Levrone Transformation • Final Picture From Week 8

Picture 32Here it is. I wanted to get this up earlier – this pic was from the beginning of last week. I was hoping to put it up with a leg and back shot, but I never had a chance to get those done, so I’m putting this up now.

This pic is important because not only is it the last pic of the MASS transformation, it’s also the first pic for the DEFINITION transformation to come.

Starting tomorrow we’re going to get back to posting regularly, and we’ll be setting the stage for the definition transformation. I hope you all join me in getting more cut than you’ve ever been.

– Kevin


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  1. alejandro says:


    • . says:

      If I had to be honest I would of liked another regular gym picture at at the end. Without the tan and supplement ad look to it. This makes me suspect a product launch for the masses to buy. Something is about to be pimped like a prework out mix. Which is fine, but maybe that needed to be said from the beginning. Is this a feel good journey or is it all an act to promote some product? I don’t know the answer to that. However, I have enjoyed the ride thus far. Best of luck to all.

  2. Markus says:

    nice kevin, ripped kevin, the collor is deep yeah

  3. Hyungbae Park says:

    You’re just amazing!!! Go Kevin!! I’m from Korea. And my american name is Kevin because of you!!

  4. Joe Pelikan says:

    looking great kev, cant wait to see how shredded you come out. Man I cant stop watching your ifbb compilations and I think your movie called M3? Im going thru super rough times right now, no money, low on food but this blog keeps me motivated to tough out these times and come out stronger than ever
    Keep it up man

  5. Jace-uk says:

    Awesome result
    your looking ripped now in 8 weeks you’ll look crazy
    your loyal friend

  6. ste says:

    wow amazing progress, cant wait for the cut……

  7. bryon24 says:

    Sup Kev. This is Bryon from the Philippines. Been following you since the 1st week of your mass transformation and I must say that is truly phenomenal to see you reach this level. The week 8 pic truly epitomizes the “Natural Freak” look. Can’t wait for the next phase Bro’. Hey got a quick question for you, I’m also doing my own transformation but its mostly cutting down on fat and gaining lean muscle mass. Is it safe for me to be taking fat loss supplements like Xenadrine? Usually I eat a little before working out(e.g flavorless oatmeal) and then after 20 minutes I take 2 capsules of Xenadrine and headout to the gym. My post – workout nutrition is a variation of natural sources (e.g. Tuna, Egg whites, chicken breasts) I used to take whey protein but I stopped. Am I on the right track?

  8. Gil says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Amazing transformation!! Also very nice color, what did you use to get that color?

  9. max says:

    Did your legs get allot bigger because in this comparison its hard to see the 40 pounds of solid mass you added

    you loss a ton of body fat in just 8 weeks while trying to gain mass that is unreal you should be able to get shredded in like honestly 6 weeks

    Id really love to purchase your workout product and also everyone is saying to create shirts which would be awesome id probably purchase every single one of them

    Where did you get the tan done and what was the process called?

    I am going to follow your getting shredded process and do my own transformation and post pic on the forum, right now i weight about 190 probably about 20 percent body fat and plan to drop down to 160

    • Kapp says:

      Guessing he just put on some dream tan…

      Its not like you have to go to a special shop where they spray you with shit you know, just buy a can and put it on your body…

    • Kapp says:

      Why would you wanna put on dream tan or any other stuff on anyway? o.o

    • ben says:

      max he did not add 40 pounds,he weighed himself at the end of the day when you are heavier because your stomach is not empty,also he was wearing a jumpsuit and shoes.

      He is more realistically 235lbs at best.

  10. William says:

    Looking slim and full Kev, great.
    About the cut.. i don’t know man mabe you should wait a few weeks and pack on a little mor mass but thats just what i think.
    But i have no doubt in my mind that you will look great after the cut so.

    Of course we’ll follow, all the way baby.

    William from Sweeeden

  11. stian says:

    Looking awsome Kev!! Cant wait for the next transformation!
    When you competed and trained all year round, did you ever deload?? Im having trouble with the intensity, in the sence that im training to hard to often,,, I had to deload this week and it sucks when im trying to build and rip… what are your thoughts on deloading?

    keep going Kev

  12. Benjamin says:

    Good work my friend

  13. Patrick says:

    Congrats can’t wait to see the full body transformation with your wheels! and your mean back double bi!

