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This workout was from yesterday. It was the last workout of a very productive week. 

I’m doing legs today and I’ll try to post that later tonight.

– Kevin


Standing  EZ  Curl

70 lbs x 12

80 lbs x 8

90 lbs x 8

100 lbs x 8

100 lbs x 8

Standing  Alternating Dumbell Curls

50 lbs x 6

55  lbsx 6

55  lbsx 6

55  lbsx 6

Seated Hammer Curls

40 lbs x 6

45  lbs x 6

55 lbs x 6

55 lbs x 10


73 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Biceps • LevroneReport.com

  1. William says:

    Wich do you like the most, standing or seated=)?
    And explain why u think so!

    William from Sweden

    • igi says:

      kevin do you planning visit serbia

    • I like seated because it provides more back support. Sometimes standing adds a mental approach that’s hard to put into words. I can get more aggressive when I’m standing up. It’s good to keep your workout interesting, psychological as well as physical. But as a rule, sitting is better.

  2. Gerrit says:

    Thx for this workout Kevin .I’m a big fan of your blog.It’s an awesome inspiration and motivation.
    So greetings from Germany…

  3. Alan says:

    Great Biceps training, i”ll follow that routine on my wednesday biceps training.
    Alan from France

  4. Bakri New Zealand says:

    Awesome bro, been using your bicep training since day 1, really need to do that mind muscle concentration as at times I find my forearms getting more of a workout than the biceps.

    Keep it up bro

    Bakri New Zealand.

  5. dave says:

    great workout and progress kevin!!! keep it up!!!

  6. Scott A says:

    Damn Kev,

    Your arms are blown up brother…HUGE

    It only shows that proper form and that killer instinct pays off. Great job.


  7. Karl says:

    I look forward to watching these – tomorrow just before I workout,cheers.

  8. SammieSam says:

    what is the benefit of doing seated hammer curls over standing hammer curls?

  9. bello says:

    The Seated curls avoids cheating and stabilizes your back more giving you better form throughout movement.

  10. isoflex says:

    Hi Kev,

    how r u doing? cool videos, very inspiring for all of us!! Your progress is phenomenal!! Just wanted to say that you had the best body ever on the mr. olympia stage!! and don’t doubt it, it’s just a simple fact, believe it! :)i hope in the near future the pro bodybuilding scene will return to the ‘classic’ physiques. Anyway, i hope you reach your personal goalls and show those mass monsters how a real physique is being made! yeah!! 🙂 best of luck from Belgium, Europe

    Gr Sam VR

  11. troy says:

    kevin your still on 3000 calories omg! your lean mass gains so far are better then anyone could do in a year..what could you do with 5000cals. and your getting your tradmark Levronie look back in those guns! an its a joy to watch:)

  12. Patrix says:

    Another great video, Kevin. This is my first time posting here, but I have been watching this since your week 1 transformation. I couldn’t wait to see you back in supershape. Anyway, I have a question for you. I’m not sure if anyone ask you this, but do you ever work out your ABS? because I don’t see you do any abs. I’m very curious to know.

    Keep up your great transformation.

    PS. Transformation: Revenge of Kevin Levrone lol

  13. Mikael says:

    And we are out baby !!! 🙂

    Good work ! Keep up the training, Kev !

    I will join your hard training to gain som muscles next week since my 4 weeks vacation starts on monday.

    Remember: If you are training hard. I will be training twice as hard 🙂

    Best regards
    //Mikael – From Sweden

  14. Roger says:

    Another great workout! Looking great!

    I hear what you’re saying about sleep. That’s my biggest problem. I train hard but I always end up with no more than 6 hours average sleep each night, and probably wake up a few times in between. I’m sure that the lack of good sleep is seriously affecting my workouts although I have good energy in the gym. Can only imagine how it would be if I had 10 hours of sleep….

    If you want 10 hours of sleep a night, don’t get a job in Hong Kong…

  15. Will says:

    Hey Kev

    Awesome to watch you growing like this, its been a real big motivator for us all. Can you tell us if you are still running each day?

    It would be good to read what you are eating every day; we don’t need to see it like last time! 

