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This coming week is all about legs. Here’s a look at something we don’t talk about much. Get comfortable with it – if we want to maximize definition, the hair’s gotta go. You can already see some definition. Shaving my legs ON CAMERA was painful for me – but the real pain comes this week when I shock the muscles into noticeable growth. My upper body is ahead of my lower body, I’m going to even it out and put on a lot of leg mass this week and you’ll see the results. Out.


54 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Leg Prep • LevroneReport.com

  1. That Dude says:

    ahahahaha, great vid levrone

  2. Calvin says:

    Nice Kev, a bit of variety in your videos, keep em coming. good to see. Keep up the hard work brother.

    Calvin from New Zealand

  3. Rek says:

    thank you for being so open and showing us everything the way you are.

  4. Mark says:

    Lol, im asian, i have no hair on my legs. woot.

  5. Chris Winfield says:

    I can tell by the way you respond to the camera now that you have developed more confidence in yourself than you had before the transformation. Your dont seem as disturbed by viewers seeing what you look like now. Congratz to the Legend.

  6. Lievore says:


  7. Roger says:

    Whatever it takes!

    Those badboys got some definition. Consider how quickly you’ve added mass to your upper body, one can only expect to see some sick wheels soon.

    Legs are hard has hell to train. Good luck and keep it up.

  8. Martin says:

    I gotta say Kevin; i’ve had a flu for a while now, and i can feel the body is already weakened from the sickness. but seeing your progress, i have no fear of going to the gym on monday and just hittin’ it hard, with a confidence man!

    thanks for the motivation, priceless!

  9. Big G says:

    ever had sciatica kevin?

    by the way, what was up with you saying you thought you were the fastest man in the world? then you got ripped by Dwain chambers!..

  10. Enrique says:

    Ha! I got the twitter and just had to see this! Keep doin what you’re doin Kevin! You are really making me step it up in the gym. I just finished back and bis and hit a few new highs tonight. Thanks for the motivation!


  11. Kyle says:

    Looking forward to seein’ those leg pics. Attacked a new weight on inclines today using more intensity and mimicking your form. I also have been doing e-z bar pushdowns for high reps after chest and the tricep pump is incredible.

  12. chris says:

    Haha! Get working on the legs man! Your upper body looks really good now, make those legs catch up, later – chris

  13. Andreas says:

    The legs looked WAY better than what i expected after such a long break. Keep up the good work!

  14. RoB says:

    HaHa cLassic…Keep’em coming Kev…

  15. ron says:


    • mikecart1 says:

      Another hater on here…

      You are the kind that probably thinks those that get straight A’s are professional cheaters too…

    • Tony says:

      So your saying wildlife doesn’t grow naturally? Hey genius pick up a Biology book and educate yourself. In the mean time if you don’t like what you see stop looking in the mirror.

    • Stuart Counter says:

      Ron….You’re an idiot!

      • ron says:

        hahaha. yea I’m an idiot. obviously. why? because I’m in love with KEVIN’s BICEPS and we all went them to come back. juice your brains out and do the olympia Kevin!!!

  16. -giv.Romania says:

    why do you said:”shaving my legs on camera was painful for me”?;once every 2 months it seems to me not very often;at least,from this vid. your legs don’t seem small.Tell us something about your traps.

  17. axestream says:

    Kevin, what’s your age and how tall are you? I’m asking because pretty much every bio I read online is saying something different. Some say you’re 5’10” others 6’…age some 40 and then I also read 44.

    Thanks in advance!

  18. SammieSam says:

    i’m really looking forward to focusing on the legs. that’s the part that i have a hard time putting mass on.

  19. Agostino says:

    I love when my legs are shaved! Go Kevin, you’ll have soon your big and ripded legs

  20. xpreS says:

    oooh this definitely will attract some more gays to the blog 🙂 🙂

  21. Eddie says:

    lol xD, a little bit weird but also very amusing :D, …did you use to go to solariums in prep time for competitions??

  22. Vincent says:

    Damn you Kevin, now I gotta think of that aswell and it’s the one thing I promised myself never to do!!!

    Your an inspiration~ grtz

  23. Kev, You got some white ass legs!


  24. Aron says:

    Tan time!

  25. Tuncay says:

    Sexy Legs Kevin.

  26. Scott says:


    your legs are soooo pretty brother 🙂

  27. Steve W says:

    kevin do your legs get really itchy like a week after you shave them??? mine do and i feel like scratching my legs off, any tips??

  28. Anonymous says:

    Kev!! You look awesome bro. Cant wait to see the next few weeks. Yo, gonna join you in shaving legs. Which clippers do you use? I need to grab a pair…? Keep it up brutha…YOU ARE AN INSPIRATION!

  29. leo says:

    Lookn good kev. Follown u on twitter…love all the vid updates.

  30. gymtime says:


  31. Maciek says:


    What about visit in my lovely country – Poland. I can guess You never’ve been and I can guarantee that is very interesting land You’ll should be at once.
    If it is interesting for You just give me an answer and I can do some moves to do it more realistic.

  32. Carles says:

    Hi from Spain kevin!
    First of all, I have to say that you are a source of motivation for me. Each morning when I wake up I see a video about M³, the best thing for start a new day!.

    However I would want to ask you about this video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=45gT5fu5PKU
    When was this? Sincerely you looked better in your first week of Levronetransformation workout than then.
    At this video,How much time had gone since your last workout?
    And the last question, Why did you leave bodybuilding? I have read many things but I’m not sure…

    I wish you become the greatest BB again!!

    PS:sorry about my english!!

  33. Haney says:

    chicken legs. bring em up kevin!!!

  34. troy says:

    wow so your going to be shocking your legs with every other day training, please keep us updated, im very curious to see what benefits this has on you whole body, thank you

  35. Bakri New Zealand says:

    Bring on the leg workout, every other day huh, only a pro would do such a thing lol.

    Keep it going bro!

    You inspire us all to inspire you, we’re all keen to see this transformation thru to the end and some of us are definitely joining you on this quest to do what no other body builder has done, once again your breaking records and creating new ones at the same time.

    New Zealander

    • SammieSam says:

      so he’s going to be doing legs every other workout? i’ve never tried that or heard of anyone doing that. i guess we’ll see how it works

  36. London says:

    You are the man Kevin. I’m intrigued to see how far you take this transformation…

  37. Thomas Bergqvist says:

    Just got home from a vacation and just had to watch youre transformation, insane gains!
    I do compete and have had some trouble with my knees, so I will be looking hard into how you hit the legs now as due to my injury they have lacked some and now are ready to grow again 🙂

    Keep it up!

  38. Johan says:

    First of, you are a true legend! I am a huge fan of yours!

    This blogg has inspired me in many ways, I am trying to build a BB carrer myself, but am battleing through some hard times with my fysical health, so for the second time I am back at nothing.. Seeing you transform like this is a real confidence booster! Its nice to se that it can be done! And it makes me whant to prove everybody wrong, and be back in shape again, and I know I can do it!!

    So thanks for doing this for us, and keep hitting those waights!! I hope you decide to step on stage once again, I know you would still be one of the best! ¨

    Keep it strong!
    Regards from Sweden

  39. no surrender says:

    keep up the good work

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