Levrone Transformation, Back and 500lb Shrugs

Below is my second-to-last workout for the “mass” transformation. Think of this as the finale week. Drawin’ it out, having so much fun I want to savor the ending.

Today I’m heading over to a famous landmark gym with a rich history in the sport, for my last mass workout, which I’ll post tomorrow. This gym will mean something to anyone interested in the sport of pro bodybuilding – I’ll let the place be a surprise. You’re coming with me, VIP, front row, baby.

It’s worth the extra time it took to arrange tomorrow’s workout because when it comes to ending this first chapter, it’s gotta be at this gym…where I’ll finish strong and sum up what happened, where we are, and where we’re going. There will be more videos to come, more training. Out.

Full Work Out


Bent over Rows:

135lb x 8 225lb x 8 275lb x 8 275lb x 8 Reps

Seated Rows:


150lb x 6 200lb x 6 250lb x 6 300lb x 8 


Front Lat Pull Downs:


150lb x 6  180lb x 6  200lb x 6  240lb x 8 Reps


One Arm Rows:


120lb 4 Sets of 6 



315lb x 6  405lb  x 6  500lb x 6


93 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Back and 500lb Shrugs

  1. Zoli says:

    The M3 is back!

  2. Brian says:

    Is he Marcus talking about you at the end of the video? When are you planning on doing the next transformation of getting ripped?

  3. Mike (UK) says:


    Whats the surprise??

    I’m pretty excited!!

    Great video, was the rubber band (during shrugs) to improve grip? Never tried it.

    Just wanted to say a big thanks for your blog and motivating me and thousands of other people to train smarter and harder!

    Well done on your IFBB Hall of Fame too!

    Well deserved!


  4. peter says:

    Hi Kevin

    I hope its not the last video. I watch your vids to inspire me in the gym. Just did Back and Biceps today

    when are you going to do more vids? could you extend the transformation period?.

  5. Mark says:

    You look too be really enjoying this workout, the good old days hey!

  6. Maydie says:

    i realy look forward to the surprise, would be nice if you go on stage again 😉
    I realy look forward to see a new vid from you everyday keep up the good work
    Maybe for some old bodybuilders your an inspiration and they do a transformation just like you, would be nice to see arnold making a transformation 😀
    it is a dream till now but nobody knows whats happening tommorow

  7. kenbo213 says:

    Lol, kev, i’m just wondering if you will run into flex wheeler.

  8. Blade says:

    It’s getting clear – the Beast from the East is back!

  9. giv.ROMANIA says:

    your FULBLOWN band still plays?why you have not been better promoted?If you could turn back the time,what did you change?still ifbb pro?Seriously

  10. Muscleup says:

    that is the way we roll on the east coast baby…nice dude…nice

  11. scott mccabe says:

    The surprise will be Golds Venice, Training with Shawn Ray and Flex Wheeler. That would be a great throw back.

  12. Ciaran says:

    Why have a got a feeling Golds is about to be visited lol

  13. Juha says:

    Awesome workout Kev! Putting up some big numbers now for sure!

    I´m totally excited about tomorrow. I´m thinking Gold´s Gym like them others who have commented =D

    I have to say though that the recording of this workout was very annoying to watch with the camera moving around too much and zooming back and forth and not focusing on the right stuff.

    Thanks for the journey so far man, put on a big show tomorrow, a grand finale!

  14. keszkko says:

    Yes! -do a 52 week transformation! Please

  15. javier says:

    hey kev thanks for the inspiration it has been a great journey i would love to see you at venice Golds training with other bodybuilding stars like yourself. i am a great fan and i would love to keep seeing your vids dont stop training and giving us training tips continue the levrone report and the vids.
    thanks for the inspiration.

  16. Michel R says:

    I’ll rerun this vid just before hitting the gym tomorrow… Time to kick my ass again…

    Awesome vid, love the interaction with the other guy… Great gym and atmosphere without a doubt…

    My guess is the place where it all started… Gold’s gym in Venice?

    Carry on, bro…

  17. twentyeightyearold says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Just wanted to say that you videos of the transformation are super! it inspired me to start training again. Greetings from Holland

  18. Demorak says:

    Looking alot bigger Kevin…your arms look like they grown an inch from your last workout vid hehehe crazy….

  19. dannyclifford says:

    keep going kevin! You keep inspiring me with all your hard work. Im up to week 6 of my transformation its going great, I will post my pics tomorrow. Thanks for doing this blog its awesome.

