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Here’s an “end of week three” picture (bottom) to go along with last night’s video, to give you a sense of what’s going on. This was a very disciplined week in terms of diet and training. Gains come quickly in the first three weeks when you’ve been out of it for a while. Let’s see what happens in week four. 


























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  1. Chris Winfield says:

    Awesome results.

    levrone = legendary

    • axel says:

      i have only one question kevin,

      what about the “O” ? come on,this would be the biggeset sensation !!!

      greetz from germany


  2. Scott says:

    OMG!!!! Kev, you look FANTASTIC brother. I want to look like you when I grow up. Keep up the GREAT work. We are all in your corner and are behind you. You just can not see us behind you as you are getting so BIG….


  3. Helio says:

    No comments Kevin, you are really a NATURAL FREAK, and not a NATURAL WITH OIL FREAK, looking really good.

    I can’t wait to see you with 1 more month of training.

    Will you put more intensity on your training the next weeks? What supplements you are thinking of starting with?

    • The only thing I’m starting to take this week that wouldn’t be considered food is a blend of things mixed together by my nutritionist and long-time friend from back in the day. I hear what you’re asking but I’m not going to tell you the exact ingredients yet. One, I still have to see if it works. Two, if it works I may want to sell it, and the ingredients will be listed at that time, and not before.

      • Lupalinda says:

        So does this mean this is going to turn into one big advertising campaign when the blended mix works for you? “This was all possible with the tested and proven, Levrone Wonder Whey” type of thing?

        I hope not =(

      • Brian Judge says:

        Kev, I love what you are doing and a long time fan, but please tell us that this whole thing isn’t a ploy to launch a special supplement like we are used to seeing pros do. I think as a long time fan I shouldn’t have to ask, but this post sounds like some stuff we’ve heard before from other pros that are looking to launch a special supplement line.

      • Your question is better answered with actions, not words. Anything I do will be judged on its merit and usefulness, not on my motives. My blog and Transformation are helping thousands all over the world, so it transcends mere ploy by definition. I have thousands of people asking me for a supplement every day, and I have thousands of reasons to give them one, starting with the fact that I’m in a position to do the world some good in this category.

      • Joe says:

        Brian: Who cares? Levrone has provided hours and hours of free information on this site. Even if the end goal is to make a buck, he has inspired a countless number of people to hit the weights hard. That alone makes this whole experiment worth it.

        And plus, no one’s gonna force you to buy anything!

      • Andrew says:

        Kevin, This brian guy doesnt know what hes talking about he is unfortunately one of the smaller minorities of people thinking this is a stunt and some sort of ploy that you have created to launch a supplement brand.

      • portugaline says:

        If Kevin is good in what he does, if the products that kevin may sell are good, kevin should make some dollars with it!
        The main goal here is to see kevin evolution in 2 months (I hope that he keeps doing it for more time) and learn something more.

        What kevin did is unique, he let us talk to him without making any money about that, he is showing us what he does for free and answers all our questions here.

        Kevin you are the one.

      • Uzz says:

        I dont believe theres anything wrong with it kev, if you wanted to bring a product out at the end of this then great..i mean as long as its not crap like muscletech then good..american advertising is so much more blown up than over here in the UK..as long as its something you have 120% belief in..and something you really do believe is a cutting edge supplement. Not something that theres already 20 of out there ..you know what i mean?

        I think your best market would be over here in the UK and the rest of europe…plus you can get away with more over here than the US

  4. Lievore says:

    2 words man…. HOLY SHIT !

  5. Mauricio says:

    very good kevin.

    go go go.

    very quickly evolution.

  6. Marco says:

    Gr8 Kev!!! We really see lot of improvement since first week. I’m supporting you since 92 and for me, you’re a real exemple of determination. Once again, keep up the great work.
    Marco from Canada.

  7. Joe C. says:

    wow kevin you are changing so fast it’s amazing!!!! congrats and keep it up this is one of the reasons why you are one of the best bb’ers of all time!

  8. mikecart1 says:

    V-taper! Abs! Obliques! Symmetry! Mr Future Olympia? 🙂

  9. SammieSam says:

    that’s cool. ur pictures look like before and after pictures for cell tech

  10. Greg Rask says:

    IMPRESSIVE!!! Get em Kev!!!

  11. Jay says:

    Unreal Kevin, looking great…so motivating!

