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OK, let’s get started. Right now I’m at 6% with calipers. Calipers can be misleading, the only real measure is the dunk tank. Given past experience I’m going to estimate that I’m at 8% actual body fat. I need to be at 3 or 3.5% to complete this next transformation. I’m giving myself 30 days.

Failure is not an option. When I know you’re watching, it’s like a blood oath, man. So keep watching, keep being vocal, and together we’ll get crazy shredded. I’m already visualizing it. Start seeing it right now.

I plan on training heavy but with higher reps. 12-15 reps, instead of 6-8 reps. Working the fast-twitch muscle, sculpting, losing fat and increasing conditioning and performance.

I’m going to be eating low carb, high protein. I’ll be sharing my diet weekly in the LevroneReport.com newsletter. I know you’re waiting on the MASS transformation nutritional info, and I’ll email that to you first, in the next few days. Thanks for your patience.

From the treadmill to the boxing ring and everything in between – I’m going to try out as many fat burning activities as possible. Starting with a 1.5 hour run in the canyon, below. This was a big workout – not for every day, more like twice a week. I wanted to start with a bang. Pick a safe, realistic goal that’s out of your comfort zone, and hit it. Let us know how you do. Seeing that you’re doing it too helps motivate me.

There might be a short service interruption later today or tomorrow as I switch the blog to a new server for more features and a forum. Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. I hope you’re not, either. Out.


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  1. Marcel says:

    First !! 😀

    Great kevin keep it going,youre the man !

  2. Michel says:

    amazing work & dedication..
    good work Buddy.. Great inspiration keep it up..

  3. Rodney says:

    Hey Kevin, great workout man. That canyon looks amazing. If it didn’t kill my back to run, I would run that thing three times a week! I have a quick question regarding the Newsletter. The site for that is not letting me register and I was wondering if it is going to be permantly down or if people are still going to be able to register. Thanks and keep up the good work.

  4. sami says:

    Great kevin keep it going,

  5. Mazman says:

    Wooo Kevin lets do this, i’m smashing up the gym with u bro!!!

  6. Alex says:

    Hey Kevin! Great run, really! I would like to know how much body fat you had starting with the mass transformation. I mean 8% body fat, after these 8 weeks, for me thats amazing!
    Great work, keep it up!

  7. Juha says:

    Haha lovin it man – way to go!
    Awesome start to the next phase of the transformation, seemed like you got an awesome cardiosession done there buddy!! That path looked sort of trecherous, we don´t wanna see you fall and hurt yourself man. Mind your knees in those long downhill runs, that´s taxing indeed.

    Thanks for explaining how you measure your bodyfat. It´s cool to know how you go about and do these things and so on. Looking forward to see you in that boxing ring man – KO!!

    Keep up the awesome work Kevin!

    All the best

    • What about you, Juha. You gonna get ripped with me or what?

      • Juha says:

        Well, I´m sort of in the bulking phase after a loooong lay off. There´s not much to get rid of around the waist at the moment hahaha I have´nt been well for a few years (thyroid issues) so I need to seriously grow back my muscles first =D

      • Hope you’re well on your way.

      • Billy says:


        That was an awesome video. I like the real life shit you been doing. I have a hill in my back yard and I think it’s time for a run on it. Question, why are you out in LA and do you own a house there or stay with buddies? In addition, will you still be doing movies or auditions? Best of luck.

      • Juha says:

        Thanks Kev, I´m getting there…slowly. Kinda hit a plateau now after putting on about 24lbs so I´m trying to work around it. Plus my body needs a chance to adjust to the increasing amounts of food to digest.

      • Jason Eppley says:

        Big fan here brother and appreciate what you are doing for all of us, because there is nothing better than pure inspiration from someone who truly cares about his fans. My question is regarding your cutting stage. Last time I had my bodyfat% measured (with calipers) was at 19% down from 23.5%. I am doing cardio 4 to 5 times a week and drinking close to 1-1/2 gallons of water a day. Is the water overkill? Reason why I ask that is because of the video you posted for nearing a contest and consumption of water. Thanks bro and keep up the hard work.

