The Finger Man, Pt. 2. •

The Finger Man is back. That last video met with intense reactions, but most of you are into checking this guy out, even if you don’t agree with all of it. So here’s another look, this time: the Finger Man’s diet.

Finger Man eats raw food. He explains why in this video.  Surprisingly, a lot of it made sense to me. I’m not going to switch to a raw diet any time soon – but I’m open to the idea that it has its benefits. Finger Man had me try some raw food – tasted better than I thought and afterwards I felt fantastic. (Don’t try it at home unless you research it – he has special ways of preparing it that make it safe to eat.)

If we’ve learned one thing from my transformation it’s that you never know what’s possible. Be open-minded and rational. Look at the facts. Be willing to change your mind or let go of old beliefs. Take away something from every experience and/or research it on your own.

Have the guts to try new things. That’s how you succeed in life. Whether you agree with this dude or not, he has guts, he follows his own path with full commitment, and that’s something we can all aspire to.

Here’s Part Two: Raw food


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  1. Andrew says:

    Kevin its so funny watching you just try out all of these new things stuffing them into your mouth like there is no tomorrow. But hey when you try new things in the gym you may as well try new things in your diet

    • Finger Man says:

      We can really respect the fact that Kevin tries new things in the weight room, and he understands that trying new things outside of excercise can be just as impacting!!

      • Pedro Larach says:

        Hi Finger Man,
        Remember the Powerfactor Training System, developed at the beginning of the 90’s? It’s pretty much the same concept. Training with super heavy weights at the strongest range of motion. These technics are great for a certain periods of time but i think they have to be used very careful and cycling with orthodox training as well.

      • Omg no way says:

        4000 eggs in 15 years?! Jesus Christ how did you manage that?! That’s 3/4 of an egg a day! Like omg no way!

      • Rob says:

        The thing is, Kevin has succeded before as one of the greatest of all time in the sport of bodybuilding. I am all for trying new ideas but I dont see why Kevin in particular is trying to mess with his winning strategy. Whatever he did before worked…and worked extremely well! In my humble opinion, he is within the top 3 all time best bodybuilders ever! I just hope he gets bak to basics and do whatever he did before to build that perfect physique.

      • Finger Man says:

        I stopped doing statics for about 3 years and went back to full range excercises, lost considerable strength, returned to my statics and regained my strength. After trying to integrate the two, like you suggest, I found development in the excercises that I did the statics for and not the others, so I went back to statics 100%!

      • Finger Man says:

        Can’t say I had 3/4 of an egg a day, but when I included raw eggs my body loved it and I needed it so I ate a lot, then it tapered off to a semi normal amount, for a lifter, maybe 2 dozen a day. Now I eat anywhere from 0-6 eggs a day depending on the workouts that day! Check out more info at my blog rawliftinguru…

    • TheSpirit says:

      You have classic signs of illness fingerman. This is sad.

      • Finger Man says:

        You’re vey intuitive, actually I had classis signs of illness! My doctor didn’t know what to tell me, didn’t know how to cure the problems I had ongoing for 7 years, working out became nonexistant-literally, and not by choice! My doctor, who has 25+ years of experience says my blood is that of a healthy 18 year old! Health comes in my ways, keeping an open mind is what sllows us to tap into the all the possibilities!

  2. Martin says:

    Evrybody wanna be a bodybuilda..but don’t nobody wanna lift no heavy ass weights!!….I DO IT THOUGH!!!!

    • Finger Man says:

      The amount of weight lifted in statics is very specific to how much muscle will be gained-same as any other type of bodybuilding.

  3. AlexGermany says:

    Ya the Finger Man is awesome^^ no really i think it’s really interesting. Can u post the recipe of some food or shakes from him?

    • Finger Man says:

      Good to know that you like what you see, there are so many recipes, here’s a personal favorite, scramble 2 eggs in a bowl, mash in some ground beef, and then squeeze some raw honey over it. All of the protein, fat, and sugar are used by the body. I’ll go over more recipes at my blog,! Come check it out.

    • Finger Man says:

      I’m glad you liked what you saw. Please throw more comments and or questions my way! RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com

  4. Patrix says:

    OW(disappointment). I thought I was going to see you eat raw beef or deer like the old age barbarian. lol Just kidding.

    Um very interesting, but I’m actually not surprised to see him eat raw nuts and eggs. Raw eggs have better nutrition than the cook one from what I have read in Wikipedia.

    One more thing, bodybuilders eat like 6-8 or more eggs a day, so 4000 eggs in 15 years was pretty small amount comparing to most bodybuilders.

    By the way, the camera man keeps moving left and right and Zooming in and out. I got a little bit headache watching this. Maybe it’s just me.

    Great video nonetheless.

    • Matt says:

      Cooked egg protein (91%) is better absorbed than raw egg protein (51%). these are facts, there are many research studies, but check these: study 1 study 2

      • Finger Man says:

        There are plenty of research studies, for almost any research study you read you could probably find a study that contradicts the initial study! The true laboratory is one’s own human body, try raw eggs in your lab, your own body for a month or so and see what you come up with! There are raw egg dishes in various countries around the world that are loved and eaten by my cultures!

      • Yeah, that’s what I wanted to say to. The protein from eggs are actually picked up better from cooked eggs since they contain something which inhibbit uptake. Also there is the salmonella risk, even if he haven’t gotten any (and over here all eggs are tested for it.)

        Also, nothing wrong with sprouts, beans have quite a bit of protein in them and sprouting them will break down some of the starches and make them alive again, picking up some sunlight and start producing more vitamins. It will also change the fat acid composition making the fats more healthy.

        But beans contain anti-nutrients so we have a hard time digesting them, cooking them fix this issue, I don’t know if sprouted beans are better or worse but cooking those to in a wook or something such would probably help with digestion. Also for someone like Kevin 100 gram beans would have like 20 gram of protein, soaked they would weight around 250 gram and sprouted they probably hit 500+ grams, and a litre or so in volume. So he would have to eat a lot of sprouts to get a decent amount of protein. And of course there is a slight chance of bacteria growing on the sprouts to which may be bad if you don’t cook them.