  12. Raffa says:

    Congratulations Kevin, you is a FREAK bodybuilder forever!!!! Amazing!!!

    GO GO GO
    Very quickly evolution!!!!

  13. Tony says:


    Hey man you got me taking photos/stats of myself every week now!

    I recently rented your MMM video, couple that with your transformation videos and I feel like a kid again. Just want to train and eat.

  14. BenceJones says:

    Nice work!

    In regards to the total calories you ate to gain mass, you recently said it was somewhere around 3,000.

    Here is an article from I think flex where you supposedly stated eating a lot more calories.



    “You get as big as possible from becoming as strong as possible. Size doesn’t beget strength; it’s vice versa. When I started lifting, I went into the gym with that ‘How much can I bench, curl, squat and deadlift?’ attitude. That’s when I discovered how fast my strength could increase, and it made me crazy-intense to get even stronger. It was so motivating that I forgot all about building muscles, but that’s what enabled my huge spurt of muscle mass to sneak up on me. Before I knew it, I was a mass monster, and it all came from the following principles.

    * You have to lift free weights, and each time, it has to be more than you’re ever been able to lift.

    * Always do the basics: bench presses, squats, deadlifts, bent rows, standing military presses, barbell curls and close-grip benches.

    * Make sure it’s so heavy that it makes you sweat, grunt and scream. That means you’re forced beyond your limit.

    * Never do more than eight reps–and that’s to failure. For your heaviest sets, you should struggle for three or four.

    * Don’t count sets; just keep ’em going, increasing the weight each time. If your intensity is fired to its max, you’ll be surprised at how you get stronger with each set.

    * People don’t want to train until they get sore anymore.

    They train till it hurts, then stop. To get strong, train until it stops hurting.

    * Think ‘overload’ for both poundage and protein. My biggest strength gains came from consuming 6,500 calories a day, mostly protein.”

  15. Paul Diat says:

    You are a legend – my ultimate hero and inspiration. I’m shocked that you’ve made a comeback and tremendously happy that you did. My fav bodybuilder just became even more favoured.
    Well, keep up the good work. I will be checking this out regularly. Good luck!!!

  16. Branco says:

    Wowww!!! Congratulations and keep going on!!

  17. Kris Da Spotta says:

    You look amazing bra. Cant wait till our next workout! I still say we should hit the gym shirtless. Suns out, Guns out!

    • SammieSam says:

      dude, ur comments are freaking hilarious!

      • Chris fan club says:

        I think Chris is pretty cool guy. He helps Levrone lift heavy ass weights and doesn’t afraid of anything.

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        Thanks fo the respect bras. Yall rollind deep with Special K now. Errybody wanna get big, but dont knowbody wanna lift heavyass weights. Much love.

      • Chris says:

        hey Kevin your getting there, great progress.

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        Look’n like a greek god or sumthin bra. Or a magnificent angel, a Goddamn angel BRA! cya at the gym, ready to spot!

  18. Richard B says:

    Looking great Kevin. Awesome transformation!

    /Richard from Sweden

  19. pat says:

    Might as well let them know (IFBB) your ready for September.

  20. Marco says:

    Hi Kev

    That’s amazing after 3 week such a change of your look! Congratulations and keep up your good work!
    But don’t forget your fans from Switzerland… they would also very proud if you would announce them in one of your clip!

    Greetings from Switzerland


  21. Joey says:


    great progress so far. Extremely motivating. I just want to confirm that you are doing cardio everyday or not. How many days a week are you actually spending in the gym?


    • Cardio five days a week. Weight training three-four days a week. I take two days off a week, spread out, for instance I might take a Wednesday off and a Sunday off, it depends on my schedule.

  22. giv.Romania says:

    Congratulations to IFBB Hall of Fame.You deserve to be there.

  23. Agostino says:

    You are incredibile Kevin, i would imagine what happens in two months!
    After the trasformation you should prepere for the olympia. Good job ispiration!!

  24. Roger says:

    Boom. Lights out!

    Kev, you gotta tell us a bit more about how this transformation feels, mentally as much as physically. You’ve been out of it for several years and it must be a great sensation to not just be back in the gym, but feeling stronger, healthier and all that.

    Keep it up!

