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Check out the photo from end of week four. That’s what’s up. Great week. I had a little help from some natural ingredients, and a lot of help from you guys. Those last two workouts were the most productive and most enjoyable, and I can’t wait to get back in the gym. The focus next week is legs, every other day, I’m going to shock the muscles and make ’em respond.

I’m training hard, eating right, getting rest and I’m on the right supplement – a mixture of things that worked in my past, combined with some cutting-edge new ingredients that I’ve been curious about. I needed to know exactly what I was getting, and I needed it to just plain WORK. Mission accomplished. This week was full of long, focused, explosive workouts, minimal muscle burn and one of the most incredible pumps I can remember. All natural, baby.

Some of you are attacking bigger weights after seeing what I’ve been able to accomplish. If I’m helping you do more, you gotta know the feeling’s mutual. I’m addicted to doing this blog, so keep posting. If you see a question I’ve answered before, please answer on my behalf. Let me know what you’re achieving with your workouts. One of you told me you attacked 70-pound dums for the first time – I live for that stuff, man, so keep it coming. Out.




































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  1. Kyle says:

    Looking great Kevin! How bout a leg pic?

  2. Luiz Fernando says:

    Hi Kevin… awesome evolution…

    i´m a fan from Brazil, and in name of all of us!

    i ask you, to post, your diet.

    it´ll make us really happy…

    keep working hard man!! congratulations.

    • Fabricio says:

      Luiz Fernando, hello ! I`m from Brazil too !

      Good question to Levrone !! Thanks for the post!

      Levrone, post to us your diet! Please!

      We will appreciate so much!


  3. richwa says:

    Lookin awesome Kevin! You should really think about bottling up your genetics and selling them. I’d buy a few bottles. Pretty awesome you’re already handling 100’s easily on incline db. Motivates me to keep increasing the intensity in the gym. Keep it up bro!

  4. Bigc_sams says:

    Lookin beastly Kevin! Gainin size and definition like crazy!

  5. Moz says:

    Are we going to find out all the supps your own?

  6. Ben says:

    Those famous shoulders and traps of yours are coming back to true form.

  7. NYC Monstah says:

    Holy Shit, Kev’s got the smirk on. It is all over know. this is historic, i would love to see anyone replicate this. Kev is pure confidence and simply knows his body and took care of it. Um anybody see Dorian Yates do this shit??I didn’t think so.

    • mark88ger says:

      I totally agree with you. I have nothing but respect for that what Doran Yates achieved but he’s more the “business man”. Kevin instead is more “one of us”.
      I like that.

      In a couple of weeks (3-5) i’m gonna start with the program you’ve been releasing over the past days and weeks. (with lower weights of course)
      I hope i can take myself a step forwards.

      Thanks for sharing your wisdom.

      One of your supporters from Germany.

      • Aron says:

        You’re wrong. Dorian is down with everyone. Most humble champion you could meet. He reads all kinda science and philosophy books and works to improve the lives of young guys in India.

  8. John says:

    wow week 4 pic is strong, im speachless.. 4 weeks and what a change 🙂 awsome job Kevin you the best!

  9. collegiatenanbf says:

    Hey Kevin, I understand that you may consider selling a few of your own supplements that you see fit. As a natural bodybuilder I think it would be a great idea for you to sell your special blend you are taking right now. Hell, if you feel it truly improves your training im sure it could give me an edge over my competition in the amateur ranks. Keep it up man, your visualization technique has helped me move new weights in the gym these past few days.

  10. Fordman65 says:

    Damn Kevin! I swear you look like you added 10 lbs of muscle from week 3 to 4. You are inspiring me to tackle the bigger weights.
    I am still focusing on form but really trying to go heavy. Did 100 lb. one are rows today and felt great. Man it was hard, but when done and mission was accomplished I felt great.

    Thanks for the inspiration man! Keep it up!

  11. Scott says:

    Words can not express my thoughts about your change, but 3 letters can, WTF. Kev, you look amazing. Great job brother.


