Answering your questions •

Getting settled here in the West Coast. I did back and biceps yesterday – the written program is below. Took a few days to coordinate the video taping. But we’re cool now, I’ll have some fresh new training videos for you tomorrow night.

Here’s a video of me answering some of your questions. It’s great to just look into the camera and answer you by name. I’m grateful for your involvement and honored that you’ve been posting so many questions and ideas. Keep it coming – I may pick your question next time.

Also, here’s a clip of me on nunchucks. This is the first time in decades. Not many of you know this, but I have a passion for martial arts. Any martial artists out there? Let me know. Kevin Levrone, out.

Wednesday’s full workout:


Front Lat Pulldowns:

180 lbs x 6, 190 lbs x 6, 200 lbs x 6, 220 x 6

Behind-The-Neck Lat Pulldowns:

180 lbs x 6, 190 lbs x 6, 200 lbs x 6, 220 x 6

Seated Rows:

180 lbs x 6, 190 lbs x 6, 200 lbs x 6, 200 lbs x 6

One-Arm Dumbell Rows:

100 lbs x 6, 110 lbs x 6, 120 lbs x 6, 140 lbs x 6 (each arm)


4 sets x 12 reps with 25 lb plate


Straight Bar Curls:

80 lbs x 6, 90 lbs x6, 100 lbs x 6, 110 lbs x 6

Standing Alternating Curls:

40 lbs x 6, 45 lbs x 6, 50 lbs x 6, 55 lbs x 6

Hammer Curls:

40 lbs x 6, 50 lbs x 6, 50 lbs x 6, 55 lbs x 6

One-Arm Concentration Curls:

4 sets of 25 lbs x 12 (each arm)


79 Responses to Answering your questions •

  1. jasper says:

    awesome, I always wanted to learn some martial arts

  2. C says:

    chucks are awesome!

  3. jasper says:

    besides, no need to apologize man
    we all know you’re busy and doing your best; putting your time, effort and heart into everything
    really appreciate everything you’re doing, got nothing but respect

  4. SammieSam says:

    after u get up to 245lbs, u should have an exhibition ufc match with flex. what kind of martial arts did u do?

  5. John says:

    Keep up the great work man! You’re doing more than enough as far as keeping things updated on the blog. You doing all of this is truly an inspiration! I say turn this into a ’99 British Grand Prix transformation at the rate you’re going!

  6. Will says:

    Another great update and as the others say, don’t sweat it that you don’t get around to posting everything; the fact that you are doing this at all is amazing. Who would have known Kevin Levrone was going to be our personal trainer & motivator!
    Keep it up, you’re truly inspiring.
    From Singapore.

  7. alejandro says:

    thank you kevin 🙂

  8. anthony says:

    Heres a question Kev: Would you be willing to step on the stage again if, once your supplement is launched, you sell a certain amount of product over “x” amount of time?? I think this would be a great way to further promote your new product and give your fans a chance to see the maryland muscle machine back in action and ready to claim the Olympia title he has proven himself worthy of so many times before. Take care man and as usual, awesome progress; keep it coming.

    • Goran says:

      I don’t know what supplement sales have to do with wanting to compete again. There are probably other factors that will determine wheather Kevin will compete again.

      One thing is for sure; it would be nice to see him onstage again but we need to respect his decision. In all our excitement of seeing him training again, we are probably becoming irritating to him with all these “comeback” questions. We should just let the man enjoy lifting and feeling good again. 🙂

    • The supplement is an awesome, honest product that will help a lot of people. But promoting it is not my number one agenda. I’m not going to compete just to sell something. As much as my future seems to matter to you guys, THE ONE future that matters the most is YOURS.

      Whatever your goals in life are, be strong and courageous and do the work, and I will do my small part to inspire you.

      • kenbo213 says:

        Then go and kick ass in a natural competition lol, i don’t know kev, of course i respect your decision, but living in this society today, having one slab of muscle automatically indicates you have used steroids, you know, such a shitty way bodybuilding has become, in that sense. But nonetheless, whatever you decide to do, i’ll be here, rooting for ya, giving you that corner bro.