        Regarding raw meat atleast pig beat can have some kind of worms in it or something such, same for fish, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

        When it comes to vegetables I guess some vegetables will be hard to break down raw, I guess there are benefits towards both cooked and raw there. Cooking them destroy some vitamins but may make them easier to digest, eating them raw makes it way harder for the body to use the betacarotene/vitamine-a for instance. So things like carrots will probably be better to eat cooked than raw, but I guess one can always warry between both and them and get some benefit from both kinds.

        For nuts roasting them increase the antioxidant content and make them more stable and less likely to get rancid.

        I like how “finger man” talk about how much easier it is to digest (with anti-nutrients?) and how the muscle get so happy, when he don’t seem to get much protein and adecuate energy intake himself.

        Sure there are bad things with cooking, but in most cases we do that to get more use of the things we eat or make them eatable in the first place. Things like chickpeas are poisonus uncooked.

        Sure, eat sprouts, eat nuts (but roasted is fine to.) and raw and cooked vegetables, but don’t rely on sprouts as your single energy source, cook your meat if you eat any and the same goes for eggs.

      • And btw, if eating lots of raw vegetables I’d get a real juicer, not the centrifugal once for fruits but the shredding/crushing stuff for vegetables. I’d assume that makes the vegetables easier to digest and get rid of quite a lot of fibers making it easier to eat more of it.

        And the honey is probably bullshit, atleast as far as we look at vitamins and minerals, sure there may be traces of some stuff but come on.

        Similar bepollen and spirulina and such is rather useless to since sure it may be packed with nutrients / 100 gram or / 1000 kcal or so but one eat so little of it that it won’t make much of a difference anyway. I doubt he eat his whole jar of bepollen.

        Also kinda evil against the bees 😉

        (I’m vegan but no raw food vegan, also I’m not vegan because I think it’s the worlds best diet and I won’t try to convince someone that it is either.)

    • Finger Man says:

      Glad to know you understand some of the benefits of raw foods! Check out my blog, we’ll discuss different types of raw foods, and there will be raw meat involved!! You’re right about the raw eggs, and much more filling than cooked eggs.

  5. norweigian says:

    He looks like an Auswitch-prisoner. And how is he gonna get the benefits from whey when he just eats raw-food? Whey is a superquick-protein suited for use before, during and after workouts. And a must must for advanced superiour bodybuilding diets.
    For protein, wheyformulaes hit the muscles within 30 minutes after training, but nonprepared food needs at least. 90 minutes. Sometimes 2-4 hours.
    And the body also needs protein during workouts, but if you eat eggs, you just gonna feel sick in the stomach.
    And how is he gonna eat pasta?
    Sorry man, i dont want to be a “partykiller” here, but i say NO to the fingerman. You know, we need to stick with the basics. Things that we know work. This is not it. But the blog is stil the best ever:-)

    • Finger Man says:

      You seem to have some good information about what a weightlifter’s diet needs to be, take a minute and step outside of the box to understand a diet inclusive of pasta is possibly not what one needs, if a food can sit on a shelf for a few years not even in a container, and still be eaten, is it really contributing to growth for the body?

      • Toe Woman says:

        Could you re-write that with periods? I didn’t really get what you were trying to say. Why would you have pasta out of packaging lying on a shelf for 2 years?

      • Finger Man says:

        All I meant about the pasta was if someone eats a food that can sit on a shelf, a packaged or processed food for example…it can remain on a shelf and still be “edible”. The idea is to eat foods that do spoil, whole foods that do not have ingredients!

      • Pasta (and beans …) are eatable after such a long time because they don’t have any fats / very little fats which can get rancid and they are too dry for any bacteria or molds to break them down.

        Neither will have any c-vitamine but so what? The beans will get it again if you sprout them though.

        I’d rather eat cooked wheat than raw dry wheat any day though …

  6. Jeremy says:

    Great job Kev!

    I had to eat some wierd stuff when I went to china, raw tuna, yellowfin, but it doesn’t fill u up as much though. Keep training hard man!


    • Finger Man says:

      It is likely that when the body receives the proper balance of nutrition, a sense of satisfaction is realized. This could take some time and conditioning before becoming accustomed to this type of eating. For more tips on the subject, please visit my blog RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com

  7. dannyclifford says:

    hey kevin,
    I agree with some things the finger man does, the nuts and sea weed yeah. But eating things like raw chicken… not sure. I had some chicken that was well under cooked last year and I was’nt off the toilet for 3 days ha ha.
    Anyway I love what your doing, it has inspired me to compete again.

    Danny clifford, England

    If you compete this year the Olympia is yours!!!!

    • Finger Man says:


      Good to know that you believe in the nuts and seaweeds, refer to my blog and we’ll discuss some of the ways you can get even more benefits from these foods. Sounds like you had a bit of a cleanse there with your undercooked chicken, it will clean you out.

      The idea of eating raw poultry prompts a lot of fear but there are ways to prepare it with lime juice that can eliminate the associated risks. My blog will offer suggestions on the topic.

      • Advertise Much says:

        It really isn’t necessary advertise your blog on every reply. Especially when you’re replying twice to everything…

  8. Peet says:

    Thanks for this post Kevin.

    I really appreciate the message you’re trying to send here. Being open-minded to new ideas and committing to training regiments are the key to success, not only in bodybuilding, but also life itself. It’s definitely a good way to discover new insightful knowledge along the way. This is a great take-away.

    Your awesome Kevin, keep the inspiration going.


    • Finger Man says:

      I’m so glad you appreciate what I am getting at here. Please visit my blog where I will open the floor for any comments and questions you may have. RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com

  9. JIm says:

    If you get the chance to respond,


    Just curious about how long you have known the fingerman and where did you meet this interesting character?

