Levrone Transformation, Week 6, Chest • LevroneReport.com

Here are highlights from yesterday’s chest/shoulders/tris workout. I’ve seen great gains this week. I’ll be posting the week six picture and bustin’ out some more poses on video tomorrow.

I’ve been getting a few comments from people worried that this might all be a publicity stunt to sell a product. That’s not the case at all. I’m sharing my journey with you directly, instead of through an impersonal, manufactured sponsorship. It’s brought inspiration and a sense of responsibility into my life.

Asking you to help with the name shows that I have no pre-planned marketing agenda. What you see is what you get. I collaborated with a nutrition expert I used back when I was competing – just weeks ago we developed a unique, common-sense blend that has a tremendous effect on the way I feel during my workouts. It will all be clear to you when you try it.

If you want to take a pass on the supplement, that’s fine, too. It has nothing to do with this blog. The blog will go on after the transformation, and regardless of whether I’m selling something. I’m not a communist, I believe in making money. But not with lies and manipulation. I’m offering you something I believe in.

Now let’s get back to more important matters, like training. Check out this intense flat bench dumbell set below. Let me know if you can match it.

– Kevin

Full Workout:


Dumbell Press:

60 lbs x 10,

80lbs x 10,

90lbs x 6,

120 lbs x 5,

115 lbs x 6.

Incline Smith Press:

135 lbs x 6,

225 lbs x 6,

225 lbs x 6,

225 lbs x 6

Peck Deck Flies:

120 lbs x 12,

130 lbs x 12,

130 lbs x 12,

150 lbs x 12


Super Set Side Lateral Raises:

4 sets of  15 lbs x 10; then 20 lbs x 10, 25 lbs x 10 (6 sets total)


EZ Curl Bar Push Downs:

4 sets of 150 lbs x 20


45 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 6, Chest • LevroneReport.com

  1. Eric says:


    It’s 1 in the morning and I feel like going to the gym again after watching this. I was repping dumbell bench press with the 100’s yesterday. This was a huge accomplishment for me, I have never done this before. I give props to your videos for motivating me to get out of a rut and train harder! Thanks!

  2. Dan says:

    Just like what Eric said. After wathing your videos, I have accomplished lifting weights that I have never been able to lift before. Before, I was only able bench 185 for 8 reps and dead lift 325 for 1 rep. Now, after being motivated and brought out of autopilot, I am benching 215 for 8 reps and deadlift 415 for 1 rep. This blog is the best blog on the internet. I thank you for motivating myself and other bodybuilder to train harder.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Hey man,

    You are doing a wonderful thing here Kev. You got me focused as hell in the gym. Just wondering though, what split are you working on?

    Keep breaking those poundages man, I am willing to bet you’ll be stronger than before. God Bless,


  4. hector A says:

    God Bless You!

  5. Eiichi says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I will appreciate if you can re-start putting what you do on each day (a list of exercises, amount of weight and numbar of reps for each set). I’d just like to know what you do in detail.

    Like so many people have alreay mentioned, I am inspired and motivated by you so much. In fact, today is my chest day. What a great timing!

    Thank you for sharing your knowledge, wisdom, and inspiration to us.

  6. teemu says:

    Kevin, with all due respect – and I think yours is really a fantastic effort – it would give you props if you accept publicly that this is a social media and interactive marketing project for a new product which probably later will become a full brand of products. That’s what it very much looks like to a professional marketeer and communicator. It is so well crafted, so incredibly well targeted that I can o dnothing but expect fire behind the smoke. The best thing of this campaign is that it provides real value to all of us. Most don’t.

    Your results are amazing, and after 20 years of regular exercise, in my late 30s I would be happy to give this product a go!


  7. Johan says:

    That was frekkin awesome dude!! Wish I could have been there to spot you though! Keep the videos comming and dont get disscuroaged by all the bullshit comments, thats just envy talking!

    Regards from Sweden!

