Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Back & Biceps • LevroneReport.com

This is it. I’m focusing in, getting it done in this last week. Not the best sound quality on this video, but I’m not saying much anyway. The point is 100% focus.

Thanks to those of you who have been supportive since the beginning. Your involvement has been the number one ingredient in this transformation.

I would like to get a Week 7 pic up and answer questions and I will get to that as soon as I can. Right now it’s all about visualizing and blocking out distractions as I finish the transformation. I need your support in the home stretch.

I look forward to sharing the final results of this journey with you, reviewing what we’ve learned, and taking on the next challenge. Whatever it is, it will be documented right here on LevroneReport.com.


Front Lat Pull Downs :
150 lbs x 12, 180 lbs x 6, 200 lbs x 6, 210 lbs x 8 reps.

Reverse Pull Downs :
180 lbs x 6, 190 lbs x 6, 200 lbs x 6, 210 lbs x 6 reps.

Seated Rows : 
180 lbs x 6, 190 lbs x 6, 200 lbs x 6, 210 lbs x 6 reps.

Hammer Pull Downs : 
4 sets of 270 lbs x 6 reps.


One Arm Curls: 
40 lbs x 6, 50 lbsx 6, 50 lbs x 6, 50 lbs x 6 reps.

Machine Arm Curls :
50 lbs x 6, 60 lbs x 6, 70 lbs x 6, 80 lbs x 6 reps.

Hammer Curls :
45 lbs x 6, 45 lbs x 6, 50 lbs x 6, 50 lbs x 6 reps.


60 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Back & Biceps • LevroneReport.com

  1. walter jarno says:

    It’s been amazing to stay with you the last 2 months.i’m looking forward to check the final resault Kevin!
    And we know you’re natural because you look natural….back in the days when you was on gear your body was just from another planet!
    Keep the hard work baby.

    • Callesteve says:

      Let me second Walter’s remarks, your obviously not on the gear and you still look awesome.

      I like this style of video – less talking; too much talking sounds like an infomercial. All you need to do is change that music you’ve got at that gym – that’s some corny shit!

      Throw in the “Full Blown” stuff!

  2. Egor says:

    Thank you Kevin! We are waiting for photos and posing video. We with you. Don’t stop!

  3. jasper says:

    nice to see you focused, visualizing; can’t wait to see new pictures!
    this is pretty addictive, keep it up kevin

  4. jasper says:

    looking awesome tbh, all business

  5. Scott A says:

    Ain’t nothing but a thing,,,, You are kicking ass Kev. You make it look to darn easy…


  6. kev says:

    those last 2 workouts have been awesome to watch, especially because of the good old hood 🙂

  7. Dragos says:

    Definitely looking fuller here.

    Cant wait to see what the next challenge is.

    Quick question: You ever plan on coming to NY to train anywhere? Or maybe a guest appearance? I want to see the M3 in action!

  8. William from Sweden says:

    I noticed you’ve not only put on size in the front but width on the back aswell. *two thumbs up*

    Thanks for the fire in my butt, haha lol.

    William from Sweden

  9. Michał says:

    Kev what you think about FST-7 training?

  10. Daniel says:

    Greetings from Europe!

    I would give anything in the world do know your diet dude! You are doing it great with incredible results week for week, you have inspired me so much that I’ll probably start my own blog to kick my self and get started to build some muscle to.

    Keep it up!


  11. peter says:

    Hi Kevin

    I am Peter from London. I just wanna say I think the vids are great they really hammer home two important qualities Focus and Consistency.
    I have written down all your workouts as a guide. I have been training for about a year and I hope to see more of your vids in the future they really help.


  12. ste from england says:

    iam calling you out, get back on stage the bb world is crying out for a levrone comeback, great transformation.

