The Finger Man, Pt. 1: Static Contractions •

The Finger Man is a static contraction and raw food guru. His basement is a personal training compound with equipment he built himself or altered with a blowtorch and a saw.

The Finger Man is not big, but he’s strong. He trains for unworldly tendon and muscle strength and a lean, shredded physique. He taught me lessons about training and diet that I’ll never forget. I caught it all on video and I’ll be showing the whole adventure in three parts.

The Finger Man is a visionary. Whether or not you agree with his training and diet methods, we can all be inspired by his independence, creativity, education and fierce commitment to strength and health. This adventure is the first of many we’ll take on this blog in an effort to broaden our perspective on training techniques around the world.

Here’s Part One: Static Contractions


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  1. Robin says:


    What a guy, that fingerman!

    Pretty amazing actually.


    • jamie dearie says:

      I do admit i thought it was really surprising kevin to see the fingerman do this,looking good kevin looking real good,you have inspired me to start lifting weights again,iv allways had good genetics,around 5″11ft and 189lbs lean,Im even going to start myself up a 20week bulking course myself,thanks kevin bud!!keep it rocking,
      thankyou kevin,
      inspiration from a true bodybuilder,:)

      • jamie dearie says:

        I agree with kevin on the whole routine,i mean the squating and dead lifts kill your joints,
        the human body isnt meant to hold 500lbs while performing a full range of movement,its bad on joints long term,
        so i can see the way fingerman trains,works really well for him,statics and isometrics are good,i study for 3 years at a health and fitness university
        I mean he is offering kevin new ways to help his strenght and helping prevent injury to,Thanks again kevin:)

    • Yeah, one can really see the amazing results static training has given him, or wait, one can’t.

      Though eating too little food don’t help very much either.

  2. T says:

    Lol…. WHAT??!! bwahahaha.
    I’m sorry Kev, that was just too funny man. I admire you for trying things that are outside of the box… but come on brotha, you don’t want to look like “fingerman”. Heavy and full range… the wheel is round for a reason.
    Entertaining post though for sure.
    And fingerman…. sorry bro, no disrespect to you if your reading.

  3. antman says:

    lol kevin….what?
    You must know better than anyone that this is NOT the best way to train..

    • Pound for pound that dude’s stronger than any of us. Plus, he’ll probably out live us all. It’s meant to be entertaining, and it gets better. At one point I eat weird raw foods and bust out the nunchucks. You’ll just have to wait and see.

      Agreed it’s not the way to train for you or me – especially given my goals of gaining 5lbs of muscle a week.

      But for his goals it’s the EXACT way to train. Forget cosmetic reasons, money or building confidence. The Finger Man does it purely for health and the love of it. Certainly you can find that aspect of it inspiring – I do.


      • Stuart Counter says:

        His posture is really bad. That can’t be healthy.

      • jasko89 says:

        come on man, stronger than any of us? I don’t think so, I don’t think he can do dumbell presses with 100 pounds 😛

        but I think this way of training is the best for him

      • OK, pound for pound he’s stronger than me right now, certainly in terms of statics. I shouldn’t speak for everyone.

      • jasko89 says:

        but ok I’m not against this way of training I would like to try it…

      • Stuart Counter says:

        You are dealing with muscle memory built in full ROM so aren’t you better retracing your steps anyway? Regardless of these arguments.

      • Stronger than any of us? Yeah right, what did he had on the bar? Less than 200 kg? Just holding the damn weight isn’t that amazing, I doubt he can actually squat 150.

        Quite understandable he looks like he does if he follow a raw vegan diet and eventually don’t eat any nuts and stuff either, like 80/10/10 carb/fat/protein energy percent from fruits and various greens or something such.

        I won’t complain on such a diet though, better omega3 to 6 ration than in a more normal vegan diet with various oils and/or even nuts and obviously the vegetables will carry the highest nutritional value, antioxidant content and so on / calorie to.

        So healthy yes, best way to get results no, probably not even for the kind of results he’s after but anyway.

    • Rob says:

      Is there a “best way to train”? No, because every now and then you need to change your training program or the (order of) exercises or the reprange or anything. Static exercises could fit into a training program or be done for a couple of weeks exclusively for variaton.

  4. gymtime says:

    i think fingerman needs some Cypionate bros

  5. Dan says:

    What a joke, give me a f***ing break. *rolls eyes.

