Levrone Transformation, Week 5, Legs • LevroneReport.com


525 lbs (5 plates each side) x 12

615 lbs (6 plates) x 12

705 lbs (7 plates) x 12

795 lbs (8 plates) x 12

885 lbs (9 plates) x 12

975 lbs (10 plates) x 12

1,065 lbs (11 plates) x 12

Really felt the burn on this one. Shocking the muscle is usually something bodybuilders do when they hit a plateau. I’m doing it to grow faster near the beginning of a new program – my leg muscles can handle more than the tendons right now, so the way to tear down the muscle without injury is to burn them out every other day for two weeks. We’ll see what happens. 


90 lbs x 6

180 lbs x 6

180 lbs x 6

270 lbs x 6



100 x 12

110 x 12

120 x 12

120 x 12


6 sets of 120 lbs x 12


6 sets of 260 x 10

I have a tough week of leg training ahead. In addition to workouts I’ll have some other footage that will blow your mind. More on that, later. 

I just want to say that the supplement mix I’m taking is an NO2 formula mixed with amino acids and natural elements that reduce fatigue, elevate mood and flush lactic acid buildup. I made it with a friend to help my workouts – I’m not involved with any outside corporate agendas. I felt a strong difference so I’m going to keep using it and I’ll let you know how it goes.

I won Mr. Maryland without taking any sort of supplement or drug. Some supplements can help your workouts, but I’m living proof you can get plenty big without taking a supplement. If a supplement is safe and works for you, go for it – but supplements are not a requirement. 

My commitment to share my journey on this blog continues whether or not you buy something I make available. I express myself on this blog in a way I couldn’t anywhere else, and you inspire me to train harder and find new reserves of personal strength. 

I’m working hard and I’m sore to the bone trying to live up to this challenging goal. I’m not on any gear and I’ll take any test publicly to convert the skeptics. To those of you who write in with kind words and reports of your successes – your support and friendship are the ingredients that keep me going.

– Kevin


80 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 5, Legs • LevroneReport.com

  1. Rodney says:

    Hey Kevin, why can’t I view the leg workout videos on levronereport.com? It says I have to accept the friend request to view them. What friend request? Please let me know, I really want to see. Thanks.


  2. Greg Rask says:

    As of now New Videos just posted will not play.Says they are set to Private FYI Kevin.You bastard!! I was runnin with you on legs and did em today.Now i see this new workout posted tonight.Now i gots to step up my game !!! Thanks for the inspiration man.Kevin regarding your new leg routine EOD.Of course you are Training “sore leg muscles”.Correct?I get the Shock value but always thought it was best to let a muscle recover before you tear it down again?

  3. notta says:

    Working now. Kevin’s triceps are insane.

  4. gymtime says:

    upper body is looking diesel bro, keep up the good work.

  5. RoB says:

    Looking good Kev…

  6. Chris Winfield says:

    Hey kevin , just wanting to talk to you about some things because your an inspiration and a legend man. But their has been scientific evidence proving that lactic acid is an actual energy source and not directly related to acidosis in the muscles. While the actual burn is I think from carbon dioxide build up. So just wanting to talk about your supplement mix. How are you flushing the lactic acid buildup and with this new scientific finding wouldnt that be Anti-beneficial since lactic acid is actually a fuel since the first experiment on lactic acid with the frog to find out about lactic acid was falsely done.

  7. Steve W says:

    damn kevin man, you upper body just looks flat out diesel now in your last leg video, christ.

  8. Katiero says:

    Keep going Kevin, this blog is realy awesome. Forget about some crazy guys and their questions about you and if you are using steroids right now, these guys probably don’t know how eat, how training and they think that the steroids are all that matters in this sport.

    Shut up and training, and try learn something with the master, Kevin Levrone.

    Nice legs workout, but I think that if you want shock your legs and put this training in other level, you will need do squat.

    About your supplement mix, it’s a custom formula created just for you, and you’re testing, right? Cool. When you is ready, don’t forget and let us know more about this formula.

