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I wanted to know what to expect with the new ingredients I’m taking, so I’ve been communicating a lot with the guy who mixed it. He’s a friend for years and I trust him. It’s hard to hear with the speaker phone but I wanted you in on the conversation. Plus, you can see my blogging station – that’s where it all happens. 

I like to know EVERYTHING when it comes to what’s in my body.  Here’s the deal: there’s no “diminishing factor,” or “receptor downgrade,” so I should feel the same powerful rush, pump and endurance every time. It’s a good thing because I’ll be blowing it out for legs this week. Out.


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  1. ezra says:


    what is this ingredient man

    I hope you stay clean 😉

  2. Luke says:

    Hey kevin I’m really enjoying your transformation videos, it has so far been very motivating and inspiring to myself. Any chance you could give us a few clues as to what these ingredients are that you are taking?

    Once again best of luck with the training you are doing superb mate, and its not too late to win the olympia, you always said you would win the sandow eventually!

    Take care buddy,
    Luke (England)

  3. Adam says:

    It’s good to see you back in the gym kev!

    You don’t wanna tell us what that mix consists of?

    • Not until I’m totally sure it works and is safe to publicize. I don’t want to be responsible for people going out and grabbing certain components of this stuff and taking it in the wrong way.

  4. Torsten says:

    Hi Kevin,

    when will we hear more about the product?

  5. Panos says:

    Greetings from Greece,you’re such an inspiration for all of us here,seeing you transform from week 1 ’till now makes us believe we can do the same thing,I’gone from 215 yo 225 within the last 2 weeks just from getting fired up from watching you,now I feel come contest time in december I can really make my stand…thnks Maryland Muscle Machine

  6. antman says:

    So i guess this is all for a supplement promotion

    • Scott A says:


      Obviously you have not been following Kevin’s journey or you would see that he is doing it for the love of bodybuilding. His whole intent is to give back to his fans.


  7. Sergio Saraiva says:


    Are you going to promote some company??

  8. Jay says:

    Good luck with your workout today Kevin, pound the legs hard!

  9. Jimmy James says:

    Sweden here…

    Interesting to see how you respond to these ingredients, in the long run, that your friend is blending & making for you (I suppose it´s a mix of a lot ingredients).

    We all should have one of those friends with special abilities and knowledge, in our lives to spice up our training life styles with ‘special protein powders or blendings’. I wish I had one… =)

    If this blend/mix isn´t out on the market yet, I guess we can call you Kevin a living Guinea Pig…just kidding with you =)

    If this mix is working well, why not try to sell it later on worldwide, if it works out just fine for you..? That´s a tip I sell for free 😉

    It´s always fun to see your updates, keep em coming Kevin.


    //Jimmy, Sweden

  10. Dragos says:

    No receptor downgrade must mean you are using an NO product seeing as this is the only neurotransmitter than works based on concentration. Everyone other neurotransmitter, whether a amino acid, amine, catecohalime, etc…will show down regulation. Interesting. I dunno, unless this guy is a doctor or biochemist I don’t think he knows what hes saying with “no receptor down regulation” Unless ofcourse its a fast acting NO supplement that will break down arginine reaalllllll quick to see that effects so fast.

    • Callesteve says:

      I agree with you Drago it’s definitely in a NO class of supplements. I think it would be safe to just say that, than gaming the matter with calling it a special “ingredient;” as this line of reasoning could be mistaken for salesmanship on an upcoming line of products. Worse yet, this could also put Kevin in a disingenuous light – not good.

  11. Levrone is Bull says:

    I call bull. (heavily edited due to profanity and violence) And we all know ur on a heavy dose of gear, and u started way before this fake transformation began.

    • I’ve been thinking I’m going to need to get tested for steroids, so I’ll set that up and do it publicly, asap. Haven’t thought about what the most credible way is, but I’m sure you’ll let me know.

      All I can say is, anytime, anywhere.

      I’d expect some people to be a little skeptical of this stuff I’m experimenting with given how this industry usually works. That has crossed my mind. I’m just telling you what’s up with me and my program. That’s all I can do.

