Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Legs • LevroneReport.com

This is it, 100% focus for the last leg workout of this first transformation. Not a lot to say, but I’ll go back to talking and instructing very soon. Maybe a post tonight from home to answer a few of your comments directly.

It’s worth the distraction of the camera. It’s important to me that you’re there to see my workout, to go through it with me, and to take some of my focus and simplicity into your workout if you can.

I’m in a zone where I’m relaxed and at peace, and it shows in the video. Feeling the mood enhancer kicking in. The best workouts for me are a combination of focus, power and calm. Try to shoot for that combination today, let me know how it feels.

Full Work Out 
Leg Press:
520 lbs x 12
610 lbs x 12
700 lbs x 12
790 lbs x 12
880 lbs x 12
925 lbs x 20
Hack Squats:
315 lbs x 6
405 lbs x 6
495 lbs x 6
585 lbs x 6
Standing Leg Curls:
150 lbs x 6
150 lbs x 6
150 lbs x 6
150 lbs x 6
Leg Extensions:
70 lbs x 12
80 lbs x 12
90 lbs x 12
100 lbs x 15

47 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Legs • LevroneReport.com

  1. Blade says:

    Cool, Kevin.

    Even if you should stop this blog tomorrow, I’m so grateful that it ever existed. I’ve learned a lot.

    Also, we have someting in common you and me – we both have our birthdays coming up tomorrow. Congrats!

  2. Helio says:

    Hi Kevin,

    don’t you train calves? yours are lean but not getting bigger.

    • kenbo213 says:

      Who needs calves anyways… hehe.

      • Juha says:

        Kevin, why´d you delete my post here?

        I also wonder why you dont work your calves?

        Plus Kenbo, a big buff body with thin calves never looks good IMO (not saying Kevin has them).

    • norweigian says:

      Kevin is training calves. And i see it, they are getting bigger too. But as he said a few days ago, he cannot put everything in this blog. You ask for his diet, his calftraining and i guess soon you ask for his zapTV-choices.

  3. boke says:

    looking good, keep it up!

  4. Mike (UK) says:

    An excellent video,

    A great transformation Kevin, you are inspiring me everyday.

    Was watching some of your old routines, they were wicked, traditional posing at its best!

    How do you feel now at week 8?



  5. stian says:

    looking great Kevin! keep going! dont mind the camera, its what keeps us motivated!! Are you sponsored by world gym or somthing?? or is it just lifetime membership after owning one?? Anyways looks like a good gym.
    Cant wait to see what your next move is!¨

  6. Lievore says:

    Awesome video man

  7. pierce says:

    Kev when are we going to see pictures of you for week 7 ?

  8. koerperkult says:

    thank you! gives me power for tomorrows back training!

    greetings from germany!

  9. no surrender says:

    Im with u on the powere focus and calm, if u don’t have that, u might as well go home. For me the calmness comes from drinking green tea while im training, it keeps my mind at total ease, the focus comes from the vison, visioning that freaky body im so after, last but not least the power, powering through the training session with great intensity.

  10. Maik says:

    Great workout, as always…
    Kev, if you would start competing again, i´m sure Jackson, Cutler and Co. would have hard times then.
    You are in the best age for a comeback. Finally its your decision, of course.


  11. bloodsour says:

    Hey Kevin!

    What a fanastic inspiration this site is!
    when i watch your clips i just wanna move some heavy
    ass weights (heavy for me)

    Hows this for inspiration…
    couldnt go to the gym today for my leg session so i
    used one of those old plowing woody things, you know like Rocky in Rocky IV… used a couple of paint buckets as weight and started squatting..
    did some other things to but that was the highlight of the workout, now i will do a 30 min cardio session.

    Keep pumpin n growin Kevin!

  12. jasper.gd says:

    hoodie, all business, in the zone baby
    focus power calm, nice combo, will keep it in mind

  13. Michel R says:

    Great intensity as usual. Due to this blog I changed my training to three/four sets of six/seven reps. I’m feeling better in the gym and I’m seeing results too. The weights are increasing, so things are happening, I guess… Two times a week total body workout over here. Some might think it’s strange, but I feel I can handle it and give my body twice a week a complete breakdown. Been doing splitroutines for years and due to the family and other responsibilities, I can no longer hang three-four times a week two hours in the gym anymore hehe…

    Anyway, keep on going, this aint the end of the Levrone transformation, far from it… We backing u up all the way!