  6. Egor says:

    Kevin we do not need porn, we need clean hardcore!!!

  7. -giv.Romania says:

    you get tips from him?he is qualified to give advice in bodybuilding?he is a kind of sarcev or glass?yeah,seems an exhau

  8. Lloyd says:

    I’ve done static contraction training, actually plugging it in my routine once in a while, & when done correctly should be one of the most intense seconds in your workout.
    It’s more of a mental preparedness, visualizing beyond the usual weight stack your muscle can normally handle.
    This technique earned my respect after i’ve actually done it.

    • Thank you, Lloyd. You guys should try it. Maybe it’s not something you do often but it’s a tool you can use as needed.

      • Nelson says:

        I’ve heard doing Static contractions on exercises actually gives you more strength for when you go back to the full range of motion movement. Is it true?

      • Callesteve says:

        Your right, maybe we should hold judgment.

      • Billy says:

        I always used this as a way of increasing poundage on my bench and squat. The thought was always to allow your body to feel what it’s like to be under 455 lbs without doing a full bench. This allowed me to increase my wieghts faster and be more explosive with my normal weight during the course of a workout routine. It’s like using a dougnut on the end of a baseball bat to swing with. When you then pick up your regular baseball bat you are more explosive through the swing. IMO

  9. -giv.Romania says:

    seems an exhausting workout

  10. Tony says:

    Actually I could see where this might help you get past a stick point and/or shock the system. Not sure it will build size, based on the “fingers” physique, but definately a good mental test. Cool man I’ll watch some more.

  11. Scott A says:


    It is great to see the most winning body-builder of all time looking to always improve with something new. That in it’s self is a statement brother. Keeping it real and always looking to improve. Thank you so much for sharing.


  12. savier says:

    This is brutal, i don’t come on here to see this crap, i come to see bodybuilding, 5lbs gain a week. stick to real workouts. Doing crap like this will just fatigue you for your actual workout…that is if it actually did anything.

    • Jay says:

      This is absolutely rediculous…I cannot believe people are trashing this video so much. I for one love it. Learn to appreciate the sport for what it is, and you will love it as well. It is not meant to replace Kevin’s program, it is meant for educational purposes.

      Kevin, thank you for taking us along with you on a different journey. Keep the great videos coming!

  13. Steve W says:

    all experiences are valuable to know, u have to find out what works for you. not everyone respond the same way.

  14. notta says:

    I remember seeing this type of training in an Anthony Robbins video years ago. He started the video stating how he could do over a 1000 pounds on the leg press. The point comes in the video, he gets on the leg press with like 1200 lbs or so, raises it up, brings it down like 1mm and holds it for like 10 seconds. I was like wtf was that? The trainer said that bringing the weight all the way down is a lot of wasted movement and takes resistance off the muscles. As Kev said, this might be fine for some people, but this type of training is not for me.

  15. Hank says:

    i don’t know whether to LMAO…or go try some static contractions tomorrow. i guess i’ll do both!! i did not believe finger man would get the weight, pretty amazing for his size. Kevin u learned focusing from that guy? i see that same kind of focus in your workouts. very bizarre and entertaining. hopefully you’re back to the gym tomorrow for a real workout. thanks kev.

  16. Robin says:

    One of the benefits would/should be the amount of GH released in the body! While taxing ‘all’ muscles like this and experiencing extreme muscle burn in a squat position ( all muscles fireing together ) the bodies response: major GH release= more potential mass gained!

    What do you think of THAT theory, Kev? LOL.


    • Robin says:

      I do statics regularly BTW, and it’s brutal brutal brutal!!! As the seconds go by, more and more surrounding muscles come in to help!

  17. Jay says:

    Great video Kevin!

  18. Moshe Levi says:

    Kev, Do you find this guy to be very different than Mike Mentzer high intensity program ? And do you think Mike Mentzer high intensity training way can help you gain the 5LB a week ? Mentzer also believed in static contraction but one set for him was enough, any thoughts on that ? thanks

  19. T says:

    Fingerman had his 6 minutes of fame. Good for him, Kev helped him out mentally.

  20. mnk says:

    Raw power…I like this video…

  21. Benigno says:

    People just don’t understand about static contractions. It helps us to adapt our mind to our muscle, it helps to create a very straight body-mind connection. I mean, our muscles are much more powerful than we ever thought, and Kevin knows it pretty well! I’m pretty sure Kevin wanted to give us the opportunity to see and think about it.

