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Shocking the muscles a little more on this fifth day of week eight, with a focus on arms. Today was supposed to be a day off, but I couldn’t fight the urge to get back in the gym and get a message out to you during these intense final days.

To everyone who’s inspired me with words of encouragement and personal stories on this blog…to everyone who has asked tough questions and taken my answers at face value…to every spotter, camera holder, nutritional advisor…to those of you who respect me and have faith in me on bodybuilding forums around the world. This blog is for you.

This transformation could not be happening without you. Let’s finish strong – the possibilities for all of us are endless if we stick together.

Traps :


315 lb x 6, 315 lb x 6, 405 lb x 6 reps


Straight bar curls:

4 sets of 135 lb x 6 reps

Hammer Curls:

50 lb x 6,  55 lb x 6, 60 lb x 6, 60 lb x 6 reps

Triceps :

Straight bar push downs:

5 sets of 200 lb x 20 reps , 1 set of 200 lb x 25 reps


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  1. Markus says:

    THIS ONCE FOR YOU BABY! yeahhhhhh

    • christoffer says:

      60 reps on 60lb hammer thats one h’ll of a set 😉 Greetings from sweden!! I would just like to say that you have inspired my training more than words can describe. I am very grateful of your blog and very impressed of your accomplishments so far. I would consider my self very lucky to exchange a couple of tips considering diet and supplements from you if or whenever you have the time. Go heavy, go far, don´t look back. Have a nice day! /C

  2. That’s some serious mass. Nice peak on the double biceps!

  3. Roman says:

    Awesome Kevin!!! watching your old tapes, the amount of weight you could shrug with i might add, perfect form was a sight to see!! bro, my hat is off to you. Much respect. Do you know if theres anyone at your gym following your blog? and also, are you going to give us a reflection report video on the last 8 weeks? all gravy Kev!! awesome.

    • Thanks man. Yes, I’ll be doing a full review of the eight weeks. But the blog and the journey does not end here.

      • andre says:

        Hey Kevin I am a big fan for years now…I was just wondering i am 265pnds-270pnds and would like to get cut up and ripped. What would you recommend as far as eating and workouts. Can you send me an email. I would be most grateful. Andrejr03@aol.com

  4. Martin says:

    I’m right there with you man, on every rep of every set! i know how you feel through every rep, i can see your urge to keep improving yourself evrytime you push that weight up, you have lightning coming through your eyes 🙂

    keep pushing hardcore style these last few days: i’m expecting great things from your week 8 picture!

  5. Demorak says:

    Looking great as usual…. Im guessing you are bit by the iron bug again and wont stop training anytime soon.

  6. Fordman65 says:

    Man you can tell from the progression of the vids you are enjoying getting big again. Inspiring man, no other way to put it. I know you’ve inspired me to push harder these last 8 weeks. I’ve seen jumps in strength and appearance. Not as dramatic as what you are acheiving, but still jumps that I might not have realized without the motivation you have provided.

  7. Savier says:

    Arms are looking unreal man. Keep it up. I hope you keep the workout videos coming after the 8 weeks. It has been inspiring. You looking amazing man.

  8. zubbeyboy says:

    Kevin…..Bravo!!! You are one cool dude.When you went into your little Rhyme i got goosebumps.I remember hearing that before you hit the stage….Awesome!!!! Already did back today.After seeing this i wanna go hit Shoulders.Thanks for fifin me up on a daily basis.

