Levrone Transformation, Week 6, Back & Hamstrings • LevroneReport.com

Back workouts are getting interesting. I have the thickness now to where I can start chiseling and refining the muscles. I do this by implementing a variety of hand positions on the pulling exercises, as you’ll see in the three back videos below.

It’s best to train hamstrings fresh. Some people do quads and hamstrings in the same workout – they put everything into quads and lose out on hamstrings. Definitely do your leg curls fresh to handle heavier weights, like I did in the two leg videos below.

I’m blown away by the names you guys are coming up with for the supplement. I just found out that because Extreme Full Blown is an existing supplement, unfortunately Full Blown can’t be used, even as part of a bigger name. Also found out that M3 can’t appear by itself within the name because of copyright issues. That’s okay, you’ve given me tons of awesome names – it’s going to be hard to choose.

I’m putting up the poll tomorrow. Feel free to post names all the way up until I launch the poll. I’ll be watching.

– Kevin

Full workout:


Close Grip Pull Downs

180 lbs x 12

180 lbs x 12

195 lbs x 8

180 lbs x 8

Reverse Grip Pull Downs

180 lbs x 8

195 lbs x 8

180 lbs x 8

180 lbs x 8

Reverse Grip Seated Rows

180 lbs x 8

180 lbs x 8

180 lbs x 8

180 lbs x 10


Standing Leg Curls

4 sets: 120 lbs x 6

Lying Leg Curls

4 sets: 80 lbs x 12


43 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 6, Back & Hamstrings • LevroneReport.com

  1. kenbo213 says:

    Hey kev, i dont know whether you answered this q before, but i’ll give it a shot again, would leg presses be more orientated towards front quads the hamstrings?

  2. M3 says:

    ooh… “Psycho Transformation: Muscle Tuner” . LOOKIN GOOD!

  3. Egor says:

    Kevin, you MUST return. Just as returning Schwarzenegger, Oliva, Ferrigno…

  4. Roger says:

    BAM! What a workout. Great vids & advice as always! Getting bigger too. Gonna need a wide-lens on that cam of yours soon!!

  5. Matty says:

    Eat, sleep, train…. we gotta fit 8-10 hours work in there too Kev!!

    Keep the blog going after the 8 weeks, its an inspiration.


    • Norweigian says:

      and a attentionsick girlfriend, a child, a dog, rats in the cellar and a broken car.
      But he`s rigth, we got to keep this out of the gym.
      But my experiences tell me that daily problems are the main issue on why i dont see the progress that i want in the gym.
      My dream would be like having 100 millions and just living the bodybuilding life 24/7. Training, eating, sleeping, reading and chasing girls at the beaches, as the top 3 Olympians:-)

  6. Michel R says:

    Big Kev,

    This blog has been my daily inspiration for the last couple of weeks. After a year of just going to the gym on automatic pilot, this blog and your return has inspired me again to energize up and nowadays I go to the gym all fired up and I just blast through my workout. The harder it gets, the more it puts a smile on my face. I lost it, but this blog and transformation gave me my drive back. So thx for that…

    Since this is week 6 of your eight week transformation, I hope you’re thinking of making this blog some sort of a continuous link to the bodybuilding community. So we can all enjoy your future endaviours or bodybuilding tips, not necessarily on a daily base, but perhaps on a weekly/biweekly base.

    Anyway, keep it up and thx for the tips and tricks on the different exercises. They surely will be implemented in my workout…

    Greetings from Belgium…

    • Norweigian says:

      what…8 weeks??…is this just a trip to sell that product. Isnt it for real?
      This gonna stop in two weeks?

      I thougth it was a never ending bodybuildingjourney for people who just loves this sport. Making som money too is no problem, but was it the only reason?. I though Kev said that he just needed some extra fuel to get back in there and that he realy missed his old body, not just the money:-(

      • Michel R says:

        Kevin never said he would stop within two weeks, but he talked about an eight week transformation. So it’s up to him to clarify what he intends to do with this awesome blog. A few replies below, u can see he says this blog is meant to stay, so that’s awesome.
        My question has been answered…

        Yeah baby 🙂

    • Norweigian, if you look back to the beginning you’ll see this blog was not launched just for this transformation. It will be an ongoing journey we take together. The focus is on bodybuilding and ways to unlock potential in other areas of your life as well. I’d be honored if you continue the journey after this initial body transformation.