  10. Rich Tu says:

    Hi Kevin, this is pretty cool that you’re trying new stuff. Have you ever thought about pitching a fitness show where you go around the country/globe trying different fitness regimes? It’d be like how chefs on the Food Network go around the world to try different foods. You are probably one of the few individuals that could pull off a schedule like that and still be fit enough for the camera.

    You should do it!

  11. Chris Winfield says:

    To the guy who said eating eggs your going to feel sick to your stomach , thats bullshit.. Anytime of the day , morning , night , pre , post , and DURING.. a workout ive had eggs , egg salad , Raw eggs mixed in a protein shake. sometimes cause there wasnt anything else in the house to eat..

    NEver… have I gotten sick to my stomach from them.

    • norweigian says:

      I meant, if you eat lets say 5 raw eggs 30 min before workout, you may not feel well in your stomach. You would do that because your heard that its important for the body to have amino acids support during weigthlifting. But its far better to drink some whey. Then your body will remain anabolic during the workout and you will not suffer from digestive problems(thats the english word?), because whey makes a highway into the muscles.
      Apart from that, eggs 24/7 is very efficient, i`ll agree there, bro.

      • Juha says:

        Actually whey protein is´nt so superior. Freeform aminoacids will give an even greater anabolic response around workouts as has been well proven scientifically and you only need 5-10 grams. You just need to follow them up a little later with more protein, preferably slower types like casein or products that mix both whey and casein.

      • Enzo says:

        Actually the best thing is to eat 6-10 grams of EAA (essential amino acids). They raise the protein synthesis (= muscle building) drastically 1 hour after training when taken directly before a workout. I’m surprised Kevin doesn’t eat EAA, the benefits are well proven.

      • Juha says:

        I concur, 1 dose just prior to your exercise and another one right after or rather soon will set you up for good growth.

    • Finger Man says:

      Right-On Chris! Eggs are a perfect package of nutrition and they deliver energy every time-any time. Check out my blog where will you can learn about some other combos that work great with raw eggs. RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com

  12. troy says:

    funny thing is i never stoped drinking raw eggs even when i started buying whey, so its good to know iv been doing somthing right lol but i definately have to start looking into the values of having nuts and seeds regularly included in my diet, thanks

    • Finger Man says:

      Troy, there are many simple and highly potent raw foods that enrich your diet and supply abundant energy. I’ll be offering my personal favorites on my blog. Hope to see you there.

  13. Dragos says:

    Biologically speaking…we do not use bacteria to digest proteins…we use pancreatic enzymes lol. Being a medical student makes it really hard to watch this man speak, but I can understand his motivation. Only if he wasnt that skinny.

    The look on your face during some parts of this video are just priceless.

    Keep to your regular diet Kev. It got you to the top and will do so again baby!

    Can you post a meal log of a few days or so sometimes? Would really help us a lot.

    Thanks and heres to getting even bigger week 7!

  14. Chris Winfield says:

    One thing that I would like to mention , The finger man looks skinny as hell… But when he stands next to kevin… He doesnt look supersmall , just skinny. Kevins what around like 235-240 now? Fingerman is taller and is surprisingly an average comparison to him just like any other person. I think hes actually bigger than he looks in the video.

    • gpaasche says:

      Does not look so to me..

      • Finger Man says:

        Chris, my body-type, unlike Kevin’s, is not predisposed to gain huge mass. I concentrate on solid definition and strength. Visit my blog where I will post other types of strength training that I incorporate into my routine.

      • O rly says:

        What do you mean it’s not predisposed to gaining ‘huge’ mass. You’re just not eating enough to grow any bigger than like 150 or whatever it is you are. Point blank period. Whether that’s through choice and different goals like you said or just lack of knowledge. If you wanted to gain mass you could, like everyone else, if you ate more.

  15. Colossus says:




    • Finger Man says:

      Hey, I live on this and just like anything else, it’s an aquired taste. I will be posting other raw concoctions on my blog that are true power boosters. RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com

  16. Muscleup says:

    kev…i love ya baby…but, you won’t ever catch me eating that shit.HaHa, it did bring back some good memories of growing up,being out in the woods playing with my friends…you eat it,no you eat it,no you eat it first…as that poor cricket lost his life…haha rock on dude…

  17. SammieSam says:

    it’s cool to eat healthy, but what good is it if ur not enjoying urself? kevin looked like he was in an episode of fear factor

  18. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Great video, the Fingerman is an intense guy with some old school ethics. I like some of what he says but i like the fact that you have gone into this whole blog open minded and have tried everything.
    I think a lot of other hall of famers would have gone back to their old ways and not ventured from the path.
    You are an inspiration, thanks!

    Mike- Englands got your back!

    • Finger Man says:

      Mike, you nailed it! Old school, or not, simplicity and consistancy are what really work for me. I keep my training interesting by mixing it up with other forms of intense fitness. I will be posting clips of these routines on my blog RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com
      I hope to see you there!

  19. Alexton says:

    Raw food can be very healthy, and eating raw chicken isn’t dangerous as long as you know how to prepare it.
    When i travelled around in Asia ate raw chicken/tuna a couple of times.
    They put it in the freezer for a few days to kill of germs and parasites.

    • Finger Man says:

      Quite right Alexton! There are ways and recipes to get around the supposed dangers of eating raw poultry. I will expound on the topic in my blog RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com. I hope you will share your personal comments and experiences there!

  20. Mansoor says:

    If this Fingerman guy is so experienced in nutrition and is championing his raw food then why isn’t he anywhere near as big as Kevin? Going on chicken/rice/fish?

    Keep it simple and stay strong LEVRONE!!

    • Juha says:

      Maybe he´s just not trying to grow BIG. It´s all about calories anyways and he´d grow if he just increeased them.

      • Finger Man says:

        Very true! My ambition is not to grow BIG and put on bulk! I am in this to get every fiber of my body fit and defined. Increasing my calories would not enhance my diet. Instead, I incorporate densly rich nutrition to energize my body and empower my workouts. Learn more on my blog RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com

  21. Jimmy says:

    Sweden here…

    Kevin, you looked worried there for a few seconds in that video.. =)

    Impressive video of a different approach to eating and ideas about nutrition.

