Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Chest/Shoulders • LevroneReport.com

Remember back at week one when I said, “I haven’t done even a set of pushups in 2 or 3 years, so I need to ease into it.”

Now in the eighth week it’s safe to say I’m done easing into it.

This was the most intense workout yet in terms of digging deep for those last reps. Making some noise, feeling fired up.

If you lift today I need you to go full blown like there’s no tomorrow…because there isn’t. We got four days left. Tell me about your monster workout, your intensity and visualization. I need to read your comments to get psyched up for my next workout.

It’s not over just because the first eight weeks are ending. The blog and the journey are just beginning. The best is yet to come. Let’s finish strong. Evaluate. Then plan the next move together.


Dumbell Press:

80 lb x 8, 100 lb x 8, 115 lb x 8, 120 lb x 8

Incline Bench:

135 lb x 6, 225 lb x 6, 275 lb x 6, 275 lb x 6

Reps Hammer Chest Press:

135 lb x 6, 225 lb x 6, 275 lb x 6, 275 lb x 6

Reps Seated Machine Flys:

150 lb x 15, 160 lb x15, 180 lb x 15, 190 lb x 16

Standing Reverse Cable Fly:

50 lb x 15, 60 lb x 15, 80 lb x 15 , 90 lb x 15


Super Set Dumbell Side Lateral Raises:

15 lb x 10, 20 lb x 10, 25 lb x 10 reps of 4 sets


77 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Chest/Shoulders • LevroneReport.com

  1. Alan says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Glad to hear that the best is up to come !!
    We didn”t all what will happen after this 8 weeks transformation. I am doing legs today, and you know here in France its ‘s our celebration day, no excuses, i am gonna training.

    Alan from France.

    • GoldeN says:

      Hey kevin. Just wanted to say thank you for the GREAT blogging ! Great to see you back lifting heaving weigths and for all the free informating and work you put in the blog. THANK YOU and keep it up, we belive in you !

  2. jasper says:

    It’s not over just because the first eight weeks are ending. The blog and the journey are just beginning. The best is yet to come. Let’s finish strong. Evaluate. Then plan the next move together

    Very nice to hear this!

  3. jasper says:

    it’s on!
    supermotivated to workout later today!

  4. keszkko says:

    Glad to hear that you will continue!
    you looks just awesome! the Guy behind you ist none, compared to you, Big Kevin

  5. Ciaran says:

    man after reading ur post a gt myself hyped went to the gym and all thanx to you busted some plateaus that a as having trouble with

    thanx man keep with it

    Ciaran , Ireland 😀

  6. Kev says:

    “now smile!”
    lol I love it.
    Great work Kevin, onwards and upwards.

  7. Marco says:

    Great video Kevin. You look great. I’m psyched to hit the gym tonight.

    On a side note, how do you deal with nagging rotator cuff pain? Has it ever flared up for you? I’m icing/taking ibuprofen.. (It’s been bothering me for a week, but doctor said there is no tear or anything)

    • Billy says:


      Your doctor says no tear. However, I want to ask you if you have had an MRI done where they shoot dye into the area and then do a complete MRI at all angles. My doctor here in Chicago is a doctor who studied under Dr. James Andrews, who does all the pro athletes. I had a regular MRI done that showed nothing and the quality was bad. Then I had the MRI with dye and it showed a labrum tear and rotator cuff. Just looking out for you bro. Oh, and Kevin, don’t prove anything to us by lifting past your ability here in week 8. I don’t want to see you get my injuries. Rehab is 6 weeks in a sling and then 4-6 months PT. Take care..I’m off to the gym again cuz of the Levrone Report.

