Levrone Transformation, Week 7 update • LevroneReport.com

The past few days have been busy. I took a comprehensive steroid test at Quest Diagnostics, and then I traveled to the West Coast where I’ll be completing the rest of this transformation.

The Quest Diagnostics nurse oversaw the procedure. In a week or two the prescribing doc will give the results to Dave Palumbo, who arranged for the test after he attempted to call me out for using steroids during this transformation. I look forward to hearing Dave announce the results publicly. I realize this might be the first of many tests I’ll be asked to take. Doubters, bring it on.

I managed to get a few workouts in during all this and I posted the written programs below, plus a video clip where I talk about “old school” pullovers. Thanks again to the Finger Man for the raw food video. From the West Coast, Levrone out!





Hammer Chest Press: 225 lbs x 4 sets of 6 reps

Incline Hammer Press: 225 lbs x 4 sets of 6 reps

3 Cable Fly: 150 lbs x 12, 170 lbs x 12, 180 lbs x 12, 180 lbs x 12 reps


Smith Machine Behind Neck Press: 225 lbs x 4 sets of 6 reps

Smith Machine Front Press: 225 lbs x 4 sets of 6 reps

Side Lateral Raises, 40 lbs x 6, 45 lbs x 6, 50 lbs x 6, 50 lbs x 6 reps


Tricep Pushdowns: 200 lbs x 4 sets of 20 reps



Leg Press: 615 lbs x 12, 705 lbs x 12, 795 lbs x 12, 885 lbs x 12, 975 lbs x12, 1,065 lbs x 12 reps

Hack Squats: 345 lbs x 2 sets of 6 reps, 435 lbs x 2 sets of 6 reps

Leg Extensions: 150 lbs x 6 sets of 12 reps


48 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 7 update • LevroneReport.com

  1. Om's Aftermath.. says:

    Kevin my brother, I really wish you the best of luck in this transformation and life to come man!! Keep up the good work man, much respect for showing us the basics, truth and clean determination you have to praise this sport man, I aint gona say a lot crap man, but I never believed in these kinda sites till your levronereport popped up in my face , god bless you bro, and we all now the truth no need to prove nothing, its your life, but you gota good heart man, to be widely open to all us on your site and express all this bless and wisdom bro.

    Peace bro

  2. norweigian says:

    I dont understand this Kev. Why do bother with the test?. Let them think what they want. We dont care. The important here is the bodybuilding issue. You love this new bodybuilding-life, we do. And bodybuilders never get a clean image. I red once in a mag that over 90% of the athletes in a naturals bodybuilding contest were steroidusers. And come on, everbody knows that models on the proteinproducts are steroidfreaks. And i dont think mr and mrs “Clean” are potential buyers of the Levrone-NO. Hardcore bodubuilding fans are and we really dont care. I guess you must be pretty stupid anyway if you think that a Levrone-transformation can happen to the average weigthlifter just from a NO.
    Its your life, your choice. Nobody can judge u man. Look at the everyday-people. Its silicon, sleeping-pils, alcohol, bad fatty acids, make-up, facelifts, fat-operatinons and everything everywhere…the moral here sucks big-time:-(

    • Eric says:

      Of course the average person cannot transfrom how Kevin is! I don’t think Kevin is saying his NO poduct will give them the results he is getting. He is transfroming his body because your muscles have memory and he was one of the best bodybuilders in the sport. Anybody who thinks they can duplicate his transformation is out of touch with reality. Even the average person on roids cannot do what Kevin is doing. Again are we forgetting he is a pro bodybuilder, at one time one of the best in the world. Most guys at this level are of course on something; but they all have the genentics to pack on serious muscle. Steroids takes them to the next level in freakiness. So far Kevin does appear to be natrual

      • kenbo213 says:

        In respect to your post, i too agree that it’s not Kevin’s intentions to misguide the people into believing that this will be a magic pill, so to speak. But, people have to know, that there is nothing in this world that will give you results,true results of muscle, supplements are just that, something to supplement’ your already balanced diet, nothing more, nothing less. Sure, supplements may of course give you the energy/strength like say some NO supp, or some creatine, but regardless, nothing comes without hard work,dedication and discipline.

    • Juha says:

      Using your own reasoning here Norwegian – if it´s important to Kevin, why would he care for what you think? If he wants to do the test, why does it bother you?

    • vasyl says:

      i couldn’t agree more with norweigian. We decide what to do in our lives and personally i couldn’t bother less for non-believers. I would comment this drug test as an action of kindness towards them, and will be very happy to prove them wrong.

  3. mark says:

    norweigian I understand where you’re coming from but I think Kevin just wants people to believe him. How would you feel if you were in his shoes and knowing you were clean people were saying you weren’t accusing you of being on juice, especially with the kind of popularity that Kevin has. Me and you and 99% of the people on this blog will back him from any accusations but when theres millions of people involved, specially in the bodybuilding industry one accusation can spread like wild fire and ruin his reputation, especially his nice guy rep, and from his videos you can tell how nice Kevin actually is, especially to his fans. I commend Kevin for shutting them up, we never doubted you.