    Learning and educating. As with the most that gets up here at =)


    /Jimmy, Sweden

  22. Ipole says:

    LOL looking kinda scared Mr. levrone , was that stuff realy tasty ???

  23. Tuncay says:

    Hey ,Kev we want see the old Kevin Levrone brutal Workouts and not this Hokus Pokus Fingerman Trash.

  24. Michel R says:

    Heheheh, yow… big Kev… Just before downing that B-pollen preworkout-i dont know what the hell I’m drinking’ shake… The look in your face, man… hehehe… It’s obvious you want most of us to take it with a grain of salt and yes, I definitely won’t try this at home… Good for fingerman and all, but to me, I’ll stick to some foodprocessing before downing it down the throat, ehhe… I know what foodpoisoning (due to unprocessed food) is and while experiencing it firsthand, I’ve examined (and filled) the inside of a bucket for more than a day two years ago… Definitely not something I want to re-experience… Props for Fingerman to do it for 15 years, but I’ll pass :-)…

    • Finger Man says:

      Michel, I appreciate your reservations, but know that the body just sucks this stuff right up and makes total use of the concentrated balance of nutrition and amino acids. The stomach acid can handle the bacteria very efficiently.

      • Michel R says:

        All the power to you, Finger Man, to be able to cope with raw food so well… For me and my body it’s a bridge too far. I’ll heat things up before I eat or swallow them… I never want to experience a foodpoisoning again…

  25. Egor says:

    Thanks for vid, Kev. Really open-minded stuff. Keep it up.

    • Finger Man says:

      Egor, I’m so glad that you enjoyed my contribution to Kevin’s blog. I have many more ideas and stamina building techniques that I will reveal on my blog. RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com Your comments and question are welcome there.

  26. donny says:

    that man seems Hannibal Lecter. Be careful, Kevin, to your skin 😉

    • Juha says:

      I agree, Fingerman gives me the creeps. He was thinking there for a few seconds about what he was gonna offer Kev to try as if he had human limbs in his fridge lol

    • Finger Man says:

      Thanks Donny and Juha. You reminded me that on my blog RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com. I will have to post some clips of my archery training with a recurve bow.

  27. New Zealand says:

    Very entertaining Kev, love it how your mixing it up and giving us things/topics to ponder.

    Keep it up bro

    AND, we haven’t seen any workouts in a day or so, are you on a break? having a deserved rest etc?

  28. daw666 says:

    Always nice to see there are still things out there you can learn about diet and food.
    Do you have some recipes for the stuff he showed you in the video?
    Looking forward to see part 3 of the Finger Man, hes a really interesting dude.
    Cheers bro 😉

  29. That Dude says:

    Does fingerman live in his parents basement? not hatin’…just sayin’

  30. gpaasche says:

    Are there more videos about Fingerman’s training? Would be interesting to see what he does apart from those kinda squats.

    • Finger Man says:

      Thanks. I do all sorts of unusual things. I’ll start posting on Please check it out. Haters welcome, too.

      • Matt S says:

        Hey fingerman, now that kevins done your training and eating, I think its only fare that you give his training and eating a try. It would give us all more videos to watch of you and kevin and keep us all interested. What do you think?

        Matt S
        Stockton ca

      • Matt says:


        Beside personal experience, what credentials/qualifications do you have to give the advice you’re giving? Any relevant research studies would help out to back up what you’re saying. I’m not hating, I just would like some scientific evidence.


  31. jasko89 says:

    your face was great when you ate those nuts, and those other things I don’t know what it was, but I think that honey and egg thing was good 😉

    I have respect for that finger man, he does what he wants to do 😛 and doesn’t train on a common way…

    Kevin nice progress you make every week, keep on training bro 😉

    • Finger Man says:

      Unconventional describes my overall way of life. I will definitely post more of what I love to do on my blog. RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com -Hope you throw out your comments there.

  32. Thad says:

    I appreciate you attempting to expand your own and other’s surroundings via the Finger Man videos. However, that video is crazy. I felt like I was watching an amateur horror movie staring FINGER MAN with all that camera movement and maniacal laughing.

  33. Rob says:

    Hey I dont mean any disrespect so please dont take this that way. IN regards to the this Fingerman dude, has he always lived a healthy life or just in the past few years or so, because he has lost his hair! Sure genetics apparently a huge factor as to someone going bald but so does diet and lifestyle etc too. I respect the Fingerman for his ideas but he doesnt look too healthy jusging by his hair loss and skin complexion. If I lost my hair, that would defeat the purpose of me training trying to look good. The hair is all part of the complete package and a sign of health and virility. People can tell the difference between someone with a shaven head as opposed to a balding shaven head.

    • Finger Man says:

      Yah, bum luck about the hair loss. I was stricken with an awful case of acne as a teen. At age 19, I took conventional medication to correct the problem. The only thing it succeeded in doing was causing irreversible hair loss. After I stopped the meds, the acne came back in full force. It was only after I went raw with my diet that the acne virtually disappeared! Believe me, my health is immaculate. I will be happy to post my most recent blood profile on my blog.

      • Rob says:

        Fair enough Finger Man, I believe you, no need to provide blood test evidence and no disrespect meant from me. Respect to you and your methods. At the end of the day each to their own physique ideal.

        I am naturally very skinny. Only 5’10” and naturally weigh around 134lbs – on the lean side – my bodyfat was last measured to be 6.7% (and thats me trying to bulk up, no cardio etc). Personally I cant settle for being skinny and I will die trying to get big muscles even if I am not pre-disposed to getting big.

        I read somewhere – Kevin said, so long as you dont give up, you havent lost out which is true.


  34. mark says:

    Though I agree with the fact that eating raw foods, especially meats and vegetables allow the person to fully experience the nutritional benefits of each, there are some other alternatives for some of the people that detest the thought. Such as steaming the food rather than boiling it or having it in direct contact with heat. Doesn’t allow the ‘full’ amount of nutrients but a lot more than eating it sauteed. Also tastes better than eating it raw.