  12. ben says:

    any update on what you weigh now?

  13. Wow man… you look great!

    I’m brazilian and I’m your fan! Keep training and motivating us! Your evolution is unbelievable.

  14. Doiminick says:

    Hey kevin, you are just looking ridiculous. the progress you are making is surreal my friend. Currently im 15 training for my first competition in November. Its your old videos, old posing routines that keep me going man. To motivate me, keep me eating, training, sleeping and repeating. I hope to see you on stage one day in person! Keep it coming Kev, the ride is only going to get better!

  15. cody- oregon says:

    I’m following your lead. I usually do 3 sets of 10 and have plateaued recently so I switched to 4 sets of 8 on free weights and 4 sets to 15 reps on machines. So far it has been money!! Today was arms and I upped the weight to 50 lb. dumbbells 8 reps each arm for standing one arm curls. Amazing feeling I was in the moment and when I had squeeeeezed out my final rep I racked the weight and had to take a step back and realized damn I just repped 50 pounders. Your turn to show me what’cha got Kev!! 🙂

    5’9″, 180 lbs.
    Reppin’ the Ectomorphs Out There!!!

  16. Mario says:

    wow looking great.. neck and traps are comming too.

    I hurt my left pec and delt around 6 weeks ago. nothing big but I stopped training since than. just stretching and very light weights. hoping to get back as soon as possible but i think i still have some weeks to go.
    As you know, this blog is very inspiring.. make me feel more confortable and not worry about loosing some muscle cause i know when I get back to the weights i will be back in shape in no time.

    please keep inspiring us.. thank you very much for all the info and great mood.. by the pics and vids you look happier also..

    ps.. as you can see I dont write english well..

    and one question.. have you ever been to Brasil?
    just curiosity

  17. Matt says:

    I just came home from the gym, and now I wanna go right back after watching/reading this blog. It’s got me fired up to hit the weights. Amazing work Kevin. Good to hear you’re having lots of fun too.

  18. Roger says:

    Damn! That is historic as another one said further up. Amazing transformation. You’d almost think it’s a twin brother, one with muscles!!

    It’s just awesome. I almost can’t come to grips with how inspired I am from all this. My favorite bodybuilder of all time, doing this. I’m loving it baby!!

    You’ve inspired me to push heavier. I actually did chest and tri yesterday too, and for flat bench I normally do:


    1 set: 70lbs x 8
    2 set: 75lbs x 8
    3 set: 80lbs x 8
    4 set: 80lbs x 8

    But yesterday, I felt so great so I said to myself, fuck it, let’s do it, and I did:

    1 set: 80 x 8
    2 set: 90 x 8
    3 set: 100 x 8
    4 set: 100 x 10!!

    Felt awesome, all natural baby. Thanks Kevin!

  19. Callesteve says:

    You know I’ve got to ask Kevin, what’s the ingredient that is all natural? C’mon bro, we’re on the edge of our seats.

  20. Lyotoo says:

    Kevin, you’re an inspiration to us all. You’re looking like an ANIMAL right now damn. I’m addicted to this blog. Looking forward to seeing more. I’m surprised you’re not using bent over bb rows and deads on your back days. I’ve seen your old vids, they were intense. Can’t wait to see your new supplement line either. I hope you’re focusing on true quality products. Keep it real Kevin! best of luck, i know you can do it with those freakish genetics lol.

    • Glad you’re addicted to the blog, me too. I don’t have a new supplement line bro. I mixed some things together for one reason: to get through weeks five through eight. I’m doing this natural, and it’s a pretty intense challenge to live up to, so I needed something powerful and I didn’t want to rely on some other product out there, that’s just the way I am.

      I need to know what’s going in my body and how far I can push it while still being safe. I’m sure a lot of products’ ingredients are dictated by bottom-line fixated corporations and I didn’t want to be a victim of that. I’d be more than happy to make whatever I take available to you if that’s what you want, as I mentioned days ago, the thought has crossed my mind, and it’s in line with my mission to spread bodybuilding wisdom.

