Final Transformation Workout • Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach

The first transformation is officially complete. I finished strong with a killer leg workout at Gold’s Gym, in Venice Beach. It was fun to check out the mecca – really fantastic experience. But you and I know, it’s not about the name. It’s not about the place. It’s not about the history. It’s about you and the iron, and it always will be. But it was a meaningful visit for me, nonetheless.

It’s been a great ride, and it wasn’t easy. But you made the transformation a lot easier by making this blog a part of your daily routine, and sending in your stories, thoughts, ideas and support. If this blog is helping you now, good news, it’s going to get even better.

Take a look at the video, and pay special attention to the end. I want you to understand my feelings about where we are, and where we’re going. It’s about endless transformation, and you’re all invited. RSVP: comment board below.

– Kevin

Full Work Out


Leg press:

610 lb x 15

700 lb x 15

790 lb x 15

840 lb x 15

970 lb x 15

1060 lb x 20


Hack Squats :

430 lb x 3 sets of 6

430 lb x15


Leg extensions :

150 lb x 12

180 lb x 12

190 lb x 12

200 lb x 12


164 Responses to Final Transformation Workout • Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach

  1. RoB says:

    NUMBER 1 Comment….Lookin great big Kev, What a ride this has been huh?



  3. zubbeyboy says:

    You are a class act Kevin..Hell im speecless. Thank You for inspiring us and look forward to following you in the future.Still wish youd move to Mexico though!! LOL

    • Juha says:

      I´ll have to second that, you´re a class act for sure Kevin. Much respect and thanks for the ride so far man!

  4. Fran says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Great job,those are genetics and balls.
    I hope you never stop this thing!
    Ill be here 🙂


  5. Nate D says:

    Massive massive inspiration!!! Not only in the gym but outside of the gym too. The Maryland Muscle Machine is in full affect baby! You’ve helped inspire me to let go of those things that don’t matter in life and pick up those things that do! As I have been through the most trying time in my life that last couple of months dealing with loss, the timing of your transformation (and mine) was uncanny. I just wanted to say thank you as you inspire me and so many others to live life to the fullest each and every day in a positive way. That and I am on the road to IFBB pro card training with more heart and intensity than I thought I ever had, inspired by you.

    Kevin you’ve always been my favorite bodybuilder and your physique is the best bodybuilding has ever seen, but know that I feel the best developed muscle on Kevin Levrone is his HEART! You help others to develop just as much! THANK YOU!

  6. notta says:

    Great video. Kevin, this is from deep, this transformation has motivated me more than you can imagine. I hadn’t worked out in years until you started your transformation. I’ve been checking your site everyday and you’ve been motivating me so much that I’ve been training around a shoulder injury. I received good news from my doctor today, so hopefully in 6 weeks or so I can be back at this with no limitations. I just wanted to say thanks and can’t wait to where the journey goes next.

  7. jasper says:

    Simply awesome!
    So true what ya said there; it’s not about lifting weights it’s about training muscles.
    This was an awesome video to watch, loved the ending, you are a serious inspiration to me personally.
    Very nice to hear this is just a beginning.
    I’ll remember the following you said tho: “with great power comes great responsibility, not only to better our lives but to better the lives around us”.
    BOOM, yeah baby, thank you so much!

  8. Moz says:

    CONGRATULATIONS MR LEVRONE!!! 😀 That was a phenomenal 8 week journey that showed what can be done if the mind and body are one. Thanks for sharing your transformation with the world.. Your a natural in front of the camera, not to mention a class act.. Can’t wait for you to continue, because we all can see that fire in your eyes.


    From Australia.

  9. Savier says:

    Awesome Video, the mecca looks amazing. It’s been inspiring (to say the least) following you through these 8 weeks. You are absolutely huge man. I think you should take it to the next level and step on the olympia stage. You’ve got 10 weeks, and like you said you can double your size 😉 Easily a top contender.

  10. Harold says:

    Kevin, You are truely an inspiration to us all. Thank you for what you are doing, and good luck in the future!!

  11. Roger says:

    Kevin, congratulations! It’s been an absolute thrill to follow your progress from the beginning. You’ve given me and so many inspiration and motivation. I can only say thank you for allowing us to join you in your journey. No matter what’s next, I’ll be here.

    It’s just awesome what we can achieve if we just put our mind to it.

  12. vasyl says:

    Hey Kevin, thank you for this motivational journey of muscle transformation, it has been an excellent 8 week road to Mr. Olympia… umm.. to success i meant.

    We could say that we realized our dreams along with yours and helped each other to get stronger. More of all it showed that you care and respect your fans as much as they do.

    Can’t wait till next journey begins (along with you or by ourselves)

  13. adrian says:

    cant wait for the next transformation. will be there every step of the way. thanx for everything

  14. Kyle says:


  15. Callesteve says:

    Kevin, you looked like a kid in a candy store working out there at the Mecca. It’s been a great 8 weeks. I hope you start the new transformation soon because I’ve gotten in a routine of coming to this blog and if it doesn’t start soon I’m going to have withdrawals.

    Thanks again Kev.

  16. Jace-uk says:

    Awesome now my friends that’s how it’s done, well done congratulations
    this is just the start I feel proud to have witnessed this, this is just the start with Kevin I feel this can go anywhere
    thank you sincerly no log in fee, no paying for emails with the info just all of it free

    Kevin legend

  17. Mike (UK) says:

    Your an awesome guy!


