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This bench workout was mainly a test to see if I could bench a solid 315 lbs. The rule of thumb is if you can do 225 lbs x 10, you can bench 315 lbs. I repeated the set four times to verify I was at a solid 315 lbs max, then I put up the actual 315 lbs twice – no sweat. Probably could have done a few more. This is a good sign. When I get my legs a little stronger on the squats I’ll have the complete foundation to start adding serious muscle.

Here are two more clips below of the remaining chest exercises, followed by a write up of today’s full workout. At the end of clip 3 I couldn’t hold back from bustin’ out one of my favorite moves.

Thanks for your support. It’s great to know that many of you are following along with the same workouts. I’ll be posting End Of Week 5 photos tomorrow, early, so check it out.

Full Workout



135 lbs  x 10

225 lbs x 10

225 lbs x 10

225 lbs x 10

225 lbs x 10

315 lbs x 2


4 sets: 225 lbs  x 6


100 lbs x 15

100 lbs x 15

100 lbs x 15

100 lbs x 15

I always do a high reps when I use machines. After two mass building chest exercises, this high rep set really burned out my pecks.



135 lbs x 6

185 lbs x 6

185 lbs x 6

225 lbs x 6

I’ve always been naturally strong on this exercise. Two plates each side today was a good milestone.


4 sets: 120 lbs x 6


4 sets: 150 lbs x 20

That’s it. Great week. Remember to come back early tomorrowfor End Of Week 5 Photo.

– Kevin


58 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Chest/Shoulders/Tris • LevroneReport.com

  1. Egor says:

    Great progress!

    Legendary M3 already quite close…

  2. Bakri Taopua says:

    Looking swol bro!

    Keep it up Kevin, your workout has sparked some extra growth in my own efforts, awesome bro feeling good, keep em coming.


  3. Niklas says:

    Those arms and shoulders are coming back I see.. looking great! Also looking forward seeing those legs huge and ripped 😀


  4. T says:

    Nice! Man your comin up quick. Motivating fo sho! Thanks for taking us on the journey each week.
    Good stuff. Damn I wish my arms would blow up full and round like your’s… good genetics right there.

  5. Scott W says:

    Lookin real swoll man. Great job keep it up this blog is one of the best things out there for us regular bodybuilders lookin for motivation. Keep it up Kev.

  6. Egor says:

    Kevin, this is not about you and not about me. I simply am interested in. You must know the answer to my question. How many gays in the top 20 in Pro division IFBB (for example, on mr.o stage)?
    How many of them was 20 or 10 years ago, and how many now? No names. Just numbers.

  7. Agostino says:

    Hi Kevin!! Good work out, and you are emproving so well!!
    Ahahahah i loved your last pose! You are still the best in that pose!
    Keep up the good work bro!!

  8. demorak says:

    Looking alot leaner and bigger…once again hahaha.


    What are you gonna do efter these last 4 weeks? keep on going or are you doing a movie or something?

    • Not thinking that far ahead, my mind is on the next four weeks. Only thing I know for sure is that I will keep growing, keep pushing, keep learning and keep doing this blog. Hopefully you’ll come along for the ride.

  9. Karl says:

    Hi Kevin,
    Looking good and I love the fact that you do the ’10 reps’ bit to calculate your max on benching – I use the same system when doing a heavy chest workout,so much safer than just taking a guess!
    I’ll keep checking back in 2day for that 5 week mark pic your gonna post.

  10. cody- oregon says:

    Your enthusiasm for not only working out, but life in general is contagious man! Thank You.


  11. Dragos says:

    Ahh Kev, you’re getting huge! You’ve got freaking bowling balls for shoulders already man. Jesussssss. You look better in 5 weeks than I do after 5 years, haha.

    Gotta love that part at the end “uh oh” Just had to break out the special move pose huh? Too funny bro.

  12. Savier says:

    Awesome workout Kevin, Keep it up man. Looking bigger and bigger everyday. Looking foward to those week 5 pics. Thanks for the motivation.

  13. Djekay says:

    Looking good Kevin! Nice posing also between the sets!

    Keep up the good work!!

    Greetings from Holland.

