Levrone Transformation, Steroid Test Results Announcement

Not surprisingly, I passed. I know it’s not rational, but I was still nervous. My mind playing tricks on me that maybe something from 5 years ago was hanging out. Also, for some reason I was thinking about the glass of wine I had and if it would show up on the test. I know, crazy. Bottom line is, to this day I’m not a big fan of tests.

Dave and Jon are good guys and we go back, however, I know this about them, they do not pull punches, they tell it straight. That’s why I let them do this. Wherever they stand on steroid use, they did a first-class job setting up the test and presenting the results.

So that’s that. I’ll still take a test anytime, anywhere. Doubters, bring it on. Most of you don’t care either way and I’m cool with that, too. I think that by taking steroids out of the equation for this, we get to focus on the essence of bodybuilding: training, genetics, hard work. That means something to me, and I know it does to you, too.

Sit tight, a lot of you guessed right. Gold’s Gym, Venice. A great hard leg workout. Eleven plates each side, 20 reps. It was hard to tape there, people kept coming up to me, which is great though – it was great to be there. Sit tight, I’ll post it shortly. Out.

Listen to results announcement on rxmuscle.com.

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74 Responses to Levrone Transformation, Steroid Test Results Announcement

  1. alejandro says:

    hahah i knew it… pll dont undertsnad that by training hard eating and sleeping you can still do it but it just take s a litle longer. good job kev.

  2. jorge martino says:

    nice …. dont stop the transformation, like the good old days maryland muscle machine take care bro

  3. Markus says:

    never give up pro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Adam says:

    Kevin, brotha, my hats off to you man! I knew you were doing this naturally while everyone else was doubting you. As I’ve said before, when you walked away from the stage, and came down in size and weight, that was a testament to your character and who you are as a person. You didn’t feel the need to walk around at even 220lbs shredded after retiring no matter what anyone said. And so I just reasoned why would a man who has done this lie about being natural or not. Much respect Kevin! Much respect. More power to you.

  5. max says:

    NICE! Thank mom and dad for the beautiful genetics and the hard work and dedication that went in. Can’t wait to see whats next and for the news letter. This is probably one of the best things that could have rolled my way to help me find something in life to really help me achieve my goals and believe in myself, not only in lifting but in life itself.
    Thank you Kevin!

    Now i believe hard work and staying natural is in itself an accomplishment on not giving in and believing in yourself

  6. Peet says:


    To be quite honest, I didn’t care if you did steriods or not. I was just motivated and inspired by everything you did for all of us so far. I just wanna be quality and look like I belong in a cage. Lets keep our focus on hardwork and good nutrition. “We’re in this together. Bad times don’t last forever baby, as long as you never give up, you’ll never lose” Kevin “hero” Levrone. I get in the ZONE everytime I think about that. Thanks brother.

    Much respect,


  7. Heiðar says:

    Good job man. Can’t wait for the leg workout.

    And by the way, after watching your final back workout I went to the gym yesterday feeling pumped up and trained back. I managed to add about 25% to every single exercise I did. Chin-ups went from barely managing 6 lifts to a nice 4 sets of 8 clean lifts, added a whole plate to the t-bar, pull-downs from 140lbs x6 to 200lbs x6, dumbbell rows 60lbs x6 to 100lbs x6. Didn’t change anything in regards to my diet or anything.

    Thanks for the motivation.

  8. kevin says:

    hey kev!

    never doubted you!
    but just short question, when I talk about eating, I hear a lot that bodybuilder stand up at night and put the body full with protein. But you said the opposit. by sleeping 8 – 10 hours. Now my question, have you ever set the alarm clock and eat eggs, or take a protein shake?

    Hope you go one with this! maybe a mister O.
    taking roids or not !
    that would not change anything about my respect for u !

    greetings Belgium

    • Juha says:

      Load up with plenty of caseine before bed and you´re good through out the night. Sleep is very important and as long as you get those calories in during the rest of the day you´re good.