  25. jerryholden says:

    Hey Bruh,
    You’re looking great. I wish I could make transformations with my body like that. Congrats on the “Hall of Fame” induction. Yes, you deserve it. Look forward to seeing you soon.


  26. Christian says:

    Looking good, very nice transformation in only 3 weeks. Have a great day

    /Christian frome sweden

  27. Patrick says:

    very nice kevin
    but try to do the pics at always at the same place and with the same light it would be better to see the changes

  28. David says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I’m French ( Paris) Thank for the blog !

    What is you diet please ?

    FANTASTIC Kevin !

  29. Demorak says:

    That is nuts bro! you are a real life BANE, its like pushing a button and you blow up.

  30. Michel R says:

    Even your hair is responding with an increased growth… Awesome progress, as we could expect hehe

  31. Jasper says:

    me = stunned

    nice work, keep it up
    you are a huge inspiration and motivation
    I’d like to know your abs workout, if you wouldn’t mind sharing 🙂

    kind regards

    • 100 sit-ups every morning on an empty stomach before cardio. Full sit-ups, military style, hands behind head. My goal is to get to four sets of a hundred, maybe two sets in the morning, two sets at night. Moderate speed, full range.

      I love crunches and leg lifts but I’m not doing them right now. Machines work for abs but they make your obliques bigger, that’s why I’m not using machines. You can’t really do a wrong sit up if you use your natural body weigh. Pick a style you like. The important thing is to work that muscle to the max. Abs can take a lot of punishment, high reps.

      • Dave says:

        Do you do cardio BEFORE you lift weights? I never did it that way, but it sounds like that’s what you do.

  32. Djekay says:

    Impressive looking Kevin.
    Keep up the good work.

    Greetings from Holland.

  33. Joe says:

    Kevin -> you are amazing!

  34. Dragos says:

    Man Kev…I still don’t understand how you never won a Mr. O. Was watching your old vids and you got robbed a few times bro. Dexter’s body last year at his best is what you normally had every year. You are the real Mr. O, Ronnie should give you a couple of his that you deserve lmao

  35. Yosa says:

    Kevin, its good to see you are leaving more in the “tank” for the next workout. Nothing kills a training cycle more than going all out in the first few weeks.
    We are all keen to see your natural genetics kicking in. Already at week 3 you look little fuller, if you can do a comparison video, showing a week by week progression that would be cool.
    Stay clean!

  36. Frankenstein's Assistant says:

    Wow. Speechless.

  37. Borja M. says:


  38. Amir khan says:

    hey kevin your’e looking great but u heard that from everyone else anyway. kevin im 16 yrs old and i am currently begining to train for the under 21 bodybuilding shows, and i wanted to know if you still owned your world gym and fitness centre as i am planning a move to the united states as i am currently living in birmingham england UK and i was planning on comming to baltimore so holla back at me peace AMIR.

  39. Goran says:

    Great job Kevin!

    I enjoy watching you transform. All the best from Croatia!

  40. GS says:

    just amazing….sweden

  41. Tuncay says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Let us see your Legs please.

  42. Kien says:

    Kevin you are truly amazing. Gaining 11 pounds in 2 weeks naturally is phenomenal! Keep up the good work. I’m following your blog everyday for motivation!

  43. Andrew says:

    Great work kevin. Do you think you will start on a protein shake to give you that slight edge?????

  44. Zoli says:

    OMG! Man, you are crazy. That’s awesome. Especially, that you loss fat. Only in 3 weeks. I hope you won’t stop training after the 8th week.

    Keep it up!

  45. Enzo says:

    If you are looking for an edge you should try what I am doing right now: Sprinting for 30 seconds every 2 hours through the day. Sprinting for 30 seconds raises the HGH levels 535% for 2 hours (there are clinical studies, google it). No one has really tried if this has any effect but I figured since I have the time I’ll try it while I’m on my diet and see if it has any fat burning effect.

  46. thomas says:

    hi kevin.
    i cant believe, that its possible without nasty “things” (some pills aso)

    Unbelievable. tell us more about your supps.
    your are for me and some more guys an idol.

    good luck 🙂

    your biggest fan from germany!

  47. Mark says:

    Insane gains…

    You were always one of my favorite bodybuilders en you should have won a Olympia imo.

    Keep it up bro!