    Usually, our mind are not prepared to get all that muscle power, and we usually fail on heavy weights because we are afraid of them and have no enough confidence.

    Look at the guy, people! Finger man are not a mountain of muscles, but he has a lot of strength on him, and more important is that he knows he can do that! We all can see those chinese athletes carrying absurd weights over their heads. What would explain that having a very small body? Body-mind connection! Our body are much more powerful than we think.

    Kevin, it’s normal for people that are not used to SC to think it’s weird or bullshit, but once they get advanced and hit plateau, they will understand they will need to increase their weights safely and face their fear to overpass their mind limits and keep growing.

    Powerlifters know it very well because they use it all the time!

    Associating techniques is a very smart training method in my view! I’m always reading about it and trying myself with awesome results!

    Keep it up, Kevin!

    Cheers from Brazil!

  22. Dragos says:

    Isnt this the same principle as negative sets? Get the weight up and keep the muscle contracted for a long time coming down. Both activate the Type I slow twitch and type IIa fast twitch muscles which both use oxidative metabolism. These dont really work your white type IIb fibers which are the ones used in the huge power strokes, negatives do.

    Either way, that guy looks pretty intense and pretty excited to be in the presence of the maryland muscle machine!

    Can’t wait to see more Kev.

  23. Kim says:

    I think its good that you are open minded and try out different training techniques.

    keep up the good work Kevin. =)

  24. Scott W says:

    It is similar to isometric training, which is holding a weight at its sticking point. This allows the tendons as well as the muscles to strengthen. This is great for increasing strength and should be used every once in a while. This will help your muscles contract concentrically and eccentrically because the isometric is acting equally shortening and lengthening the muscle. In other words its more of a tool than anything. Use it every once and a while to help change up training. Good post Kevin, keep showin us all the different training methods. The more knowledge the better.

  25. Norweigian says:

    Waste of time, Kevin. If u need something else than legpress, go see a movie or find some hot girls at the beach.
    But hey…your the champ, im a nobody….i should not tell u what to do:-)

  26. Chris Winfield says:

    I actually want to see people post pictures of themselves up , before they have a right to even talk shit. Kevin is a legend dont disrespect him for going into a different style of training. Especially because there is no perfect way to train , each person is different. Also do you really think you are more qualified than kevin to say thats not a real workout , or discredit anything kevin says training wise? I bet alot of you fans barely even workout. Approach bodybuilding with an open mind and humbleness , arrogance is a downfall regardless of progress.

  27. Eddie says:

    What is working for him may not work for me, every trainingshedule works as much as you trust in it…

    Eddie from Vienna,Austria

  28. big Abe says:

    There’s alot of hate out there..kevin is one of the greatest bodybuilders of all guys need to check yourselves..How are you dissin a man who is allowing us to track his progress daily? Dont bash, enjoy this blog.

  29. Chris Winfield says:

    for all we know fingerman is only eating 1500 calories a day…

    So all you guys that are arrogant and close minded… Training isnt the more important aspect of growth.

    Half you fans probably look worse than the fingerman , and not as strong. I bet a few of you couldnt unrack 405. That being said.

    Breakdown the training with normal principles of bodybuilding , muscle stimulation is what you need to recover in order to grow..

    your targeting the most fibers with this training , constant tension , you got it cause your not moving , so leverage and momentum from gravity or upward movement keeps the weight constant.

    so since your at your stronger spot you use heavy weight your getting optimum type 1 fiber use.

    That being said , HORMONES are a huge impact , and you get that this with training.

    All im saying is dont downtalk training , especially if kevin is willing to back it up. Without tryin it.


    I am pretty sure kevin would support if somebody who though this training was nothing , devised a major muscle group workout with compound lifts heavy weight , best strength range of a movement , static held it for 5 sets of 5-15 seconds.

    To prove that close mindedness and arrogance will get you nowhere. You then have a right to think the workout is nothing after going through the workout.

    1-2 light sets before adding weight up to doing 3 barely able to support the weight sets.

  30. Michel R says:

    Strange setup… I though I would see Zed or the chained gimp from Pulp fiction pop up at any time in one corner of that basement. Hehehe…

    Seriously, I think the whole concept could be useful whenever one hits a plateau. I see guys in our gym doing static movements now and then. I think this type of exercise can improve the mental-physical link of the body more than anything else.