  14. bryon24 says:

    can’t wait for the next phase! Awesome job Kev!

  15. jvc1988 says:

    To say the least, that’s super impressive!

  16. Maciek - Poland says:


    My wife doesn’t believe You can look like this in 8 weeks of transformation. She tells me that is “photoshop job” 😉
    Man, sometimes think, I can understand women, but five minutes later everything seems to be quite different.

    I am looking forward Your next transformation.

  17. handymart777 says:

    Hey Kev! I just wanted to say that your transformation is incredible! As a natural athlete I know first hand the commitment that must be made to your diet and training program. Keep it up Levrone! You inspire us all!

  18. Muscleup says:

    dude…what you have now would be cut for me !!! shit man…i’ve been training for about 18yrs now, and well i’m guessing i’ve been from off-season to extreem-off-season for about 18 years now!!!haha, at least i’m honest. i’ve been like 8% back in, shit man, 94-95, not making excusses, but my body likes to be and seems to grow the best +(joints feel good) at like 12%…i hope you spill your guts on this one cuz i would do this step by step with you if i “won’t” lose a ton of muscle. it’s too hard for my old crippled ass to put it back on !!! i do seem to be able to build it, but over the years when i try to bring it down…i just can’t get it right man, and i lose a ton of muscle…being clean my whole dam life may have something to do with it? it will be fun being about the same size as you 5’9″ 245 but i’m starting at like 12/13%…

  19. Carles says:

    Oh man! This is amazing! Your shoulders and your arms are twice bigger than the beginning.

    I’m training so hard too, but my body doesn’t increase fast. I’m proving to change my diet and breaking my routine exercise, so with your motivation and this news changes I hope I became bigger!

    Many thanks for all this Kevin!!

  20. Kapp says:

    Do you ever train forearms btw?

    And i notice you seldomly work till positive failure, why is that?

    For example you might do 5 sets and 6 reps in each set ramping up in weights…
    I consider myself quite a beginner and i tend to pretty much always go till positive failure.

  21. Chris says:

    You’ve motivated me to really push myself. I don’t think I could have done some of the things I’ve done in the gym without your help or the other people on this site motivating me.

    Thanks Kevin!!!


  22. vasyl says:

    Hey Kev what is going on around here?

    Tell us your secret of youth!

    You look like 10 years younger in the second pic!

    Keeping it this way, after your second tranformation you are going to look 18 again!

  23. Michel R says:

    Awesome and yep ten years younger… Bodybuilding is the fountain of youth, ehhe… I have to admit that in my mid thirties folks also never believe I’m already an old geezer of 35 and I look nothing like this… But to most folks over thirty means sporting a beergut and letting it all hang… Some folks have a different opinion in that department, hehe… Feels good though, to be sporty and look a lil sporty in comparison to the fat and out of shape brigade, muhaha…


    I’m back for the next ride, count on this Belgian, hehe

  24. Adam says:

    Kevin! More mass before the cut up man!

  25. Juha says:

    Awesome Kevin, mindblowing transformation buddy!
    A nice tan in an instant too LOL

    So let´s get ripped and shredded!!

  26. Mark {Uk} says:


    You already look pretty ripped now!

    This is gonna look freaky man

  27. Eric says:

    Any Idea when we can expect your preworkout blend to be on for sale?

  28. Juhna says:

    Ok first of all, you say that you gained 40pounds of muscle, where they at? no seriously i can see the difference, but not in muscle mass, you are alot leaner thats it. I mean 244pounds, thats abit less than victor martinez weights and he is 5’9″ too. 40 pounds of muscle, -10pounds of bodyfat, image would be more than that. anyway, its still a transformation and good job you look alot better now, not 40pounds more muscular tho. I posted a guestion to you earlier, couple of weeks ago i guess(?), you never replied, maybe you didnt see it, maybe you were too busy, maybe you ignored it, but incase of option 1 and 2, ill give you a url to it and i really hope you can answer it if not here atleast on my email. Question is the second comment from me, url: https://kevinlevrone.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/answering-your-questions-%e2%80%a2-levronereport-com/#comments

  29. Mark (Ireland) says:

    Kevin, Whatever your doing keep doing it, your looking great!!!!