    • Finger Man says:

      Mark is correct. Any direct contact with heat will negatively alter the natural composition of raw foods. Even worse are heated oils and fats. I will open up discussions on by blog on this topic because I there is so much to add on this subject. Please join me at RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com

  35. antman says:

    Ok, the fingerman probably has no evidence to backup his claims, and his physique reflects that. But I do have to admit it’s hilarious watching kevin in these vids.

    I’d love to see more of this kind of stuff!

  36. Jordan says:

    why were you so shocked when you had a smell of the cottage cheese?..its packed full of protein and tastes great with scrambled eggs

    or was his gone off?

    ill ask once moooore..what weight lifting belt do you use Kev and when will your supplement be avaliable in the UK?


  37. Robi says:

    in german it means “rohkost; salat”

  38. Matt S says:


    Now that you have done his training and eating, why dont you have him do your training and eating and use your supliment you are coming out with. You really should keep him incorperated in your body transformation.

    Matt S
    Stockton ca

    • Finger Man says:

      Matt, I am not into this for the mass and the bulk. my goal is to maximize my fitness workout without stressing my tendons and ligaments. With all do respect to Kevin and his ambitions, mine revolve around a balanced diet intended to support my level of exertion. Aside from statics, my regular routine includes intense rock climbing, biking, percision training and more. Building mass would interfere with with outcome of these routines while building strength and stamina are absolutely essential! I will demonstrate my assertion on my blog RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com Your comments are always welcome.

      • Rob says:

        Hey there Finger Man, I have a question for you.

        You say that you are not going for the same look as Kevin (the big mass muscle look), is that because you are predisposed to being skinny (like me) and you think it’s pointless trying to get big or is it because in an ideal world, you actually want (and would rather be) skinny?

  39. Rodney says:

    Ok first off. Eggs. Eggs are usually heated up to Pasteurize them before we get them. That is enough to kill most bacteria and only about .01% of raw eggs will have salmonella in them. Cottage Cheese is spoiled milk anyway, meaning it’s curdled milk (i.e. separated curd from whey). However, if it is growing fur I wouldn’t eat it. Raw honey can have botulinum toxin in it and can be lethal for infants if fed to them causing “floppy baby syndrome” and death, and can kill adults as well.

    Now Kevin, think about this one. Steak/Meat – it has to be cooked to partially break down the proteins into amino acids. This guy has it backwards. It takes your body 24 hours to digest a steak that is cooked, if raw, it will take the body longer because the proteins haven’t been broken down. Both raw chicken and raw turkey can and usually contain Camphylobacter jejuni which is worse than Salmonella and can kill you. YOU DON’T WANT IT! Always cook your poultry. I don’t care what this guy says.

    Now I am not saying to not keep an open mind when training and eating, but there are certain things that can really hurt you. Nuts and sprouts sitting in distilled water or any kind of water can grown fungi on them which can in turn make you EXTREMELY sick. You just have to be careful. If this guy had a degree in nutrition and then went on to explore alternative forms of food prep and nutrition I would take what he says to heart more, but this looks just more like plain strangeness to me.

    • Adam says:

      Very well put couldn’t agree more. I have to say i am a little disappointed Kevin that you are giving this finger man so much time and space in this blog. What is his educational background. Talking about eating raw meat and poultry are we serious here come on this guy sounds like he doesn’t know what the hell he is talking about and not to mention that at first glance he looks like an anorexic and i dont even care how strong he is in his useless static contractions exercises. Kevin i am a huge fan i have seen both your dvds i own M3 actually and i have seen a lot of other pros training videos and never once have i ever seen any pro body builder use any of these static exercises. I think maybe we all need to be reminded of how big and freaky the Kevin Levrone of the 1990’s was and how he got that way definitely not from the help of some weirdo and his crackpot theories. I hope you don’t take this the wrong way Kevin but i think the finger man should stay locked up in that dungeon.

      • Juha says:

        Static contractions can be used also by bodybuilders to mix up the training and shock the body, but I agree it´s far from any of the core strategies in successfull BB.

        Regarding Fingermans diet, great post Rodney, sums up what i feel as well. I certainly would´nt eat raw meat or stuff grown in distilled water. There are some fermented foods that are very tasty and healthy as well, but not done this way! Sprouts grown in a proper jar rinsed often with fresh running water is great, never grow anything in, or drink, still water that´s been sitting for a while – there can be strong bacteria/toxins in there…

  40. jack fisher says:

    the finger man is probably super skinny because of all the parasites feeding on him! Its entertaining though to watch : )

  41. Dave Ostema says:

    Finger man is a little Weired, but I like weird
    people that’s why I probably like you, you seem to
    be a little strange and weird also ,but in a good way. Keep being yourself Kevin, REAL people like
    REAL people.
    Arizona Dave, AKA The Vanilla Gorilla

  42. Moz says:

    Is this a scene from the movie SAW. 😀

    • Rob says:

      Ha ha ha, I just burst out laughing when I read this post – thats the funniest thing I have read in a long time! Ha ha ha. I have to admit, I was a bit nervous for Kevin being in some creepy dungeon basement, (jokes).

  43. DeeMan says:

    LOL! When I watch this guy I get reminded of that holistic healer guy that was in this one Seinfeld episode that turned George purple, LOL!

  44. Lyotoo says:

    Kevin it’s ridiculous how hard you’re trying not to burst out laughing at this guy lol. Good vid man hahah.

  45. Dave says:

    Did you move back to MD.?

  46. nobody says:

    Dude, that guy is an oddball. He is so off its ridiculous. Do you like owe him something where you are giving him publicity? That is just odd……

  47. Eric says:

    LOL, I think this was posted for entertainment only. Not sure if your serious or if your acting

  48. norweigian says:

    Hey, i cant reply a reply which has been replied. Well, then…free amino acids do not work. That i learned in the 90s reading american muscle mags. The acids in the stomach destroys them before the muscles can benefit from them. Better is BCAA, but then again cost makes whey a much better choice…agree fingerman?
    Sorry i showed no respect. You seem like a very nice guy with lots of knowledge, but you dont have muscles. Thats all:-). I promise to check your site.

