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  1. Giuseppe says:

    Woooooow Kevin!!!U r back, i’m very happy 4 this!!!
    It’s unbelievable that i’m talking to you ahahah 🙂

    Anyway, what do you think about metabolic diet? On me works very well…

    Ps: have you ever visit italy??

    • Ira says:

      Just wanted to say that I BELIEVE that you are doing this NATURAL… I’m making ridiculous gains at the moment NATURALLY thanks to muscle memory, INTENSE high volume training (because that is what works for me), and my diet is COMPLETELY dialed in… I think that people are afraid to go the extra mile where intensity is concerned, and try to pawn REAL NATURAL GROWTH on drugs.. Just saying my peace. Thanks for the inspiration.


      • CG says:


        Im a big fan and often watch your shows on Youtube to get hyped before workouts…

        Im a newbie at this and i’m entering my first competition on the West Coast… Any advice??

    • Gav says:

      Hi Kevin,

      Mate you have to return to competitive bodybuliding!! Come back and show these boys how its done…your genetics will favor heavily at this point in time. You would be stupid not to…time to take the crown dont you think???

      Gav (UK)

    • Alex says:

      hey kevin you writing from Uruguay is a small country in south america you are a great inspiration for many bodybuilders in this country and we are very pleased to return to this wonderful sport we wish you good luck from Uruguay

    • adamdiesel says:

      hey bro

  2. Matt says:

    how can i ever meet you in person kevin, to be mentored by you?? in this world today it seems men with your statue and experience are impossible to touch or get in contact with?? you and arnold are what i base my bodybuilding career on ! 🙂 anyways i am awaiting your answer big kev thanks!!!

    • Hey Matt, thanks for your support. I can’t mentor everyone but this blog is the next best thing. I’ll be giving over everything I know – stay with me, and ask any questions you want. I never based my career on anyone, it’s okay to find inspiration in Arnold and me, but in the end you need to base it on your own vision. Good luck.

      • Ole says:

        I have faith in you! Remember on stage, The eye of the tiger! A good luck from Norway!

      • Jochee says:

        Hey dude.

        Just gotta say Welcome back to the scene, from sweden, you are quite the legend over here. Almost beatin Ronnie and all.

        you just gonna focus on gettin back in shape? Or are you gonna aim for another competiton?

        Regards Mr.J!

      • igor says:

        keep going kevin,you have all support from SERBIA

  3. John Guhem says:

    Hi Kevin,Im from Arabia glad to have you back man,you are my best bodybuilder, please keep going & Im sure you will be better than before I can see it in your eyes.Keep us in touch .bless you bro.

  4. Alexander S. says:

    Hi Kevin! I just want to say that you (as you already know) are a great inspiration for many, many people world wide! I hope that everything that you have in mind will be acheeved.
    Best wishes and remember that you have a great deal of support from your Russian fans! Thank you for for being you!

  5. Kasper says:

    Hey Kevin!

    Just wanna give you a “pad on the back” from Denmark!
    We are following your progress, and celebrating your workout comeback! You are a big inspiration, best of luck!

  6. Matt says:

    Hey kevin thanks for writing back, listen i have decided to compete again in oct, i would like you to post a training program and diet for me to come in real dry and hard, you can check the competition here in montreal canada and toronto at, i know you are real busy and some info is your blog, but i would really appreciate if you could work on this and get back to me please!! or maybe even forward me copy or your past diets, right now i am 5f7 185lbs at about 12% bodyfat, i mean i look good i wanna go for lightweight, and i am doing all this without steroids, i am trying to stay natural as long as possible, i got some pics from my first contest 2 years ago if i can forward you them somehow let me know!! thanks big kev you are the best!!!! and by the way i was watching the olympias you were in 1992 was your best my opinion, you should go for the olympia kev in oct you will take it for sure you are the uncrowned champ!!! LONG LIVE KING KEV !!! thanks big guy ciao!

    • Hey nice going on competing and doing it naturally as long as possible. I don’t have a full set “diet plan” I can send you at this time – when it’s ready i will share it with everyone. Please keep me posted on what you’re doing and provide links for all of us to check it out. And thanks for the kind words, bro – means a lot to me.

      • Ted says:

        Hi Kevin. I have noticed, especially in your previous videos, that you have giagantic triceps! Is that a genetic gift? You see I have quite large biceps and I find my triceps seem to be lagging a little in comparison. Can you give me any tips on how to bring them up? I’m only 17 but I have been training for 4 years and have 18 inch guns, so the more hardcore the better! Thanks Kevin and good luck with your training!