    Keep On Inspiring

  30. AKurban says:

    Kev bro, these past 8 weeks have absolutely amazing! Thanks for giving us the opportunity to be a part of it. We’ve been with you every step of the way and we will continue to be for your next transformation. Your results are incredible, can’t wait for the next step! Great job brother, keep it up!

  31. Spacemarine says:

    You have a dream body already Kevin !!!

  32. John C says:

    There is an irony here. Naturals want to believe that anyone bigger or better than them are “on something”. Users that see someone as good or better than them want to believe that those people are “on something”.

    Anyone over 12 years of age should know someone that is natural and can gain mass quickly. Genetics is a wonderful thing. It makes possible for a man to swim like a fish, Michael Phelps, understand space-time, Einstein, and squat 500 lbs for 15 reps, Bob Paris.

    I believe Kevin. I thought his comments were inspiring. Bodybuilders are not just about drugs. It’s about the drive in us to make ourselves in our own image through the mind body connection, proper nutrition, gut busting training in the gym and brain power. It’s a great thing that he has done.

    The awful truth is that we as a bodybuilding society have become so accustomed to drug use and abuse that we have lost site of ourselves. It’s not about the next cycle or blasting and cruising or the latest myostatin inhibitor scam. It’s about us as individuals and how we perceive ourselves, project a better self of the future and make that image a reality. Bodybuilding is a life style and a philosophy and both are personal. It is a belief system akin to a religion, yet more personal, deeper, touching our soul, makes us question our inner being, makes for regular introspection, drives us to purity of diet, of mind, of training.

    The drugs have increasingly changed the game and this is a tragedy. The wonderful chemicals that seemingly add vitality, add strength, add youth, have become the focus. No longer do we see the beings that we truly are. We have reduced ourselves to our own personal lab rats. The mind body connection in many instances has been traded for a mind body disconnection where the mind is the alchemist and the body is a caged rat for our pleasure of manipulation.

    We are so accustomed to fraud, so accustomed to falsehood, so accustomed to the use of enhancers used for profit that we can not realize truth even when it is put before us. It just can not be so because it is so often the case that it is not truth but a thinly veiled lie, a veneer of wishful thought on top of a hope that we hold to our heart.

    I say good job to Kevin. I do not believe he committed a fraud on his fans and his niche society. I base this on the evidence put before me by him, John and Dave. Kudos to all of them. If on the outside chance this was a fraud then I am a fool for believing in humanity, in the strength that has propelled us through the ages to better things. Kevin shows us that humanity is still alive and can exist outside of our alchemy. It is our spirit that propels us to these great things. Kevin has shown us his great spirit and by example challenges us to tap into our own spirit and do those great things that he believes we all can do.

    • Muscleup says:

      dude…thats ummm…way way to deep for me. i just do it cuz i like it !!! if i thought that much about it,it woulden’t be fun anymore…thats just me !!

    • Martin says:

      I gotta go with Muscleup on this one..dude:you need to chill out a little man. what you’re saying in the beginnig of your speech sounds fine, but then you spiralled more and more off course, to the point where i just had to ask myself; dude, is this guy on drugs or something…..?

      i mean, it’s great to live a healthy lifestyle and all, and have a true passion for bodybuilding. i know, cuz i have so myself. but don’t let it consume your whole personality man

      friendly advise, that’s all 😉

    • kenbo213 says:

      I wish i could somehow use this as my signature for a forum…? Good stuff. ( just joking, nice read by the way” )

    • Kapp says:

      Dude some of the stuff u said is just.. plain wrong from my point of view like srsly..

      I have to ask, do you even workout urself and more importantly do you use roids or did you use roids?

  33. ahmed says:

    hi levrone i’m ahmed from egypt i had seen all your report from 1 week to 8 week but i asking will you come back again to MR.OLYMPIA or not…….? i hope so

  34. FullBlown says:

    Looking greeat kevin your mass transformation inspired me to train and get mass like you
    And i think i will make a Diet, too.
    It’s easier to go trough this diet with a partner and i will make it with you !!
    Never give up just like me

  35. Joe Benvenuti says:

    Ok 6% is plenty cut enough… 3% is good enough to step on the olympia stage. Keep packing on the mass and get ready for late september. Call up Dave Palumbo, you got 61 days. KEVIN LEVRONE….MR. OLYMPIA!!!!! THE BEST PHYSIQUE EVER MAKING THE BEST COMEBACK OF ALL TIME!! sissy squats for quad sweep and close grip pulldowns and curl grip rows for lower lats. TAKE EM OUT BIG KEV!! step on stage at 280 and your set

  36. keszkko says:

    Great job! I am glad to have such an idol like You Kevin !