  9. Muscleup says:

    i heard the RX muscle thing this morning and wanted to blog something but i diden’t wanna ruin it so you could tell it first yourself…on the show…i love your “i won’t back down from shit” personality man. you are you…and we love it…hell if it will get you on stage, so we can see you up there again…hell ,i’m 5’9″ 245 myself… so what you got boy!!!bring it…haha, dude, i never been on a stage, i’m like most of these boys’…were just backyard pro’s baby……

  10. M3 says:

    YES KEVIN! YES!If doubters still talk…then wow. They’re just out of their minds. This is LEGIT proof.

    You are the man. True to your word.

    My Favorite Bodybuilder of all time.

  11. Marcellus says:

    great job in the gym, never doubted you!
    we are a couple of guys following your blog at the gym, and we all think you should go for the olympia stage, maybe not this year (depending on how you feel your transformation is comming along), but then next! your body is still increadible. I think you should take pride in what you accomplished so far but i hope you got back the hunger for the stage again!

  12. PhilB says:

    Wow! Now this is what i’m talking about!!! Working out clean and clear of any drugs can bring impressive results and you’re a living proof to that fact. Man, this is a motivational rush for me to, it truely is! Keep up the excellent work Kevin!

  13. GDBabyBaby says:

    No matter if you take steroids or not, it is still very motivating to watch your videos and to be able to follow your transformation.
    To me, what you are doing here is great entertainment. I wish you all the best on your way – no matter how it will finally end.
    Greetings from Germany


  14. Eric says:

    HELL YEAH!!! I swear man i was yellin and jumpin up and down man when i heard the radio show i was right there with you in the suspense.Great stuff man you are my hero as i am currently an amature natural bodybuilder. WHOOO.

  15. William says:

    You showed em Kev. Im so proud of you doing this for the sport.. you have no idea what a big thing this will turn into. I never doubted you cause you’re an honest person. But i can understand why so many people did, i mean this is something that noone has ever done before. ~22kg muscle in 8 weeks, there’s only one who can do such thing.. Kevin Levrone.

    Thank you so much for the motivation you have given me.

    William from Sweden

    • Jym1985 says:

      It has been done before, by Casey Viator. He gained 63lbs of muscle in 28 days (apparently naturally).

      Great job Kev. I have been lacking motivation the past few months and this has helped get me back in the groove. I gained 3lbs this week naturally.

      • William says:

        So you consider this normal for a dedicated guy who wants to get bigger?

      • Kapp says:

        Erm dude.. The whole casey project was just an advertisement campaign for the Nautilus machines, sure he gained muscle but he was juiced surely and god knows the backround of the guy etcetc.. anythin couldve been made up

      • Juha says:

        Casey Viator… *big sigh*

  16. X-man85 says:

    wow there talking about synthol and everything in the book kev i think there hating on u big time kevin..congrats looking foward to seeing u at the olympia

  17. Andreas Piledahl says:

    You are the man!

    /Andreas, Sweden

  18. Jimmy says:

    Sweden here…

    Those news were bad news for the doubters but good news for the rest of us fans.
    I am still one of those who trust a mans, in this perticular case yours Kevin, words and/or his actions.
    I never doubted in you…never will.

    Keep on bringing good news and take care! =)


    /Jimmy, Sweden

  19. Mark (Ireland) says:

    Keeping it real Kevin !!!

  20. norweigian says:

    Congratulations on the drug test. Well done, i understand that Derek thinks you used some, growth maybe, because he didnt follow you like we did. You seem like a very nice person and i think you would never lie us deep in the eyes through this blog. So you`r clean and straigth man, thats for sure.
    But there is one think here i`d like to point out. You said that in your peak days you weigted about 246. Now you gained 40 pounds from 206. Thats the same. And your fatlevel is on 6 you said?. Well, what i dont understand is to me you look very big and the improvements along this journey are unhuman, but compared to your “old” body, its nothing. Seeing your old vids flashing along this blog makes me wonder.
    Yes, im having a hard time believing that your peak weigth was 246, the same as you weigth in now.
    To me its seems like you got 20 pounds more muscles in the good old days.
    When we google Kevin Levrone on pics we get a freak from another planet compared to the 7-week pic from the blog. Stil they are supposed to be equal in pounds.

    • Juha says:

      He´ll look bigger ripped but I´m not very sure about those 6% BF right now. How did you measure that Kev? I´d think you´re at 10% judging by the pics from last week. have you really changed your BF that much?