      • Sergio Saraiva says:

        Hey Kevin.
        I’m finishing my Medicine studies in 3 weeks in Lisbon.
        Even if I’m not a doctor yet, I have 3 things to say about this.
        First: A test which result you post online is the easiest to falsify. The easiest way to do it is by taking somebody elses sample; or even modify the report.
        This brings my second point: Congratulations on your career and progress!!! I was always a big fan. You don’t even need to make a test. Even if it is true that it can easily be faked; it is also true that your progress is scientifically explainable just because of your previous incredible muscular level.
        This leads to my final point: Skeptical people are only that, skeptical! They are just like those who say that somebody takes steroids if they’re bigger than them. You shouldn’t even pay attention to that.
        Keep it up Kevin.

      • Matt says:

        Even with steroids, the path is not easy and not half as quick as people would like to think. Good lean, keepable gains are hard to aquire, not bloaty, watery, carby oedema gains where you end up look like the michellen man out of clothes. Truth is, its damned hard work, eating, sleeping, breathing bodybuilding to get the best results…

      • gpaasche says:

        What about competing in a natural BB contest?
        That would be a great goal to work for and should please the critics who scream for steroids.

    • JJ says:

      i am afraid you are correct

  12. Mark says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Im a long time fan. Great transformation so far.

    Question: Can you please post how many times a week do you do each training split. For example, do you do your chest/shoulder/triceps split once a week only or every 5th day? Do you do 2 on 1 off?

    Thanks, Looking forward to your journey.

  13. Matt says:

    Will be interesting to see what this supp is. Regardless of what kind of compound it is, the transformation so far is quite incredile for such a short time period – keep up the good work – its inspiring me on and i’m getting more cut up than i’ve been in a very long while!

    Good work bro.

  14. Jim says:

    You guys need to smarten up a bit. Kevin is posting vids all the time, interacting with us, showing us his workouts..all for free. If he is developing a new supplement, what’s the big deal? Kevin is an IFBB pro, remember? Bodybuilding was his profession. And what’s he doing here for us…that’s right, bodybuilding. If he wanted to profit a bit from his hard work, why is that bad? No one is forcing you to buy the product if it comes out, and no one is forcing you to come to this blog. So stop acting like angsty 14 year olds that hate “The man” and “selling out”.

    • Brian Judge says:

      Do what you gotta do to make your money, but don’t come out with a blog saying that its just for the fans then have it turn out to be a way to market a product line. We expect that from other people in this business but not Kevin, so it’s a little disappointing to some of us. It just feels like we’ve been a bit misled. I will still follow the progress, it just seems like a slimy way to market a product, if indeed this is the case, which judging by the taped phone conversation its heading towards.

      • Jim says:

        You’re still not getting it. This blog /is/ for us fans, to show us what Kevin is doing..which happens to include working on a new supp. Shocking that he’d be doing such a thing, I know.

      • Tony says:

        So I guess your one of those anti-capitalist? God forbid anyone make a living at there profession, right. If he does come out with a supplement line, great. If you don’t like it don’t take it. I know I know he’s supposed to give everything for free right. Start your own blog champ.

      • Callesteve says:

        Brianjudge, I’m with you here. You never claimed to be anti-capitalist, I think what your getting at is that Kevin opened himself up to all of us on the basis of being an honest broker, who was just sharing with us his attempt to transform his body naturally. What now surfaces is hints of an ulterior motive. That’s a fair criticism.

      • Brian Judge says:

        CalleSteve, that’s exactly what I’m saying. I’ve been a fan of Kevin and they way he carries himself in the sport for over 10 years. I’m not knocking anyone for bringing out a supplement line or selling anything to help them along, I just don’t agree with they way some people choose to do so. Like you said Kev originally opened up to us saying it was for us, now it feels like its a slimy way to get attention to line his pockets. It’s just my opinion I wanted to share being a long time fan.

  15. Brandon Gorey says:

    I’m eager to not only know what the supplement is you’re taking Kev, but also how effective it is in the weeks to come. I hope that at some point (once you know it is 100% safe and comfortable to release to us), that we’ll all know what it is! Good luck bro!

  16. mnk says:

    Hi Kevin,
    nice to see you pumping iron again!
    Here in Italy you are so famous and respected…
    I’ll follow your transformation with pleasure.
    God bless you.