    Keep it up, Will – Singapore

    • Not running every day, now, but I will get back into it at the end of this 8 week transformation. I do 30 minutes every morning on the treadmill, that’s down from 45 minutes at the beginning, I was getting too lean. Sometimes when you lose fat, you lose protection along with it. Fat actually protects the muscles and tendons when you’re working with heavy weights. That’s why power lifters are all carrying fat. The cardio was making me a little bit too lean too quickly, so I had to ease off a bit. That time I tore my chest muscle, I was in contest shape, no fat. The muscle just ripped, couldn’t handle the weight. I honestly feel it was related to how lean I was.

  16. TJ says:

    Hey Kevin I started lifting about the same time you started, and while I can’t match your gains, you helped inspire me to start lifting after 3 years off from an injury. I’ve gone from 153 lbs to 173 lbs, 2 inches gained on chest, 2 inches gained on legs, and .2 inches on arms. Bench from 170 to 235 x 6 reps, deadlift from 185 to 290 x 6 reps. I know how great you must be feeling because I’m feeling better physically today than I have in 3 + years. It’s a feeling you can’t get any other way!

  17. Savier says:

    Solid Workout. You arms are getting massive man. You look great. Liking the style too.

  18. Tony says:


    Curious what you think of this half rep stuff some of the current top pros are using? Ronnie, Jay, Dexter and this Phil Heath guy are all doing these partial reps for there full workout (at least in the videos I’ve seen lately). What’s up is there something the rest of us don’t know? Clearly it works, but I just don’t get it. Do you happen to know if you were the only one doing full reps when you were competing? I ask cause the major thing I always felt separated you and Dorian from the rest is that your muscles looked dense as opposed to just “big”.

    • Carl @ UNC says:

      Good question, I’d also like to know.

      Also, I asked this question in one of the previous posts: will you be showing us some of your ab workouts?

      Thanks, and keep up the good work!

      • Rob says:

        Kevin said earlier that his ab workout is nothig special right now, just 100 situps every morning and every night.

    • Rob says:

      Apparently doing half reps can work the target muscle more intensely. For example, during shoulder press – the bottom half of the movement is basically all shoulders. As you press the weight upwards, roughly just over the half way point that’s where your triceps really kick in. Of course everyone is genetically different and there is no one general rule for all but thats the basic idea with the half rep stuff. Very common amoungst many pros – Ronnie Coleman etc. Like Kevin said, try all training methods, be open minded and experiment.

      • Rob says:

        I forgot to say that Ronnie Coleman, Jay Cutler etc also do what scientists now call X-Reps as well as half reps and full ones too. For those who don’t know, X-Reps are similar to static (isometric training) but you usually do them after you reach positive failure (after exhausting your type 1 fibres) and move through ‘the sweet spot’ of the muscle, about 6 inches of motion to hit the type 2 fibres (which are the key fibres for muscle growth). The elite few like Kevin Levrone would have a much higher percentage of the type 2 fibres (the fast twitch explosive type 2b ones) than the average joe, hence part of their amazing ability to grow such big perfect muscles.

    • I don’t believe in partial reps. You’ll never see me doing it. If it works for them, great. I built my career on full range of movement and I’m sticking by it. I’ve never seen those guys doing it. My opinion is if someone IS doing it on a video you saw, they can’t do the full range, or they’re focusing on doing an impressive weight instead of impressive technique. I have another word for half reps: cheating. (Unless you’re doing static contractions.)

  19. Frank says:

    Hey kevin!

    Its very cool to see how you perform the exercises how many reps and sets…

    The one thing I find missing or that I just dont understand is how you base your shedule? Seems you workout different muscles together everytime, do you simply go by how you feel that day?

    Would be nice to see kind of a rough plan on how ur day/meals cardio is spaced out during the day

    • A normal workout schedule for me is day one chest/shoulder/tri, day two legs, day three back/bi/hamstrings. That’s what you should be doing.

      I implemented “shock treatment” in week 5, that changed it up a bit, and then yesterday I did power sled, shrugs and hyper extensions. Sometimes what we put up isn’t the whole workout, but just a clip, so that might make it a little confusing.

  20. rick says:

    hey Kev,

    nice videos, your arms are blowing up man!
    i have a doubt about the standing EZ curls, this bar that u use has a particular design that is better for the outside of the biceps right? and there is the other design that is the straight one, that is better for the whole biceps, for a person that wants size, wich one is the better? and if i am wrong please correct me.

