Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Chest/Shoulder • LevroneReport.com

Here’s Friday’s workout. A really solid chest and shoulder program.

I’m in a good place, physically, as we near the end of this transformation, and in a good place overall, mentally. It’s been helpful to have your presence in the gym with me as you watch at home. I hope you feel my presence in your gym, too, and I hope it helps you as much as your presence helps me.

In the next few days you can expect a proper wrap-up of this first transformation. The week will be a look back at the gains, a review of what we learned and a chance to plan the next chapter. As I mentioned in the comments, I’m leaning toward a “definition” transformation.

I’ll update the look of the blog and add a forum feature so we can take the conversation to the next level and make information easier to navigate. I’m going to keep it free and simple.

I’m going to be sending out the Levrone Insider, the first edition of the newsletter, and it will contain info about diet and nutrition that relates to this past transformation. If you have not signed up for the newsletter, please do it now. This edition of the newsletter will only go out once and will not be published on the site.

What an incredible, life-changing eight weeks. Let’s keep it going guys.

– Kevin, out.

Chest :

Flat Bench:

135 lb x 6, 225 lb x 6, 275 lb x 6, 315 lb x 7 reps

Incline Chest :

225 lb x 3 sets of 6, 225 lb x 11, 315 lb x 4  reps

Machine Flys : 150 lb x 12, 160 lb x 12, 180 lb x 12, 190 lb x 12, 200 lb x 12 reps


Front Dumbell Raises:

40 lb x 8, 50 lb x 8, 55 lb x 8, 50 lb x 8 reps

Seated Lateral Raises:

4 sets 30 lb X 12 reps

Dumbell Shoulder Press :

3 sets of 60 lb x 8 Reps, 100 lb x 5 reps


96 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Week 8, Chest/Shoulder • LevroneReport.com

  1. sam4ever says:

    Good job Kev!

  2. Blade says:

    Great idea about the forum, make it happen!

    I’m really exited about the definition transformation. That’s less straightforward to me than “just” adding muscle.

    And yes, your presence really helps. I’m more focused than ever, and that’s after doing this for 17 years!

  3. wojtaz says:

    Hi Kevin

    Just a word, that what You doing for all of us,Im mean sharing Yours amazing knowledge is unbelieveable,Im supporting You from years and will be very satisfy seeing You on the stage again.

    go for it!!!

  4. magnus says:

    you are the man
    I love to see people train as I do.
    I have been training since August and have lost 33cm around the waist
    and has gone from 350 lb to 880 lb of leg press.
    but my weight has not reduced, remains at 265lb
    but I must say that your blog came at the right time, when I start to become most tired.
    then came you and motivated me.
    I do not know quite what I am trying to say, but thanks to all those who are training hard.

    ps kevin you seem to be a nicer person now.
    I have seen your old videos and you wanted to be so cool all the time.
    but now seems to be more relaxed.

  5. Twin_Master says:

    A forum, great idea kev, we’ll go learn a lot! 😉

    I subscribed your newsletter from the first day that i visit your blog, i can’t wait to read them.

    And of course that you are a inspiration for us, you are a champ that are sharing your new routine with us and that is amazing.

  6. notta says:

    Agreed. Pumped to see a definition transformation. Keep it up Kev.

  7. STE says:

    great work again cant wait for the next transformation.

  8. Martin says:

    haha, today’s spotter better check out Levronster’s vid from the bfto 2002, where Kevin is demonstrating spotting Shawn Ray in the dumbell inclines. He specifically explains to support the lifter from underneath his elbows, and not to wrap your hands around the wrists of the lifter……

    • Tuncay says:

      correctly,This Spotter Guy is an Idiot.

      • DeeMan says:

        Yah, that spotter was not very choice for sure, but I guess you gotta deal with it sometimes. If I had the chance to spot for Kevin I would definitely make sure I was doing it correctly.