    Mike (UK)

  18. Jordan says:

    I cant wait to see whats next Kev, im excited, i feel pumped up and ready to explode

    how long til this next week or?

    and im in need of some of The LEVRONE FORMULA..i was nearly tempted to buy some superpump 250 junk a minute ago cos i saw it cheap

    drop me a message about the formula kev!!

    We’ve got work to do brother…….

  19. Chris says:

    Hey Kev! Mindblowing! Those gains are….well mindblowing!!
    And I´m broken down man, been dieting for 20 weeks now and I wish I had some genetics on my side. Shit. Hardgainer!
    Anyway, looking forward to seeing you ripped up and shutting Flex up! 🙂
    Great idea, great ride, keep it coming!

  20. maciek - poland says:

    Maybe here in my country there’s no such a fantastic atmosphere in the gym, maybe I will never be in the US, just to see by my self YOU, Golds … etc. etc., maybe I have no as good genetics as You have, but one thing is for sure: I added to those words “maybe” that is mean – right now YOU’ve changed my mind totally!
    Man, thanks for YOur support, for Your comment about my disease – it’s mean a lot to me!
    And again I would say – I wish I’ll have opportunity to shake YOUR hand someday, somewhere.

    You’re good person Kev.

    Maciek from Poland

  21. sam4ever says:

    Simply amazing transformation, I am hooked to your blog. Can’t wait for your next move!

  22. cody- oregon says:

    followed this blog from the very first video kev and I gotta say you could not have ended this first 8 week transformation any better. You inspire me man, not only with bodybuilding, that’s all great, but with your character. The impact you have truely made in my life surpasses just bodybuilding and for that I have to say Thank You.

  23. Mark {Uk} says:

    I hope when you say endless transformation that we are gonna see more!!! and i hope to see you gettin huge! and gettin on a flight to Mexico lol

  24. Paul says:


    Great workout at a great facility. I just wanted to tell you I have been following the blog since you have started and check in every day. Good luck on your next “transformation”. Heres a clip of me in the gym today getting 5 plates on my squat! FULL BLOWN!

  25. LEX says:

    GREAT JOB BRO, i know you would hit your goal!!! Thank you, for helping me get my ass back in the gym, the timing was unreal for me and i found this site a few days after you started it. It was great to check in with you and get the news of the day!!!Well, i`m sure this is just the start of a new plan for something…best to ya on your new goal!!!


  26. Andreas sweden says:

    it was a great ride kevin. I hope the next transformation kicks in soon, i can’t wait!! :)bye guys

  27. Goran says:

    Congratulations Kevin! Great job and great 8 weeks! I look forward to your next transformation but take few days off, relax and let it soak in; you have done some amazing things not just training wise and that’s priceless…

    All the best,


  28. Tucker says:

    great job, that’s alot to be proud of. Best of luck with everything else you are a real go-getter.

  29. Juha says:

    Thanks for an exciting and fantastic journey so far buddy! Congratulations on your awesome progress thus far and thanks for letting us ride along with you during these eight weeks right on the front row. Awesome seeing you at Golds too man! Enjoyed all of this very much.

    Good luck with the continuation of your transformation and the blog and we´ll be right here to support you!


  30. Will says:

    Hi Kev, thank you so much for what you have done so far. You dedication to this blog and your comments on training have been an amazing booster to all of us I am sure. I know that you have helped me to increase my weights on all body parts through your motivation and that I am a better lifter because of you. Keep it coming, you are a true inspiration. Will – Singapore.

  31. Demorak says:

    Respect brother! Im happy to see that you will continue to grow not only your body and mind but also this site, it feels like a second home now.

    And now follow Romano to mexico hahahah (joking,,,,, sort of)

  32. Amin says:

    you are a great inspiration for me.i hope to be able to compete one day and thanks to your motivation i will never back down.kevin you are the man.continue this website course its the main source of my motivation

  33. Tarvi says:

    massive inspiration!

  34. koerperkult says:

    its unbelievable what you’re giving us …thank you for your support!! 🙂

    greetings from germany

  35. Zac says:

    awesome transformation Kev, looking great. You are a massive inspiration for me when i am in the gym.

  36. norweigian says:

    What did you talk about Kev?. This blog is all abouth making a better world and a lesson in presenting our new developted muscular power in a nice and thougthfull way?
    I listened to the radio interview and i learned a new american way of expressing oneself. And now i gonna use it. I really gives a rats ass abouth the world in this context, baby. I do nice behaviour 24/7 when i work, makes dinner to my gf, calls my mom and helps my sick friend. But here its all abouth muscles to me. You`re a nice guy, Kev, that i`ll learned from this 8 weeks, but to be honest, I really dont care. I want to do bodybuilding with u Kev. And a “Mexico” basecamp for the next transformation would be my wish. If i aim for human behavior and human justice i google Martin Luther and Bill Clinton maybe:-)
    But hey, thats me..
    All the best from Norway!

    • Ha ha, tell me what you really feel, Norweigian. Here’s my point: When one has a physique people notice. It’s like a piece of fame. Fame, even on a small level, comes with responsibility to set an example for proper conduct. If people can be mindful of that their gains will take on new meaning. That’s all I was trying to say there.

      • Juha says:

        I think you have me and the norwegian confused here in your post Kev =D

        Seems to be a few of us swedes and norwegians on here 😉

      • Juha says:

        I see you´ve changed it now 😉

      • norweigian says:

        Agreed Kev. Too many youngster weighttrainers get the benefits from bodybuilding and make our public accept much more difficult, because they act like morans in the streets. Beeing arrogant and flashing aggressiv attitudes.
        And i have to admit, its cool hearing that from you too Kevin, because i guess you said you never got kicks from flashing it, even you had one of the best buildt bodies of mankind.
        Surely we dont need mummys here, but i guess now this blog aims to help us with the complete cycle.