    Danny Clifford
    Manchester England

  20. Mark (Ireland) says:

    Great to see you back in action. I only discovered this page last week . Great site and great videos. Still remember your first Mr O in 92, when you should have won, like many other times. Looking forward; Your 8 week transformation is a amazing inspiration to all.

    Mark (Belfast-Ireland)

  21. jeremy says:

    yo- what I want to know is how do you mentally adjust from yanking weight with gear to lesser weight without it? for example, the one arm rows @ 120 — training for Mr O– would those have been @160 or something like that?

    what up

  22. Alex M says:

    Kevin, I’m glad to hear that you will continue to share your training and journey with us. I love this blog and I’d be pretty sad if it were to end.

  23. max says:

    Wow, your back strength went straight up, pretty soon you will be at 400 pound bend over rows in 2 weeks.

    What are those arms at like 21 now jeez bro probably bigger than my legs, just kidding, but seriously those are were the best and still are!

    Everyone thinks you will be at Golds Venice which i can picture. It would be absolutely amazing to see flex and levrone both massive natural retired competitors do a good workout.

    Still wondering when this insane product is coming out I NEED ME SOME LEVRONE FORMULA !!!

  24. Goran says:

    Looking forward to tomorrow’s workout! What a great 8-week run. And the new one is coming right after. 🙂

  25. JP says:

    I’m doing back today, great video for some inspiration!! You are really putting in on Kevin, cant wait to see what you have for tomorrow.

  26. Rich Tu says:

    It would be awesome if the surprise was a workout with either Shawn Ray or Flex Wheeler at Gold’s Gym. That would be SICK.

  27. max says:

    just seen a video with Branden Ray and he said you guys work out at the same gym maybe its with him just guessing

  28. Craig says:

    Can Kevin Levrone get back to competition size? This would be INCREDIBLE to see.

    Also, the last workout in Venice should be awesome! I’m guessing this is where you’re headed to. What a fitting ending to an amazing transformation.

  29. gpaasche says:

    Looking forward to whatever you are planning next! But personally I would definitely like to see you adding more mass and strength until you reach your natural potential.. Would be very interesting what you could bench in 4 more weeks.

  30. Les Mills Extreme says:

    Your back workout inspired me to beat my pbs, just last night I’m on my second week of 132 lbs dumb bell bent over rows for 8 reps and I’m only 195 lbs, unfortunately tho our DBs only go to 65kg/143lbs, hoping to hit that next back day.

    Thanks bro, you give my the added desire to reach for those goals, just need to lose some BF now, bring on the 52 week transformation lol.

    Kiwi Stylez baby!!

  31. Pedro Larach says:

    Absolutely amazing…what a freaking genetic monster …and natural…wow
    You still have the eye of the tiger man

  32. Rob says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Looking good man and your strength has really incresed! Awesome!!!

    It’s kind of sad that you have reached the end of your mass transformation. Personally I would love to see you get bigger and better than ever however I totally realise that being in competition shape is not your goal anymore and you are probably going for that action hero look instead, its all good. I look forward to whatever you have planned next for your cutting up phase.

  33. Toni says:

    Yea baby, M3 is back.

  34. Djekay says:


    I was just wondering what happened to you’re old trainingspartner Ghani. Do you still keep in touch/training with him?

    Wish you the best of luck and hope you stick with bodybuilding.

    Greetings from Holland.

  35. Savier says:

    Awesome work out. Looking absolutely Huge. Keep Going. I’m looking forward to seeing tomorrows workout.

  36. FABIO says:

    Nice Kevin
    in next workout I want see deadlift.

  37. RoB says:

    What a ride it has been! And the car isn’t parked yet there is still more to come, baby!

  38. jvc1988 says:

    Awesome video and work. This is the best blog/vlog I’ve ever followed, seriously.

  39. GAZ (uk) says:

    Big guy !!

    Ur man Markus was saying some crazy big figures at the end. 500lb reverse grip bench !! thats crazy man !

    In my opinion ur the strongest bodybuilder ever and u dont rock a big’ ol gh belly either.

    Before u do the ”shredded transformation” could you put some measurements up ? that would be really cool 🙂

    Many thanks Gaz 🙂

  40. Martin says:

    would be cool if Kevin teamed up with some other bodybuilders from the golden era, and by the golden era, i mean the 90’s.
    would be surprised if it was Flex, as it seem Kevin and Flex arent the best of buddies.

    my two dreams would be Kevin and Ronnie at a hardcore workout at Metroflex, or Kevin and Dorian at Temple Gym in Sutton Coldfield, Birmingham. and then of course they wuld have to bring that crazy dude that Dorian trained with at the Blood and Guts vid, haha. that would be one insane training video!