    • Juha says:

      Learned in the 90´s reading american musclemags?? Seriously, this is the 21st century and scientific studies > american musclemags any day my friend. EAA has all the essential aminoacids the body can´t produce itself including those in BCAA. There´s strong scientific evidence to back up the effects of EAA on musclegrowth. BCAA works very well too but there are studies that indicate that EAA works even better. In the end, EAA is made up of lots of BCAA plus the rest of the essential aminoacids that BCAA lacks.

      For the record, I meant EAA when I wrote free form aminoacids, free form essential aminoacids.

      • gpaasche says:

        Nana, not so cynical.. I am sure you can quote american muscle mags in a dissertation as well 😉

  49. Agostino says:

    Kevin!!!! Please this is not they right way to eat!!! I don’t understand why you listen this things.
    Keep up the good work…

  50. Isaac says:

    That guy has balls… i like balls.

    • Finger Man says:

      Thanks Isaac. What I do is called instinctive eating. I let my body tell me what I need and when I need it. It’s about getting in tune with your body and understanding how to deliver the right source of nutrition in an unprocessed, usable way. Learn more on my blog RawLiftinGuru.Wordpress.Com

  51. Rob says:

    (Again, no disrespect to the Fingerman). While I am open to new ideas, I only listen to those who have a physique I admire since they are living proof.

    Fingerman basically looks as skinny as me! I don’t want to be skinny (I hate being skinny!) so why would I ever listen to someone who is like me.

    There is no evidence to show what Fingerman says is correct judging by his own appearance, as I said in an earlier post – Fingerman does not look too healthy judging by his complexion and him being bald.

    • Juha says:

      Baldness is not a sign of poor health buddy. Loss of hair can be a sign of it but people loose hair for genetical reasons where it does´nt matter what your general health is like.

      • Rob says:

        True, very true – genetics are the main factor however, lifetsyle and diet can be major contributing factors. Assuming Fingerman was bald due to genetics, his complexion does not look like that of a healthy man. Again, I cant listen to someone who is as skinny as I am, thats like the blind leading the blind! ha ha ha. I just hope Kevin sticks to what has worked for him in the past.

  52. kevin says:

    There is merit to a raw food diet or some raw foods. Let us look at the converse first–our American Western diet. The American Western industrial diet is producing the highest percentage of degenerative disease states in the world in a given population.

    First off most of the meat we buy at the grocery store has been irradiated unless it is local or organic—thank your FDA. Second most of the animals now a days are being fed genetically modified corn and soy–with altered fatty acid compositions high in omega 6 fatty acids. Traditionally animals were fed on pasture ie grass seed and scavenging in the field–which produce healthier animals.

    Raw foods in general retain their vitamins, minerals, and in the case of vegetables and fruits their phytochemicals such as polyphenols and antioxidant compounds remain in tact. Some of this guys diet may be somewhat hardcore but he provides some great insight into a real healthcare model looking on food as medicine and not to get big or stuff our faces.

    • Finger Man says:

      You said it food is the medicine and medicine the food. We will discuss this more at my blog If people, mostly americans were to write everything down that they eat over a period of a month and then cross off everything that has no nutrition, chips, cookies, pizza, hot dogs, all of that, then what would they be left with? I have taken that one step further and only eat the healthiest foods I can find!

  53. Adam says:

    In the first second you can see couple of army-knives on his table lol 😀 why dont have some food in destile water in a creepy basement in box under some army-knives? 🙂

    • Finger Man says:

      Now that knives have been brought up, I will have to post my knife throwing techniques some time soon-haha

  54. Rob says:

    I just watched that Fingerman vid again. I felt so sorry for Kevin (It was like watching my hero getting turtured!) – that was like some Fear Factor stuff! I dont know if Kevin was just being polite or not but that mixture looked gnarly!!!

  55. AKurban says:

    As a true athlete and professional that has come a long way, its great to see you’re open to trying new things, even with your diet. You’re right, Finger Man is inspirational, but what makes this even more inspirational is the fact the Kevin Levrone has an open mind to this as well. This blog, with everything you have put into it Kev as far as advice with training methods and diet is greatly appreciated by all of us. Thanks for letting us be a part of your transformation Kev, much love!

  56. Rob says:

    I just really hope in the next Fingerman vid, we dont see our hero Kevin being the one getting eatin raw! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! (jokes).

  57. Goran says:

    This was so entertaining! I was laughing so hard watching Kevin make some suspicous faces! Priceless video! Keep it up Kev!

  58. Dave says:

    “You got the fat from the cottage cheese”????? This guy is stupid.

  59. Rob says:

    In theory Finger Man’s stuff sounds good hoever where is the proof??? Tony Robbins also preaches that static training stuff but I have never seen anyone get big as a result. I think it’s good as perhaps an intensity technique but not something to base you training on. Lets just remember that Kevins body in top shape is ‘the ideal’, therefore we want to do whats best to get as close as we each can to that (ie whatever he did in the past).

    Unless it’s for a sport, fighting etc, I cant understand why on earth anyone would train just for strength and to be fit and looking so skinny like an Auschwitz prisoner – thats how I look now and it feels awful comparing myself to someone like Kevin.

    Even if my body is not pre-disposed to getting big muscles I will die trying to get big. I cant ever settle for being skinny, skinny sux! (Just my 2 cents, no disrespect, offence or hate meant).

    • Finger Man says:

      Rob, believe me my diet and exercise are helping me grow. Without it, I make skinny look fat!