  13. koerperkult says:

    kev… get back on stage for each and everyone of us seeing you as our idol and the best thing in bodybuilding! :D:D

    greetings from ger 😀

  14. Muscleup says:

    kev…i see this is the first time training back that you did not use straps…either A.you forgot them, or is it B. your doing it by design? every time i try to get away from strap on back i inflame my forearm/ elbow tendons, and it screws up any “pulling/curling” movement for a good 6-8 weeks…even if i try to hold a “loose grip” (ya know what i mean) i can get away without straps for a while, but start moving heavy poundage again and ouch, screwed up again…sucks when you gotta wrap straps for everything…

  15. Great says:

    I love this blog.
    Thank you Kevin!

    I have one question to your workout.
    Why do you so mixed up?
    For example
    Front Lat Pull Downs :
    150 lbs x 12, 180 lbs x 6, 200 lbs x 6, 210 lbs x 8 reps.
    Are the first 3 sets not useless.
    Why do you not do 3 heavy set like 210lbsx8 210×8 210×8?

  16. Great says:

    i dont mean (why are you so mixed up)
    i mean it related to the sets!

  17. Savier says:

    Awesome intensity man. Loved the hammer pull downs, reminiscent of M3. Keep it up man, looking massive.

  18. Maciek says:


    It’s been pleassure and honor to watch Your dedication and getting from You every time motivation to do something amazing. I hope, like I said earlier, it is just the beggining and good start. Wish You all the best and “let the good time rolls…”

    Maciek from Poland

  19. Pierce says:

    Your back in the zone now Kev , keep going strong man for all your fans . Im hooked on the Levrone Report .

  20. Alex M says:

    No reason for you to stop after this transformation, bro. Keep going. You’re an inspiration to us all. You know you’re feeling 100x better than when you weren’t lifting. Time spent away from the iron, degrades our bodies but more so, our minds.

  21. Callesteve says:

    Thank you for the 7 weeks Kevin. It’s been really great getting to know you on an interactive level.

    Peace bro

  22. Adam says:


    PLEASE keep this going! Yeah you had an awesome tranformation in 8 weeks, but what could you do with 16? This site has provided amazing inspiration. I’m literally checking it at least a dozen times a day for updates! I can truly attribute my results over the last eight weeks to the incredible inspiration your journey has given me!



  23. felix83 says:

    Thanks Kev, it’s been awesome. Great guy…

  24. Juha says:

    Looking great bro! Loving the dumbellcurls, those arms look massive, definitely progressing allover!

    The gym seems a little dull though and no potential spotters in sight lol

    It´ll be awesome to see the pics after week 8 and what you have accomplished in the past couple of months. It´ll also be very interesting to see where you´re going with this blog in the future.

    Keep it up Kev!

  25. Demorak says:

    Been here since the beginning…. this ride has been awsome man I cant belive it´s been 8 weeks already…. I really hope you will continue doing your blog whatever you decide to do next, Im addicted to it plus its the only blog I ever read and followed.

    Thanks man! and keep going strong Kevin!

    • Juha says:

      Same here, it´s the only blog I ever read and followed. For those who know me that says a lot about this blog. For one, it´s not boring like most other blogs I ever came across, but exciting and entertaining =D But I suppose Kev´s got to mix it up a bit in the long run, who else besides Fingerman can you introduce Kev (haha) and can you show us some more of those martial arts skills you got?

  26. Rodney says:

    Kevin just keep it up man, you are looking amazing for only 7 weeks of training. You are really starting to look like you did in M3. You are going to shock the entire bodybuilding world Kevin. Keep THAT in mind. Even the pro’s won’t be able to believe that you are doing this naturally, especially if you carry it into the Olympia for another 8 weeks. OMG, it makes me crazy to think about that possibility. However, Kevin this is more for you than it is for us. You have to do it for yourself. We will support you no matter what, but as long as you are happy and content with what you are doing that is the most important thing.

  27. Andrew says:

    looking good big kev

  28. Leandro says:


    Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us all!

    Leandro from Brazil.

  29. Eric says:

    Plz don’t stop after week 8! I hope you get big like the old times and kick ass in the pro scene
    i really look up to you man!!!

    keep up the good work!