    • Agostino says:

      Hi Matt, i heard that you are natural. I’m 19 years old this year it was the second year of competions for me, i got 2 place and 1 the week after. I’m natural like you, and i followed a better diet this year and a good way to use integrators. If you are interested, this is my email :

      Good luck with your competion, i’m sure you’ll do good. Natural as long as we can!!

  7. April Venture says:

    Hey babe, I get alot of e-mails on myspace on my shape and my preparations for this seasons Npc shows. I have a myspace friend on there by the id of m3muscle and although the screen operator is very kind, considerate, and seems very sincere, the information on the page says that it was started and run by you. I just wanted to know if it is trully you or a fan of yours. Great job on the come back in the workouts. It was always inspirational to see your videos. After attending alot of shows lately, I know that it maybe important to pack on slabs of muscle for the shows, not all guys have the sense to build it correctly on their quest to reach the heaviest cut size quickly. You looked great having a waistline and correct symetry instead of looking so slabbed up at the hips, bloated stomach, or looking like your lats are mounted directly on your posing trunks. Nice tight waist, ultra wide lats and shoulders, thick chest, and super quads. After Dexter winning the “O”, I am thinking that the judges are finally looking for the look you always strived for, rather than the super slabs like Jay or Ronnie. Thanks.

    April Venture

    April Venture

  8. Zack says:

    Who else is in for a Levrone/Wheeler/Coleman Master’s Olympia? Keep pushin it Kev.

  9. GTO says:

    Hi Keven, its Gr8 to c u back. last time we saw u were at the Australian GP, mate its so good to have u back in the seen and training. keep it up lots of Aussie fans cant wt to hear ur updates.

  10. Mike says:

    Yooo Kevin, i’m so happy to see you back in the gym. You are one of the top bodybuilders in the world. Go for it and do ya thing.

    Greets from Mike (The Netherlands).

  11. Matt says:

    Hey Big Matt here again kev!! i have been posting alot here to get the ma out of your knowledge, i did your chest shoulder workout you posted and my training partner and self are sore as hell!!! lloll like i said he is following me to get ready for my next contest and i figured lets follow your transformation, just PLEASE post the workouts you do the execises like your doing especially for legs cause i am doing those tomorrow and wanna follow through with your trainings buddy, iasked for a program the other day but realized you are already doing it!!!can just post an overview of your meals and calorie intake, and what is your weight and height??? anywyas it is 9:37am off to the gym to hit bicep/tricep talk to later i will keep you posted as you bud thanks!!!!! 🙂 light weight baby!!

  12. dominik says:

    hi kevin i think i am your biggest fan from germany it is so great to see that you are back in the gym .When i saw that i think woow and for me it is a big motivation .i love bodybuilding and trained scince 11 years now i am 24 and when i go in the gym i heard your music that makes me happy and makes a better workout .i have a question in your video thunder an lightnig brad wear a t-shirt from the maryland muscle mashine were can i buy this ????best wishes from germany my friend good luck your are the best bodybuilder ever

  13. Matt says:

    Hey big kev just posted before the gym now just got back and really pumped and aching crazy arm workout this morning,here is a superset i wanna share with you to try if you are game hahahahhaah! grab the ez curl barl put a weight you are comfortable to lift, do lower half bicep curls, then upper half, then full range all 7-8 times, then lie flat and take the bar do tricep french press to the forehead, then towards the back of the head, then do close grip presses all again 7-8 times and you will want to die lloll!!! anyways leg day tomorrow could post your workout from the other day please thanks later!!! 😛

  14. Mike says:

    THIS !!!

  15. Kito says:

    This video is showing the pure romance beyond the lifestyle. The Training – and ho he playes the guitar – the hole thing.
    Kevin you are the greatest one who has ever lived this sport. You have turned this sport into something like a religion to me.
    I can just repeat what everyone hopes, come back and take the Title :{)

    19 years old and inspired by you, to keep going forward.

    Best wishes, i hope you will have a long lucky life.

  16. Josh says:

    Kevin, you are truely inspirational.
    There are videos i watch on youtube over and over again and everytime i watch these i get even more motivation.
    Your physique is extraordinary and you are a great bodybuilder to look up to
    Alot of people including me are really excited to see how you will transform, goodluck with it all and make sure you have fun and im sure you will share your fun with us all.
    All the best!

    • Josh says:

      Oh and one more thing.
      It must be a great feeling knowing that people watch videos of you over and over, the motivation you get is insane.

  17. Pingpong says:

    Hi, I’m from Thailand you are the one of bodybuilder for me i so happy to see you back to gym.