    Thanks, and keep going…

  37. Tony says:

    Looks like you already went throught the definition phase!

  38. GAZ (uk) says:

    Pow !!

    ”flex and squeeze baby”

    Damn, gota get me a tan !! Im over here in the uk looking like casper the ghost haha

    Keep it up man

    Nothing worth having comes easily

    Gaz (uk)

  39. Honzina says:

    What a change! You look fine and the result of the first transformation part must be inspiration for the next round. It works! Go on.

    Take care…

    Honzina (CZ)

  40. kev says:

    your head looks so much thinner on the new one :-), nice….

  41. Arseniy says:

    Daaammnnn, this’s GREAT baby!!! Amazing!!!
    For 2 days, i’m at home, with traumatic brain injury (3 men attacked me from behind, kicked my head with legs, and take away my cellphone), and all this time, i’m sitting and wacthing different info in the web, cause now, I cant training some days and its so fucking boring… And now, what i saw? Ur final pics from week 8! That’s awesome man, i’m glad to see such a results, ur results, and this pics really inspired me right now!!

    And u know, now i wish to make my own transformation, some later (in autumn), with pics bro. It wouldnt be sooo awesome, but i’ll try =)

    Maaaan… once again wanna say that this’s great! Thx to u Kev =)

  42. Barx says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Thats a successful Transformation man, congrats to that, also thanks for helping me along the way, really appreciate it.

    With the next phase of cutting, are you going to be talking about nutrition? from my limited experience I’m assuming this is a big part of it and believe this would really benefit me/us in knowing what one should be eating and when.

    Thanks bro


  43. Scott says:

    aww yeah kevin, can’t wait for this next transformation.

  44. K says:


    but r u gonna stop gaining mass?

    I think u need more mass in the neck

    greetings to the champion

  45. Markus says:

    nice tan kevin, solarium?

    • Kapp says:

      i still thinks its just dream tan or somethin… its hard for me to believe that he’d gotten that much darker from sun alone o.o

  46. robby-iraqi says:

    Al Salam Alicom (peace be upon you)

    you look great (maasha allah ) . So you just keep up the good work,kevin. Keep doing what you’ve been doing.you are the best.

    i am looking forward your next transformation.

    best regards

  47. dennis raedgaard says:

    it is really on honor seeing you get back in shape
    really nice job
    and the best off all is that you are clean
    it makes hope for us that isnt on the juice

    thank you kevin levrone

    her from denmark

  48. Mits says:

    what an amazing transformation, you are truely superhuman. i’ve been following this blog since it began and its helped me so much. I can’t wait till you do the shredding transformation, don’t stop doing what you do bro,
    regards Mits

  49. Savier says:

    looking awesome man, just incredible. go for the olympia tho man. You’d easily be a top contender!!!

  50. DOUBLER says:

    Hey I am Doubler from M3muscle I train with Kevin in Maryland, to let you all know his picture is real not photo shoped . The tan is real no dream tan !!! look you all seen the video’s we all saw the changes !!! just face it the guy is a freak !!!!! hey kev tell the people to come over to m3muscle.com and join the party !!!!

  51. DOUBLER says:

    Hey Kevin what time is it ? we know what time it is it’s FULL BLOWN TIME next time i see you !!!!!

  52. DOUBLER says:

    A transformation means everything: size, cuts, a new hair cut, and tanning……. everything. If kevin put on a coat of protan he would come out and say so. Is it that big of a deal? you people just love to bust chops huh? My name is DOUBLER from m3muscle.com….. GET IT RIGHT PLEASE.