  8. Nick C says:

    Hahah that was great Kevin. Quit turning on the camera as an excuse to stop and take a breather! Just kidding man. That view looked amazing, but do you think intense cardio like that is best for stripping body fat and keeping muscle? I do low intensity like palumbo advocates and it seems to work too. Either way, good job.

  9. kenbo213 says:

    The coolest thing about your physique kev is the illusion that you get when you are shredded, you appear sooo much bigger, your symmetry will show its course when you drop that fat percentile.

  10. ljk8013 says:

    do you think i can gain 40pounds of muscle if i eat like you did?

    • Kapp says:

      erm you have to realize that its not only about how you eat but about how you train o.o

      sure if you train and eat properly you can gain 40pounds of muscle, why wouldnt u?

      maybe not in 8weeks but hey, this sport takes time..

  11. zubbeyboy says:

    Hell i already thought you were lean?Im REALLY fat then…..

  12. FullBlown says:

    Im looking forward to this transformation and i will lose some fat,too.
    Now i go to work out and after that i will do a cardio just like you theres a hill in my town and i will go there 😉

  13. Demorak says:

    This is suberb Im really looking forward to the future videos, this one was awesome!

    Love your attitude brother you just glow with positivity and confidence!

  14. nawsh yar says:

    YO kev, it was AWESOME when you banged out the stairs baby

  15. Nate D says:

    Gettin’ ripped with you Kev. Today, 20 sprints followed by 35 minute moderate cardio. One day at a time man, as you say “shuttin’ it down”!

  16. Eirik says:

    Good stuff Kev! Seems like a really cool track, and what a view of LA! 😀 You look awesome man! I`m with you all the way, baby. Keep inspiring and changing lifes 😀

  17. greenmamba24 says:

    Yo Kevin, that’s some intense shit. You’re not going to be in a good mood in a few days when you’re depleted of carbs and doing things like this. 🙂 It’ll all be worth it though when you’re shredded. “I gotta go home and get some protein.” HAHA. Reminded me of myself…

  18. Frank says:

    Great workout, Kevin. You’re legs gonna be really sore tomorrow.

    Amazingly I started today my getting ripped period. I did 60 minutes on the treadmill. Here in Holland we don’t really got those things like those canyons.

    I am currently at 14% after my mass transformation and my goal is going down to about 4-5%.

    Just got one question about cutting down on carbs. Do you just drop the at once with a big amout or do you take steps down? And howmuch do you advice that I cut from my diet?

    Keep up the good work, you really are inspiring.

    Greets for Holland,


  19. Jace-uk says:

    I start tomo weights and 45 min treadmill slow fat burning pace in the am and boxing in the pm 1hour intense, wifes got steamed fish brocolli and yams for me now gotta go eat 🙂
    good luck mate 3% woahhhhh crazy
    your loyal friend

  20. Richard says:

    Great workout Kevin!! Thanks for taking us along and inspiring us all to get transformed.I love your attitude and confidence. You inspire me every day. Keep those videos coming. Keep up the good work!!

  21. Jimmy says:

    Sweden here…

    Great news to see you up and running again, now to shred some fat. That will be really interesting to see and follow your journey.

    I am currently in my own kind of mass transformation and have to wait for the shredding part to take place.
    But I will absolutely be here and be inspired by you, Kevin.

    Let the fun begin! =)


    /Jimmy, Sweden

  22. hector says:

    Awesome man! I think it will be great if you can show us how to get your abs shredded.

  23. Dave S says:

    you afraid of losing muscle by doing that much cardio dude?

    • Juha says:

      Why would he be afraid of that when he can put it back on in a matter of weeks LOL
      Besides, Kevin´s been there before, he knows what to do and how his body reacts.

      • gymtime says:

        and whats the point of LOSING ANY OF IT? if he can tone down the cardio and introduce some ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS into his diet in combination with the low carb diet and risk losing MUCH less?

        Whats your response to that bro?

      • Juha says:

        Jeeeeez, relax people! Why is it that people in the bb-world take everything so uber-seriously? Can you even see I wrote “LOL”?