  9. kenbo213 says:

    Jesus kev, your muscle incesions are showing near the front delt/bi. Amazing. Exactly, how many pounds are you going to drop in order to achieve this ripped physique …or are you literally going to pack on more muscle and then just drop down?

    • DeeMan says:

      Im sure Kevin can shred without loosing a whole lot of mass. The way his genetics are he can probably recomp his fat directly into muscle and not loose any mass, LOL!

  10. Maciek says:

    “.. 315 in da house, yeah, baby…” – You’re in did in very good mood.
    Last time I’ve wrote about my goal to lift 225 lb x 6. I have reached 5 x 225 lb incline chest, so now I have to do this 6 times.

  11. Muscleup says:

    kevin, answer me this one thing…after every time i stop training or take a break, burnout, take 3 or 4 months or even a year off…i start back up, and after i get through the joint/tendon soreness, i feel so dam good and i go why and the hell did i ever stop. i feel like i’m so much of a better person, mind-body-and sole… and yet, i’ll do it again…do you ever ask yourself, why did i ever stop? or did you just need the break bro?

    • zubbeyboy says:


      Good post.I can totally relate.On week 8 myself with a 2 year absence.WOW i feel good!!! Muscle memory is a wonderful thing.NO ONE can take that away from us. Gonna do The Emerald Cup in Washington next April.Thanks for the motivation Kevin!!!

    • Do I ask myself why I ever stopped? Yes and no. I don’t have regrets about taking time off in terms of mass or in terms of being big. However, I can’t deny feeling the overall benefits of intense exercise for mood and well-being, and I believe that vigorous workouts as opposed to easy maintenance workouts are the way to go for improved mood and well-being. It helps me be the best person I can be, and that has an effect on the people around me, too.

      • Tony says:

        Damn Right! Man I’ve been so pumped to lift hard and heavy lately that I drove an hour one way Saturday 11pm just for a workout. That’s the second time I’ve spent Saturday night lifting. It’s like someone else is controling my body, man it’s some cool stuff.

      • . says:

        Great workout. Good poundage for you since you came back. Many of us want you to stimulate not annihilate. Lee Haney used to say that. As you know the body is strong now, but can start to tear down inside and we dont know it until we have a tear. Then again, you have the genetics for this unlike many of us. I just want to see you keep going and stay injury free. I’m sure you are listening to your body and know whats best for it. keep it up.

  12. Peet says:


    100 lbs on the shoulder press is out of control man. I wanna grow up to be just like you.


  13. Gerrit says:


    Hey Kev!
    Please have a look at this great Animation of your end of the week photos.You can realy see the effect of each week properly,because they changed every photo to the same size.
    This should not be an advertise for the website or something.I just thought you could be interested.
    regards from Germany
    keep going….

  14. AndrewBp says:

    Superstar Kevin starts to build MUSCLE NOW :DDD

    amazing workout and concentration, unbeliveable humble to the iron

    BANG !!!

  15. Jimmy says:

    Sweden here…

    “I’m going to be sending out the Levrone Insider, the first edition of the newsletter, and it will contain info about diet and nutrition that relates to this past transformation.”

    And I´m so all in for these upcoming events so it´s hard to describe in words.

    Really good job, nice and thoughtful of you Kevin to also invest in your fans, like you do with this blog and all of those meaningful details around it.
    It brings so much joy to me, and certainly to many others as well.

    /Jimmy, Sweden

  16. Jeremy says:

    Hey Kevin,

    You are a true inspiration and it means so much to share what you are doing and going through. A forum is a great idea. I can tell that it has changed you for the better. I will back anything you do brother.

    P.S. I was diagnosed anorexic in Jan.09 this year. I had to work myself out of it and I did it by doing weights. You have truely inspired me man and I have gone from a measly 9stone to 11.5stone in 4 months. You have given me hope man and I just want to say thanks!


    • Keep doing what you have to do to stay healthy, and thanks for posting about your diagnosis and challenges. It gives hope to others with challenges – feel free to post details about your ordeal and I’ll post it. We’re all here to support you. That’s quite a transformation you underwent, keep following this blog and I’ll do my part to help you stay on track.