      • Demorak says:

        Ok I get it bro, did not realize you did not want to use roids again, I guess that part of your life is over. I completly understand

        Good luck in whatever you decide to do.

  9. Dan says:

    I’m pretty much the same as you kev. I earned my 1st degree a couple of years ago and I had to stop because of school etc. I might come back.haha Seeing you with the nunchucks was awesome. If I come back I might want to learn how to use either nunchucks, katana, or bo staff. All very cool and sick weapons. But yeah don’t worry to much about posting diets and answer questions. We’re right behind you 100%.

  10. Udeeksh says:

    You’re awesome with the Nunchucks Kev…Any other martial interests?
    BTW this whole journey has been terrific….I hope you keep going on…It has been an inspiration for thousands of your fans.

  11. TFY says:

    Kevin, you still look like you know what you’re doing with those nunchucks – awesome clip. Which martial art did you used to study?

    I’m also a martial artist – I do Wing Chun kungfu (what Bruce Lee studied as a teenager in Hong Kong).

  12. norweigian says:

    Hm…some new information there. Before you said that this blogg would continue and the main issue was not the NO. You just wanted to share this new life with us and be inspiring at the same the we inspired you.
    But now you said that you dont know what will happen after those 8 weeks.
    I sorry if im pushing this, but i just want to know what to expect. But hey, anything goes man. Its been very pleasent to get to know one of the top 3 heroes from the sport (U, Flex and Ronnie). And if this stops in 2 weeks, you still be on that top 3 list for me, no..i think you will be the first from now on:-)
    Yous see, Flex visitid Norway in his peak days, and he even visited our gym. And i was the first guy shaking his big hand. I never forget it, so his on that list too, sorry:-).
    But i hope u never will stop training. Whatever happens in your personal life, quiting training is not the answer. You know, Rocky always said, “im a fighter, i got to figth this guy”…even if i loose everything. I think its the same for us. One time bodybuilder, always a bodybuilder. I guess even Arnold still do one hour of lifing each day:-)

    • I’m not sure what the next chapter is, that’s what I told kenbo.

      And, I’ve said it many times before. What aspect of training, what the end goal will be – I don’t know yet. Once I finish this milestone, I will plot the course for the next one.

      But let me be clear: this blog goes on long after 8 weeks, the journey goes on. It may very well continue indefinitely.

      When it comes to health, strength, excellence, the journey is never done. This blog ain’t goin’ nowhere, son, it’s just getting started. If you have ideas about what should come next, tell me.

  13. justin says:

    hey kev. great job on everything youve done soe far. And yes i also am a mixed martial artist. I do jiu jitsu 2 times a week and boxing the otehr 2 training days. Im only 18 so i still have a while until i try to become a professional mixed martial artist. Anyway i think its cool your into martial arts.

  14. gsk1985 says:

    why did you changed the photo at the top of this site?

  15. BaGeL23 says:

    Looking good Kevin! I really hope you keep up with this after the scheduled 8 weeks are over with, it’s amazing watching you transform day by day. I’m aware most people would be too busy to post up videos of every single one of their workouts, as well as write down everything involved in said workout, but you’re taking the time to do just that, and it means a lot to me as well as the rest of the people following your transformation.

    Is that The Finger Man talking to you in the nunchucks video?

  16. John M.123 says:

    Kevin!!! They need to make a rambo type movie and u the star bro!

  17. johan says:

    Damn, your delts look huge in the video where you awnser questions! You look better by the day, nice! You allso seem like a real humble dude!
    There is alot of talk about steroids on here, and on other discussion boards, I hope people stop bullshiting and start apreciating what you are doing! This blog has kept me fighting through some hard times, and yesterday I did a 300lbs benchpress, so I know im on my way back, thanks to you!

    Thanx for doing this bro!

  18. Rodney says:

    Hey Kevin, it appears like you may be a little upset in the video where you are answering view questions. I definitely hope this is not the case, but I could definitely understand if you were a little pissed given how some of the people, not even a good number, but just a few bad apples, have really tried to split hairs and flat out disrespect what you are trying to give us. I just hope that you continue to focus on the positive aspects of this transformation and the amazing affects that it is having on literally thousands of people all over the world!