  48. Eirik says:

    I`m simply AMAZED by the progress! You look awesome bro! 😀

  49. David says:

    Great…very good Kevin

  50. Psap says:


    Your results are nutz man. I’m soOoOoO motivated and ready to go get super shredded at the gym right now..WHooOooOoO!!!

  51. Lance UK says:

    Hey Kevin. Week 3 and looking awsome! Just wanted to say like a few others have, is there any chance of an Abs workout, or maybe even a quick write-up on this area.

    Thanks Kevin, keep up the fantastic work!

  52. Andy says:

    awesome results!

  53. William says:

    Oh my god, ive said it before in the end of week 2.. Great transformation. It isnt just ha transformation.. now ur starting to look REALLY GOOD!!
    Awesome man, we all appreciate what u’ve done for the sport but im so gratefull that u r doing this for us fans. As im starting to get healthier from my sickness im watching ur vids and now im really motivated to get back.

    William from Sweden

  54. KONTRAKTION says:

    Unf—ing believable! Great results, keep going like this!
    You are a true inspiration for everyone who wants to build musclemass!

    Best wishes from Germany

  55. walter jarno says:

    I’m speechless Kevin…..

  56. Boris says:

    You are real monster!!! Well done/
    Olimya is yours!

  57. Spacemarine says:

    wow, those legendary obliques start to get visible ;D

  58. Lucas-Brazil says:

    Levrone!!!!! You crazy homie!!!!! Pain is motivation man……Congratulations….Please Levrone 1 more Olympia…….so one more…Please “Maryland Muscle Machine” Coming back……..Brazil Love You Kevin!!!!

  59. Mike G says:

    Yo man, so far your gains are sick. We will be watching everyday from Long Island, NY home of some great bodybuilders itself.

  60. Rodrigo says:

    WAY TO GO, KEV!!

  61. Jeroen says:

    I’m speechless.. wow! Keep it up!

    /Jeroen, Sweden

  62. walter jarno says:

    lucas-brasil is right Kevin…..Please just 1 more Olympia,you should do for all of us!
    Remember Olympia 2000 when you said:….and all my fans,i love ones they cry for me,this ones for you baby!

  63. Mazman says:

    Very impressive results in such a short time period, keep it up Kev!!!

  64. Thet says:

    I just want to say that your the people cham! we want to see you on stage again.

  65. kennyfat says:

    looking good thank you kevin!!!

  66. Nicko says:

    True inspiration!

    Sweden loves you Kevin!

  67. Tony says:

    Thank God for pure natural strength!!!

  68. Sergio says:

    Great Kevin,

    I’ve a question: how many time /week do u make abs exercise ?


    Good luck from Italy

  69. troy says:

    im in shock, getting your wastline to look like that in 6months is a feat for most, but you have actualy put on 16lbs at the same time, this is just crazy!

  70. Fab says:

    hey kevin your are my best bodibuilder ever and very good physique and definition nicee !! good luck and pump from french 🙂

  71. Roy says:

    All the way Kevin all the Way!!!>…

    I say we are going for the olympia Baby!!!…

    Greetings from the biggest fan of Holland

  72. Bakri says:

    Awesome bro, keep it up man, I’ll be following and doing your exact workouts, I know it’ll have a different effect on me but have already achieved some PB’s from doing them.

    Cheers bro

  73. Bakri says:

    Also, whats your cardio like bro? do you mix it up, reduce rest times between sets etc.


  74. T says:

    I realize muscle memory and all… but in just 3 weeks with nothing but dietary/food changes, training… and with no supps (either legal nor illegal)?! WoW that almost doesn’t seem possible.

    Kev you mentioned not using anything illegal (somewhere in one of your comment replies elsewhere), and that makes me think “Ok is he just being tricky? Cause hey, test and gh aren’t “illegal” if you have a script!”

    I believe your being honest…. it’s just that the transformation so quickly is just difficult to grasp.
    Incredible stuff my man, awesome.

  75. Rhaniéric says:

    Hey Levrone , how are you man ? Congrats from Brazil ! I am following your blog and like the results !3 weeks and your body is totaly different !

  76. Tony says:

    Oh oh I see it coming bro good job!!

  77. Mauricio says:

    kevin post some photos of you legs or in shorts to see the change

  78. Polish Kevin Levrone says:


    PUSH IT KEVIN!!!!!!!

  79. Andy says:

    Please ask another guy to spot @ the gym.
    Kris Da Spotta is fucking hilarious retarded (@ comments).