  17. xpreS says:

    muscle memory doesnt count any more i guess. Nothing works for building muscle except insulin and testosteron. No creatin or other sh*** will help to grow up so much every body want to look like.

    • Leep says:

      I get fairly good results when using Creatine, actually comparable to when I tried a low dose of D-bol for a couple of months.
      I haven’t tried any of the other stuff available, like NO products but I can honestly say Creatine works for me. And I’ve being doing this long enough to be able to tell whether somethings workingfor me or not.

  18. jens says:

    hey kev

    good to hear something new from u.
    it really motivates me, what ur doin here and its nice to let us watch ur transformation.
    but one thing that makes me wonder…
    how the hell can it be, that u are the world only guy, that can build up massive muscles AND lost fat the same time??
    everywhere, everyone told us at everytime, that this is unpossible at the same time.
    could u say a bit about that?

    (sorry for my bad english)

    hope u answer, and i will follow this like i always read everything about you since 1991

  19. big G says:

    kev, you an inspiration to us all.whatever the mix u using its workin, and i belive that you can do wonders naturally.time, patience, dedication, and hard work.thats whats its all about.with or without gear.regardless.to all the haters who come on here and are dissing kev jus because there not prepared to do the hard work he is, u are entitilled to your opinon, but do us all a favor and take your stupid neagative comments and post them on someother blog.more power to u kev!! big G from uk

  20. Nelson says:

    Hey Kevin, just one quick question: are u training each bodypart once a day, or are u doing your “twice a days”?

    God bless u and I BELIEVE IN YOU.

  21. Vincent says:

    In my opinion you can just ignore the haters kevin, even when you are tested they will be there, so why bother. 98% believes you, I really do hope you will reveal or even sell your secrets when you’re ready for more ‘levrones’ out there. I’d be the first to go for it!

    Good luck further.

  22. Bakri New Zealand says:

    Bring on the legs bro, this is the inspiration I’ve been waiting for, me chicken legs need some decent action in the gym and your leg sessions are sure to do it.

    Keep it up bro

    P.S. If you do decide to bring out a product, can you check that it will get into New Zealand please, our supplement regulations are kinda pathetic.


  23. Alan says:

    Keep up the hard training. You inspired me today when i trained chest & biceps. Visualisation & focus !!
    Great !!
    Thanks Bro !!
    Alan from France

  24. D says:

    All this free time he’s putting in here is to gather his fan base together to market his products.

    LEVRONE NUTRITION I knew it was coming and its all good. GASPARI has his line and nobody complained I think its great that Kev is doing this…looking forward to given them a try

    Great for the industry and for all of us…more competion the better.

    Keep working hard Kev

  25. Lievore says:

    Never just junk stuff right kev ? hasuhsauahs ironic !

    Keep up good work kev

  26. Yes, i suppose this is a NO. Noex maybe. I tried that for my self once and it really gave me the same feeling Kev was talking about during his chest and tris workout.
    Ocourse its the USA-NO. They eventually lighten it up a bit here i Norway and nowadays its just like drinking two cups of coffee.
    But i remember the first year, before the stupid norweigian politichians got they hands on it, it really gave me an icredible pump and stamina, just like the heavy coffein, efedrin and aspirin mixture i used years ago.
    Anyway, i really like this kevreports and whatever Kev will do, he will always be my bodybuidinghero. He and Flex,the best physics ever.

  27. collegiatenanbf says:

    Kevin could please tell me what you think of my diet plan. Not asking for a big response, maybe just a couple pointers. PLEASE?
    8:30 AM 1 cup oatmeal cooked, 4 whole eggs 2 whites.
    9:30 AM TRAIN
    POST WORKOUT Protein shake, 3 slices potato bread
    2:30 PM Tuna n Egg sandwich, 1 cup rice, 1 cup broccoli
    6:00 PM 6 OZ. Protein source, 50 grams clean carbs, Veg.
    10:00 PM Protein Shake
    Total: 2800 Calories, 140+ Grams Protein, 300 Carbs
    I weigh 140 pounds and am trying to gain lean mass.

  28. Demorak says:

    This transformation is amazing regardless of what compound is involved…if any. Nobody would be able to duplicate this even with all the roids in the world.