      • Lyotoo says:

        That sounds like a plan kevin, i’d love to know what you’re taking. Also how much have you been upping your calories lately? I doubt you’re still growing at 3000 lol. I guess the supplement line thing was just a rumour. It’s great to actually hear back from you. Looking forward to your next videos. What’s your plan after you finish the 8 weeks? Are you still going to continue training in the long run?

  21. kevin lowell says:

    keep up the great work kevin. you are my all time favorite bodybuilder! I tell you one of my favorite all natural supplements is 5 glasses of hot green tea before a workout….solid science behind fat burning and exercise endurance.

  22. kenbo213 says:

    Looking lovely Mr. Levrone 🙂 With regards to your own natural blend that you are composing, are we going to be the first to find out of you are going to sell it? I know some supplements are full of shit, obviously, but i am willing to bet my money that if you where to put out such a supplement, it would be pure quality. What exactly do these ingredients do? is it more of a energy rush? I’m not really fond of caffeine , it will not make me go to sleep at all lol

    • Kenbo, what you said about the quality means a lot to me. No caffeine, of course. Like I said it gave me an insane pump and it has several natural anti-fatigue ingredients that to my knowledge have never been combined in this way at such high dosages.

  23. jasper says:

    great job on the transformation, the blog is rly reaching its goal afaik, motivating and inspiring many ppl, and just having fun along with it together with sharing knowledge.

    Interesting tho, I’m not a big fan of supplements, real food i believe in
    however reading what kevin says about sups sounds pretty interesting, if u even look at the ingredients of most of the sups out there today, damn i do not wanna put that crap in my body at all tbh and I won’t
    a good quality sup that can rly make a difference sounds interesting tho, altho I remain critical and dont wanna depend upon it
    but if there would be an option for a good quality sup that can give you an edge, I’m interested
    anyway let’s keep on keepin on

  24. LEX says:

    Kevin, you have always been one of my fav., BB…glad to see you back in action…we are the same age and, we both have had ripped pecs…trust me i know the pain not only to the body but the mind!!! The sad thing is i have ripped BOTH pecs…WTF….it is true, in 1994 i ripped my pec(right) beaching 405lbs. on my 5th rep, i was going for 8 on my lasts set. WHY??? Who knows only god!!! I had that pec fixed, but the doc, said it was very bad!!! Then in 2004, on Nothing..i ripped my (left) pec…with.. get this 225Lbs. to this day i will NEVER understand that pec tear…Well i luv to stay in shape and from…1985 till 2006 i`ve always had a great body…but was very lazy with the gym in the past 3 years…but one nit i youtube you and BAM..your back in the gym with a new website….and i have been rite there with you….only a few day behind your workouts…..It feel good to be back in the gym after a long ass lazy layoff…but the body had time to recover and i feel great!!! Thank you very much, for always giving back to your fans. BTW; your looking great. Keep hitting it hard…legs every other day…WOW….i`m game!!!Here is one i use to luv to do for legs…. 5-6 sets of 20 reps(225lbs) in the whole…squats, one time i did 39 reps on my last set @ age 38…Not to bad!!!Plus for the guys who are on the shit…you can use 315-or even 405lbs.BTW, i never cared about the wieght i used i only wanted to look good…i know there are alot of guys out there who can go way heavyer then that!!!But, i do feel you need lbs to grow…you can`t get big doing 35lbs Db beach press..LOL!!! OK, best to everyone!!!

  25. Ron Dean says:

    holy crap, great progress after 4 weeks!

    kevin, keep kicking ass…. you should be back up on the Mr. O stage, where you belong……. take your crown!

  26. Jay says:

    Kevin, WOW…that’s all I can say. You look amazing in such a short time…what an inspiration. One of the reasons I became such a huge fan of yours is your intensity. I know you are attackign this with 110% and I love it. I had to take a week off because of some stiffness in my back, watching these videos just makes me want to get back into the gym ASAP. You are a great role model to the entire bodybuilding community and I can’t wait for your posts everyday. Monday = back in the gym for me!