        If Kevin was preparing for the Olympia or really afraid of losing a few pounds of muscle I´m sure he would´nt go about things in this particular way. While I´m sure he´s keen on keeping his gains he´s having fun while doing this! Are you?

      • Dave S says:

        maybe i just dont understand how one can consider running even for 15 minutes “fun”. Nevertheless running for two hours which moreover is harmful even IMO for any bodybuilder. Thats all, that was my question.

      • Juha says:


        your question was perfectly legitimate and I agree 2 hour cardio sessions are´nt ideal for a bodybuilder. My first reply was only for fun, my second was to “gymtimes” deadserious response to that.

    • Kapp says:

      Why would he lose muscle by doing cardio?

      • gymtime says:

        do you know anything about anything? go ahead and try to retain muscle doing canyon runs for 2+ hours and see how much muscle you hold if you have any to begin with. normal people cant do that much running before you start eating away at your muscle.

      • Kapp says:

        Well i guess im just extraordinary then 🙂

      • Muscleup says:

        when you get a good base of muscle built,and you try to bring down your fat with some cardio. the first 20min or so you burn the “sugar/carbs” you have in your bloodstream, then after thats gone your body will start looking for more fuel, i.e. fat…but the problem is most people will also feed off of their muscle at close to the same rate, as the body will also turn to muscle as a fuel source to…then your in a spot where you are burning fat, but also burning muscle at the same time, there goes all your hard work !!!

      • Juha says:

        The body will also use the glykogen stored in your liver not only in your bloodstream. Once all the stored glykogen is finished the body will turn to protein. There are also other factors that play a role in this such as what diet you´re on (high/low carb vs high/low protein). All in all IMHO I´d say you can do cardio for longer than 20 minutes without risking your hard earned musclemass but 2 hours would be to stretch it way too far.

        IMHO a good idea is to have some EAA before a cardio session to trigger the proteinsynthesis.

  24. Michel R says:

    Awesome! Wow.. You got some awesome hills there in LA… Once again u a pioneer, Kev… This walk/run with the camera hasn’t been done before, especially not by a bodybuilder…

    If u want to do more things like this, u can perhaps get a head camera, bro… Wrt those awesome hills, watch out with ya ankles and knees, bro…

    I just came back from my half hour run (about 3,5 mile flat road) and I lost about 1,1 pound of fluid… Human body is such a water bag, hehe…

    Damn, now I need to start my little cut too… Want to drop that damn lower abdomen fat once and for all… hehe

    Anyway, thx for the update…

    One question for u and to the rest of the community… What’s your take on using skimmed milk in a diet? What’s your take on using it in a cutphase?

  25. giv.ROMANIA says:

    why you considered that is need a definition transformation?you think you reached your max. genetic potential for your muscle,now being natural?looks like you do too much cardio,don’t you think?

  26. donny says:

    hey kevin
    is harder to lift weights or do cardio? 😉

  27. Mike (UK) says:

    Hey Kevin…and everyone else..all the regulars and the new people…!

    Great video, that place looks insane…!

    Good work with your traps by the way…im impressed.

    Hey guys, type ‘do unto others’ into Tube and check the ‘gym’ one…hilarious…Gaz (UK) told me about it!

    Were all with you Big Kev…I shall now refer to you as ‘Big Kev’ until you obtain your 3% BF at which point i’ll will come up with a new, funnier nick name.

    Whoooo! Out!

    Mike (UK)

    PS. Me and Gaz (UK) got a big session tomorrow…so if your online…move the mouse and spot us and support us like we all support Kev…were all in this together now!

  28. VikingX says:

    Absolutely great watching you go through these transformations. Actually, inspired by this definition transformation of yours I think I`ll change my plans and will be joining you for the next 8 weeks :). Currently at 190 pounds with slightly less bodyfat than you.

  29. RobNL says:

    Nice work in that canyon man. Wish I could do the same program and end up with 3.5% bf in 30 days. But at 20% right now that would be a little too ambitious dont you think? But i check this blog every day, and do what i can to burn the fat. Are you bored with regular cardio like stationary bike or cross trainer?