    Amazing genetics and hard work Kevin you where really made for this.

  29. Wrn says:

    I have complete faith that Kevin is doing this naturally. Judging from the pics Kevin looks completely healthy and natural. No water retention in his face, mind you there are is a lot of gear that doesn’t have that sort of an effect.

    Good luck with the efforts Kevin. The progress so far is nothing but astounding!

  30. Iam a big fan of you kevin! the best bodybuilder in history with no doubts. Iam really hops that we will se you at 250 punds big and ripped!go heavy and hard /all best From Sweden

  31. AJAY says:

    hi kevin

    Im from birminghamin the UK -as im typing this im watching your posing routine on you tube from the 02 olympia- the posing and music is awesome! emotional-total emotion bro-no one has posed like that since frank zane in my opinion! and he was the best poser!!!

    Now that your doing this naturally we can finally follow a program of a pro- a natural pro! instead of killing ourselves trying to imitate those in the mags..not that i ever have.

    im hitting pb’s every week since ive been watching this blog- 180kg back squat,160kg front squat and 220kg deadlift- i’d never dreamed of this!!! all natural too

    I just want to ask you- and be truthful- do you prefer this natural route and lifestyle- or back in the roid days with competition and the glitz,glamour fame,cars and money etc… i realise this is personal

    God bless you my brother!

    P.s all the greats write autobiographys- its time for yours big k

  32. Tony says:

    DAMN HATERS!!!! look this dude has done it all in the sport of Bodybuilding! He dont have to prove anything to nobody! especially all the haters! He has been on stage with The BEST…..Huh Yates,Colman,Wheeler,Cutler!! So continue drinking your HATERADE and dont forget to wear your extra medium shirt to the gym because you think it makes you look bigger! Keep it pushing Kevin WE ALL KNOW WHO REALLY WON THE O’ WHEN COLMAN CAME IN PREGNANT WITH GYNO!

    • Allen T says:

      I concur! Kevin has a better shape than Coleman. Kevin beat yates in 94 too. Levrone don’t have to do this. Anyone that is familiar with bodybuilding knows what time it is. So steroids should not even come up on any of the forums. And besides, everyone that uses gear is not going to get the same results. Kevin has good genes. So you guys that are hating, pay attention and you might learn something. Keep it up Kev. And pump up the volume!

  33. Dementor says:

    This blogg has really inspired me to get my own training to a whole new level. Thank you Kevin!

    Inspires me to train harder and heavier and you have inspired me to eat better food. I will get bigger, stronger and healthier, thank’s:)

  34. John L says:


    just want to say to keep up the hard work! You’re results are phenomenal so far and I’m very excited to see the final results. You’re very inspiring, and it’s amazing to see you come back and do this for the fans.

    Another thing, don’t listen to the idiots on youtube. You’ve already done so much to give back, you have nothing to prove to anyone. We all believe and trust in what you’re telling us.Keep up all the hard work!

    By the way, I’ve been sharing you’re transformation with others on http://www.allthemisc.com and their all behind you as well!

    God Bless,

    John L

  35. William says:

    Hey Broh, im still checking the blog each and every day. I’ve been struggling with sinusitis for a long time but i think im healthy now after 2 weeks of antibiotics. I was in very good shape before i got sick, now im just shrunked and small. ur vids makes me all fired up to get back and kick ass in the gym. I mean its hard to have a good confidence when ur back at zero, i like ur attitude and makes me think nothing is impossible.

    William from Sweden

  36. Carl from Sweden says:

    Actually, I was one of the sceptics when I first read this blog. I was like “come on, no way he’s doing it natural” but as time has progressed and the weekly pictures shows up, I’m getting more and more convinced of that this time it’s all natural.

    Now, no offence to you Kevin, you put a lot of hard work and effort to build up your body again, but in four weeks, you have mainly become leaner, and several of the pictures are taken at the gym so we can guess there’s a lot of blood in the muscles, creating an even better look. Had you been on steroids however, I guess you would have practically exploded from week 1-4.

    What I’m trying to say here, is that people doesn’t realize how hard it can be and how long time it take to build a nice physique all natural. The pictures speaks the truth, it will be a long and hard journey for Kevin before he reaches his goal.

