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Here’s the week 7 photo taken a few days ago. Took me a while to get it up. Seven weeks, all natural. Let me know your thoughts, and don’t forget to scroll down and check out the leg workout posted earlier today.





Picture 6097



121 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 7 Picture • LevroneReport.com

  1. SammieSam says:

    awesome kevin. u have a lot of hats

  2. Martin B says:

    Hi Kevin,

    your Transformation is AMAZING!!!! You are great inspiration for all of us. Keep it coming and never guive up. We’re with you.


  3. Alex, sweden says:

    awesome transformation and inspiration… now get back on stage and bring home a sandow!


  4. Alex, sweden says:

    have to ask what do you think about your new training approach with chest shoulders triceps in one workout?
    When you competed didn’t you split the bodyparts in more workouts?

    Just sounds better in my head to split chest and shoulders… and there by hitting them harder in two workouts and getting better growth?


  5. Ulian says:

    Hey Kev,
    Nice story of you. You was a real icon of BB. But I also admet who you are now. You are cool normal(!) person. Cause all of the prof. bb-s are mutants as you was long time ago.
    I appreciate your report.
    P.S. Sorry for English – it’s not my mother’s language.

  6. Markus says:


    KEV YOU ARE THE BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Jeroen says:

    Just awesome! I check your blog every day.. Keeps me motivated! In fact, my results have accelerated since you started your transformation. Thank you!

    Keep pushing it!

    Jeroen, Sweden.

  8. Blade says:

    Truly amazing.

    During your career you’ve made quite a few transformations before, coming back from injury and surgery and appearing on stage within a few months.

    What’s your thought on this transformation compared to the others? Which one actually surprised you the most?

  9. Toni says:

    Great job Kevin, u are THE MAN! I cant say anything else, but BOOOM THATS IT. Keep it up man!

  10. Lutti says:

    Just frickin’ amoizing dude!

  11. Nico_From_Paris says:

    Hi KEVIN,


    What’s your abs routine? How many times a week?

    Thks buddy.


  12. Sam says:

    That is some serious muscle memory bro

  13. GAZ (uk) says:

    Dude !!

    Looking large man ….. starting to see ur lats poppin out from the front, pow !

    If you could bust out a few measurements that would be awesome, arms, chest and so on ….

    Aswell as the ”flex and squeeze” tshirts, i think you could also have ”intensity equals imensity” printed on them haha

    Peace out from the uk !! 🙂

    • Mike (UK) says:

      I encourage us all to get the tshirts if they ever were released…
      You guys should check a funny vid of Will Harris Training on Tube…he has the funniest ‘hype’ man ever…lots of funny tshirt ideas came from the video…

    • jasper.gd says:

      how bout a levrone hoodie or cap ;p

  14. Johan says:

    I dont like you Kev 😉 In Sweden we have something caled “the swedish jealousy”.. We are not alowed to be hapy about someone elses success!!

    For real bro, you look awesome, looks like you filled out your arms and lats the last week! I cant wait to se next weeks photo, and at the same time I am sad its the last week… Even though I bet you got more things coming.

    You are truly the best Kevin!

    Keep it full blown, ye baby!

  15. Rodney says:

    HOLY SHIT! I didn’t realize how much you changed in one week until you put this photo up. It really hits you in the face. Kevin, you should be proud of yourself for accomplishing so much in such a little amount of time. Moreover, you should look forward to what you will be able to accomplish in the future. I really believe that this transformation experiment could help to give bodybuilding much of the credibility that it truly deserves. You are proving that good genetics, good training, and good food are more important than any amount of gear when it comes to building quality muscle. Bravo Kevin, keep it going, keep it going!

  16. Mathias_from_Austria says:

    Sh!t, … you´re looking so great.
    Now you have to do what Alex says :o) You´re an icon, and your physique is superior to all the others.

    The Sandow is your´s :o)

  17. Arseniy says:

    Amazing shape Kev! U r surprising us each week of ur transformation! =)
    Heh, the end of transformation experiment is very close, but I cant realy imagine, what will be in the end of it. Hmmm… But in one I’m assured precisely… – it will be awesome end, of awesome experiment 😉

    Keep it going, Kev, keep it going bro! =)
    We r all like what’s happening with ur shape from week to week, all supporting u, and waiting for new posts, for new awesome progress! =)

    Russia, West Siberia, Kurgan

  18. jasper.gd says:

    yeah BABY!
    this is amazing, awesome, legendary
    I can’t believe it when I’m comparing the first pic with this last one!
    Respect to you Kevin, keep doing what you’re doing, this is sick!