  53. lucian says:

    I cant believe we are discussing a tan. are you guys for real? who friggin cares if he layed in the sun? heeellllooooo….he just gained 40lb of muscle and you guys are talking about his tan? now thats funny stuff. hey kevin, maybe i should help you with a coat of the jantanna from pittsburgh. lol then they would really have something to talk about!!!


  54. JORDAN says:

    job done, awesome work..you are one of only a few who could achieve those results in only 8 weeks.

    i look forward to the next transformation, i just hope you put a lot in to the diet side of things?..its all good that we see you lifting weights but the lifting weight isnt what gets you shredded!

    now i must ask, but do you use Myspace or Facebook Kev!????????? if so is your myspace http://www.myspace.com/levrone ?

    staill waiting on the KL formula man!

  55. PeteInEngland says:

    Wow man, just wow! You’ve come so far and its been awesome watching your transformation, glad your as fired up as us guys. Im starting my own mass building transformation tomorrow, been bodybuilding for a few years but now i want some serious gains so will be counting all my cals, nutrient ratios etc and training to gain with full focus and intensity.
    Can’t wait to see your next transformation, will be here every step of the way.
    Cheers Kevin, you rule and are a true inspiration 🙂

  56. GERARDO RIVAS says:

    Allow me Kevin to truly congratulate you for this great transformation. It is true that you had the base to re-build a heavy-muscular body again. I also could see the difference between a drug-free trained body and the body you had before when using chemicals.
    I used to train before and weighted 190 pounds of good muscle, then stopped for 3 yeras, gaining much body fat. It is very inspiring to see the results you obteined doing this all natural and I want to start doing it as well.
    I personally need more informtaion on diets and the right timing for consuming some food during the day, how to combine different type of proteins and carbos if so.


  57. notta says:

    I’m pumped up for this. I imagine Kev is going to go into diet and sups more than actual training for the definition transformation.

  58. Po says:

    Sup Kev,

    Damn, thats awesome. I think I’ma hit the gym right now!!
    Great work and dedication bro..your website is my homepage!

  59. Sean says:

    Props my man! Just pumped for whatever you have in store for us… Keep on haulin man, a true inspiration…

  60. Waan says:

    It’s Amazing , great results , a great shape , congratulations Kevin .
    like another guy said here ” A true inspiration ” for those who likes to workout !

  61. Udeeksh says:

    Awesome Transformation Kevin…You’re a genetic freak!
    But One question….
    Why no Pics of the back or legs?

  62. Hardwick says:

    way to be kevin keep it up man, youre such an inspiration man.

  63. ortega says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Props on the transformation but what about some leg and back pictures? We have not seen any in the 8 week transformation.

  64. Honzina says:

    …it could be fine to make all basic poses photos to see the form of all the muscles. And than also use this first transformation part gallery for comparation after the next one. I believe you find some time to do this because it will give us the visual possibility of evaluation, comparation (past – present – future) and also motivation at all. I know that the psyche is also very important. You told us you feel good mentally, it´s fine and I hope it will last as long as possible!


  65. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin & all the blog users!

    Good final Pic man…again inspiring!

    Looking forward to the next phase…should peak just in time for Olympia right?

    Think Flex prob wont be peaking for a while…

    Have a good one!

    Mike (UK)

  66. Scott W says:

    Spectacular transformation man. Can’t wait for the cuttin down progress, love this blog.

  67. Pierce (Ireland) says:

    The Levrone Report is one of the best things to come out of Bodybuilding . Kevin you are giving so much back to your fans and i want to say Thanks man . I have a new focus and energy in the gym now because of your blog . Thanks

  68. jace-uk says:

    Doubler,Lucian good to see M3 int he place 🙂

  69. Enzo says:

    Hello kevin!

    When you get cut, how do you stay that way? Is it possible to stay decently lean after a cutting diet and still gain muscle?

  70. Disturbed says:

    YEAH BABY! Just starting my cut, and it looks like kevin is goin’ to be with me, BAM BAM BAM BABY!

  71. leon says:

    kev looking good brother

  72. jasper says:

    Seeing how you started out, 8 weeks later you look awesome.
    Muscle memory, crazy genetics, eating, sleeping & training is an awesome combo.
    Looking forward to future entries.