    • kenbo213 says:

      LOL! bro, dorians training partner is the ultimate training partner in the face of this planet. What frequency… what tone, it’s like the voice of god making you go to the limit and burst through that shit.

  41. Marcus says:

    Great workout your the king of bb!!!

  42. modred says:

    you have to be very proud beeing kevin levrone. i wish a had youre winner personality.
    all the best for you

  43. jeremy says:

    hey another quick question- what size suit jacket do you wear? I always had to find custom suits and the like for size 54 and 56- you seem like you have wide shoulders too- you run into this problem?

  44. GEO...137 says:

    My entire power station (USPOWERGEN NYC Astoria division), has been quietly following your amazing transformation. You motivated us old timers here at the power-station to assemble a nice little free weight gym and make our own mini transformations. I’ve personally taken great pride in being a natural bodybuilder all my life and in all honesty never had much respect for the Olympia and you included… Let’s just say in allowing us to get to know you on a personnel level, you have made new believers out of us and please know you’ve made some new friends/fans in NewYork. Whether you choose to Gear it up again or not the new found respect for you will remain. We thank you for this Journey and for what ever lays ahead….. Best wishes

  45. William from Sweden says:

    Broh that was a good workout. I hope the surprise is a back doublebiceps baby:D

  46. William from Sweden says:

    And yeah, i wounder what the tatoo is and if it means something special?

    Looking forward to the suprise tomorrow whatever it is ill know its gonna be good!

    • Les Mills HC says:

      I think Kevin explains the tattoos in one of his movies?

      To do with family I think but could be wrong.

  47. Roger says:

    Again, inspiring videos. Always looking forward to your updates. Can’t wait for the conclusion of this transformation and the beginning of what’s next.

    You’re a legend.

  48. john says:

    Hey Kevin i know Marcus !!!! Ask him if he remembers me,John Thompson and my partner Rufus Johnson??? We were in charge of training Marcus as a print operator at his last job before he joined the Marine Corps . I’m the guy Marcus thought was jewish til i told i was half arab and half white! I don’t want get too off topic here,but i do have some great stories from way back if you are interested,just email me back. Tell Marcus we said hello ! been wondering about him all these years,looks good in the vid,slightly underweight though 🙂 !!!!!

  49. Kaan says:

    Hey kevin awesome workouts man your a beast u motivate us so much in the gym bro…im following your reps and how you handle the weight… always 6 reps sometimes 8 and you never do the same weight but us we do same weight week after week now i realized i gotta do like you…. push myself

  50. Honzina says:

    Great training, Kevin! As we can see, your muscles are bigger and bigger. They receive well-known form so that it is good to evaluate, make various poses photos and than continue in the second chapter. You are on the right way with your transformation, congratulate!

    Thanx for your blog, for your wisdom, for that you are with us.


  51. Egor says:

    We come with you,VIP,front row, Kev!

  52. jasper says:

    more than just a blog
    kudos & respect kevin

  53. kennyfat says:

    front row or not!! we come with u all the way!!!! thx again!!!!!!!!!!

  54. Chris Allen says:

    Watching these weeks of transformation has been awesome! The transformation itself is shocking. Congrats to you Kevin.

  55. donny says:

    I’ve seen Jay Cutler work with less weights. Kevin is Superman?

  56. maciek - poland says:

    That’s what I’m trying to evaluate – shrugs.
    Maybe you guys have some advise to me. I workout this part twice a week, using every ways but no effect…
    help will be appreciated…

  57. CYWAT says:

    beautiful movement, beautiful muscles
    Kev, your trainings are not only informative but also educational for young people starting
    there should be a TV program dedicated to the coach Nationnale Kévin, mouahahaahahah!!
    respect bro! 😉

  58. Udeeksh says:

    Signing Petition for the 52 week transformation!
    Common Kevin…:)

  59. jace-uk says:

    If i may ask ,how did it feel walking around in the days of your biggest,most ripped?
    how did the public treat you?

    I recall hearing about you being here in the UK in club
    it went a little like this
    Doormen on the phone”dude some guy just came in,shoulders like cannon balls,you could see his cuts thru a god damn pullover”
    “big olive skinned dude? i heard Levrone was in town im on the way over”
    made me smile when i read that on a forum

    Thanks Kevin

    • Rob says:

      Yeah Kevin, I have always wondered that same thing myself.

      How does it feel to walk around being a perfect 250lbs+ and totally shredded?