  30. Mark {Uk} says:

    Yeah man!!! another vid, been looking forward to this,and what you gotta say, just suckin up the info

  31. Timo says:

    Your transformation inspired me to work my body even harder and change my routine. I started the same routine as you did on your bulk and the results I got are just amazing. All my weights went up drasticly with this routine and I look so much better now, even people around me started thinking I’m on steroids (and some tried to buy some).

    Just like you, I started cutting the excess fat with intense cardio and low carb food. I’m also taking 500mg of caffeine to boost my metabolism and workouts.

    Now to my guestion. Which is the best way to loose the fat; intense 1h cardio session (running hills and such) or long distance running? (I’m running half-maraton tomorrow anyway just for the fun of it. After that I’ll hit the gym and work my abs and legs a bit more.)


  32. Wadie says:

    hi kevin, good luck for your second transformation, we are supporting you on http://www.muscupassion.com 😉

  33. Jordan says:

    You’re quite a comedian Kev!

    “I gotta go home get some protein!” *legs it*

    i love the endings..but ye you look really ripped now!

    will you be doing high intensity stuff such as short sprints, ladder work etc?

    will you be using a fat burner?

    how can i get a personally signed autograph /photo/poster/tshirt from you kev, i would love that

    this is the first thing i look at when i log on and the last thing i check before i log off..felt like i was really with you in that video (minus my chest caving in!), tho i did have a huge session in the gym earlier

    sorry for all the questions

    and good luck, cant wait for this new journey to continue..by the way..good job at making a cardio vid very interesting 🙂


  34. Brian says:

    Nice job with the mass gains brutha.

    I said I’d hold off on starting my transformation on another forum, and I did. In the 15 days I worked out I made 25 trips to the gym, with a total of a 10 pound gain. I’ve been taking a break for the last week for personal reasons and dropped 3 however tomorrow I’ll start all over again.

    As soon as that forum is available I’ll post my before pics for my 2nd bulk. Thanks a lot kevin, what you have done with this site is impressive.


  35. Rob says:

    Awesome Kevin!

    I have no doubt in my mind that you will achieve your goal in 30 days. Losing fat is easy, you have done the hard work already.

    The best cardio is done in private with a hot looking woman or many women at once however you woudlnt be able to show those kinds of vids as that will turn this forum into an x-rated one! ha ha, (jokes).

    Seriously though, youre the man Kevin!

    I am just hoping you decide to do another bulking up phase as that is what personally interests me the most but it’s all good anyway.

  36. alejandro says:

    nice bro thats the way to do it!!! keep going dont stop!

  37. norweigian says:

    Im with u too Kevin.
    Anyway, i visited the Fingermans neighbourhood and did you know?, yes, he is a biker:-). Thats why he likes static training. In his last video he uses 4 plates for narrow benchpress. But yes, he only moved maybe 4 inches at the top. I understand that may come in handy riding a off bike up those hills.
    But i didnt understand why he is so intense on diett. Here the bikers eat hotdogs and pizza only, so i asked him why. Maybe he tries to live on forever. I havent checked in for his answer on that yet:-)

  38. ibemongo says:

    Thats some sick cardio Kevin!! That right there reminds me of the mountain i live on. I live on a small mountain face and walking up the sidewalk, its like walking straight up. you can feel it the next day and the day after that, but you get use to it.

    I cant wait to see you in a couple more weeks, you are going to look killer!! I know you cant tell us why you are cutting. Does it have to do with a show?? I know on heavy muscle radio, you said you didn’t want to be judged by the judges anymore but why go to contest shape and not do anything with it.

    Anyways as always, you the man and good luck with the transformation.

  39. Kapp says:

    Do you ever train forearms btw?

    And i notice you seldomly work till positive failure, why is that?

    For example you might do 5 sets and 6 reps in each set ramping up in weights…
    I consider myself quite a beginner and i tend to pretty much always go till positive failure.