  73. norweigian says:

    Hey man, yes, im with you on the next tranformation. Even if im a bit dissapointed. I think you should pack on another 20 pounds. And i will not follow you personaly. I started at 240, now im 253. I will try to reach 275, before i do some cutting. Or maybe aim for 285 with some juice. I havent been using it for maybe 5 years, but this blog has turned my bodybuilding life on again. Maybe that was a bad sideeffect, Kev:-). This blog is so inspiring that it make some of us do steroids again. But i know steroidtalk on your site doesnt do you good Kev, so i will keep my mass-mass-transformation for my self, and stick to whats your focus, getting ripped.

    • Rob says:

      Wow norweigian, 253lbs!!! Impressive!!! Although, may I ask how tall you are?

      • Rob says:

        Personally I think it’s a shame that steroids are looked down upon. They help people reach and achieve at levels not possible naturally. If I can ever reach 220lbs and be cut naturally at my height of 5’10” then I will take them for sure! I don’t care about the health risks as even if I live just 1 year in top shape then its all worth it and I will die happy.

        I think that if people want to use steroids and compete against others using steroids – great! I know which bodybuilding competitions I would rather watch out of the natural vs steroid. I want to see the best of the best.

        The general public expects to see the best yet they frown upon tope athletes using steroids – its crap. They have no idea what those top level elite athletes go through and they have no right to criticize.

      • Rob says:

        There is only one thing that scares me about steroids in terms of side effects and that is hair loss! I could not handle losing my hair but it’s a risk I will take.

      • FullBlown says:

        only a good body is not worth to waste your life
        get much information of the steroids you want to use and dont take too much, good to start with, don’t take everything you get

      • norweigian says:

        Im 181 cm. And its not that impressive, because i weigthed 285 3 years ago. Im 38, been around for 20 years, but like Kev, the last years have had another focus like job, family and house. Now that all the other things are well settled and going great, i may ass well digg into to bodybuilding world again. I never competed, but i was the biggest guy in the gym in our town with a population like maybe 170 000 people around:-)

      • Rob says:

        Hey norweigian,

        Damn! 285lbs at 181cm! Now that’s impressive. It surprises me you never competed. Sounds like you are another genetic freak like Kevin!

        Well, it’s never to late to compete man – by the sounds of it you would be very tough to beat, good luck if you ever choose to go down that track.

      • Rob says:

        Thanks FullBlown, I really appreciate your concern man. Later on I will be sure to do my homework on the stuff I use as best I can.

  74. doubler says:

    Dam, we got haters on the Report !!!!! he’s not done yet. Please wait everybody it might or could be and should be but he will be FULLBLOWN SOON !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is just a warm up to get his head right and test the waters.

  75. Kars says:

    Beter resolution Photo.

  76. christophe says:

    great job!!!!
    nice comme back!!!!

    a french fan…

  77. Shawn says:

    kevin its awesome how your body can bounce back and you get into shape in no time. you really are a bodybuilding genetic freak!

  78. work says:

    Great, Kevin!
    I wondering your before/after body fat & muscle mass. how many change?(kg)

    and, are you have this?

  79. Muscleup says:

    trust me bro…i started out training a looonnnggggg time ago, at 5’9″ 130lbs 18yrs old. said “when i hit 180lbs for me,i’ll be huge and happy” got to 180,now i want 200, got to 200 now i want 220…and so on till i hit 265lbs this winter, my arms finaly broke 20 inches, for me to think i could do this was only a dream…now that i did it (and i have never done any shit) i still am not happy and still want more…it’s like a drug in it-self dude. think about it bro…you do shit to be 220lbs and think you will be happy,but i don’t think you will, you maybe starting a bad bad addiction that will change your life in a not so good way…my advice bro…put your head down and work your balls off, you will get there and be so fuckin proud of how you did…plus you will hold on to it alot longer…

    • Rob says:

      Hey there Muscleup,

      Thanks for the advice man, I appreciate that. Yeah you do appreciate your own hard efforts paying off. For me, I have always had a firm image how I want to look, which is basically like a comic book superhero. Going by your stats, you sound like you are already there! Congratulations on the gains! WOW! 265lbs and 20 inch arms! Thats awesome!!! Well done!!!

      Yeah I know personally I will always want to be bigger and better. I get much happier the bigger I get. While I may never be totally happy, if I were ever able to get near your size! WOW!!! I would trade almost anything for that given the choice but like you said, of course I would want more.

