Respect your homeland – tell me where you’re from.

It would be very cool to know where you guys are coming from so please do this survey. You’re coming from all over – I’m honored you’re here.

Finally a picture for end of week three will be taken today and I’ll be posting it tonight. And, in case you didn’t notice, I added the full workout and notes under my last Chest & Tri workout, so scroll down and take a look. – Kevin


170 Responses to Respect your homeland – tell me where you’re from.

  1. Stuart Counter says:

    I think you missed out South America didn’t you?

  2. LeByron says:

    Europe stand up!

  3. Michał says:

    Europe – Poland


  4. Carles says:

    From Spain. Come on Kevin!!

  5. Iron Angel says:






    Iron Angel, reppin Toronto, Ontario, Canada

  6. Jeroen says:

    Europe – SWEDEN

  7. ags1979 says:

    Kevin Levrone, the one and only Maryland Muscle Machine
    Thanks for sharing your wisdom, and some aspects of your life.
    Congratulations for your success. Many people admires you in Mexico,
    Ricardo Mendoza (From: Aguascalientes, México).

  8. dave says:

    Austria baby… 🙂 Great work Kev!!!

  9. Igor says:

    Born in Poland but living in England 🙂

  10. alexmax says:

    From Slovakia and Hungary. that’s it kevin

  11. Louie says:

    Writing and watching from the U.S. CHICAGO IL of coarse and I was also at the World gym where you were working out. It was awesome watching a Pro go to work at the gym. Making good progress bro Keep on pushing!!!

  12. Scaffer says:

    Hello from Canuckleland!

  13. Zoli says:

    From Hungary. We with you Kevin 🙂

  14. Carsten says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m from Germany. It’s very interessting so see a pro bodybuilder at work. This is a great website and it’s a lot of motivation for me to follow you steps as far as possible. Could you please post your weekly plan for your training sessions. Wish you all the best and keep on pumping!


  15. Marc says:

    Europe – Germany

  16. jasmin89 says:

    Europe – Holland

    Thanks for your videos, it’s a great motivation for me to see a legend train, keep on training Kevin

    Greetings from Holland

  17. Demorak says:


  18. Sergio says:

    Wow Kevin, so meny people from Europe.

    Sergio from Italy.

  19. Karl says:

    Europe – Sweden represent

  20. Johnson says:

    Hey King Levon! just want to say that I follow your blog slavishly:) Greetings from Sweden

  21. robert says:


  22. Alex says:

    Kevin this is one of the best things that you have done with the fans. this makes everybody go crazy.. just to see you train.. every kid from my block that sees Kevin training goes crazy (im the only that has internet in the entire block by the way lol) in my country (Cuba) they dream of just getting any footage of him… since we will never see you in real life (duo to communism) anyways is just incredible, we all want to train we feel super motivated, you cannot believe how this guys feel when they see you train man.. they want to see you and just be able to shake your hand. I would like to thank you for all this. 🙂

  23. Alberto says:


  24. Gerry says:

    Gerry (sweden)

  25. Robban says:

    Europe – Sweden

  26. Anssi says:

    Europe – Finland Keep on going kevin!

  27. rick says:

    South America – BRASIL

  28. Mauricio says:


  29. Patrick says:

    born in Poland too but living in germany

  30. minervaman says:

    Slovak Republic, (Slovakia)

  31. Tusek says:

    Europe – born in Poland too and living in Germany too!!! Kologne!

  32. Alan says:

    France here !

  33. Kim says:

    Europe / Sweden / Lidköping 😀

  34. Alexander says:

    Europe – Germany! 🙂

  35. Paul says:


  36. GYMTIME_IS_KING says:


  37. Karl says:

    England here.

  38. sami says:


  39. Frankenstein's Assistant says:


  40. Frankenstein's Assistant says:

    Ukraine, near Chernobyl. Moved here years ago cause local scientists told me some mutation would boost my mass. A place to be for bodybuilders, they said. Shuks. Didn’t work out, though. On the bright side, I don’t have to shave anymore 🙂

  41. alx says:


  42. andreas says:


  43. Peet says:

    All the way from Thailand brother.

    “Time to get shredded”

    Keep up the good work Hero.


  44. kiko says:

    Saudi Arabia,middle east…don’t we get to vote??:P

  45. felix83 says:

    From Switzerland, but living in the U S of A Baby!

  46. greg says:

    europe – austria – vienna

  47. Stephen says:

    Great Britain for me.

  48. jvrbody says:

    I’m from the Netherlands/Holland

  49. Fabrício says:


  50. Mads says:

    Hey Kevin!

    What’s up?
    from Denmark – Europe 🙂

  51. oussama says:

    from ALGERIA 🙂

  52. Thet says:

    From Myanmar (Burma)

  53. PalazzoForever says:


  54. Alexander Novossad (Ukraine) says:

    Ukraine 🙂

  55. Andy says:

    Europe: Belgium. 🙂

  56. mins says:

    Much respects you! Return please in sport Kev!