      • Marco says:

        I haven’t had an MRI. She took x-rays. I’m doing some rotator cuff stretches and massages for the week + icing/taking medicine. If it doesn’t help I’ll get the MRI

        Thanks Bill

      • notta says:

        Hey guys, I am so pumped watching all of Kevin’s videos but I’m bummed at the same time. I few months ago I was getting a pain while inclining. Nothing serious, but kept me from doing the exercise. I went and got a MRI without the dye and it didn’t show anything. I went to the doc that did Curt Schilling’s shoulder and he said my range of movement was terrible and that I needed to do stretching. I have been doing the Sleeper Stretch for 7 weeks now, but I’m worse than before I went in. I’m so discouraged right now because I can’t do anything over head. No pulldowns, no military, not even preacher curls. All I can do is legs and Tri’s and curls. I go back next week to see him, so from what you wrote Billy I hope he has me get a MRI with dye. Thanks for this post man. As I said I’m really discourage right now.

      • notta says:

        One more thing Billy. Did you get the tear repaired? What kind of time frame are we looking at for full recovery? Thanks.

      • Marco says:


        Your pain sounds a bit worse than mine. I can workout through the pain and it isn’t all too bad. My doctor said if there was a tear my ROM would be horrible and the pain wouldn’t alleviate like it does when I rest it (it also doesn’t keep me up at night).

        The doc/me think its just some tissue build up and tendons rubbing on the bone. I’m doing some great exercises now and massages to loosen it out and it did feel better today. I plan to do this for a week or so and see how it goes. If the pain doesn’t go away I’ll consider the MRI w/ dye.

        Thanks again

      • notta says:

        Thanks for the reply Marco. Yea mine does kind of keep me up if I sleep on my right shoulder. I feel it ever so slightly most of the time. I threw a frisbee to my niece’s dog this weekend and I thought I was going to die when my arm swung out. The doctor I’m seeing has had some big name clients but he only saw me for about 1 minute tops. I took that as a man that has seen this problem many times and knew exactly what the problem was. He said what’s happening is that might shoulder muscles are so tight that a ball in my shoulder has no where to go so it’s banging into a bone and that’s what I’m feeling. I am really going to push to get this resolved when I go back to him next week.

      • Marco says:

        Yeah ask him if active release technique would work (google it)…I might do that as well if the pain doesn’t go away….good luck

      • Billy says:


        I can workout still even with these tears in my right shoulder. I can sleep at night too. So even with these diagnosed tears I can still workout just not heavy. I also dont dare to bench. I had an X ray to eliminate bone trouble. The next path was to have the MRI with dye shot into the area to show the soft tissue issues. I listed in an earlier post about the time to recovery. After surgery I will be in an arm sling for 6 weeks. Then 4-6 months rehab. Guys, I have to honest. My Orthopedic Surgeon is top notch and studied under Dr. James Andrews. He was upset that his colleague didn’t have an MRI w/dye at multiple angles done on me. This was his partner who I saw first. But his partner isn’t as skilled as him. I have what is termed a SLAP tear. You see this a lot with pitchers and quaterbacks. I can’t throw now either without pain. Not even a frisbie. But I can workout other body parts. I need surgery. I put it off for the summer, but I have to have it asap. Oh..I saw the images from the MRI and they are extensive. An Xray only tells a part of the story. Notta, your doctor may be right. Mine did different test on me using my left arm as the good/contrast arm. He knew but felt the MRI w/dye would confirm. Mind you it does cost money. My insurance picked it up, but many dont.

      • Billy says:

        One more thing Notta. My surgery won’t take that long. I think he said a couple hours. I saw a friend of mine who plays baseball. He has a couple dots in his shoulder where they went in and sewed the tear.

  8. Eirik says:

    Awesome workout Kev!

    I really reaaally hope that you continue working out (and posting the workouts here) after these 8 weeks. You`re an inspiration to us All! 😀

  9. Juha says:

    Wow, that´s what we wanna see, some serious determination and that fire in your eyes. Awesome intensity, hey, you´re even doing supersets!

    Had a crap day myself, felt weird and tired, went for a walk and then checked your blog and headed into the gym for an intense workout. Feeling way better now and having seen this clip of your workout I wanna head back to the gym and go at it some more! =D

    Keep going Kev, only a few days left of your 8 week transformation!! Then lets see what happens.