      • Tony says:

        Hey Juhaha, whats it like to go through your whole life being negative?

      • Juha says:

        How am I being negative Tony? I think you´re reading what I wrote in a negative way when I was in fact being POSITIVE remarking to the norwegian that Kevin will appear bigger as he gets more ripped. As for the BF% that was just a simple question, not disbelief. The negativity is clearly with you Tony.

    • boblazar says:

      This question must be answered. I have always wondered about this perplexity. In magazines and on bodybuilding sites bodybuilders often say they are X lbs X % body fat. Yet I have met people with the same X lbs X % body fat (measured scientifically with high precision from various techniques) and roughly same height and frame as the bodybuilders but they do not even come close in terms of built, size, the cuts, or looks.

      But of course one may say person A is person A, person B is person B. A does not equal B (other variables, confounding factors).

      That’s cool. How about the same person also a bodybuilder in the past or future as Norweigian pointed out? Same weight and % bf, why so different? Happened many times as I’ve studied bodybuilding in the past.

    • boblazar says:

      This question must be answered. Period.

  21. Thomas says:

    Hi Kev!

    I’ve been following you through this journey from the start, and like everyone else, im blown away by not only your results, but by your humble approach to training and us fans! I just started a “Kevin Levrone-Fanclub” on Facebook to get more people aware of your Transformation and progress, would be really cool if you checked it out! Keep it up bro, you are a great source of inspiration!

  22. Chisel says:

    Kevin, you are KING. do u worry all this is to get the pro bodybuilding communty mad because it seems like your dissing juice and at the same time saying they all take it. do u worry that u r seen with no loyalty to the people that gave u your career and this will be bad for succes? i just want to say thanks, you have gotten me to try and for that you have my loyalty. keep going.

  23. Juha says:

    Awesome Kevin, congrats on passing the test and on the transformation so far. And congrats on feeling so good (judging by what you said in the interview) which after all is far more important than anything else.

    Can´t wait for the legsession at Golds man!

    Keep on striving for that which to some may seem impossible, you can do it Kevin!

  24. Mike (UK) says:


    Never doubted you buddy..just upsets me because my genetics are worse than slow…there backwards…but i’ll get there man!

    Flex and Squeeze…but I was hoping for World Gym…nevermind…cant wait to see it!


    Mike (UK)

  25. Adam says:

    Kevin at 1% BF @ 246 looks a world of different from the same weight at 7-9%. I doubt Kevin was lying about his weight in either scenario.

    I would, however, love to see Kevin in CONTEST shape again. For those who want to be blown away check out a YOUTUBE video of Kevin from 1997 black and white posing in a gym. Absolutely amazing. The perfect physique in my opinion.

    Lets stop the steroid talk. Kevin, you’ve already proven that you’re genetically superior to pretty much anyone NATURALLY at this point. From here forward I could really care less what you put in your body to achieve that Olympia-winning physique again. Yes, I said Olympia winning, as 2-4 of those shows could have easily been M3’s!

    People really have no idea what type of cocktails you took back in the day, but from the looks of this tranformation series it was minimal at best. The fact that you aren’t even on HRT at this point proves that fact!

    You are a true genetic wonder and no one’s going to give any excuse to you getting in fantastic shape at this point be it from creatine or a test blend. You’re the best of the best, and probably the most truly genetically gifted bodybuilder of all time.

  26. Maydie says:

    He Keivn isn’t Kai Greene training in the Gold’s Gym Venice, too?
    Do you know this guy?
    I am a fan of you and Kai i like his posing routines 😉

  27. Rodney says:

    HELL YEAH! I KNEW IT and never doubted you Kevin! That is amazing. Congratulations.

  28. Patrik says:

    The transformation is amazing but it can´t be done without some kind of help….

    It´s impossible to gain so much muscle in such short period of time without steriods. You can gain if you do not use steriods when you´ve trained as long as levrone about 10 pounds muscle a year if your lucky´. I hope you all youngsters out there understand that.

    • Dan S. says:

      believe what you want, but i gained 15lbs, lean, easily in 2.5 weeks when i went back to the gym after not being there for 10 months. muscle memory dude. and i have NEVER cycled. plus increased water retention in the muscle once you get back into regular training(, and some myostatin negativity) will add the weight no problem. when i stopped training and eating properly, i lost 35 in a couple months, why not be able to add that just as fast?