  9. Steve W says:

    also thanks for wearing shorts kevin, it helps to really see your legs in action so i can visualize when i am working out, believe me man you are doing much more weight than me but i still feel like we are in this together, i know you’ll never know who i am but that doesnt matter man. you motivating me to go beyond what i think i am capable of and ive been seeing great gains in the past month thanks to you.

  10. Nescius says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I have to agree with Katiero. Don’t listen to them and just keep working hard. It is very amazing journey you choose and it is also great inspiration for all of us around the world.

    Greetings from Czech rep. (Europe)


  11. Agostino says:

    Hi Kevin!! I am really enjoyng your trainings, every day more. You are doing a very good job and you should be proud of yourself. Every day is special for be better and emprove. Don’t care about people who say that you are on steroids, i know people who use steroids (i am not one of them, and you are not totally on steroids.
    Keep working hard YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!

  12. Callesteve says:

    Thanks for addressing NO supplement Kev. That’s good enough for me. Great intensity!

  13. Roger says:

    Crazy workout. I’m definitely really looking forward to see the progress on your legs. My legs needs some work as I would admit that my upper-body is proportionally bigger and I’m very tempted to try your shock technique, as this is something I haven’t tried.

    I’ll prepare a wheelchair and get someone to roll me in to the hack squat..

    Supporting you 100%!

  14. NorweigianMaster says:

    Levronereport has became my daily favorite surf ever.
    But why so negative on steroids? Everebody uses them. Even where i come from. They helped you do well as a pro and with some knowledge and common sense their not dangerous at all. I guess the fans dont want to see the naturall Kevin Levrone. We dont care abouth the mr nice guy-version. We want to see the freaky one. We are just interested in big muscles. Genetics, training, sleeping and eating are the main ingredients ocourse. But steroids are needed.
    I hope u will try som good and safe drugs, like deca/sustanon for instance in safe dosages when your progress stops. But until then, i think its smart to do it all naturell. Now u will get steroideprogress just looking at the weights because of your restperiode.

    But good luck bro, im watching this show from Norway every day and i love it.

    • Martin says:

      Hey man! from alkin bout.Norway as well!

      you need to calm down man, you seriously have no idea what you’re talkin bout. steroids are not needed to get big. Kevin obviously has crazy genetics, as he used to lay off training several months, and then placing top 5 in the olympia, after having only been training for only 4-5 months. that means he can get crazy big now, without steroids, whether u like it or not.
      I don’t know what kind of role-model of yours thast has said this to you, but steroids are dangerous, and have side-effects you never believe. I have been there myself, and it

    • modred says:

      i have to say that i love this blog . no bodybuilder before has done something like that. i am so excited. i love kevins personality. its fine to see the videos and i have the passion of training back that i have lost over the years, because of him. when i look at him i think he is almost natural. i am a little shorter than him with ( i think) simmilar genetics and strenghts( triceps, back, natural strenght, body structure) i can do most of is training weights and i have similar mass without steroids. but i think from now it will be tough to gett better for him without a little “help” as i get know .i take ver small amounts of gear and i am shure that a typical gym bodybuilder would call it nothing how much i take. anyway kevin is great and i am glad that we can take from him what he offers us(blog , videos)and if he starts a cool suplement company i am fine with that. AND REMEMBER HE SAID THER ARE NO SUPLEMENTS NEEDED . he dont only want our money i think he is really really for real.
      keep goin kevin

  15. sami says:

    me tow

  16. Egor says:

    Kevin, why have you ever be justified by the fact that in your blood no drugs! We, this fans, you believe. And even when you again you take steroids we you accuse, and only support. Without drugs no modern sport. True life. And we know that appropriately steroids does not hurt itself health, and can make even healthier.

    Thanks for the revelation.

    • I’m not judging whether it’s right or wrong for you, Egor. All I’m saying is that I’m not on it. Doubters are in the minority, but they are calling me a liar. To defend the Levrone honor I’m more than happy to prove to them that my word means something.

      • Tony says:

        For every doubter there’s 10 of us who believe, not only in you but ourselves. Keep proving us right and let the rest be wrong on there own!

  17. sami says:

    from sweden

  18. Alex from France says:

    Five exercises, 27 sets…. your workout for legs is really amazing! Personnaly, i never train my legs more than 20 sets…just because i’m so much exhausted that i can’t walk anymore! You’re the best, man! Thanks for sharing with us: you give me so much energy that i could move mountains!!!