      • Leep says:

        It’s true, natural gains are harder to get but they stay longer, even if you quit training for a while

  80. Ilham says:


    I’ve been trying to follow your transformation. I could only gain 8 lbs in 6 weeks or so. I don’t have your genetics, for sure, but I’ve been enjoying the change in my body. You’ve been a great inspiration.

    Keep it up!

  81. Dave says:

    Kevin, I really hope you decide to forgo the cut and continue trying to gain! I’d like to see how far you can take this naturally, and shit man, you’re really effing lean already.

    Nice work, whatever you decide

  82. Vincent Patty says:

    Kevin I was too late to follow this transformation of you. But you’ve got to know that I was a big fan of you and I still a fan of you. It’s great to see your transformation in just 8 weeks!!!
    Good luck with what you are going to do what ever it is!!!

    All the way from the Netherlands from the city of Rotterdam!!

    Vincent Patty

  83. troy says:

    please please keep the videos coming kevin, this website is the first thing i check when i come home the evenings, its become a force of habit now, aslong as the vids keep coming wherever you take it from here im in, thanks for the great show so far mate!

  84. John M.123 says:

    awsome Transformation! A true natural freak!

  85. Denis says:

    bélo avança que você fez em tão pouco tempo

    Parabens !

  86. Markus says:


  87. Zack K. says:

    You are simply amazing…you’re the reason i go to the gym everday…keep up the good work and thanks for sharing your transformation and dedication with us all.

  88. norweigian says:

    But guys. I think we are missing one point out here. Ive experiened it myself. There is a very big difference how a guy will apear with a burning chestpump, maybe with some extra blood from a NO too and when hi`s cold and relaxed. Putting some tan in there too and all of a sudden the transformation becomes human. Especially the second pics show some very great progress from pic one and to be completely honest, i have seen more peculiar transformations, tough there were steroid used in those.
    Anyway, 40 pounds is very impressive, but then again, to me its difficult to see 35 pounds difference from pic 2.

    • maciek - poland says:

      Man, what about legs? I think there’s a lot of that 40 pounds.
      By the way – I have feelings like Kev is a little beat cheating as. I’ve noticed, that today is 28-th of July. It’s additional week from last pics. So maybe he’s trying to put some extra mass?
      What about that, Kev?

      • Kapp says:

        maciek, have u not paid attention AT ALL?

        the 8week transformation period is over, but that doesnt mean hes gonna stop, the “definition” transformation started so OBVIOUSLY hes still training.

      • Eric says:

        Consider that the pictures are from one angle only, so you’re really only seeing Kevin in 2 dimensions, when he’s probably also a ton thicker after 8 weeks. I bet he’d appear a lot thicker in a side view comparison picture.

        Also, think about the largest, heaviest muscles: quads, hamstrings, lats. None of those are really visible in the pictures from the front.

    • Rob says:

      To my eyes Kevin’s best size gains have been in his arms. Kevin always had some of the best arms in the business.

      If I were to get picky, at his peak, Kevins only weakness really was his calves (but that is getting really picky and no way do I mean any disrespect, just giving my honest opinion). Of course He had fantastic calves which were better than 99.9% of the worlds population and in terms of calve comparison, second only to the likes of Dorian Yates and Mike Matarazzo, guys who were genetically gifted in the calve area to begin with.

  89. Frank Cove says:

    Congratulations Kevin.
    Continue please, and win a Olimpia for us !!!!!!
    From Spain, a friend.

  90. teemu says:

    This is great stuff, the whole blog was. However, I would really like some other information apart from the training videos:
    – meal rhythm and contents
    – daily programme (i.e. what else did you do, just rest, travel, work etc.?)
    – food supplements apart from your own formula

    Reasons for asking this, and particularly now that the definition programme is about to start, is that we would all benefit tremendously by understanding the total picture of this programme of yours, not just the training. I suppose the daily schedule with nutrition details is almost equally important in your success as is the hardcore lifting.

    I really hope the direction this blog is taking goes towards a more detailed disclosure on this because if we are to come with you onto the road of definition, we certainly need more than the training programme!

    • Rob says:

      Yeah I 2nd all that.