  57. Maciej says:

    Europe: Poland 🙂

  58. babooo says:

    sao paulo – brasil

  59. Marquis says:

    from Estonia, great videoblog Kevin!

  60. Mikko says:

    Reporting Europe: Finland to the poll.

    And may I just say; this blog is simply amazing.

  61. Simonn says:

    Europe – Slovenia

  62. Marcin says:


  63. Lucas says:

    Poland …Kevin,you are the best

  64. Hakkar says:


  65. maly says:

    Poland, you the best

  66. Danny says:

    Ireland, keep it up man this is really interesting!!!

  67. sandman says:

    europe – germany

  68. Nicolas says:

    I train “like a freak” in Paris bro

  69. adrian says:

    poland!! go kevin go!

  70. nazar says:


  71. Manuel says:

    from Germany :-{

  72. Spacemarine says:

    another one from good old europe – Germany ;D

  73. bacon says:

    Europe, Sweden

  74. Stan says:

    Hi, Kevin!
    Greetings from Russia with love!
    Great blog from my favorite athlete and even more person.
    Thank you and all the guys on that blog for inspiration.

    Best of luck.

    Stanislav Vozhov from Voronezh, Russia.

  75. mark88ger says:


    Keep up the good work Kevin!

  76. LeByron says:

    I think I counted just one guy from the States… That’s really weird.

  77. John says:

    Im from Arabia but living in New Zealand,thanks bro

  78. dimitris says:

    Europe -Greece We are with u KEVIN.

  79. gsiberger says:

    Good old Austria

  80. Cliq says:

    New Zealand here 🙂

  81. Khaled says:

    Hey Kevin, I would like to say that u r a great person.I begin to train last week while am watching your site every day for motivation. I like to be a real bodybuilder someday. Keep going man and get back the two mellons that were next to ur head. By the way what news about your freind Shawn Ray??

    Greetings to the champion from Oman (Arabian country)

  82. Polish Kevin Levrone says:


  83. decapo says:


  84. tomi says:

    Europe – Finland

  85. kiko says:

    great idea,great website ,outstanding bodybuilder…*thumbs up*

  86. Vladimir says:

    Russia with you!

    Great work Kevin!

    We believe in your success!

  87. walter jarno says:


  88. Bakri Taopua says:

    New Zealand – Wellington here

    Aotearoa – Land of the long white cloud

  89. Dan says:

    Europe – Wales

  90. Egor says:

    Siberia – Russia

  91. From Romania says:

    I`m sure that in every on-line bodybuilding community ,in every country ,people talk about you and about this blog. Keep up the good work Kevin , you are a source of inspiration to us all.

    Europe – Romania

  92. Frolle says:


  93. Kris Da Spotta says:

    US mutha fuckin A in da house. Ya heard!

  94. McK says:

    Ireland loves you Kevin

  95. andrew says:

    from US but was born in Russia! So I voted for both! Cant wait to see the progress Kevin! Keep it going man, you were the greatest and still is, and you have no idea how exciting it is for us fans to see you come back and lift heavy again! Take care, Andrew

  96. xenos says:

    Brazil Baby 😀

  97. to Kris Da Spotta- giv.Romania says:

    Romania is a country,asshole.You seem to be schizo

  98. Neokortex says:

    Berlin, Germany.

    You are the best, Kevin!

  99. Stuart Counter says:

    Europe – UK

  100. Kostas Rod. says:


  101. pereirao says:


  102. to Kris Da Spotta- giv.Romania says:

    Kris ,you are on drugs?Or ,you’re really stupid?I guess you’re an idiot.Romania,Dracula,saying something to you?In what language are you speaking?Jesus Christ…For someone like you bodybuilding is very dangerous(for your mental health).Roma is a town, is the capital of Italy.

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      awww snap! (a) Its SPECIAL K. 2nd – Nigga i dont know what da fuk language you speak’n but it aint english. Time fa ya to take Engrish II at ya University of Shithole’abhad.

      I was big’a and lean’a then you when I was 17. You the guy that rides my nuts in da gym and wants to use my machine after so you can sniff the seat with some hope you will grow from it. Hitler got more respect on this blog then you.

      think about it, biotch.

      • Kevinfan says:

        it’s people like you that give bodybuilding a bad rep….

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        Maybe I’ll bring up your concerns to Kev during our next workout. Meanwhile, why dontcha go watch more of our videos. Special K, OUT!

  103. cm185045 (Christian) says:

    From Germany…Europe.
    Germany is greeting the Maryland Muscle Machine.
    Keep on Kevin !!!

  104. scout_scatter says:

    Sweden here.

  105. GS says:


  106. Wow it’s like the United Nations.

    We’re thousands of miles away from each other but we all value physical excellence, strength and the beauty of the human form pushed to its potential. We understand the life-affirming message behind it. We may be scattered across the globe, but we’re brothers. Together we’ll inspire each other to reach new heights. God bless.