      • Norweigian says:

        Nice words. You`re the man, Kev.

      • Nelson says:

        Man, Kev…i hope that even if u compete again, you’ll keep on doing the blog. It’d be a shame if after this fire has been lit, and this movement has started, it just died.

        God bless u.

  7. Scott W says:

    Hey Kev a question about the pulldowns. Would sitting up straight and eliminating that slight lean back isolate the lats more efficiently or would that just cause your biceps to get more involved? Thanks Kev, keep the videos and info coming.

  8. Thad says:

    Thanks for the advice on hams. I usually do them on leg day, but I will switch it up and go on back day. Makes sense.

    Keep it going Kevin!

  9. JL2 says:

    Hey Kev!

    Nice going bro. I dont know if it matters or not, but I posted a name for the supplement and suggested “Nitromethane.” I meant to also suggest “Nitro Methane” or “NitroMethane.” Same name just divided.
    Thanks for all the inspiration and knowledge. You are the Best.
    God Bless!

  10. Jeremy says:

    Hey Kev,

    Do you implement anchoring at all? Where you use a successful action, like touching your leg before a set, and that action is asociated with a successful outcome, and therefore a successful outcome is more probable?

    You are a true inspiration man, you are a breath of fresh air, trying to help us, not like some bodybuilders who use heavy weights/bad form during DVDs just for the camera.

    God Bless,


  11. Tarvi says:

    Me and my father are big fan for you!
    Hope I see you train Flex Wheeler!!!

    Good luck!

  12. ipole says:

    looking great man ,

    i wanted to ask something , u ever treid extrem streching after your done with a muscelpart like breast ? after u done all the stuff for breast you taking a weigth and hold it for 60 sec at the most streched position ? or waht u think abut that ?

    good luck with teh supp and finding a neat name

    greets from good ole germany

  13. Savier says:

    Awesome back workout Kevin. Looking absolutely Massive. Keep it up! Can’t wait for the next videos!

  14. craig says:


    I am checking in everyday. Have some personal problems going down so you are my therapy. I always admired your physique but now I rate you as the best person in bodybuilding. I can be inspired by you as a person and that means more to me than anything.

    My brother who is a lot younger than me is absolutely over the moon that you are back. He got back from Afghanistan and is so inspired by you. its taken his mind off things

    Whatever you do man from any stage of your life we are always in your corner.

    • Thanks Craig, your message is inspiring to all of us. Hang in there with your personal problems and props to your brother for his bravery abroad and at home. I’m in your corner, too – this blog is here to stay.

  15. Juiced03 says:

    Are we going to see any sort of deadlifts in some of your back videos?

    And how often would you say you will change your back workout from mass workouts to the detailing workouts?

  16. Kryze says:

    I just do hamstrings first in my leg workout if I wanna work on them more. Good advice though, especially if you incorporate deads in your back workout regularly, which also involves hamstrings.

    Too bad both FB and M3 names weren’t available.
    At least I know you considered them. It’ll be fun to see the product when it’s unveiled anyway though.
    Thanks for involving the fans in this, you should be a politician. 😉

  17. tone says:

    i have ideas for your suppléments : levr 1 muscle diffusion,or full vrone ,fuel blown …but this i don’t know if you can . Full m3 ,maryland muscle turbo ,maryland blown lol.

  18. stercus says:

    looking good Kevin !!!!

  19. Agostino says:

    good work Kevin!!

  20. Justin Beman says:

    Hey Kevin,

    hope you liked the names i suggested yesterday, Im not usually the type to reach out to say thanks for anything(ask my girlfriend) but i’d just like to throw out a thanks from me and my training partner. Your return has gotten us back into training after leaving behind countless city/provincial/atlantic championships and followers. You doing this has shown us again the real reson we train, the pride we all hold within ourselves..Thanks Kevin.