  27. Tommy says:

    I’m so impressed! biggest motivation EVER!

  28. Mac says:

    Great job and great show. I’m realy enjoying this! Go on, Kev! The whole german bodybuilding-world is watching you and wishing to see the king back on stage! You have been one of the greatest in this sport and you have to take the Mr.O-crown at least!
    Well, maybe thats just a dream, but sometimes dreams ‘come true. 😉
    Greetings and thanks for doing this, man!

  29. Andrew says:

    Hi Kevin, you look remarkable. Your changes are words that I can’t describe (wish I had the same genetics, but all I can do is rely on hard work and dedication…then again you aren’t lacking in these departments to.) Your videos have been awesome to watch before my training, I watch the workouts related to what I am planning to train…gets me in the zone. I’m not sure if you have posted/answered this questions:
    But, what supplements are you on? (Brands if possible?) Protein, creatine ??
    Do, you listen to music when you train? What type of music do you listen to?

    Sorry for the question, I am trying to find my next level cause I’m caught in a rut right now!.



  30. walter jarno says:

    Hey Kevin,
    This is my workout from yesterday (19 june 2009)
    My body weight is 76 kg (167lbs) and i’m 1m 74 cm (i don’t know in US


    1 SET 10 REP 40 KG (88LBS)
    2 SET 10 REP 50 KG (110LBS)
    3 SET 8 REP 60 KG (132LBS)
    4 SET 8 REP 70 KG (154LBS)
    5 SET 6 REP 80 KG (176LBS)


    1 SET 8 REP 36 KG (79,3LBS)
    2 SET 6 REP 36 KG (79,3LBS)
    3 SET 8 REP 24 KG (52,9LBS)


    1 SET 12 REP 25 KG (55LBS)
    2 SET 12 REP 30 KG (66LBS)
    3 SET 12 REP 35 KG (77LBS)



  31. Thomas Rud says:

    Hey Kevin ..

    Man this is absolutely awesome ! Your progress pics looks absolutely amazing ..
    I wanna give you all the props in the world for doing this blog and this transformation .. I think this is by far the best thing to hit bodybuilding in a long, long time 🙂

    You are diffinently one of biggest inspirations 🙂

    I can’t help but wonder – what is your inspiration and motivation for doing this project ?

    Cus this is no easy jurney you have set out on .. I know that it must be tough as hell sometimes !
    Hope you get motivated by us, all the fans, to never quit !

    BTW – if today, you had the chance to talk to your younger self, say 21 years old .. What one thing would you tell him ?

    Hope you have a chance to get back to me ..

    All the best regards from Denmnark 🙂
    You are an amazing inspiration .. We love you in DK

    Thomas Rud

    • Thomas, putting gifts to use is life’s highest joy, second only to sharing them. That’s what I want to instill in my son and this blog is a permanent record of that.

      I like the directness of the blog and the rush I get from helping people. Sometimes I forget to log off and get some sleep – that’s the only problem.

      Exercising my values is how I sleep at night. Truth, connecting with others, tenacity – these are my “drugs.” The blog let’s me do all that.

      Talking to myself at 21 years: I lost both parents early. I did risky things for the wrong reasons, I did things I wouldn’t recommend to anyone. Somehow I turned out OK.

      I have success and a beautiful son. Millions won’t be so lucky. I can’t talk to my past self and if I could I’d struggle to keep my mouth shut.

      However, I CAN talk and listen to my PRESENT self honestly. This blog comes from that. I hope to influence others to do the same if I can.

      • Thomas Rud says:

        Thanks a lot for the honest answers ..

        I have a lot of respect for what you are doing, and in terms of you hoping to inspire others to do similar and help out others ..

        Well you have deffinently inspired me and trickered a new motivation ..

        Hope you are enjoying your life 🙂
        We are all behind you in this ..

        Keep it up, Brow !