    • Eirik says:

      Yeah.. It seems Norway and Sweden is “well” represented on here. Although, I can`t quite relate to some of the stuff “norwegian” posts. You`re strange man. In some of your posts you`re praising Kevin, in others it allmost seems like you`re bashing him..

      Anyway.. As I`we said before, I can`t wait for the sequel to this transformation! 😀 It`s truly an honor to witness this! Keep up the good work mr.Levrone! 🙂

      Best wishes from Norway

  37. kennyfat says:

    thanks kev!!!!!!ur the next Arnold!!!!!!!we with u all the way!!!!!

  38. Maydie says:

    I have realy changed my life during this 8 weeks working out is my passion now, and i remark this in my normal life too i am happy everytime now.
    You gave me this and i want to tell you that i will never give up now i go trough this hard way and i like it, i hope that motivates you,too.

  39. Jeremy says:

    Brilliant. Congratulations! I just want to thank you Kev. You have done a great job, and you have given me an insight into what it takes to make a champion. I thank you for this. God Bless you and I will be here for your next step.

    Jeremy, UK

  40. Kapp says:

    Hi Kev!

    Im more than glad you decided to have this transformation, its really been interesting to follow and even if i thought it wouldnt, it really has inspired me every single day at the gym…

    Im 16 years old and ive been in a wheelchair since i was… 7 i believe.

    I have a quite rare case of a genetic bone disorder, meaning my bones used to break quite easily, especially my leg bones.. but.. ive learned that you can overcome even the biggest obstacles by believing in yourself, im benching twice my bodyweight and even squatting properly now…

    In about.. two hours im gonna have my most intensive leg workout till this day, tomorrow, chest and back.

    Lightweeks and overtraining, what are those?
    100% every fkin time.

    I know u get a lot of comments but meh, i just hope u read this one, keep it up!

    • Muscleup says:


      • Kapp says:

        Yea, i think i’ll manage.. 😛

        The only thing that limits me is myself, i have no limits.. i can do anything my friend 😉

    • Kapp says:

      I dont know did anyone even read my comment, well one dude did and i appreciate that a lot.

      I just got home.. Every single set and every single rep was pure pain.. Ive had plenty of surgeries on my legs and theyve left my quads pretty weird, it really hurts to train them, and i have to lay back on legs for a few days after training them, regardless of how heavy i go..soo, my solution: Go heavy everytime youre able to train them.

      There must be something wrong with me but i absolutely love this.. allthough, i know i’ll never be a bodybuilder, i’ll never be a powerlifter, nevertheless this is my life.. 😀

      Keep on liftin my friends!

      • Muscleup says:

        my name is Dennis,36 years old, i live in V.T.
        I had a work injury in 04, i crushed 3 dics in my neck and have some spinal cord damage, 1 plate some bone and 8 screws later, i was put back together 07, i had 3 more levels done in sufferd more nerve damage. i can’t run,i can’t jump,i can’t ride bike’s snowmobiles, i can’t even throw a ball too far…but i’ll be fucked if i was gonna stop training…i have blow all my spine Dr’s and surgens away with my recovery, i did every thing they wanted me to do and i was getting no where, living in pain 24/7. i took over my recovery,got back to weight training,and have been kicking ass ever since, but i get in thease negitive ruts sometimes and, stuff like this keeps me going to never stop trying to be better than i am. your young dude,and got alot of life ahead of you.sounds like your gonna do just fine though, keep your head up and stay strong…as far as something being wrong with you for loving it…no man…thats why we all love it!!!

      • Kapp, your story reminds me that we can’t control the hand we’re dealt, but only how well and how bravely we play it. I can never get enough of that kind of wisdom. Sounds like your problems have given you uncommon strength of mind and we can all benefit from your presence here. I hope you post often.

        Muscleup, your story is fascinating. Handled right, weight training is a miracle cure, it adds padding and reinforcement to your body. The benefits are endless.

        Whatever obstacles we’re born with (and we all have them) we can play that hand with honor – that’s truly what defines us. The endless transformation is about living a full blown life, and doing the best with what we have. Thanks everyone for the comments, I’ll post some pics shortly and next week we’ll kick off the next transformation in style.

      • Kapp says:

        Yea i totally agree with you… there are things that ive been afraid of and havent done, but im glad i realized how i should live my life at such young age.

        In a way i dont think that im disabled, cos… this disability of mine has given me more abilities than disabilities, it drives me to do things i propably wouldnt have courage to do otherwise and it has given me a totally different perspective to life than most people have.

        We live only once my friends.. might aswell live it to the fullest 😉
        Im glad if i inspired even one of you guys, it means a lot, and thank you too Kev for replying to me.

        Oh and im actually from Europe, Finland, so my english might not be perfect but ohwell!

      • Maciek - Poland says:

        Man, yes in did there is something wrong with You…. with me… with so many guys from this blog… but it’s what I call “good vibrations”.
        Keep on dude!!!

  41. Daniel says:

    Awesome transformation, great motivation!