    You are a pioneer man, nothing like this has really been done before in real time the way you are trying to do it. Of course not everything little thing is going to be perfect when you are working without a blueprint. You don’t think Thomas Edison knew how to do every little thing regarding the building of the lightbulb when he was 6 weeks into the process, I don’t think so. So don’t let a few haters get you down regarding what is I believe one of the greatest things ever done by a pro or any level bodybuilder. Trust me, when it all goes down and Palumbo reads those test results that you are clean as a whistle, the shit is gonna hit the fan, but in a good way. Just wait and see.

    Now, regarding the question you read about steroids you took years ago still affecting your performance today. Uh, negatory there good buddy. If that were the case then Alex Rodriguez would have still been playing at the level he was when he was in Texas after he moved to New York. Furthermore, if steroids continued to have an effect on your body after you stopped, then your muscles would not atrophy as you contninued to weight train. However, anybody who has taken gear knows you do lose muscle size after you stop because the steroid’s effects stop even as you continue to train.

    Kevin, as I told you in my private message on Youtube, I have been through and completed medical school, and I am in the process of finishing my masters degree in Microbiology and Molecular Cell Science. What you said is on the subject is completely correct. Steroids stay in your system for a finite period of time ONLY, and it isn’t any time period longer than a few weeks to a month, maybe two MAXIMUM (depending on your own personal ability to metabolize drugs).

    The steroids themselves work inside the cells giving that effect for only as long as the steroids continue to remain in the body. They can aid in DNA repair inside the nucleus of the cell which aids in overall cell repair (in the case of muscle cells, the heal faster so you can workout more often or more intensely, etc, etc, etc). However, their effect on the DNA again is only as long as the steroids are in your system, which is dictated by your metabolism of that particular drug via the cytochrome system. Just as our bodies metabolize other drugs and their effects manifest only as long as they drug is at a minimum level of effectiveness, so do steroids.

    This isn’t very specific, if you want that go read a textbook; but it is the general idea of how steroids work and why the don’t start in your body for “years”. I hope this helps and again man don’t get discouraged by the idiocracy of a few morons who are jealous of your genetics and your dedication. These are the same people who will say that the drug test was rigged and that someone paid someone else off to say that you passed the test or whatever bullshit they can come up with. Take it easy, keep working hard and you will persevere.


    • Jeremy says:

      Hey man that was an essay! But all true. Kevin I am right behind you. You aren’t superman, well the rate your growing I am begining to think differently, but whatever info you give is awsome and I am grateful for anything. Its really awsome what you are doing, giving the truth or making it clearer for a lot of guys out there. You have really made it clear to me that success is more of a mind-set than a particular program/nutritional set. Thanks man!


    • Juha says:

      I can see that some of that post is directed towards some of my comments 😉

      I´m not jealous nor a moron and find this blog great and Kevins transformation aswesome. But some of what you are saying in your post is contradicted by scientific proof and also you´re basing some of what you´re saying on misunderstanding a few things(it´s not steroids staying in your system for years that is claimed but some of the physiological effects that do remain). I don´t wanna drag this out and make this blog about that but it´s all there to read in the scientific research that is found in the document posted previously.

      Anyways, awesome work Kev and martial arts are cool, done plenty of them myself over the years.

    • Stuart Counter says:


      In order for you to learn something at medical school the medical community has to have researched it properly first. I don’t see how an understanding of what we know about steroids, especially one which I would bet pre-dates the discovery that testosterone down regulates myostatin, does to help you enlighten the rest of us lamens on this issue.

  19. Michel R says:

    It’s clear that this blog is a very timeconsuming activity. I think it’s obvious that it’s not possible to continue this with the same update-rate as the last seven weeks. Like I already mentioned, I hope you plan on continuing this link with the community in some other form, less frequent, but still linked up. Due to the popularity and the fact that you too must make a living, I hope you can utilize/transform the resources and fans/friends of this blog into some endaviour which can bring you some money and us, the chance to stay in touch/learn/interact with the world and person of Kevin Levrone. It’s a damn win-win situation for all us, that’s for sure…

  20. Markus says:

    Kevin, Thanks for your answer !!!


    greez from AUSTRIA!

