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This was a tough workout. Pushing 975 lbs on the leg press. Nonetheless I’m lagging a little behind on legs. I look forward to adding more mass to my lower body in coming weeks. I’ll be posting a pic of legs in a few days.

This transformation may look easy. It’s not. I’m going through a lot of pain. It’s a restless feeling like the muscles can’t relax. I don’t take anything for it, I just want to deal with it. 

When I’m in the gym I feel great. You don’t see the hard parts. Sometimes I have trouble getting out of the car, moving around, sleeping. I’m really sore. I have to be tough and stay focused. 

The set in this clip may look like I have more in me. But trust me, I’m ripping myself apart as my body continues to adjust. I’m breaking it down and feeling the pain. That’s what it takes to transform. Here’s the full quad workout:


705 lbs x 10

795 lbs x 10

885 lbs x 10

975 lbs x 13


345 lbs x 6

435 lbs x 6

525 lbs x 6

615 lbs x 6


160 lbs x 12

170 lbs x 12

180 lbs x 12

200 lbs x 12


113 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Leg Workout #3, QUADS • LevroneReport.com

  1. Giacomo says:

    Kevin, keep pushing…you body is changing daily

    • German-Fan says:

      Damn, you’re looking great !

      Keep on pumpin.

      Would be a pity if you stop after a few weeks.

      You could compete at the Mr. O pretty soon LOL

  2. Kyle says:

    Getting stronger bro. I’d also like to see more of your leg workouts instead of one set on the leg press if possible and when do you do hamstrings?

  3. Josh says:

    Could you do a video explaining your workout schedule and how often your training each bodypart.

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Come on dawg. Read all the previous blogs and you’ll get alotta those answers u looking for. Kevin cant be waste’n time repeat’n himself over and over. He needs to channel dat energy into his workouts.

  4. Tayfun says:

    Amazing progress kevin. I’d love to see more of what you are eating each day to put on mass like this.

  5. Adam says:

    First i want to thank you Kevin as a huge fan of yours for giving us the opportunity to talk to you and share this transformation with you. Kevin you are looking fantastic you truly are genetically gifted to see the improvements you have been making. By far in my opinion the greatest physique to ever step onstage. I have a question I have always wondered what you felt was your best showing (what show and what year). For me i think it was the 1998 Mr. Olympia. I thought you had the best combination of size and aesthetics ever. How you placed 4th i cannot understand but was curious as to what you thought? Thanks

  6. Jasper says:

    this transformation may look easy to some, but we all know it’s not.
    I respect the effort you’re putting in everything, just keep doing what you’re doing, this is transformation is amazing to follow.

  7. Kris Da Spotta says:

    Fantastic bra. Dem wheels gonna be blow’n up! Inspire’n me erry day. I must not have been around to get that spot, but its coo. Much love!

    • GYMTIME_IS_KING says:

      yo Kris when are you going to spot kevin next, and what numbers are you putting up on bench?

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        What up G-Dawg. Thx for the interest yo. For me, numbers aint really nuthin. I’m all about get’n intune with my body. I like to feeel the weight, not count it. Visualize my pecs a mountains, with lucious valleys and flowing rivers of sweat. But if ur interested in numbers, i like to hit 315 for about 15 reps. I’m going for tone lately, hence the high reps.

      • smh says:

        Successful troll is successful

  8. Jim says:

    Damn…already looking huge Kev. Very inspiring.

  9. boom says:

    nice kevin. im glad your back doing serious training. you inspire us all.

  10. Branco says:

    Great Kevin!! (one more olympia!!)

  11. kennyfat says:

    thank you

  12. Kris Da Spotta says:

    This ones for my bras. Blast’n my quads. You guys were wit me on this set.

    • Antichris says:

      We don’t care about you kris, do you see the spotter in this vid? atleast he stays where he belongs

      Well trained kevin!

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        Hey foo, this blog is about Kevin, not me.

        Regardless, I got lotsa fans to Bra. You gonna be seeing alot moe of the Special K. i’m look’n into starting a personal train’n biznas. “Kris Da Spotta’s Mussle Blast’n Playaz LLC”. And I see that guy Lucious in the gym before. He aint all that. He wasnt even in the video clearly, nor was he in Kev’s face fill’n him with motivational energy.