  14. Arseniy says:

    Hi Kev! (I’m sorry for my grammar, english is not my native language, and I have no good practice since I ended school)

    I’m watching for u all this weeks of your transformation, and I want to say u – thanks for what r u doing. This vids inspiring me, makes strong, stimulates for hardcore workouts. So,thank u bro, and I want u know, that I’m with u, and I’ll support u anyway, like other guys who supporting u here =)

    I don’t care about people who r saying “hey, he is on steroids!”, “this transformation can’t be natural!”.
    My position – I’m not against the steroids. And sometimes I use them. Most important for me – that u are in the gym again, that u are training bro, and u are in a very good shape now!. My position – if u want using steroids, so why not? What terrible in this? This is the private matter of each individual.

    But(!!!).. What about me? I belive u Kev, I belive that u natural in your transformation, and I’m happy that u can do that, that u have a great results without a steroids. So, keep it up bro! Keep it up! =)))

    About your last posting:
    “The best workouts for me are a combination of focus, power and calm.”

    I’m, aspiring to this condition, balance on each training. Cause, as “no surrender” said – “if you don’t have that, you might as well go home”.
    Fortunately, I always stay on training in the necessary condition and mood =)

    Later I’ll write you on info@levronereport.com some questions, and I’m not pretending on a quick answer, cause I know that u r pretty busy bro =)

    And just one question now – what’s yr height Kev? =) Cause on different sites, magazines – there different information. And only u can give authentic information =)))

    Once again – thank u, and u must know, that there’s many people who supporting you Kev! Keep it up! =))

    Russia, West Siberia, Kurgan

  15. kt says:

    Love the counting comment you threw in there on the extenions. Gotta love some people on here.

  16. Juha says:

    Man, you definitely have more focus and drive during your workouts since about a week. You actually seem to enjoy it a lot more now and it shows! This was one of the clips I´ve enjoyed the most to watch so far, great stuff Kevin!

    You never posted a pic from week 7…looking forward to the pic for week 8 though.

    Gotta love your cameraman..well girl, and the way she finishes the clips “in your face style” haha

    I asked you once before and I´d like to ask you again – the pretty limited ROM on the legpress, especially compared to the hacksquats, why do you choose to do the legpress this way? (just curious)

  17. Andy says:

    To bad it’s over 😦 I hope you are posting workouts back soon! To bad my forearm got injuried, think I trained to hard by watching your vids, its your folt kevin :p I think my tendons aren’t ready for it yet …
    Can’t train for 2 or 3 weeks getting insane!
    Good luck in the future.

  18. Paul says:

    Kevin looking good man, very healthy looking!

    i liked your last posted video, going AL the way whit a great intensity. shit man i need to go to the gym an train.

    i like this blog very much and check it out every day. please go on 😛



  19. Pedro Larach says:

    Absolutely amazing kevin,
    Doing this transformation in 8 weeks without any drugs, just 100% balls to the wall training, seriuos nutrition and lots of rest…wow. You truly are one gifted athlete, it’s been a wonderful reality show, I think this journey should go to the TV, showing you with all the process I mean the whole experience (working out, eating, resting, hanging out….) It’s something that could have been shared with millions of people who need to get motivated to get out of their homes and transform their lives with this great sport of bodybuilding.
    You should be the host of a program called “The Transformers Show”.
    I won’t take credit for the idea man! Just do it!

    Greetings from Chile


  20. Marcus says:

    This journey has been so damn good!
    Really hope it continue.. first thing i do when i get to work is to check this site out for news!
    Best Regards Marcus (Sweden)

  21. Stan says:

    It has been a real pleasure learning from one of the
    greatest bodybuilders of all time. Thank you from a natural bodybuilder in Hawaii!

    I can see that I am over training and not going heavy
    enough. I made some adjustments and now I am growing

    Question: Is it ok to have a cheat meal during the day
    or does every meal have to be clean? I crave steak and
    ice cream when I train heavy.