  21. Fii says:

    I’m surprised that you’re into martial arts. Most bodybuilders I knew said that it’s just a waste of time. I used to learn taekwondo and from my perspective, martial arts are also good for cardio.

  22. Tim Tilburg says:

    Hey Kevin, it’s great that you awnser questions. Allot of people on this blog really appreciate what your doing. There will always be people that think your using steroids, that will doubt you because they want to have results like yours and are just really pist they don’t. Most of the people appreciate what your doing and that your sharing all this information with us. Even you suppelementation is something you want to share with us. People should see it as a change to use the same as levrone does, not like a product you just want to sell. Your doing all you can, and I’m really curious what your going to do after the 8 weeks. We’ll just see and wait. Are you going to train in with some other IFBB’s maybe, trying diffrent styles of training, like david henry’s DC. Well I will keep checking backing everyday to see what’s going on, keep it up man, it’s all amazing

  23. Moz says:

    Kev with nunchunks, is their anything this man cannot do. 😀 (win Olympia .. boom) nah joke. We all know that your on the road to compete 1 more time for the title so you can cross off that final accomplishment off.

    Quickie? I know you’ve done some acting before, but your a natural, should get an agent to get your some roles.


  24. Juha says:

    Kevin – just watched your video where you answer some questions. Thank you for taking the time to do so, it shows you care for the fans that come here to follow you and your adventures. Too bad though you seem to be a little down, or maybe just tired. I hope the fans on here can actually boost and inspire you to go that extra mile in whatever it is you wanna do and not drag you down. Nevermind the haters, those will always be around successfull people like yourself to some extent.

    With regard to your answer to my posts on steroids. This will be my last comment with regards to that – I certainly don´t want to make the blog revolve around that. Sorry if that has drained any of your energy the past week. All I wanted to do was to balance out some of the comments with regard to the results you have gotten naturally. It´s not hormones remaining in your system, it´s some physiological effects that do which probably explain a certain extent of the awesome results you have gotten so rapidly. This is why there is a debate in professional sports today that the 2-4 year bans are´nt long enough as athletes will have an advantage from previous juicing when they come back into competing after their ban. They are debating bans for life now but it´s not likely to happen as politics and money is too importan for that to happen.

    I think you have a great blog here, the dedication you show is much appreciated, and your transformation is truly phenomenal. I wish you the best of luck and I will keep checking in here often and keep commenting but staying off the drug debate.

    Great work with the nunchucks Kev, that was a bit of surprise really! =D

    All the best
    Juha from Sweden

    • Rodney says:

      I wasn’t actually talking about you as I didn’t know who made the comment, nor did it matter at the time. The comment was made and is incorrect. Is it so hard to believe that Kevin is that genetically gifted that he can actually gain this much muscle without steroids? Seriously. I don’t know where you are getting your information but if you are talking about lasting physiological effects such as gynecomastia and decreased insulin sensitivity, then yes those may last for a period of time. However, the ability for the muscle cells to repair as quickly is not a lasting physiologic effect, especially not FOUR years lasting. That effect may last for a few months after stopping steroid use, but the longer you are off of them, the more that effect diminishes until it is no longer present.

      If there is any lasting “muscle building” effect, it is probably from the fact that you put on an ass load of muscle while doing a proper cycle, with proper diet and training. However, again the muscle does atrophy to an extent even with training after stopping. Moreover, if you stop training completely, as Kevin did, you are shot. Your muscles will atrophy to a baseline level of where your body natually functions given your daily caloric intake and activity level. I know people who have taken ass loads of gear, thinking they are going to get huge, and gain relatively nothing due to poor diet and poor training habits.

      Why do you think Dave Palumbo and John Romano were so surprised by the fact that Kevin says he is doing this naturally? It is because they know that once you stop taking steroids, their positive effects on muscle growth are gone, ESPECIALLY after four years. As you stated also, this is my last post on this subject because I am getting tired of people trying to undermine Kevin’s natural progress. Many of us could do the same this if we trained as hard, ate well, and got the proper rest. We may not gain as quickly, but you will gain. I will say it again, steroids do not make up for bad genetics.