  42. Muscleup says:

    kev…#1, you are a class act…awsome bro.the real deal #2 you look like a fat kid in a candy store at the macca baby,look at the look in your eye’s…you love this shit, and as many of us hope we do in our lives, you have found your calling…#3 i wanna thank you so much for taking us on this ride with you, you have a new found family just one click away, hell, i think we all do. we all look foward to the physical challenge of training, but the mental challenge is where it’s won or lost…and you and this blog helps us on the edge…to keep going down the right path and not fall off track…this must be a tripp for you to bro. i have been close with jay cutler since we met in 96 at the new englands, and email a couple times a week, i have all his stuff, and have not paid anything for it, he just sends it to me, after my surgerys i had, i would check my e-mail, and Mr.O. had sent me a e-mail say, “just checking in on you bro, how you doin,shout back”…i thought he was the only one in the sport that was like that…i was wrong. i wish more would be like you two. if some of them would read this blog. maybe they would relize what a impact they have on us,and we could send it right back to them… Kevin, thanks again.

  43. Angelo says:

    Very nice video man, Golds Gym just had something special about it. Great way to wrap up the transformation. I’m looking forward to seeing what else you have in store, but all in all, awesome transformation. Everyones already reflected on this, but I have to add it…you are a class act.

  44. JeiS says:

    This has been great trip, Kev! You’ve done nice, clean & hard work, I like it. I was afraid of the end of this blog but if I understood right, this will be continued..? Which made me happy!

    Keep posting on, this has been great inspiration for me and probably for all the followers of your blog. So thanks a lot about updating this so actively! ..already waiting for the next post!

    -Greetings and good luck to future from Finland!

    Btw, nice gains dude and congratulations about them!!

  45. Jimmy says:

    Sweden here…

    So this journey has come to an end, huh, but what a journey it´s been… =)
    Hopefully next journey we do together here on this site and in our everyday lifes will be as fun, educating, motivational and inspirational as this has been so far. =)

    Thanx Kevin for everything so far. You are worthy a big celebration and a big hurrah after all this progress you´ve made.
    You´ve proven that hard work, dedication, focus on what you do in the gym, enough rest and good nutrition makes personal success.
    I´m so pleased that I´ve had the chance to come along on this site and see all of it, I still remember, a very good & positive memory, the very first vids you put up with you in the gym.
    Thanx again for everything, Kevin.

    Don´t stay away too long now 😉


    //Jimmy, Sweden

  46. Ceasar says:

    Congratulaions on completing you transformation , you set a goal and followed exactly. I have been following this blog from day 1 i will continue checking daily. You are a true people champion and after i seeing you complete this is has just given me so much more inspitartion it un-real . Thank you for your insiprational words trough out .

  47. Michel R says:

    Nice wrap-up and final comments…

    Thx for the great journey so far and we got your back, with whatever u decide to plan next, brotha 🙂

  48. Polish_fan says:

    Hi Kevin,
    You gained 40 lbs of muscle, how does it influence you blood pressure? 😛


  49. Scott McCabe says:

    Kevin, what a great way to end the first phase of the transformation. You are a natural motivator, and an inspiration to all who followed your career in the 1990’s and 2000’s. At 37, and after not touching a weight in eight + years you give me the motivation to reach my goal of competing again. I truely believe in muscle memory and good genitics, on my way back thanks to you bro.

  50. William says:

    This has been a great long ride.
    I’ve been checking this blog and writing since day one. I think it would be hard to get every video clip entertaining but your humour and your personality has made the videos and this blog to what it is.
    You’ve no idea the message you are sending to younger guys who begins to train etc.. many people turns to steroids but you have proven that you don’t have to. To believe that a normal person would get such results as you’ve is toally wrong but you’ve shown that you can get muscle growth without the juice.
    I cant wait for whats up next.

    William from Sweden

  51. kev says:

    awesome job

  52. Sean says:

    Dude! I’ve been following you daily since the day you announced the transformation.. Simply unreal, you pump me up and inspire me to no end.. Just keep on rollin brother, whatever your future goals may be it’s obvious that you have the character and drive to succeed with anything you set your mind to.. Ive preeched this blog to so many people to check out and just hope it can bring new people to be as motivated as the community you’ve established here.. Keep rollin man.

    Sean from Canada

  53. gpaasche says:

    An epic way to finish this transformation! Nevertheless a simple technical question: Why did you train with such high reps during the last workout?
    Looking forward to your next steps! Hopefully you don’t burn much muscle and strength during the definition part.

  54. Honzina says:

    It was the great first part of transformation and it´s hard to wait for the next part!

    So be back soon!

    Honzina (CZ)

  55. Mark says:


    Thanks so much for sharing this journey with us. I have been a fan for over 15 years. My last 8 weeks of training have been great! Cant wait to see what the future holds for Levrone.

    Mark from Canada

  56. Jiri says:

    Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby! Olympia 2009 baby!

  57. greenmamba24 says:

    Hey Kevin, congrats bro, you proved all the doubters wrong and completed a ridiculous transformation. 40lbs in 8 weeks while dropping 8% bf, that is simply amazing man. Amazing. Looks like you’re getting up there again with that heavy ass weight, awesome. I can’t wait to see where this blog is taken to in the future. What’s up with the newsletter? When’s that coming out? I still haven’t got it.

    I’m making a Levrone style vid today in my gym for fun, I’ll post it on here, haha.

  58. kenbo213 says:

    That’s what it’s all about baby, finishing up strong kev. Pause the clip at 2:17 to witness the greatest physique in existence :). It was a great ride kev, from getting excited as shit, to see my favorite bodybuilder go from point A to B, and fucking massive. Awesome. Now the quest is to get shredded, and you know what, that’s cool with me, get that body fat really down, and hopefully you can share all of the secrets in order to do that , something i have been lacking in my stomach( stubborn fat) maybe once you do get shredded, you think you will start to begin adding muscle again? maybe if you do , you might redefine the meaning of putting on lean muscle mass.