  9. Muscleup says:

    awsome kevin,just awsome…you have been i huge fuel to me of the last eight week, and i think without this ride you have takin us on…i would of gassed out baby.i hook up with a good friend of my 3 times a year,he was my trainer i piad back in 91-93, we became best of friends,he was a competitive bodybuilder winning the new englands as a teen and the new hampshire’s and Main muscle classic back in the day…but still train’s his ass off. we get together and train like rock star’s 3 time a year and we are very, very, competitive…we are bangin chest tomorrow and this thing you are doing has kept me pushin that steel like a animal, thanks bro. i’m bringing a diffrent package to the gym this time, instead of large and in charge 265 at 5’9″…i’m trying lean and me 235…got a feeling i’m gonna get smoked!!!i wont be bigger,but i’ll be better…i hope, i’ll let you know how it goes…thanks again

  10. Martin says:

    Yo Kev,

    just curious: lookin back at Olympia 92 you had the most freakiest legs i have seen on the Olympia stage: what did your leg routine look like back then?

  11. Teo says:

    Hey Kev, you done a very good job, unbelievable transformation, WILL YOU GET BACK ON STAGE??? we want to see you like in the old days.

  12. Brian says:

    Your a beast dude, I’d expect nothing less than what your results are.

    I quit lifting in 08 and dropped a whole lot of weight, I started lifting again 9 Days ago and I’m up 7 lean pounds (sitting around 10%). I’m hoping for 5 pounds a week for at least 3 weeks before I plateau. I’m taking pictures every week like you (thanks for the idea) and I’m debating on starting a blog on a forum.

    I’m at the gym every day twice a day and my days off are once a day. I’ll let ya know how next week goes. Thanks for the motivation brother.


    • Thanks Brian. Start that blog. Take it from me, the greatest reward is to put your gains to use to inspire others. Do you think I should create a forum on this site so that you and others can post your own transformations right here?

      • New Zealand says:

        Do the forum bro, I started lifting properly around early march 09 but still wasn’t getting anywhere as I was still new to all this then I happened onto your blog and my results have increased, I took a picture at the beginning of your blog and will take another at the end of our 8 week transformation to compare.

        All natural bro.


      • mark88ger says:

        I forum would be great. Much of your shared wisdom already gets lost, Kevin.

      • PhilB says:

        I don’t know about the forum thing but what I believe you could/should do is to have your own video show on bodybuilding.com. Your realisations in the bb world command deep respect and on top, you have great showmanship so you’d be able to reach and attract an even bigger fanbase. And if you happen to put some products on the market, bb.com would be a good move to promote them. Don’t shy from a business opportunity when it comes to you! I’ll be one of your first customers 😉

      • Brian says:

        Absolutely, If your serious I’ll hold off with starting it on another site.

        You also have my bid for a moderator if you want some help.

        eat big get big, lata dude

      • josh says:

        i think this is a great idea. i started lifting again after about 2 years off (7/17/09 is my 8 week mark). after a pretty crazy weekend in vegas i got it all out of my system and have been on the right track ever since. the right diet, plenty of sleep and dedication in the gym. up till about a week ago i have been struggling to find support and motivation (sometimes its tough when you lift alone) then BAM!! i stumbled onto the Levrone report and i have found the inspiration and motivation to push harder than ever before. just want to say thanks man

      • Juha says:

        Not sure about the forum to be honest, there are so many forums out there and what exactly would be the purpose of this one? Posting transformations is a good idea but then what?
        But hey, go for it if that´s what you and enough of the fans want. =)
        Personally I prefer the blog as it is.

      • koerperkult says:

        I think this forum would be a great thing because there would be a former professional willing to give adivse! in every forum around there are so many 120 pound experts that you never know if you can listen to there opinions:)

        greetings from germany

  13. RoB says:

    Kev looking good, do the Olympia please dude….

  14. jasper.gd says:

    looking and especially sounding very familiar 😉
    really enjoyed the vid, respect to you man!

  15. Penn says:

    Just droppin buy to say I’m amazed. Even if your genetics are twice as good as mine, I gotta recognize the transformation. You’ve made.

    Please think about doing the Mr. O this year. Even if you don’t win, you’ll be the favorite at that show and you’ll make a lot of people very happy and very inspired, yourself included.