      Pro bodybuilders are pros for one main reason and that is because they have the genetics to gain muscle disproportionally faster than most other people. It is simply the genetic luck of the draw. Tom Prince gained a ton of muscle before he ever touched gear, so did Cutler, so did Coleman, so did Kevin, so did Phil Heath. Phil Heath trained for six weeks and won his first show, without gear. That is genetics and hard work. Nothing more.

      Sorry for the long posts everybody, but sometimes things have to be repeated.

      • Juha says:

        These scientific studies (link below) is all I posted a reference to before which has been misunderstood for something completely different by people who obviously have not read it. Kevin then commented in his video but also failed to see what I was referring too further confusing things for people. Please read it so there´ll be less of continous misunderstanding here on what I was referring to and not. And then lets stop talking about this, I only made another post here to try and end the confusion.

  25. stercus says:

    Right behind you big fella, keep up the kick ass work…

    I or “we” appreciate this more than you can imagine Kevin

    Once again … THANK YOU for everything it is very appreciated.

  26. Dragos says:

    Kev never told us he does free lance ninja work on his rest days. G.I. Kev!

  27. Alexander says:

    Thanks for sharing man! btw, you just stepped into a whole new level of cool, since childhood, i always been impressed by comic characters that are “bodybuilders” and do cool moves ^^ haha

  28. Juha says:

    Oh, Kev, BTW. With your martial arts skills and nunchuckus you should challenge My Brute! lol (it´s a cool little automated flash game that got very popular lately)

  29. CYWAT says:

    hello Kevin,
    I understand your choice for the number of repetition according to the muscle groups.
    for example: Charles Poliquin said that
    1 / For most people, most of the muscles rather to a type of muscle fibers. For example, the hamstrings and gastrocnemius have a higher proportion of fast-twitch fibers and, conversely, the soleus and adductor have greater proportion of slow-twitch fibers.
    2) However, for some people, there is a wide gap between the muscle fibers, even in the same person. For example, one can find people with fast-twitch biceps and triceps slow-twitch and vice versa. In my experience, are probably the deltoid muscle group with the greatest gap fiber makeup.
    3) Doing too much aerobic work can be fast-twitch fibers behave like slow twitch fibers. Accordingly, a high aerobic capacity is often associated with the poor, the overall force.
    4) In the same muscle, there are gaps. For example, fibers of the upper latissimus dorsi is slow while the tic-down are faster-twitch. The fast-twitch make-up may change if you insert the needle biopsy, near the origin or insertion of the biceps brachii. . Muscles, as they require a lot of work in all ranges of Representatives.

    watching your training, you are not an individual type, like most of us. as long before you tried to understand that you did not meet the standard schema to build a training plan? I am sorry for the translation french / english, I do it by google, I’m no language lol respect for all my friends and myself for your career and your simplicity

  30. Dave says:

    Hey Kev. Thanks for answering my question. No pressure on you about posting your diet. It would be awesome if you could post it when you have more time. Maybe after this transformation. Good look in the rest of your transformation.

  31. The Rock says:

    Hey Kev .. nice answers buddy ! Let us know what kind of martial art you are training PLEASE ! And for how long ? Is it kung fu or a relative form or wushu ? Thanks man !

  32. Martin says:

    What’s this? you seem almost bitter Kev of the questions being asked. Whats up with that?
    you need to just kick back and realx a little. i know I do, and look at me, i’m kick ass..

    it’s nice to be important..but it’s more important to be nice………think about that B.I.G Kev

  33. Doc' says:

    Steroids remain in the body after 4 and a half years???
    Yeah, right.

    I didn’t see the comment before but you should try and win the Medicine Nobel prize…
    There is so much stupid things you hear about steroids…

  34. steve says:

    Thanks for doing this transformation Levrone. It has really inspired me these week´s you’ve been doing this. Keep doing Your thing!
    All the best to u from Sweden

  35. James says:

    Holy, i wouldnt want to run into you in a dark alley. Big 220+ mofo throwing around some numchucks. You look pretty proficiant, i guess its probably like riding a bike?