        Thomas Rud, DK

  32. sebastian says:

    Keep posting Kevin,
    keep getting big and lean!

    Bodybuilding has lost it’s shining stars and outstanding

    Glad You’ re back in the gym!


  33. alex says:

    You should go back on the stage. Your transformation in 4 weeks is amazing. All the best!

  34. Podgy says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Saw all your training videos and I am really inspired by your transformation… Did you do any cardio?

  35. Andrew says:

    Great work kevin. looking forward to those leg shots bro

  36. Tober from Sweden says:

    Almost ready for the stage Kevin 😉 not far away!

  37. walter jarno says:

  38. badrummer says:

    Kevin, keep it up bro! Your lookin great man!!! Your a true inspiration, and always have been, thanks…

  39. Ciaran says:

    Hey man ur looking great , kicking ass and taking no prisoners its great to see. You are such an inspiration to us younger guys starting out and am glad to be a part of this new experience and watching you do what ur doing

    Thanks for everything man

    Ciaran, Ireland 😀

  40. Daniell says:

    Kevin Levrone, king of symmetry!

  41. Grazol says:

    man your a freak, insane progress…!!!!!!

  42. That Dude says:

    Kevin what do you estimate your bodyfat percentage is in that week 4 picture?

  43. Padrinho says:

    Very nice kevin, goin well as i see.

    i remember my good friend made a similar attempt like 2 years ago after havin a near fatal carcrash, then rehab an all that stuff, and he did pack on 22 pounds in 6 weeks, all due to muscle memory, and lost the also the fat near the bellybutton which ofcourse he gained due to all the post-trauma and stress.
    so for all those who think muscle memory isn’t natural,… IT IS ..

    i wonder how u can go 😀

    but as as i am concerned regarding your supplement regimen for “the pump” as u say… to get a good pump it’s enough to eat an orange (not orange juice) half an hour prior to a workout… works wonders too, no supplements needed 😉

    but I guess your postworkout shake is MEGA, is it ? 😉


    greetz vom Austria!

  44. Denis says:

    Yo wuss up Kevin Levrone !!!

    What was your 1rep max in bench press at the top of your bodybuilding career ?

    and why do powerlifters keep saying that bodybuilders are weak , since you benched 500 lbs for reps in your training ..

  45. yair says:

    keep on the good work man.
    you got all of our support from israel =]

  46. Denis says:

    I saw that old video of you benching 500 lbs for 4 reps i think. So you’re one rep max 550 or 560 lbs ?

    right Levrone ?
    if thats true ..you one strong bodybuilder !!!

    Have a nice day !!!

  47. jack says:

    Thats really possible in 4 weeks? Have U made this “natural” or with chemicals? 😉

  48. Marco says:


    I’m just getting into lifting and have to say that all of your posts and videos are extremely helpful/motivational. Keep it up. I also love the 1 on 1 interaction and total transparency in your videos…

    Keep crushin’ it

  49. Kyle says:

    Dude you are the reason I started lifting, the fact that you are getting back into it has inspired me to get back in the gym and push myself even harder. You are truly an inspiration to all of your fans we are pulling for you.

  50. Karl says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Looking good and you seem to be progressing at an unbelievable rate – well done.
    When you say your doing this all natural does this mean no Creatine,Glutamine,Vits/Minerals etc,if so do you not think that you should at least be taking Vit C to aid recovery ??
    I would also love to hear more of your opinions about all things bodybuilding i.e. diet, (I know you’ve already covered water) use of free weights and machines,stretching,training routines,rest times between sets etc etc.

  51. ron says:

    Today I did your workout for arms. It was easy!! When will I look like you?

  52. Mimigoss76 says:

    I like really very much your job Kévin. A model to follow for a lot of body amateur building

  53. Steve W says:

    amazing , kevin your pecs and delts, hell EVERYTHING is just explosive, wow!!

  54. Eric Holmes says:

    Damn Kevin….those pics are crazy! The M3 is comin back! You should take yourself to a lab to get studied on.. haha.