  13. Kev,

    Bro… You could have gotten 20 reps with that 10 plates! Bring it to failure Baby! Next week I want to see you bring it closer to failing while training legs… or at least a weight you STRUGGLE with!

    Otherwise, keep up the good work!

    Aaron Singerman
    Host of OFF TOPIC

    • Aaron, I talked about that in the main post. I assure you that I can’t be working any harder without compromising my overall results. Otherwise, thanks for the post.

  14. Moz says:

    There’s always someone who wants their 15 secs of fame, time in the sun.. and that Kris.

    GO KEV, nice work, your looking like a unit. B00M.

  15. Marcin says:

    Kevin what about squats?

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      I gotcha bra. My last set. Ass 2 Grass all day yall. Squat heavy or go home.

      • John says:

        You must not realize that you are not going low at all and 225 lbs. for squats is not heavy. Quit cluttering Kevin’s site with your king douchebaggery.

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        Johnboy, you got a death wish or something bra, seriously, you realize what I’d do to your face with one punch? It would sort of
        be like 9/11, only my fist would be the hi-jacked airplane and your face would be one of the towers. Im not going to tell
        you again bra.

      • Tony says:

        Damn girl you got some power in those half squats! When will you give us a video of your Ms.Fitness routine? Kris Da Spotta fan for life here!

  16. Scott W says:

    Hey Kev,
    Do you train your calves on leg day or do you train them with other bodyparts? How often do you train calves as well? Any response would be appreciated. Thanks man, keep up the good work.

    • Seated calves are great after leg workout, but all depends how intense your leg workout is. If you have the energy left for calves after legs, go ahead. If you do calves after quads you might cheat yourself – a lot of times I just can’t handle calves after quads. In those cases, I’ll just wait to do calves on a back day so I can handle more weight on the calves. It all depends how you feel. On off season, I won’t even train calves case I get calves while doing squats and hack squats.

  17. giv.Romania says:

    why you use more reps for legs,then other body parts of the body?

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Evolution lil’Ceaser. Evolution. The human legz are made to take quite a thrashing. thats why you really gotta hit’n hard to see any results. You cant pussy foot in on legday and expect to rep cadillac wheels.

    • Ideally I’ll be doing 6-8, high weight, right now the weight is lower for safety’s sake and the reps are higher to get something out of it. I’m trying to get my legs used to the weight. I put more into upper body than lower body and that’s why I said lower body was lagging behind.

  18. Djekay says:

    Looking forward to see the pictures Kevin.
    Keep hanging in there!

    Greetings from Holland

  19. Enzo says:

    Kevin you shouldn’t train so hard you can’t walk. The gains are usually quick in the beginning anyway, you don’t want to hurt your body then you won’t be able to train at all. You have a lot of power in you that want’s to come out but I dont think your body is ready for it yet, take it easy and increase the weights gradually.

    • malkulmx says:

      Kevin is a pro and he knows what he is doing..

    • Tony says:

      Dude won the Arnold Classic twice and was the best bodybuilder onstage at multiple Olympias (even though he took 2nd). He’s teaching you!

      • Enzo says:

        I know who he is man… Just concerned since he’s not on roids and he’s not 20 anymore 😛 (no offence to kevin). I’ve injured my self in the past because I went out too strong in the beginning after a break. But he mentions lower in the thread that he’s taking it easy because he doesn’t want to injure him self so no worries.

  20. kev says:

    keep on going kev. hard work always pays off. good work so far 🙂

  21. Alex from France says:

    Success is first in mind, then in legs… You have both them.
    Congratulations Kevin. Your progress is really amazing.
    Thanks again for sharing your experience with all of us.
    You’re the best. Always and forever.

  22. McK says:

    Looked like easy weight, but it’s got to be taking it’s toll on your joints/tendons at this time. They’ll take a little more time to get back accustomed to heavy weights.

  23. betherevival says:

    Great job man. Hey thanks for your honesty with how difficult it is. I know it’s easy to want to give off a perception that everything is in control and it’s easy but the truth is bodybuilding is difficult. It’s difficult on both the mind and body.

    After leg’s I’m usually limping around for the next couple of days. It’s easy to look at magazine ads and web photographs and think that somehow being sore is all part of the glory.

    If you train like you truly want to change then the type of soreness you will experience is far from glorious.

    Thanks again Kevin, your transformation is an inspiration.