    Kevin, on my behalf I wish you the greatest of luck of pursuing your goals. May the weights never be too heavy and the reps never too few 😉

    Carl from Sweden

  37. Mike says:

    I’m getting sick of these haters. Whether Levrone is on gear or not–He’s busting ass on this transformation and putting it all out there for us to watch and, quite frankly admire…so why not just sit back and enjoy instead of busting the guys balls about gear.
    you are just a bunch jealous skinny wannabe’s if you cant accept what good nutrition and hard work can actually do.

    this blog is some of the best motivation i’ve seen in a while and quiet frankly i’m thankful that Levrone is taking the time out of his day to keep us posted.

    Keep it up Kev…knock this out and put Flex Wheeler in his place

  38. Tony says:

    You don’t have to publish any test on my account. If you can look people in the eye and say your natural that’s good enough for me. All these naysayers are just failures in the making. All you boys out there who just like to down others, have fun watching them sail right past, while you drown in your own misery.

    Hey Kevin, bring back the CANNONBALLS baby!

  39. Steve W says:

    dont let the haters phase u kev. u say u not on gear i believe u. and the test u tkae will show the haters, WHERE WILL THEY GO THEN??? good luck man. your legs are gonna explode man, so big and cut like mr olympia again. at the same speed of chest.

  40. Po says:

    Sup bro,
    Just wanted to give some love and positive thoughts to you and your hard training. You were always inspirational to me back in the 90’s and still are. I wish u well not only in ur training but in everything else you do. I havn’t trained for years but after watching your transformation I think im gonna hit the weights again.

    Po (from New Zealand)

  41. Moz says:

    Kevin, love the Rocky hat. lol. I think what people on the blog need is transparency and honesty. So if your going down the road of selling your own supplements,etc, great, but put your hand up and tell it like it is. And all this gear talk is utter rubbish.

    Keep up the good work.

  42. Big G says:

    i dont think people mind that you may be bringing out a supplement..i just hope it’s the dogs bollocks and something which has real Quality raw ingredients and standardized to a high percentage

    what SOME people are peeved off about is that they think the whole point of this blog may be that you just want to make a big profit and dont really care about the fans

    personally..like many young guys such as myself..and older guys..diet is the problem..i think everyone would just like to see your diet…the meals you eat each days etc..personally..it would give me ideas on what to eat as i always get stuck,,im enjoiying your videos ..keep posting!

    • notta says:

      You nailed it on the head. Diet is what’s killing me. I was hoping to see more about Kevin’s diet, but he hasn’t talked about diet much at all.

    • Matt says:

      Yeah i complety Agree.

      Trust me guys, Kevin in those video is Complety Clean, No gear at all. I can see it.I know what it does and what it make you look.


      As you said we Ask this guy what he thought about eating the right food and whats hes eating and he doesnt seem to want to post or anything.

      I want to Know What diet did he follow for Winning his last Pro Contest.

      PRE CONTEST DIET, Keto? Carb Cycling? High Carb low fat?

  43. Danny says:

    I know you’re clean bro but even if you weren’t you’d still be the fuckin man nuff said bro!!

  44. Alpine says:

    I cant wait to see what special “mix” he unveils in the form of a brand/supplement that hes selling or endorsing for some company. This should be hilarious.

  45. Roger says:

    There’s just too much negativity around here. Regarding gear, I’m gonna take your word for it. I have no reason to believe you’re on it.

    I train hard and eat hard. But being natural is the only way for me. Supplements can give you an edge. If you’re working on some new stuff that can do just that, I’m listening baby.

    Keep it up Kevin. A lot of people are interested.

  46. kevin lowell says:

    Good luck Kevin with your natural training. On the other hand, I do not know why the public demonizes anabolic steroids so much. Many studies now recognize low testosterone levels as being implicated in several disease states: cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, low bone density, decreased libido, and yes inceased mortality. Why not start using Test again??