  19. Savier says:

    looking incredible man. the lats are poppin, shoulders looking massive. you’re a beast man. keep it up! can’t wait to see what you’ll look like at the end of week 8!

  20. PhilB says:

    Totally amazing the look you achieved in so little time! Quick question: I understand that bodybuilding has a lot to do with creating the illusion of big muscles by favoring symmetry and increasing definition (and therefore lowering fat) but you can’t obviously show up what you don’t have in the first place (i.e. muscles). Is the amazing definition on your latest pics a result of very low body fat or did you really gain that much muscle mass? (Probably a combination of both but your arms looks definitely bigger whereas your chest don’t seems to have the same growth ratio as your arms – no offense intended! My opinion is based purely on a single standing pose. Maybe some side chest pics before/after would prove me wrong)

  21. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Wow, great pic man!

    Lats are looking…well…lat-ish (immense)

    Great full chest and pumped arms…its all coming back Kevin, you gotta be pleased with the results…?!

    Inspired and suffering from D.O.M.S,

    Mike (UK)

  22. big Abe says:

    Kev, time to bring it up a notch and go for the “o” or maybe the Atlantic city…We want u back brotha…

  23. Benny says:

    Kevin i’m from german and you are one of the two or three best bodybuilders in history for me!

    it’s amaizing to see what is happend with you in the last seven weeks….

    I want to see u at the mr. o bro!!!!!!!!!!!

    stay hard

  24. Mike (UK) says:

    P.s Gaz is not suffering D.O.M.S yet because…he’s slow…lol…great session g-man!

  25. alee says:

    Nice progress. How much do you weigh now?

  26. K says:

    7 weeks 4 u > 7 months 4 me

  27. Mike (UK) says:

    I would also like the two tshirts mentioned by Gaz (UK) please…
    Intensity = immensity

    Flex and Squeeze baby


  28. Grazol says:

    insane transformation, hope this leads to more 🙂


  29. soroush says:

    hi kevin.we are not exagerating,u are the best,best bodybuilder in the universe.ur genetic is incredible.we are crazy of u so that all my room’s walls are full of ur pictures.ur pics are our theme in cellphones,our cellphones memory is full of ur pics,clips.ur name has been written on our T-shirts.
    we are two brothers who started bodybuilding just because of u.we are crazy of u.u are the most favorite sport-man in our country(Iran);it has been shown on an esthatistic on a magazine several times so just try for the best cos u are the best.when we all(in iran)heard that u have started again,we got happiness just like as a bird which starts to fly first to the highest.urs truely soroush and sepehr

  30. Valentin says:

    Please send ur n.o for me!!ur very great,i want be like you.

  31. John M.123 says:

    I can’t wait for week 8 pic.

  32. Juha says:

    Kevin, that´s insane, you look AWESOME! What can we say man, running out of superlatives after 8 weeks now….

  33. max says:

    Look at week 3 then look at week 7 in 1 month he looks completely different
    Its just mind blowing

    I wonder how you would look in 1 year from when you started, if you just slowly increased your food month by month and keep the good workouts and sleep in.

    Oh yeah and i feel the need to say INSANE TRIPCEPS!!

  34. Honzina says:

    Great progressssss!
    However you can say or write which parts of your body react according to your plan and which not.

    Keep pushin´!

    Honzina, Czech Rep.

  35. Beau says:

    Fantastic job Kevin! It is so inspiring for me to follow your progress, it really helps me in the gym. Keep up the good work!!!

  36. Markus says:

    Looking great Kev! Amazing progress.

  37. JoelSatch says:

    Looking good pal! This is it dude. This is the time to stick that needle in your butt and hook yourself up with the good stuff baby. Olympia is 2 months ago. Plenty of time for you to add another 20 pounds and hit the stage like a champ. F…ing do it! Top 5 for sure!

  38. Scott A says:

    To all the guys and gals following Kevin’s Blog,

    I have known Kevin for a while and I got to tell you all, Kevin is the most real person I know. He is taking you all on this journey because he cares. When he first told me what he was going to do with this blog, he said it was because he wanted to give back to all the fans.

    Kevin has taught me all the things he is talking to you about on the blog. Here are a few things to recap:

    1)It is not the amount of weight, it is the quality of the lift

    2)ROM and isolation of the muscle being worked is key

    3)Cardio in the AM on an empty stomach

    4)Nutrition, it is not a diet, it is a lifestyle

    Enjoy the ride as Kevin is truly an inspiration to me and I know he is to all of you as well. Thanks for the incredible time on this journey Kevin as it is much appreciated. I feel blessed to be able to call you my friend.