  24. William says:

    Your damn strong in the legs for not have training them in a long time:) Soon we gotta se those wheels;)
    I know it takes time to build legs but as soon as your pretty satisfied the way they look you must show us!:)

    This is my favorit training vid

  25. Agostino says:

    Go Kevin!! You are doing a great work! Don’t give up. I understand it’s very hard training like this after 4 years, but you have all our support! Every day better, stronger and leaner! I know you like Challanges and the adrenaline, pumps and all the feelings that we love in the gym.

    “Suffer now and live the rest of your life as a champion” (M. A.).

    You are my ispiration Kevin thank you

    • That’s a great quote, man. Thanks for cheering me on through the pain guys. It’s humbling and it makes me want to move mountains. Here’s a training secret for you all: start a blog where thousands of people around the world send you support every day. It works wonders for training and attitude. 🙂

      Seriously, I’m a lucky guy. Keep coming back, I’ll do my best to lead by example. I WON’T LET YOU DOWN. Now stop surfing the web and go crank out a set of sit ups to failure. (You know who you are.)

      • GYMTIME_IS_KING says:

        are you talking about Kris Da Spotta? Last time I checked kid was looking YOLKED, STACKED, JACKED AND SWOLE, so I think he can afford the internet surfing time.

      • William says:

        You are not the lucky one.. we are the lucky ones! We can’t thank you enough for the way u’ve inspired us all.
        Thank you Kevin

        William from Sweden

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Yolked – check!
      Stacked – check!
      Jacked – check!
      Swole – check!


      One Love, Gymtime!

  26. Lievore says:

    Hahahaah you rock kevin… wow ti seems that was so light for you…. i usually shit my pants to do leg workout ! good job man and keep up the good work… never give up

    BB for life !

  27. Alexander says:

    Nice man, you really have alot of leg strenght. but man, could you possible explain, why you dont want to struggle, and how does i compromise the resulst? please!

    • We’re talking about coming back after four years. Six months into it you might see me doing that. RIght now I’ll only hurt myself going to failure. I’m trying to let my body get adjusted and let my tendons and everything adjust and thicken up. Even if the muscles are strong enough, the tendons aren’t ready. That’s how people snap their tendons. A snapped tendon will compromise results, right?

  28. Lucian da Spotta says:

    Yo! Lucian in da HOUSE. Kris is acting out so I’m here to replace him! Come on you got this easy! It’s all you! It’s all you bro!

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Quit clown’n dawg. You just the flava of the week. Special K is forever.

      • Lucian da Spotta says:

        I specifically asked my face not to be shown in the video. Unlike you, I choose to build my own fame and not ride off someone’s coattails.

        Here’s a secret Kris… you have to say, “COME ON! YOU GOT THIS EASY *AUDIBLE* *AUDIBLE*” with conviction and inline with vision to help with the person you’re spotting to rep out 3 more reps.

      • NYC Monstah says:

        I see know why Lucian is Kevin’s training partner; classy guy.

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      We’re get’n close to handle’n our business face to face brah… think about it.

      • NYC Monstah says:

        Dude, I am guessing by the way you are representing yourself here that you won’t be in any of Kevin’s clips again. You are way immature which is okay since you are a child who does childish things. Kevin, stay away from this pop tart…you know soft in the middle.

      • Chris fan club says:

        Man, life is hard in the spotting industry nowadays. I guess thats what you get when you become internet celebrity overnight. Peace.

  29. JL2 says:

    Great work Kevin. I’ve always been a big fan of yours and I really thank you and respect what you are doing. I’ve always admired the way you train. I especially like the fact that you do full range of motion on every move. That’s something that I was taught when my dad started training me. I noticed a lot of bodybuilders now dont do that any more but I’m still holding on to those teachings and I was excited to see that you do the same.
    God Bless man and keep it up. You are truely an inspiration.

    • Thanks, JL2, clearly your old man knew what he was doing. I hope you know how fortunate you were to have a dad training you like that, and I’m sure he felt fortunate, too. Thanks for sharing.

  30. Steve W says:

    hey kevin awesome leg workout there. just wondering in the future leg workout you could wear shorts cause i think many of us REALLY want to see your legs in action!! but otherwise this transformation is amazing!

  31. Jim S from New York says:

    Hey Kev, it’s truly inspiring what you’re doing with your transformation. Keep working and stay focused. You are a true champion!

