Top Five Supplement Names

Thanks for all your suggestions. I read every name carefully, surprised by how creative and well thought out your suggestions were. It was a really hard choice. M3 alone and Full Blown can’t be used for copyright reasons. My favorite happens to be The Levrone Formula. But it’s up to you guys. I’ll let you know the results in 24 hours. Check back for a killer chest workout I’ll be posting later tonight. Thanks again and great job. I enjoyed reading these posts – you guys are awesome.


52 Responses to Top Five Supplement Names

  1. Dennis says:

    kev, are there more supp’s to come as in a line or just this??? it will help alot of us when we vote…thanks bro.

  2. alexy1 says:

    Hey Kev,
    Looking great! I just read the post about naming your supplement. How about Kevin Levrone’s LEV-RAGE! because it gives you a leverage in the gym. Some other names I thought of are ENDURA-PUMP or NITRO-BLOWN. Let me know what you think.


  3. Igor says:

    Ehhh, all this just for a supplement promotion.
    I was hoping for something different Kev.

    • It’s not what it’s about Igor. I don’t fault your skepticism, though, cause most of the world operates the way you’re describing. I didn’t even know I was doing a supp when I started this blog. Given my goals and promise of doing it natural, I had no choice but to put together something awesome. It may very well be the first supplement that was ever put together for the right reasons. Now at this point I see an opportunity to put it out there. All I can do is keep it real, what can I say. If you’re getting something out of this blog, that should be real enough for you.

    • cm185045 says:

      Igor thats’s bullshit !!!

      This were a lot of too much afford for a supplement promotion – think about this.

      Kevin has a whale of a time to make this blog -if you don’t see this in his videos I think you should by you glasses as soon as possible.

      His supplement is only a waste product from doing this transformation.

      Buying it is totally voluntary.

  4. Marco says:

    Has to have your name in it. Anyone can simply reference “The Levrone Report” to check out the myth the man the legg

  5. Aron says:

    LevrONE RevUP

    Revvin’ Like Kevin

    NO-Sweat : Max Gain Formula

    • john says:

      haha, Revvin’ Like Kevin. i’d buy that in a heart beat. “hey john, what do you take to get that freaky pump in your biceps”…. “oh, well i take this new stuff called revvin’ like kevin…you know kevin levrone…”

  6. Curtis says:

    THE LevrONE Nutrition (Bold The & One) brings you SuperNOva (your NO product)

    Brand your company “LevrONE Nutrition” and your product, but at least this way it leaves you open to introducing more products if you want or find formulas that meet your standards.

  7. Chris Winfield says:

    Supernova is ALREADY IN USE… So anybody who votes for that will not have a meaningless vote.

    I go for “THE LevrONE Formula” Its the best out of those choices, those others either as used too often , pump and supplements are endless… Why have another “pump” name in a supplement , the m3ta one is cheesy. Kev3 , doesnt sound as much like a supplement as the others.

    and superNOva is a lawsuit for name stealing.

  8. Gil from Aussie Land says:

    Sounds Great Kevin…Levrone Formula
    More Power to you….You do deserve it.
    Thanks for motivating us all.. its a Great ride watching one of the Greats getting back into shape, truly Inspiring..

    Gil frm Malb Australia

  9. Colby Delvecchio says:

    i say levrone muscle building machine i would of said maryland muscle machine but needs to apply to everyone lol that sounds amazing kevin hope you like it. or levrone to grow or the levrone intensifier high intensity workouts and increased endurance

  10. king_peach says:

    Ok none of the name choices are good. you should consult a marketing company. Here is my personal idea for a name.

    Stand Alone … By Keven Levrone

    or Levrones all new Stand Alone

    Stand Alone is the one product you will need to make massive gains and completely transform you physique.

    🙂 Id buy it..Of course im going to purchase what ever you call it any way.. but if you pick my name.. maybe you can send me some freebees 🙂

  11. Dragos says:

    THE levrONE formula

    But remember man, you MUST…I repeat MUST have a pic of your famous side chest post.

    Hell, if you can, mold the just like that.

  12. Dragos says:

    Mold the jug**

  13. Nelson says:

    How about “Levrone Transformation”?