    Best luck for u man

    rick from Brasil

  21. Callesteve says:

    Good arm workouts, very instructional. 10 hours of sleep, are you taking anything to help you sleep like that?

    • Rob says:


      Is that 10 hours straight or do you wake up after say 5 hours, have a meal, just like a protein shake etc then go back to sleep?

  22. Thad says:

    Keep it going Kevin! I am one week behind you man! Took two years off and now I am back in it. It is great to see your drive and intensity. I am striving to be on that level every time I go in the gym now. Thanks man.

  23. Norweigian says:

    Sorry man, i dont think your biceps exercices are done very strict. It seems to me that you just trow the weights up and you just lift weigths, not muscles.
    The main focus seems to be reaching those 6 reps, not tearing the fibers hard.
    But i guess the main issue is how your armmuscles and armbones were put together, and with your genetics every upperarm movements hits the biceps in a way others can dream of.

    Sorry if i bore you with this geneticsstuff, but still i think its very interesting and motivating to see how one of the best bodybuilders builds his body from scratch.

    • isoflex says:

      How dare you to question Kevin his training?? what’s up with that? pathetic!

      • Enzo says:

        Dude chill out, Kevin said himself he was doing this to show others, but also to learn more himself.

        Also I want to say that Kevin is cheating a bit, but not much at all. I’ve found that cheating a little and in that way lift heavier weights gives me better results.

  24. -giv.Romania says:

    I like your new straps and I love your new arms.Yeah,you look good.

  25. Stian Hagen says:

    Hello Kevin,
    What is the biggest mistake people do?
    What is your diet like in % of protein carbs and fat.
    Phenomenal results so far. It is almost unfair that a normal guy can not get these kinds of results.

  26. lucian says:

    this is a great thing you are doing. i didnt see you for a week and on monday leg day you show up looking 15lb heavier. these videos dont do the changes justice. thanks for letting me be a part of this and pushing me so hard in the gym. me and doubler are loving busting our asses in the gym with you.

    your friend

  27. Bob says:

    No offence, guys, but this is a sport for losers. Think about it. You devote years upon years of training, deny yourself little pleasures of life, eat right (if overstuffing yourself with calories on a daily basis is right, you be the judge of that), inject yourself with juice all over your body and undermine your health in doing so — all this to what end? To overcompensate for an inferiority complex? You are not man enough in other areas, so you try to overcompensate with muscle? How about losing it all in a few months, like Levrone did, and becoming the laughing stock of the industry? Every pro bodybuilder (except for Schwarzenneger) ends up a sore loser. Do you see any bodybuilders among successful people? Zero (except for Schwarzenneger, who got on the bandwagon while he could – but he wasn’t juicing or working out properly already after the first Terminator!) Think about it, guys. Get a life, don’t turn into an egocentric loser with nothing to show for your life but a thousand strechmarks all over your body. Or a large coffin, which, surprisingly, is a more favored outcome for bodybuilders than losing muscle. Kick this habit and live free!

    • Enzo says:

      Then what are you doing here? Go watch Britney Spears on Youtube or something.

    • Rob says:

      Wow!…an intersting viewpoint you have there. Just for arguments sake, perhaps there are a select few in the world who fall into your grim idea of bodybuilding but I can assure you that there are many more who don’t. I find it really sad that you cannot see the beauty of the sport and I must say, I totally disagree with your statement. This is something that is not even worth debating/arguing over since you are obviously set in your ways. What I also find interesting is your definition of success. So does money, power and status etc define success for you? Ha ha ha – good luck my friend, you obviously have a lot to learn about the world and I sincerely wish you all the best in doing so. You might want to start by not posting such negative comments on Kevin’s site as all it does is waste your time and ours.