    Hell, you come in looking like you did at the 2002 Olympia or at the 1999 English Grand Prix and you will win. Acting and Music will be something you can pursue all the way till your 80. But how soon till the window closes on getting the title of Mr. Olympia? Maybe that title doesn’t interest you anymore – winning the Arnold seems like a bigger deal than ever.

    Looking forward to your RX Muscle interview when it comes up.

    • kenbo213 says:

      Lol, the Arnold classic is the most lucrative show nowadays , at least there they literally judging the competitors, unlike the MR.O .

  16. Michael says:

    Massive motivation to watch ur videos!
    -Greetings from Denmark!:-)

  17. aryez says:

    hey mr hero,,2000 mr olympia great words you said..dont stop brother,

  18. PhilB says:

    Man, I envy your arms! Within few weeks you got that peak back on your biceps and even at rest your whole arms look massive with great definition! I do believe in muscle memory but I first and foremost believe in hard work and dedication. Muscle memory do not build muscle in and of itself. Keep it up!!

  19. Alex M says:

    You are without a doubt my favorite body builder of all time.

  20. max says:

    Is that a double pulley that you are doing triceps on i can’t tell, anyways i am wondering about the product you will be coming out with and when it will be available for purchase. Defiantly want to give it a shot and see if i can crank up the focus and intensity of my workouts.

    oh yeah and what did you end up choosing for the name

  21. felix83 says:

    Kevin, I have an idea for a next series of videos when your ready.

    How about you show us all how you get PEELED! Shredded! Paper thin! Anatomy chart lookin! It would be awesome!!!!


  22. Roger says:

    Thanks for sharing your ‘day off’ 🙂

  23. hector A says:



  24. troy says:

    good stuff kevin you realy pushed it to a whole new level this week! lets make these last few days count!!

  25. Nick C says:

    Kevin, I would definitely take this opportunity to create a forum if you want this thing to continue to blow up to epic proportions. Having a stable community around will help with the release of your product as well as future products if they come.

    Plus, you could alleviate the fears of those who think this whole thing is a ruse to advertise for the upcoming product by having a Q&A thread where you occasionally answer the questions fans have, just as you’ve been doing in these comments sections.
    It’d be more organized.

    If you eventually reach a point where your body and mind allow you to compete again, know that thousands will be cheering you on. It’d be one of the greatest occurrences for the sport in a long time. If not, THANK YOU for motivating all of us to train harder with this blog.


  26. Justin says:


    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve played this video before my workouts but damn such an inspiration.

    You saying that just made me post it i usually just read the comments.

    I’ve been following this the whole way through. Keep it up man.

  27. DOUBLER says:


  28. Kenny says:

    Happy birthday kevin, that 2000 Mr olympia was your’s for the taking, and that speech will forever live .

  29. xenos says:



  30. sam4ever says:

    Keep it up man, you showing results week after week.

  31. Lloyd says:

    Amazing discipline Kevin.
    Only through it, are goals and dreams met.
    The only thing that really shows.

    Much respect Kev.
    Thank you.

  32. norweigian says:

    Thats a proof. You had to go to the gym because of us. This new technologi is bringing us all together and all our fan-entusiasm shoots into your body, Kevin, and you feel its time for a serious armsworkout, even if its on restday.
    The sky is the limmit here and all of us will support you until death do as apart or the Internet brakes:-)

    But until then…well, if you ask me i think its Green-time, The man poses like an ape and we can beat this guy together, bro…lets dooooo it!
    I wonder what Charles would say if Kevin once again nailed his puppy:-)

    All the best from Norway..

  33. Jason D says:

    happy bday kev!!!

  34. Juha says:

    Man, you look really great and like I said already a couple of days ago – it clearly shows that you enjoy the whole experience of both the blog and transformation/lifting. And those arms – they´re massive!

    Thanks for sharing all this with your fans buddy and for taking such an honest an open approach to all of this.


  35. Scott W says:

    Thanks for all the knowledge and dedication youve put into this blog. Mad respect Kev, mad respect.