  21. Pat_Hodgson says:

    Great going Kev!

    Resurrection – muscle, soul & spirit

  22. Alex says:

    yo this man is coming back to stage know he is and he should wtf! ur progressing like crazy man i know alot of it has to do with muscle memory but still… u growing like crazy im with you man dont give up keep going after this thing is done@@@!!!!

  23. :::William::: says:


  24. Dennis says:

    kev…been checkin in every day and i wanna let you know this from outside the box…not only have you been kickin ass training, but bro…i think this is good for your sole…as i tune in day to day as time goes on i can even hear a pop in your voice that is getting strong by the workout…bleed it out baby, were just lovin it…lets roll…

  25. Lyotoo says:

    Hey Kevin, another awesome blog man. You’re looking massive. Not unexpected though, especially thinking back to what you used to look like lol. I was just wondering if you had any tips on getting more lat width. Thanks man. Keep up the great video blogs.

  26. Rob says:

    Looking awesome Kevin!…

    Man, I cant thank you enough. You have really given me the boost my training needed!

    No supplement or drug can beat that kind of mental inspiration I get from you – thanks man!

  27. Andreas says:

    hello kevin andreas from luleå sweden here i just wanted to say you are a true hero you make me belive that anything is possible and i thank you for that and man look on your face from week one and look now you look so much younger and fresher its really cool what training does for you!!!
    thank you foe doing this it means alot to me and many more

  28. Jimmy says:

    Sweden here…

    Man, are these videos inspiring to me or what!!?? =)
    If my gym was open and if I hadn´t been at the gym earlier today I´d be there again because the videos you put up here, Kevin, are awesome! The videos/You make me want to push myself harder each time I hit the gym, and that´s only a good and positive side effect I´m all in for hahahaha

    I read your reply to my earlier question and if I understood your answer correctly, you will not stop with this blog after 8 weeks has passed and you will continue with this progress.

    If so, at least I, here in Sweden, will be following this with so much appreciation and inspiration and I can hardly tell you how much this site means to me (and to all the others who surf in here and read & watch your progress).
    I hope that even more people in the business of fitness, weight training or bodybuilding here in Sweden, can surf in to this site and learn, be inspired or be shocked or be awed.

    This website of yours is THE best website of 2009 – easy.

    Fantastic and awesome!

    Keep on reporting, Kevin. I´m here.


    /Jimmy, Sweden

  29. anonymous says:

    NAME KEV….

    by LeVrONe

  30. Phil says:

    I thought about variants around the word “Velocity” or “Veloce”, in italian, which defines speed and direction. Which bodybuilder isn’t looking for a product that gives rapid and ever increasing results?

    Product names ideas:
    – VelocExpander / Veloce Expander
    – VelocExtreme / Veloce Extreme
    – VelocIgniter / Veloce Igniter
    – Veloce Extreme Igniter NO (V.E.I.N.)

    Company/Brand name ideas (just in case 😉 :
    – Veloce Nutrition (or Velocity Nutrition)
    – VelociTech Nutrition
    – LKB Nutrition (Levrone Knows Best Nutrition)

  31. the_gift says:

    Hey.. when you posting the top 5??

    myn was Levrone’s Nitro-drol, I posted it where you asked for responses a couple days ago.??

  32. marco says:

    alot of people have been using the no word in there names.

    just keep it simple call it advantage

  33. troy says:

    loving all these new techniques kevin, i hardly recognise my original training regimen that i used before i started watching this blog. an i loved your rxmuscle interview concerning a possible comeback, it made me laugh cause its not a questian of weather you could hang with the younger guys..but whether they could hang with Kevin Levronie haha

  34. AKurban says:

    Thanks for the tips Kev! Although I have been bodybuilding for over 8 years, it’s a never-ending learning process – of your body, your mind, your inner self. This transformation has helped me get through difficult obstacles in and outside of the gym. Thanks Kev, your work is most appreciated!

  35. Dave says:

    Hey Kevin,
    When I listened to the interview w/ Palumbo, it sounded like you said that you’re on the east coast. Did you move back to Maryland?

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