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Here it is, week 6 photo, plus a clip of me bustin’ out some poses. Feeling good. Let me know what you think. It’s been a productive week of gains. Finger Man Pt. 2 goes up tomorrow, see you then. Happy 4th of July. Levrone, out.





Picture 6097


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  1. dave says:

    wow, can’t say anything else. amazing progress. 😉 thanks and keep up the great work!!!


  2. dave says:

    thanks kev. damn, you’re a true inspiration!!!

  3. aryez says:

    realy good to see you gaining everything back its like is you again,incredible work kevin dont stop.

  4. Kev says:

    awesome transformation

  5. Nelson says:

    Kevin, PLEASE we want to see u onstage in September, in Las Vegas…PLEASE, at least one more time…make the Olympia fun again…PLEASE…COME BACK.

  6. AlexGermany says:

    Great Kevin very awesome transformation so far. Keep going.
    I just bought your dvd Maryland Muscle Machine it’s awesome also a very good inspiration for me.

  7. Denny says:


  8. kukacomone says:

    Can you post your detailed deit please? It would be great, thanks!!

    • Realist says:

      People have been asking this since week 1. It’s never going to happen.

      • Marcin says:

        Kevin already sad what he eat people… rise,
        chicken.what else do You need?This may be
        strange but it’s normal.I also eat only rise
        and few kind on meet,vegetables,some oil every
        day,every month…Sometimes I eat more or
        something “better” but even in this day I
        eat everything what “was in my mind”.Maybe it’s
        boring but I like it!!:)

  9. modred says:

    really really good job kevin i can imagine how you look after this with a little tan. it would be nice if you would do this for 16 weeks so youre body dont had to hurry so much. the guys alwas say they want you to see on the olympia stage . if i where you i wouldnt do this. you have nothing more to proove on this and you had to leave the natural street… but right now you show the bodybuilding world that you are the greatest natural bodybuilder there is..
    keep goin we love you all

  10. -giv.Romania says:

    is not funny anymore;you grow too fast.Damn the genetics…

  11. Rodney says:

    Holy Crap Kevin. From week 5 to week 6 you completely transformed yourself. My guess is that you training your legs every other day helped naturally boost your testosterone levels which helped you grow even more. Everybody should know that you will naturally get bigger the heavier your train your legs and the bigger they get.

    The arms and traps are REALLY poppin’ out. I would REALLY like to see some back shots though. I know it takes some time to get the back to come into detail and size correctly (that has been my own personal battle as of the past few months, which I am Finally making some headway on thanks to you). I can’t wait for the end of this and for you to continue lifting.

    You kept saying you were “coming back” and it just kind of sounds like you may be considering competing at the Olympia. Man if you do, you will ROCK the bodybuilding world; especially if you come in like we know you can. Good luck Kevin and keep inspiring us.

  12. William says:

    im stunned… i don’t need to say it but, ur crazy man. It’s just sick how fast you grow.
    Hope you will keep bodybuilding for a while cause we’re with ya broh all the way!

    William from Sweden

  13. Greg Rask says:

    Nice job Kevin.Keep the fire.You inspired the hell outta me.Id as well as everyone else would love to see you do some major damage in the Pro Ranks but even if you dont you inspired a hell of a lot of people man!! Thats pretty fucking cool!!

  14. -giv.Romania says:

    how it is possible to grow ,but at the same time to lose fat also?

  15. Carles says:

    Oh my man… You look really really big! Where is this spot? It seems a garage!

    Carry on like this, Kevin, you are getting that many of us visit this blog each day for find a great motivation.

    Many thanks!

  16. Bakri Taopua says:

    The Kevin we all know is back, Maryland Muscle Machine baby!!!!

    Watch out heavy weights cos your gonna get pumped yeah!!!!

    Awesome results thus far bro, keep it up man, your the man of inspiration.

  17. jasper says:

    lookin amazing
    nice vid

  18. king_peach says:

    Your the best, I would also really like to know more about your diet.. least 1 days eating habits. Your arms in the past week just blew up!!!

    Hey I know you may not compete again. But do you have any pic for this years winner.