    Greetz from the netherlands,


  30. norweigian says:

    Fuck this 8 week transformation. What is this? You have some fantastic progress there, even better than i thougth it was possible, even for you. With this rate, you may have an Olympian body in 6 months. You cannot stop now, man. Its coming so easy and this transformation proves that you are still one of the best in the sport. You are looking younger and nice skin too.
    So please Kevin, go all the way. Ill promise i will follow you everyday. Because now its becoming really interesting. And seeing you in that top was really nice. And still looking forward to the chestpump:-)
    You `re the best.
    Norwayreport out, baby!

  31. Fordman65 says:

    Gotta love the intensity man! Def inspiring me to crank up my workouts. A big thanks goes out to your for taking us on this journey. I have a feeling what ever direction you decide to take the blog in you will have many followers, me included.

    I hope people know, as easy as you make this look it is far from it. I don’t think your average person, even most that follow this blog have any idea how hard what you are doing is. Keep up the good work and know that there are people out there who sincerely appreciate the effort and time put into this.

  32. troy says:

    no more time for small talk lol lets see how much more mass you can cram into the remaining time kevin! keep it going pal

  33. Muscleup says:

    this is a reply to “Great”…i don’t know your age and i don’t want to speak for kevin, but when your younger (18-25ish)you can train with 3 or 4 balls to the wall or max sets, not seem to get injured, and grow like a weed after you warm up good, but as you get older, injury seems to find you much easier, and progressive sets as kevin does is a safer way to go…and i have found as i have aged(almost 37) i don’t need to go so crazy and i still get awsome growth, it comes easier now, i think because your body nows what to do or you muscle control is much better…I.E. you working the muscle,not just move the weight…train hard bro…

  34. Marcel says:

    Hi im from germany.
    Kevin you made incredible gains !!! I really hope you keep on pushing the iron :s

  35. rob says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Please keep going after the 8 weeks man, dont stop.

    Incredible progress so far!!!

    Hey, do you do any specific forearm training? (Wrist curls etc?)

  36. kenbo213 says:

    I know for a fact that in your mind kev, if you wanted to , you could come back and compete against any Pro bodybuilder today and blow them out of the water. If you really attain 245 pounds of muscle, you are literally off by 11 more pounds which was your heaviest correct? Is it the fact that you don’t want to compete for the fact that people in the bodybuilding world will say you took the easy way route ? Since you lost to Dorian, and to Ronnie ( Both of those show’s , especially 2002 ) You where clearly the winner. Does that go into effect? I myself know that i hate when people talk shit , saying you took the easy way route to be the top, in anything. Does that affect your view of competing, or is it solely on the fact that in order to compete you need to run a lot pharmacuticals ? or maybe i’m just interpreting to much into it.

    It does not matter to me whether or not you begin a cycle, i do not define that as cheating , i simply don’t , and i find it amusing that a fucking politician’s can sit there, babbling about “Being fair” that steroid users are cheaters” yet these are the same assholes that fuck people over for money, and make life for some people a living hell. You are my hero, the inspiration of literally busting my ass to attain a physique like your’s, i know that will never happen, ever, but the fact is, everyone needs someone to look up to, when things are going south for a human being, you literally question yourself and ask why am i here? I took up bodybuilding for the sole purpose of attaining the impossible, of pushing through barriers that life throws at us, because in my life, i have pretty much failed at everything. Bodybuilding is a lifestyle, it changes the whole way you think about life and how to manage and be more optimistic.

    I’m just glad you will continue this blog kev.

    • vasyl says:

      Hey kenbo its not solely about weight. If i remember well back at 1991 Kevin was lighter than now in some contests. But back then he carried less fat, had better muscle tone, better skin, etc.

  37. Martin says:

    Hey Kev, I got to partially support the “norweigian” maniac; you can’t stop after 8 weeks, your progress is too great to stop now!
    but;you mentioned that you don’t believe in using steroids anymore, and we got to respect that.
    but the thing is, you obviously don’t need steroids man!

    PS: Norway’s got your back!

  38. max says:

    those triceps are insane i want a pair of those!!!!!

