

    Greetings from The Netherlands.

    • gymtime says:

      how is he going to compete and beat current pros if he plans on staying natural? think before you speak. this same thing has been posted a billion times and its redundantly retarded.

      • Djekay says:


        Thanks for you’re reply. I want to keep it friendly here and I just speak what is on my mind, and you sure do. So what if this has been posted a billion time, the point is that it will be great!

      • Filmboy says:

        you know nothing about bodybuilding, so please don’t comment on this again.

      • Callesteve says:

        Gymtime, have you ever posted a positive comment on this blog? Or any other blog for that matter?

  31. jasper says:

    Good thing chris was around haha 😀
    nice work

  32. GS says:

    Must say you seam to be a really nice person, I hope your progress continue like this and that you stay natrual. Your cards allready been played yoo´ve got nothing more to prove. Greeting Sweden

  33. DJ says:

    Keep up the good work.

    Better than those cutting-crumpy bodybuilders on their road to the Mr. O.

    Keep it real! I’m loving it 😉

  34. Steve W says:

    chris is so lucky!!!

    thanks for posting this kev. good work and you are just blowing up its crazy how awesome muscle memory is !!!

  35. Tim M says:

    Hi Kev,

    Biceps are a smaller muscle group than back so does it make sense to hit each with the same number of sets?


  36. Andrew says:

    Hi Kevin great too see all of your workouts going so well its good to see you feel comfortable and confident whilst doing your excerises.
    Its hard to not feel sorry for Kevin The way he performed all those years and never won an olympia its upsetting. ronnie coleman was a good bodybuilder but remember the 2002 olympia kevin had just returned from a hernia operation and he had hardly trained throughout the year and kevin comes on stage and performs brilliantly a blend of size and symmetry all blended into a 250 pound frame incredible. Then we see the joke that is ronnie coleman come on stage with some horrible gut hanging out he didnt even look tight his skin looked all stretched and horrible but guess who wins the worse bodybuilder its a joke. Im not surprised kevin decided to go inactive and concentrate on other things atleast then he wont get robbed of titles that he deserved ronnie coleman should have half of his olympias flushed down the toilet where they belong.

  37. Roger says:


    This was the best video so far. Awesome to get the idea of the whole workout. You’re looking awesome, as you well know!! I’m very impressed!

    Keep it up!!

  38. John says:

    Good stuff man. What’s your rest time between sets and exercises?

  39. troy says:

    definately your best video yet kevin and a whopping 10mins long i loved every minute. your arms are not only getting bigger by the day but also noticeably more toned aswell, cant wait to see where it goes from here, keep the up the good work!

  40. fernan says:

    you loock great kevin , i like it. this report is great i like that you show the weight you are lifting , you are big inspiration for us down here in cozumel ,

  41. Mic says:

    Hey Kevin,
    i´m from germany and i am a big fan of you and your body! 🙂

    i visit every day you report and check the news!


  42. Etienne says:

    Wow Kevin, I just can’t believe the gains you are making in such a short amount of time. I love seeing you crawling back to the top but I must admit it makes me a little depressed to. The gains you make in 3 weeks are my gains in a whole year man!! Keep on going and show us all the way it should be done!!

  43. Andrew says:

    Lol that guy couldnt believe he was spotting for kevin levrone. What a great honour for him. Also kevin are you training at your own gym or is it just a normal gym?

  44. Nicolas says:

    Man you look so huged! I can’t believe you havn’t lifted anything in 4years! Look at Arnold! He has lost everything O_o. Maybe it’s due to your way of leaving..

    Nice to see you jumped in a Real transformation blog, nice to see you in action again moreover great motivation at 45y’ old

    Other point:
    -140kg bench press
    -80lbs series at dumbell press
    it’s bigger than 90% of amateur bodybuildeurs and it is equivalent in years of serious training by thinking in 90kg…

    You should be proud bro, you stayed in great shape



  45. Nicolas says:

    Sorry mate, 41years old, I have seen U more older than you are ^^

  46. donny says:

    kevin is very funny

  47. Chris says:

    guys your just hating cuz i workout with Kevin Levrone i knew it was him once i steped in 2 my gym and i was thinking he had it so i step away so its whatever you guys can talk all you want all as i know is i workout with Kevin and brother your doing great lets keep it up 😀

  48. Peet Sapsin says:


    You are my hero.

  49. Karl says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Your progress is nothing less than amazing !
    Great workout but I’ve gotta ask – why do you not do chins and why all these machines ??
    Just off to the gym to do back myself,I like to watch your vids just before hitting the gym – sure motivates me seeing you working out…thanx for that.
    Karl (from the UK)

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