  17. John M.123 says:

    Great workout! Looking big 🙂

  18. MEl says:

    Kevin, man Im simply amazed at what you’ve done in these past weeks. I know your body and muscle has memory and once was big enough to allow you to gain a large amount of your old size back but the drive and the focus you have is like something i haven’t seen in a long while. Just like all the others on this site your an inspiration to me. My bodybuilding career was basically over due to having to take time off in order for me and my wife to have a bay. I’ve been out of competitive bodybuilding for two years this month. I have never stopped training just went clean to accomplish something else. My last show was at the USA championships two,Julys ago, and in my mind and heart I was pretty much done. After following you on M3 and here Im back! Thanks brother for helping me to find the fire and the faith in my self again hopefully I will be back on stage by December and back at a pro qualifier again before the next year is up. Thanks again bro for the inspiration, you just put a little more life back into a BB career. Mel ( Sinister M3)

    • Being receptive to the influence and inspiration of others is probably part of what makes you a winner to begin with, MEI. So it’s all you, baby. I’m honored to have you follow me, good luck with the baby and getting back on stage.

  19. Heiðar says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Love your videos and the whole transformation, great motivation!

    I have a quick question, why don’t you include exercises like Deadlifts and/or Rack pulls in your back day? You seem like the kinda guy who’d love those heavy movements 🙂


    Heiðar, Iceland

    P.S. looking forward to more good stuff from you!

  20. felix83 says:

    Lookin great Kevin! Lifts are big, your lookin nice and tanned and healthy. Youve got a real glow about you…Keep it up! Let us know when your ready to get shredded, no rush though of course 😉


  21. Michel R says:

    Amen to the words, brother… And thx for the inspiration… We got your back and we got ours…

    • Michel R says:

      We got your back and you ours…. Messing up my lines again… Too much caffeïne I guess, ehhee..

      • PhilB says:


      • Juha says:

        LMAO It´s time to quit the Red Bulls and coffee =D

      • DeeMan says:

        Ah red bulls. Im bad about drinking energy drinks, especially the little monster hit man shots. Its worse than drugs, LOL! I wonder if Kevin drinks any of these types of drinks or shots?

      • Michel R says:

        Hehehe, you guys got me :)…

        I use a energydrink twenty minutes before hitting the gym and I have to admit that it gives a good boost..

  22. vasyl says:

    Let’s do this champ, ready for the sandow!
    We are all out!

  23. jasko89 says:

    finally we get the newsletter, I can’t wait anymore 😀

    but you’re doing a great job man, it’s good to see you train, from the first day a great motivation, thanks Maryland Muscle Machine 😉

    Keep up the good work!!

  24. cm185045 says:

    Wow!!! Really awesome workout. Great job. I’m totally impressed. Keep on doing this intensity.

    And belatet best wishes to your birthday.

  25. Mark says:

    Looking stronger! gonna watch this again before my chest and tricep workout tomoz,not gonna be the same weight but hey! im just getting started

  26. Les Mills on da Terrace says:

    Looking forward to the cut bro, keep it up man.

  27. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Looking good in week 8…shame its nearly over…!

    Excited about the new transformation to start and for The levrONE formula…!

    Cheers for doing this, I hope you realise how much impact you have had on thousands of people around the world- your an inspiration!

    Out…Flex and Squeeze BABY!

    Mike (UK)

  28. Callesteve says:

    Great job Kevin. 315 again, it looks right seeing you lift that kind of weight again. It’s like old times again.

    How do you feel after pushing that kind of weight again? Recovery has got to be extended following that kind of intensity.


  29. Dominick says:

    Kevin, I just want to thank you on the motivation you have given me! I used to watch your old videos over and over on training days to me going. Now in November, at 16 years old ill be taking the teen class and competing in mens open to see how I do. Thanks again kevin!!!!