  39. Laron says:


  40. Gil from Aussie Land says:

    Hi Kevin

    Just another one of your Many fans, You have done everything you said you were going to do in this time period. It is a privilage to go on this journey with you. This is where modern technology comes into its own, to allow the rest of us into the world of ” GREATNESS ” . fANTASTIC Kev….Keep it UP .

    Gil from Aussie land

  41. New Zealand says:

    Loving your workouts Kev, keep it up man!

    Do you think your starting to plateau now or is it that you haven’t got a spotter yet on the West Coast?

    West Coast Baby!!

  42. DOUBLER says:


  43. josh says:

    gotta love the intensity, you have inspired me to push harder everyday in the gym. really like the last 2 videos.. keep it up man!!

  44. CYWAT says:

    hello kevin,

    it is clear that your resume deltoides volume but when your arms are even more developed, you think putting the turbo to balance the delay in giving them an additional meeting?

    for us in France, you remain the reference in terms of quality muscle, beauty, and for many french, when a decline in motivation, we look at all your dvd “MMM”, and it leaves a high rise from melting ;-))
    thank you man to exist, and respect for your motivation!

  45. Rodney says:

    I was thinking about the possibility of Kevin doing the Olympia next year, or even this year for that matter and what it would take for him to do it naturally. He would have to bulk up a good bit more in order to have enough muscle left after the diet down. He couldn’t neccessarily “grow into” the show like he used to because he is gear free and he used that to keep himself lean during the muscle gaining process coming into a show. If Kevin weighs in the range on 235lbs right now with about 7-10% bodyfat he would have to lose down to 218-220 to have a low enough BF% to look ripped on stage, maybe even a little lower. He would look too small for his frame. Obviously, I don’t know what Kev’s bodyfat% is at right now but I am guessing that with him showing abs and decent definition at this weight, he is around 7-10%

    Now, if he waited until next years Mr. O, continued to bulk and dieted down then, I think there would be no question that he would be in contention. Personally, I am pretty sure he could do it now if he used a small cycle to help him bulk faster and lose the fat a little quicker. He would need to bring up the legs and overall size, which will come the longer he continues to train, with or without gear. I mean, what he has done at 41-42 years of age, with no gear, a pretty clean diet, and no supps other than his own NO2 formula is absolutely amazing. I mean 30+lbs of muscle in 7-8 weeks is insane. Some people work their whole lives for that much.

    Kevin, I hope you come back to do the Olympia and win. However, I also hope that you do it on your terms with no compromises and no regrets. I am sure that all of us are with you no matter what you decide.

  46. Matt says:

    Shame this is gonna come to an end. Loved reading up on it every day and its given me a fresh way of looking at training and gave me a new way of busting out a rut and training differently. Would be good if you continue this blog and keep it going…

  47. Michel R says:

    Funny to see how everyone is looking forward to the next step, while this step has yet to be completed…

    The journey’s been greatso far, undoubtedly so will follow-up… Looking forward to it…

    Keep it up!

  48. buz buz says:


  49. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I really love the intensity at the minute its great!
    Again your inspiring us all to train harder, eat better and live healthier!

    You are immense!

    Cant wait for the supplement!


    Big Mike

    P.S Me and my mate Gaz still want ‘Flex and Squeeze’ tshirts made! lol.

  50. Gaz (UK) says:

    Hey Kev

    Loving this man, i cant watch others bodybuilders nemore coz their form looks aweful after watching yours 🙂

    Keep getting massive dude, your a true inspiration 🙂

    P.S Me and my mate Mike still want ‘Flex and Squeeze’ tshirts made! lol.

    From sunny England

    Gaz out baby !!

  51. kenbo213 says:

    Ay kev, you think you can do another type of contest for your supplement…pleaseeeeee lol

  52. Johan says:

    Looking great as always dude! I feel a bit sad that the 8 weeks is just about over, it has been awesome to folow you through this tranformation, and it has made me workout harder then ever!

    I hope you keep posting in this blog, and keep doing hard workouts!


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