  8. Savier says:

    Awesome Workout Kevin. Nice to see you push up that last rep of dumbbell press, awesome intensity. Looking forward to the week 6 pictures. Keep it up, its extremely motivating!

  9. Demorak says:

    Coming back…..looking younger also, look like 25-30 man.

  10. Spacemarine says:

    Hey Kev,

    maybe it sounds stupid, but don´t wear those caps too often. I think you look better without them ;D

    btw. the hat some videos before looked really cool!

    keep training hard and don´t listen to some people who critizice you…i don´t blame you for making some money baby 🙂

    greets from Germany

  11. norweigian says:

    Hey, what is this…Kev is in his 40s, me 38 and when you are 40 you dont want to look like you`re 25. Y`ll get there and u will understand.
    Caps or no caps, i think you look real big in those last videos. Fantastic progress.
    Btw, i was killing some time with youtube and i tuned in at the 91 NPC Nationals Hvywt. And they were all there, Wheeler, Quadzilla Demayo, Matt Mendenhall, my man KevLev, and mr another planet Coleman himself. And remember Kev? Yeah, u nailed those bastards. Lol, it was very pleasant to watch…and i guess u nail them today also:-)

  12. Toni says:

    PUSH, Squeeeeze N PAM. Nice set with 150lbs dumbells! Rock’n Roll

  13. Scott A says:


    I am more amazed everyday. You are doing GREAT brother! You are such an inspiration. Thank you for giving back as it is greatly appreciated. You ROCK Kevin….


  14. James Kantonides says:

    Kevin, I am not contradicting you or anything but I just wanted to clarify something that no one was ever able to answer for me.

    Every smith machine I have used says the bar by itself weighs 15 pounds. So having 2 45’s on each side would equal a total weight of 195, not 225 correct? Because every time I used 195 on the smith machine, it feels the same way as 195 would on a free weight barbell bench.

    Am I wrong and the bar actually weighs 45 pounds and I have been doing a lot more weight than I thought or no?

  15. Callesteve says:

    Your looking awesome, back to your old form!

  16. Ommy Patel says:

    Kev you are truly THE MAN.

    Whether or not he had his supplement in mind when he started this blog is irrelevant.

    We are all getting in detail, valuable information and expert advice from one of the top pro bodybuilders in history.

    He rarely talks about his product compared to the loads of training info.

    If his supplement works would you rather not know about it?

    by the way, LEV-Rage is hands down the best name.

  17. Joelsatch says:

    Yo kev! How about you pick up the camera and introduce us to the camera man or woman that’s been filming you these last 6 weeks. Afterall he/she is a part of the transformation and I think deserves some recognition for their work. Anyways, loving the transformation. Get your ass back on the stage because you’re looking awesome. Another month and you’ll be ready for the Olympia stage again. You’ll definitely come in top 6 and if you nail it you might even take it home. Keep blasting dude and lotsa luck!

  18. Sam says:

    Is it KeV³, coz that’s what I gave.

    If it is then I am glad that you liked it enough to put it on the top 5 list.

  19. John says:

    Hey Kevin, Nice chest workout. I’m loving it, every muscle is poping out!! Huge motivation from you to us, you are one of my favorite bodybuilder. I was comparing your bodybuilding pics from your prime time to now.. You are not far from that, so keep it going bro you got this! 🙂

  20. TFY says:

    Hey Kevin, the vast majority of us on here understand and appreciate what you’re doing – that’s all that matters. There will always be those few who suspect another agenda, just like there will be people who will question the results of the performance enhancer test. Don’t worry about them.

    Weeks from now, months from now, the supplement stuff will only be a couple of tiny posts buried in a wealth of information about every aspect of bodybuilding. Your blog speaks for itself. Just keep doing what you’re doing, and thank you!

