Levrone Transformation, Chest & Tris #4 • LevroneReport.com


1st set: 50 lbs, 8 reps

2nd set: 70 lbs, 8 reps

3rd set: 90 lbs, 8 reps

4th set: 95 lbs, 8 reps


1st set: 65 lbs, 8 reps

2nd set: 70 lbs, 8 reps

3rd set: 70 lbs, 8 reps

4th set: 80 lbs, 8 reps


1st set: 40 lbs, 8 reps

2nd set: 40 lbs, 8 reps

3rd set: 50 lbs, 6 reps

4th set: 50 lbs, 6 reps


1st set: 150 lbs, 8 reps

2nd set: 165 lbs, 8 reps

3rd set: 170 lbs, 8 reps

4th set: 150 lbs, 13 reps

(High reps on the last set, trying to shock the muscle on my last chest exercise, last set.)


1st set: 80 lbs, 20 reps

2nd set: 80 lbs, 20 reps

3rd set: 80 lbs, 20 reps

4th set: 80 lbs, 20 reps

I did four sets of twenty because by now my tris were halfway worn out from the chest work. Doing high reps just shocks the muscle and really burns it out. The tris are not a big muscle group – small muscle groups need high volume, high reps, they can take a lot of punishment and recuperate faster.

Truth is I never did that much for triceps, which might surprise you given my triceps. A lot of my triceps development came from working heavy weight on chest and shoulders.

My shoulders were sore from the last workout. Remember, I’m only three weeks in after a long hiatus. The shoulders were still regenerating so I let ’em alone. Listen to your body, train hard, but also train smart. 

I weighed in today at 217. I’m estimating a five pound fat loss due to cardio and a lean diet. This subtracts from my overall weight, but not from the total of added lean muscle, which I calculate at about 16 lbs, right on schedule.

The overall weight puts me behind schedule, but for good reason. I’m trying to get big AND cut. We’ll see what happens, I’m working with my long-time custom nutritional ingredient specialist to get a boost in coming weeks. I look forward to seeing how that shakes out, cause I suspect the gains ahead aren’t going to come quite as easy. I’ll let you know. Didn’t have time to snap the pic today, I will definitely have it up tomorrow. 

– Kevin




108 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Chest & Tris #4 • LevroneReport.com

  1. chay says:

    great work!

  2. Egor says:

    Great workot Kevin!

    M3 coming up…

  3. Demorak says:

    Looking great man….I really hope you will keep posting this because this is motivating as hell.

  4. Alex says:

    Hey Kevin, ur just great man!!

    Everytime before i get to the gym im look at your videos from the old days, its just getting me so motivated.

    I hope u come back again, lets take the Mr Olympia titel i know you want it! This is how your story must end with a titel!

  5. Scott says:


    I love that your form is PERFECT. You are the MAN brother. You look great and I truly enjoy taking the ride with you. I feel as I am right there with you in the gym. Thank you so much for giving back to your fans…


  6. walter jarno says:

    To gain 11 lbs i need 1 year using gear buddy! I know you 15 years but still i don’t know from wich planet do you come from……
    keep going HERO!

  7. COOL !

    I’m the first one to comment on this one!!

    Hey kevin, It’s good to see you in these video blogs because we are living and breathing your life in and out of the gym with you-well awesome, don’t know about other people but I feel this is a great way to bond – re-bond with your fans from your Days of Competition.

    That Gym looks fantastic as well, I can guess it’s got EVERYTHING you would ever need for a quality workout.

    Colin B. Chaldecott

  8. Joe says:

    Great work Kevin! Gettin’ bigger every workout. Your guns are 48cm or like that.. or maybe more 🙂 i can’t wait till night, to see the measurments 😉 Keep up the good work

    Your fan


  9. Mauricio says:

    Go levrone. i’m from brazil. training for 5 months, but I gain 24lbs. you are very humbleness related your gain after 4 years, because you cant training after announce your return.

    congratulations. go go go levrone

  10. David says:

    Very good Kevin
    You are getting bigger day by day

  11. Uzz says:

    i’ll have to start saying greetings from Wales so i can get a shout out kev?

  12. oussama says:

    Thank you so much for giving us the motivation
    your fan from Algreia

  13. Mazman says:

    Certainly improving in a short space of time bro keep it up!!!

  14. Sergio says:

    Hi Kevin,

    your shoulders and arms are becoming big!
    I’ve seen every competiton from 1992 and you had an incredible shape.
    This idea to post your transformation is fantastic.
    Greetings from italy, champ !!