  19. Enzo says:

    Kevin, how do you find the strength to increase the weights every time? A big part of this has to be mental and not only genetics.

  20. kennyfat says:

    got addicted to this blog!!!

  21. Vincent says:

    Thanks for sharing some info on your supplement ingredient Kevin, I’m already hearing from several forums your doing this as a commercial stunt, I believe you it’s not and you prove that with this a little. I hope you don’t fail me mate, would be really hard for me.


    • Forums are crawling with trolls from big supplement companies trying to create negative propaganda at the ground level. While my achievements today might result in some business activity tomorrow, it does not make what I’m doing now a mere stunt. This blog is my life and has nothing to do with people buying stuff. Hope you’re able to see the difference.

  22. Michel R says:

    U inspire a whole lot of lifters, Kev… Keep on going and keep on updating this blog. Wrt the negativity. I’m amazed it didn’t occur earlier on already… Plz do not feel obliged to prove yaself in what manner what so ever… Haters will be haters and people on top ALWAYS will catch lots of wind. What matters is that u are an inspiration to 99% of us all here and in my honest opinion, you’re currently bringing out a positive vibe in the bodybuilding industry not seen since the release of ‘Pumping Iron’. This blog is awesome and yes, when you’re thinking of starting a supplementline, just do it! We all must make a living and seeing the progress (although most of us dont have the Levrone genetics), any supplement endorsed by you, might be as big a success as this blog. I’ll buy the stuff, only make it available in Europe too, brothah 🙂

    Keep on going!!!!!

  23. Maciek says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I am going to vacation now, but for week I’ll be back baby!
    So let me be shoked after this week.
    By the way: What about finishing this hard workout by this way: Kevin Levrone take his first Mr.O. and finally on the stage says: “LevroneReport.com – OUT!!!

  24. Enzo says:

    Might as well write it again and maybe you’ll eventually do it: We want HD footage, it would make the blog much more high quality 😀

  25. Moz says:

    😀 Videos getting better and better. Nice work Kevin.

  26. Alex says:

    Nice job kevin!!!
    You seem to be a very nice guy!!
    I think you are the best bodybuilder of all times.

    I must ask you, during this 2 weeks aint you doing any upper body? just legs?

    Keep up the good work=)

  27. Marcellus says:

    Hi Kevin.
    i´, new to the whole pumping irons scene =), so im a new fan. I read some of the comments on the post before, seems quite a few people got upset, well i think you are clean, but i don´t think you can do anything to prove it people who believe you´re not. The only one who it really should matter to is you, you´re the only one who really knows if you´´re clean (and ofcourse people you trust anv that trust you) and that´s enough =).We´re a few guys who follow your progrss at the gym, it´s really amazing to follow your journey to your “old” =) body. I don´t know what the definition of clean is in america, in sweden it´s as long as you keep of the regulated stuff (for instance the WADA list) i use creatine, protein powder but i am looking for a good Pre work out supplmenet, so i hope whatever your friend whipped up will show on the market soon.
    Good luck, and keep believing in yourself no matter what some people write!
    Kind regards

  28. Alex says:

    And if forgot to ask..

    Do you think that if you decided to make a comeback on proffesional bodybuilding (we all would be with you then) , do you think that you could make it to the MR Olympia 2010 ? and what place do you think that you could get up to?

  29. Dragos says:

    I knew it was an NO supplement Kev 🙂 Funny thing is my pre workout mix usually contains a mix of White Flood for NO/Caffeine by Controlled Labs and Some Extend for the BCAA’s and Citruine Malate. I have to admit, it does the job each and every time I have been taking it for the last 2 months.


    What other mood elevators are you taking tho? The only real mood elevating neurotransmitters are caffeine, dopamine and norepinephrine. NorE would really boost your power and basically bug you out tho lol.

    I am a med student by the way, I love nervous system physiology if you cant tell 😀

  30. collegiatenanbf says:

    Hey, can anyone on this forum or maybe you Kevin tell me if this technique of working the muscle every other day for a while would work for say biceps? Just wondering cause mine lag a bit behind my shoulders and tris.