  10. Martin says:

    my monster workout yesterday:

    dumbell inclines:50kg 13 reps,46kg 8 reps, 42 kg 8 reps.

    flat bench dumbells: 42kg 10 reps, 40 kg 8 reps, 40kg 10 reps (got an adrenaline-kick for unknown reason on last set, thats why i went up from 8 to 10 reps,hehe)

    seated hammer strength decline: 40kg each hand, 3 sets, 8 reps.

    my big plan was doing cardio after my chest workout, but after, all i could see were stars, and my shirt couldnt be more wet had i dipped it in a pool, so i gave myself a pad on the back, and headed home

  11. Muscleup says:

    intensity does equal immensity….
    and i got a sickness for thickness brother…
    shouldres / arms today, so i’m gonna reach down baby, and grab another gear…just bacause of you bro…

  12. chris says:

    Looking better each workout…Intensity is off the charts now…Continue on and let see what you can bring to the table in another 8 weeks…

    good luck


  13. John M.123 says:

    KEvin this workout was pumped!! lol Lot of motivation out of this clip thanks.

  14. PhilB says:

    Today i’m gonna do back and traps. My last back workout was as follow (today will basically be the same poundage, but with a rep or two more). Note: I’ve started working out only a year ago and i’m 36 so bear with me if my routine doesn’t look balanced:

    – Lat Pull Down (front): 205×10, 220×8, 235×8 (might hit 250 if it feels good)
    – Seated Cable Row Close Grip: 250×10, 295×8, 295×6-8
    – Bent Over Rows: 185×10, 225×8, 275×6 (will try one or two more rep at 275)
    – One arm Dumbell Row: 120×8, 140×6-8, 150×4-6 (will try 150 today)
    – Close Grip Lat Pull Down: 175×8, 190×8, 205×6-8

    And to prime myself up during my workouts, I love to listen to music such as The 300 movie album (make me feel like a warrior :-), or older music that brings good memories back to my mind so I get into a state of confidence and enjoyment.

  15. PhilB says:

    Oh, and I forgot to mention that pretty much every time I hit the gym for the past year, I like to watch beforehand some clips of pro bodybuilders working out, which gives me an extra psychological boost, especially clips that relates to the part i’ll be working that day so I can include some variations to my routine. For the past 7 weeks or so, you’ve been my main source of drive, I have to admit, as I can relate more easily to your progress as you do it without drugs, which gives an extra jolt to my motiviation.

  16. JL2 says:


    Great workout man! I loved it! You got me so pumped I can’t wait to get to the gym later today. You are more of a motivation than you think. I don’t want to sound corny but man I thank God for you and your decision to do what you are doing. You have inspired me. I was really having trouble sticking to a clean diet. But every since you started this blog it’s been easier and easier for me to stick to it and now I’m seeing results. I haven’t gained more muscle (of course that’s not my goal right now) but my body fat is coming down quite a bit and I’m still holding good size in muscle. Thank you Kev! God Bless and Keep it up.

    P.S. So good to know that even after this 8 weeks we have something to look forward to. This is your calling.

  17. Lievore says:

    good job

  18. Tarvi says:

    Good news!


  19. Lyotoo says:

    good intensity, show them how you did it for those olympias kevin. That’s the way. The end of the video is hillarious, your wife or camera lady “now smile” hahah. Priceless. lol.

  20. AndrewBp says:


    Superstar Kevin is BACK !!!!!!!!!!

  21. Callesteve says:

    Your looking pretty serious Kevin. Great work.

    Introspective Steroid Question:

    Your 8 weeks out, in retrospect, do you feel the differences between today with no performance enhancing help and back when you were competing? Recovery? Strength…etc?

  22. Alex M says:

    Can’t wait to see more of this from you. “Intensity builds immensity,” haha, LOVED THAT. When someone is bitching about me grunting in the gym, I’m going to bust that line out.I watched your vid and went straight to the gym and had a bad ass back workout. Did some weighted pull-ups, heavy row and various pulldowns. Feels like I can take glide in air with my lats. Keep it up, Maryland Muscle. Can’t wait to see your new pic. How about a vid of you posing now?