    Not gonna lie, this blog has kept me on my diet for the past week… its been grueling.

    I couldn’t imagine what it would be like to lose both your parents when you were young man. Gotta be extremely strong mentally and physically for that. But look at everything you have done, its incredible. Best wishes to you and your family, bro.

    – Eric from Chicago

  55. Luca says:

    Holy @/#$!!!!
    Kevin!! Awesome!!!!!


    Thanks for your dedication!!!
    We love you!!

    Cheers from Brazil!

  56. Zolo says:

    Looking awesome Kevin, my man!
    Biggest hug from your biggest fan in Mongolia!!!
    Keep it up!!!

  57. mikey s says:

    What do you do for abs kevin, I have seen through the weekly transformation photos a great change in your mid-section, is that more down to diet and cardio?, any way you look great dude keep it up, I had bad day in gym 2day very annoyed but coming on this blog got me up again with your positive atitude.

  58. D-Rock says:

    Traps and Triceps looking huge and vascular in the fourth and newest pic! I’m attacking new weights with ya baby!

  59. Aron says:

    If you had the size of week three but super cut and hard then that would be the ideal non-competitive physique to carry 365 days of the year.

  60. Martin says:

    I’m taking my hat off Kevin, progress is crazy man!

    Mr. Levrone, I will only ask you once (and i think i’m asking for the rest of the guys in here as well):
    please consider going pro again! after seeing your progress, i don’t think, i know, you would be a serious contender to take the O home.

    A hypothetical scenario; if you reach 245-250, ripped, within reasonably short amount of time;what do you do?

    friendly support from no.1 fan in Norway

  61. jasper says:

    what a great professional and what a great person
    the more I see of kevin the more respect I gain
    he inspires me big time, he pushes me big time
    I’m so happy I got in touch with this blog

  62. Dima says:

    Hello Kevin!
    I am from Ukraine.Lots of people respect you and look after your transformation.I take many useful information from your trainings and i noticed that i train on the alike program.

    Good luck.

  63. NYC MONSTAH says:


    quick question, hypothetically, are you on track physique wise for the mr. o. Just wondering. I am only thinking about b/c of your comment of only needing 4 months to prep for a show and that you grew into contest shape. thanks. loyal fan since 1991.

  64. ron says:


  65. -giv.Romania says:

    we miss you ,kris da spotta;we know that craig titus will be your best friend there;kevin,now being natural,how many pounds do you think you will add in 6 months?

  66. eric tx says:

    how much cardio are you doing? weekly that is.

  67. Tony says:

    Ok so how am I supposed to sleep now? I just want to hit the weights! Thanks alot. Awesome.

  68. good says:

    كم افضل عودتك للرياضة عن الفن

    اجد انك تبدع في كمال الاجسام

    بينما لا يعجبني التمثيل


  69. galyah says:

    A synopsis of how the best art of sport

    I find you are creative Bodybuilding

    While I do not like representation



  70. leo says:

    Great inspiration kev. I’m considering my first show this december..its an all natural and I’m really excited about it. I’ll be goin in as a heavyweight. At 5’7″ and trying ti hit 230lbs. natural is not easy. I’m sitting at 5’7″ @ 219lbs. Not sure if I’ll make weight in time for a clean cut. Can’t wait for more vid updates. Would also like to see a sample diet.

  71. Ellis says:

    Kevin your 4 week transformation is incredible im serious. look at you in pic no.4 yeah i feel that some people train for years and still can’t get that body. All the best Kevin keep going. Keep climbing the mountain baby. total inspiration 5*

  72. The Rock says:

    Hi Kev ! How are you doin ? As i can see you are doing really great …do me a favour ,please post your diet,your supplement(brand names and model specific) and the daily use you do of them …
    also tell us how much hours your training lasts per day and how many times a week you do cardio and how many weightlifting ?
    Also can you define natural ? You do not use any steroids ? No growth ormones ,no testorone and relatives ? Completely nothing ?
    Are you do or don’t launch your own supplements line ? Are you doing all this transormation for pro reasons or just for personal reasons ?