    • Juha says:


      When someone like Kevin makes a comeback after a long layoff he can put on lean mass much easier than a person who starts from scratch. 10lbs per year would probably be a good estimate (or even less) had Kevin not had a layoff at all, but now that he did and lost muscle he can gain it back naturally real fast.

  29. Robert Kee says:

    Kevin god bless you man. For all you done, keep up what your doing. You inspired me to be a bodybuilder to. Again god bless you I`ll keep you in my players.

  30. Eirik says:

    I laughed so hard while listening to the interview! Hahaha! 😀 Awesome stuff Kevin! I never had any doubt about your sincerity.

    Congrats on finishing these amazing 8 weeks! Can`t wait to see the next chapter of this transformation!

    I`ll be checking in daily!

  31. Jiri says:

    For sure.. no doubt about it you were clean. There are handful of pros, one I know personally that just have incredible genetics.. one being Lee Priest.

    People just are JEALOUS that say that drugs are the reason for success.. they can’t accept that their genetics are crap and even with insane dosages they don’t come close to a pro level physique (that usually takes a percentage of the drugs anyways).

    Congrats Kevin on the results to date.. I highly suggest and hope that you will pass on the cutting phase coming up and stick with some more mass building and then do the cutting to be able to compete at the OLYMPIA@

    Listening to the RxMuscle radio program, one can hear it in your voice that you want to get back.. the drive.. the hunger.. the competitive drive is there in your voice.. just need to commit to it bro.

    Don’t worry about being let down by the judges opinions.. this is for YOU and the FANS! I am psyched just thinking you would step on the Olympia stage man.. just had the best arm workout in months after hearing you talk and thinking about the progress you’ve made.

    Anyways, 10 week man.. Olympia stage.. top 5 easy.. I even think you can win the damn thing as your balance, muscle maturity, posing, presense, everything is better than our current Mr. O.

    Thanks for the daily motivation!

  32. TFY says:

    That’s what’s up! Congrats, man. You’re a true inspiration…redefining the boundaries of possibility for all of us.

  33. Marc says:

    hey kev,

    you are what bodybuilding is all about.. man.. you proved that is possible to get serious muscle size and gains without any shit in the body.. my biggest respect!
    and even better you inspire me and all the guys all over the world to follow your path and do/try the same

    YOU are bodybuilding!

    thank you.. and please continue this blog.


  34. Jace-uk says:

    I don’t think many doubted the big guys words,going by videos,interviews and reading around you can see Kevin is a sincere type of guy
    but he is also humble i asked him “what about the haters they will say it’s a new steroid or you blocked it etc”
    his great reply” they are not haters , why should Anyone belive me the worlds full of lies , i’ll just show via a test”
    always with a good outlook

    I’ve been with this blog since the get go, asking thefirst things and getting replies ,always really good ones but now the results are in let’s forge ahead in our support of Kevin and each other

    What other top guy has the balls to come out show his routine ,talk to his fans and all for free , what a friend huh

    Kevin if you read this mate , in sure I’m not alone in thinking write two books , one a bio ( I’d sure write it for you ifyou so wish) the other your views on BB and a rouinte etc
    I’d buy it for sure, pass knowledge on , make a million or two everyones a winner

    Kevin once again thanks for everything a true man is measured on what he does and how he treats people, on both counts your a great fella

    Fan and loyal friend
    from the UK
    the offer of a holiday stands my wifes the worlds best cook 🙂

  35. cpatermi says:

    Not as important as the result of the test is the fact as most people begins to believe again in the basics: diet and hard-workouts.

    Greetings Mr. Levrone!!

  36. Michel R says:

    Great interview and you really handled yourself well again, since some of the questions were head on. They truly speak what they think, and quite francly I like those kind of people better, compared to the ones who just talk along with u and stab you in the back when you turn.

    Loved the straight forward and confident answer to the ‘challenge’ they put out to have a posing contest against the mortal fear for all Ninjas all over th world.