    -Scott A

    • Scott A says:

      ROM stands for range of motion

    • PhilB says:

      Thanks for the concise list Scott. Regarding ROM, from all videos I could find of Kevin, he always did full range of motion, even when he was pro. But when you look at Jay, Ronnie, and other pros, they seem to have resorted to partial ROM, with good results for the most part. How does full ROM benefits compared to partial? My assumption is that pro’s that juices can get away with flaky form but i’m still amazed they do get impressive results nonetheless. Could it be that being natural, full ROM is the only way gain quality size?

      • Eric says:

        Because they can’t they are so freaking huge! LOL, I actually just saw Jay train today. First time I met him, extremely nice guy!

        With respect to your question I have also wondered the same thing. I think with Jay and Ronnie it appears they are doing partials because they are so huge and bulky it gives the look of a very short range of motion. With that said the new thing now to save on your joints is to excercise just before lockout and just before a full stretch. I think this is to prevent injury, and at the amount of weight Jay and Ronnie are throwing around you need to be careful you don’t tear a peck or bicep; it also saves the joints if you don’t lock out so they can have longevity in the sport.

        With all that said I beleive they are doing partials but they are getting a greater range of motion than it appears. I myself being a natural bodybuilder beleive in old school training, full range of motion. Although if I am doing heavy benching I come all the way to my chest but push up just before lock out. This is actually harder keeps full tension on the muscles!

        Just my thoughts and opinion after years of training. If anyone else has any ideas or thoughts let me know.

      • PhilB says:

        @Eric: I’ve never tought about that but it makes a lot of sense. Thanks for shedding some light on the subject 🙂

      • Dan says:

        Thats interesting. never really thought about that. The reason why I think their doing partial ROM is because they want to target the chest more. The bottom half of the ROM(chest to middle) works more of the chest. The other half brings in the tricep more into the excercise. It is hard(well for me) to do partial when your use to the full ROM. Both are very good way to work the chest.

  39. Alex M says:


  40. Alex M says:

    Oh and by the way, I’ve been listening to “Cast Away”…. AWESOME song!

  41. Alan says:

    Unbelievable !! Great job done !!

  42. Fordman65 says:

    Holy lats batman! Lookin great dude, it’s been a great ride. So, if this is called the “first Transformation” does that mean there will be a second?

  43. Fran says:

    Hey Kevin,

    What a great trasnformation. The thickness of your body that you have achieved already start reminding me at the Levrone of the competition,and is natural, which is twice as amazing.

    Truly an inspiration for the daily motivation at the gym.
    Not that im encourage you to do so, at all, but its pretty clear that if you start taking what you dont take,you could be in an Olympia shape pretty darn soon.

  44. Martin says:

    Hey guys, look at pic.1 and then immediately scroll down to week 7 pic. i think my jaw literally dropped a couple of inches when i saw the comparison!

    hm, wondering what will happen after week 8…..

    the thing that impresses me just as much as Kev’s inhuman genes, is the way he’s able to push himself. having ability to push yourself is what will separate you from the rest in the long run.
    we’ve all seen Coleman’s crazy workouts, and even Coleman was quoted on how impressed he was by the intensity of Kevin’s workouts..that’s gotta count for something

  45. Kenny says:

    Holy shit… That is just wrong kevin, just wrong… my f—ing god …. !!!! It’s like the rocky movie you know, you get hyped when you see the guy kicking ass all over again, that’s you man, kicking ass all over the damn place, i think next week those signature delts are going to be more rounder, by the looks of it.

    As i read in T Nation, you will literally put to shame the f—ers that say that muscle memory is not true, or in a sense it doesn’t add up anyway… Clearly you are proving them wrong. I for one say you go to some laboratory and allow them to make copies of your genes to sell in the futureeeeeeeeee!! lol , love ya kev, keep doing your thing bro.

  46. edwin says:

    Thanks for the motivation I go all out on my training. This transformation of yours has been a great success. Whatever you plan to do after week 8 Ill be here supporting you! By the way Happy early Birthday!

  47. Roger says:

    Insane transformation! And ‘the first transformation’ you wrote? Looking forward to the second 😉


  48. TFY says:

    Kevin, you look huge in that latest picture (not that you ever weren’t, but you know what I mean). I can’t believe it’s only been seven weeks!

    Thanks for the tip about focus, power, and calm, man – it really helps maintain intensity. That alone made me break through plateaus in both bench and weighted dips today. Much appreciated as always.