  47. Jonathan Winters says:

    you should have your own realty tv show on vh1… it could be a show where you transform an every day joe into the body transformation…. if you ever get the idea pitched… put me down for the show as a contestant… I’m 37, 5’9, 160lbs, been lifting consistently for 1 year, go to the gym like 5 days a week, work out hard, close to 2 hours of lifting weights… as much as I workout and take supplements, can’t seem to gain any weight or huge size… most I’ve ever done on leg press was 8 plates on each side for 6 reps… whats the magic ingredient your taking to bring you to a higher level of intensity?

  48. Chuck says:

    If you’re interested in taking some natural supplements, I would recommend supplementing with cysteine…it is an antioxidant and specifically prevents muscle breakdown, which means more net muscle gain, and is only found in non-pasteurized/homogenized milk products. (for more info on the specific blend, and other ingredients to take to make it more effective… including glutamine immediately post workout…feel free to message me if interested. If you just want to continue to feel hot and have energy, (and not actually increase your muscle building ability)…head down to walmart and grab some niacin, arginine, and b-12.

  49. jack says:

    Kevin hasn’t said anything about him developing a product to market as his own. So far, all he’s said is that he had a friend make it for him to give him an edge. I would definitely feel a little betrayed if he came out trying to sell something, but I don’t think he will.

  50. Ah Kev… So this IS in fact leading up to you selling something, huh? Hey, I understand the need to make money… I just wish you would come out and say your intentions are to promote a supplement. There is no shame in that.

    If I’m off base, I apologize in advance, but it seems that the “secret ingredients” are leading towards something.

    Aaron Singerman

  51. Stuart Counter says:

    I don’t really care I’m just enjoying the blog.

  52. Loo says:

    ohhhh brother…i can see where this is going.
    Kevin, please stop the bullshit, don’t go on the marketing tour. It’s fine you want to promote a product; you’ve gotta make some money.
    But please don’t make this blog into an cheezy commercial. We really like your blog, lets keep it hardcore without the commercial crap.
    Good luck, Loo from Holland.

  53. tib says:

    You even got all the bozos over at t-nation fired up, what a bunch of tools they are.

  54. Caesar says:

    Your trainingblog is one of the most populair topics on the dutch bodybuildforums. But then again it also has some negative feelings surrounding it. The thing that disturbes me is the fact that the other guy in your phoneconversation told you that you have used this ‘ingrediënt’ in the past. Everyone knows that you have been using roids in the past. That’s no shame because every pro bodybuilder does that. Hell, almost every amateur bodybuilder is using them.

    But if you are taking some gear, but you’re telling you are using some kind of legal supplement it will mislead some of your youngest fans and/ or older fans.
    Because the body you had on the Mr Olympia contest can’t be reached with all the supplements, training, eating en best genetics in the world. (Unless you’re from outer space)

    Don’t think i’m just a hater. I still think you’re the best bodybuilder the world has ever seen. I would be trilled to see you on the Olympia stage again. I still watch M3 before every training so you have always inspired me and many others.

    (don’t mind the faults in my english grammar).

    Keep your training and eating up and keep us posted of with your progress!

    Greetings Caesar from Holland.

  55. Mond says:

    Good luck on the transformation?

    Wild guess but is the workout ingredient some blend of creatine, beta alanine, and perhaps even yohimibie? Love the workouts, best of luck.

  56. Paul says:

    Hi Kevin
    Really enjoying you blog, great source of inspiration! Your my reason for starting body building, a true legend imo.

    I take it tho at the end of this transformation there will be a range of supplements released by you?

    All the best from the UK

  57. Leep says:

    In reference to the queries on diet, Kevin has already touched upon that. You need to eat at least 4 high protein meals a day (personally I aim for 5 meals plus a protein shake, but then I’m a fat bastard, LOL). It’s not rocket science when training for mass gains. Eggs, Chicken, Fish, Beef with clean carbs and low fat. Eat every few hours and get plenty of good quality protein down you at every meal and drink plenty of water. I trained for years without bothering to keep my diet in check because I felt that taking plenty of supplements would compensate, does it F*ck! Eat lots and eat clean and you will grow.

  58. khyari says:

    hey man you are one of the best of all times, it`s fun watching your workout, i know enough about bodybuilding, man you are blowing every secret out. really you are the real deal in the bodybuilding world with great persona.
    good luck .
    i`ll be there watching what`s next.

  59. big and tall says:

    Man you look good . Keep up the good work

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