    I’ll probably have a lil rest/stabilization period for two weeks or so, since my shoulderjoints are starting to ache from the abuse I’m giving them. Time to regroup and take a lil step back for now…


    • Michel R says:

      What’s your opinion/experience on/with anti-inflammatory gel to help with joint/tendon aches?

      Laying off heavy movements is a first, but to they speed up recovery or just mask the pain?

  37. kenbo213 says:

    Like i said, if there has ever been a human being that was born to build muscle, it’s kevin levrone. I knew from the start you where clean, no question, in a sense, i’m with Romano, i didn’t give a shit whether or not you where taking them to begin with, i’m just happy as fuck that MY HERO is back in action, simply put. I just love that tone you had on the convo man… i felt it, you know, like your willing to go through that challenge again, and you know, THAT’S FUCKING GREAT! , jesus, Kevin Levrone at the 2010 Mr. Olympia, the sound of it is like telling me when i was 5 years old that i’m going to Disneyland for the first time… that’s the feeling i get. You have the right to talk shit on any jealous fuck that hates simply for the fact that they lack genetics.

    At first, when you began to talk about the usage of steroids… i was beginning to wonder if you regret taking them/ sort of anti-steroids now. But i think what the message was ( correct me if i’m wrong) is that in order to be successful in bodybuilding,or building muscle for that matter, is Genetics,through and through, then the Hard work, dedication, and discipline come into play.

    Like i have said before, whatever you decide to do kevin, i’ am here, light years younger than you but still supporting the man that drives my passion for bodybuilding.

  38. Mark {Uk} says:

    Kevin Levrone!!!!! you lucky genetic fucking freak!!:D now its time for the blood test haha No but seriously if you were a m8 of mine i would be like fuck off theres no way thats natural but hey you say it is so it must be! Now its time to get to Mexico lol

  39. Callesteve says:

    Kevin did you finish listening to the interview after you left? The guys -not Dave & Jon- in background (the Wak Pack) raised the question that you were on IGF or some kind of growth hormone. They’re still doubters!!! Incredible.

    Great job bro, I’d love to see you tear up Flex on stage.


  40. Andrew says:

    Who were those assholes at the end of the show going on about IGF-1 and even doubting the numbers you are claiming in weight gain? Forget them.

    Anyway, well done, Kevin. I thought you’d be clean all along and you are looking great. I would agree with someone above that I would guess you were at about 10% bodyfat rather than 6% at the moment, but still a definate drop in bodyfat from the start. Can’t wait to see you getting totally shredded!

    Andrew, UK

  41. Dave S says:

    Flex is a sloppy faggot and I heard he competed strictly to see other mens taints in tight spandex shorts.

  42. Marcellus says:

    it´s not that strange that they still are doubters, it´s a really incredible transformation, sure he could be on IGF and insulin and god knows what else, what makes me believe in levrones sincerity is is 2 thigs: the goal (if i remember correctly) was to gain 5 pounds a week clean. why would you go out there and risk your reputation if someone found out you were a fraud? And then his word, of course i know that people lie, but i have faith that kevin is telling the truth. The doubters will never change their minds, they could break down kevin to the last molecule and they still wouldn´t believe him. These people are irrelevant, to use energy trying to convince them is like throwing your hard earned money in the toilet, better spend that energy in the gym!

  43. Andrew says:

    Kevin you have done yourself proud great job.

  44. Les Mills HC says:

    Eh, nuf said, we all new this.

    Keep it up Kevin, upload your next video please, I’m getting withdrawal symptoms lol

  45. Maciek - Poland says:

    “… how many weeks is the mr. oympia?…. 10 weeks!?… o my gosh i have double my size!….. – avesome

  46. Rodney says:

    I want to see the final leg workout at Gold’s Gym Venice Beach. Come Kevin, put it up pleeeeaaaaassseeeee? We all need to see it. I need some motivation today becuase I am so damn sore after my last chest workout I could die. Also, I am chasing your 11 plates on the legs press big man. I am already at 9 per side for 10 reps and when I hit 11 per side I am going to record it and put it on Youtube for everyone to see. Keep up the good work Kevin and I wouldn’t be doing as well as I am right now if it weren’t for your inspiration. Thank you so very much.