    Geez, this definition transformation of urs kinda makes me want to lose some weight too.. get a PROPER six pack n shit 😀

  40. kevin says:


    when I am in a cutting fase, and do every day cardio. I have the feeling that i am losing Fat, what is positive but also that I’m losing muscles? Do you feel it also this way or not? going to 3% bodyfat is not a easy job to do, but together we’ll rule king ! :p

    i’m with ya !
    From belgium

  41. bokito says:

    wow kevin u look awesome bro, nice chest bounce kevin when u were running lol

    take care

  42. Kito says:

    Iam happy to see you back – after your little break kevin 🙂

    thx for the blog

  43. JonNy says:

    Wow man, crazy run. I’m doing my own cut phase right now and this is going to inspire me to no end. thanks for this. Also, great work with the camera while running. Amazingly smooth under the circumstances. 🙂 I can’t seem to get subscribed to the news letter and noticed I wasn’t the only one. Great work. I’m gonna sweat tomorrow.

  44. Savier says:

    Nice run, looks like alot of fun. i’m still hoping (even though i know its not happening) that after this 30 days you decide to grow in to the olympia…obviously there isnt enough time…maybe next year. but still looking forward to seeing you get shredded

  45. Damien (sydney, australia) says:

    Kevin you look like a beast already, man that was one inspiring video! all you need is like some inspiring music to add to it LOL

  46. Damien (sydney, australia) says:

    i would gladly be a moderator for you 😀

  47. Iron Angel from Toronto says:

    Hi Kevin,

    Very awesome to see you trying some outdoor hill cardio other than the usual standard traditional bodybuilding type cardio done in the gym. Much respect to your open mind towards trying different ways to attain your goals as thats what champions are made of. By the way my Sciatica is starting to recover and I will soon be back on track with getting my own leaning phase in order. Super hyped from your latest post! Keep them coming.

    Thanks again!

    Iron Angel

  48. justin says:

    awesome vid kev!1 pretty cool you filming on the run. Keep it up man.

  49. Callesteve says:

    Great to see you back to blogging Kev. This is great!

  50. Alexander says:

    Excuse me kevin, but about training now, i get the impression that your going to be reducing bodyfat or what you call sculpting the muscle when you go for 12-15 reps, but dosen’t latest research show that you cant sculpt and genetics justify how your muscles come about. And aint 12-15 reps actually optimal for muscle growth considering hypertrophy.

    Yeah i know everybodey responds diffrent, and everyones body is unqiue. but still any toughts on this?

    • Dan S. says:

      I’m with alexander on this one. why the higher reps kevin? is it more of a safety thing? or perhaps your just focusing more on filling the muscle with blood with the higher reps? why not train like you have been, but with more cardio and a diet change?.

    • Alexander says:

      Well it actually recent studies has debunked the myth that 12-15 for defenition and such. so toughts on this?

      • Mark {Uk} says:

        Well most Bodybuilders over the years must be all wrong and even the bodybuilders of today are all wrong according to studies, i mean im all for studies but they’ll bring a new one out which contradicts it anyway.


        Kevin Whats your take on this??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????
        I know your no scientist but when it comes to training you know what your on about

      • Mark {Uk} says:

        To many???????????????lol shit

      • Juha says:

        This would be a good place to start Mark (check #4):


        To sum it up: low heavy reps for mass lower BF% for definition.”

      • SammieSam says:

        i say forget what the science nerds say and just do what bodybuilders have been doing for decades

      • ohhhhh says:

        I seen a juiced up bloke (great physique) using a 5lb dumbell for behind the neck tricep extensions..i dunno what he was doing..maybe getting some “definition” for the summer..it was funny..seriously tho wtf?

        a muscle doesnt knwo what weight your lifting , just how hard to contract..he would of had a better workout just getting on the old 18+ websites..if you know what i mean

  51. felix83 says:

    Nice run Kev. makes me wanna move some where closer to some hills and vistas. Not many trails like that here in south east florida. Gotta make due with the beach the blue water and the hot women!!!! I aint complainin hahah..Great video. Sweet motivation. I love the part where ur sprinting for protein! I know how that feels!!!!

  52. Fordman65 says:

    For me bulking up has never been much of an issue, it’s the cutting that kills me. Needless to say I really looking forward to the next month or so and getting ripped up with ya!