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Werd up Kev. Increase the peace dawg. You get a load a that Roman kat? I told ya he wuz a a few cans short of a full deck. See ya late’a at the gym Bra and we can get our mass on.

  107. Rodrigo says:

    Hey Kevin, great job you’re doing here man.
    Cheers from Brazil

  108. Eric Holmes says:

    USA baby….. Chicago, IL

    keep pushin Kevin…everything you have done is amazing, and you look massive already! Haha.. it is like the UN

  109. fernan says:

    COZUMEL QROO, MEXICO, we love you kevin

  110. jorge martino says:

    from puerto rico

  111. Fordman65 says:

    Wisconsin, USA

  112. Jim says:

    USA. The rest of the fellow Americans are so pumped up from this transformation that they are in the gym and therefore don’t have time to post.

  113. Steve W says:

    im from levronia LOL

  114. Nelson says:

    Kevin, this will probably sound a little corny and probably it’ll look like im sucking up to you, but let me tell you this…I dont know if you’ll get to read this, I hope you do:

    What you are doing by transforming your body, and taking the time to let us in on it and share it with us and pump us up so we can also do it ourselves is nothing short of miraculous. Not too many bodybuilders (I dont know of any) do this. It really shows you care about us, your fans, and don’t just see us as a dollar sign…you geniunelly care about us and want to pump us up with your enthusiasm and your love and sacrifice, so that WE also get in the gym and bust our butts and get it done as well. It is GREATLY appreciated and I am SO thankful you have done this, Kev, you have no idea. You are may FAVORITE bodybuilder of all time and to see the kind of person you are, just makes me like you and admire you even more.

    Also, by doing this you are putting to good use the gifts the Lord has given you, which ALSO is very important. God blessed you with a great gift, a great career, and a BUNCH of knowledge, and by you sharing it with us, you are not burying those talents, rather, putting them in good use, and the Lord will bless you for that.

    God bless you and there are no words that express the gratitude I feel towards what you are doing, so I’ll just say: THANK YOU.


  115. rymdkaviar says:

    Greetings from Sweden!

  116. Branco says:


  117. Hai P says:

    Have a nice day Kevin
    HCM city, Vietnam!

  118. axesteam says:

    The Netherlands, Europe.

  119. Lapet says:

    Europe – Finland

  120. Roger says:

    Pure Norwegian, but I live and work in HONG KONG, CHINA. Probably one of the few on your blog representing that part of the world.

    Being 6’3 and into bodybuilding. Definitely stand out in the crowd!

  121. Daniel says:

    From Sydney, Australia;

    Hey Kev, awesome to see you back and killing it in the gym! Can’t wait to see that world class champion physique again at the end of your transformation. Great work!

  122. Jasper says:


    god bless

  123. stercus says:

    Australia – Down Undah

  124. Mike says:

    Europe – Italy.

  125. Kevin S says:

    Hi Kev,
    I am from Belgium
    Good luck and you’ve been doing it really good so far and I know you will get your goal

  126. Outlined says:

    Euroswede right here baby 😉

  127. keclu says:

    Europe – Croatia 😉

  128. I am from Buenos Aires

    Come one Kevin!!!

    Argentina – Sud America

  129. Adrian says:

    Europe/Poland/Jelenia Gora

  130. McLovin says:


  131. vnrk says:

    Finland representing. Looking great as always!

  132. Ramos says:


  133. Adam says:

    Europe – Sweden

  134. Double E Manne says:

    Kazakhstan, Aktau in da house 🙂

  135. pako84 says:

    Poland :).

    Kev success :), I am glad that you go back :).


  136. kev says:

    germany – cologne 🙂

  137. jojo says:

    bowie,MD ! not too far from glen burnie

  138. Rabie says:

    Dubai, UAE =D

    Amazing transformation!

  139. spartacus says:

    belgium – country of jean-claude van damme 🙂

  140. daymoon says:

    From Czech republic 🙂

  141. tuncay says:

    Hello, Kevin
    I hope we see you on Stage.
    Greets from VIENNA,Austria

  142. Jimmy says:

    Very nice vids.

    Make sure you’ll be 2times ‘the fridge’ at the O.

    Greets from Amsterdam, Holland.

  143. mikey s says:

    England in the house

  144. Byrd says:

    Gothenburg – Sweden

  145. Eiichi says:

    Wow, you have fans from all over the world!!

    I am from Janan. Currently, live in Santa Cruz, CA.

    I appreciate your generosity in sharing your wisdom and knowledge to all of us throughout the world. I am very happy to see your progress, and of course, it really motivates me a lot!!

    Thank you, Kevin!!

  146. Luca says:

    São Paulo – Brasil

  147. Nick Cooper says:


  148. Nico says:

    Italy! Go kevin

  149. The sparrow says:

    Europe – Sweden

  150. alex says:

    europe – romania. Keep up the good work!

  151. Ian says:

    UK! Great progess so far!!!

  152. Moj0 says:

    Europe – holland !

    Great progress keep up the good WORK!

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