  23. Kito says:

    Great job Kevin, its so good to see you attacking and dominating the iron again.
    I hope that you won´t stop this Report at the next time [some day :)] because you help us out there in the gym. I plan to start a high intensitiv training in the next month at holiday, your Report gives me the inspiration to do this, dont let it come to an end.

    Good Luck Kevin
    — thx for the Report —
    Out baby :]

  24. Danimal says:

    Full blown baby!!! lets go!!!!yeah

  25. Rodney says:

    I had a monster back and biceps workout last night. I workout at a YMCA and I am getting too strong for many of the machines their and I have gotten too strong for the dumbells that only go up to 100lbs. I may need to find a new gym. Anyway, here is the workout.

    -Lat Pulldowns to the front: (Warmup: 100×10), 167.5×6, 200×6, 225×6, 250×6
    -Reverse Lat Pulldowns: 150×6, 180×6, 200×6
    -Machine Seated Rows: (w/u: 130×10), 150X6, 170X6 (Stack), 140×6(each arm to simulate 240lbs), 150×6(one arm)
    One arm Dumbell Rows: (w/u:45×10), 80×6, 90×6, 95×6, 100×6
    -The last sets with the 100lb DB’s were my highest yet on this exercise. It may not seem like much to some but I have two ruptured disks in my back that I am working against so I have to be careful and had to build up to this and I am proud that I have gotten this far consdering I could barely do 45 pounders when I started a few months ago. Kevin’s transformation helped me kick my back workouts into gear and I am most appreciative of that.

    Seated DB Curls: (w/u: 35×10), 45×10, 50×8, 50×8, 55×6
    Machine one arm curls: 40×10, 50×10, 60×10, 70×10
    Machine two arm curls for peaks and pump sets: 120×15, 150×15, 160×15.

    I am doing shoulders and triceps tonight and I am gonna break the bank on this one. I usually do chest on a day by itself but I will do triceps again on that day because that is a lagging bodypart for me. However, using Kevin’s method of training triceps secondarily to the larger pressing movements has helped me to make some good gains in the last 8 weeks. Thanks for everything Kevin.

  26. TYE says:

    Hey Kev,
    I really want to thank you for everything that this blog is about. It is nice to hear that you can get big naturally, and stay healthy. It has inspired me to get off the gear, and train with soul, heart and desire, rather than with pharmaceuticals. ( I have no for anyone that uses them though) It just feels a lot better knowing that the gains I am getting, are all from me, and my effort. Also, I have had a goal for the last six months to lift 315, for 30 reps in under a minute (Dont criticize me, I know its not great for your back ha ha), and because of the motivation I get from this, and from myself, I finally got it. I might put it on here so people will know I aint spreadin lies ha ha. I just want to thank you for all this. You have given me inspiration to make my life healthier.

  27. Bill says:

    Intensity = Immensity. I love that remark. It’s deadlift/back night for me tonight so I’ll be keeping that in mind as I do it.

  28. Dave says:

    That’s Intensity!!! I’m getting psyched for my workout tonight! I’m putting up 80 pound DBs for shoulders today, I’m gonna bang ’em all out, explode like an atom bomb!!! Nothing’s gonna stop me.

    Keep going Kevin, live large!!

  29. Savier says:

    Man looking absolutely huge. You look amazing. Awesome Chest workout man! Unbelievable Intensity Man, motivating as hell. Can’t wait to see more man. Keep it up.

  30. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin,

    A really intense video- im ready for my session tomorrow!

    Your transformation has been great, an inspiration!


    Mike (UK)

  31. New Zealand says:

    Ever since I started watching/reading your Transformation my intensity has gone up and up and up, I’ve broken a few plateau’s since I’ve been following you and thats mostly thanks to you.

    Its been great so far Kevin, keep it up man, your workouts is what keeps me going in the gym, I don’t have a training partner but then I prefer to get in, stay focused, no talking and just do it!