  15. kennyfat says:

    Kevin, thx for all this, we all love u more and more everyday like brothers!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. GYMTIME_IS_KING says:


    • He was following the Report just like you and then one day I show up in his gym asking for a spot. Anyway he did a good job. Keep smilin’ Chris.

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      I’m telling ya dog, call me Special K. Only my moms calls me Chris. I’m work’n on getting my site up with the quickness. I AOL has been clown’n on me tho. Soon B, soon. And you’d smile all da time to if you could stunt like me.

      Stay Real

  17. chay says:

    greetings from Korea! can we get more videos of chris? he seems like a nice guy and good son to his parents. perhaps getting him to do some sets?

    • SammieSam says:

      are u serious?

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Yo Brah, thanks for the props. This is Kris, thats right, with a “K” for straight Killa. Mah boys call me Special K. I dont have a website yet, but I’ve been rolling with Levrone for a minute and I’ll answer any questions ya got untill i get my blog going. I got mad respect for Korea to bra, rich culture. My neighbors from Vietnam.


      Speciak K

      • king_peach says:

        good grief please spare us

      • Chris says:

        wtf thats not me…

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        Don’t even trip, brah. Fools making jokes like they Martin Lawrence or sumthin. I can be imitated but neva duplicated. There is only ONE Special K. But this aint about me. The is Levrone’s set. We here to watch his transformation and be part of history with him. Respect Kevin Levrone aight.

        Special K out!

  18. Jean says:


    I was a very big fan of yours. I loved especially your huge triceps! …however, nowadays I know that such results are impossible to achieve without steroids.
    Keep on pumping!

    • Glad you’re a fan. I’m not taking steroids. I don’t blame you for being cynical. All I can do is tell you it’s muscle memory and hyper-responsive genes, plus the workouts, attitude and diet. I’m going to try some creative supplementing next week to keep the momentum going. It will be all natural and safe and I’ll tell you what I’m trying and if it works.

  19. xpreS says:

    greetings from bavaria (germany) kev. Awesome development after such a short time period. People taking gear are simple to recognize by ballooned face not yours. So i hundred percent with you if you say you do it natural.
    I’m very impressed.
    Keep doing..

  20. Frankenstein's Assistant says:

    Good stuff, Kevin. Laudatory comments aside, may I ask how you felt in the space of these 4 years during which you, sadly, lost much of your Mr. Olympia-caliber physique. After all, for many of us bodybuilders our mass becomes an important part of our self-image. And when you lose it, you lose a piece of yourself, and it hurts like hell! I admire you for this rebound. And I’m asking this since I’m facing a similar “hiatus” in my workouts and I wonder if you have any coping tips. Thanks!

    • Egor says:

      agree in opinion Assistant

    • I always got smaller in the off season because I’m comfortable with it. I never needed to “cope.” Right now I’m psyched to get in shape, but it’s not in pursuit of a “lost piece.” However, if you love being big, if that’s who you are, I see nothing wrong with that. Hang in there man, you’ll get back there if you visualize and stay focused.

  21. polish_FAN says:

    Hi Kevin,
    It`s your blood pressure fan. You forgot about Poland in your last video…

  22. Frank says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Another great workout video. Keep them coming.

    I got one question, when you do your final sets you are able to talk in between them. Doesn’t that mean that you could go a little heavier on your last set of that excercise?

    Most of the time when I am in my last set I am so focused on my breathing and form that I can’t talk during the excercise.

  23. mark says:

    nice workout lebrone, your friend chris did a nice job spotting this time but whats up with that other kid in the background just standing around i hate people like that. I see the results already.

  24. Aron says:

    Looking more toned, bro. The delts and traps are coming out and you’re getting good taper. I say increase lower the number of sets but increase the intensity to get that dense look.

    • WillD says:

      I think kevin know how to get that ‘dense look’ :S

      • Aron says:

        Yeah but I’m saying when doing it naturally you need to make sure not to overtrain otherwise you just get that big soft look and the muscles look tired.

  25. Eirik says:

    This is awesome! Been following your transformation from start. Amazing progress and good job posting all of this! Really appreciate you taking the time doing this for all your fans. Keep up the good work man – looking awesome btw. Best regards from Norway! 😀

  26. Mark_Germany says:

    Hi Kevin!