  36. Robi says:

    hey man,

    is a comeback planned, to get a wildcard for olympia 2009, say the truth ;P
    and you write in beginning of the 8 weeks, that you would say something about negatives


    greetings from germany with bad english lol

  37. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Yet another great video…loads of focus and calm…great to see!

    Other than th ephysical changes has this blog changed anything else for you?

    Quote of the day ‘lifes easy when your the big guy!’



  38. maciek - poland says:


    I have to tell my story.
    Years ago I was sick on depression – believe me – this is horrible to be every day hopeless, lifeless. Then I step by step have tried to be “normal”. It is proven, that depression is chronic disease, and probably I will never be 100% healthy. But today I feel great. Why?
    This year in April I’ve decided to go to a gym. Few weeks after I have discovered this blog.
    What I’m gonna to tell You, bro it’s wordless (especially in my english), but You have such a big charisma, watching your transformation is pure pleasure, going to gym is more and more looked forward.
    I hope someday I will have opportunity to shake Your hand.

    “… this once for you baby…”

    Thanks for everything
    Maciek from Poland

    • Glad you’re on the rise, maciek. Honored that you think I had something to do with it, but it’s mostly you. Sharing your story will inspire others. Keep going to the gym. Anybody out there who’s down or chronically depressed, check out maciek. He’s proof that working out helps. My mood’s improved, too, in the past eight weeks. Thanks maciek, this blog’s for you.

      • sam4ever says:

        Working out is the best medicine if you are depressed or stressed out. I was 280 lbs back in 2006. Didn’t workout, ate crap, smoked a lot and was depressing. Jan 2007 I started hitting the gym but I was really serious on Nov 2007. I LIVED in the gym. Took me 1 yr to get down to 190 lbs then from Jan 2008 till now, I am just trying to build muscle. Now I am at 190 lbs still but totally different guy. I created my own blog too Kevin, had to lol. I write down everything I do at the gym and I’ll see how it goes.

      • Maciek says:

        Thanks for time and words!
        It means a lot to me!
        Now I have to do some workout!

  39. Tom says:

    Inspiring as always, keep it up!

  40. Jason D says:

    Good job kev!! keep it up! God bless u brother!

  41. Michel R says:

    Been a great journey so far, up to the next challenge hehe… In my view, not necessarily competitive bodybuilding again. U been there, done that, no need to go back there…

    Like I already mentioned, u have a potentially very successful product in your hands. This blog and the community around it, could get far, also businesswise on your behalf. I’m thinking about a forum (u giving hints for that already, very nice), an online store and why not start a section with fan transformations. I see many guys here following ya footsteps and transforming themselves. Why not put that out and let this community fuel their efforts, just like it did yours. The potential of this could be enormous.

    Wrt status week eight… Mindblowing, man… ow, and now u need to do a new hollywood handymen video again, with Dino… muhaha… ‘If you looooooose… U wear em home!’ Muhahaha Great stuff, bro!

    • Thanks for the tips Michael. I’m aware of the potential. I’m having so much fun keeping it real and I want to avoid going full-blown corporate on everyone. Having said that, if you want something and I’m in a position to give it to you, I will do my best to provide it.

      • Michel R says:

        Well, I’m sure there are many fans/friends in here that would proudly wear a Levrone transformation s t-shirt, in the gym and outside of it. Many of us are proud to be a part of the transformation and we would like to show it too. If you set up an online store, be sure to keep that in mind… So start thinking about a good oneliner… ‘Levrone report.com what else?’ or something of the sort, hehe… Why not make a new ‘contest’ to creat good oneliners for on thes shirts, which we could afterwards buy from you :-)…

        Wrt the Levrone formula, when it’s out I would like to buy some too, like many of us again, ehhe. The only thing that might be difficult is the fact that I, amongst others, live outside the States and I’ve ordered supplements (Proteinpowder and creatine,which is much cheaper in the states) in the past and it never got to me. Somehow customs over here dont like powders and stuff… I hope you plan on releaseing ya product on a global scale, with local suppliers. It will make it more complicated for you to start up, but folks will be able to buy it in stores in their region and avoid any potential hassle/confiscation with/by customs. Greetz, Michel