  22. Juha says:


    This 65 year old is actually stronger than you.


    /sarcasm over =D

    Ps. Do check it out, made my day for sure, next to your updates to the blog today.

    • Juha says:

      Sorry, wrong link above:

      • Dan says:

        ahh….I was expecting something like him sitting down and doing 1-2 reps. ROM was a very small. But I gotta admit that this is very impressive for a 65yr old. How many people can push this much at that age? If he did go FOM while sitting down, the weight he would do would still be impressive. Goes to show, keep lifting them weights. Last week best week Kev.

  23. Roman says:

    Hey Kev, it may have been asked before so apologies but I gotta know…you rocking the hoodie bro, is that like a switch you turn on when you get serious? i watched all of your old training movies and certain times, you would be wearing the hoodie. Gotta love it!!!! Roman – from New Zealand.

  24. giv.ROMANIA says:

    You’re a strange and mysterious guy.Something bothering you,or you just acting?I believe Finger Man has a bad influence on you.Or is the crisis that affects USA ,too?I just kidding.Yours last videos depressed me.

  25. Savier says:

    Awesome Workout, Great intensity, great lifts. Solid. You’re looking huge man. Keep it up.

  26. Manuél says:

    Well, over here in Europe it’s already the 16th of July, 01:45 in the morning, so today I just want to congratulate you to your birthday!



    Just enjoy the day Bro, the best wishes for you and your family from over here!

  27. Trevor says:

    Kev man, thanks for everything! You are a class act!

    Q- What do u mean by “first transformation”…??? Could the next one have u getting ready for a show or something!!!????? That would be amazing bud!

  28. CYWAT says:

    I need a good coach, you’re free?
    fed, housed, in France, in the south, the sun, it tell you?


  29. norweigian says:

    You know what i liked the most from this session?. No?…i, tell…Kev started with telling us…this is it…with this FIRST transformation. Wow man, who`s next:-). Maybe this first transformation is like average well-trained man to big bodybuilder. And the next would be big bodybuilder from the average gym to pro standard. And maybe with som sugar on it. His proven what he can do all naturell with this NO. Now its time to separate the kids from the men. Run with the lions baby. Yeah…its Levronetime…and i will go with u bro:-)…lets dooooooo it!!

  30. Rodney says:

    Another great workout Kev. I can’t believe you did 925lbs for 20 reps. I did some sets like that last week but with half that weight. I am gonna catch you though, and when I do I am going to put a video up. However, when I catch you where you are at now, you will have already surpassed that and be doing 1500lbs for 20 (ha ha ha). Either way man, you are inspiring as hell. I gotta get me a hoodie, a regular sweatshirt just doesn’t give off the same air of badassness (don’t know if that’s a word but I am making it one). Take it easy big man.

  31. Goran says:

    Looking good!
    It looks like the lats have come up in the last week. Congrats Kevin! Very inspiring videos!

  32. doubler says:

    m3muscle.com = levrone country

  33. Rob says:

    AWESOME Kevin!!!

    I am still keen to see you hit those calves hard! You can never have big enough calves.

  34. Po says:

    Happy birthday Kevin, I hope my memory serves me right and I have the date right. Just know that you are more inspirational than ever by showing us your transformation. Maybe you can make it a 12 Week transformation? Anyway, much love from your peepz here in New Zealand

  35. William says:

    Happy Birthday:)
    You said “three more” but you did five, that’s how everyone suppose to train.. some people are to busy following their “program” so they don’t do that last rep.

  36. rob says:

    …of course, how could I forget – sorry kevin,

    Happy Birthday man!

  37. Rodney says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin! I hope it’s a great one! You should be proud of yourself on this birthday that you have done something amazing to share with the world. I hope everyone realizes how potentially important this transformation could be not just for you and for us, but for bodybuilding as a whole, and you are the one who did it! You are and will always be DA MAN!

  38. jake says:

    whats the song at 5:00?

  39. George says:

    kevin you were the guy who built the best body of the story to me, that impressive gains achieved in so little time, has the photos to see a great victory … continue. I am inspired by you!

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