    • Chris says:

      Ey man, that’s not me. I don’t think Kevin thinks i did a bad job spotting. I was just at the gym working out, I recognized him instantly and he was cool enough to ask me for a spot. If he asks me again ill spot, don’t think I go up to him and beg him to let me spot him.

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        WTF mang, I become an intranet celebrity, training with the best in bodybuild’n, and already some busta ass niggas trying to be me. Awwlready! Dont let da door hit yo ass on the way out.

        There is only ONE special K… except no sustitutes!

  80. gymtime says:

    This is Kevin Levrone from levronereport.com, baby!!! Stay tunned!!!

  81. Antichris says:

    Nice work Kevin, your really getting back in shape

    TO bad there are big monkeys like special K who thinks they are the real deal, dare to post a pic mister special K and you can delete the ‘special’ in your nickname, stop the badass attitude for helping him a few times and grow up… Your not a part of the levronereport, only Kevin is.


    • Chris says:

      Hey antichris, I know why you’re mad but that’s not me. That Krisdaspotta is just some kid trying to make me sound like a dumbass and from your response i guess it’s working. Just know that it’s just some little kid somewhere playing around and I am honored to spot Kevin.

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Big Monkey?? Now you Mark Ferman er sumthin? Aiight, well you can call me King Kong mutha f*cka! Yall a buncha hate’as. Noone can fade my shine.

  82. Alan says:

    Wonderful !! Simply my objective. Weight now ?

  83. MakeSomeNoise says:

    Awesome results ???????????

    levrone = legendary Steroids User, Dope !!!!!

    Levrone u a loser 4 me…….. its a shame

    • Well, I’m clean, as stated, but I welcome questions about steroids and I understand your cynicism about my lack of use, because my results are very unusual. Calling me a dope and a loser is unnecessary.

      You can either test me in your own lab, or you can believe me, or you can ask for more proof or details, or you can move on.

      The choice is yours.

      However, the choice to MakeSomeNoise on my blog is no longer being offered to you.

      • Andrew says:

        Kevin this guy is a jerk He doesnt even deserve a response from you. Keep you head up and keep pleasing us fans with the great work you are doing
        peace brother. respect from England

      • NYC Monstah says:

        Classy handling of a hater, I am taking notes. Your still my idol and this goes back to 1991. My one homie saw you at the 1995 Arnold Classic and he said you were cool as shit and the only bodybuilder who was not hitting on his hot girlfriend. That is cool man.

      • kennyfat says:

        what’s wrong with that makesomenoise guy??? calling people ‘names’ and stuff!!!not cool at all!!! i think he really making some noise but without using he brain.

      • Uzz says:

        Because you have too much class to give a more blunt reply i’ll do it for you Kev, Shut tha fuk up MakeSomenoise!..lets be honest, to have a real chance at being a top pro and going to the olympia you’re going to need to use AAS, but kevin is not currently aiming for any of that..so why would he need to use AAS??..he isnt really aiming to get a physique like he once had..but if he does want to compete again and he does chose to use AAS then its up to him..he’d only be putting himself on a level field by doing it anyway

      • gpaasche says:

        Kevin, have you thought about competing in a natural BB contest?
        That would certainly be impressive and send out a positive message to everyone who resigned about succeeding natural. In my opinion, BB is a great sport, but professional bodybuilding does more bad than good to many people by making them strive for unreal goals.
        If you inspire even hardcore bb fans to train natural, that would be the biggest achievement someone can do in this business. Worth more than what those guys at the Mr O stage are doing.

      • Tony says:

        I remember watching the FLEX Magazine workout with you and Shawn. Someone sent in a question about backstage during contests etc. I just remember you saying “keep a cool head”. Guess you weren’t just blowing smoke. Thanks.

    • Helio says:

      You came to Kevin’s “Home” Blog and start with that bla bla bla without any thing to support what you said???

      WTF, you don’t even used your name to do that… how is the loser??

    • Greg Rask says:

      Moron.Read my Post below as it also pertains to you “makesomenoise”

  84. JC says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Your transformation looks like it’s going great. I just have a question; in your song “Cast Away” what are you saying after “So I cast away my friend today, cast away the pain in me, cast away the world, you gave me…” at ~0:55-1:12. I was listening to it and I asked some other people, the only thing we could think of was “chlamydia” but that doesn’t seem like it should be there.