    • I’ll do my best. I agree the definition transformation requires more nutritional details. Stay tuned.

      • Michel R says:

        Would be nice, Kev…

        I find it extremely hard to lose fat up from a certain point. The first flabs fall off quickly, but after awhile the fat gets so persistent that u’ll end up losing alot of musclemass…

        Have done a proteïne only diet (not healthy, but ok) for about 10 weeks… First few weeks wow… But then, the body adjusts and it’s very hard to lose more fat…

        That’s where the high/low carb diets come into play, undoubtedly, ehhe.. But complexity of nutrition is so damn hard. It’s rocketscience to me…

        Anyway look forward to learn some new cutting stuff to implement… When u start the next phase, that’ll be the starting point for me too… 🙂

      • Mark {Uk} says:

        Arrr!! the man of wisdom is back

      • Rob says:

        Thanks Kevin!

        We all respect that a master never gives away all his secrets and not that I would expect you to (and not saying that you have any either, you know what I mean), just a bit more info if possible would be much appreciated for sure.

        Anyway, the main thing is you are a real inspiration to us all and countless others. Keep it up man!

      • teemu says:

        Looking forward to the newsletter emails and blog updates. Thanks, Kevin!

  91. Leep says:

    Well done Kevin, impressive gains.
    There’s a lot of people shouting out to you here, supporting you. You must be very pleased.

  92. Mark {Uk} says:

    Juha!!! That shit in that video is grim!!!!!!

  93. Mark {Uk} says:

    Come on Kevin!!!!!! Stop slacking dude!!!!! get uploading and training!!!!!!!!

  94. CYWAT says:

    good job , bro !

  95. richard says:

    hey there Kev,
    I think u done a great job but what interest me is why the sudden change how come u get back into training again?Somebody push the right button i guess. Me myself struggling here also gotta family 2 kids in the Philippines and im busting my ass off in the Netherlands working 2 jobs to get back to them which leaves me hardly any room for workout but ur drive keeps me going.Keep up the spirit and i’ll be checking your gains,respect…Richard.

  96. Pedro Larach says:

    Amazing! I think that a couple of pictures full body would be great to have an idea of how your legs are.
    Also a picture from your side. 40lbs of muscles it’s a lot of beef it’s been been inspirational, and your strength skyrocketed too. This has to be a tv show hosted by you guiding other guys to reach their bodybuilding goals.

  97. James says:

    Looks great. However, I must be honest and say I feel the last picture looks like a supplement ad. I also think we are about to get hit with a supplement to purchase. This is fine if we knew this from the beginning. The journey was pure which I like, but if this is to pimp a supplement in the end then it kinda takes the purity out of it. That’s just my opinion. I’m a fan and will remain one.

  98. Anthony.S says:

    Hi Kevin, I admire you with your great shape and size back in the day. Very impressive Kev ! I look all the video on ‘youtube’ and you are my role model on this bodybuilding now days. You are 41 but still look like 30 🙂
    I am happy also you can back to this business and start your own blog to help people achieve and motivate their own physic. Especially the blog you made, it help and keep the fans stay in touch with you.

    By the way I’m your fans at Indonesia and currently I’m working with Gaspari Nutrition as their main distributor in my country. Good luck Kev.

  99. Jiri says:

    I have no problem if there is a supplement attached to this.. like Gaspari.. Levrone is a name that I would trust cause it’s from an actual athlete.

    It takes NOTHING away from this journal..

  100. RonPaulSpanish.com says:

    Awesome!!! Will follow!

  101. Awesome progress. However I would wait a bit, get a little more size before the definition phase.

    Nevertheless, it is an amazing transformation for the little time employed.

  102. sammy80 says:

    why is everyone so ‘worried’ that kevin will try to sell something on here? in what way does that change the transformation he has made and the inspiration he has given all of us? lol..weird.

    as for him using steroids i dont really care although its certainly more inspirational if he has done it without ‘help’, which i believe he has. kevin obviously has great genetics (didnt he say he benched 450lbs all natural..before he even started with drugs?) and muscle memory plays a huge part too. also his earlier steroid use plays a part as it has pushed his natural limits upwards (even when not using drugs).

    to kevin: love this blog and thanks for letting us along on this journey. this blog is packed with inspiration!

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