    • kenbo213 says:

      without the fat.

      • max says:

        That is a good idea if its possible to remain under 5 percent body fat and add mass which is pretty much godlike but if anyone can do it then its def levrone

        id much rather see how lean he can get naturally and how it looks then after he gets as lean as possible then go back to adding as much mass as possible in a certain givin time again

    • kenbo213 says:

      You know bro, that is not a bad idea at all, thumbs up to that.

    • kenbo213 says:

      Probably implementing a ketogenic diet might allow this to happen.

  59. Kevin S says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Congrats man, I knew it from the beginning that you will get your goal and it happened. This blog and you inspires me every day, you are a great man Kev

    greets from Belgium

  60. jochapin says:

    Kevin!! you are a great champion, cause you put your objetives since the beginning and you did it!! all!! thank you for your experience and inspiration that you give us, keep going man!!!! from guatemala central america

  61. Alan says:

    Hey Kevin,

    These 8 last weeks were just terrific.
    You inspire me everyday at the gym, thanks for that, sharing all you can with us. Wonderful.
    Cant”t wait the next level.
    Good job man !
    Alan (France)

  62. SammieSam says:

    hey kevin, how big are the guns?

  63. Neil says:

    Inspirational stuff Kev! Just hit the gym after watching ur video and powered through a heavy workout ( for me, anyway ), despite not feeling too well before. Your attitude and outlook is just as inpiring as your physique.

  64. Disturbed says:

    Check out this photo guys, Kevin is the best among these guys!

    • PhilB says:

      Weeew! Kevin’s traps on this pic make Mike’s neck look like a tooth stick. Actually, these traps/neck look out of this world.

  65. max says:

    I once heard somewhere body fat calipers don’t register correctly with body fat lower than 7 or 8 percent but either way i want to see how getting shredded is done correctly and naturally now that we saw how to get big naturally and correctly, id love to see getting shredded by THE ONE AND ONLY KEVIN LEVRONE!!!

    What do you think you will come down to 235 maybe?

  66. kenbo213 says:

    Kev, baby, what are the measurement’s for the armsssss… lol , lookinh around 20’s.

  67. Trevor says:

    All I can say is thank you!

  68. JL2 says:

    Gold’s Gym, Venice Beach!!! Wow!! Man I actually felt like I was right there. Great job man. Thanks for all the inspiration. You are King!! God Bless.

  69. Wil says:

    Hey Kev,

    Reading your blog has been my everyday ritual. I can’t tell you how much you have motivated and inspired me. I’ve commented in a past blog that your attitude and demeanor is nothing short of a class act. When I feel like I don’t have the energy or drive to work-out, I think about what you have shared and I am reminded there are no excuses. We are the same age and you have been a great role model for me. Everyone has been saying it, and I will say it again…you are the best bro!!


    • Wil, if we’re the same age you know that excuses double every year, so good job, man, really impressive. Giving you that drive is what it’s all about. People wonder why I don’t charge for this blog. It’s because now I have friends instead of just customers, and 100,000 reasons to get to the gym.

  70. GAZ (uk) says:

    Awesome !!

    Looking forward to the next stage of the transformation whatever that may be ….

    I think you should take up John Romanos offer ”MEXICO MUSCLE MACHINE” baby haha

    Also im going to keep suggesting, that you start getting t-shirts printed ”levrone wear” or ”levrone gear” 😉

    Seriously though its been awesome to watch

    Thanks man

    Gaz (uk)

    • Do you want me to put out t-shirts and stuff? Spreading the word of what we’re doing and inspiring people to transform is a good cause. If I go the shirts/posters route, % of proceeds will go to charity, and messages will be designed to inspire people.

      Maybe I should have a t-shirt idea contest where we all vote and then I fly the winner out for three days of personal training. Let me know if you guys think I should do this.

      • kenbo213 says:

        Kev, but of course!!!!!

      • Kapp says:

        Oh that kind of competition would be absolutely awesome o.o

        3 days of personal training… i think everyone’d go nut xD

      • Michel R says:

        Put it out, bro…

        We know the true essence of this blog and for most of us if buying a t-shirt or supplement or whatever u plan to pu tout, means we can show the world what this blog and the person behind it could mean for them..

        Would be cool to have a new contest and help you and this commmunity out again… Nothing wrong with making a living, bro… If we can help, what’s wrong with that?


      • William says:

        I think you should do it, why not? Charity is a good thing and i don’t mind spending a penny on a t-shirt with your name on it;).
        I admire you putting up a link to “Children hearts foundation”, truly a class act. And yeah i agree with Michael R, whats wrong with making a living?.. we know that you’re not a greedy man.

        Think it would be great if you could or somebody comes up with the print of the t-shirt then we all could vote wich one we want?

        William from Sweden

      • Marco says:

        I think you could do some serious damage if you make a weight lifting clothing line. Like Michael Jordan’s Jumpman..nothing too flashy, just some nice training gear with a small “KL” logo or something…

      • DeeMan says:

        I would literally **** my pants if I could train with you for 3 days, LOL! Bring on the competition baby!!!!