    • Finger Man says:

      Hey Rob-

      Maybe don’t compare yourself to Kevin or anyone for that matter! Kevin has the genetics of 1 in probably 4 or 5 million. Most people, following perfect diet and exercise regimes couldn’t look like him if they tried, me included! Compare yourself to who were and who you are now. Set your goals, know where you want to go. I was unhealthy, sick, didn’t feel good, and yes I do what I do for sport, not fighting though. We can train our bodies to gain weight, healthy muscle weight, but this is a slow process, but to set a goal of gaining 10 honest lbs of muscle a year is reasonable. Would you be happy about that, refer to my blog and we will discuss how you can do this. You want to gain, check out my site and try what’s suggested for 6 months. The way you put it you have nothing to lose!-same position I was in. You think I look thin, know this is on camera, when I am at the grocery store walking to my car with a bag of groceries in each hand the last thing people think of when they see me is thin…check it out!

  60. Kryze says:

    I don’t know how he prepares it, but all the nasty stuff you can catch from eating raw meat/fish… parasites, bacteria… not worth whatever minimal increase in nutrient uptake it gives IMO. (and sometimes, like with eggs, it’s actually less uptake)

    But hey, to each his own… just be careful and make sure you know what you’re doing.

  61. ste says:

    no body ever won the olympia by eating dried seaweed your theroies are flawed, try eating some real food then maybe you will put some size on

    ps clean your house

  62. Andy says:

    Why should we listen to that skinny ecto?

  63. Alex says:

    Its funny how this guy supposedly knows the best way to train and the best way to eat. Yet….hes so tiny.

  64. SammieSam says:

    where’s levrone by the way?

    • Travel day – I took the drug test. I’ll have a pic up later today and tell you guys all about it. I see there’s a lot of comments on Finger Man Pt. 2 – not surprised. 🙂

  65. Rodney says:

    I have heard of some bodybuilders using static contractions in their workouts; however, this was only after they had reached near failure or failure during a set of regular full reps. The static contraction can help to recruit any other muscle fibers that were not fully recruited during the full rep, partial rep, etc. It also will burn up any excess ATP left in the muscle for energy. However, I believe it’s usefullness ends there.

    When you look at an individual muscle fiber, to contract properly and fully, it has to have a decent range of motion to go through the powerstroke of the fiber contraction. I am talking at the level of the actin and myosin fibers here on a close to molecular level. A “static” contraction is just that STATIC; meaning that the muscle fibers don’t move anywhere. They are contracted only to a small extent and you are not entering the most powerful range for the fiber to contract. This is why it is important to do a fully range of contraction with a full rep. The muscle fiber is allowed to generate the most power in the maximum number of muscle fibers at any one time. As I said, a static contraction only recruits a very small number of muscle fibers at one time.

    Essentially, flexing your muscles really hard is the same thing as doing a static contraction. There is no range of motion to fully contract the muscle yet the muscles are taught. The FingerMan did a static contraction with 405lbs on a squat bar, but he is essentially just flexing his quads with 405lbs on his shoulders, thus it is the same as if he weighed about 560lbs (i.e. his body weight plus the weight on the bar) and was flexing his quads (as in an ab and thigh pose or something such as that). FingerMan is probably stronger than the average 160 pound man, but I seriously doubt he is stronger than a 160 pound man who does regular weight training with compound movements.

    With regards to his diet, I have stated my opinions on this earlier, but I will add to that by saying that when it comes to raw fruits and vegetables; for the most part, there is a benefit there to eating those vs. cooked fruits and vegetables. However, most of us were already aware of this. With the other foods, I believe you are taking too much of a risk for bacterial infection if you try to eat them on a consistent basis. Just because it works for one person doesn’t make it a gold standard.

  66. Manuél says:

    Hey Finger Man!

    I like some of your Ideas, but I have a few Critics…

    You said in the Static Contractions Video, that this is the most powerful Position.
    But as far as I knew, that’s wrong.
    I’m sorry, I don’t know the english word for the Position, but aren’t you stronger in the Position where you do X-Reps for example?

    And why did you put Fat in Kev’s Post Workout Shake?
    This slows down the protein absorbtion…

    And last a personal Question:
    I wonder why you are so thin but strong, even though you eat enough protein apparently?
    Can you tell me the secret?

    Thanks a lot!

    Looking forward for your answer,
    greetings from Europe.

    • Rodney says:

      Manuel, what do you think eggs are but protein and fat. The body NEEDS fat for many functions. The problem is too much fat is bad for the body and gets stored in places we don’t want it to. You actually need good sources of fat and cholesterol to help in brain and neuronal development which is especially important in bodybuilding when it comes to the mind/muscle connection and to forming the neural pathways to the muscles that eventually are known as “muscle memory”. The myelen sheath around neuron is completely made up of lipid material which is….drumroll….FATTY ACIDS. This fatty sheath helps the neurons to conduct nerve impulses faster and to form faster connections at the neuromuscular junctions.

      Even very small amounts of saturated fats are good because they are good sources of energy when you are depleted. However, the issue is combining a lot of carbohydrates and fat, which in turn spikes your insulin and pushes fatty acids in to fat cells making you fatter. However, when you eat protein and fat, there isn’t an insulin spike. This is the same preinciple behind eating protein and carbs together. You get the insulin spike from the carbs which opens up the muscle cells for the amino acids and sugars to come in and start protein synthesis and replenish glycogen stores.

      Kevin’s post-workout shake from the FingerMan, though a little disgusting sounding, was pretty nutritionally sound. You had protein from the eggs and cottage cheese, healthy fats and cholesterol from the eggs yolks and cottage cheese, and a natural source of simple sugar to spike the insulin levels in the raw honey. Bee pollen has protein, in fact, per weight it has more protein than eggs, but it is hard to eat that much bee pollen. It does however supposedly aid in digestion and offer some free amino acids into the mix, so there is no real harm in taking it. I know a lot of people who take it and they say it helps them to feel better. Overall, the shake was pretty well balanced.

      Listen, I don’t doubt that the Fingerman has done a lot of research on raw food. However, my issue here lies more in his training methods the more I think about it. Yes, some of the raw foods can make you sick, but if he is careful, then more power to him. But training like this isn’t good for building muscle. It may be good for keeping an overall lean semi-muscular physique, but that isn’t what we are going for. Also, the fact that his diet is probably relatively low in calories also keeps him from putting on a lot of weight (muscle or otherwise) which adds to his lean body habitus. If it works for him great.