  42. CYWAT says:

    motivation , inspiration , construction !!!:


    i like it

  43. Maydie says:

    Before you made this blog i only went to the gym when i wanted to, and saw no big improvement in my body.
    But when i accidently saw a video of your transformation it made me think about me and my workout.
    Now i train very hard 4 or 5 times a week and thats only because of you, you were my inspiration and i watch so many videos from mike tyson or a compilation of you.
    You were my motivation and i will never stop
    It would be my dram to see you one time on stage here in Germany
    Thank you Kevin from Germany!

  44. Mike (New Jersey) says:

    OHHHHH YEAHHHHHHH!!! Kevin man I am psyched!!! My routine is in full swing and I am feeling like an animal!! I love this stuff!!!! Thanks for the inspiration and information!!!

  45. Roman says:

    I gotta be honest, i was never a fan of yours when i started bodybuilding 9 years ago. Ive always been a Ronnie Coleman supporter but i have to tell you bro, I am now, an allout Levrone fan and the thing is, its because of this blog. Ive had your old training videos (i got many others) but never really watched em…now, im watching em, checking clips out on youtube and following your blog. True inspiration because now, most of us can identify with you, we know you’re real..not that you werent before but real in the sense that you’re no longer this bodybuilding icon, you’re more in tune with us everyday lifters with a goal to create a powerful physique. Myself like all of us here, look forward to your video reflection of the last 8 weeks and the next transformation…we’ll be right here supporting you and in return, you inspire us.


    • Roman, that means a lot to me. I’m glad what I’m doing is resonating with you. Just keeping it real, trying to get in shape.

    • Rodney says:

      Kevin will always be a bodybuilding icon. It doesn’t matter if he walks around at 250lbs ripped to the bone, winning contests, or not. Kevin’s mindset and accomplishments make him that icon. However, I get your point in that he is no longer competing (for the time being :)) and that makes him more accessible to regular people with “regular” genetics. Either way, I think that the Kevin we are seeing now has always Kevin (if you get my meaning). He hasn’t changed who he is or was just to put up this blog, we are just getting a different look at the same man. Bodybuilding aside, Kevin is just a man, a very, very, VERY big man; but a man none the less. Plus, since he has done this transformation drug free, that allows us to identify with him even more. No doubt though, Kevin is always an icon and probably the greatest genetically gifted bodybuilder of all time.

  46. William says:

    Haha i laughed i little.. about you using that old frase 😉

    How do you feel about your own progress?
    I think it is inzane, amazing, crazy .. yeah theres many words for it ;D

    William from Sweden

  47. Tarvi says:

    You are many fans 🙂

  48. Daniel says:

    Kev you should keep going and WIN the Arnold again, then go on to the O in 2010 😀

  49. Eric Holmes says:

    “This ones for you, baby.” Definitley sent chills down my spine. Lookin damn good Kevin, keep it coming. This is by far the best blog on the internet. You are the man!

    Oh yea and happy belated birthday!!!

  50. pierce says:

    Kev are you still going to posting videos on you progress after the 8 weeks ? Man i lovin the Levrone report . I have a new focus in the gym .

    • Yes, the videos, the blog, the progress, it all continues. I’m just not sure where I want to go in terms of progress. I’m thinking maybe a series on getting ripped and shredded is in order.

      • DeeMan says:

        I think that would be awesome! Im in the process of cutting right now so it would be really nice to see how its done properly by a pro.
        I like the idea of seeing what your diet is like on a cutting cycle too. Im still trying to get my macros straight myself.
        Hows the product coming along and when can we maybe expect it to come out Im very eager to try it out.