      • GAZ (uk) says:

        T-shirts etc would be bad-ass

        I’d rather advertise something motivational and inspiring 🙂

        Im pretty sure that i can speak for most people when i say that if i looked at a ”flex and squeeze baby” t-shirt before my heavy set, it would be worth an extra rep or two !

        Really appreciate you taking the time to answer my post. Intensity=Imensity. Thank You 🙂 Gaz (uk)

      • Nate D says:

        Ah man, I was just looking all over the net for Kevin Lervrone shirt man! They don’t exist! I got Maryland Muscle Machine DVD on the way right now though, super pumped. I don’t think producing a shirt would be selling out, anybody who criticized or had negative to say about it, well they don’t matter anyways. At the end of the day, do your thang man, whatever you feel is right. But yeah man, I’m jonesin’ to rep a Levrone shirt when I go train up in the powerhouse. Posters would be awesome too, it’s all inspirational and positive, good cause.

      • norweigian says:

        No man. No transformation t-shirt. Yes we can flush our brains with some new ideas to put in our society here at the levroneblog, but t-shirts??. Hell no, everywhere i see those people trying to flash their little point of wisdome or rare culture on t-shirts and im feed up with that.
        And come on man, your cool, nice, had one of the greatest bodies, but beeing in my 30s i dont want to go around with a Kevin Levrone t-shirt:-).

      • Michel R says:

        Norweigian, being on this blog for about eight weeks, to me you’ve come across as a strange and quite francly contrary kind of guy. Perhaps due to lack of nuances in your knowledge of English, but most due to your own selfcentered ego. Without a doubt you follow your own strong way in life and have your own beliefs on what should happen around your world.

        Thing is, Norweigian… The world ain’t turning around you and while your opinion is just as valid as others, you come across as having a very negative perception towards other folks, especially when they’re not following your way of life or have a different opinion. It aint the first time you’ve been able to have me train my eyebrow-muscles, while reading your replies. This was one of those occasions. Keep it up and I’ll have Neanderthaler eyebrows pretty soon. 😛

        There are more folks that would like Kev to put out a t-shirt and who would wear it, than folks like you who are negative towards this idea.

        I’m 35 and I’ll wear that damn Levrone t-shirt cos I’m proud to be a part of this community and I would like to spread the Levrone-word. In the process help Kev out with making a lil buck for himself, is a big plus too. It’s not his true intention with this blog, but nothing wrong with making a living.

        My message to you… Sometimes when u disagree, it’s better to keep quiet, than to make yourself look so damn negative…. Peace…

      • Kapp says:

        Tbh im all in for t-shirts but… maybe not a transformation based one… or if it is, lets not make it anythin corny okey?

      • Muscleup says:

        it’s good…if done for all the right reasons, i got bodybuilders signed pic’s on the weight room walls and they give my fuel when i need it.% of it goes to charity, who can bitch about that…three days of training with you…you don’t want none of this old bolted up cripple!!! when i step into the gym…i have no more injuries !!! hahahahaha…it’s a good idea, if some don’t like it…don’t by it !!!

      • Michel R says:

        A Levrone t-shirt in the gym is one hell of a motivational tool, if u ask me… U have to put up good form while lifting int he mirror and u see what dedication, persistence and hard work can lead too… Let’s put the superior genetics of Kev out of the equation, hehe..

      • Mike (UK) says:

        Yeah you could go like Roger Federer and just do the ‘KL’ type stuffr that he does with Nike.

        Obv it would be more hardcore…but nothing cheesy otherwise Valentino will start wearing it in his MD videos…


  71. Lazz says:

    We’re with you whereever you go, your the best Kev!

  72. Leo says:

    Awesome Kevin! Absolutely awesome. Very inspirational. Thank you…thank you…thank you.

  73. doug says:

    Kev you look great!! I give you a ton of credit for pulling off what you did naturally. But To me you don’t look 244. I’m not doubting you but you just don’t. I’m 5’9 240 and look so much different alot thicker and bigger maybe its all the gear I’m on I don’t know. Anyway regaurdless great job your a true inspiration especially for someone like me who doesn’t think you can pull off that kinda size without gear.

    • PhilB says:

      Look at his legs on previous weeks pictures. My theory is that a lot of his weight initially came in good part from his legs and that over the last 8 weeks, the upper part catched up but still, his legs are really dominating. Just a tought, I may be off though.

  74. Niklas says:

    You talk very highly about the great champions who trained at golds gym venice.. like you’re not one of them – but you most certainly are!

    Thanks for the inspiration. That focus thing where you picture yourself like you want to be before a set is awesome. Especially on leg day.

    What you are doing is unique and much appreciated!

  75. George says:

    Kevin! Thank you! Ones again you’ve proved you are and will alway be a great athlet and the man with a big and honorable heart. You will always remain as a great champion in the histoy of bodybuilding sport. Thank you for this amazing journey! You are an inexhaustible source of inspiration, Kevin! Thank you for all!

  76. aryez says:

    great finish kevin,but tell me where do you see yourself in the future are you going to keep your new body in shape or taking time off again?

  77. Herbert says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Congratulations on your transformation.Can’t wait to see whats in store next!

  78. Kim says:

    Great video for the ending of this transformation =)

    What your doing is really awesome, this transformation, this blog, getting us involved, everything.
    Keep up the good work Kevin, there’s no stoppin you now 😉 haha

  79. mikey s says:

    WOW, what a speech at the end of the vid, great work kev

  80. Dan S. says:

    nice transformation kev! when is that newsletter coming out with the diet info bud? looking forward to that, after all, a good diet is half of getting big!