    Fingerman needs to heighten his ceiling or lower his floor, cos the dude is standing very arched because of it. Not good for posture…

    Looking forward to the next clips… Keep it up, Kev…

  31. William says:

    Thats an interesting method.
    I’ve tried it and i think it can be good to practice static contraction before you trying to max with the same weight. So you can feel the weight before you do a full range of motion.
    Good post Kevin

    William from Sweden

  32. Goran says:

    Come on guys, it’s time to show some tolerance here. Comments such as “… I am here to watch 5lbs gain per week and not this stuff…” have no place here. You are here to watch Kevin Levrone give you a full rundown of his transformation and guess what, this is a part of it. IMO these static contractions are a great way to strengthen your joints and tendons and should be integrated few times a month. Like Kevin mentioned in one of his last workouts, his muscles can handle more than his tendons right now and this is a great way to bring them up to speed safely, without tearing something.

    It is time to open your mind, learn and try something new and this is what Kevin is trying to tell you. Kevin didn’t say this is the new way to train, he mentioned he is trying to try something new that he can add to spice up his regular routine.

    Good luck Kevin. You are doing a tremendous job and I look forward to your other workouts. You are truly inspiring and I wish you all the best on your way back. Keep sharing all these new things with us.

  33. Eirik says:

    What`s with all the trashtalk?!! Nothing wrong with trying something new once in a while.. I personally found this video just as entertaining as the rest of the videos on here.

    Keep up the good work Kevin! Cool to see you in a totally new setting 🙂

    Best wishes from Norway.

  34. axestream says:

    Kevin, I think it’s great to you’re openminded and ready to try new things and share your experiences with us.

    How did you get in touch with The Finger Man?

    • I like how many of you are taking this the right way.

      Bruce Lee made up his own training and diet for his martial arts goals. The finger man is NOT a martial artist or bodybuilder. HIS goal is just to be built like woven metal and weigh 145 pounds, and to have tons of energy and never get sick.

      He built a basement around his goal. He’s living it. Whether you like statics or not, his COMMITMENT is inspiring.

      Have you made up your own system or a unique exercise? I’m sure we have at least one guy here from Kazakhstan who bench presses a cow. Let me know.

      • Nelson says:

        I can’t imagine how a static set of Squats must feel like when done AFTER your whole leg workout is over…

        …i’ll try it, cause it’s gotta be BRUTAL.

      • Andrew says:

        HAHAHA bench presses a cow. Kevin im sure you could do stand up comedy. some of your one liners are quite funny

      • Mattp says:

        Veeeeerrrrrrryyyy Niccccceeeeee!

      • Kristian says:

        Not quite a guy bench pressing a cow but almost!

      • Dennis says:

        everyone does their own thing to reach their own goals…just because it’s not a “mainstream” workout dosen’t mean it’s crap…i give the guy mad prop’s just for trying and doing his thing day in and day out. hey, i am the king of drop sets and super sets, may not be for you…but it works for me…ya know…rock on kev!!!

      • Callesteve says:

        Man, I’ve got to be honest here as I was reading down from Kevin’s blog I had the same thoughts of benching a cow and then that video was posted.

        I’m still laughing…thank you.

      • TYE says:

        Ha ha. Irrelevant fact. My friend is from Kazakhstan, and Im going to Astana in August. ha ha
        Great workout by the way. I am going to try this, my next leg day. 🙂
        P.S. for the record, Kazakhstan is in no way, how Borat describes it. ha ha.

  35. gpaasche says:

    Great to see that you are open minded! Does not seem to be with other pros, who trust certain gurus. I remember one video of Milos Sarcev, who suggested to train the inner chest (??) and outer chest by widening or narrowing the grip in benchpress..
    As for the fingerman: As others mentioned, his posture does not look good.. maybe due to too heavy weight on the shoulders? There is no stress on the knees, but more on the shoulders due to the increased weight.

    I see that you activate more fibers in the target muscle by training more intense, but you still work out less muscle groups than by doing full squats. (no legs)
    Another issue might be that the tendons lag behind, which might be dangerous when changing to full range movements. Stretching might become more important as well, since the range of motion is very limited during the workout.
    However, it is certainly a good way to mix it up, because you can activate more fibers in a particular target muscle and this intensity might help to overcome a plateau.