  32. Jim S from New York says:

    Kevin Levrone = True Champion! keep rockin brother!

  33. dtestosterone says:

    Mr. Kevin, do you do isolated biceps femoris exercises? Or is your leg workout just those three exercises?

    Keep it up, great strength and motivation. No wonder you’re the best, rock the world and gym!

    Best regards,


    • I isolate when preparing for a contest. I would only do that when I’m trying to bring out small, detailed muscles for a competition. I’m just trying to get back in shape with the main three exercises. Good question though.

  34. Andrew says:

    Hey Kevin the work you are doing is fantastic. I can only imagine how hard it is to come back after 4 years out and start getting under weight as heavy as 1000 lbs. You are a true peoples champion and we are right here begind you.

    Move through the pain to achieve the dream.

  35. Aron says:

    Nice tan lines, Kevin!

  36. Chris says:

    Hey Kevin I don’t really mind if the others don’t believe me but just letting you know that Kris Da Spotta is just some kid messing around trying to make me sound like a dumbass. Hope to see you soon. Later. Chris.

  37. kenbo213 says:

    Hey kevin,I’ve been snooping around ,just watching your amazing transformation take flight, and i have to say it is truly inspirational, I remember the first time with my encounter with a bodybuilding mag, it was recent ,in 2004 i think, and i saw jay cutler on the mag, and i was disgusted lol, but something just made me turn my head towards that lifestyle, the dedication that one puts forth to achieve that amazing physique,and so i began to lookup videos in youtube, and i came to find you, in that very moment i was like “whoa, this guys physique is amazing!” and so yeah, ever since that point in time, i have been a fan of yours, it sucks i could not witness you in the glory days, but this right here, what you are doing, is truly amazing kev, i will keep comming back and provide the backup that you need in order to succeed ,because i know as much as your fans want this, you want it even more, best regards to you Mr. Levrone 🙂

    • Thanks for snooping around and for your comment, feel free to speak up anytime you want. I need your backup and I’m glad you’re inspired by what I’m doing here.

  38. Penn says:

    It’s great to see what one of the greatest Pro Bodybuilders ever is capable of without drugs.
    I don’t think I’ve seen many comments of people saying Kevin is on gear, and that’s a good thing. He doesn’t have any reason to lie. He’s been honest about that stuff, like in one of his videos where he talks about a powerlifting meet he did where he benched 405 at 198 ‘back when he was natural’ as a testament to his genetics.

    People always like to tear down the pros in bodybuilding, or tear down any athlete whose used steroids and say that the only reason they’ve had any success is because of steroids.

    But once Kevin finishes this transformation, even if he only gets to 235 instead of 240 or 245, it will stand as a testament to how at the very least 95% of your success/gains/whatever is from hard training and dieting, while 5% at the very most is the aid of steroids.

  39. Michael says:

    Dear Kevin, I just wanted to say that what you do is really impresive! Your work is amazing. You’re a real inspiration to me.
    Keep up to good work!

  40. troy says:

    your form looks great kevin, i cant believe you made that much weight look so easy after just 3weeks. looking better by the day! so keep it going!!

  41. Bakri New Zealand says:

    Looking good Kevin, loving the results so far, keep it up bro, will be following all your workouts and using them over the next 3 months, gotta goal to get shredded before I take my partner and daughter to the Gold Coast for some theme park fun and just in time for summer time baby!!

    Crankn it Cuzzz!!!!

  42. johnnysep says:

    Ok, Kevin,

    You have the right to start up your own supplement line, but, c’mon, we are not idiots! Just put it on if you really want, you are not breaking rules, but don’t try to fool us! I really am a fan of you and when some friends told me “hey, you will see, he will try to sell something” I couldn’t imagine it would be true…

    Everyone knows you have enlarged fascias and muscle memory and that’s why you are getting bigger again fast. NO OTHER will take supplements and have the same result because this result is due to steroid usage you had in the past and you still carry these 2 advantages.

    I really respect you, man! Don’t get me wrong! As I said, you have the right to start it as I have; but, please, don’t relate it to your physique.

    Thank you!

  43. JK says:

    Awesome progress Kevin!!
    But _please_ report more on nutrition and what you eat throughout the day!
    thanks from UK.