      • Bob says:

        Rob, thanks for a meaningful answer, not something along the lines of go watch Britney, etc. You see, most people hate to admit they were wrong, even if they truly wish they hadn’t done something in the first place. You see, I myself am (was) a competitive bodybuilder, so it’s a thing of experience. I’m sincere in my warning to all the young guys out there. If you enjoy bodybuilding, go for it, but only as long as it remains your hobby besides your primary calling in life. The sad truth is, bodybuilding has turned from something unique into something very commonplace and cliche. Today there are thousands of athletes with physiques better than Arnold’s. Today you cannot throw a stone into a crowd without hitting a juicer. In all honesty, I believe that bodybuilding is 90% sweat, hard work, pain, frustration, and merely 10% pleasure that is all too fleeting… The reason I am following Levrone’s progress is mostly this: I am trying to figure out whether or not he has coped psychologically with the trauma of his loss — loss of a physique he may never recover. There was a video out there of Levrone, Hollywood something, which got me thinking that maybe he also came to the realization that this sport is basically a dead end, since Levrone was clearly mocking the sport there. I felt really proud and a bit jealous of him that he could give it up so easily and laugh at it. Now I’m not so sure. He won’t admit it, of course. He is always so matter-of-fact about his losing muscle / gaining muscle. I really don’t know what to make of it… So once again, guys, rethink your attitude toward this sport. You don’t want to end up broke with only photos of your muscles to show your grandkids. If you ever have any, that is — bodybuilders’ record is not that great in that department. Take care.

    • Carl @ UNC says:

      So to sum up what you said.. you just called yourself a big loser and not man enough in other areas. You are now the laughing stock of the industry with a million stretchmarks and you express all your regret and frustration by lashing out at other people trying to enjoy and preserve what’s left of the sport.

      • Bob says:

        What you said is true for the most part. But I’m not lashing out – just trying to warn all you guys out there that it’s not worth it in the long run. Most of you have been doing this for how long, 3-4 years tops? I’ve been into this for 20 years, and I’m still working out, and bench-pressing 350, but it’s no longer something I do for the love of it. And time is running out. And I really don’t have much to show for my life except for muscle.

      • Carl @ UNC says:

        Well I’m sorry to hear that. But everyone values things differently.. I’m sure there are people with your experience in bodybuilding who don’t regret it at all, such as Kevin I’m sure.

    • rick says:

      u really are a stupid man” all your dumb eys can see ’bout bodybuilding is that we are going to the gym just to look better to girls, but is not. we go to the gym to push ourselves hard and left behind what we thought was impossible to do. it’s just about pass through our limits and push us as hard we can e nothing but this. learn a little bit before say this shit and open your mind and get out of this pathetic world that you live

      • Bob says:

        Yeah, it’s the same for everybody, I assure you. You still sound naive about the whole thing, so I think you’ve been doing this for a couple of years at most. The way you express yourself also makes me question your intellectual potential. So I guess for some people this is the only way.

    • Javier says:

      I’m sorry but you have no the less idea, dude.
      It really does exist the kind of people you’re talking about, but we- the artists- don’t need a reason to explain our art. We do what we love to do, here is the success.
      Kevin forever. Javi from Spain

  28. demorak says:

    For those of you questioning Kevins training…are you serious? first of all his form i perfect on everything, second he is one of the best bodybuilders ever. third you can obviously see that what ever he is doing is WORKING “if it aint broke dont fix it”

  29. Rob says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Truly awesome biceps man!

    Forgive me, this is probably a silly question but I must ask;

    First of all, I know you have amazing genetics for bodybuilding and you are probably able to recouperate faster that 99% of people as well as respond better etc etc.

    Q) I was wondering, every time you train the same bodypart again, are you sometimes slightly sore from the previous time you worked out that particular muscle or have you always fully recovered beforehand?

  30. koerperkult says:

    Nice interview on RX 🙂 getting more and more hope seeing you back on stage

    mutch love from germany again

  31. Kito says:

    Thx for doing all this Kevin : )
    You spend us hope and strengh to fulfill and reach our dreams

    greetings from germany

  32. McK says:

    It would be unreal if you came back for even just one or two shows, regardless of your placing, although I firmly believe that if you put in another few months and did what you have to do then your placing would be very high in ANY pro show.
    Huge respect Kevin from Ireland

  33. Maa says:

    Hey Kev,

    I was just wondering; what are your recommendations when it comes to intake of carbs? you have pointed out several times the importance of protein after training. but how much carbs before and after training, relative to protein, is the ideal amount?

    keep them videos coming man, you are becoming an animal!

  34. Rob says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Did you ever need to target your forearms specifically with wrist curls etc, or like Dorian Yates, did they just develop naturally by training the other body parts?

