End Of Week 3, Bustin’ Out Some Poses • LevroneReport.com

Weight: 217 lbs
Arm: 19 inches

I gained 16 lbs of muscle, but I lost 5 lbs of fat cause of cardio and lean diet. That puts me on schedule for adding 5 lbs of lean muscle a week, but behind schedule for overall weight. We’ll see what happens in coming weeks.


94 Responses to End Of Week 3, Bustin’ Out Some Poses • LevroneReport.com

  1. Kris Da Spotta says:

    Blowing up dawg! Awesome to see ya bust out some of those old poses. Specially the most muscular. Keep it up!

  2. chay says:

    progressing very well. thanks for being an inspiration to all of us!

  3. Nestor Vladimir says:

    Kevin this is the reason why i belive what u said before , if you can do it I can do it too ..thx much bro , keep it up !

  4. Pavel says:

    thats awesome, and it looks like you are having fun with it!

  5. notta says:

    I agree. Kev, you look like you’re having some fun. This is a blast to watch bro. Keep it up.

  6. Callesteve says:

    Yes! Yes! Now, that’s the kinda shit I’m talking about! I’ve been waiting for a long time to see that swagger! You the man, Kev. M3 in the house baby!!!!

  7. Lievore says:

    GJ MAN you rock ! keep up good work !

  8. Moz says:

    B00m, BoWW, SmACK, BANG.. lol.. Looking great Kevin.

    Kevin you should choreographer some routines :D.

    Keep up the good work. From down under Australia. 😀

  9. Kenny says:

    Cant wait to see you once this transformation is done, by far, you look amazing,absolutely amazing

  10. John says:

    Kevin You are the best!, my fav bodybuilder of all time!!! YOu got me fired up to hit the gym once I recover from my sergury 🙂 Keep up the good work thanks for doing this and sharing the videos.

  11. Steve W says:

    u give me so much motivation kevin, whenever i see your vid i want to just run over to the gym and lift some weights NOW. but then i just keep refreshing your webpage to see if you updated. WHY KEVIN, WHERE DO YOU GET YOUR MOTIVATION!!!

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Me and Kev go way back. When we first met at the World Gym about 3 weeks ago, we hit if off like peanut butta and jelly. We compliment each other in da gym. Like 2 warriors on the battlefield we are there for each other. I’m motivational for realz. When K-Dawg(i call him K-dawg sometimes) doesnt think he can hit that last rep, Special K is right there with da quickness to help him push thru it. Harder Kev, HARDER! Come’on DAWG!

      Any of you guys need any advice on motivational techniques, i’m here for yalls. werd.

  12. ben says:

    Hey Kevin startin to get your old form back, speaking off why no back poses?

  13. tony gibson says:

    Damn man looking good! I wonder what two months will look like? How far do you plan on going?

  14. Egor says:

    Great arms! already seen M3 tri!

    Keep it up

  15. Michel R says:

    Inspirational, just inspirational…

    This blog has me motivated and currently since three weeks I have improved my diet and training, just to try and be in the best possible shape of my life at the end of this summer, eheh… This blog keeps us motivated to continue…

    Thx for having a peek into your life, bro…

    Greetings from Belgium…

  16. Tibor HUNGARY says:

    GO…GO…GO…KEV !!!!!

  17. Moz says:

    Kevin when will see the hair gone, I reckon its time the hair gets a nice shave, like the picture on your site (top right corner).

  18. Agostino says:

    good ! good ! The trasformation is working! You’ll achieve your goal be sure!!!

  19. Aron says:

    hahaha would love to see all the ex competitors get together and do that posing

  20. Karl says:

    Looking good Kevin your body is responding extremely well.When will we get to see how your legs are progressing ?
    I would be very interested to see how other pro’s bodies would look and their bodies would respond to training after a four year lay off.

