Levrone Transformation, Week 7 Leg Workout • LevroneReport.com

Full Work Out 
Leg Press:
520 lbs x 12
610 lbs x 12
700 lbs x 12
790 lbs x 12
880 lbs x 12
970 lbs x 15
Hack Squats:
225 lbs x 6
315 lbs x 6
405 lbs x 6
495 lbs x 6
Lying Leg Curls:
80 lbs x 8
80 lbs x 8
80 lbs x 8
80 lbs x 8
Leg Extensions:
70 lbs x 12
80 lbs x 12
80 lbs x 12
100 lbs x 15


80 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 7 Leg Workout • LevroneReport.com

  1. Egor says:

    Keep it Up! I’m with you!

  2. Jeremy says:

    Good job man!

    Keep up the hard work. I know u are not on steroids! Ignore those punks who don’t know what they are talking about. Only positive energy and thoughts coming from my end bro!


  3. TYE says:

    Hey, I love it, you got the old hood on top of your head again, just like the old days. I love it.
    Hey man, just outta curiosity, are you ever gonna go bald again? I loved the 97 look, just a random dumb question ha ha.

  4. Peet says:


    Do u kno how I kno ur in the zone??

    NOT ONE WORD! till it’s done….”THATS IT”

    It’s midnight and i’m going str8 to the gym…same workout as urs…YUPP!

    PS: making you proud.


  5. Sebastian says:

    I think this is the way you should workout, no talking and 100% serious. Time to get big man.

    Best wishes from Sweden.

    • Tee says:

      I agree 100%!!! No need for explaining anymore, people can check the earlier vids. I like to train that way too, no talking if possible, just hit the weights and GRRRRRR!!!!

      Strenght from Finland.

    • Michel R says:

      It would be a very boring blog if every clip would be like this… We know BigKev is intense. I’m here to soak up information and fuel my workouts… The last clip was for the latter… Keep it up, big guy!

  6. norweigian says:

    wow..eye of the tiger, baby…YEAH..me like.
    You `re looking cool, big and focused.
    But..yes, there`s but. Hope i didn`t get you pissed last time when i said your last chesttraning was a bit out of focus. Maybe a little “hey guys” in there first?
    Glad there is a big oceans beetween us, lol..
    Anyway, i realy realy like this blog. Its interesting and surprising everytime. Look Kev, there is 100 millions websites out there. And yours is where i get my first daily update. Wish u all the best, man. Keep growing, ure number ONE!!

  7. Savier says:

    The Wheels are coming along nicely man. Looking big. Liking the intesity man. Keep it up. You’re almost there and giving us all motivation!

  8. Markus says:

    GOOD JOB Kev!!!

  9. keszkko says:

    When I see You workin hard again,with that tons of steel “feel i makin Love”
    Keep it up, nice work!

  10. Michel R says:

    Itensity and focus… Nuff said…

  11. Tuncay says:

    Poor Kevin,you loss Hair.

  12. vasyl says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Is enough just 4 sets for leg biceps for primary exercise? For quadriceps you are making about 14 sets.

  13. Maik says:

    Yeah man,

    Maryland Muscle Machine is back !!!

  14. jasper says:


  15. Dragos says:

    Holy…for a second there I thought Kev uploaded one of his old videos. That focus is back, the eyes are back, the SIZE is back.

    Olympia 2010 BABY!

    • The Adam says:

      Exactly what I was thinking. The focus/eyes are definitely there. That alone has me fired up for training today. Goodluck to both of us Kevin.

  16. Not even a “Levrone report, out!”? 🙂

    You’re looking lean and mean Kev. The weights are getting heavier and so are you!

    Keep up the good work! I have nothing but respect for you man. Love the blog

  17. Toni says:

    woww eye of the tiger, nice Kevin. thats the way of training! BOOM and thats it!

  18. Mattias says:

    Nice work, every dag after work i check out this site and it helps me to keep motivation for my workouts.