    Care to enlighten us? Thanks!

    PS. Keep up the good work in the gym, get back to 250 lean!

  85. MakeSomeNoise says:

    LOL the only true is deleted, really nice Cheater

  86. Byrd says:

    Awesome transformation bro…Its a disgrace that you never won Mr Olympia. With that unbeatble mass and the symmetri you had back in the days.

    I bet you can go back to that size again if you feel like it. Keep up the good work!

    Greetings from Sweden

  87. Andrew says:

    Kevin I cant believe what i have witnessed over the last couple of days. Just looking at the photos from week one to week three is incredible all of the fat around the abs that was visible in week one is now completely gone. Never mind making these gains in three weeks you would be hard pushed to make these gains in three months. incredible genetics.
    peace from england bro

  88. tib says:

    Juice! Who do you think your kidding. Props for fooling all of these idiots though!

    • Greg Rask says:

      tib you are a moron.You know nothing about Muscle memory.Even if Kevin was planning on using again it would make no logical sense to Juice yet.Kevin will grow just from the sudden stimulus of training hard and dieting and muscle memory.Totally 100% believable he is not juicing.

      • Stuart Counter says:

        Exactly drugs now would be redundant. Even if they were part of the plan then that would logically come later.

    • Stuart Counter says:

      Perhaps you’re comparing this to regular everyday muscle growth and that is why you are so skeptical? It is not that. It’s more like what happens when a cast comes off a limb.

  89. Alexander Novossad (Ukraine) says:

    Hello Kevin and Guys,

    I am a little bit thinking that you may currently be getting yourself ready for acting in the movie “I Am”, playing the role of Chaos Salaam.
    If not, the next movie announced in Wikipedia/IMDB is “The Links of Utopia”. Unfortunately, I haven’t met any information about that. (The IMDB site is still unfilled for that movie.)
    Any comments, Kevin? 😉

  90. aryez says:

    what,s up kevin incredible work your doing been a fan since the early 90s and a bodybuilder my self,my question is what are you planing to do if lets say you get in great shape would you go up in stage again,and just imagin how the people will react to see you back there if anything it will bring back that good feeling back to the sport,,ps where is your old trainer from back in the days i dont know his name the african american guy i think he should be with you in this new proces ,,well take care kavin trully great to se you back again,,

  91. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for what you are doing — as well as being a super athlete and an inspiration, you are a great educator and communicator.

    You are making a wonderful contribution to our (world wide) knowledge of training, fitness, and goal setting / visualisation.

    May “Himself” smile upon you and your family for it!

  92. Fordman65 says:

    Another amazing weeks results man. I am most impressed with how much you have cut from you mid section already. I know there is no such thing as spot training when it comes to weight loss but man you sure can cut from you mid section quick.

    I’m jealous. lol. Thats my weakest point right now.

  93. Chris Krzan says:

    Kev, Looking great..You had mentioned that you are employing cardio..Could you give us durations and type.Thanks again for your dedication and inspirtation.

  94. Luca says:

    Thanks Kevin!!
    You really inspire me!!
    One of my dreams are realized by the time I saw you in the gym!!

    Cheers from Brazil Kevin!!
    Brazil really loves you!!

  95. Antichris says:

    @Chris, if its true what your saying, I won’t be offended no more, peace 😉

  96. HOLY SHIT… Big difference now… Keep it up Bro… at this rate I’ll be seeing you on stage at the O this year!

    Aaron Singerman
    The Host of OFF TOPIC

  97. Scott W says:

    You say you do abs every morning. Just wondering if the abs need rest like every other muscle or if they recover quicker? You seem to have awesome results doing it, but just curious. Nice job by the way, the blog is awesome! Keep it up man.

  98. akurban says:

    Kevin Levrone, the Maryland Muscle Machine!! I am so glad to see you hittin the weights again man. I know you said we have to visualize ourself and how we want to look instead of training to look like someone else, but I’m not gonna lie, you are what made me start bodybuilding. On workout days before I train, I youtube you and look at your training videos for motivation. You look amazing bro, I can only imagine how beastly you’re gonna look after this transformation. You truly are an inspiration. Thanks for everything Kev!

  99. Mo says:

    Your transformation is amazing! But i would really like to see pictures in the same room and the same light, because there are very big differences, how you look in different lights.