    First of all thanks for documenting your transformation. Like Demorak said: it’s motivating as hell.

    My question: What can i do if a muscle isn’t growing as fast as another? Or if the muscle grows much slower than expected even though you’re pushing the muscle to the limit.

    thanks for your reply.
    keep up the good work!

    Peace 😉

  27. Alberto says:

    Well done Kevin!the way you change your body in few weeks sounds crazy mate!keep going on,you’re source of motivation to me and all the italian fans!

  28. robert says:

    hey… great work out… just wanna let you now that you also have alot of fans i Norway too;)
    keep up the good work.. we will follow you too the goal

  29. Alan says:

    Hey Kevin,

    What a pleasure to follow you in your transformation. I love your workout. You inspire me. Got new motivation.
    One of your french fan !!

  30. Lievore says:

    Great training kevin !

  31. repey says:

    HEY!Greeting from Hungary;)!!Lots of fan here and watching ur vids!

  32. Scott says:

    That looks like a real nice gym man. What gym is that?

  33. kennyfat says:

    Kevin, i know it may sound stupid, but i think a lot of people would like to know..what was ur best bench? at ur best. thanks you.

  34. Stephen says:

    When performing a bb / db press for chest, is it important to squeeze your chest at the top? Or can I rely the tension from the weight to develop the pecs?
    Thanks, keep up the good work!

  35. boke says:

    Keep on going, this is great so far

  36. Billy says:

    This is going to sound odd, but I just got a little emotional watching some old video footage of you. I could have been the music, but I think it’s because I have followed you since the beginning. I’m a native of Baltimore and half Italian like you. I have a child who is 3 that resembles your child as well. You started this journey of yours on my 38th Birthday (May24). I guess my emotion may also come from being 247lbs at one point and now Im 209lbs with a torn labrum. Im a buisness owner who has to find time to lift. This thing your doing has made me want to get back after it. So I’m going to do just that. I have to have surgery on my shoulder. That has been established by my DR. However, I need to lift. It’s who I have been for 25 years. I’m a better dad too when I can leave the days work at the gym. God Bless you.

    Your Iron Bro formly of Charm City

    • I see why you would draw parallels between the two of us and it’s always an honor to hear about how something I did inspired someone like you. Fix up that shoulder and do what you gotta do, cause it sounds like a priority for a lot of deep reasons. Billy, I can tell you’re going to be just fine, brother.

    • Billy says:

      Thanks for the words Kevin. I’m in the gym and starting to feel better. You have my cousin and his wife back in the gym too. I think it’s great.
      I got a message from TWITTER last night (6/13/09) that you are now following my company, Wine &…..
      Keep it up and thank you for the motivation.

  37. Ricardo says:

    I Keep seeing your blog every day, and i just wanna say, best lucky, and that we all admire you, keep going. You really motivate all of us.

  38. Andrew says:

    Great job kevin you have really come along way in such a short space of time. keep postin it really motivates people

  39. Scott says:

    Kev, you need to get some rock n’ roll up in that place.

  40. giv.Romania says:

    I am very angry with you,Kevin.You mentioned many countries,but you forgot Romania;is not fair,Kev.In my country now is 3:37 am ,and I write this mes. just that you can read my comment at a normal hour for you(I think).Next time you say hello to Romania,too.Why don’t you extend videos,as M.O.C used to do?We want to see you in your car,on the street,on your leisure time,just like a bodybuilding dvd.Your arms…,my God,your arms…Like I said:nobody is that close with his fans,as you are.

  41. Fordman65 says:

    Man Kevin, the vids are getting better and better. Glad to see the detail you are putting into them. I am very interested to see your take on supplementation next week. Seeing what works and what doesn’t for you will be a big help. Keep up the great work man! 11 lbs. already, holy shit! lol.

  42. troy says:

    this is great kevin, your videos are giving me great incentive to try some new things, cant wait to see your next post on this weeks improvements

  43. McK says:

    more awesome work

  44. Mikael says:

    Hi again Kevin !

    Your videos are more inspiring than the old Total Rebuild documentary. And as that movie, your body and soul will soon be rebuilt as well.

    By the way, they will do a remake of Conan soon (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0816462/), and I think you would be perfect for that role. If someone shall have Arnolds old role, it’s you. You have the body, the looks and the actor skills to do it.

    Best regards
    Mikael – From Sweden

    • SammieSam says:

      that’s cool how u brought up conan. i mentioned that he should remake that movie in one of the other videos and i had no idea they were planning on remaking it. that’s perfect timing for kevin.