  14. Dennis says:

    I think the entire supplement line should be named “The LevrONE Formulas” but this particular product that Kevin is describing should be called “LEV-RAGE!” because it has the first three letters of Kevin’s name and the product will give you a leverage when working out. Also, the product label would look good with LEV-RAGE! on the bottle. IT would stand out and grab your attention.

  15. max says:

    The word “the” in a product name isn’t my thing that is why i like levrone pump, the reason i like it is because its simple shows that what your suppose to get out of it in the title, and gives it flavor by having your name in it.

  16. alexy1 says:

    I think the entire supplement line could be called “The LevrONE Formulas” but this particular supplement that Kevin is describing should be called LEV-RAGE! because it sounds like leverage and would give you a leverage and/or intensity/rage when working out. Also, it has the first three letters of Kevin’s last name in it. It would definately stand out on a product label on the bottle. LEV-RAGE!

  17. Chris Winfield says:

    I think it should be more about the product than the marketing , special jugs , commercials , advertisements.. Should have nothing to do with the product. It would just raise cost of the product. Why shell out more money for a special jug that would have to be injection molded. Which would increase the overall cost of the product.

    The marketing will come from US guys… From word of mouth and suggestions to people we know and by us advertise not kevin. A way for us to support kevin with all his hard work and get a great qualitity no bullshit supplement out there.

    Marketing is that marketing , the only way to fully have a product that is sold as cheap as possible , and without lures of overhyper. , is no marketing just respect of the product from person to person

  18. Chris Winfield says:


  19. Matt S says:

    BOOOOO on the names. Its obvious it would be the kevin levrone product line. Dont use a personal name for the name of the actualy product. Its gotts be a catch name and none of the above are.

    Honestly Kevin if this whole thing is just a marketing stunt its going to get a bad rap and the products not going to sell, cause this was all planned out from the start.

    Your going to let alot of people down. When you take a test to see if your not juiceing it should be a lie detector test. You will def lose a bunch of fans if this is just a market plane from the beginning!!!

    • C says:

      I agree.

      I’ve maintained that Kevin was the best BBer out there for a long time, the only pro physique I’d want, and I’ll be disappointed if this is just a marketing scheme.

      • Matt S says:

        Everyone knows that people in mag adds dont take what there advertising, or there not just taking what there advertising and most are juiceing when there doing the photo shoot for the advertisment.

        Something seems fishy here and think we all have been PUNKED. I wanna see a lie detector test when rx muscle test him. He could be miss leading people and taking the real stuff inorder to make some money. I feel this whole body transformation was planned around trying to make money and market a product. Why else would he come out the wood works? He could be juiceing and saying hes only useing this certain product that not him but a friend made up, and kevin cashing into make money. Why should his name be on the product??? He didnt make it his friend did, he just using it!!! I agree with C… I could be wrong thought, but chances are im compleatly right!!! If he were using gear do you honestly think he would tell everyone? heck no!!!

  20. iron asylum says:

    How about Kevins Levrones Genetic freak Juise or “Freak Juice”

  21. JOHN says:

    Just letting you know Kevin that “THE ONE” is already a prohormone supplement. So make sure you look into that… that is a SICK name though.

    Hopefully all works out, that name would definitely make it jump out at people.

  22. JORDAN says:

    cant believe you didnt pick the nox-ignition ..three two..levrONE..ignition”

    a skint young student could of done with it big time mnan!

  23. SammieSam says:

    what if we don’t like any of the names? i agree that the individual product shouldn’t have ur name in it because your company will most likely have ur name in it. i just don’t think it would look right if u plan on coming out with a whole line of products.

  24. Matt S says:

    Why is he putting his name on a product a friend of his made up. Kevin didnt make anything, hes no different from us just using something a friend makes up. hes going to cash in on something he didnt even make up. Hes just using it. The whole phone call to his friend that made the product all was a spoof and it was planned for him to call. Open your eyes people!!! “I never felt something like this it heated me up and energised me and had a massive pump” come on its all planned so he can cash in on everyone whos his fan and miss lead everyone!!!