  36. Lievore says:

    Levrone, my friend, nobody here is paying you to put every data of your day, how much time a day you breath,shit,pee and etc… you dont need to get too hard on yourself and ignore these losers who come here accusing you that u use steroids, dont even waste your time reading these comments, we bodybuilders know how hard it is to dedicate this sport, try not to push yourself so much on getting training videos diets, poses everything perfectly…

    And awesome job, keep up the good work man !

  37. Lyotoo says:

    Hey Kevin, lookin sickkk on those nunchucks man. What martial arts did you train in and get your blackbelt in? I recently saw an interview with you where you confirmed that you used to train only 3 months for Olympias and take 8 months off. Do you ever feel that if you trained longer, that you would have won the olympias instead of placing second to Dorian? Hope you’re enjoying yourself out in the west coast. Flooding sucks for sure.

  38. Andy says:

    Hit fingerman with that thing

  39. NYC Monstah says:


    You need to be more business savy. If Arnold is your Idol then you should do what worked for him. While pursuing acting create other business ventures. Old story about Arnold was that he never opened up fan mail unless there was money in it. Maybe if you were making money you wouldn’t have such a sour puss on your face in the video. Come on dude, don’t do a video if your in a bad mood. We didn’t ask you to do this blog. If you don’t want to do it then don’t.

  40. Peet says:


    Once i’m shredded you’ll be the first to know. Hard work and dedication baby!

    Keep the inspiration coming…


  41. Maik says:

    Whats up, Kevin. Just want to say that it is a really great motivation for me to see your clips. You´ve been one of the greatest bodybuilders ever and your natural development now is awesome. Should be an inspiration for all natural bodybuilders to see what is possible.

    Greetings from Germany,

  42. keszkko says:

    Hi Great Kevin!

    I dont know what you want to to after these 8 weeks, but i hope that you will continue this heavy workouts. Because BB is in my opinion your first natural habitat, like the water for fishes, and i will be happy when i’ll see you man in this habitat keeping in close touch with the muscleword.

    Greetings from Transylvania-Romania!

  43. Matthew says:

    hi kevin,
    i follow your transformation from munich,germany…i have a question.i saw you last year in las vegas at the shawn ray seminar at gold´s.i would like to know how did you keep up mentally with the fact that your body went down from one of the best in the world to a regular guy physic???and do you feel better now while regaining your muscles and your great look.
    hope to see you again in vegas in september.


  44. eux says:

    Hi Kevin, here’s Eugenio from Italy.

    First of all…big compliments about what you’re showing us in this blog. I mean, the passion, the sacrifice, everything; you’re proving you’re a champion.

    Besides, I’d like to ask you what martial arts you’ve been practicing during your life. I’m interested about that cause I’m wondering how can be possible to make cohexist the speed and the flexibility required by any martial art (for exemple, the Jeet Kune Do, my art) and the huge mass of muscles of a bodybuilder who’ve almost won Mr.Olympia. What’s your point of view?

    Thank you very much!

  45. Enzo says:

    Kevin, I am wondering some things about steroids. You hear people talking about how dangerous they are and on the other hand you see things like “bigger stronger faster” that say it’s bullshit. What do you think about that? And also, why are you suddently against steroids? Did you stop bodybuilding because you got some bad side effects or something? I’m not interested in trying steroids or something, I’m just curious, and I figured that you might know.

    Keep training man, you have no idea how inspirational you are 🙂 Hope you can keep it up for at least a year 😉

    • Thanks Enzo, I’m glad you find it inspirational, the blog isn’t going anywhere.

      Just so you know, I’m not “suddenly against steroids.” It’s just that I’m not taking them – that’s all I ever said, because it’s the truth, and it’s something people kept asking about. I’m in the process of proving the truth for anyone who doubts my word. I certainly don’t recommend putting drugs in your body that you buy on the street – that much I can say for sure.

  46. Patrix says:

    Kevin is going for Martial Art?

    Would love to see Kevin Levrone VS Flex Wheeler. And fight at the Olympia during the Final break would be nice.

  47. William says:

    It feels nice that you answer via video, that way i(and i think the lot of us) feel more connected to ya! good job.

    And it’s also great that you do some vids when ur not training like the one witch chucks :thumbs up:

    William from Sweden

  48. Tony1 says:

    Hey Kevin are you planning on doing any movies in the future?