      • Mikael says:

        Hi SammieSam !

        I will mail the Swedish producer of the remake and see if he is intrested. However, I don’t know the producer personally, but it would be cool if he wanted to have some contact, and then, of course, it’s up to Kevin to say yes or no in the end.

        Best regards

  45. felix83 says:

    Wow Kevin, your gettin huge right before our eyes. Incredible!

  46. to"Gymtime" giv.Romania says:

    I’m not stupid,you know.Why you are so malicious with me?You even don’t know me.I don’t speak well english,but I understad what you mean.”He mentioned 50 countries”-give me a break.Anyway,I wish you only good in everything you do.Check on youtube some funny moments from my country at:”Bataie cu apa intre Bideu si Ciocu mic”,and “Tolea gunoi rateaza otv”In first video is a bodybuilder politician,from Romania,and in second is a MMA fighter who abuse a very well known tv moderator.

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      I’m gonna be help’n my man Kev with all these comments. He’s gotta concentrate on hit’n the gym and cant possibly respond to all a yas.

      giv.Romania, I dont know wtf you just said. I Dont speak much spanish. But I got feel ya represent’n ya hometown. Rome is da bomb. Ceaser, the gladiators, all that shit. Hit the gym like yous a The Gladiator!

  47. Matt says:

    Kevin, Kevin… Will you be able to List what you were eating when Preparing for Your Competition?

    I mean what kind of foods? I saw in your video you were eating rice,Some kind of vegetables(Aspargus?) And fish for like 6-7 meals…

    Did you Drop the Carbs(rice) when you were near the competition? (Just fish and aspargus?)

    Do you believe in Going High Fat, Low carbs for getting shredded?

    What about fats man? Do you believe in Essential fatty acids? Olive oil, Macademia oil, ? Nuts?

    What about supplements that help getting shredded like you did for Olympia and such… Like Carnitine,Yohimbine… Etc.. Do you believe in those or you think its all bullshit…

    Im not talking about gear here(t3,Tren,Cytomel,Winstrol… etc..)

    Thanks bro

    • gymtime says:

      great questions, was also meaning to ask these as well, especially why you dont have the fats in your diet.(almonds, avocado, olive oils..)

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Kevin, I got this one bra.

      Matt, B , lets just foget all ya nuts and oils and shit ya just went off about. Its all crap. Diet is all in your head. Kev and I have been hit’n da World Gym for awhile now. And we keep it real. I can tell ya all you need is visualization and da heart of a lion.

      Now Kevin and I have great genetics and we can pack on the muscle just tieing our shoelaces. You guys probably shouldnt expect to see results like us, but if u keep it real and visualize , u can make gains.

      • Andy says:

        I hope you’re kidding, all what you say is just ridiculous, like your other posts :’)
        Well a good lesson for Kevin to ask another guy next time.

      • Matt Alexander says:

        KRIS LOL

        LOL DUDE Your bodyfat is probally 20%, Yes you got some Lean body mass tissue, but did you really look at yourself?

        Your like 20-25% Bodyfat…

        Its not all about the weight, you need to have a low bodyfat too.

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Sirious as a heartattach bra. talk smack all ya want, but you’ll neva get a body like me. Maybe when you start training with the great Levrone like i am, then someone might care what you got to say.

      Late’a Hate’a

      • Chris says:

        what’s your problem man? you don’t have to act like you’re me to get attention. The thing is that you make me sound like a dumbass. I do think dieting is a big part of bodybuilding and thinking otherwise is just ignorant.

  48. Tony says:


    I was curious what inspired you to get back to the gym? Maybe you already explained it and I just haven’t come across it yet. It would be interesting to hear/read if you haven’t posted anything specific about it yet.


  49. Steve W says:

    Kevin I have been practicing visualization like you said and i think it helps. i had a nice mind muscle connection today with my back and normally i cant get a good connection there. basically i was picturing your back and me morphing into you. ya i know that sounds silly but hey it works for me and thats al i care about. you are the man.

  50. Fran says:

    Kevin, you gain muscle on a daily basis man…
    The gains you have acomplished in 2 weeks is just unveliebable.!