  19. kenbo213 says:

    Yeah kevin, just thought of it, are you going to continue adding muscle after these 8 weeks?

  20. Moz says:

    HELL YEAH!!!!

  21. ljay4 says:

    Nice posing. Sound effects were great! haha

  22. SammieSam says:

    awesome, u look very happy

  23. Callesteve says:

    Just too good! Genetics are everything here. Your proving that they are more of a factor than performance enhancing gear! Great work!

  24. Will says:

    Kev, the transformation is amazing and a serious inspiration to us all every day to do better with our workouts and diet.

    Various sites have you born in: 1964, 1966 & 1968 – I was born in ’65 so curious as to how old you are, but good to see that the older ones of us are still producing the right hormones to grow!

    Keep it up bro

  25. RoB says:

    Looking good Kev

  26. D Newman says:

    8 week transformation followed by 8 week O run training….

  27. Ramon says:

    week 1 to week 6 is incredible. from that side most muscular pose in 1 or 2 to week 6 is crazy. starting to look like the big Kev from the comp days. genetic freak

  28. Kevinfan says:

    If Vince Taylor did it in his 50’s, for sure, Kev will be back… No question in my mind.

  29. Agostino says:

    Good job Kevin! Your muscle are bigger, but i think you eat sometimes bad things :). It’s normal after 4 years of freedom. First thnk of mass and then definition.
    See you bro

  30. ludo200 says:

    Good job kevin, amazing transformation, you give me a real motivation

  31. Donnie says:

    Kevin, you look amazing and I cant believe that its only been 6 weeks. Keep up the good work. I need to bust my ass in the gym more after seeing these videos. La8er.

  32. keszkko says:

    Kevin, you are judt unbelivable, with fenomenal getetics, bringing enormous motivation to me,
    We love you!
    Go ahead brother!

    Misi from Romania

  33. norweigian says:

    Oh my God..what did u do from week 5-6 bro? God damn, you already look like a competing bodybuilder. God damn, sorry my pour english. Im having a hard time expressing my impressions here. In Norweigian it would be “Fy faen så stor du har blitt, det værste jeg har sett. Du er det råeste mennesket i verden:-)”
    Promise me this bro, please give the bodybuilding way of life a chance for 1 year. You can do it. Please, just one year. I think your pause has done your body very good. Keep this up, and u`ll be more avesome than your last Olympian performence.

  34. Kyle says:

    This transformation is truly incredible! His progress is unbelievable, it just leaves me speechless. I will continue to use these videos and pictures for motivation for a long time to come! KEEP GOING STRONG BABY!

  35. jason says:

    Man, must be a pain in the ass to take your shirt on and off, I can see your pain in the video. Keep up the awesome work Kevin, and who’s coming back? Please don’t tease us!

  36. Alan says:

    Nothing else to say : AWESOME !!
    Alan from France

  37. Valentin says:

    Very great body,we very happy to see you like this
    your are the best!!!i hope i win your suplement for tree month,i Want be like u!!

  38. Markus says:

    AWSOME, Genetic-Freak!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  39. Markus says:

    how much pounds you have now?

  40. AndrewBp says:


    Unbeliveable dedication and “some” muscle memory, Baby !!!!

    BANG !!

  41. johan says:

    Lookin awesome dude! And I can really se your confidence is building up to, AWESOME!! I hope we will see you back on stage soon to!

    Regards from Sweden

  42. Scott W says:

    OLYMPIA dude

  43. Savier says:

    Man Looking Massive, Arms looking in pro form already. You look awesome. Keep it up!!!

  44. Djekay says:

    Looking good Kevin, awesome gains!

  45. kennyfat says:

    kev, ur coming back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  46. Eirik says:

    You look incredible Kev! Can really see some progress on the last pic 🙂

    To all the people asking about the stage-return.. Let it be up to Kevin.. It`s sad to say it, but if he was to compete at the mr.O – there`s just no way anyone can win it without some juice..

    best wishes from Norway

  47. From memory, that first photo was taken at the END of week one — meaning that in this series we are looking at NOT EVEN six weeks of progress — BUT JUST FIVE WEEKS!!