  36. Frankenstein's Assistant says:

    Hello again, Kevin. Good video. If anything, it proves my point that much of the strength comes from tendons and ligaments. Interestingly, most gyms have a skinny guy like that who can armwrestle the hell out of big hunks of meat or bench-press a whole lot more than a recreational juicer ever will… Keep them coming, Kevin.

  37. Mathias_from_Austria says:

    Hey Kev, Hey guys…

    Guys,,, I think you didn´t understand, what Kevin trys to tell us.

    The massage is not,,, that this type of training is the best for an bodybuilder or to build muscle.

    – The massage is,,, Use the technique to make an new experience.
    – Use the technique to give the muscles new impulses.

    I think that this type of training is not the way to build an muscle. But its the right way to shock the muscle sometimes.

    Today i´ll train my legs. And i´ll make static contractions for last to let out the remaining power.

    thanks Kevin…

  38. Leep says:

    If you guys look at the background shots in the video you will see indoor climbing walls aroung the edges of the basement. I suspect that Fingerman is a rock climber so he needs extreme upper body strength and a very low bodyweight.
    I may be wrong (that happens a lot) but it is just a thought…

  39. hazman says:

    This is about all the negative comments. When is the last time you tried something outside the box? Anybody can use gear and grow, but do you have abs? Is your ego getting in the way of trying something at the gym because you don’t want to “LOOK WIERD” doing an exercise. Kevin this is the stuff we need to see, not only guys who use gear but drug free bodybuilders. This whole report has inspired me. One last thing to all the neg comments, if your body has not changed in a while you might want to try fingermans static contractions. This is great stuff Kevin keep busting your ass in the gym!

  40. christian says:

    i thouht it was great!!! i cant wait to see the raw foods episode. i even think i saw a climb wall in the backround too. this is a great twist, it mixes it up. keep it up kevin, this entire website is very motivational and entertaining and due to this i believe could even get the attention of people who normally wouldnt take interest in bodybuilding. everytime im at the gym i go in the backroom and make em pull it up on the computer and everyone is amazed at what you’ve done in those 4 weeks and these arent just bodybuilders, but all walks of life who involve themselves with fitness.

  41. Tony says:

    Cool video, thanks for sharing, Kevin. Guys like that always blow my mind. It’s easy for people to get caught up with THEIR own goals and brush aside anything that doesn’t mirror what they’re trying to do, but it’s important to remember that what you’re doing isn’t what everyone lives to do. Ronnie Coleman may be a freak, but Lance Armstrong is just as much of a freak.

    This guy epitomizes hardcore. Does he do any grip training? Grip guys are NUTS.

  42. Andrew says:

    HEY KEVIN, its good to see you trying new methods of training. at first i got to admit i was laughing just seeing the finger man giving adivce to an ifbb pro bodybuilder but then i realised this is very intelligent training. this dude isnt big but his muscle fibres will be as strong as anything

  43. Lievore says:

    Ridiculos are you people naked with your hands in your pocket o/… f— you guys that say this was a waste of time or just wrong… This is variable of training, good job Kevin keep up good work…

    And screw you losers that cant hold 400 pounds with your back _l_

  44. Lievore says:

    He can be 100% smaller than most people who are posting here but he can lift weight !

  45. Kris Da Spotta says:

    Carlos gotcha into some whack shit bra. You sure bout him? Nigga got u training in Auschwitz now wit da last survivor.

    I think you oughta flip the scrip dawg and start training Franky Fast Fingers yourself. You give him some’a that ingredient of yours and that nigga get swole, then you sit’n on a goldmine K-money. We talk’n P-Diddy kinda bankroll.

  46. Tony says:

    Hey Kevin, I’m not from Kazakhstan, but I got a good one for ya! When I’m on the road for work and don’t have access to a gym, I’ll on occasion do squats with my Black Lab on my shoulders!

    • Kris Da Spotta says:

      Is it nuetured? I couldnt squat with doggah balls in my ear.

    • Tony says:

      Well well if it isn’t Kris Da “Bloody Shorts” Spotta. Hey girl where you been? What’s up your momma had you locked in the closet while she was hosting a John? Don’t worry sugar eou got this finger guy beat by a mile, I saw your static squat demo. I’m still waiting on your fitness routine video. You can’t squat with balls in your ear, but you can sure type with them in your mouth!