    • I’m posting a leg workout tonight, and I’ll be talking more about it. I never train with shorts on and I’m not gonna break out the posing trunks right now, ain’t gonna happen. I’ll take a pic with shorts on and show the quads next week. It was an oversight but it’s all pretty even. Actually right now my legs are lagging a little behind. A lot of my poundage in the coming weeks will be down on the bottom, hamstrings, quads, calves. I did twelve 45 plates on each side earlier today, ten or twelve reps which indicates a lot of natural strength.

  21. Roger says:

    Freakin’ awesome! Much to be proud of! And this is just 3 weeks. Sheesh!

  22. gpaasche says:

    bahmmm that pose… lol, made my day 😉

  23. Nick says:

    Great Job Kevin! Was wondering, are you doing any direct ab work, or do you find you don’t need to?

  24. betherevival says:

    Wow man, you look great! Keep up the good work.

  25. bokula says:

    Damn this is fascinating.. only 3 weeks for this. big respect

  26. Dragos says:

    Hey Kev, First off congrats on the new body! Its gonna keep getting better and better everyday brother. Quick question tho, can you post your other measurements before you start getting MASSIVE again? Chest, Waist, Legs…etc…

  27. Bulldozer says:

    Awesome Kev! Love that MM pose.

  28. Jasmin89 says:

    Damn that clip of Kevin is awesome man!!! The best BB video you can see, no ronnie or dorian can even come close on that.

    But your most muscular is still good Kevin 😉

    Best wishes from Holland

  29. Jasper says:

    already looking good, well on your way
    keep it up, this is so motivational!
    I loved the posing, kinda reminded me of the old days :d
    What a great effort you’re putting into all this, i can’t wait for further updates.
    Personally, tips on the mental aspect are also greatly appreciated, the mind also get trained and there’s alot of power in the mind.

  30. Beau says:

    haha! ‘now i gotta find my shirt’

    great job kevin, by the way is there a reason for why you don’t bring most of your sets to failure?


    • I’m not going to risk injury, I’ve been there. The only way to tear muscles is going to failure. You can still get big without going to failure. I WILL go supersets, high reps, to total failure, when I really want to rip the muscle apart.

      But I DID go to failure on my last set of peck deck on my last chest workout. I’m not going to sacrifice form for failure. When I lose my form, I’m done. It might look like I can do more, but a way to look at it is I’m going to failure on perfect form, full range.

  31. Joe says:

    Kevin, it’s lookin good. 😉 Keep it up bro!

    Joe – Slovakia

  32. Alex from France says:

    Three weeks of training for such results… fantastic!
    Congratulations, Kevin! You’re simply the best!

  33. kevin says:

    you look great Kevin for taking 4 yrs off. how has your diet been–clean?? I tell you what has made the biggest difference for fat loss for me–3-4 cups of hot green tea in am with 20 min of high intensity cardio on an empty stomach at 6am everyday. kepp up the good work!

  34. jose says:

    you are the best kevin. Saludos desde España

  35. Marcel says:

    you look fantastic, i can’t wait to see your next clip! keep it up!

  36. Andrew says:

    Bodybuilding genetics at there finest

  37. Panos says:

    Kevin keep up the good work,you’re such an inspiration for us & that’s coming from someone who lives in Greece…

  38. troy says:

    wow that side chest pose says it all, your muscle bellies are looking very thick already, if you keep up this progress then maybe others will feel the need to prove that they can achieve natural greatness also. this is great stuff kevin

  39. Rob says:

    man i’m trilled to see that you started training again. Keep up the good work!!

    Greets from Holland

  40. Ramsay says:

    Hey Kevin – looking awesome mate, 3 weeks on and a very visible difference… but… you know… I can’t help thinking you are holding out on us with the wheels man, lets see the quads 😀

  41. felix83 says:

    Kevin, that brought a smile to my face. Firstly, cause of your improvement. And second, because of the grin on your face while you where slammin those poses.

    Im thinking of you as a talented mechanic that is working on his car. You used to have a title winning Formula 1 race car.

