Levrone Transformation, Week 7: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps • LevroneReport.com

Here’s a nice long new training video covering several exercises. It’s the end of week seven and I’m feeling great.  I’ll get some new pics up soon so you can see the progress.

I had to improvise this week. I was on the move but I got my workouts in anyway. You’ll see below, I didn’t have a chance to arrange for a spotter, didn’t have my belt or wraps with me. But I didn’t use that as an excuse. The situation was not optimal but I still got an effective workout.

If you’re looking for excuses not to train, you’ll find a thousand. But if you’re looking for results, you’ll find a way. If you can’t get to a gym, improvise. Do anything you need to do to safely break down the muscle and get that workout in.

Have you ever had to improvise a workout on the move? I know one of you guys used to do squats with your dog on your shoulders – I loved reading that. Anyone else? If you have an interesting story, please sound off on the comment board. Levrone, out.

Full Workout:


Bench:  4 sets of 225 lbs x 6 reps.

Inclines:  4 sets of 225 lbs x 6 reps.

Pec Deck Fly:  150 lbs x 12, 170 lbs  x 12, 200 lbs x 12, 200 lbs x 12 reps.


Front Alternating Dumbell Raises:  40 lbs x 6,  45 lbs x 6,  45 lbs x 6,  45 lbs x 6 reps.

Side Lateral Raises:  35 lbs x 6,  40 lbs x 6,  45 lbs x 6,  50 lbs x 6 reps.

Alternating One Arm Cable Raises:  30 lbs x 4 sets of 15 reps (each arm )


EZ Curl Bar Push Downs:  4 sets of 200 lbs X 20 reps.

Reverse Grip Push Downs:  4 sets of 110 lbs x 20 reps.


63 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 7: Chest/Shoulders/Triceps • LevroneReport.com

  1. Rich Tu says:

    FIRST! Awesome Kevin, keep it up dude.

  2. Egor says:

    Many thanks for vid, Kev!
    It is strange that you do not know that will do in the end of the transformation. The life pro bodybuilder is always similar to Groundhog day: meal, a dream, trainings.Trainings and a life without planning are similar to the ship going without a course.
    To tell the truth, I was afflicted with your words, that you will never accept steroids more. It means that you will not compete.

    Nevertheless, with the best regards, Egor.

  3. jasper says:

    tbh, it seems totally normal to me he doesn’t wanna go the steroids way anymore, he’s been there and done that, been one of the best ever, no need to stress the body with roids no more, no need to prove anything.
    I also assume he now has more time he can use to focus on his family and other stuff. This blog is awesome though!

  4. RoB says:

    Big Kev, keep it up bro…

  5. Rich Tu says:

    Quick question Kev. I don’t know if you’ve addressed this before. I know that you’re not sure what exactly you’re going to do after the transformation’s done, but do you at least plan to keep the size?

  6. max says:

    Your holding that 110 like it weighs 20 pounds unless that is a double cable it looked like single to me. Good core strength. Your arms look huge i am going to guess 20 inches. What do you guys think?
    Lol, what was the pounding noise in the background it was blowing out my speakers!

  7. stercus says:

    guns looking awesome Kevin …

    nice to see the man himself laugh again …

    enjoy the process of this whole event

  8. Todd says:

    Looking good Kev… but not as good as the hottie who walks past in the background at 8:34min into the vid,
    hahaha 😉
    Good blasting away!

  9. John M.123 says:

    Hands down… the best.. we are watching a true legend training in front of us with wisdom. Kev, for years I wanted to see you get big again, and finaly it happned. I wonder if you can do a Stalone or Arnold type action movie? IMO you will be awsome 🙂

  10. RobNL says:


    Next monday I planned my next workout, but after seeing this video, I must go back to the gym today. Since I follow this blog I feel I have to go to the gym every day! Thanks and enjoy your stay on the west coast.

  11. Savier says:

    Kevin man looking HUGE. Arms are poppin. You are a beast man, Keep it Up. Awesome.

    and keep that hat off man, alpha male good looks there.