  51. Matt says:

    it’s matt chris’s training partner, u’ve made impressive gains kevin, keep em goin and good luck

  52. Carlos A says:

    This is Carlos from Philly & Billy I feel you on that emotional vibe. I turned 41 May 23 and Kev I’ve to have followed you since back in the day! Watching ESPN2 you & Shawn use to have me cracking up when you were on there. Let’s add some weight baby..
    You have always been my favorite, Keep it up fam!

  53. derek says:

    Hey Kevin, are you going to post your diet.

  54. GS says:

    I rembember a flashbackforum discussion when peapole said that you would need years of training getting back somewhat big again. HAHAHA, in your current shape after 3 weeks your allready bigger than most out there(and not to forget CLEAN). I belive 3 weeks more and you will be awsome!

  55. Greg says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I’ve been your fan since I started being interested in bb. You have one of the most impressive physiques in the world. Beyond all dispute, you`re providing us with a great deal of inspiration and motivation. I want you to know that you have a lot of dedicated fans in Europe, in Poland particularly. Keep on pumping, bro.

    Best wishes,
    Greg Poland.

  56. Franz Heitzenbergerfist says:

    I watch your photographs 4 times before I go into gym. You are inspiration.

  57. Onderkoffer says:

    You’re a living legend, nice that you’re back.

  58. stian says:

    Hi Kev! You have stated that you would do this naturaly, but what kind of supplements do you use??
    keep going bro! Best regards from Norway!

  59. Polish Kevin Levrone says:

    All of your polish fans are waiting

  60. erol says:

    HI Kevin! it’s nice to see u back big fan from macedonia

  61. Tibor J. says:

    Hi Kevin,
    First of all I congratulate to your new blog and your goals. I think you are a legend of the sport…

    My question is: how many cardio are you doing in a week and how many rest days do you have between the workouts.

    Tibor from Hungary

  62. JJ says:

    Dear Mr Levrone!
    You look so young and handsome!

  63. Louie says:

    Making great progress Kevin!! I Have a question for you. Is there such a thing as overtraining?


  64. Scaffer says:

    gonna try that approach for the triceps.

  65. Marco says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Would like to say that i’m a huge fan of u since a very long time. You’re a good inspiration for me.
    ps Still in great shape man!!! you’re awesome!!
    French fan from Canada.

  66. Polish Kevin Levrone says:

    big love from poland for you KEVIN GOGOGOGO!!!!!!!!

  67. Alex from France says:

    Great job Kevin! Fantastic triceps…
    I train hard, i do my best for having such triceps but long is the road…
    Thank you so much for your kindness and your precious advices. You’re really an inspiration for all of us.

  68. Alexander says:

    Great video kevin! how tall are you?

  69. John C says:

    Hi Kevin,

    It is really motiviating and inspiring to watch your videos!! I tried your triceps push down technique and workout today and my muscle has never been more sore ^_^. Any chance that you will make a video which shows your entire journey towards your goal? That would be awesome!!

  70. repey says:

    Dear Kevin!I would have one fast question!Im 18 yo and been doing workout for 5 years!I got problem with my blood pressure&hearth rate!It’s about 160 or 170/100!Did u have any problem when u were about as old as i’am???Im about 105kg and gained more than 30-35 kg in 5 years!There just a little fat btw.!What sould i do??Doctors say stop bodybuild,but i dont want to!Is diet and cardio or aerob training is enough???Ur answer would be so imporant for me!!!!Adrian from Hungary!!Good Luck!

    p.s.: Sorry for the mistakes what i have written:)

  71. Adrian says:


    doing good work buddy! Keep it up! Just one thing, you are sure DB flies shape your chest? Pectoralis major is one muscle and you can’t really concentrate on shaping it, it’s genetics. I used to believe you can target your “inner” chest part with flies but it’s probably not true.. or am I wrong?


  72. Enzo says:

    Hello Kevin, looking great!

    I hope you will record your visit at the nutritionist and do a small interview or something 😉

  73. Stuart Counter says:

    How different is your workout structure now to the one you did in the first few weeks that you started training for a show back in the day?

    Plus do you already have a rough plan to evolve it as this blog continues?

  74. king_peach says:

    You say “small muscle groups need high volume, high reps, they can take a lot of punishment and recuperate faster”. How come you did low 6 rep range for biceps?

  75. Gorilla says:

    hi from Bulagaria its is still kind of strange to see u that small but we all know this is will be only for couple of mounts 🙂 god luck

    everytime when some american celebrity talks about europe alwas talk about Czechoslovakia well there is not czechoslovakia any more since 1990
    check this out http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Czechoslovakia

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