    Lance Armstrong has trained at least 8-9 months on his comeback; Mark Spitz trained for a year on his comeback – and took that long to get back to his old times; Dara Torres trained for over a year for her comeback at the Sydney Olympics. Improving faster than some of the greatest athletes in history, SUPERSTAR KEVIN IS REACHING ELITE STATUS IN JUST A FEW WEEKS – AMAZING!!

  48. Enzo says:

    Kevin! Week 5-6 is the biggest difference! What did you do? Holy crap you are huge now!!

  49. Michel R says:

    Hehehe, da man is back…

    Insane what u pulled off in just a mere six weeks…

    Keep on going…

  50. koerperkult says:

    this is insane! i always knew you’re the best!

  51. Jimmy says:

    Sweden here…

    Kevin, you look phenomenal…again!


    / Jimmy, Sweden

  52. robert says:

    hi kev!

    it is really inspiring to see you coming back!
    how old are you really (41-45)? – because you still look young and fresh – that shows that bodybuilding helps to look younger.

    one further question i have… how are your joints? they don´t hurt after more than 20 years of hardcore training?

    cheers&keep on track

    your fan robert

  53. ste says:

    hay kevin looking great, its good to see you enjoying it again, plz one more show man make it a fairwell to all your fans.

    ste from england out…..

  54. Markus says:

    Kevin you motivate me so mutch, before i go to train, i ever look up to your videos on you tube from early years!!!!!!!!!!


    MARLYLAND MUSCLE MACHINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  55. blin says:

    Great so far, keep it goin

  56. Mr. Levrone you are amazing ! and you are an idol for a lot of amateur bodybuilder.

    All time wish best for you.
    Thanks for this blog and transformation.

  57. F—! you are adding mass now bro! how musch is the weight now! is it near 230 pounds?

  58. troy says:

    hahah those classic moves look great! you never lost it for a second did you levronie

  59. Kenneth says:

    wow, what a transformation. im speechless!

  60. Laron says:

    Whoohoo, awesomeness!

  61. Jiri says:

    Kevin.. incredible.. the glimpses of the old days are there no doubt!!

    PLEASE.. PLEASE.. PLEASE.. bust out the olympia man.. you have plenty of time and seeing you on stage again will be one of the most incredible events in the sport.

    I am sure you’ll be given a special invite.. so no worries about the qualifiers.. you’ve got 3 months till the big shows.. bring it home baby!!! The top guy is Dexter.. if both of you are in prime shape you TOPPLE him 🙂

  62. Sam says:

    Looking amazing man, keep it up. Been following your transformation since day 1.

  63. Eddie says:

    Your progress is really awesome, would be insane to see you on the mrO stage this year making some damage there =)
    best greets from autria

  64. Nenad(Perth, Western Australia) says:

    Awesome progress you are making. You were an inspiration for me during your Pro Career. I actually met you in Adelaide in 1996 at one of your guest posing appearances(have a great pic shaking your hand). I too am making my own comeback(nothing as prolific) getting motivated to train again and get back into shape, and am feeling your positive energy from this whole experience. Thank you for continuing to be an inspiration to us through this blog. You truly are a muscle machine.

  65. PETE says:

    Kevin most people have already said it bro. Your a true inspirtation. And you can tell that you look happy again and happy doing what your doing which is awsome. Keep training hard as i will and i’m sure tons of these guys will aswell. I can’t thank you enough for all the motivation and inspiration you’ve given me. I’ve been training now for 2 years did my first show a few weeks ago and placed 3rd. Your what got me into it your attitude everything bro. Keep truckin and god bless!


  66. vasyl says:

    Kev, it’s time to get back to Olympia and compete ummm… i meant kick sum a$$ again. Bet you can do it at top 10 natural. Just go for it and make it happen, i know you want it baby, out.