  31. JohnnyDogGuy says:

    Kevin – Can you tell us why you don’t use free bar or Smith squats to develop legs?

  32. Rodney says:

    Looks like Big Kev put some of the haters in their place with the offer to take a drug test at any time. Plus, he told everything that his friend gave him to take to give him that extra “boost” on the blog. I don’t see what the big deal is. People just can’t seem to get it through their heads that pro bodybuilders are on an entirely different plane when it comes to genetics for muscle building. Like Kevin said, he won Mr. Maryland without taking steroids. What reason does he have to lie about that now? Seriously, it’s not like the police are going to come after him for a contest he won 20+ years ago. Get over yourselves people and watch DA MAN WORK!

  33. M3 says:

    You don’t have to prove anything to us. You’ve already done that. Skeptics are going to be skeptics and just use them as fuel for you’re workouts. But from the looks of it, you do not need any. Your intensity during your sets is unparalleled. Keep it up!

    • Thanks for the support M3 – it means a lot to me. There’s nothing wrong with healthy skepticism, I don’t see any of it as “hating,” as long as it’s clear and respectful.

      I have the truth on my side so I might as well use it. If the message it sends helps even one young person avoid resorting to excessive and needless drug use, it’ll be worth it.

      • Nelson says:



        You know how many people you have inspired, including me, to step it up a notch and get away from the “routine” of going to the gym, getting a mere pump and just maintain, and have gotten us to kick it up and go to war?


        And God Bless you and yours.

  34. Chris says:


    Your progress is amazing and don’t listen to the haters that say your taking gear, they just don’t understand the beauty of genetics. Keep up the good work and keep motivating me to get bigger.


  35. Mathias_from_Austria says:

    Hey Kev,,,

    the problem: the guy who are talking abount steroid´s don´t know really how a human body can work, and how everybody can transform his body without drugs.

    – They think that a huge body only can be build with supplements and Sustanon.-

    I know that it is impossible to build muscles like an professional bodybuilder without drugs. But i know too, that 90% of the guys don´t know were their personal natural limit is.

    and in my point of view 95% of the stuffed guys, are using drugs bevore they have catched their natural limit.

    And the second problem is, that the guys don´t know that it is easier to build a muscle when the muscle was there in past. Memory is the right word.
    I have learned that my body grows easier, when i arrived a higher bodywheight in past… and i´m sure i will make the same experience now, because i´d done no sports and now diet the last 2 months. I´ve lost 5kg. And i know i will gain it fast.

    keep it up!

    Tomorow is my Birthday and my girlfriend will give me an present which can´t be more inspiring. The M3 DVD…
    And i know, tomorow in the evening after pumping i´ll be watching M3 until thursday bevore work 🙂

  36. Stanimal says:

    Hi Kev!
    Congratulations for the hard work you already achieved and thanks a lot for sharing it! Haters are just people who are not able to overpass their limite and that’s why they don’t grow but they think that the reason is steroides! So FORGET ABOUT THEM !

    I have an idea if you to prove that you are drug free, you could pick one of your blogger-fan(for exemple : ME!^^) and invite him for a week or two to train with you! 😀

    Keep training hard bro!
    Stan from Switzerland!

    PS: Sorry for my bad english.

  37. Mark says:

    hey Kev! What about real squat? Don’t you favour it? Because I’ve heard a theory which says that you can’t build massive legs without real squat.
    Mark from Hungary!

  38. Eric says:


    Your arms are looking a lot bigger since the first week. I love the videos keep them coming. I did my bi and tri workout last night and I was using 65’s for reps doing hammers. The videos inspire me to just tell myself to go heavier and more intense!

    Thanks brother, watching the videos is kinda like having a workout partner.


  39. Ipole says:

    Mr. Levrone ure the shit man ! nice workout but i have to agree 1 guy who was talking about squating , why dont u squat like 50 reps with a weight u can normaly do 20reps , thats waht im going to do tommorrow to shock my legs , but what iam talking about stuff u know allready . Im gone worhsiping u in my lile shrine 😛

    much respect and love from germany

    Ps,sorry also for my bad english 😉

  40. Penn says:


    Please get some more exposure. I think most of the people who see your stuff are die-hard fans who google you to see what you’re up to. But I think you could reach a much wider audience if you got some attention from a magazine or a big bodybuilding website. I can’t see how that would be an obstacle for you.