    Get big, or die trying. Peace

  19. bob the builder says:

    Kevin your my hero bro! Dont take shit for anyone and keep up the good work!

  20. michael says:

    Less talk, more work. Now you’re motivating me.

  21. Joe Pelikan says:

    Lookin HUGE! keep it up bro, theres no stoppin you! This is the first website I go to in the morning and the last site I see at night. I hope you dont stop at week 8.. Just keep training and growing!! Ive never ben into a realtime feed like this before

  22. AMIR LEVRONE says:

    OMG ,,,,,,,,,,, KEVIN LOOK AT YOU MAN YOU CHANGED ALOT WEll DONE . Im Really Happy To See You Are Gono Up Again Tnx God Again You Start You Dont Know How Much Im happy Dude God Bless YOu M8 ..


    Hope To See You One day Body .

  23. Steve W says:

    i looked up intensity in the dictionary and it linked me to this post. wow!!

    • no surrender says:

      How many former ifbb pros do u guys thinks has the guts to do something like this? zero. like kev or not u must respect him. This a man who had the best physique in history, walked away and wactched his hardcore physique deplete right before his eyes to pursue acting. Dose the acting thing for 3 or 4 years and now he’s back to where it all started. keep making history kev, there is no stopping u

  24. Manuél says:

    COMMON, thats it!

    Nice Video, cool appearence with no talking! 😀
    But hey man…
    You’re training to the old Beatles Songs?
    I thought at the WestCoast they listen to Pac xD
    Just kidding…

    You’re looking great in that Hoodie, no doubt, but how can you train with it?!
    I would die of a heat stroke 😉

    Keep pumpin’, stay focussed, that’s it!

    You inspire me man…
    Thanks for all.

    Greets from Europe

    • Manuél says:

      Ahh, and what I forgot to say:

      Youre Hack Squats look perfect, very nice, but why don’t you go over a bigger range of motion when doing the leg press?
      Does this have a certain reason?
      I always believed that it’s more useful to go over a bigger range of motion with less weight so u can recrute more muscle fibers.
      Isn’t that right?

      Looking forward for your answer 😉

  25. Juha says:

    Looking focused and relaxed at the same time, combines for great workouts big man!

    Question – any particular reason for you using a rather limited ROM on the legpress compared to say the hacksquats?

    • kenbo213 says:

      This is my two cents and i hope you can respect my opinion, but what i think kev is doing it hitting the quads, that degree is more orientated towards them anyways. If you notice in the M3 video, he does it towards the same degree, same range of motion.

      • Juha says:

        I respect your opinion Kenbo, thanks for taking the time to answer. I can think of several reasons including yours given for a limited ROM on the legpress, I just wanted to hear Kevins reasoning on the matter =)

    • Tony says:

      I’m sure he’ll consult with you before his next workout. Clearly he lacks the knowledge to build size in the legs. I was wondering do you think I should get a silver or graphite colored Toyota? Can’t live without your approval!


      Oh and could you let Kris Da Spotta (AKA The Samantha Ronson look alike Gimp) out of the basement? I miss his witty comments. Thanks again!

      • Juha says:

        Grumpy today Tony?
        I was asking the man not advising him. Clearly you have a hard time making your own choices though so I say go for that graphite Toyota and do get out of your moms basement and catch that daylight. Go on boy!

  26. aryez says:

    i see that the old kevin if coming back much better way of working out,not like the guys at my gym that do one set and talk for half our about how many carbs they eat LOL,,keep up the good work and looking better by the day eazy kev..

  27. Kev says:

    Awesome intensity

  28. Jason says:

    Keep training hard Kev, You look great! Your website is very motivational for me. I’m with you, staying focused and ignoring the negativity from some of the readers posting on your blog about steroids because they got nothing better to do than pass negative judgement.

  29. Mike Weston says:

    I enjoy the commentary on your videos,I hope you don’t stop. It’s not everyday that you can get interesting insight from one of the greatest bodybuilders of all time for free. Ignore all the negative posts because this is a great video series!