  67. PhilB says:

    First off, thanks so much for this blog. Very inspirational, entertaining and informative. Hard to find bodybuilding site that offers all this in the same package. I’m hooked 🙂

    If you don’t mind, Kevin, i’d have a quick question for which i’m having difficulties to find “intelligent” answers: I’m 36 and started bodybuilding for the first time a year ago. Never trained before. I’m 6 feet, 235lbs (started at 225). I’m very strong (some call me “the animal” at the gym) but interestingly, my size didn’t increase that much. My strenght is exploding but my size increases fairly slowly. I do like the typical 6-10 reps per exercise, 9-12 sets per muscle group, train each muscle group once a week, and trains about 4-5 times a week. The basic stuff, really.

    Is it a normal process to gain strenght first and muscles after? I see guys at the gym that are (look) more muscular than me but that can no way lift as heavy as I do. I’m a bit puzzled. Any hint would be deeply appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

    • Tony says:

      I’m no Levrone, but could it be your diet? Maybe your not eating enough, hence you’ll get strong, but not gain weight. Also your 235 thats pretty big already, not many people can get much bigger than that even at 6′. Good luck

  68. Andreas says:

    Damn boiiii, looking really good Kev. Lets bust out some back pics I’m really looking forward to see an awesome latspread and some BDB’s 😀

  69. Dave says:

    Hey kev!
    Great progress so far. Is there any reason your not posting up your diet?

  70. Juha says:

    Kevin – that´s some truly spectacular progress!

    I´m not going to try to make you look bad here or take anything away from you and your fantastic results in these few weeks. But there is something that I feel needs commenting and discussion regarding your results and you doing this clean. I´m sure you are doing this clean and I´m not the man to say you have used steroids earlier in your career, but I would think it´s fairly safe to assume you did in the past.

    So what has that got to do with your results today? Well, a lot in fact. Few people know that the effects of using steroids remain long term meaning that´s a big factor in your results today. Scientific studies have proved that the physiological effects of doping remain even after 8 years off and the effects are larger muscles that respond much more to training than if no steroids would have been used in the past.

    Like I said, I´m not looking to take away anything from you here and I still think your transformation is absolutely mindblowing. I just think honesty and openness is fair to the readers of your blog who may expect that to be possible for the average person to do.

    Big respect to you if you don´t delete this post and respect to you for a great blog and impressive physique.

    Source of proof: http://www.musculardevelopment.com/index2.php?option=com_content&do_pdf=1&id=1620

    • kenbo213 says:

      Very intresting read.

    • norweigian says:

      I dont think readers og this blogg think thats this is possible for the averarage man. I dont now, but i suppose the fans here already know Kevin Levrone. Meaning the guys have been around the bodybuilding planet for some years already. Then again i think we can say that most people here is aware of all the bodybulding aspects, including muscle memory, drugs and spesific gen sets

      • Juha says:

        I hear ya norwegian. It´s just that the claims that these are all natural gains are´nt quite true. Even if Kevin is all clean now his past has a great deal to do with the gains he makes now, and I´m not sure Kevin himself is aware of the impact that has. But there are studies that clearly show this.

        Still, I´m totally fascinated by Kev´s performance and transformation, I´m certainly not arguing with that =D

  71. Rodney says:

    Man, I can’t believe how many people are responding to this transformation Kevin. People literally from all over the world are following this blog and Youtube religiously to see what you are going to look like from one day to the next. You should be proud of yourself just as we your fans are proud of you. I honestly hope that you do not stop this at 8 weeks and carry it on to see how far your genetics can take you. I think you might be one of the few people in the world with near perfect genetics for musclebuilding.

    I know how much bodybuilding wants to be recognized as a sport on the Olympic stage and in the mainstream and something like this could definitely do that. Don’t stop Kevin, and don’t ever give up the dream.

  72. Yoshe says:

    Yo Kev,

    I work at a pool and met this lady today who said that she dated you for awhile. She said you called her “Cheers”…? Just wondering if you remember her. I told her I would drop you a line and see if he remembered you. I don’t want to give out her actual name online.

    Now, as for this transformation, you are a genetic freak! You’re looking amazing and I can only hope that you take this farther than the 8 week mark.