  12. norweigian says:

    Yeah…thats more like it. Hope it wasnt acting though. And you seemed in a rush, Kev. Like having 10 calls waiting, 2 lunchmeetings and seminars afterwards. The training was not the target, just something you got to do first.
    Anyway, your biceps look awesome. Wow, something positive there from me too:-)
    I have one request. A norweigian request. Please let us see you in a thank-top next time you do chest, shoulders and tris. If this is coming to an end now, i really wanna see that first. I always meant that a guy should be judged by the way he looks in a thanktop training chest with a godgiven chestpump. To us thats even more important than stagebodies:-)

    • kyle says:

      Dude, let the guy train how he wants to train. It seems like everyone is finding something negative to discuss (like most blogs). He is doing this for his fans and in return he is getting a lot of flack.

  13. Cow Cube says:

    Yo Kev good work thus far.

    Do you recon we can get some measurements?

    Would be cool to see. Thanks

  14. Jeremy says:

    Hey Kev,

    Great to see you happy man. Would you ever use meditation to improve focus? Sounds wierd but being open to new things I used it and it works wonders. Not doing any of that ‘monk’ stuff but just trying to focus on an object in your head for 5 – 10 minutes solid and not wavering from it?
    Keep working hard man!


  15. Wongy says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I have weak elbow joints and doing triceps workout in isolation tends bring on pain. Any idea of how I can over come this problem? Or should I stick with compound exercises such as dips, and benching etc.

    • norweigian says:

      Do narrow benchpress. Just 10 cm beetween hands on the bar. Feel the triceps for the full range of motion and i promise you, thats all your need for the tri, if done corectly and if the exercise is “right” for u.
      One tip, do this exercise much slower than other exercices. Im a nobody i know, but i been around for 20 years and have some guns myself:-)

      • Spacemarine says:

        Every time i try this it is difficult for me not to use delts and chest too much…but i will try to do this slower like you said.

      • Mike says:

        spacemarine…if its difficult and you are pulling in other muscles for the lift lighten the weight until you can focus just the triceps

  16. Kapp says:

    Shit, youre looking huge o.o

  17. Igor says:

    That’s not much volume on chest for anyone Kev, I’m a powerlifter and I do more work overall.

    Do you find that’s enough stimulus for you?

  18. Rodney says:

    HOLY SHIT MAN! Kevin you are looking HUGE! I can’t believe how much you have changed in just a few days. Your arms look like they have grown another inch at least and your delts and delt tie-ins are really coming in. Fantastic job. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the last week and a half and if you are going to try to drop some water before you do any kind of big reveal when it’s all said and done. Great job Kevin.

  19. Dragos says:

    Kev, you are lookin large baby. So when are you competing :))? Why are you on the west coast anyway? Business or Competition?

    I just want to add, i’ve been lifting for about 5 1/2 years now trying out different routines. However, ever since you started your blog, I’ve been following your routines. A sample week for me now would be

    Monday: Chest/Tris
    Tuesday: Back/Bis
    Wednesday: Shoulders/Hams/Calfs
    Thursday: Legs
    1 day off
    Rinse and repeat

    Anyway, Ive been seeing some nice transformations of my own. My abs are coming in, veins popping out everywhere, nice shoulder separation. Im loving your routine!

    I thought we had similar body sizes, but I think your BF% is def. much lower than mine. Time to start hitting that cardio in the AM!

    Well, if you don’t see this comment, good luck with all your endeavors out west!

  20. larss says:

    Hello Kevin!

    Thanks for the stretching tip for triceps! I can feel that working 100% for me just by seeing it. I do stretch a lot but triceps and side-delts are the hardest ones for me to target. If you have time, and more of these less-known stretching tips, they are welcome 🙂

    Imo stretching is a huge factor in fast recovery and growth.

    Thanks for everything!!

  21. John Honeyman says:

    I see you have invested in a shinny new camera.. The Quality is really good now 🙂
    Out of interest I read somewhere that you are set to appear at the olympia this year to pick up some kind of acheievment award. Is this true?
    Hope to see you there anyhow

    From Scotland..

  22. Scott W says:

    Mad respect Kevin for all of this. between training, eating, sleeping, cardio, and posting all this shit everyday, I’d be worn down and aggravated. You continue to give all your fans on this blog as musch specific detail as possible. You’re even willing to go through a drug test to prove all these doubters and haters wtong. You truly are a positive outlet for this industry and everyone who complains about you not posting YOUR spoecific diet or showing your back shots needs to take some initiative and do some research. You’ve already done more than enough to help and anything you do is a bonus. Once again mad respect Kev, Mad respect.