  32. Pelham says:


  33. max says:

    Tuesday chest day, for me, i am going try that cross overs from the bottom. I have never tried it before, not sure if it’ll use to much front delts or not looking forward to it though.

    When your doing the cross overs @ 2:50 that one chick is checking you out starring at your glutes while picking her nose LOL!! She is behind that one dude doing the lat pull downs.

  34. Demorak says:

    120 pounds for 8 easy reps…is very good…you are probably good for 130s for 5… if not more….

    I am very glad to see that this blog will keep on going!

  35. Djekay says:

    Nice job Kevin,

    I truly hope you stick with bodybuilding!

    Greetings from Holland.

  36. Maik says:

    Hey Kev!
    You made a mistake?

    Reps Hammer Chest Press: You wrote down 6 reps, but in the video you did 10.

    Standing Reverse Cable Fly: I only can count 9 reps, but you wrote down 15.

    I ask you just because I want to know how many reps I had to do in my chest workout on friday.

    Sorry for the bad english man 😉 Maik from germany

  37. William says:

    Still going strong i see, you start to get a similair look like the look you had when you where a pro.
    Your amazing Kev, thanks for the inspiration i really appreciate it!!!

    William from Sweden

  38. norweigian says:

    And the girls are starting to look, babe. I saw that blond behind you whey you did the cables. Thats a very good sign. I always used that one when i trained at gyms.
    But i dont believe in this type og training anymore, Kev. I did it for 10 years myself, but nowadays i always pay attention to bodylimits. You see, the body has a defence against heavy trainings. And a very effective defense too. When you are pushing yourself to the limit everytime, it will be impossible to “beat” your last workout. And thats the most important thing here. You got to lift heavier. Not heavy, just heavier. Ive tried this semihard trainings the last year and the results have been amazing. I never train to the limit. I just focusing on implementing a system thats allows me to go heavier every time. Even if that means starting with benching 120 pounds after at rest period.
    But i remember back when i was a youngster, some coffein/efedrin mixture did the trick when i was supposed to crash the weight in a death-workout:-)
    Im out of here, babe..

  39. Adam says:

    Kevin…lets see those progress pics!

  40. Les Mills on da Terrace says:

    Stay positive bro, its the only way to go baby!!!!!

  41. Chad says:

    This is great man. Unbelievable to be up to 275×6 on incline considering you’ve only been back in the gym for under two months. Awesome job and you’re getting back that freaky look again. Very inspiring.

    Chad, fellow Marylander

  42. Leaps says:

    That spotter needs to keep his hands off until he is needed.

  43. Allen says:

    Kevin,glad to know your gonna stick around after the eight weeks your my inspiration. I was wondering if you could give me some input on my diet as of right now i’m sticking to turkey chicken & beef & lamb can’t eat fish….. i’m alergic hence getting bored with my sources. What do you think is another good protein source??.Oh yeah THE LevrONE works for me sir 🙂

  44. Carlos A says:

    Now that’s the Kevin I remember watching on ESPN2 back in the day!!

    Keep it up Fam along with everyone else on here I’m right there with you!!

  45. Roman says:

    great inspiration Kevin!! watched it just before my arm workout and it sounds corny but damn, i had a great workout! heavy and hard. Kevin, you have really sparked my motivation and intensity with my training following your progress. I share with everyone here, the upmost admiration for you. Keep the transformation going! we all need you to inspire us. Roman

  46. Lj says:

    I have been getting serious with my own workout starting about five weeks ago. After piss farting around for a while I decided to knuckle down. Following this blog has kept my motivation up as well 🙂 I really hope you continue working out and reporting back on this whenever you can, even after the 8 weeks are up. Even if it is just for the health benefits like getting the good hormones going and maintaining good bone strength. I always find I am much happier when continuing to work out regularly with weights. Cardio just doesn’t seem to have the same effect. I am noticing good progress myself.