    Take care,

  73. Goran says:

    Great job Kevin!!!!!! I agree with others here as well; your progress in the last week has been BY FAR the most impressive! You look amazing and this side pose is starting to remind us of you onstage.

    If you continue this, as you already know and probably plan on it 😉 , Olympia 2010 could really by yours…

    What a story that would be… or more precisely, it will be… 🙂

    Keep up the good work Kevin!

    All the best from Croatia.

  74. Andreas says:

    Besides the great improvements in your physique you really look healthy and happy. A true rolemodel for the industry. Keep up the good work!

  75. muscleup... says:

    W.T.F. way to roll baby…week 5 to 6 it’s like your body said,,,”i remember this shit,it’s time to grow”
    keep it rollin brother…i have a feeling we have NOT even begin to see what lies ahead. your awsome bro, thanks for taking us on this ride with you. i know it’s firing me up to train insane baby…

  76. MXG says:

    You look great Kevin! Amazing how fast your body responds to your training. Best of luck!
    I was wondering, is it’s okay to get sore muscles after every workout? I wouldn’t mind them but they go away in only about 3-5 days which makes sometimes impossible to train even something else. I would appreciate your answer!

  77. NYC MONSTAH says:

    I am speechless and totally jealous. you are amazing. Just wow.

  78. Nico says:

    NO RESPECT FOR YOUR FANS making them believe you’re clean !

    • Will we have to read these comments for each and every post of him every day for years?

      If you don’t trust him, fine, but why comment. If you had any kind of proofs atleast you could actually claim he was lying, though even then it wouldn’t matter much. But now it’s just boring waste of space on the interweb.

    • Goran says:

      If you haven’t heard, Kevin will be drug-tested soon by a credible lab and the results will be announced on the radio show. Come back and give us your comments then!

      I know you are having a hard time believing these are natural gains but they are. You got to keep in mind that Kevin was/is the best of the best and he is still very far from his all time best. This is a true muscle memory coupled with proper workout techniques, nutrition, sleep and this new NO-based supplement Kev is telling us about.

      I suggest you having more faith in life. This way you might be able to achieve greatness yourself.


      • Juha says:

        Well, these are´nt all natural gains, read my post just a little further up the page for proof.

    • TYE says:

      off man. Just because you cant get big naturally, doesn’t mean its impossible. Ill give links of pics of me on here, and you will see what a Man can look like Naturally. Your a .

      • Yoshe says:


        Juha is right that it isn’t all “natural” gains. While he’s not on gear right now, the effects still somewhat remain in his system. Read the MD article for the proof.

        Juha also already said that he is still amazed with the results, as we all are. Don’t go attacking someone for providing some science.

  79. moe says:

    hey kevin im 1 of ur biggest fans u realy inspired me can u plz give me more of ur shoulder and biceps tips and goooood job btw and hope tp see u on mr olimpia stage im sure u willl win this time

  80. robbie says:


    KEVIN can you tell me , do you ever drink alcohol???

  81. Alex says:

    Hey Kevin, awesome results and thank you very much for sharing with all of us.

    I just have one question: Why do you utilize the belt on most (all?) of your exercises?


  82. Kevin, could we have some stats for your week to week bodyweight? Have you been keeping track?

  83. xenos says:


    I LOVE YOU MAN 😀 ..U are the Best

  84. Alex says:

    I am impressed kevin, I’m a big fan and admire his very physical and his determination to have a great reference.

    going pro next weight?

    from Brasil, Alex.

  85. heh, gotta love the ending 🙂

    Good luck with your progress and life 🙂

  86. Maciek says:

    Let us see You again on the stage!!!
    If Ronnie wants to start…. why don’t? 🙂
    By the way: I don’t believe You’ll just finish trasformation after 8 weeks… I strongly believe You are great BB and entertainer and it is project for longer time…


  87. Nico_From_Paris says:

    You’re simply the best !
    Arnold is NUMERO UNO….as KEVIN !
    Really happy to share those moments / Training with u.
    Hope to meet u one day to show u what is a real FAN ! (so many questions to ask u!)