      • Kris Da Spotta says:

        Hey Tony Two-Dicks! How ya doing you half ginny half mick greaseball son of a bitch! Still taking 2 in da ass these days?

        Speak’n a moms, I stopped by Arby’s last night and ya momma fucked up my order again. She’ll neva make nightshit-assistant manager that way. You’s dream of move’n up into a doublewide is slip’n away…

        My vids will be out soon dawg, i’m still get’n sponsors lined up. Shit bra, may arby’s will sponsa me? Hell, they can send ya moms ta oil me up. she already gots oil experience dip’n then curly fries and shit.

        Lift heavy brah!

  47. Kristian says:

    Hey Kevin,
    good to see you digging deep and enjoying your workouts. I’ve had a bit of a lay off myself recently and the mental aspect of training is starting to kick back in again, feels great.

    This aught to make you giggle, adds new meaning to the “mental” aspect of training:

  48. Tuncay says:

    OH God Kevin,
    You are not the man that learn BB from this HarleQuin.
    You are one of the greatest BBer ever Kevin.

  49. Scaffer says:

    i dont get it,this looks more like isometric than static..infact,arent they the same?

  50. xpreS says:

    Fingerman rules baby 😀

  51. Mikael says:

    Hi Kevin !

    You have probably done all the trics in and out side the book before 🙂 But one thing that has worked for me when I hit the wall gaining strenght and mass are for example, bench presses with almost full range. Lower the bar slow, stop 3-4 cm above the chest, count 15 seconds, push up fast but controlled, and stop before the tri starts to kick in (non locked arms). With that you get the tention in the pecs all the time and you don’t have to load up with an ass lot of weight to gain since it will be damn hard anyway with all the exploding pump, and it lower the risc for injury too.

    Best regards
    //Majkel – from Sweden

  52. Mikael says:

    Hi again 🙂

    What I tried to say is that you can apply this on any exercise.

    Best regards

  53. Demorak says:

    I liked it! looking forward to more vids…and like Kevin said not everyone wants to be 250lbs of muscle so give the guy a break.

  54. king_peach says:

    I used a very similar approach in my past when I was younger.. however instead of just holding the weight I did what you might call a quarter squat. same principle but it give me more pump and blood flow. I did It about once a month on squats.. bench and press.. ( more of power liftting then bodybuilding ) also a variation of dead lifts. It blows you up fast. The issue with this fellow is not so much training but his diet ! He lack mass because he probably doesn’t eat for mass..All in all it’s what he likes and it’s working for him.

  55. Robert " Sangre de Odín" says:

    The fingerman deserves all respect, what do you think you are talking about him in that way when you are hidden by the internet?
    The fingerman face in a camera, most of you wouldn´t be able to do it.
    Kevin, that was a very usefull and was a good thing show us you are not an arrogant pro, you respect others by the work and effort they made and not about if they are a 280 lbs muscle guy.

    Thanks for the video, everybody should learn and talk less shit about the GREAT fingerman!

  56. jc941 says:

    hey kev good blog and nice posts. but come on guys I keep reading about you’re the best you’re number 1 and this and that, but look at kevin now!!! I saw an interview you did to Dorian 2008 and he’s still huge, I hope you keep your word ” I will get big, I will get ripped I will do it naturally” I don’t know if you can ever be considered “natural” after all that you put in your body in the past. I love lifting weights, been doing it since 91 naturally the whole time, never for competition, but have had the results I wanted to be attractive to the opposite sex and feel confident and healthy.If you’re coming with a supplement line, best of luck!! and guys let’s keep the perspective here, there are lots of great physics out there built 100% drug free, that’s what this sport should be about, NATURAL. Again Kevin best of luck for you and all your projects.

  57. Bob says:

    Kev, I finished my workout today and was bored and decided to try this. This was extremely easy, I threw on 500+ pounds and did it easy, and my normal squat is around 395 max. Do you honestly find this to be productive?

  58. khaled says:

    He has hidden abilities only. And what we all want is obvious abilities (muscles). Maybe the hiddens will last longer but what if you combine both. Finally it depends on your choice but I would begin with mass first. Kevin, thank you for the new idea and keep expand.

  59. Tom says:

    Keep up the good work Kevin, I truly enjoy following your updates!