    By the way Kevin, when can we expect your supp to come out? I’m eager to try it bro. Peace.

    • SammieSam says:

      im looking forward to trying the supplement out too. if it works for someone as big as kevin, it’s probably gonna work better for someone half his size

    • norweigian says:

      Where i come from, thats relevant??
      Clean and not clean?. Who gives the fuck?. What people say, who gives the fuck. I just think that Kev missed the bodybuilding way of life, the big muscles and just feeling great and big. If he wants to be freak freak, he should go for it. And he should not listen to the man in the street. As long as you are a nice guy to other people, they should let you alone. I used some heavy dosages for 10 years, and i realy dont care if the neighbour believs i`m well oiled or not. Its my life and they should back off. People should respect our steroid-choice as we respect their siliconchoice on lips, chins and chest.

  4. B says:

    I’m not surprised that a lot of less knowledgeable people would think he’s using. I am surprised that people who should know better like palumbo and romano don’t believe. It’s not magic people, it’s just muscle memory. He was HUGE for a long long time, he stopped training for 4 years, he shrunk, now he grows back much faster.
    The same thing would happen to anyone natural or not. If you take a guy at 150lbs 10% bodyfat and he trains and gets to 200lb at 10% bodyfat then he stops training and goes back to 150lbs. If he starts training again he’ll get back to 200lbs ten times faster then the first time.

    It may even be helpful to shrink and then come back
    check out this article:


  5. kenbo213 says:

    Awesome baby, glad your still doing this kev, i don’t think there is a much more versatile move then the dumbbell pullover, i mean, it hits the lat’s, the pecs, the triceps, the delt’s and even the rhomboids, i mean, seriously,an amazing exercise that i always incorporate into my workouts.

  6. RoB says:

    Big Kev, keep it up bro….

  7. Kim says:

    That was a great tip Kevin =).. I never really knew how to do that exercise properly, no one in the gym is doing that so i could never ask anybody how to do it 😛

    thanks, keep up the good work =)

  8. Matt S says:

    I wanna see a lie detector test done, that way it will shut everyone up who thinks you are/arent. You shouuld do it and post a video of it and the results.

  9. craig says:

    Just thought I would tell you guys that Frank Zane really rates this exercise. He performs it with chest and sometimes supersetts dumbell pullovers with stiff arm pulldowns when he is peaking. Or sometimes he would do machine pullovers which he says combines both movements. Either way he always did this exercise.

    • Martin says:


      thank you so much for that insight..even though Kevin stated it in the video above, that Zane used to do pullovers, it was extremely informative that you decided to confirm that fact, and embrace it as your own, in your useful, and upmost appreciative text

      once again Craig, thank you, it is because of people like yourself, that we live in such a knowledgeable world.

      • craig says:

        Martin, I am a big Zane fan and you know the best thing about it is that he and Kevin are very similar in their training ideas. Zane in his best years split his training over three workouts. They were Chest,Shoulders,Triceps
        Legs,Calves and

        This is exactly what Kevin does. I am loving it because my two favorite bodybuilders do similar things.

  10. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I love pullovers…so old school.
    Did a great session yesterday and threw them in mid workout. Me and my mate Gaz managed 50kg for 8 reps (110 lbs)and it felt great, really feel it in lower pecs.
    Cheers for the inspiration,


    P.S I would like a ‘Flex and Squeeze’ t-shirt if you decide to make some…

  11. Dragos says:

    BigKev, has the look of conviction with that urine test haha. The piercing look.

    I don’t get why people care if you’re on juice/HGH. Its your body, you are not competing with other people. There is no reason to even care. You are just an inspiration, screw the haters big man.

    Keep up the hard work, looking forward to every blog entry!

  12. Ryan says:

    So Kevin is back in the West Coast?? I thought he moved there from Baltimore a few years back.

  13. You’re bringing back the old school training 😀
    Love it!
    I haven’t done pullovers for about 2 years I think. I’ll give it a try today!

    All the best Kev!

  14. Juha says:


    Since you´re eager to try new things with an open mind I´d love to see you do one of these cleansing programs as found on [url=http://curezone.com/cleanse/liver/default.asp]Curezone[/url]. Not strictly bodybuilding but it would be interesting indeed to follow ya on here doing their liver flush…I dare you =D

  15. William says:

    Yeah baby!!
    Show em how we do it Levrone style!
    Think this was a very good thing to do to make the blog even more interesting. Good job Kevin, admire your work.

    William from Sweden

  16. Big Rick says:

    I was awesome training with you the other night at World’s. Almost felt like old times. Next time we train together it better be pre contest training for…….you know, what we talked about. You look great. Keep it up!

    Rick Heiger

  17. Michel R says:

    Why is this once again turning into chemicals… I just happen to know one thing… When bigKev started up this blog, he inspired me and infused me with a desire to get back in the gym and kickstart myself again.
    I go to the gym all fired up again, I push myself past my own boundaries and I’m in the zone again…

    This blog is the best thing what happened to me this year wrt my beloved sport. It’s also my firm belief that it’s the best thing that happened to the world and fans of bodybuilding today.