      I know what works for me so I do that. You have to figure out what works for your body type and metabolism and go from there. Just because Kevin can eat 4 good meals a day and gain five pounds a week doesn’t mean we all can. Kevin’s genetics are literally one in about 500 million. Literally. The average guy’s genetic makeup isn’t so advantaged so it takes a little more trial and error for us to figure out how to put on good muscle and not gain an assload of fat in the process. Conversely, it takes that same process to lose fat while not losing so much muscle, which someone like Kevin has a great metabolism and can shed fat like water off a ducks ass. Anyway, sorry for the long posts, I just think this blog needs some more sound nutritional info than just everybody going all willy nilly about everything. I am by no means an expert but I have spent most of my life studying the body, how it works, and nutrition, so I have a good idea about most things. Kevin, keep up the good work, please post some more workout videos, I think I may be losing a workout partner here pretty soon if he doesn’t get his shit together so I need the motivation. Thanks man.

      • Manuél says:

        Yeah I know what’s the sense in good fats, and that they’re necessary.
        But my opinion is, that it’s not a good idea to put fat in the Post-Workout-Shake – it just slows down your protein absorption.
        And after the training you want to get your protein as fast as you can – why do you drink whey protein after the workout?
        And why with water, not with milk?
        Because the milk has fat.

        That’s why I wonder, why Finger Man put fat in Kev’s Shake.

        You can reach the insulin spike with carbs and protein, it will be enough, just take anything with a high glycemic load.

        Just my 2 cents.

  67. Wongy says:

    Hi there, Interesting forms of training and diet. I am studying physiotherapy and I have some queries.

    With regards to the static contractions, I always thought the muscles are strongest in their mid range of motion due to the myosin and actin fibres being perfectly aligned to produce maximal force. The static squat in an erecet position would place the quad muscles to near full contraction and thus not able to produce maximal contraction.

    Also, in the static squats, when your leg is extended whilst weight bearing, the congruenty of your knee joints is designed to reduce the need to activate your quad muscles. So my question is, during static contractions in a squat, are we having the leg flexed to a certain degree? Otherwise, your quads are being turned off to an extent, and thus preventing the full active activation of the muscle.


  68. Jace-uk says:

    Man I nearly followed thru due to laughing so hard ,for life extention And health it has benefits but cooking can irradicate germs etc,but then don’t know finger mans prep on the food
    how tall isfinger man? Looks very tall when Next to Kevin who I read is 6ft
    it’s Interesting but not the best path for BB IMO
    excuse the gramar using the phone

  69. Seemonster says:

    Interesting video about your special powerfood Fingerman, thx for this information! I still want to see more training-videos with you and Kev. Can you show us some breast, bizeps and shoulder- workouts? Do you have special hints for that?

  70. wyatt says:

    Love raw eggs for shakes. Just remember to ALWAYS wash your shells off with hot water before you indulge. Chickens urinate, leave bacteria and fecal matter on their eggs.

    Great video!

  71. BEN says:

    Finger Man, oh man, oh man. ROLF. Listen, this is meaningless. Did you see the guy do pull-ups on his so-called “blog”? Why would ANYONE, much less Kevin, listen to him after that? The man barely busted 8 pull-ups. This is insane. What kind of strength training are we talking about – there is no strength to talk about whatsoever. Did you see the number of posting on his “blog”? He keeps deleting everything I say. He only keeps postings by guys, the likes of Egor from Siberia (LOL), who kiss his ass! Man, getting a blog does not mean you are popular. Nor does it give you any right to preach to bodybuilders about nutrition and pseudo-training of yours. If this posting of mine is deleted here, I’m never visiting this blog again!

    • Juha says:

      He has no clue really, where did Kevin run into him?? I would´nt call those pull-ups, more like twitching. Loved the warm up too hahaha

  72. cico says:

    Fine technique.
    I think it could work for me.
    Not many will dare try it though.
    Great stuff.
    Eager to try that raw food too.
    Raw means healthy, I guess.
    Must buy some eggs, too.
    And sushi.

    Still, want to see some more interesting stuff.
    Unlike most of you, I’m a newby.
    Come on, show some more.
    Kills me to wait.
    See ya!

  73. Karl says:

    Here’s part of a reply from Rusty Jeffers to my email last year to on the subject of raw eggs:

    Anyway, the egg thing. I personally wouldn’t eat them raw because of e coli, but I was under the impression that eating them raw was worse for absorption of the protein intended. It’s really an old boxers (or wives tale) that eating or drinking raw eggs was good for you. I eat a dozen scrambled at a time as most bodybuilders do. I have a friend recovering from e coli and she had to take 12 weeks off of work, it ate at her internally, very bad stuff, The chances are wayyyy too high.


  74. wyatt says:

    To each their own. I just like to add them to a whey, milk, and a little peanut butter protein shake. A cocktail.
    You have to keep your mind open to different ideas and figure out what works for you. I have no idea about this guy’s workouts, but what little I saw does not interest me.

  75. Glenn says:

    Fingerman there is much talk of instinctive training and eating here, but there is much to be criticised with this approach. A more scientific and empirical approach may be of greater benefit. For instance A few bloggers have presented evidence that cooked eggs have more nutritional value and protein uptake than raw eggs, you dispute this and state that your body is your “lab”. I agree that your diet is probably superior to most but how do you measure a specific response to a cooked egg versus a raw egg? This would seem impossible, and more than likely any difference perceived would come under the realm of placebo. Also you mention that one shouldn’t worry about bacteria consumed from raw ingredients as the body needs them to digest food. It should be noted that the digestive tract requires certain types of bacteria, and that others like salmonella are harmful.
    With regard to your training, there is evidence of the benifits of HIT static contraction training as outlined in books by John Little. This system works well with isolation movements and compound movements for the back, but not so well with other compound movements.

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