      • SammieSam says:

        i’d like to see the shredding phase as well. im just wondering if u do the same type of exercises or do mostly superset workouts

      • norweigian says:

        No man, there`s only one way. And i think the other fans agree. Thats full blown. Think BIG. Come on, man, you can do it….Sly was 62 in his last Rambo…the best is yet to come

    • Markus says:

      i also love the levrone report, i have also a new focus in the gym!

      YEAHHHHHHHHH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!

      NEVER GIVE UP KEVIN! you are the ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. Kito says:

    Kevin it was and it is a honor to go along with you.
    Thank you very much for your little come back.
    I love that sentence from you at your Traps and Arms video. I became a fan as i heared it the first time for around 2-3 years.

    thx for all you did for me(us)
    These responds are for you baby 🙂

  52. Leep says:

    Good luck with LEVRONE FORMULA and everything you decide to do in the future.
    I didn’t say so before in my previous posts but FWIW you have always been an inspiration to me and your physique, to me, represented Bodybuilding at it’s best. Personally I think it was always a travesty that you didn’t get the Mr Olympia. Even though Dorian is a fellow brit, I still think you had him beat on several occassions.

    Sincerely, I wish you every success and good luck for you, whatever you choose to pursue.
    Best regards, Lee Patterson

  53. GoldeN says:

    This one goes out to you Kev

    Foo Fighters – My hero

    Too alarming now to talk about
    take your pictures down and shake it out
    truth or consequence say it aloud
    use that evidence race it around

    There goes my hero
    watch him as he goes

  54. Gabriel25 says:

    thank’s for sharing this with everybody man, watching u work out is really an inspiration for all of us, sometimes i feel like not going to the gym but then i come to the computer and watch u in this videos and it pumps me up to get up and go to the gym cause in the video looks like U having the time of u’r life, also when i’m about to eat some grease fast food it reminds me of the effort i put to work out and how U changin u’r body in 8 weeks so i don’t buy that kind of food , thank’s for everything Kevin, u changed my outlook in life brother.

  55. kevin says:


    just short question!
    what is your personal Flat Bench Press record ?
    Just curious you know …


  56. Maydie says:

    You are my best Motivation everytime i watch your videos i want to run to the gym and pump my body up

  57. Eric Holmes says:

    Whats up Kev… I’m not sure if you discussed this earlier, but what was your original motivation to start training/bodybuilding? Who did you look up to the most?

    Did legs today. You pushed me through the whole workout. I hope you keep bringin’ the videos!! Loved bein along for the ride. Thanks for impacting my life and many others bro


  58. Dave says:

    How about some measurements Kev? Great transformation. I hope this is only the beginning though.

  59. Mark says:

    Massive respect from the UK love the vids!!!

    Just one thing do more of them

  60. gpaasche says:

    Great stuff! Would be interesting to see back and legs too.. And more info about your nutrition. Because that is the hardest part for me.

  61. Jeremy says:

    Hey Kev,

    SO glad you are not finishing here. The mindset is right, now lets push on to greatness! Keep going man, I have gained a lot in the last few weeks because of your inspiration, By the way, the calm powerful feeling, it works man, it works! I didn’t feel rushed just 100% focused.


  62. Arseniy says:

    And again good full blown workout Kev =) Nice, pretty nice bro =)

    I’m also as Jeremy very glad, that ur 8 week transformation is not the end of this blog, and ur reports, that means a lot, for all of us! That’s great, that all simple guys, like me, can communicate wz u, discuss ur transformation, different ideas, etc. That’s really great Kev, thx for that =)

    The idea bout creating a forum, where we can discuss our transformating, and talking on other themes – is very,very good, I like it =)

    Oh, yeah! As Roman I’ve had ur training vids, ur films (ive had a lot of bb vids >__<). So, ur 1st film "fullblown" – inspiration for me. In this vid u training wz Scott, and, my most favorite moment in this film, is the moment where u doing legs press, and Scott talking to u "yea baby, dont stop dont stop yea come on, do it come on, do it clean baby come on… come on Kevin, good, good, good, dont stop! Lets go, come on! Come on Kevin Lets go!" – such training, with a good partner who isnpiring u, while u doing hardcore sets – that's just great, and I think, that everyone must have a good partner for supporting. That makes u strong, inspiring, forces for more intense.