    Sorry i am asking too much your results are really remarkable ….no offence just curiosity … Keep being great ! Really good job !

  73. troy says:

    you keep up this progress kevin! iv been attacking the heavyest weights with low reps now just because im so convinced that 5-6 rep range has big benifits on mass, and iv had four weeks of my best chest, leg and arm sessions ever, resulting in my biggest leep in personal best lifts ever, so lets keep it going!

  74. greyguz says:

    OK Kevin you have shaken and buzzed the entire internet with your ultimate road to comeback,I must say incredible gains,,I sure would like to see a reality show from this as well as be a part of it,,it is so ironic,I have followed you and shawn ray career,and you are on top of the world right now,,I have also been out the gym since 2005,,and you have definitely inspired me,,keep up the intensity level,,MY MAN!!!!!!!!!!!

  75. Carl says:

    Hey Kevin! These are some unbelievable results – keep up the good work! You inspire me everyday.. I usually try to watch your videos before I hit the gym, and if I ever lose focus while I’m at the gym I always get on the Levrone Report (on my iphone) for that extra boost!

    I don’t know if anyone has brought this up yet, but will you be showing us some of your ab workouts? Just a little curious, because that is actually one of the body parts I have the hardest time training. A lot of times I feel like I gave my abs a good workout but the next day I feel nothing!


  76. alias42 says:

    Hi from Russia! It’s the greatest transformation! U r on a right way! Anbeiliveble photo. Waiting for a news. Recpect!:)

  77. Dave says:

    Do you do cardio before or after your workouts? Cardio on leg day? Thanks.

  78. Ceasar says:

    Great progress Kevin , could you maybe post your diet ?

  79. Sanjay says:

    Your rapid progress is inspirational Kevin. I’ve been watching this while I’ve been very limited in what I can do in the gym lately due to a shoulder injury; it reminds me of how potent muscle memory is, and keeps my spirits up knowing I can get back what I’ve lost relatively quickly once I get the green light from the doctor. Can’t wait to see your final result!

  80. justin says:

    hey kev! just wanted to say great job so far and keep going hard man. Just a quick question are you going to continue training like this (which i hope) or are you stopping after week 8?

  81. The_Ad says:

    Hey Kev, the tranformation is unbelievable !!!
    do you really dont use any steroids? hormons?
    because i could not belive that this is possible in this short time, respekt mate!!!
    good luck on your way to be nex Mr.OL.
    from Bosnia

  82. valerio says:

    Hi Kevin, I’m from Italy, this report is a good thing, and interesting!! I think you’ve done great changes in four weeks..don’t think thanks to steroids, I think your experience in exercises and your muscle memory are great, and this conditions you reached in so quick time are a great example for us for the way to work hard! Thank you to give us the possibility to keep in touch!

  83. Paul says:

    holly chit :O

    what a trance formation amazing. i hope i have ever a body like that. and that in such a short time. that hard work and good genetics.

    keep it up!

  84. Howdy!

    Amazing transformation, plenty of Kev Lev fans downunder watching this amazing transformation

  85. Marko from Serbia says:

    Hi Kev,I’m glad that I can send you some comment and you be able to see it and read,I’m glad that you are coming back in your old shape,I’m 21 and I want to follow your steps and become one day like you,it’s amazing to this day how bodybuilding evolved…you,Jay,Heath and Ray are my idols and it’s my pleasure to leave this comment…much regard Kev!!!peace bro

  86. Sebastian from Poland says:

    Hi , I dont know what can i say but in this moment I cry . GREAT JOB , You’re my inspiration and the others tousand people who believe to you. Sorry for my english .


    Sebastian from Poland

  87. Jeppe Pagels from DK says:

    You are truly the greatest.

    There aint nothing in the whole world i wouldnt do to look like you, specially at the time about 1999!

    but cant complaine about your form as it is now either

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