  53. Lloyd says:

    wonderful cardio workout, i used to hike and run the canyons too, it really burns fat. Good job Kev. (i got to start doing that again myself) :–))

  54. JED says:

    I have been following this blog since it started, and all I can say is – Wow! Great job, Kevin! Even with the superhuman genetics you have, you still need a discipline of steel to do what you have done. My hat’s off to you. You’ve inspired me to start a definition transformation of my own today. I’m at 235 and want to get to to around 210 for health reasons and to see my abs for the first time in over 5 years…
    I’ve seen all your training videos and you are the best bodybuilder ever in my opinion. Great run today, btw!

  55. Lyoto says:

    Kevin, what are your thoughts on ronnie competing in 2010?

  56. Mario says:

    Cool video..
    it’s like The Blair Witch Project

  57. matt says:

    hey kev,

    are you concerned about muscle loss while getting ripped?

  58. modred says:

    hello kevin!
    to get ripped is a miracolous thing to me.i am 5.7/ 230 pounds/similar strenght level like you. when i get 2-3000 kalories a day i gain muscle and strength but i loose very slowly bodyfat. when i lower my calories my muscles shrink and my bodyfat RISES proportionaly even if i do as much cardio as i can and i have no energy to do anything. i think i have not enough kalories if i go below 2-3000 , but if i stay on my 2-3000 i loose hardly fat.. so my bodyfat is at nearly the same level no matter what i do. any suggestions? since 3 months i eat clean with low carbs and enough protein.
    all the best for you

  59. lucian says:

    hey bro,
    awsome video! this whole transformation is taking a new direction and i think its great.
    hope to see you here in MD soon.

  60. William says:

    Good luck with the new deff, are you going to get even bigger after you done your cut or mabe you havent decided that just yet?
    Im still here and will be no matter..
    I feel a lot better now but i aint healthy yet, i might starting my training next week after been away for about 5-6 months. however this is so inspirational.

    William from Sweden

  61. walter jarno says:

    Hey Kevin,
    30 days to get at 3% is awesome bro!
    This video was one of the best ever.
    I,ve been in Italy last month and everybody knows what Kevin Levrone is doing! It’ like a new kind of energy inside all of us,you really push us over the top! Amazing Kevin,keep pumping!

  62. Olof says:

    Another mass transformation is needed after the ripped one, since 3% is very unhealthy for a longer period of time;) Hurray! Following your cardio sessions with great interest!

    Greetings from Norway

  63. AKurban says:

    Kev, you are the man buddy! Amazing start to the definition transformation. That canyon looks like a monster! You tore that cardio session apart! You are hardcore baby! Can’t wait to see you in the ring!! AKurban, out.

  64. kennyfat says:

    thanks kev!!

  65. Angelo Edward says:

    Hey Kev, good to see you doing cardio oudoors. Its a lot more exciting than running on the treadmill. I myself do a lot of trekking when I can. If I may suggest some trekking shoes, because it can be quite scary when losing grip….

  66. Flex3d says:

    Looking good man!! I will be getting ripped along with you! How much weight do you plan to be dropping per week?

  67. Fii says:

    Hi Kev, I suggest you should listen to some mp3 tunes while running. It helps to keep you motivated and stay optimistic. It works for me. Try it man.

  68. jvc1988 says:

    Keep leading the way big man

  69. kyle says:

    Kevin do you think high intensity cardio is catabolic?

  70. Taleb says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Firstly awesome transformation so far =] good to see you back at it.

    I just wanted to ask, you say you want to be 3% BF or so

    is that a caliper 3% BF or a real 3% BF?

  71. t-rumo says:

    Here we are all awaiting this great transformation, which is very motivating for everyone.

    Kevin thanks!

  72. maciek - poland says:

    What if I’m now about 20% of body fat? As I mentioned sometime ago I’m 6’2 and about 220 pounds. So is there any approximate time I should setup to get 4-5% of body fat?