  49. DeeMan says:

    With your freakish genetics you could probably eat Junk food and still look better then most people who have strict diets, LOL! I only wish I could grow like you do, but my family’s genetics suck bigtime. However I dont let it get me down, I still lift like there is no tomorrow. YOu are definitely a gifted man Kev. Keep going full throttle man!

  50. chamika says:

    week 7 so good

  51. David says:

    That is some crazy transformation in 2 months! WOW very inspiring.. I’m dying to go back to the gym once I fix my shoulders (don’t you love rotator cuff problems)

  52. AKurban says:

    Hey Kev, just wanted to say Happy Birthday Bro! Hope you have an awesome day! Just got back from the gym and I have to be up in 5 hours for work! Your transformation is absolutely amazing. Best Wishes my man!

  53. Nate says:

    Astonishing comeback throughout the weeks Kevin. Your body is like a light switch you can turn off and on. You can easily become monstrous then regress in size to an average joe. I think I have the same quality its a good thing to be blessed with great genetics.

  54. Ethan L. says:


    Happy Birthday! What an amazing transformation. I cant believe you added so much muscle in so little time, and all while getting leaner. Those Lats have really grown. Ive had 3 of my best workouts ever, all due to the inspiration youve given me. THANKS!

  55. munky says:

    Hi Kevin,
    you are always my inspiration…I followed your amazing transformation since the beginning and i hope to see you again improving and pumping iron…

  56. norweigian says:

    Fuck man, i have been spending more time with you and this blog than my gf lately. I really enjoy this. And you give me som much. I have done a little transformation myself and now i feel much better aiming for my old welltrained body. You are so inspiring.
    But we cannot stop now, bro. Dont let me down. I want to go all the way. I want my old 270 pound ripped body back. But i cannot do it without you, man. I`ve been traing home for the last two years after i bougth myself a house and i dont want to go to the gym before i make theirs eyes fall out:-)
    So you are my only live trainingpartner now Kev. The best i`ve ever had. And now its getting cool. So do this commercial stuff you got to do and get your ass back to Maryland and dont return to Arnoldland before we see those 250 punds ripped baby:-)
    All the best…

  57. Eric says:


    One word THICKNESS. You have really thickened up the last two pictures, quite unbeleivable.

    Question, do you still follow the current bodybuilding scene? If so who are you rooting for to win the Olympia this year?

  58. tompa says:

    Great job kevin, starting to look very nice! I’m a big fan

  59. TXIKI says:


    now is time to take full body photographs!!

    Go on this way!!

  60. norweigian says:

    and a posedownsession…like last olympiaapperance:-)

  61. Marco says:

    What an awesome transformation after those 2 months.
    GREAT !!

    Keep on pumpin Kevin, Italy loves you 😉

  62. Alex says:


    Greetings from Germany!

  63. cHroMe says:


    K(ev)inG Levrone u rock!!

  64. Arseniy says:


    I wish u a big love and happiness in ur family, wish u be healthy, be strong, muscular, fast, a lot positive emotions, ыuccesses in business and sports, and in everything that u’ll do. I wish u a balance of ur body and soul, and only good friends, who will always support u =)

    And also wish a great final of transformation experiment, and awesome results for all ur future trainings. Be happy Kev, once again – happy birthday =)

    Russia, West Siberia, Kurgan

  65. Mauricio says:

    Hi kevin , what about a comeback at the Arnold Classic 2009?

    Mauricio, Puerto Rico

    • kenbo213 says:

      You do realize that the 09 classic has already been contested right? Kai greene won.

      • norweigian says:

        and i saw he train with charles glass on youtube…and, i think we maybe need 2 or 3 new transformations there:-)

  66. Tom K says:

    the progress you made in 7 weeks is insane. what would take the average person years to put on that much size only took you about 2 months. right now im training for a natutal bodybuilding competition and seeing you do this transformation naturally gives me hope and inspires me to do my best and work my ass off in the gym. good luck and finish up strong. and happy birthday by the way

  67. Paul Gordon says:

    Awesome Kevin, what a transformation. How much weight have you gained in the 8 weeks ?

  68. mazman says:

    Really excellent progress size and condition wise!

  69. William says:

    Good job, looking even better than last week!

  70. Lievore says:

    damn you ! you huge freak ! hauhauahu

  71. Alex M says:

    Kevin, you’re getting old hahaha….. HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  72. kevin says:


    What measures that arms?
    your vizualisation and determinations inspires me BIG time. I aslo try to be in the zone, where you only can think of doing another Repetition!

    Kev keep up the good work my m8!

  73. jasper.gd says:

    yeah it’s already the 16th of july over here, so I guess I can already congratulate you on you birthday Kevin!