    John from Perth, Australia
    “Internet Workout Partner” 🙂

  47. Mark says:

    Marco you are most likely dealing with a labrum problem not a rotator cuff problem. I would try researching pre-hab excercises for your delts and upper back online. I have been doing them for my torn labrum and feel great, no surgery here.

    • kenbo213 says:

      Same, i go the physical therapy twice a week, Bust my ass like i’m lifting wieghts. Tore my posterior labrum on my left shoulder, and i believe my right shoulder is having similar symptoms, fucking behind the neck presses lol, it’s all good though.

  48. Roger says:

    Intensity builds immensity. Awesome.

    Been following you from the beginning. I’ve been away from computers for a week and I’ve been looking forward to see how for you’ve come. Great improvements. You’re looking as good as ever.

    You should be proud! Love the intensity. Keep it up. You’re almost there!

  49. Ryan says:

    Been following this whole thing.Love it. Brilliant idea.Hopefully you’ll keep this going.Very inspirational.Again Great idea.

  50. Moz says:


  51. Don says:

    Yes Kevin, well done, keep on the with smile.

  52. Johan says:

    Kevin, do you ever workout TO hard?? There is no souch thing in my mind, but my last 4 workouts have been INSANE!! And I ended up with a high feever after the last leg workout, and could not move for a full day. Im fine now and on my way to the gym.

    Do you think there is souch a thing as pushing yourself to hard?

  53. Eric says:

    Hey Kev, I am also doing some traveling. Just got into Vegas for some work I have to do. But tomorrow I’m heading over to Golds Gym in Sandhill for some Bi and Tri work. Going to dig deep because there will be some big boys in there for sure. I’m from a small town in WI so not a lot of bodybuilders where I’m from

  54. teemu says:

    Hi there! Brilliant videos and it really seems that while exercise is getting harder, there’s less energy to talk and explain. 😉

    More seriously, it’s great to see a good form in these videos. Most exercise videos are more about moving monster weights (guess that’s needed too) in whatever way the stars can – and then the same people explain how important full range motion and good form are. You do what you preach and don’t just talk the talk. Thank you for it!

  55. CYWAT says:

    I love these videos.
    source of inspiration.

    is that your relationship is brain-muscle effisciente?

  56. maciek - poland says:

    Five months ago, when I started my workout it was about:
    incline bench: 8 x 135 lb – max
    Today I’m gonna to reach 225 x 6.
    Last workout it was 200 x 6 in last series, so there’s no excuse !!!

  57. Flip says:

    hey Kev, I’m just wondering, when you do side lateral super sets, why do you start from lighter weight to the heavier weight and not the other way round? is there any specific reason?
    Good luck Kev. 🙂

  58. Damien (Sydney, Australia) says:

    Kevin Full Blown Levrone, the maryland muscle machine.. keep up the good work, coming along great… im hitting the gym hard too. inspired by you

  59. Jimmy says:

    Sweden here…

    Kevin, you look G O O D man!!
    Awesome. That´s the kind of physique I´m personally aiming at.

    When the eight weeks has passed I will definitly continue following your physical journey here, whatever happens =)

    This is soooo exciting!


    /Jimmy, Sweden

  60. Will says:

    Hey Kev, you are intense!
    I gotta say, you’ve inspired me on every workout and my own weights have gone up each week, happy to break through the 225lbs bench press as well as many others – onwards and upwards baby. Keep up this fantastic blog, immense.

  61. Margus says:

    hi Kevin, very inspiring to see this blog every day! been with this since the week one! can’t wait to see week 8 picture, also your weight.

  62. Peet says:


    I like the intensity…everytime i’m about to give up I thought about you standing behind me watching….see how i’m going to finish. And yup, I went nuts everytime…like whoOOOoooOOoO Lets goo baby!!!!!! ahhhHHH!!!!

    Thanks again brother.

    Keep em coming!!!


  63. troy says:

    great workout kevin, realy seeing some of that magic that made you one of the greats, keep the videos coming no matter what pal!

  64. doubler says:

    m3muscle.com =levrone country

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