    • SammieSam says:

      matt, i see what ur saying, but if u think about it, rich gaspari doesn’t come up with his own products either. he is just the face of the products. kevin is going to be the face of the product even though someone else came up with it. it’s all about how u market it. there’s a lot of great products out there but those companies just don’t know how to market it.

    • Mixing ingredients isn’t my direct area of expertise, but this was a shared vision of the final product and the effects it would bring on. I alone tested it and critiqued its effects. It many respects it was designed for me, by me.

      • Matt S says:

        So what you had a friend make for you, may not work the same for someone else as well as it did for you right?

  25. Dan says:

    hmmm… whats with all the negativity? I understand your points about the marketing thing. But I for one disagree with it all. The reason kevin went out of the blue and started bodybuilding again is because of all the years of partying and etc.(thats what kevin said, I think, in the interview). With all those drinks and everything, it was time to get clean. For those out their that have taken a bit of a break from training, you know their is an “urge to go back to the gym and train because you start to feel somewhat strange with your body. Remember their is alot of skepitical surrounding bodybuiling Such as “the juice”. Kevin told all of us that he is going to go all natural. The only reason why he’s taking the NO is to get a “leverage” for his workout. All of us use NO and etc for a little bit of a boast for our workout. He told us that he is using this to inform us of what he is doing so we don’t think its “the juice” thats helping because its going to come out sooner or later because everybody will want the “test” To know whats he taking. He showed us the phone clip to back up his statement that it is NO. Remember, it was us that made the statement that he sould sell whats he’s taking as a supplement line. He also didn’t want to give any information of the supplement away in the begining to prevent a bunch of people from going out and just copying whats he is taking and cause potential harm. And this supplement that he is using is in high dosages of many ingredients that many might not be able to handle.(I don’t think he wants what happened with hydroxycut) Of cousre I could be wrong but this is what I think. Keep up the good work Kevin. You have made such a dramastic change over 5 weeks. I thank you for giving back to the bodybuilding community. I personally belive you are doing this 100% natural. Going from 206-245 is possible. I personally have gone from 148- 231 in 2 and a half year naturally. Of cousre, not all muscle but a big majority of it is.

  26. Rodney says:

    I love it how when Kevin was all “hush hush” about what he made with his friend, everybody and their mother wanted to know what it was and if Kevin was going to put it out as a product. Now, that he has decided to do so…AND had the decency to ask our advice regarding what to name this product because he realizes the role his fans have played in his transformation, people are saying that he only did the transformation to market a product. That is a load of shit.

    He mentioned it when he made it and that was it until the radio show when Palumbo asked if he was going to market it. If you want to blame anyone, blame Dave Palumbo and John Romano, not Kevin. Kevin realizes how much the fans love what he is doing. Hell, I can’t go lift without watching a few of his videos first for motivation. This man has done nothing but give of himself to all of us on this blog, so we should not take him for granted.

    Out of all of the supps on the market of this type, THIS is probably the ONLY one I would buy because it was made BY Kevin FOR Kevin himself. That means it has to do something for him. I don’t see Jay Cutler formulating Muscletech products, do you? But people sure as hell buy the shit out of them and they are all crap. Kevin didn’t have to tell us anyting but he did, and be grateful for that. Stop killing the dream for everyone else.

  27. Matt says:

    Why not simply have the brand name as “Levrone” and then have NO2 crossing the the “O” in your name top down. Ends up looking like a plus symbol (which makes the product look and sound positive, literally) and leaves room for other supp’s.

    Kev, your surname is synonymous amongst the bodybuilding world and beyond, that itself is a huge draw and by tacking anything else onto the name limits the market if you decide to take it beyond one product.

    If you market it simply as Levrone NO2 (as described above) ultimatley you can take the on the supps market one product at a time!

  28. Torsten says:

    Hi Kevin,you know that The One already excits?
    By applied nutriceuticals?

  29. James says:

    Call it NO-B.S.

  30. Sam says:

    Is it KeV³ up there? Coz, if it is, then that’s what I gave and I am glad that it made it to the list.