  81. ibemongo says:

    Gratz on all the hard work. i cant wait to see you cut but at %6 body fat you dont have much to go. i rather see you put on more size before you cut.

    I really cant wait for the new website with the forums!! I hope you put up a question and answer thread because theirs a bunch of questions i want to get answered.

  82. Sergio says:

    Thanks Kevin, very motivating. Enjoyed watching. Competing for the last time in November, then I just want to train and stay healthy.


  83. Fordman65 says:

    As everyone has been saying up to this point. You are really truely proving yourself as a class act here man. Not only did you achieve your goals, but you did it the right way. No short cuts were taken and for that you deserve much respect.

    I’ve followed you this entire 8 weeks, and loved every bit of it. I am really looking forward to your cutting transformation. As that is my weak point.

  84. hector says:

    thanks for the inspiration, looking forward on your next transformation.

  85. Ken says:

    Kevin, congratulations on the transformation, and thank you for inspiring and letting all of us be a part of it. can’t wait to see the road ahead

  86. Brendon says:

    Great inspiration here big Kev, keep banging it man and blow some minds! I heard the Flex Wheeler topic on RxMuscle…funny this is he did a video on training legs at Venice Golds bout 3 weeks ago. Same leg press machine, same weight he got it for 6 half reps…you blasted 20 deep reps. Bad ass man!

  87. ch0w says:

    Good job lets pump up the volume baby!

  88. Corey says:


    Your transformation has been incredible and quite inspirational. I competed in my late 20s (motivated by your “hooded focus” in the Battle for the Olympia videos), but have just kind of coasted in the weight room through much of my 30s. Your video documentation has reignited the fire that drives me to improve my physique. Thanks, and best of luck in your future endeavors, both in and out of the gym.

  89. Daniel says:

    All I have to say is you are an incredible bodybuilder, you are truly a legend, cant wait to see your next transformation. Impeccable performance on your first one!

  90. Tony says:

    I’m telling ya, I’ve gotten so pumped and dedicated lately I won’t even break for a starburst. Thanks for the help. I’ve hit my goals for the last 6 weeks, which about when I started following this blog.

  91. Wrath says:

    The Maryland Muscle Machine

  92. Jonathan Winters says:

    Just wanted to say thanx for sharing your transformation with us… its definately helped me focus and train harder at the gym and increase intensity… I’ve noticed some improvements in my training from watching your videos…. the key is to always try to improve… for so long in the past I had been going to the gym I had lost sight of that basic principle… progressive overload…

    Anyways.. keep up the hard work and keep getting stronger…

  93. animal says:

    Hey Kev, we´re still waiting for the final “End of week 8” picture! 😉

    Good Job so far!

  94. kenbo213 says:

    Kev, i don’t know how many times i have posted lol, but here i go again. I was wondering , along the lines of , well, shit, i wish i could not make this public cause i feel everyone might start bitching/asking but, what are your plans for mods or admins at the forum… are you going to be the only one running it currently.. or will you expand it to others? I have all the time in the world so i wouldn’t mind being one . Whatever the case, i’m just sticking my neck out man. Peace.

    • Hey guys, if you want something in life, ask. You can’t get anywhere if you don’t ask. Way to go Kenbo.

      You’d make a great moderator. I will keep your offer in mind – I have some friends who have been interested in helping with the forum and technical issues for the blog – that stuff eats up my time. But if you and others want to help the cause, I’ll find a way to put your talent and commitment to work.

  95. JeremyC says:

    I would definately be interested in a shirt if you decided to put something out, kevin.

  96. JeremyC says:

    I would also like to say you are what keeps me pumped in the gym man. My friends think im goofy for it, but you are definately a HUGE inspiration. thanks dude

  97. Pierce says:



  98. Grebaam says:

    AWESOME WORK SO FAR BIG KEV, I have been with you through this whole thing man, even though I don’t like to post every day and am quiet on the blogs, you push me every day in the gym, I go in to the gym work my ass off and come back and say “let’s see how big kev did” and it pushes me even harder. When I feel like straying from my diet, feel like skimping on the last couple reps, feel like not giving my all, I think “Kevin Levrone isnt slacking, you want to make progress like a champ you have to man up and act like a champ”. Which also means if there is ever an opportunity to head out and train with you, IM THERE. Ive made some great progress and learned a lot of things that are going to push me even harder and take me to an even higher level in the coming months and years, and you better believe im watchin you to keep me motivated and hope you are hearin me to motivate you.
    Still with you in the journey brother.

  99. Wojtaz says:

    hi Kev, is that any possibility that You could organize a camp for us,I think it would be a great idea,like for example Stevean Seagal has an aikido camp from time to time across the europe…would be a great idea realyy:)

    • Kapp says:

      The idea IS great, but actually making that happen would require a tremendous effort and time… 😛

    • FullBlown says:

      I just watched your video Full Blown and i realy liked it.
      You give very much tips in this video and it is very motivating senteces like
      “what you don’t do, somebody else is doing it”
      “Kevin Levrone got a secret, everytime time i’m coming out i am coming out stronger i’m coming out bigger”
      I realy liked this, it reminds me to never give up what i’m doing now and dont come to a wrong way

      Thanks for that Kevin keep up your good work now, and dont lose the way your going now because it is the right way!

  100. BIll says:

    Kev – great, great work. 8 weeks and doing what you did is a great accomplishment. Us old guys (I’m 36) can still go! And you showed exactly what it takes – hard work, dedication, and consistency. It’s not about being the most gifted (it helps), it’s about what you put into it.