  35. Mateus Medeiros says:

    I dont believe, how is this possible? how?? in 5 weeks?? its really fantastic.. you resuls are really incredible i cant believe.. its so fast.. come on Kevin tell me what do you eat, what do u drink tell me everything.. im from Brazil and here we dont have all the best like USA i would like send u my photos and tell u what i do i would like tell u everything i really need help.. can i contact u by email?? i really hope so Keving.. see u..

  36. Rodney says:

    Hey Kevin, do you still own the gym that you worked out at in all of your videos like “M3” and where all of the “Battle for the Olympias” were taped? You know, the one in Massachusetts with the “purple powder coated treadmills”? The gym that you are working out in for these new videos looks different. I mean, it could be the same just with new renovations and things such as that. However, the whole layout and room looks different. Just wondering. I really liked that gym in those videos. I thought it looked pretty hardcore and I liked the flags and the big “Just Do It” logo on the wall. Anyway, just asking. Looking good brother!

  37. Eric says:

    Hey Kevin i heard the interview with you on rxmuscle.com. Dave is a cool dude but i sure as hell hope you prove him wrong man. And im sure you already know this but we all wanna see your ass back on stage man. You deserve it bro and the bodybuilding world needs a new look that only you can bring. They may not have rewarded your look the first time but i can feel it bro, you could seriously do this man and go all the way to the top and be Mr. Olympia. Gives me chills just thinkin about it man, seriously. Much love from Kansas City.

  38. Eddie says:

    Hey Kev, I often hear people talking about your weights in the different shows, could you possibly tell us some competition weights of you?
    Especially from the 1997 olympia, or even from any event you still know, ….at the 1997 olympia you looked very massive, you was shaven-headed that could have been one of the reasons you looked so damn big!

    • About 248 lbs in ’97 Olympia. I weighed 256 lbs in the ’97 Arnold Classic when I beat Flex Wheeler. My weight always fluctuated. I always thought I looked best at 243 lbs. The reason I fluctuated was because all judges are different, I was always anticipating what was going to win. Some liked me when I was sleeker and ripped, some liked me when I was massive, depending on different shows. I tried different approaches in order to win. If I lost one year, I figured I needed to adjust. Didn’t make much difference though because it’s political – it’s very rare for a Mr. Olympia to lose his title for any reason, Ronnie was one exception.

  39. Wrn says:

    Hey Kev!

    How many times a week are you training your calves? You haven’t done that much coverage on that muscle group. I would like to see you doing a standing calf raises in your next video!

  40. Steve W says:

    u can really see the biceps working when he curls. it is amazing kevin!

  41. Henry91 says:

    Heey Kevin. i have few words to say you’re amazing kev keep doing it, you’re the man that i took as example to be but sometimes you cant be what you want. I back to the GYM 2 days before you and i quit today i prove myself i can do it and i am happy about it but you’re my inspiration and you will be always kev. you’re a great person i wish you the best

  42. Bakri New Zealand says:

    Awesome interview on RX bro, keepn it real.

  43. modred says:

    hello kevin!
    i cant belive how good you look this week!! arms , shoulders even legs… you getting harder more massive and to me you look like a real bodybuilder again with a physique anyone would like to have.
    keep goin

  44. Andy says:

    Hi Kevin, great workout!
    Like few people out there, I got pain in my forearms after a biceps workout, especially with the Barbell Curl. Its really frustrating because I couldn’t do biceps or some other dumbell excercises the last three weeks, the doctor says I have to rest but that doesn’t help. Some people say that you have to stretch them few times a day but that doesn’t help either. After seeing all your hard workouts, I bet you got that too in the beginning of your career, if so, what did you do against it?



  45. dodymand says:

    i realy like your blog its very nice information.

  46. cyrus says:

    hey big kev!

    Just wanna let you know that you have a big fan here in the Philippines. Ive been watching all your videos from the beggining to these newer ones. Anyway, I feel like I have the same genetic make up with you in terms of triceps and chest.. I can do pushdowns with all the stack on our cable crossover machine.. sadly, I go down in terms of delts.. lol.

    I’ll also create my own transformation blog so I hope you can give me advices.. sound advices, as some guys out there doesn’t even know a thing about bodybuilding, they’re just big. Anyway, Just wanna thank you in advance, man!

    More muscle!
    Bless you!

    i’m also a natural freak..

  47. […] Levrone Transformation, Biceps • LevroneReport.com « Levrone Report […]

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