  49. Andrew says:

    HEY KEVIN, Keep the journey going for as long as you can we are all behind you after the eight weeks if you decide to stop we will not lose any respect for you. Atleast you came back and tried

  50. troy says:

    jesus your pretty good with those things, makes a change from bodybuilding alone lol flex wheeler has similar interests, i wonder what else you can do

  51. Maik says:

    Hey from Germany! Kevin, when will come your supplement? Can you tell us sth.?

  52. Alex M says:

    Yo Kevin

    Screw the haters, man. I don’t care if you’re on or not. What you’re doing with this site and transformation is bad ass. Keep at it. I’m glad that you’re sharing your knowledge with us. I’m in the gym and I find myself telling my buddies, Levrone says this…

    I do have a question though, what do you feel is bringing out your traps the way they look now? I haven’t seen you post much about trap work. lol You’re a beast.

  53. Zoli says:

    singing, playing on piano and drums, and now doin some movements with nunchucks? WTF? 🙂

    I mean, it’s nice to see you interested in many things Kevin.

  54. Jonathan Winters says:

    Hey Kevin, I did back and biceps today myself… started with deadlift… when will you put up a video on the deadlift? Thats supposed to be the best power move so they say…. as for me I’m struggling just got 3 reps at 315lbs for a few sets… I’m 5’9 weigh 160lbs… but I definately notice working the other muscles like with heavy leg press and curls helps for deadlift…

  55. Jonathan Winters says:

    cool nunchuk video…

  56. Wongy says:

    Hey big Kev,

    Was just wondering how long you spend at the gym? And how long in between your sets?

    – Wongy

  57. John says:

    Great stuff.

    Just curious, what ever happened to that “Thunder and Lightening” video that was supposed to come out?


  58. Juhna says:

    Okay i asked you earlier about the steroids, and about how much benefit they actually give and you said yes steroids will give you the benefit, that much we know ;). Im going to throw you a another question, this time i think its a bit harder. It would be great if you could give us a “image”, even a vague one about how big is the edge they actually give. and the way i would like you to do this, which is the best way in my opinion, if you could post a picture of yourself at your top condition of your career and a picture from somewhere on the road from your career, which you would THINK would have been your peak condition WITHOUT any steroids. So this way we could see it like “ok this is how kevin was at his best, and this is how he would have been without steroids”. now i dont mean to disrespect you with this or anything like that, because everybody knows that everyone at the top lvl use them, and you had one of the best bodys out there in my opinion, no denying that. I know this is hard question, but when you started using steroids you remember how much they boosted your developement and with this way of thinking i hope you can answer my question. and so far i dont think anyone has ever given out an “image” out of steroids and their benefits in this way. and me posting comments here, means you got readers all the way from finland (unless someone has already said it).

  59. Kostas Rod. says:

    Bro those are some good skills with the nunchucks…
    I love the way you keep our interest in high levels with that variety of videos (fingerman, nunchucks, questions) and that this blog is more than just Kevins exercising videos and transformation!

    Stay positive

  60. Sam says:

    Kev this video gets me pumped every time

  61. Rob says:

    Hey kevin,

    Looking great man! Especially the triceps!!!

    Hey the hair is getting long again, would you consider getting it styled like how you had it in ya old training vid? That really suited you and complimented your build.

    Dont get me wrong, I am not gay, (no offence to anyone who is reading this blog).

  62. George says:

    Hey, Kevin!

    The nunchuk workout was really fantastic! You know I used to be engaged in Wu-shu when I was a kid. I’ve exercised in Vin-chun. This is the style of Wu-Shu Bruce Lee started with… It was very nice to discover you are a fan of marshal arts! Wish you all the best!

    Kind regards from Russia,

  63. Ilham says:

    Hi Kevin!

    Thanks a LOT for posting everything you’ve posted so far. I find it very inspirational. I hope “those” comments are not eating you up at all. Keep up with everything!

    In one of your vids, you showed that you stretched between exercises. It’d be great if you could mention some more stretching you think are effective, before, in between, and maybe after hitting the weights.

    Cheers from Germany!


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