    I’m sure MD, Flex.com, RX Muscle, or any other site would gladly report on your transformation. Since you’re one of the uncrowned Mr. Os, it’s big news in bodybuilding that you’re
    (1) Making a transformation
    (2) Doing it Drug Free
    (3) Documenting your transformation for all to see (For Free No Less!)

    I think you’re kicking ass and making unreal gains, but I don’t think you’re doing enough to get your story out there. The people need to know.

  41. Andrew says:

    HEY KEVIN, Great job on the leg workouts they are looking good. I know this will be a tough week but getting under the weights you get under on your leg presses you will add mass to them in no time. I also told you about myself lifting the 70 pound dumbells in my gym last week, I took youre advice and tried lifting the 80’s im not quite there yet but i did manage to lift the 75’s a few more days and i will be on the 80’s. Thanks for your adivce kevin its motivating me bro.

  42. Dementor says:

    I really want to thank you again, this blogg is making me train harder, eat better, and gain more. Thank you for doing this, much appreciated:)

  43. Bakri New Zealand says:

    I once asked the question if it was at all possible to become one of those guys at olympia, one guy said to me that’ll you could do it with Steroids, dedication and know how but he also said you could do it with favourable Genetics, dedication and know how. Seeing you do it without the Steroids will definitely be inspirational, Keep it up bro.

    P.S. Did your leg workout this morning, feeling great bro, your blog has helped me focus more on what I’m actually doing in the gym, that mind muscle connection and concentrating on good form.

    Loving it bro….

    Sweet Az a Kiwi!

  44. NYC Monstah says:

    Yo Big Kev,
    Where’s the Newsletter at??

  45. Fordman65 says:

    Man as much as we are inspiring you, you are inspiring us x10. I sincerely appreciate how transparent you are being in your blog. Talking about everything from supplementation to diet, to lifting regimen.

    I can’t thank you enough! Keep up the great work man. I know you said you prefer all natural elements in your nutrion. What is your take on protein shakes? I just can’t seem to eat enough regular food in the day to meet my daily protein needs. I would like to eliminte them from my diet, but at this point I rely on them.

  46. Dragos says:

    I have to admit, this weeks leg videos motivated me to hit the leg press for 8 plates today. Something I never really tried, banged out a good 10 reps tho. I stayed with 3 plates for the hack squat as well hehe, damn thing is near impossible at the end of a workout!

    BIG CHEST TOMORROW, same for you Kev or still compounding the exercises as in chest, shoulders and tris? Ever plan on changing it up?

  47. SammieSam says:

    hey kevin, i did 110lbs dumbells on the incline yesterday. i was always afraid of going past 100lbs and yesterday i repped out 110lbs 4 times. i thought to myself “(WWKLD) What Would Kevin Levrone Do?” and i just went for it. i’m only 160lbs by the way. maybe that will motivate u to do heavier weights too

  48. Z71Chad says:


    Keep up the good work bro… I’m hooked on your blog man, look forward to the updates everyday. Great to see, really gets me pumped up for my own leg workout tomorrow! I’m going to try and switch it up tomorrow and throw in those hack squats.


  49. Matt says:

    Banging out the legs…that’s it, it’s time to get big legs. good work going deep on the hacks. Thanks for bringing us along for the ride.

  50. JayNYC says:

    Hey Kev, Good work on your transformation man. Just want to know if your acting career is on the back burner for now while your transformation is in progress or is your transformation actually to help boost your acting career ?

  51. Colby Delvecchio says:

    hi kevin. ever since i saw your videos and your tremendous shape in competitions ive respected you and really wanted to work hard like you do. I have good genetics and strenght like you do ive watched your videos. The quick progress is amazing your looking awesome keep it natural i believe you 100% your working your ass off plus muscle memory helps i was just wondering im 6ft 221 and about to turn 20 what program and diet to u recommend to grow i train my ass off but hard to get gains. Keep working hard your the best should have many olympias

  52. craig says:

    Kevin, I follow your blog every day. Have followed you since 1991. My brother who is younger than me grew up idolizing you.