  73. Will says:

    Wow Kev, another unique way to share your training tips on this adventure; excellent video, great run. Looking forward to the diet info, keep up the great work. Will – Singapore

  74. m1ro says:

    Hi Kevin,
    first I would like to thank you for an amazing motivation you give me. Exactly if you started with work-out, I started too. I put on weight 8 kilograms. Your videos help me so much.
    I saw all your videos, but THIS VIDEO WAS ABSOLUTLY THE BEST OF ALL. It was like I was there with you too:) There is beautiful environment. I’m from Czech Republic and it is really different. Please more videos like this:)

    Excuse my English 😀

  75. Rodney says:

    Hey Kevin, have you seen Flex Wheeler’s response video on the MD website to the challenge you made on RXMuscle about you being the “real” natural freak? He got pretty mad about it. I thought it was damn funny because you look a lot better than he does right now and I am sure you will look tremendously better after your definition phase. It’s funny because he tries to mock you but ends up looking like an idiot doing so. Either way, whether people want to admit it or not, you are the true genetic marvel, no Flex.

  76. Paul says:

    Rodney link to Flex video please ?

  77. gpaasche says:

    Just wondering why you train with such high reps? I mean this does not do more good for muscle growth, and obviously does not burn fat either..

    • Kapp says:

      well i guess atm hes aiming for definition more than mass ^^

      he knows what hes doing.. 😛

      • Juha says:

        Definition comes from attaning a low BF%.

      • Enzo says:

        Doing more reps for definition is a 90’s myth. What he should do is lower the set’s and train even heavier. Also the problem when bodybuilding clean is not gaining muscle, it’s keeping muscle mass down to contest shape and doing running like that will not help. Of course kevin clean is like someone else on roids so I don’t think it matters to him. Anyway I don’t care what he does, I just want to see him get huge and ripped 😀

    • gpaasche says:

      I did not want to accuse him of following the “more reps for definition” myth, so maybe he has other reasons..
      But apart from that, I think that some people are successful despite, not because of their training.
      I remember Milos “the mind” Sarcev advising to use a wider grip for bench pressing in order to target the “outer chest”…

  78. AlexGermany says:

    Hey Kevin, where you at the gym earlier this day before u was running the canyon?

  79. Rodney says:

    Sorry guys, here it is:

    If this link doesn’t take you to it, just search Flex Wheeler on Youtube and use the “sort by” function that takes you to the “newest videos” and this vid is about four or five down from there. If you still can’t find it, go to the MD website (www.musculardevelopment.com) and go to videos, and then to “lifestyle” and then to “Flex Wheeler” under that. You should find it from there. I just thought it was funny. Kevin’s got him beat in my book.

    • Blade says:

      That’s over a year old…

    • kenbo213 says:

      Yeah, vid is a year old.

    • Juha says:

      Went to MD, videos, lifestyle and looked for Flex but could´nt find it. Either I´m blind or it´s not there 😉

      • Rodney says:

        Crap!!! I am sorry everybody. I saw the video on Youtube and checked the date and even though it said 2008 in the comments section, when I found it on the MD website under the popular in the last 60 days part I thought it was newer. My bad guys. Again, I apologize for not checking it out further. Still though, it is kind of odd that this comes out again right after Kevin challnged Flex to prove that he is legitimately drug free.

      • maciek - poland says:

        Guys, when I look at this video I’ve always the same feeling – Flex “Sultan of symmetry” put to much attention to arms. Look and compare to delts, chest. His arms looks in my opinion oversized a bit. Ok, I now, now he is doing that only for fun, good mood, but even forearm looks to small in comparison to those big trice and bicep. With all respect to Flex, witch is one of the best BB, Kevin looks now more aesthetically.

  80. Marky Mark says:

    I’m with you all the way Kev!!!!

  81. Tom UK says:

    Hey bro, just wanted to chime in and say what an inspiration you are to me. When you first started your transformation, I was on one of my own, but subsequently started to let things slip a bit. If ever I needed a kick up the backside, it was seeing your unfaltering dedication and passion throughout this whole process. Seriously mate, your desire in life and respect for your fans is inspiring. Keep it up mate, and know that you’re the inspiration for a least one British guy out there to get his ass in the gym and get back under the bar.
    P.S: I’m two weeks into a definition phase too; can’t wait to watch you lead the charge mate!

  82. Leeajoe says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Truly inspiring. This has got me motivated to follow along side you with the cutting transformation.

    I have followed your career for a long time. Your physique has always been very impressive.

    Looking forward to the next few weeks!