  74. Egor says:

    Happy Birthday, Kev!

    Franco Colombo once has told: “Bodybuilding is those sports where the sportsman in 50 years looks younger, than in 25”.
    You confirm these words!

    Siberia in da house!

  75. Oli says:

    Hey Kevin,

    You are for me one of the greatest BB’s i know!!
    Watching your Video from the 2002 Mr. Olympia has Motivated me to start BB. And now im doing it since 3 years!
    So keep on Pumping!!!

    Greets from Austia

  76. Andrew says:

    You’re gain a lots of in those weeks !This is the real bodybuilder,all of your fans like me get amazed by your huge body!Keep it up!

    Greetings from Hungary!


  77. Tiago says:

    Hello kevin,
    I am following your progress and hope to continue progressing, I am a great admirer of his training, I learn a lot from you! good luck!

  78. Andy says:

    Happy birthday! for one day in a year you can eat junk food:p

  79. Lyotoo says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! Damn you’re 41 already, can’t believe it. Let us know what your plans are for your birthday lol. Have a great one man.

  80. donny says:

    If you are so BAAAANGGG at week 7, at week 12 you’ll be an ATOMIC BAAAANGGGGGG

  81. New Zealand says:

    Will you be doing a cut now Kevin?

  82. New Zealand says:

    Happy Birthday Bro 🙂

  83. Maik says:

    Happy Birthday, man !

  84. Lars says:

    Kevin, u begining too look like when u competed! Full arms and traps! Veeery impressed! I´m about to open my new gym here in sweden, would be very nice to get u over here in the future, and arange som seminar! Keep it up!

    Best regards Lars/ Sweden

  85. Lars says:


  86. FABIO says:

    Really impressive kevin.
    and remember focus man focus:)
    Bye brother.
    FABIO from ITALY,

  87. Andrew says:

    YEAH BOI looking great

  88. Dustin says:

    Looking great man….just really hard to believe its all natural considering your age

  89. kurisava says:

    I think it is wise to train the shoulders with the chest. The delts are involved in a lot of exercises like benches, inclines, dips, flyes, and the rear delts are involved in rowing and pulldowns. So they don’t really need much specific work. Some side lateral raises and reverse flyes is the most important to round out the shoulders.

  90. DK says:

    Good stuff kev!

    your delts and traps are beginning to fill out to it’s original glory.

    Fantastic stuff; this blog. Always been a fan of yours; actually, seeing you on the musclemags is what got me into bodybuilding when I was in highschool!


  91. Stanico79 says:

    Hi Kev .. you look great.Thank you for your Know-how and for the everyday motivation to work out.Take care

  92. Geno aka:Batman says:

    Hi, Kevin I wondering why don’t you implement decline chest press within your chest workout routine? I very inspired by workout ethics, because you was crazy massive during your prime. I’m proud of you because you push me to work out hard and smart, keep up the work and keep God in life and any accomplisment can be reach. God Bless. Here a little something about myself I’m Police Officer here in Baton Rouge,Louisiana for over 13yrs @ the age of 39. I’ve been working out off & on since my mother bought my first weight set back in 1984, but now I’m really working out on a daily routine and working out hard to gain some mass right now I’m @ 183LBS @ 5’7.5Height. “Hey this is Batman and I’m out”

  93. Nenad (Perth, Western Australia) says:

    Fantastic progress Kev. You should be proud. I am proud of you. You are a great ambassador for the sport. All this blogging is very motivational and I am training hard now and continuing with my own comeback. Thanks for the motivation.

  94. lordyorn says:

    Kevin, what you did in just few weeks is pretty amazing, keep clean !

    U’r an inspirational to my crew.

    Hugs from Rio de Janeiro, BRAZIL

  95. Farrukh says:

    Ill physique — nuff said.

    Farrukh (from Islamabad, Pakistan)

  96. Mark says:

    HEY kevin hello from England

    Alls i gotta say is, are you gonna say what the secret ingredient is? Dude i need to know!

  97. Alexander says:

    Hi Kevin, I am your big fan. This very good progress, you all will turn out!:-)

  98. Ruslan says:

    Hello from Russia with a great respect! I know you heard it many times but you are really inspire a lot of people to do their best in workouts. Thanks for that!

  99. PJDY says:


  100. Omid says:

    The Master

  101. Hi Kevin!
    I am from Brazil, sorry for the horrible english!
    I am training for many years, but i’m stagned! Whow is your training routine? I have a wish…it’s live in USA and make me a Bodybuilder but the “financial crisis” scare me!
    You understand Portuguese?
    Grande abraço guerreiro!!

    Aposto em você!

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