  21. TYE says:

    Hey Kev. I really want you to here this message, and listen to this. I don’t believe that this is a publicity stunt to get money, I really don’t, because I genuinely believe you want to help people, in body building, and if life. But even if it was, the true Kevin Levrone fans could not care less. We love everything you do, we enjoy watching you, hearing what you have to say, and we love getting inspired. I know you have a family, so who am I to say, or anyone to say, that you don’t deserve to make money. You gotta get paid just like the rest of us. Besides, even if it was, I don’t think you are hating it, you look like you are having the time of your life. I just wanted to tell you that plublicity stunt or not, we always got your back, because we got love for you. No one deserves his own product line more than you. End of story.
    Much love – TYE-

  22. Jord says:

    Kevin, what belt do you use?..im looking for a belt, i had a disc removed a year ago so im looking for a belt for support..i was thinking of getting either a leather gasp one..or a schiek velcro, what do you recommend?

    also, how will i be able to try your supplement?..i live in the UK..how long are we talking?

    got any free samples? 🙂

    • Leather lasts longer – I’d go with that.

      I’m hoping the supplement will be available in three weeks.

      • Jordan says:


        You probably wont check back to see this message but what belt do you use?

        i was going to ask about the whole 3 weeks thing, but no doubt you’ll make a post sbout it soon so no worries

        well atleast i can say i’ve talked to Kevin Levrone now, wicked!

  23. Eric says:

    After much speculation and realization, I’ve come to 2 conclusions regarding your blog/training.
    1) Would we in fact see a steroid free transformation?
    2) Is he coming up with a marketing gimmick?

    1) I believe we have, I am intrigued at what kind of progress an ex olympian competitor, top of the line bodybuilder could make in the gym after a 4 year layoff in the gym, it is indeed remarkable and I look forward to checking out your blog daily. We must all remember this K.L. was “the best” at what he did for a decade, muscle memory and true dedication are what it seems to be about, remember Kevin trained with the heaviest of weights, check him out on YouTube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uKVNY9pDoBc and his previous training principles served him well when competing and have shown him just results for his training blog steroid free. If he were using he would be just as we all think he would, massive.
    Most importantly–watching the blog has given any regular joe the confidence and training expertise to carry in his own workouts, to show him that an elite uses the same weights and principles as the rest of us, if he can do it, so can we. Maybe we are just not as comitted as some, we need to push ourselves, as Amercians we are adherently lazy, enuff said. Can we really keep up?
    2) Marketing gimmick? Well it’s not a gimmick if it’s outlined,video documented and followed with the veracity as Kevin has shown, so if he can make a buck, I’ll buy a slice of that American pie.
    Kudos kevin, please keep the updates coming after the 8 weeks, I’ll be watching and learning.

  24. Lyotoo says:

    that’s some intense side lateral volume kevin lol. Have you upped your calories yet? Is it true you’re getting ready for a movie role man? All the best.

    • Have not upped my calories. Still around 3,000/day.

      There are upcoming things I have planned this summer, but that’s not why I’m doing this transformation. Getting in shape was an overall good move for a lot of reasons – it helps every aspect of my life. I was tired of not working out – I’m really loving it.

  25. Uğur Samet Değirmenci says:

    Kevin, hello from Turkey,
    ı love you.
    you are very good man and my best bodybuildier.
    take care.

  26. M3 says:


    I took note of what you almost always say before you do a lift. You keep mentioning “visualization..visualizing the lift.” That has never been a staple in my lifts. Yesterday, I had 295 on the bench. I visualized the weight, imagined YOU saying it, and I went under that bar and put that thing up like it was 135. That weight is nothing compared to what you put up, but it’s your process of execution that works. I just had to put that up because you motivate me. Can’t wait till the supp line comes out!