  47. Thiago says:





    • Juha says:

      Kevin, Thiago is saying:

      “Very good Kevin!
      You´re the man! My favourite budybuilder.
      Us here in Brasil root for you and for your success. You´re both motivation and inspiration to us.

      Come back soon and claim the throne as Mr Olympia.

      Stay hungry man
      /Regards Thiago”

  48. Chris says:

    Good job with everything, Kevin. You will always be an awesome bodybuilder and true genetic freak. It’s too bad that i can’t say I’m bigger then you anymore:) I’m happy that you’re showing people what a big role genetics play in the world of bodybuilding. Steroids can only take you so far in this sport. It would be cool to see you on stage again, however i wouldn’t want you to go through what you explained on RX Muscle. Seeing you get in contest shape without competing would probably be ideal and good enough. Hope to see you at an expo or something in the near future….

  49. RoB says:

    Holy s**t 244 pounds? damn Kev lol…

  50. Roger says:

    As expected. Now we can get over this and get on with the real stuff!

  51. Moz says:


  52. Andy says:

    HELL YEAH!!! Awesome result with the tests MMM. Your transformation up to this point has been inspirational and motivational for me. Your hard work and awesome genetics paid off.

    Also, I’ve read (in the Australian magazine, MuscleMag)that you are or will be inducted into the Hall of fame. Mega Congrats! I also found a the interview you had with them a while ago (circa. 2006).

    Again, Kev congrats on your results mate. Would be awesome if you visited the land downunder! Also, do you believe in pre-workout supplements, such as nitric oxide supplements?

  53. Lyotoo says:

    Kevin to be completely honest, I have to agree with Dave Palumbo. I, probably along with many others could give less of a shit if you use roids or not. We just want to see you get MASSIVE again! Return to the Maryland Muscle Machine! Keep up the great work big guy 🙂

    • Rodney says:

      Kevin STILL IS and WILL ALWAYS be the Maryland Muscle Machine! He doesn’t have to get gigantic to prove that. What he has done on this blog has proved more helpful, beneficial, and touched more people personally than probably anything else he has done in his career. Kevin is top notch in my book. Hell, I truly believe that if he wanted to he could do the Mr. Olympia naturally; maybe not this year but I know he could do it next year. Plus, as Palumbo said, it wouldn’t take much gear to get Kevin into contest shape. For those who still don’t believe Kevin’s transformation is legit, I am sure he will probably post the results on the blog (hopefully anyway) and Quest Diagnostics is a very reputable testing facility so I don’t doubt that Kevin is clean one bit.

      Also, as myself and many people on this board have said before, what reason does he have to lie about taking steroids now? He doesn’t have any reason. If he wanted to get huge again using gear he could have done it and never done this blog and never helped as many people as he has. People who have never seen someone that is genetically gifted work out and gain muscle fast naturally don’t understand that just because they can’t put on muscle that fast doesn’t mean that others can’t. Paul Dillett is another EXTREMELY genetically gifted guy who can walk around with 20 inch arms naturally. He has no work ethic, but everyone who knows bodybuilding knows that Paul could bench press with 20lb dumbells and get huge; he is just that type of person.

      So, before people start judging Kevin and saying that it is impossible for this to be done, think again. Nothing, and I mean NOTHING is impossible. Just because you’ve never seen it, doesn’t make it a farse or any less true or real. Finally, stop making excuses, get your ass to the gym, bust your ass, eat as much good food as you can, and stop finding reasons not to do it.

      • Lyotoo says:

        lol wow, you’ve taken this completely out of context and went on some random tangents. How do you even know i’m not training? Maybe you should stop being such a keyboard warrior for a second and go train yourself. Anyways, I never said there was anything to prove as Kevin’s been massive before. I was simply saying it would be intense to see him get back to his Olympia shape again. On a final note, GTFO, no one asked for you stupid rant. GG Keyboard warrior

  54. Matt says:


  55. Gil from Aussie Land says:

    Wow Kevin…You proved you are THE MAN Kevin.

    Followed this Blog all along..and you have inspired all of us, and from the looks of it will continue to lead the way.

    More Power to you Kevin.

    Gil from Aussie land

  56. Acooo says:

    im sure he is using things that this steroid test couldnt find. bbuilders dont take deca, napps and shit its a whole other level what they take 🙂

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