  18. Kevin says:

    Hey Kevin,
    You are my alltime favourite bodybuilder, you are really an inspiration for me and for so many others.
    I am so exited to see how you get bigger and bigger, can’t wait to see more vids of you.
    Still you’re looking BUFF for someone that hasn’t worked out for years.
    I wish you goodluck and I know that you will set your goal.
    Just know that there are much people that supports you and believe in you.
    I wish you all the best

  19. Jack says:

    Hey man, absolutely loving what you are doing, keeping track everyday! Just a question, any idea when your getting your diet plan out! I really need one (as I havent a clue what Im doing) and I want to get into serious training very soon!

    If you can help sooner, please reply to my email!
    Many thanks,

  20. Mark Zwarts says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I wanted to thank you for this positive contribution to bodybuilding in a time where so much negativety in the sport.
    Beiing 37 myself and picking up the weights again after a 7 year hiates this is really inspiring.
    A while ago i stumbled over de blog from Robby Robinson (The Black Prince), man that did it! 62 and in shape…

    I was very fortuned too have witnessed the 90-s, the golden decade in my book!
    This project is truly inspiring, so all the best for you and your family!

    Good luck!

    Mark Zwarts

  21. Josh says:

    To every mc that introduced me, to every ? that told me where to stand, down to every light man with a plan
    To every judge that has judged me, to every photographer and writer that pour their heaps and souls out so the world can see, and to all my fans and loved ones that cried for me…this ones for you baby, haha.

  22. nikiomartins says:

    hey kevin,

    greetings from Brasil,
    good luck in your transformation !!!

  23. Lou says:


    I’ve been following you since you came on the scene and you have always been not only my favorite bodybuilder, but an inspiration to me as well. I truly beleive that you are part of the reason I am the bodybuilder I am today. I still watch videos of you training.

    Take it all the way brother and show these young boys what they really need to look like.


  24. Alex says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I’m 18 years of age and an avid sportsman who is always willing to improve his physique in order to reach the top of my game. I just wanted to ask you whether you have had any injuries which have stopped you from training. I am suffering from a chronic wrist injury and its really getting me down as I have lost all my gains as a result of not being able to train for the past 3 months. This is having a huge negative impact both physically and more importantly for me, mentally as I am missing out on the sport I love.

    Do you think I should keep training and just wear a hefty support? (if so which one) or just leave it completely till I’m 100 percent certain as to what the injury is (as I’m getting a MRI scan-might have to wait 3 months and maybe longer if surgery is required)! Your an inspiration Kevin and would love to hear back from you.


    P.s Condolences for your recent family loss

  25. flexnjax says:

    Thanks for the motivation Big Kev! I am following the mission everyday.

  26. Kyle says:

    I was very surprised to hear that you actually took someone’s advice about locking out your knees. I don’t mean any disrespect, it just seems to me that most professionals would be ‘set in their ways.’ Well, good luck with what your doing. It’s pretty interesting.

  27. stian says:

    Your finaly back!!! I started to follow you a few years after you retired, so it great ti see you back in the gym! altough im not nearly as strong as you were I base a lot of my training on you. I think you where the best BB of all time.
    I have some trouble with my left peck, being a former swimmer it just not as strong as my right peck. Im thinking you had a similar problem after your peck tear?? how did you overcome it??
    We love you man! I´ll be checking in daily!

  28. Marco says:

    Hey Kevin,

    Your new pictures knocked me out 🙂
    First, I though that you could not reach this body in just one week in training.
    But then I remembered your words: MEMORY EFFECT! And I am believing in your words…

    Looking on these picture, you can see that a momory effect really exists.


    Keep on pushing…

    greetings from Marco (Stuttgart, Germany)

  29. alnassak says:

    Hi Kevin,:)

    First of all, I would like to tell you that you are the best bodybuilder on my eyes and I can clearly see you wining ALL of the competitions that you have been through including ALL OF Mr. OLYMPIA Contests!!

    That means you are 12x MR. OLYMPIA CHAMPION!! At least my EYES 😀

    In addition to your great physique, you have a great PERSONALITY too, you are kind, honest, excellent speaker, great poser, nice actor & someone that all would love to spend time with!!

    I wish you all the best and I hope to see you back with your “94 Arnold Classic SHOWING” when you got 1st

    “Do it for us Kevin I am sure you can”

  30. Zac says:

    hey Man I think that it’s awsome that you ate starting to train again and I was wondering if you would have some advise for packing on weight I’m 16 years old and I have been training for the past year.

  31. John says:

    Hey Kevin!
    Thanks for the transformation that you’re taking us through. I’ve got a question for you. What kind of injuries did you have to deal with during your career? I’m aware of the tricep injury that you dealt with but I also heard that you had a back injury that required surgery. Is this true?