    The blog’s in my faves list and I’ll be interested to see where you go from here.

  101. FABIO says:

    Nice Venice
    Beato te Kevin sei tranquillo.

  102. Looks like a nice workout there, great work Levrone. Much appreciated blog, natural training, videos and all.

    Would had liked to keep on tracking your progress but I hope these 8 weeks aren’t the end of your fight to come back in shape, I assume you will start put on some more weight once you’ve done your cut? Can’t say you really seem to need to lose any fat already though since you’ve shaped up nicely even while getting heavier but I guess you know it the best 🙂

    Good luck with your following workouts!

  103. Fordman65 says:

    I think the T-shirt thing is a great idea. I like the fact that you are not into all that corporate crap, but I would have no problem sporting a Levrone shirt. It’s a good cause,and you are doing things for the right reason.

    Maybe by me wearing a shirt of yours it will inspire someone to check out your blog. Coming here will only motivate them to work harder at achieving their fitness goals. I don’t see how this can be a bad thing.

    Hell I’ll buy a couple shirts. lol

  104. fernan says:

    thanks kevin for this great report

  105. Nate D says:

    I put this in my training log:

    “Bad times don’t last forever baby, as long as you never give up, you’ll never lose” – Kevin Levrone.

    That would be really cool on a shirt. That quote meant a lot to me.


    • Jordan says:

      I like that, means something to me because of my own troubles

      when did kev say that?

      what Jordans do you wear kev?, im sure i saw you with a pair on

      and any news on the KL formula?

  106. stercus says:

    Kev…. i know this msg is not short and sweet my brother but i hope you read it..

    Amazing …

    The dedication , the power , the mental drive yet the humble words everytime you talk or type.

    Not just a role model on the stage but also in life , i know i am not perfect nor are you as we are only human but you do push forward and lead by example.

    I have probably posted a number of times now and followed this everyday day along our journey , i do not have one picture of you in my house but i do have your name printed out and stuck with glue on my fridge , on my roof in my room , in my lounge where i do cardio, in my car … see Kev we all admire and look at your physique as one if not the best physique of all time but i will never have it as i am not Kevin i am Stercus… but i can look at your name your dedication and drive and march forward day by day towards my goal and the same goal you once had winning a show and to become a pro.

    I admire your physique but also Kevin Levrone the person that puts himself out there for the world to judge and o boy did the world judge.

    Thanks for the Journey and may our journey or paths one day meet , good luck and i will see you on the forum or the Olympia be it only both as fans.

    Stercus… out

  107. jace-uk says:

    Kevin if you do run a brand of tee shirt,instead of importing to the UK,id happily look at setting up a run here,id runt he costs by you of course,so your aware

    Id sell for just over cost and any profit put to a charity of your choice,my time of course would be for free to help out

  108. Stanford from holland says:

    Kevin thnx for the last couple of weeks into your training life,its been great and has made me work harder to reach my goals.

    Hope you will go further and post this too and will be looking forward to the forum part of this site.

    Off record,
    are you still busy with music?

    Greets from your pal in holland Stanford

  109. Giljo says:

    Hey Kevin!
    Im just wondering, when was that banner picture of you standing in the tank top taken?

  110. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Gaz (UK)

    We got there man, the tshirt idea is spreading!

    Make them decent though…the ‘Levrone is Numero Uno’ is a classic.

    Flex and squeeze baby…!

    Big session wednesday mate…!!!!

    Mike (UK)

    PS Kevin…you are a legend…I’d be happy to PT you if you wanted…?!

  111. A Khan says:

    I’m glad that you added: ‘This is just the beginning’.

    What a phenomenal journey and an accomplishment for you.

    Personally, your blogs are a motivation for me to head to the gym day in day out after a long ass day at work.

    Keep at it man. You know you’ve got an entourage behind you!

  112. William says:

    Would be fun if someone makes a “Levrone transformation compilation” then put it up here.. i mean, if Kevin don’t mind taking scenes from the new Youtube clips? with some great music ofcourse.

    William from Sweden

  113. youssef says:

    hey kev, ur the best ever dont stop we want to see at Mr olympia please do it just for us,now you have to prepare ur self u stil have aboute 2weeks for Mr Olympia anyway thnkx a lot ur bodybuilders lord ur the king keep going.


  114. youssef says:

    i wanted to say 2monts to Mr O

  115. Dave says:

    Hey Kevin, how many times a week were you doing cardio during your transformation? I remember you saying you were doing 45 minutes before your workouts, but that was early on..did it change?. BTW, the t-shirts sound like a great idea, I would proudly wear it in the gym. It’s the least I can do for you opening up your training to everyone. Thanks man!

  116. Kev,

    Nicely done Bro. Just don’t quit now! The O is 9 weeks away, and THIS IS YOUR YEAR BABY! I can EASILY see you taking this thing from Dex! Pffft! Easy!

    Great job with Dave and John on HMR. I loved the suspense. Oh yeah, and call John ASAP and take him up on his offer! You got no time to lose…

    Aaron Singerman
    Host of OFF TOPIC

  117. Labanapan says:

    Its was so swet to hear you say that your not going to end this, i was about to cry when i looked at this clip becouse it was suppose to be the last on. and were can i find some songs from your old band fullblown?

  118. troy says:

    this video is fab, great seeing the big man back pushing some serious weights around at the legendary golds gym, i bet silvio was abit worried when he seen ya.. a comeback would knock his olympia placing down a notch;)

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