  30. max says:

    I seriously think a 12 week getting shredded transformation would awesome! Maybe talk about what you do to make the food actually tasty when on a diet and how you feel on training days. Show us ways to do cardio that isn’t boring and also how training changes such as faster workouts not really lighter weights, etc.

    By the way you look amazing you honestly look like 270 pounds in that shirt im in awww!

  31. Savier says:

    Awesome workout kevin, Great intensity. I loved the whole thing 315 bench, 100lb shoulder press just incredible. Keep it up man. You’re motivating the hell outta everyone! thanks.

  32. PhilB says:

    Kevin, for the last few years, and especially with your current transformation process, you put a lot of emphasis on positive mental attitude, personal development kind of things, etc. Is it something that you started to practice when you were pro or after you left competition? I ask because it appears to me as if there was a shift in your mindset in recent years, compared to the one you projected in your M3 videos and earlier. What/which author helped you shift gears?

  33. Juha says:


    Your looking great not only regarding the muscle you put on but you also look really healthy and happy. You appear to be focused but at ease and as if you just enjoy life a great deal right now. I admire people like you who are good at what they do and achieve great success but are also humble and open minded.

    Enjoyed watching the bench, The 315 must´ve felt good and I´ve got to say that your form is great. It looks so easy and…well, perfect.

    • Juha says:

      Forgot to add that I think the “get shredded phase” is a great idea for the next level of your transformation. I know some fans just want to see you grow really big and then go to the Olympia. I say do what you wanna do, I´m really excited about the getting shredded phase though.

  34. Alex M says:

    Reppin’ out 315 and 100’s on shoulder press. Awesome, man. Can’t wait to see what’s new the newsletter.

  35. Adam says:

    KEVIN! I’d like to see you get back to the size of old before ripping up. Of course, you are famous for being able to pull of both at the same time.

  36. peterlevroney says:

    hello kevin this’s the first time to talk to you i’d like to tell you sumthin abt the raw food that finger man eats this food would make the bactria lives in the stomach and it would eat what you are eating so there will be no gains the science says so please man take care of yourslef and follow your old deit i luv that u like to learn and i feel 100% postive that you would compete this year and beileve me the judges always says where’s the old heros kevin levrone-dorian yates-lee haney and alot and alot all of them is done with bb but you r an exception i never felt you r more than 29 years old keep going kev becuz god luv you and put you in that level for me and others and of course childeren ………my best wishes

  37. Julian says:

    It’s amazing how you push yourself in every workout. And it’s great that you share all your knowledge with us. Thanks alot for your Videos, I enjoyed each of it.

    Best wishes form Germany, Julian.

  38. dalgriff says:


    You’re a true inspiration for all of us bro.

    I’ve been working more on my muscle-mind connection and have been making better gains since then.
    Good luck with everything bro, you are one the best ever.

    Happy Belated bday!

    Dan C

  39. FABIO says:

    Kev you are gettin a nice pump,
    great work baby
    you have my support bro.

  40. FABIO says:

    Kevin why don’t you do deadlift for back
    and front squat for quads:)
    I would like to see you do this exercise bro.

  41. alberto says:

    hey guys, hey kev
    wow, very good to see you again
    have just one question 🙂 where can i sign up for the newsletter ?

  42. Rodney says:

    Oh Damn! Once 315lbs benches come into play for reps, then comes some serious muscle growth. Kevin, this is just the beginning. Way to go BIG KEV!

  43. norweigian says:

    This has been a great journey so far. All the best and thanks.
    But im a bit dissaponted on the next direction. Beeing more ripped, loosing weigth, turning weaker.
    There are lots of skinny ripped guys. Thats the most simple think, just burning more than you eat. May as well spend some time at the fingerman neighbourhood from now on.
    Come on, man, you blended me with freakiness. Thats why im your lifelong fan. But i understand, i guess “fiting in” as a big bodybuilder now may be more difficult than it was 10 years ago. I dont know what goes on in your personal life, I`d never really cared to google it out actually. So i guess you know best and i really wants whats best for you cause you have given me so much beeing my big hero when i joined this best sport in the world. Bodybuilding gave me everything, cool friends, a kind and hot woman and personal qualifications to get a very nice job-possition.
    Anyway, no im off to spending some time with my gf`s parents in the north of Norway. City of “Mo i Rana”…what never heard of it????..strange…see you guys next friday, i think…No training, no raw-eggseating, just smiling along with the teaparty for 5 days…Bai..so please help me God.