  14. gpaasche says:

    What about biceps? You haven’t trained that in a while..
    But looks good nevertheless 😉

  15. jasper says:

    my intensity has gone up since watching your vids, I’m lifting heavier all the time, insane. I’m seeing pretty decent gains rather quickly, let’s shock those muscles!
    I’m eager to see the pictures kevin!

  16. kennyfat says:

    thx again kevin!!!

  17. Roger says:

    Gotta love that last pose man. Classic Levrone!

    Damn, you’re looking great. Compare yourself in this video to the first ones you posted here announcing that you’re gonna transform yourself. Awesome.

    You could get a role in Transformers, no CGI needed! Hah! Good job!

  18. Chris Allen says:


    I have been watching your video from week one. There are so many positive, that I don’t intend to mention them now. What I would like to say: It’s refreshing to see someone make a great gain on a REAL WORKOUT PLAN. You chest workout is bench, incline and pec-deck. That will do it. Stimulate and get out of gym to re cooperate.

    Thanks for what you are doing for mainstream bodybuilding.

  19. Moz says:

    Love the closing. HAHA .lol 😀

    Keep the vids coming that additive watching.

  20. Goran says:

    Great job Kevin!

  21. kenbo213 says:

    Kev, bro, you are looking fantastic, first thing i noticed was your shoulder/tri’s have improved vastly , im starting to see that levrone physique from the old days take form, bro, i cannot wait to see the last day of this transformation .

  22. Almard says:

    Keven what’s your training spilt? how many time you hit the muscle in week?

  23. McK says:

    Very impressive, this is an awesome log.

  24. Gil from Aussie Land says:

    Hi Kevin

    Man..you are really starting to look good, thouse shoulders, chest, arms are coming back man.

    Gee my own workouts are coming along nicely too, the fat is dissolving, muscles are coming back also, not like you of course , only one Kevin Levrone, but for me at 62 years , starting to feel better.
    regards from Melb ..Australia

  25. Polish Kevin Levrone says:

    hey kevin upload your 5th photo i cant wait to see it!!!!!!

  26. Norweigian says:

    After beeing with you for 5 weeks now Kevin, im even more certain thats genetice are the main issue in this sport. You train like the average person i see in gyms. There is no worldclass movements, reps, sets or beond limits intensity. Still you are looking better now already than 90% do after 5 years. Forsure muscle memory is an important thing, but i would say, its not abouth how much protein you eat, how intense your workouts are and how hard your reach those pecsmusclefibers in benchpress that builds your physic. Its your mom and daddy.
    Yeah, and talking about your mommy, but still, this is an avesome blogg:-)

    • Callesteve says:

      This is a genetic’s demonstration Kev. Your proving it out with your weekly photos. Like the tanning you’ve done too.

  27. Bas says:

    Sup Kevin,

    It’s good seeing you in your element like this.
    This is obviously your thing.
    Like it is mine 🙂

  28. Helio says:

    I have to say to you, every day you look better and better. When will you release your secret shake?

    Keep going, you will be in a pro shape in weeks.

  29. Jason says:

    Kevin, It’s great to see you back in the Gym. Long time fan and I did get a chance to see you at this years Pittsburgh show. What a transformation! Don’t stop, We would love to see you back on that stage again. You brought a package of mass, shape, conditioning, etc. that we don’t see with today’s top pro’s. Thank you for doing the video blogs. You are truly an inspiration.

  30. Dragos says:

    I’d definitely buy Kev’s power pre workout sauce over NO Xlode or White Flood.

    Name is Kevin Levrone’s Power Sauce lol. Make sure the jug has a picture of you in your famous side chest pose too!

  31. Ryan says:

    What type of rest are you doing inbetween sets?

  32. Rodney says:

    Kevin, you are definitely packing on the muscle. After not even doing this for six weeks, you already look to be pushing 230lbs. By the end of the experiment, I really think you can hit 245-250lbs without any serious difficulty. With another 20lbs of muscle on you, especially with some more leg size and thickness, you are going to be truly amazing. You have really shown a lot of people what it truly means to be a bodybuilder with regards to the dedication to eating, training, and sleeping. Furthermore, to be doing this naturally, proves a whole hell of a lot as well.