  23. Jordan says:

    Nice to see some Bun B – you’re everything getting played at the gym, hes awesome

    why do you always do 20 reps when you do tricep pushdowns and not a heavier weight for less reps? i do them and weighted dips for triceps..but yours are huge anyway!

    by the way..while you were stretching out your triceps you missed that blonde walking behind you

    god damn i bet she had great buns in them shorts!

  24. kennyfat says:

    thx kev!!and how big are them guns now??20???

  25. kevin says:

    Kev you look great. keep up the goodwork. hope to see you start competing again in the future.

  26. Kostas Rod. says:

    Finally some lateral raises!!! Thanks Kev !!

  27. Scott A says:


    You are an incredible inspiration. Thanks again for sharing your journey with your fans as I feel as we are right there with you. You are kicking azz and look fantastic.


  28. FOUFOU8705 says:

    hello kevin , i m one of ur fans and u can class me in TOP of ur FAN
    i hope u can answer on my question as possible as u can :
    with this amazing progress that u make in 6 weeks u know bro u gained lot of muscles , if u ll continue on this way and ur age still allow u to do the impossible , WHY YOU WILL NOT COMPETE AGAIN ?
    i and everybody know that u can do and u can get back to the pro level bro

  29. johan says:

    Damn right there are no excuses! =) I love the dog-squats btw! I traveled in south america once and did not have access to a gym for 6 weeks, so we pretty mouch used whatever we could, chins in playgrounds, stairs and even on busses… I lost some size but still kept in shape pretty well =) cant wait for your next pictures, I see those triceps filling out!!

  30. Fii says:

    Hi Kev. Each time I visit your blog, I get motivated easily. I’ve been following some of your routines. Might consider doing a blog just like yours. You’re a great inspiration!

  31. Alexander says:

    hey kev, i got a question for you, could you give your timing when you eat meals, i am all about opti, like do you eat 1 or 2 maby 3 hours before workout?

    • Jordan says:

      3 hours is too long in my opinion..i usually leave it to 1 hour 30…no stomach upsets or anything..it also gives me enough time for my pre workout supp to work at its best

      • Alexander says:

        Okay, well usually 3 hours is recommended to empty your stomach when taking EAA. 🙂

  32. Jordan says:

    well when i was out injured for over a yr and a half kev..and was fed up of feeling like a cripple, i started doing bicep curls with my computer chair? does that count as a good story?

    but ye, im back to normal ish now and looking stacked! good times

  33. Martin says:

    I got to say Kev, the fact that you’re big enough to admit you looked a bit down in the video, shows you’re not only big in size, thanks man 🙂
    think maybe i was a bit too harsh as well, having flooding you deserve to be a bit down. losing autographed picture of Arnold aint nothing to smile over

    but today you came back with a BOOM! best vid so far man!

  34. Vlad says:

    Hey Kevin, nice to see you still at it man. Keep it up. I just had a question, since I ever started following your blog, you really haven’t talked about abs or your ab workouts. Do you do abs on a regular basis? Or you rely on heavy lifts do build them up? (As some pros claim they never do abs because they get worked from heavy deadlifts and squats). Seems like you came along way from week 1 to now, and your abs are starting to show alot more, mainly because of your bodyfat loss? I’m sure you hit them sometimes 🙂 Anyway, let me know whats up!

  35. Andrew says:

    HEY KEVIN you said you wanted to hear some workout stories well heres one of my favourites that i was doing a couple of months back. I went down to the gym on tuesdays when the women did spin classes. The benchpress equipment was literally right in front of about 20 hot women doing spin class. I didnt even need a spotter i was so embarassed about dropping the weight and not being able to do it i just refused to give up talk about motivation.

    Lol in the video when you say im just playin then you say immediately after it nah for real though. HAHAHA that was funny

  36. aryez says:

    whats up kevin like clock work looking great and improving by the day,but kev im here everyday to see whats new with you and one thing that i see is alot of good questions from the people here and we all know that you are a bussy guy but i know at list for myself would like to see alot more of this questions answer,this is becouse you are one of the greats and alots of us go to the gym and some of this questions answer will be a big help in our own transformation.well hope you can replay and keep on going thanks kev..