  30. max says:

    I really like that sweater and the whole outfit looks great i bet it keeps you warm which is important.

    Just like everyone else i noticed you weren’t talking and i noticed i get a better workout when i don’t talk. I think it is because i am locked in on my mind muscle connection and nothing distracts me.

  31. Logan says:

    Great intensity, Kevin. I like the longer training videos. How long do you rest between sets?

  32. K says:


    Where did I see this sentence??

  33. troy says:

    those hack squats are coming along nicely, your making that stuff look so easy im gona give it another try on my next leg workout

  34. willd says:

    now thats a true intense levronesque workout, keep that pressure up,man

  35. John M.123 says:

    Hey Kevin!!! that was serious leg training.. bro i must say.. I see the old M3 in ur eyes…

  36. Callesteve says:

    Reminiscent of the old days Kev. No talking, just your music. Nice.

    Introspective Steroid Question, Kev:

    Many of us obviously know that your not on the gear now, but how does it feel today -7 weeks out -compared to 7 weeks out in the past while on the juice. Is NOT being performance-enhanced noticeable to you today? Because I notice, in relation to your past, your “strength” is still relatively down. What about your “recovery” time?

  37. Alex, sweden says:

    all levrone fans make sure to put kev through to the next round in the megalympia contest! http://forums.rxmuscle.com/showthread.php?p=373151#post373151

  38. Jordan says:

    In the Levrone zone there, no doubt, Gruelling leg session

    either that or somebodys pissed you off?

    but i must say..i missed the “Levrone Report.com We out Baby!”..it gives it an edge!

    any news on the supp boss?

  39. Caleb56 says:

    http://forums.rxmuscle.com/showthread.php?p=373151#post373151 I agree keep Levrone alive, best physique ever imo and keep up the hard work Kev.

  40. asim says:

    Old school levrone. Love it!

  41. Ira says:

    Loved that video… Just what I needed to see since I’m hitting legs for the first time today after recovering from an injury.

    Thanks man,


  42. D says:

    Camera guy needs to stop freakin movin! Makin me want to throw up!

  43. norweigian says:

    But guys, to you who say that Kevin is close to what he looked like before. Thats very very wrong. He is big now compared to many of us, but compared to his peaktime, he is just a little chicken.
    Strond words, but before there wasnt strong enough words to describe his physic.
    In the middle of his carrier i think his legs were the best in the sport. I have a couple of pics with Kev and Portel Cottrel and Kev thights are insane, from another planet.
    Some how he didnt manage to keep those legs in his last apperances.
    I guess a early 20s-guy only is crazy enough to fullfill those needed deathtranings for thights where you got to puke when driving home in your car..

    • Paul says:

      You bother me.

    • Rob says:

      Kevin is still at a good age where if he wanted to he could get back to that level of conditioning and size however I dont think thats his goal unless he was going to compete again.

      Kevin is one of the lucky pro bodybuilders with no career ending injuries unlike Flex Wheeler, Dorian Yates and Mike Matarazzo etc.

      No doubt that to get to that exact level Kevin was once at, that took immense hard work and again I doubt kevin is willing to do that unless he decides to compete again or maybe he is just not after that same look this time round.

      Besides, if Kevin is going for the whole acting thing, he would be best to go for a physique not as extreme but more of a healthy/athletic look if he wants to be a successful actor, otherwise he will just get one off type roles being in Olympia competition shape.

      Kevin knows what hes doing and I am just happy that he is kind enough to document his progress for all of us to see.

  44. jasper says:

    love the hoodie

    • Rob says:

      Yeah I agree – adds that Rocky Balboa theme to the mix! Awesome!!!

      Keep wearing the hoodie Kevin! and I think style the hair like you used to have it in your old training vid.

  45. Lyotoo says:

    Kevin man you’re looking better and better each time. I just had a question about belts seeing as you seem to be an advocate of using them. What do you look for in a good belt? Thanks man. Keep up the great work!