    Bigkev wants to show us what is possible with just sheer will and desire in combination with good gym/sleep and food ethics… These tests are just his answer to the (uncalled for) statement of Dave Palumbo…

  18. Juhna says:

    First of all, i dont really care about if people use steroids or not, i can see good and bads in it and i can see why people use steroids, its their choice to make. I would still like to hear some opinions from you about them, ok probably everyone at the high end of bodybuilding use them, no matter how people might deny it, i just hope that even one “top guy” would talk about the facts as they are. Only i thing what i would like to know (your opinion) is that how far can people develop without them, is there a point where your developement kinda stops without them? or could you get big as anyone with a given time?

    • The body is always changing. It can be pushed past limits. The limit to what we can achieve naturally has yet to be discovered. Yes steroids give you an edge for growth, but I think you can get pretty far without it, too.

  19. NYC Monstah says:

    I respect you Mr. Levrone. I looked up to you as a kid and now as a 34 yr old man. I still do. You are an awesome dude.

  20. Peet says:


    Dont let the toolheads get to you brother. Keep doing what you do…I am still motivated as all hell from what you did for us so far. This intimate journey is by far one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen. I took away something great from each and everyone of your blogs. Thank you for staying humble.

    You’re my hero foreeeeeever!

    PS: I’ve been on fullblown mode since you started this…Keep the inspiration coming!! whoOooOooO!!!


  21. Muscleup says:

    kev…i’m glad you did the test bro…i know why you did and dude…pat yourself on the back from me, awsome. now old school rules baby!!! it’s the only way to train, it’s hard to sink deep into a set when you got bars,levers,cables going everywhere…ya feel me bro…just give me some steel, and i’ll move the shit, and ggrrroooowwwww…

  22. Demorak says:

    Hey Kev if you are truly clean now then for god sake get on some stuff and get back on stage .
    Im guessing you could be Mr Olympia by 2010 maybe even this year you freak ;), if you could get back to your old self (wich I think you can) then nobody nowdays could hang with you politics aside.

  23. jerzey says:

    Kevin, While many of us know you are being honest, even after this test people will say it is some one else’s pee that was tested or something crazy like that

  24. New Zealand says:

    Hey Kev, good to see the pull overs done, wasn’t sure how one would do it properly, do you incorporate this into your chest workout every now and then or would you do this on a separate day?



  25. TROY says:

    that double bicep pose is getting better every time you hit it kevin, cant wait for the drug test info to come out, you doing this clean is going to be very hard for alot of people to swallow, but then again that says alot about them doesnt it lol so keep it coming kevin and show everyone your full genetic potential:)

  26. Todd Bartlettzor says:

    Wu-tang clan aint nuttin to F wit!

  27. modred says:

    hello kevin i have seen youre last training and i noticed that you press an incredible amount of weight in the smith machine for shoulders but compared to that you do very little weight on the bench press. do you hold back? and when why? i can only press 180-190 in the smith machine for shoulders. but i can bench press 315 pounds for 4-6 reps and i know if i could 225 in the smith machine for shoulders like you i would bench much more.
    all the best for you

  28. Sam says:

    Respect bro, I do miss the old Kevin Levrone. Are you trying to grow naturally till you hit your peak then possibly take stuff? Do you plan on competiting? I bet a lot of bodybuilders would be scared if you go back on stage haha. Keep it up though, improving week after week.

  29. Eric says:

    Are you still pursuing acting? I thought that was your next passion after you quit competing. Just curious, I was following your acting career after you left the stage.

  30. sammy j says:

    lol, Mr Levrone is the man.. he is and will shock the world

  31. gpaasche says:

    Wow, that was one of the most impressive statements that I heard from a pro bodybuilder.. respect!

  32. Muscleup says:

    “I don’t plan on taking steroids ever again” dude that is gonna take some sack to stand up to…i am proud of you for saying that…just awsome, and if you never compete on a pro stage again, we will still love ya bro and never hold it against you…if i was you, it would be soooo hard not to wanna get on the stage again, but you left on your own terms and feel complete, so…let it be behind you..???

  33. Sam says:

    That’s awesome man, you looking great now. If you improved this much in a short time, I am sure results will keep on getting better. Like you said earlier, a lot of it is muscle memory. We all know how huge you were 🙂

  34. oatmeal says:

    i was very curious about the conditions of the body(s) of former pro bodybuilders post career. so here’s a question i have for kevin, former pro bodybuilder, or anyone that has used anabolic steroids for several years straight w/out coming off…

    is it true that using steroids w/out break for years will cause your body to NOT be able to produce testosterone “naturally” anymore?

  35. seany supps says:

    Let me start by saying that i am a big fan of yours, I watched The Maryland Muscle Machine more times then my little brother has seen Harry Potter. I was wondering, not calling you out but what is the purpose of this transformation? Its not a comeback, any legit comeback would involve using steriods. And I believe that some people will think you are bad mouthing the use of performance enhancing aids that played a huge part in the success you had as a pro. Are u really against steriods?

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