    Now, what you have is a Ferrari that that has been sitting in the garage for a while. It’s still a higher quality machine than 97% of other cars on the road. BUT, with some attention and adjustments through hard work, it will transform into that Formula 1 car again that no one can compete with.

  42. Joe C. says:

    kevin glad to see you hitting the most muscular again that is by far favorite pose you do the one turned to the side and leg kicked back. sir you are doing an amazing job and i love watching the videos as i am 5 weeks out from my third show and your vids keep me fired up!!

  43. olok says:

    friggin impressive

  44. Helio says:

    Hi Kevin,

    what you have to say to Flex Wheeler and what he said in this video:


    Comment on that.


    • Flex is a great bodybuilder, I have nothing but respect for him.

      However, things a guy says with someone else’s huge corporate logo in the left corner are things that don’t warrant a true rebuttal.

      • Michel R says:

        I hope I’m not the only one in here who takes the Hollywood Handymen clip as serious as a bodybuilder fighting off Ninjas in a parkinglot? :-)Great entertainment that was, Kev… and keep on going!

      • Andrew says:

        Kevin you are 10 times the man and bodybuilder flex wheeler is its good to see you ignore comments like that

      • felix83 says:

        Flex is an ego maniac. Dont listen to a word that comes outta that guys face.

      • kyle says:

        You and Flex are pretty good friends though,

      • notta says:

        I’m sorry but Flex gets on my nerves. He’s saying how he doesn’t want to even be there, but yet he’s saying “you never know” about coming back. Please! You don’t want to train now and didn’t want to train then.
        I don’t mean to stir shit, but is he still referencing what Kevin said about 10 frickin’ years ago or was something new said?

      • Jasmin89 says:

        hahahaha, Flex is still in shape but don’t be afraid Kevin, he doesn’t has a chance against you 😉

    • Maciek says:

      By the way – big arms and nothing else. Where there is everything what defined Flex as the “Symmetry sultan”? Great bodybuilder, but tenuous entertainer.

  45. SammieSam says:

    hey kevin what was ur waist measurement during competition?

  46. lee68 says:

    Hey, Kevin. Unreal progress- I`m starting to dislike you-lol!!. Well done, keep it up, baby!!!!!!!.

  47. Maciek says:

    This is what my lovely wife does not understand. The passion, dedication, and systematic hard work!!! Another proof, that to have big muscles you must use brain!

    Keep it right, baby!! Your fan from Poland.

  48. Jimmy James says:

    Sweden here again…

    To see this vid of the day is why I choose to follow this body transformation of yours. Amazing results and awesome progress!

    It´s soooo inspiring for me to see what you Kevin, accomplish with yourself each workout, each week, even each day.

    People, if I´m allowed to generalize a bit, have a tendency to fail their progress because their lack of motivation. How do you motivate yourself, Kevin?

    This website and all your progress inspires me to do some sort of transformation myself… =)


    /Jimmy James

  49. Chris says:

    Hey Kevin its me chris i knew your arms were 19s or bigger from the look of them nice work brother!

  50. Kostas Rod. says:

    Amazing progress Kev…

  51. RAB,Czech rep. says:

    hi Kevin,one word: RESPECT…!

  52. Penn says:


  53. Alex, sweden says:

    you’re a great inspiration kevin keep up the awesome work! A question prior to your back injury what was the biggest your quads got to be?

  54. Enrique says:

    Awesome job man! As said many times on this board; you are truly an inspiration to us all. I look forward to the rest of your transformation.


  55. Andreas says:

    First of all, really seeing some results now. Besides the increase of mass i think you look more healthy and energetic. The body composition look a lot greater as well. Looking forward to see the legs when you feel comfortable enough to show them. Love the sounds when you hit the poses, do couple of them myself.

    Getting to know ones body and having fun is what bodybuilding is all about, never seen anyone show that like you do. Keep what you are doing, got to forge the iron while it still is hot.

    Lotta love from Sweden.