  32. Kano says:

    Hey Kevin!,

    First of all want to congratulate you on starting something pretty awesome here. You are an inspiration to every bodybuilder out there. I recently have just got my first year of competition under my belt and now your driving me on for my off season training. The question is how does your training split work for the week, how often do u train each body part or is this not a set routine for yourself?

    and keep up the hard work mate!

  33. marco says:

    kevin, i have read that the decline press also works the upper pecks ? how do you feel about this ?

  34. Henrique says:

    omgosh! its been a lot of time since uve stopp’d and still r that big.
    i remember that i’ve first heard ur name when i startd at gym, about 2 up to 3 years ago, when i was 18 or 19 y/o and some people just playd ur posedown in some of youtube movies, the one with “Creed – Higher” song in it. since i saw ur videos u became a kind of hero to me like an inspiration to train to maybe one day i step on the stage and feel the fast heartbeating with flashes and people staring at me. haha some kind weird of dream my friends says, but its mine.
    good luck to you and for all the ones that really enjoy this bodybuilding lifestyle, you r great!

  35. Luciano Cavalcante says:

    Kevin hello how are you?

    I am your fan and hope his return to the very stage, you already can count on your presence in Mr. Olympia?

    Confirming your back for sure, this is ultimately the return of one of the best athletes in the history of bodybuilding

    A big hug from your fan number one in Brazil


  36. martinez says:

    You know what Kevin you looked good to me before you started your transformation. Like you I stopped training for about 3years.Your website became my inspiration to start back training.It has become my favorite. Even thought you are one one the best that ever stepped on stage you show every body that your just like them.Please keep up the good work,inspiration, intensity,going and
    im gonna ride this one out with you. THANKS!!!

  37. Ray Davis says:

    Your a true Warrior. Please comeback and wipe the floor with are so called stuck up Mr.O “The Blade”.

  38. Sean H says:

    Wow, Kevin Levrone!
    Im really interested in whats going on, But…
    But Im still a little lost about whats actually going on?
    from what I understand, you’re back. Im not really sure what that means? Im not sure what the purpose of this experiment is? what your goals are, or the overall purpose of this website.
    and there Isnt really a page that explains what your doing? maybe i just missed that?
    anyway good luck!

  39. SO CALI SOLDIER says:


  40. Brandon Gorey says:

    Your progression so far is awesome man. A couple of quick questions: What is your caloric intake a day (during your transformation so far), how are you breaking your exercises down so far (I.E. chest/tri, back/bi, etc), how come you stopped working out while pursuing an acting career?

  41. David says:

    I Kevin,
    Nice to see you back in the gym.
    You have inspired me for starting weight lifting years ago when you where battling on the stages with Dorian,Flex,Shawn,Nassere and all the others.
    Good luck for your esperiment!!

  42. Patrik says:

    Kevin you look better than ever, you should make a comeback and get that Title, The MR. O that is. Man seeing you here reminds me of your training video MMM.

  43. Tom says:

    Hey kevin,

    I just wanted to give you props for not pimping us every supplement out there. Staying true to the lifestyle, eating healthy nutritious meals, and lots of it. Your illustrious career and your current shape are a testament to the tried tested and true methods.

    Alright enough ass kissing, i did have a question as to how you roughly portion your meals. You’ve mentioned 2 chicken breasts, greens, and from what i saw in your Maryland Muscle Machine video you ate what looked like white rice. I’ve been struggling with meal timing and portions (university student) and i’ve been trying to cook and store about a weeks worth of food pre-portioned, so i’ve got no excuses for cheating or missing a meal.

    Any help would be appriciated, and all the best!


  44. Rob says:

    Kev, the best way I can make reference to what is going on with you is to reference back to the old Superman movies, when Superman decided to become a mortal man,lol and then later on decided it’s time to become Superman again. That’s you brother! You are a hero to many people around the world and we can’t wait to see your end results! I know you mentioned you aren’t doing this to compete again, but you know everyone of us fans is secretly hoping to see the return the Maryland Muscle Machine!
    I just competed in my first every contest and won my weightclass decisively and your videos were a huge inspiration when I was down, de-carbed, hurting and it was time to pump up. I’d throw a couple clips on youtube and blast over to the gym pumped and ready.
    Quick question, my contest was May 23rd and there is another contest in November for my next level, I need to bring my leg size up just a bit to match my upper, but my conditioning was pretty spot on. Do you think I’m crazy to attempt 2 contests inside of 7 months being new to the contests, leaving 12 weeks to re-bulk and another 12 to cut again, or should I wait until the level 2 next year and put another solid year in? (32 yrs old and training 4+ days for 12 years now)

  45. Matt Dance says:

    Hi kevin people from here have been responding to me!!! well here is my website you are already my friend i started the diet today, got my supplements and i will be video bloging and posting new pics as of monday so check it out buddy thanks you are my motivaton and i am using the technic you spoke of imagine what i want to look like and go for it!!! and the pcs are ones from my first contest took second but you can see 2 years ago i had no idea what i was doing but wanted to do it so i competed and now i am bgger better and hungrier!!!!!!