    • Roger says:

      A lot of my family is from Mo i Rana, Straumen to be precise.

      Enjoy. Hope the teacups are heavy.

    • Juha says:

      I know a couple of guys from Mo i Rana.

    • Martin says:

      haha, part of the fun with checking out this blog each time, is to see what the Norweigian dude has to say this time around 🙂
      you always say things straight out. i don’t know if you actually have genes from the north of Norway yourself, or if it’s only your gf’s family that is from the north, but you certainly act like one,haha.

      your holiday with teapartys 24/7 sounds like hell man, i feel for you, and that’s from the heart!
      personally, i’m going to Brazil with my Buddies, Yeeah Buddy! just thought i would rub it in 🙂

  44. Mikael says:

    Hi there Kev,

    happy b-day in arrears ! 🙂

    I see that you have got a nice complete tan now also except the muscle volume, it looks very good.

    Best regards
    Mikael – From Sweden

  45. Tony says:

    Can’t wait to see your final stats from the eight weeks ie. body weight/fat%. Thanks

  46. Roger says:

    As Tony said, can’t wait for the conclusion of these 8 weeks. It’s been one hell of a ride following you and I have a feeling this is just the beginning.

    Looking forward to see what this site turns out to be. Please don’t rush it and make sure you get good people to help with the design of the forum and blog etc.

    Looking good!

  47. Chad says:

    Came across this and had to post it. What other pro would do this for their fans?

    Great work!!

  48. DOUBLER says:

    where got that spotter from !!!!! you need get back to east coast where your boys are and stop playing around because it time for fullblown !!!!!

  49. DOUBLER says:

    and one more thing m3muscle in da house !!!!!

  50. Stanford from holland says:


    bit late but didnt know.

    Still a happy b-day and many more years to come my friend.

    Greets from your dutch pal Stanford

  51. fromRussia says:

    excellent results, Kevin!

  52. Clubfighter says:

    You are great Kevin, greetings form Germany – Clubfighter, out!!!

  53. xpreS says:

    Hello Kevin,
    i have some problems to develop my chest. I dont know how i can increase weights. My limit is 225 lbs flat bench press. I hear that you always have to increse the weights you use, but how if my limit ist 225 lbs for 6 reps.
    Are there tipps you could give me??
    thank you!!!

  54. Gebriel says:

    Happy Birthday To YOU!!!!!!
    Never give up, we always with you

  55. CYWAT says:

    a forum ? yep , big up , bro !

    kevin you are a great man !

  56. Michail says:

    Hello, Kevin! I have only one question. Please, answer me. Why you do not do the deadlift? Thank you.

    Best regards from Russia!

  57. Rik says:

    hey kev, i know youre a very busy man and may not get a chance to read this for a while, i just wanted to say how inspired i am from your transformation. im 18 and have been a fan of pro bodybuilding for a few years now, and youre my favourite of all time.

    everything youre doing is encouraging me to really push myself and hit through plateaus in terms of bodybuilding and strength. for this, i thank you man.

    your goals and decisions for the future are your own, everybody respects that, but an olympia comeback would be unreal. best of luck for the future bro.

    • Thanks for your words, there’s so many greats in bodybuilding, it’s nice to hear that I’m your favorite of all time. Hopefully I can help you get through some definition plateaus in the next transformation.