  44. No supplement can give you my results. It’s genetic + muscle memory. Optimum training and diet help. Attitude helps. After all that stuff is maxed out, maybe a supplement can give you an extra push. But I’d only recommend it if it’s safe and based on truth. I’m not a big fan of supplements. If I make something it needs to make sense and be honest so that I like it and find it useful.

    • Andrew says:

      Hey kevin how long do you have to workout before you get muscle memory i mean it cant just come after only a few weeks of training can it. You must have had to have trained for years beforehand to get it right????

  45. to Kris Da Spotta -giv.Romania says:

    wow,kris,you’re huge.With your genetics,you will break Markus Ruhl in thousands of pieces;you are a clean bodybuilder,but even so,you’re unbelievable.From now on,you’re my idol,not Kev,Jay or Ronnie,you,only you.Kris,you are a star on this blog,don’t you see?Goodbye Kevin,from now on,we’ll ask him to give us advices.anyway,you are a cool guy…

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Hey man, thx for the support. For real tho, remember, i’m just a regular playa like everyone else. I put on my gucci pants one leg at a time. Altho i wuz blessed with great genetics and a great physique, lets not lose site of why we are here. This is about Kev and his journey back into bodybuild’n. He may choose not ta train to the point of competition, but its a triumph eitherway.

      Romania, and i accept your apology. Ur a tribute to your rich roman history. truely a modern day glatiator. Prima Nocta!

  46. axel says:


    you are the man,keep up the hard pumpin !

    you getti better and better,nice to see that you are feeling good!

  47. -giv.Romania says:

    Kevin,why do you respond only at the malicious comments?

    • Competitive instinct I guess, although I don’t find them malicious just because they are challenging – I invite challenge and as I said in the About section, I’m open to learning from others. I read every positive comment and it means a lot to me. I answer as many questions I can, and I’m answering yours. I have answered a few of the same questions two or three times over, about diet and certain kinds of exercises. I’ll put a search feature in the sidebar so that people can find what they’re looking for quicker. Thanks

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      hey mang, give big kev a break yo. How many other bodybuilders of his caliber do you see take’n the time to respond to strangers on the internet. Be greatful dawg.

  48. Paul says:

    Good to see You backing to shape, i hope You are filing better training than not training because if U not that means that You are not enjoying 😀

    take care

  49. Matt says:

    Hey Kevin, great transformation so far. It inspires me to work harder in the gym. But, my question is about squats and deadlifts. Do you do them? I was always told they are the best mass builders.

  50. Roger in Hong Kong says:

    Challenge is the core and the mainspring of all human activity. If there’s an ocean, we cross it; if there’s a disease, we cure it; if there’s a wrong, we right it; if there’s a record, we break it; and finally, if there’s a mountain, we climb it.

    Kevin, what you’re going through right now is hard as hell. We’re here supporting you. When you’re in the gym, remember all of your fans supporting you and joining you on that journey, one rep at the time.

    I train hard, but you’ve yet again inspired me to push even harder.

    Thanks Kevin!

  51. kurt says:

    Keep pushing Kevin.

    Your already bigger then 90 percent of the guys in the gym after one month.

    I’m glad you decided to document this.

    Safe lifting bro.

  52. Enrique says:

    How do you feel about straps when doing leg press? I have some but rarely wear them as I do not think I am pushing enough weight just yet.


  53. Sergio says:


    First off just want to give some kudos on your comeback and transformation results. I myself have been doing a transformation of my own, this past year I started lifting and went from 143 to 231 (today’s weight). I am really getting into the sport and wanted to see if you could give many any tips on my future endeavor in this sport? Thanks Kevin.

  54. Wyatt says:

    Thanks for the response!

    I thought you were very lean at week 2, but in the week 3 pic you’re even leaner. I won’t go past failure, especially not taking chemicals. Train smart right??
    Like Arnold said, “Even if a bodybuilder stops training for an extended period of time, he will always come back.” Competitions or just getting in shape again. You are proof!


  55. Matt W says:

    Great Job Kevin! I think the motivation and dedication that you display on camera is enough to inspire others to begin changing their lives and improving their health. Thank You for doing this!

  56. stercus says:

    You are training legs and i cant stop looking at your arms!!!! they are chaning by the day man damn

    keep it up Kevin!