  83. Stellfox says:

    Keep it up Kevin! It’s amazing to see these kinds of changes in a NATURAL athlete…you are someone we can all look up to!

  84. max says:


    lol if there was a dude like you running at me on a canyon id get the hell out of the way and probably fall the rest of the way down

    you plan on getting any other tattoos and what are thoughts on tattoos

  85. adrian says:

    levrone u have no idea how inspirational u r bro. thanks for all the help and im looking for my own mountain to hike here in SD california. trying to keep up

  86. Going outside for cardio is a great idea. It relieves your mind from stress and problems and makes you feel great.

    Keep going Kevin!

  87. Isaac says:

    hey kevin could you another posing vid, like you did in week 3. that stuff was so motivating. Good luck!!

  88. Grazol says:

    Best Cardio Video ever 😀

  89. Jason Eppley says:

    Awesome video. Great to have inspiration from someone who truly cares about his fans. Hey Kevin, I subscribed to the newsletter but wondering when the first one will be coming out. Thanks Also are you going to be at the Olympia this year??

  90. William says:

    Can someone good at making bodybuilding compilations do a “Kevin Levrone transformation compilation”, with Creed as music*headbang*.


  91. Grazol says:

    good job , but highreps is not making u look more ripped, longliving myth, same as walking before cardio is burning more fat then walking for example in the evening 😉

  92. sammy80 says:

    kevin during your diet phase i advice you to keep lifting the same way you have before inorder to hang on to as much as muscle as possible although your superior genetics and muscle memory will help you out alot, so maybe it wont matter in your case.

    no offense meant as i understand that it can seem weird that some random guy is giving advice to a mr olympia runner up. 😉

    the thing im trying to say is that doing high reps for definition isn’t really a valid theory as definition come from losing fat (and genetics) which is a function of caloric intake and cardio (lifting weights isn’t an effective cardio method).

  93. Jace-uk says:

    More reps = more cals burned and more time under tension However I myself feel, regradless of reps n times , your body will grow to be what it will be regardless ad long ad it’s getting stimli

  94. sammy80 says:

    no jace…lifting weights is very ineffective as cardio (if you look at calories burned) and besides like i said before inorder to maintain muscle mass its important to keep lifting as heavy (heavy for you) as you can.
    as for time under tension (TUT): it should never been the only factor you look at..you have to consider how heavy the weight is too..and strike a balance between TUT and heavy enough weights. (6-8 is a good range for a bodybuilder..of course you can do a couple of sets of 10-12 on top of that)

    don’t use lifting weights as cardio. its a misguided notion for several reasons.

  95. Callesteve says:

    Jace-Uk, I agree with you on two fronts; first, your limited by genetics and the body’s predisposition to homeostasis -return to the norm- therefore any surplus of exercise assures us that it can only result in calories burned; second, we see the benefits of TUT in the physiques of gymnasts who maintain their physiques -without regard for rest- by repetition not weight. Another example of TUT could be the typical training that goes into the creation of a boxer’s physique…argument for another day.

  96. Darren Malaly says:

    hey kev 😉 just wanna say ur my biggest inspiration ever , you are my all time fav bodybuilder and whenever anyone asks me who my fav bodybuilder is or was i always say kevin levrone 😉 i have been following you from the very beggining , checking in every week to watch your videos and to motivate me 😉

    i also am starting a cutting phase soon ( just coinsidence lol ) and i am going to start doing plyometrics and sprinting drills etc , i suggest you try some plyometrics and sprints 😉 keep the videos coming , your a true true un-crowned mr olympia , you motivate me so much , thank you very very much for everything 😉 yours truely , Darren x

  97. Peter says:

    hey Kevin..the video you posted for the 1st cutting chest workout…you looked huge…I was just wondering what is your carbohydrate intake like..was it mostly whole grain starches like brown rice and oatmeal..or do you throw in some white rice and potatoes in there for the bulking phase?

  98. Brett says:

    Hi Kevin I am click the link on the right to subscribe to your mailing list but I am getting a page not found error 😦

  99. Rob says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Good work so far!

    How long do you plan to maintain 3-3.5% bodyfat?

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