    Greetings from Germany;)

  100. The sparrow says:

    That is amazing man! Will try and follow this site, and your twitter ofc. Keep training man and grow!


  101. dtestosterone says:

    Hi mr Levrone. Pretty impressive results, needless to say. A big motivation, indeed, as I stated on my youtube message.
    I found out this blog today, I’ll keep looking at it everyday. Keep it up, this is bodybuilding, my style of life.
    Thanks for being this great motivation

    Bring it on more lean mass!

    Best regards,


  102. rosso says:

    Awesome!! Keep going!
    It would be just amazing if you could compete again. You competed in the toughest generation of bodybuilders, everyone knows that…and you should of won then..now you would blow all of the other competitiors away.

  103. Rob says:

    kev, im def seeing alot of the old kevin coming back in the start of week 4. the classic shoulders that dominated for years, those boys wrecked the competition back then, and are the best all time! must be great to have a bodypart on ALL TIME lockdown, many ppl agree.
    props on the work kev-your a true legend

  104. Darren Malaly says:

    hey kev , i have been checking ur site every week watching your videos and cheering you on 😉 you are the number one bodybuilder in the world HANDS DOWN !! i just watched your 1992 olympia poseing routine and then watched dorians posing routine and i honestly cant see how dorian won and you didnt , your legs were UNBELIEVABLE and dorian barely had any hams or anything !!! i just cant believe it !! you are a true un-crowned mr olympia and you won all those olympias in my books 😉 keep up the awsome work , your transformations are inhuman , stop being so good and cool , your the man , you inspire me , you inspire everyone , today i trained legs and i was doing 5 plates on each side , plus the machine that probably weighs about 40-50kg ( its a pretty heavy machine ) and i squeezed out 7 reps , pure grunting and hardcore lifting , i am only 17 so thats incredibly heavy for me 😉 anyway , keep the videos coming , i cant wait for your next one

    PS- the video of you eating is SOOOOOOOOO FUNNY !!!

  105. dannyclifford says:

    hey kevin love what your doing man you have inspired me to compete again. I have been a fan since I started following bodybuilding in 1997, you have always been a role model to me you are the uncrowned mr O.
    What do you think about carb depleting.. would you advise that I lower my carbs a week before a competition, or carb deplete as a low carb day and up my carbs other days?
    please reply, danny from England.

  106. Wagner says:


  107. LupeLupe1 says:

    NIce House

  108. Andrew says:

    Kevin how long do you think it will be before you get back them cannonball delts

  109. Kevin says:


    You look great. I agree with you the best way to burn fat is cardio and abs early in the morning on an empty stomach. If you want even better results add 5-6 cups green tea for further fat loss and endurance. You are awesome!!

  110. Maximus says:

    Insane results your losing fat and adding mass and lifting some heavy weights truly inspirational and i will continue to come on your site everyday and watch the progress and hope one day i can even be where your at right now

  111. Dustin says:

    You are my favorite bodybuilder of all time.. I’m going to attempt to hit some of your poses at my next show.. Hope I get to meet you one day at the olympia xpo or something!! keep it up

  112. Teo says:

    We want to see you on stage AGAIN!!! Do it for us, do it for the legions of fans who are supporting you!

  113. It is great progress indeed!! Keep going, you are a source of inspiration for thousands!!

  114. stercus says:

    Wow is all i can say…. the changes …. wow

  115. TobY says:

    Ohh yeah!..looking good Kevin keep the hard work going..extreamly intressting to follow this transformation. best regards Swedish fans

  116. Hello Kevin! I would like to thank you for your job! i am very excite about this project. My english, is not very vell, but i would like to say that you are very good bodybuilder and a man, who have many talents…it is so great that people like you, doing this this interesting thigs… I think i can recieve a big profit thanks to “TRANSFORMATION”… So best wishes to you Kevin,and keep greetings from Russia, Siberian little bodybuilders)

  117. Ishtar says:

    Kevin you are soooooooooooooooo sweeeeeeeet♥♥♥♥
    regards from Vienna

  118. chombila says:

    hi kevin, nice muscle mass and definition, but symmetry is bad, you have offset – upper body is going to your right side – pelvis and shoulders are not symmetrical and you will have shoulder, elbow, back pain… but i think you already know that…

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