  46. Jason says:

    BIG Kevin,

    Your hard work and determination is paying off as always. Im following you through-out this whole process, ur giving me much needed motivation while I contest prep myself for a NY show. Always been, always will be a HUGE fan.

  47. Pavel says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I read comments where some people complained that you said “hey guys” and “last set” too much and I hope those comments were not the reason for your silence in this video. I mean common that type of feedback is just ridicules, and doesnt really help anyone. Just ignore people like that.

    I mean sure, it is only so much you can say before performing an excersise. What interests me is how you feel day in day out. Like are you feeling tired, strong etc etc… Do not take these comments as complaints because I really enjoy following your blog. These are mere suggestions.

    over and out

    Pavel from Sweden

  48. JeiS says:

    Now it seems to be HARDCORE! No talking between sets. Good Kev!

    But what I missed was couple of sentences about your opinion of the workout (in the end of the video). And ofcourse “Levrone from Levrone report, we’re out baby!” 😉

    Keep going on this way bro!

    -Jarkko from Finland

  49. Lj says:

    Following this blog is keeping me motivated with my own workouts!
    I am always interested to see how you are going and what exercises you are doing each day.
    The transformation is fantastic.!

    John from Australia

  50. Paul says:

    Hey Kev,

    I love your trainings man. I was wondering if you could show some more free weight squats in your routine? I have not done so much of the hack squats or leg press but since watching you I have started to incorporate it more in my workouts. Like others have said, this is the first site I go to on a daily basis to check for updates. I know a lot of people will leave some iffy comments but I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for giving us the insight you have on what life of a pro is like. You have been insightful, inspiring, and consistent with information day in and day out. I always wondered what happened to that “levrone” guy I used to read about in MD haha keep on man I’m following you every bit of the way.

    Tacoma Wa

  51. Eric says:

    Kevin, thank you for posting the whole transformation. Been watching from the beginning. It is truly impressive and motivating. Keep up that hard work! GET STRONGER!

  52. Thomas says:

    Loving the intensity! Just keep it up!
    We are all behind you 100% man!

  53. Jimmy says:

    yes man old school levrone loce your style man like the way you train.

  54. Daniel says:

    Hey Kev!

    Great to see the leg workout!
    I have a question about the legs. I try to train very hard and legs is one of my favorite muscle groups. However, I feel that I sometime can be a little scared to push the really heavy weights. My personal best is 510 lbs single leg-press but I dare not to go any higher for risk of something going wrong. Sometimes I can feel a little pain afterward, not much but enough to scare me of from going higher. Do you sometimes also feel this fear of pushing the big weights and if so, how do you deal with it?

    Keep going strong Kev and best wishes to you!

  55. Paul says:

    Great stuff, amazing progress Kevin. A real source of inspriation! Everytime I start to get a little de-motivated I log onto your site!

    How do you deal with the strain on your knees from your heavy leg sessions?

  56. William from Sweden says:

    Good workout, looked as fokused as you did back in the old days;)

    Lookng forward to the next video.
    Peace out

    William from Sweden

  57. Rob says:

    Great leg session Kevin!

    Hey man, do you do free weight barbell front squats?

    Also, I would love to see what else you do for calves – standing calve raises, leg press calve raises, smith machine calve raises etc – you can never have big enough calves!

  58. Eric says:

    WOW. It looks like your havin a rough time man way to grind it out. Im ready for some 100 pound db curls in my face ha.

  59. doubler says:

    FULLBLOWN !!!!!!!!!!!

  60. doubler says:

    BECAUSE I CAN !!!!!!!!

  61. doubler says:

    NEVER GIVE UP !!!!!!

  62. kev says:

    Hell yeah!!!

  63. D Rok says:

    Tru Inspiration Kevin! There’s the success formula in work. Know your outcome, do the work, get the results! Tale as old as time…

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