  56. Andreas says:

    DAMN, did not see that the weight is 217. Would never guess anything under 230, amazing !

  57. Sergio Saraiva says:

    Your progress is fantastic.
    People say that you have what it takes to be back on the O stage.
    I say that if you truly wanted to, you could take your body to what it was 7 years ago and correct the 2002 Olympia mistake!!!

    That is the true ideal of bodybuilding… and not those bloated physics like Coleman and Cutler…
    It is because people are realizing what true bodybuilding is that so much credit is given to Phil Heath!!!
    You could be a future mister O.
    One thing is for sure… You have all it takes for it

  58. GS says:

    Flex could keep his mout shut hes the one who f—ed up his interior not you.

  59. Bateman From NJ says:

    Good progress dude. You truly are a genetic freak.

  60. NYC Monstah says:

    your reply about flex is on the money. Just shows you how many levels you are above those ass clowns. King Levrone

  61. Eddie says:

    holy cow, really amazing!!

  62. Mateus says:

    Hey first of all u re great bodybuilder congratulations.. and u know that =)) and sorry, my english is not so good.
    well im Mateus from Brazil im a begginner in bodybuilding i would like to know from u what do u have to say about stereoids like what is the recommend?? what the specified u use before the competition?? u know OFF and ON and tell me about diet too.. i will really appreciate that. tell me about training for begginers how much muscle per weeks how much repets?? tell me all.. thanks Kevin!!

  63. T says:

    I get lost in Phil Heath’s eyes! Lol

  64. Andrew says:

    Coming along nicely kevin do you think that you would maybe go on a protein shake just to give you that little edge??????

  65. Erhan says:

    great man.. great genetics.. great development..
    is it fully naturel for 3 weeks?

  66. marc says:


    that progess is incredible.. 🙂
    what kind of supplements you use..? i mean for instance which protein?

    br from germany

  67. Dominick says:

    Kevin you look SICK!!!! Keep going man! At the end of this, your going to look at yourself and be like hellll.Time to step back on a stage. Its ridiculous how fast your progressing! Keep pushing!

  68. spartacus says:

    amazing after 3 weeks man, keep growing 🙂

    btw: love your posing routine of the mr olympia 2002, watch it almost every day before i go to the gym, that’s my inspiration
    grtz from belgium

  69. William says:

    Thats what im talking about, showing it all:) i mean, many people can look good on photos but u dare to take ur shirt of in front of the camera even tho it was a long time ago, two thumbs up my man!

    William from Sweden

  70. axestream says:

    Looking good, bro. I’m wondering though, how are the legs? Can we get a peek next week?

  71. Johan Regmer says:


    Seems like its going verry well for you Kevin!

    Im glad ur doing this, motivate alot of people i assume, and also might help to motivate yourself?

    I have a question for you that I have tried to find a good answere to, but never found:

    Is it possible to build muscles and at the same time loose fat, thanks to muscle memory? (without androgenes ofc)

    Regards, Johan Regmer -Sweden

  72. Mike Griffin says:

    One word Awesome,,I have been a huge fan since you turn pro,I’m glad to see you back in the Zone!! keep up the great Kevin it amazing to watch your shape come back ,,looking forward to your next pose down!! MIke Griffin

  73. Defeat says:

    There is lot of work on the way. You won’t make it i think. You are a loser. BB World doesn’t want you back

  74. Josefine says:

    U are the best bodybuilder ever! I am a huge fan of you from China. I am so glad that u came back to the field and though I am not a bodybuilder, but definitely inspired by your spirit.

  75. Jay M says:

    Hey kevin your looking really good. I think that the theory of “muscle memory” is really gonna help ya here. You already have 19+ arms….we need more how to pose videos. Great stuff , please keep it up.

    Thx Jay

  76. Tim says:

    Great stuff! I’d love it if you could share your theories and ideas of muscle memory. Do you believe that once you get to a certain size, you can reset your natural size without working out?

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