  60. Gil from Aussie Land says:

    Hi Kevin

    You are a Class Act.. Great to see you are still investigating different avenues for training purposes.
    The Levrone report is truly Inspirational and extremely Motivating… We are all privileged in seeing one of the Greats in bodybuilding showing us “How its Done Babeeee ” More power to you Kevin

    Gil …Melb Australia

  61. troy says:

    thats realy cool im gona give this stuff a go next time i hit legs for sure.

  62. Kryze says:

    I’m gonna try it too. I feel what’s missing from my Squat is stability. I can go up to a certain weight, then I get wobbly.

    This could be a way for me to get used to holding the weight and getting the balance aspect of the exercise up to par.

  63. islets says:

    How much can he bench ?
    i don’t think he can bench 500 lbs for reps like you Kevin ??

  64. Chris Winfield says:

    TO BOB.

    if you did it easy , use more weight…. and your not suppose to be at lockout , your still to be slightly bent in position you think your using the most muscle supporting muscles and synergists

  65. Roger says:

    I think it was great to see this. People should be open to try out new things as it may potentially unlock the door to a better physique.

    Keep it up Kev.

  66. modred says:

    fingerman is great. he should do a hollywood movie or something. i like his place for training , gets me in a good mood. the statics are cool and i know it helps alot. i bet you cant give the fingerman a handshake without hurting because of his grip. a few weeks ago i saw the training program of armwerestlers and i learned that the biceps we all love to train is not the most important muscle for arm strenght . its the forarms and the fingers! i train my forarms now a lot and i feel like hercules because of the strengt it builds in my hands . i can handle now much more weight without using straps. and i know now most bodybuilders are like guns without triggers because they have no strenght in the hands and fingers so their big muscles are useless..
    kevin you are the greatest of all times all the best for you from germany

  67. Jace-uk says:

    Great stuff think about it this way ,everything productive we have life training or otherwise came from change,you can’t get change without someone being different
    look at metzner ,Levrone they did thing their way out of this new ways occured

    You don’t have to be fingerman to benefit but If your smart you take something from everything in life the good the bad the hard and the easy OR you sit in the middle lane doing the same as everyone else

    as for the static contraction stiff sisco did well from it if you recall
    right now when I work out I do my sets the final set I drop the weight right down so say you’ve been shrugging 220kg after do one final set with 60kg but take 30 secs for the for both the lowering and another 30 secs to go back up
    try it and see think about the form nice and slow as you can go time under tension has a place
    thanks Kevin
    Jace uk

  68. Juha says:

    Kevin – stronger than you pound for pound? For static weight yes but not for regular lifts. You see, you get good at what you practice. He practices static training so he´s good at that but I´m sure you are waaaaay stronger than him for regular squats, pound for pound. He´s never hit a sticking point in his life and would´nt that catch him off guard….

    Like your post though for pure entertainment and for the fact that it´s great to keep an open mind for optional ways to work out.

  69. Double E Manne says:

    haha Kevin talking about me, but i never heard that somebody was bench pressing a cow here in Kazakhstan lol! Maybe somewhere in villages lol

  70. Egor says:

    It apparently was Kazakhstanian from the movie “Borat”. 🙂

  71. Seemonster says:

    This is a very amazing video! I will try this by myself on my next training in the gym.
    Keep on searching for new training methods Kev!

    Best regards from Germany 🙂

  72. Loo says:

    LOL! the fingerman, a “real guru”.
    Come on bro, static contractions; nothing new, nothing special.

    I can’t wait for more amazing(…)tips from the guru.

    • Guess it’s the same with all the kettlebells, rings, crossfit, tabatas and so on (not that I think crossfit suck in general, but it may not be the OMG IT’S THE FINAL SOLUTION GOD DAMN IT’S TEH AWESOMEST!)

      People read some shit / watch videon on youtube of someone who may or may not look ok (probably ok in their opinion) doing some thing and they really want it to be the extreme super fast results giving solution, because that’s what they are after themselves… So.. They tell themself that it must be awesome, start doing it and tell everyone else how fucking awesome their training method is, and well, then they probably don’t get no better results than anyone else, or in some cases worse (yeah, 16 kg kettlebell swings will for sure give a better physique than deadlifts! …)

  73. Jam es says:

    I use the static contraction method and I lifted 655 pounds the other day. How may of you out there can do that?

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