    Heh, maybe in future, when ill go to usa, we could training together sometimes 😎

  63. Josef Jonsson says:

    Hey kevin, when you get sick and need to stay home, what do you do on those days? I get sick pretty often…to bad, but i eat very good and have been workin out in a diffrent way when i saw your blogg, hill climbing, high reps on everything, lighter weights, squeeze some muscles etc, been getin results direct!…Thanx man for some new ideas!

  64. Derek Russell says:

    Bro your shoulder to arm ration looks disgusting man wow!!! SOLID transformation brotha, keep it up, “this one’s for you baby” just motivated me to be the MMAAAANN at the gym today!!! WOooooHHHH!!! Keep it up man your a role model we’ll never forget!

  65. Goran says:

    Happy birthday Kevin!

    This was great 8 weeks and I had a lot of fun watching you. Congratulations on succeeding with this transformation and creating such a strong and positive platform for everyone. I am sure you will do many more great things in the future. The definition idea is pretty good but make sure you do that when you reach all your set goals mass wise. You already look terrific.

    One the other topic, when do you think your product will be ready for sale? There are so many good ways for you to continue to inspire others while making a high quality life for yourself that I have no doubt that whatever you choose to do next will be amazing.

    You are a person with true intention and passion for life. You are one of the very few who have deep understanding of human physical and spiritual/energetic connection and you use your positive energy and passion for life in the best way – to inspire others while doing something you believe in and enjoy in. I congratulate you for being you and for helping others in such a humble way to believe in them selves and never lose faith in achieving their true potential…

    All the best,


  66. Pieter, South Africa says:

    Hi Kevin,

    First of all thank you for all the inspiration. you have trully touched my family especially my 2 year old son who sits with me at night when i watch your progress and of course all your videos. i am going for my first competition next year. still bulking strong. I got my dad’s genetics who placed 3rd for Mr South Africa when he was 22. i understand there is still alot room for improvement but with your help and transformation this is really helping alot.

    you have done great and still do and please never stop because just when you even have little thought about stopping or feeling down always remember that there is 1000’s of people out there that is praising your work and admires you in all ways. you have a heart of Gold and thank you for being the person you are.

    Anyways have a great day and chat to ya soon.

    Pieter, South Africa

  67. Spacemarine says:

    hey, maybe stupid question
    but when exactly was Kevin born?
    wikipedia says 1968,musclememory.com says 1965 and on another bb-site i read 1966…would be nice to know whats right now. Maybe Kevin himself can tell us? O_o

  68. DOZER says:

    kevin ur insane u did wut u did wooooow i tried 2 follow ur foot steps and leg press 9 plats ech and its been 9 monhts didnt do any workout cuz of motor cycles injury and now im on wheel chair comment in ur blog lol

  69. robbie says:

    hi kevin i want to appolige.in your Q and A i asked you if you drink alcohol.i did not in anyway try to promote alcohol.kevin i appreciate what you are doing and i hope you keep up the hard work you have put in so far.you look great and have so much determination.


  70. Markus says:

    kevin, show us what is possible! show what you are born! it is your sport! you are the nr 1!

  71. Will says:

    Once again you inspire me to do better and better in the gym, thanks Kev, please keep up the exceptional work, you are a true inspiration.

  72. notta says:

    Perfect shrug form Kev. For the life of me I can’t do shrugs without bending my arms. What I mean is my arms seem to always want to do the work.

  73. jace-uk says:

    loved the little speech toward the end before the bar curls,awsome print it up!

  74. Mario says:

    Hey Kevin, I can’t see this one, It has country restrictions!! :S
    Can you emmend that please?

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