    Personally, I don’t care if you look like you did when you were competeing since to me, muscle put on with the help of steroids looks different than natural muscle. I think this could start a revolution in bodybuilding in which the truly genetically gifted athelets are going to start doing what you are doing to prove that you can get BIG without gear. Like I have said before, your genes are superior, but your work ethic and determination are even more tantamount to your success in the endeavor and I hope people realize that. Even if this doesn’t start a new revolution in bodybuilding, maybe people will shut up about blaming it all on steroids and see how much hard work actually goes into building a world class physique and that it’s not just “steroids = pro bodybuilder” as so many idiots really believe.

    Good luck Kevin, keep up the good work. You have inspired me to train harder than I think I ever have in the gym and I know I can reach my goals if I keep the same mindset that you have. Thank you for being a true ambassador of the sport and putting yourself out their for everyone to see, not settling for failure as an option, and inspiring us all in the process.


    • Jimmy James says:

      Sweden here…

      I totally agree. So well written of you, Rodney.


    • Well put.

      In the off chance our community sparks an IFBB revolution that helps revitalize the sport (assuming it needs revitalization) that would be awesome. Your comments, feelings, ideas and actions would be a big part of that revolution. It’s not what I do, but how you react to what I do that makes for a revolution.

      I’d rather see you create a revolution in your own life, you can do it any time you want. Use this blog to help you. Natural versus steroids is not the point. I’m natural right now – that’s where I am. Life is short, what matters to you in the end is YOUR revolution – not what happens to the IFBB. Start now.

  33. Twin_Master says:

    x3 Rodney 😉

    that’s right kev, you tell that we are inspire yourself to get the goal, but you are also inspire ourselves with your amazing blog, congratulations bro!

    I’m watching you from Portugal (so far i know eheheh), i’m a big fan of you and i couldn’t believe when i saw that you come back to train again, man believe in me, your blog for me its a dream come true, my motivation its at 1000% now to get my goals.

    keep going bro, prove to the world AGAIN what is an amazing genetic, a total dedication, sacrifice and discipline can do!!

  34. cm185045 says:

    Germany here…

    I have to say the same than Jimmy.

    Totally agree. So well written of you.

    Thanks for these words.

  35. Shin says:

    Kevin, you’re making great progress and looking awesome day by day.
    i will be checking out your blog frequently for motivation!
    Keep it up!

  36. Spacemarine says:

    hey kevin,

    why don´t you show us some heavy shrugs…i want you to get those huge traps again^^

  37. ste says:

    hi kevin great progress your putting the size back on and lossing the fat iam just wandering though are you going to carry on after the 8 weeks are over, me and many others hope you do

  38. dan campbell says:

    Hey Kev, just wanted to say thanks for everything u do on here. I have been in a plateau for a while now with my chest, so i figured i would try out ur workout. Just got back from the gym and wow the 225×10 for 4 wrecked me. I think with following ur workout i will make some great gains. Thanks so much for this ive been here since the beginning and cant wait for more. Keep it up brah.

  39. Steve W says:

    ShaBAM! the progress is astronomical kevin. such a motivation for me to push beyond my barriers, i just benched my max for 2 reps on friday, gonna shoot for 3 next friday shaBAM!

  40. troy says:

    these tips are great kevin, its hard to believe but it looks like your saving the best for later though, lets see what happens next week..for both of us pal:)

  41. Joe says:

    Yeah Kevin!
    It’s comming back realy fast 🙂

  42. WillD says:

    hey kevin is that guy spotting you on your squats the same guy that was in m3 ? sounds like it lol

    rock on the muscle machine and keep that pressure up!! upupup

  43. John says:

    M3 Is Coming BACK! WOOT!!

  44. Fordman65 says:

    Phenominal Kevin! I can’t wait to get into the gym tomorrow. I am going to kill my chest, shoulders and tri’s. Hell yeah man feel the burn!

  45. SammieSam says:

    kevin do u plan on doing chest and shoulders on separate days later on?

  46. DOUBLER says:


  47. William says:

    Getting more impressed after each video..
    Im still sick but im feeling a little better so if im lucky i might begin MY comeback in the end of this week. Just gotta eat a lot and watch ur vids and im ready;)

    William from Sweden

  48. speakmanator says:

    Good job Kevin,
    I know your not planning an Olympia comeback, but with what you have accomplished in 5 weeks you truly have the guts and the skill. You would take Dexter’s crown, man.

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