      I can only dream of being in shape like that – wow!!! many hot girls say it looks ugly but when you are in that kind of shape, who needs girls! Ha ha, in that shape you are a god!!!

  60. Will says:

    Awesome, brilliant, inspiring, superb, the very best.

  61. Steve W says:

    well i don’t care, i’ll be camping out at venice with my camera and tub of whey which i’ll ask kev to sign. hopefully its right LOL! i want to see this guy in action!

  62. Doug says:

    Big Kev,

    Looking good Kevin !!!! When are we going to workout like old times. I remember the days when u squatted 700lbs for reps barefoot. Man, u were strong as HELL.

  63. Doug says:


    Are you planning a comeback in 2010. The Arnold !!! You know as well as I do if you continue to train like you are now, and then kick up the intensity 12 weeks out, you’ll win !!!!!

    • ito says:

      no offense bro but he aint winning any pro body building contest without GEAR and just supplements

      kudos for the effort on the transformation- looks great

      • kenbo213 says:

        Correct. Kevin himself stated that, without some sort of pharmaceuticals , he cant compete to get that full effect that steroids do provide. But we all do know, that if there is one Human Being in this world that was born to literally build muscle like someone taking a shit, then it’s kevin Levrone. We forget that soooo many thing’s go into play when competing at that level, the diet, the training, the diuretics ,the dedication, the discipline, and quite frankly the time. As much as we would love kevin to come back into competing and finally winning that Sandow that HE DESERVED FOR FOUR FUCKING YEARS, THATS RIGHT, i don’t really believe he is willing to put his body through all that stress that could have been so easily managed when he was younger.

      • Goran says:

        You never know… The time will tell!

      • kenbo213 says:

        Believe me bro i’m crossing my fingers for the ultimate comeback lol.

  64. kenbo213 says:

    Hey kev, um, i’ve been meaning to ask you this question… what kind of wraps are good for bench pressing. I seem to have shitty wrist, and well yeah, i just need some support. Particularly the one’s you used in the 2002 BFTO. if you can of course answer it, much appreciated.

    • Kevin Levrone says:

      Pro Wrist Wraps W/ Thumb Loops – heavy elastic

      • kenbo213 says:

        Thanks kev.

      • Jordan says:

        are they made by Harbinger Kev? they were the only ones i could find

        i use schiek Platinum gloves with wrist support, they’re very good quality (last for years), ive had a shiity right wrist for a while now, seems to come and go..

  65. Alex M says:

    Kevin > Dorian

  66. Andrew says:

    Its coming to the end of the journey kevin. Youve made alot of guys want to pick up the weights again. Cant wait to see what the next couple of months hold for you possibly a stage a trophy a crowd?

  67. Lyotoo says:

    Hey Kevin, I see you usin that belt a lot. Just wondering what brand and type of belts you’d recommend and what to look for in a good belt. Thanks man. Keep it up. You’re lookin massive

  68. Jeppe says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Just wanted to say thanks for beeing such an inspiration source to me! Been strugling with a injured knee for the past week but you kept me going with this wonderful transformation of yours!

    Can’t wait to see where this will end up!

    All the best of luck to you mate!
    Regards from Sweden.

  69. Olof says:

    Pure inspiration, first webpage i look at when arriving at work, last before going:)

    More regards from Sweden

  70. Juha says:

    Hey guys, listen to Dave Palumbos radioshow with an interview posted today with Kevins tetsresults and an interview with Kevin. Don´t wanna give away anything but the interview is really interesting and fun to listen to.


    Congrats Kevin, awesome job man! Now post that last workout from that famous gym and wrap up the first 8 weeks! 😉

  71. Tommy the tank says:

    Hey Mr Levrone

    Lookin good, i guess hard work pays off.
    I hope this is just the beginning and that you keep us updated even in the furure.

  72. William says:

    Yeah THATS RIGHT, you truly showed em Kevin:) So proud of you and what this means for the sport!!!!
    Thanks for the GREAT inspiration

    William from Sweden

  73. Jiri says:

    Incredible Kevin.. you have no idea man.. I am SO PSYCHED if you do the Olympia.. that would make the story of the decade for bodybuilding..

    You should skip the next cutting phase.. just continue to grow for the next 4-6 weeks then cut down and step on stage baby!

    Thing is you can do it! 10 more week.. damn.. that’s an enormous amount of time to do it.


  74. Eric says:

    Hell yeah congrats i f–kin luv you man way to show the world much inspiration man when i heard the results i was jumpin up and down in my house and yellin with happiness man . Much respect.

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