  58. SanDiegoJoel says:


    The Olympia is coming up. Are you attending and are you going to be at the expo representing any company? Are you a Weider athlete still? Doing you plan on having your own booth and representing yourself and this transformation? I think it would be great for you to showcase yourself and meet with your fans that have followed you along your journey. Never give up! Thanks for the experience.

    • Kevin Levrone says:

      I’m not representing any other companies right now, I’m completely independent and I intend to keep it that way. Of course I’ll keep you posted on any events I’ll be attending.

  59. Thomas says:

    I dont think you realise just how much you inspire people all over! I had more or less counted myself out from this years competitions due to some injuries. You have inspired me so much that I have just changed what needed to be changed in my training to be able to work around my injuries and am feeling pumped about dieting again!

    Again, you are a true inspiration! My all time favourite BB and the most complete BodyBuilder ever to walk on stage.

    Thomas Bergqvist

  60. Rodrigo says:

    Colombia present. Many people are following you here in my country. You’re being a source of inspiration in many gyms and a main topic in every amateur and pro bodybuilder conversation. Keep going, great job.

  61. Iron Angel from Toronto says:

    Hi Kevin,

    First, Happy belated birthday to you and congrats with the impressive results over the last 8 weeks…..very interesting and impressive but most of all thoughtful and generous of you to keep us posted every step of the way. Your blog helped keep me amped with my own training sessions in the gym. I normally am very motivated in the gym but working full time on the night shifts can sometimes be challenging when getting through my intense workouts. Being able to watch you train through your blog posts has helped me to focus and give me strength when I need it. Unfortunately my Sciatica has acted up again and has forced me to stay flat in bed until I recover but when I’m healed up I’ll be back in the gym. Just recently started my leaning out phase right before I got injured so it will be awesome to follow you Kev through your definition program.

    Thank you.

    Iron Angel

  62. Rob says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Just as Thomas said, you are a true insiration!!!

    I tried your “focus, calm and power” approach and set a new personal record for one legged leg press of 5 plates each side side for 8 reps. I know that’s nothing to you, but to me that was a real challenge and I couldnt have done it without you man!

    Thanks Kevin, keep going hard man!

  63. Les Mills on da Terrace says:

    When are we gonna see those week 8 photo’s bro?

    also some stats comparing all eight weeks and maybe even some caliper results.

    Maybe even a full body to show the legs as well.

    Keen as Kiwi

  64. Marco says:

    i had one of my best workouts to date tonight…

    thanks kevin

  65. Warren says:

    Good job on the transformation. Its awesome to see the dedication and passion. Happy B-Day!

  66. Jonathan Winters says:

    Kevin, how do you do it man…keep gaining monstrous strength… any tips on the benchpress on how to add plates… most I’ve ever been able to bench was
    235 lbs x 1, my body weight is 160, 5’9″… at the time I was 170 and felt stronger… then lost 10 lbs… seemed like fat.. but

    I’m struggling, can’t seem to gain any strength been with the same weight for months now…. its ridiculous… maybe I’m not training it right… can’t add any weight… feel I like power, speed… some people advocate to only do compound exercises and benchpress one time a week, do you agree? I’ve been doing flys and lots of sets twice a week…

    I did a chest shoulder workout today… only able to do 4 reps of 205lbs, barely, cheatin and not in good form… then did dumbell benchpress with 75 lb dumbells both incline and flat 5-6 reps…

    How do you put up 315 lbs with such ease?

  67. Jonathan Winters says:

    I lack power and speed

  68. Jordan says:

    I know you’ve said a definition transformation is what you have in mind for your next transformation..but what about diet?..thats what a lot of it is down to, working out your macros etc, i struggle a bit with the whole dieting thing, just ideas for meals as things get tedious, could you do something on diet? im sure your 1 of the best on this as you’ve prepared for loads of comps at the highest level

    Take care and happpy birthday (sorry its late)

  69. Joe says:

    Kevin you are awesome! And happy birthday! 🙂

  70. donny says:

    5:40 seems 10 old kid. Funny 🙂
    go kevin go

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