    • Goran says:

      Some people are just never happy and grateful with what they get… Kevin made a comment he is doing his best to answer as much as he can. There is just not enought time in the day guys. Come on, every other post has some sort of bitching and bragging in there… Do you need Kevin to come over and spot you while you work out, prepare you a meal? In life you are supposed to figure things out on your own and use resources like Kevin as a nice little bonus, a helpful guidance you can be grateful for. What he has done is terrific and he has made himself available so humbly to everyone. That’s more than anyone can ask for, period.

  37. troy says:

    haha great stuff kevin keep those tips coming! im sucking every bit of this knowledge up, your tris are looking crazy man..i want them lol

  38. ipole says:

    i was 1 week away from , becuz of work , and there was no gym , so i decided to do a whole body workout , wit the interrior of the hotel room , used the tabel for soem shoulderpress and squatds , did some chin ups , on the shower door , made culrs with the loaded suitcase , stuff like this –___–

    keep up man , nice training

  39. ibemongo says:

    Kevin, first off i just want to say your videos really motivate me and its great to see you back hitting the iron. I also want to thank you for puting up these videos for the fans.

    A couple questions about your training. With your latest chest work out you did only 3 exercise for chest and most were 4+225. Do you believe in working up the weight? lets say 1+185,1+200,1+210,1+225? Why only 3 exercise for chest or any body part for that matter?

    Also do you keep a weight log and write in it at the gym? I just resonantly started using one and i have to say it really matters. Working 40+ hrs a week and having a 10 month old daughter at home is already enough on the mind, but to remember reps and weight is to much.

    Thanks and keep up the awesome training!!

  40. no surrender says:

    The maryland muscle machine is back and going strong. A Kevin i just got finish watching the valeo arm training video of you in the early 90s, and i was fasinated by how hardcore and focus you were. I was wondering how you got your start in bodybuilding. How were you able to keep your focus at a young age dispite distractions. I think your physique, in it’s prime was the best in the history of the sport.

  41. Juha says:


    Would you please share with us your best memory of your career?


  42. Martin from Sweden says:

    Hi there, Kevin!

    I just want to say that your my greatest source of inspiration! You have an awesome personality and I adore every aspect of you. Me and my trainingparter always talks about you while we are at the gym and busting our asses. Especially when we are training delts and triceps. We yell to each other; “Damn dude, you look like Levrone!!”

    On the improvised training, I have a story to tell!

    There was this time when I had a week off from training and me and my girlfriend were in bed just chillin. I was so much in the mood for training that I couldn`t resist this oppurtunity. So I asked my girlfriend if she could lie down on my chest so that I could do some benchpressing. She just laughed at me and called me crazy. But after talking her into it, I told her to lay down flat on my chest, and I started pressing. We both laughed hard as hell and I think I did about 30 reps or so.

    I wish you all the best Kevin, and I follow you every day through your transformation with great pleasure.

    Much love from Martin and his girlfriend Maida.

  43. AKurban says:

    hey Kev, looking great bro! i have q

  44. AKurban says:

    hey Kev, lookin great bro! forgive me if you’ve already covered this topic, but i’ve noticed that you never “pyramid” any of your workouts. The only way i’ve ever been taught to train was to “pyramid” for maximum muscle growth. obviously, what you are doing works for you, but why is it that you don’t incorporate any pyramiding in your workouts? Thanks a lot Kev!

  45. Joe Pelikan says:

    Hey Kev,

    When I was younger and had no gym around me and I was aching for a workout, Id go out to the garage grab 2 car batteries and go at it.I got in Bicep Curls, Squats, fratn raises and rows. It was definately something different haha.

  46. Dan S. says:

    anyone checked out the ghetto workout on youtube? I did this when i was hurtin’ for money!

  47. Eddie says:

    really awesome, i really love to see kevs vids, …a real motivation for my own training!!

  48. boke says:

    Looking great so far kev, upper arms are huge

  49. Fran says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Looking great!
    Talking about improviding workouts…I remmember when travelling with my wife 🙂 I used to do tons of squats with her on my shoulders, in the hotel room 😀

    Keep it up!!!

  50. Kieran O' Donnell says:

    Hi Kevin your an inspiration stay clean man you have freakish genetics!! Why do you do chest and shoulders in the same day as they are major muscle groups?? how long do you spend doing this workout?

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