  57. Leep says:

    Your site is really interesting, as is your progress. I have drawn up a couple of interesting conclusions from both your progress shown here and my own experiences. I trained for years naturally and got reasonable results but nothing special and then turned to martial arts for nearly 10 years. About 2 years ago I retook to bodybuilding after having a successful time as a martial arts practitioner, student, teacher and to a lesser degree a martial arts competitor. This time around I decided to use steroids to aid my progress and the gains were quite incredible for me on a personal level. I took my best ever bench press to 315 lbs from a personal best of 225 lbs (these are not much compared to some I know but a lot for me) and I took my bodyweight from 200 lbs to 230 lbs in just 9 months of training using steroids. Eventually my wife caught on and encouraged me to stop using the gear. To my mind at the time I really didn’t think there was any point continuing without chemical help, so I quit training again. I hadn’t touched a weight until recently (I started training about 5 weeks ago) and I have managed to get back most of my size and with the exception of the Bench Press (don’t know why) I have got nearly all my strength back in the main compound exercises. I used no supplements or protein powders until this week and my arms are coming back up to 17 inches and my bodyweight is currently at 222 lbs (I could loose a little subcutaneous fat across the lower abs) and this is all natural gains. I know the arms are a bit small for my size but they have always been a weak point for me.
    I find it interesting that although I needed the steroids to get to this moderately good level of development in the first place, I am now able to get my body back there without the aid of drugs.
    For the record my steroid usage was very light but I prefer not to go into detail here as this isn’t my website.
    I think your progress here is incredible and shows that coming off the gear doesn’t mean the end of your body as many trainers think it dose and then they subsequently quit.
    The other point you prove is just how important genetics are. Many natural training amateur guys labour under the illusion that the only difference between the IFBB pros and them is steroids. Your natural progress here proves that all pros who reach your level do so because of superior genetics and not just drug use. If you don’t have the genetics all the drugs in the world aren’t going to make you a pro.
    Sorry for such a long post, I just wanted to share some of my thoughts that have resulted from watching you progress.

  58. Andrew says:

    Kevin can you see yourself taking this transformation back onto the competetive stage. How long would that take you to do?

  59. lucian da spotta says:

    guys leme tell ya, kevin is growin every day right before our eyes. i mean he grew so much over night….i was shocked. i did the same freakin workout…..and i think the harder i trained the bigger HE got!!lol
    stay tunned as the show is just begining.
    and chris the spotta….you some kinda fighter? any mma experience? hmmmm maybe we can take this to the cage!!!

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Ya bro, thats one thing we can agree on, Levrone is da bomb.

      Some kinda fighter you ask? “any” mma experience you say? If you wanna call being in negotiation wit Dana White to be on the Ultimate Fighter “any experience”… then ya, u could say i have some experience. Two hits bra, i hit you, u hit da ground.

      I came up in the streets dawg, u dont know me son.
      U can play rock’em sock’em games in the ring all ya want tho.

      MY rings outside.. Think long and hard about what u say next dawg.

  60. kyle says:


    Do you ever look at old videos of yourself (conditioning/size) in the early-mid 90’s and think holy shit, look at me? I know you said you havent missed competing, or else you would’ve done it. Thanks

  61. Roy says:

    You are the best kev!!…

    Deep in my heart I hope you gonna compete again!!!…

    You are the uncrowned Mr Olympia, keep up the good work!!!…

    Much love from your biggest fan of Holland

  62. lucian da spotta says:


    i dont give a shit where your from or who you talk to. knuckle up big boy lets see what you got!!! we already know you got a big mouth. keep talkin internet tough guy! negotiations w dana huh? ill have to ask him. whats your last name there tough guy? streets? who gives a shit!! i dont need to think….and anyone who knows me….knows that!

  63. AKurban says:

    Hey Kevin, just out of curiousity, why don’t you pyramid any of your sets?


  64. Andrew says:

    Great work kevin you have really come along way. To me you still look small and im not saying that in a hateful way you are my favourite bodybuilder of all time. Its just i am so fixated on watching videos of you back when you were on the olympia stage and when you were at your peak. It is just hard to go from watching you then and watching you now. B

  65. Andrew says:

    Great work kevin you have really come along way. To me you still look small and im not saying that in a hateful way you are my favourite bodybuilder of all time. Its just i am so fixated on watching videos of you back when you were on the olympia stage and when you were at your peak. It is just hard to go from watching you then and watching you now. But you will soon get back to being 240 anyway a couple more months brother. keep it up you are a motivator of many people

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