    K iller
    E extraordinary
    V irtuoso
    I nsane
    N o chance for others !

  88. Mike says:

    Hey Kev,

    Been following your blog from day 1, love it.

    You look like a different man from the 1st week! Did you take any measurements for a before and after comparison? Just think that would be very interesting!

  89. and the best bit is you still have hair so you really are blessed with great genetics 🙂

  90. Sdot says:

    This just shows what discipline and setting goals can do for you, inspiration to all, keep up the good work Kev and keep on gaining those muscles.

  91. Tarvi says:


  92. maciek - poland says:


    I’ve said how important is to drink water. How mach do You drink due to your workout. Is it any constant value or not?



  93. Elad -Israel says:

    How much Body Fat you are standing right now?
    And what are you prefering, Clean Mass, Or Dirty Mass?


  94. ipole says:

    absolutly insane

  95. Michel R says:

    I suggest Kev should makes priority of registration to post on this blog. Things were pretty positive for the last six weeks, but now that results are showing, there are more and more negative voicings showing up. Pretty soon things could potentially really turn bad and quite francly, I’m enjoying this blog (like 99% of the folks in here) way too much to see that happen…

  96. Rob says:

    Hey Kevin,

    WOW! Looking awesome man! Much leaner now and fuller all over – you can really see it in the arms and chest especially! How big are your arms now?…(They look huge!) Keep it up man!

    I’m really looking forward to the release of your supplement.

  97. Clubfighter says:

    This is unbelievable, absolutely incredible, and really phenomenal. Kevin you’re the greatest! Many greetings from Germany.

  98. kenbo213 says:

    King Levrone :).

  99. 5ebatk1n says:

    Amazing progress! Keep it up!

  100. Max Rohrer says:

    come on Kev! whats the deal, wheres the new finger man vid?!…I gotta get my daily dose of Levrone!LOL

  101. Jack Fisher says:

    I cant wait for the new vid’s : )!

  102. JL2 says:


    Just some things to think about. Im a big fan of Kevin and of bodybuilding as a sport. I must say that Im a little shocked at some of the negative comments that were left in response to the week 6 photo. There are other times that negative comments were left but for some reason the recent ones really shocked me. All I want to say is that this is a site/ blog for fans and supporters of Kevin. I know that there will always be haters and there will always be people that try to knock what is happening. But one thing I’ve learned from Kevin on this blog is that we have to pick our battles. This means that the negative comments deserve no reply. AT ALL. A lot of times people make these comments hoping that we or Kevin will get upset and lash out. Dont give them the satisfaction. Lets just keep on our path of encouraging Kevin. He is our inspiration so lets be his motivation. Peace and God Bless!!!


  103. Wow …………..you the all time best kevin!!!
    best wishes from germany

  104. Enzo says:

    Where is Kevin?

    Is he taking a break or something? Something must have happened.

  105. AlexGermany says:

    Hey Kevin, i had great chest workout yesterday and i have to tell you i did 315 lbs 6reps and i did 315 lbs 2 weeks ago only 2 reps. You inspire me every day you really give me more power just with ur blog i am so motivated. Thanks Kevin and keep pumping

  106. Matthew says:

    Hi Kevin , I think everyone of us like to see some photos from your back,too, so it would be great if you could post some.

  107. Looks like you are making good progress. I actually like this look better than your contest look–just my opinion.

  108. AMIR LEVRONE says:

    Wonderfull Man Your Dimond In This Sport .

  109. Paul says:


    I sad it many times, tanks for sharing al this great information with us. This is awesome!!

    the shappe you got new dam.. i hope i can achieve that one day. it’s new a week ago, that you post a last training video i hope to see more soon.

    It’s a little bit disappointment those bad, negative comments. but keep up Kevin your doing great!

    good luck!

    Paul from Holland

  110. Enzo says:

    Finger man is a badass but his diet is probably not good for what kevin is trying to do. Maybe fingerman should try track and field sports such as high jumping because it’s good to be as strong as possible with a light as possible bodyweight.

  111. Tom says:

    Respect Kevin ! Great inspiration !
    All the best from Luxembourg !

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