  27. Dominick says:


  28. troy says:

    its amazing how much mass you have put on compared to your strength gains upto right now, it almost seems disproportionate..its as if your body just wants to be huge again lol i cant get over how big your triceps have gotten

  29. jason says:

    I don’t see why some people need an excuse as to why you would do a blog other than the fact that you actually enjoy what you’re doing. Kevin I want you to know that I understand the message you’re trying to bring and the heart, work, sweat, and dedication you’re putting to your blog is inspiring. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a bodybuilder with more openess and true conviction than you. In my opinion you sharing your supplement and giving us an option in helping you name it is truly giving a sense of your ‘journey’. Kevin, put up some more meal videos man those are awesome.

  30. Maydie says:

    Yeah Kevin you are able to do it… one last time
    think on yourself you can be ONE time Mr.Olympia
    there will be NO more chance in your rest of your life
    stick on your aim and fulfill your dream!!!!!!!!

  31. SanDiegoJoel says:

    Hey Kevin and to All,
    Just wanted to shout out Happy 4th of July to everybody. Enjoy the day and appreciate what it means to live in a free country. I’ve never served in the armed forces but I’m extremely appreciative for their efforts in allowing us to live in freedom. Kevin, you’ve been a celebrity to me since I started being a fan of bodybuilding. I’m glad to see you’re back in the gym and staying healthy. Everybody should do what they enjoy doing for themselves and at the best of their abilities, even if we all can’t achieve what you have in your career. I’ll be keeping up on your post and I applaud your efforts. It’s funny to think what the power of one individual can have on the motivations and actions of so many. I also think it’s great that you support charities such as the Children’s Heart Foundation. This is truly a fully encompassing documented journey of your abilities to transform. Best wishes.

  32. kenbo213 says:

    As anyone who knows a thing about bodybuilding, when the words ” Uncrowned Mr. Olympia” are said, Kevin Levrone will without a doubt be given the crown. Kev, i think i speak for every “True” Levrone fan that we are behind you 100 Fucking percent, there is no other bodybuilder in my mind that will ever achieve the feat that you have. You are the greatest ambassador next to Arnold, This blog shows that.

  33. Maydie says:

    can someone tell what i have to do for a Super Set Side Lateral Raises ?

  34. Todd says:


    I came across your site off another bodybuilding website, a lot of people were talking about the transformation you were going throuh, so I decided to check it out since you have always been one of my favorite bodybuilders.

    I have been following your progress for the last few weeks and decided it was time to comment and give you props for your transformation and what your doing. As many others have said, your helping me get out of a rut myself. I took about the last month off and have been following your training (with minor tweaks) and I am really liking my results and the way I’m feeling so far.

    As far as all the talk goes about you just doing this as a promotional thing for your supplements.. Who gives a crap, your offering everything here for free, if folks want to buy your product they can, if not, no worries.. Like you stated the other day, there is nothing wrong with making a buck, there are tons of products on the market that are complete crap so if you can produce a quality product please do so. Just for getting my a$$ outta this rut i’ll invest the 30-40$ to try out your supp.

    Good to see you back, even if it’s not on stage..


  35. Great videos Kevin…

    Keep still hard!


    PS: When your suplement be able into market ?

    Esporte Social – http://www.esportesocial.com

  36. Muscleup says:

    kevin,first. i wanna say thanks man,your just awsome. second. i beleave you are doing this for us to connect with you, and share this ride with us…but people need to understand that it dosen’t matter if you are selling a product (that will only help us reach our own goals,) i almost get pissed when i hear that, the info you are giving us is priceless. straight up, i don’t train like you do in your workouts. but you have givin new life to what i do, a good kick in the ass bro. thanks. so i don’t care if you are doing it for a sale of a supplement, for the cat next door, or a old lady down the road,i know your not, but i would not care! i hope you stay with this thing and keep it rollin for us that do appreciate it…thanks dude. lets roll…

  37. Byrd says:

    Sweet dumbell presses bro… I love that last rep you push up with pure will. Makes me motivated as hell. Im gonna hit pecs this thursday and probably watch that again before I go…

    Greetings from Sweden

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