  31. Michel R says:

    That’s why I think it’s best to keep the Levrone name in it. I voted THE levrONe formula for that reason. It must have the name Levrone in it, since that way, it’ll have the least problems with copyright issues. Would be damn uncool to see the supplement launch and then some obscur company claiming copyrights wrt the name.

    So number one for me, although I liked my name better muhaha… 😛

  32. Andrew says:

    Intense workout KEV, also when do you think the supplement will be ready and also where will we be able to buy it from. will it be through one of your websites or something like that

  33. Rob says:

    Yeah “The Levrone Formula” sounds awesome!!! Congratulations to whoever thought of that one!

    I can’t wait for you to release your product Kevin!

  34. Stan says:

    I can’t help but wonder how people manage to go into extreme lengths to find something negative in this wealth of positive energy. I mean, you folks seriously have to bend it to find something to pick on.

    Let’s keep it real for a second…why would Kevin go back into the gym after 4 years..bend over backwards and be sore for days beyond imagination..transform his body beyond belief and go through all the trouble of recording it on video, edit it..write down every set and every rep he does..what he he eats..up to the point that he shows us shaving his legs…all that, to get a new product out there?

    Do you really think he can’t drive down to the nearest marketing agency..have some firm, formulate some stuff and stick a sticker with Levrone on there with a cute picture or two, you think it wouldn’t sell??…Come can’t be seriously thinking that. Would go like hotcakes, just because it says Levrone. It’s due to his own integrity that that hasn’t happened and never will. If he was out to make a quick buck he would have done so a long time ago and most probably succeeded, don’t you think?

    Also..would it make any sense if he was taking gear that he would volunteer to let the likes of Dave Palumbo subject him to a drugtest hoping that the lab would miss the traces in his blood. Get can’t be seriously thinking that..What would happen?..he would be publicly chastised. I really think even assuming the possibility is an insult to the man’s intelligence.

    So what then??…is he really doing all this for us? I think the plain and simple answer to the question is yes.. Hard to believe that some people don’t have an hidden agenda and just want to pay forward what they have learned. Is he really transforming his body naturally? I’m sure the answer is yes too..has anybody noticed that this guy is beating himself up in the gym??…Who in here can honestly say that they train this hard day in day out. Sure he will have a genetic disposition somewhere…but I think for us all..the harder we train, the better we stick to our diets, the better our genetics seem to get.

    So I guess instead of looking for pitfalls lets support him in every way we can..and be grateful for everything he has done for us so far. I’ve learned sooo much in the past 5 weeks, it’s unreal. Even though he is Kevin Levrone, he doesn’t live of thin air. I’m sure making this blog and transforming his body like he is doing at present takes up a huge chunk of his time…if not all. If we as a community can make the excistence of this product known to the world I’m sure the quality speaks for itself, otherwise he wouldn’t put it out there. Now it’s our time to pay it forward…

    Thanks so much for everything you have done so far, Kevin..more then highly appreciated. I hope you continue doing this for a long time coming and hopefully all of us here can unite to spread the word regarding your new product as a small token of appreciation…I’m sure your product speaks for itself..we just need to make it travel..Let’s do it!

  35. mike says:

    formula laverone

    future laveone

  36. Adam says:

    I know i’m probably late for this but here is one. How about Kevin Levrone’s Tao. Tao means “The Way” Bringing mind, body, and soul to your workout.

  37. Bo says:


  38. Antonio says:

    Kevin, what about Full Blown? Or Full Blown LevrONE… i like these 🙂

  39. Antonio says:

    Nevermind just read about the copyrights…. too bad. I like The Levrone Formula, Fully Levrone, %100 Levrone

  40. MEl says:

    Without a doubt just “Levrone” would be great. The name would say it all. Your one of the most respected and most followed bodybuilders of all time. The name carries a lot of respect. Good luck to you brother, your doing awesome. MEl ( Sinister M3)

  41. youssef says:

    i like u man ur the best forever ur the myrlandmuscle machine keep going dont stop i wanna see in mr olympia soon.i know that ur clean and dont give a shut aboute what they say. you know my dream is training my self with u and u will see that am like u bro the same body the same face the same poses.take care.and my question is you will be in the mr olympia again??

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