    You have been a great inspiration in my life and to see you here doing this blog is so fantastic. I am training like a dog to keep up with you. Love every minute of it and you look fantastic man.

  53. TXIKI says:

    Hi Kevin,

    sorry if you told it before, but… what is the reason why you don´t do SQUATS?

    Thanks an go on this way!!!

    • Dementor says:

      Exactly what I was thinking too, why no squats?

      He might want to build up some stability before going to squats, to prevent injuries. He can also train harder this way, and then go hard and heavy on squats.

    • NYC Monstah says:

      He already answered this question in his first leg day blog. Hope this helps.

  54. kenbo213 says:

    Hey Kevin, It’s been about a good 2 weeks that i went to the orthopedist for some problem in my shoulders… turns out, i might possibly have a slap tear. From the looks of it, it seems it must have been some inflammation , since yesterday i bench pressed and i was fine, nonetheless, i will go see my ortho if i need a possible surgery. Planning ahead , i will dedicate my whole time to train my legs, i just cant fathom being out of the gym for 3-4 months, that would kill what i have achieved so far. Question though, since i wont be able to do full squats or deads, would hack squats be more oriented towards the front quads then the hams? if you could please reply i would appreciate it =).

  55. kenbo213 says:

    Whoops, lol, sorry, i meant leg presses, would that be more orientated towards front quads lol.

  56. David (Paris) says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I think you have a herniated disc (?) It is a problem for the squat?

    nb: I had a herniated disc and I am afraid to do the squat, but when I try, everything is ok.

    Sorry for my english 😦

  57. king_peach says:

    Ive tried a few NO2 products.. I really like the cheapy one they have at walmart. its over half the price of any leading brand stuff and it works much better and last much longer. just my 2 cents worth 🙂

  58. kenbo213 says:

    bump for the answer lol, please

  59. wlamir says:

    oi Kevin….sou ex-atleta de levantamentos basicos, tive problemas com meus rins, dos 330lbs que pesava cheguei a 150lbs, desde o ano de 2000, voltei a treinar novamente sem tomar nenhum tipo de esteroides, infelizmente não consegui alcançar 70% do meu antigo corpo. Sei que estou fazendo algo errado no meu treinamento, sendo assim, gostaria de saber se é certo treinar um musculo grande pela manhã e um musculo pequeno a noite? trabalho peito/biceps (2 vezes por semana)……costas/triceps (2 vezes por semana)…..pernas/ombro (2 vezes por semana), você acha correto esse treinamento? poderia me passar alguma informação quanto a quantidade de vezes que treino cada grupo muscular?
    obrigado….estou feliz por seu retorno
    Wlamir (São Paulo city / Brazil)

  60. Roderic says:


    Stay focused on Levrone’s pump!

  61. Justin Beman says:

    Call it No-LEVerage, or LEVerage for short, deadly play on the name of the man behind the product.

  62. Justin Beman says:

    Also Kevin, if your looking for a name with more meaning in it, ie how it makes you feel and what you’ve achieved here with this website, use PHOENIX.

  63. Tony says:

    looking great brother!!. Hey once I saw you back in 1998 when you guess pose at local jersey show you were posing to led zepplin that was awsome!!!

  64. michael N says:

    i think it should be called N-O-BLAST


  65. Ken F says:

    The supplement’s name is !!INSTINCT!!….”Drastically Enhance your workouts with the new N.O. Matrix developed and proven by one of bodybuilding’s elite, Kevin Levrone. Increase Muscle Mass, Energy, Focus, and Pumps….It’s in you….it’s your INSTINCT…

  66. kenfowler says:


  67. kenfowler says:

    The Supplement is called !!INSTINCT!!….”Drastically Enhance your workouts with the all new N.O. Matrix developed and proven by one of Bodybuilding’s Elite, Kevin Levrone. Increase Muscle Mass, Strength, Focus, Pumps, and Energy…..It’s in you…It’s your INSTINCT….

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