  46. Rich Fox says:

    Hey Kevin, looking great. The gains that you’re making in such a short time are very impressive.
    I’m confused on the training splits that i should do, through the years I’ve been lifting I’ve noticed my body responds well to a higher frequency of training muscle groups. So like many for two of the lifting splits i have, one is back/biceps and another chest/triceps.
    But I’ve heard mix things about training this way, that in fact that training like this is one of the biggest mistakes you could make. Although i read and see(such as yourself) so many train with the b/b and c/t splits.
    I’m confused and would appreciate your wisdom and knowledge. thanks

  47. DARIUSH says:

    hey kevin.
    first of all you are one oft the greatest bb on eartg for all times.
    my respect what you have done for this sport is amazing and you have my big respect.
    but i aks me every day the same question about you.
    can you answering me kevin??
    i am 31 years young:-9but one day i will be an ifbb i will do evertyhing for that.
    greetz from germany

  48. Emanuel says:

    Hi levrone, heres a hello from sweden, great that youre back, you hade one of the best psysichs in the world. Gonna keep follow your blog, it gives me motivation, hopping to be able to compete next year as a junior born in 87. Peace

  49. John C says:

    Hi Kevin,

    I am following your report with interest. Countless people have been wishing to see you start training again. Strangely, a lot of guys on the forums are ragging on you. From what I can tell its from your rapid progress without killing yourself. I think these guys are looking for a reason to believe that they to can go pro even if they have been training and ‘supplementing’ for the past 10 years and can’t break past 215 on a bulk. It is truly amazing to see the genetically gifted train even you in your 40s. I’m in my 40s too and can never be a decent bodybuilder at the local level no matter what I do. But I still do appreciate and can marvel at your progress. I am guessing that if you decide to compete again you will turn up the intensity as your body conditions itself to the training again. I’m along for the ride.

    Stay Cool,

    John C

  50. michael says:

    greetings from germany. you are the greatest

  51. Kevin says:

    Hey Kevin,

    I really appreciate your movies, it helps me to motivate before going to the gym, your old movies and especially the new ones. What I wanted to ask is, what happend when you quitted competing, did you trainen less hard or a different diet?

    Best wishes,

    Kevin from the Netherlands

  52. hakan says:

    ı am from Turkey my question is about protein and my mind is so confused pls help there r lots of protein and ı dont know which one is the best for body. ı wanna use weider or muscletech.pls what do u suggest me, ur expert on body.thx a the way ı mis u r old body u were better when u r big.

  53. pascal van der smissen says:

    hy Kevin.
    what a great idee this site.
    you looking verry good men!
    please go for the mister O title!!!!!
    together with Big Ronnie Coleman en the mister O 2009 wil be the best in jaers.
    sory for my bad enlisch.i.m from holland
    train hard .
    by from pascal

  54. Will says:

    Hi Kev
    Just to let you know that here in Singapore we are watching your inspirational workouts and loving every minute of them. It’s great to see you back doing what you do so well. Have you been doing abs workouts yet? Keep up the great work. Cheers, Will

  55. Martin says:

    Hi Kevin!
    First time i see your webbsite and im really happy that you did this. I have learnt very much becuse of you. Thank you. I just wanted to say that im only 15 years old and i have started on last friday to training at home. I just wondered if you could give me some tips to a 15 years old boy. Thank you. Many cheers from Sweden! Im always going to check this website! 🙂

  56. Faisal says:

    Hi Kev

    Man I tell you what, I won a bet because of you. I was so confident you’ll be back to what you do best. I used to have all your posters around my lil gym at home and actually, I told this to Dorian when I saw him in London last year. I studied in Iraq for a small period of time and once I had a musclemag sent to me from London, so I decided to take it to school to show my pals. I got a disciplinary for bringing porn to school hehehehehehehehe!!!

    When you guys were younger, you looked at Arnold, Lui, Frank and the others. Our generation was Kevin Levrone, and that’s the reason why I train and work hard to get to that level you guys had.

    Good luck bro, and I hope you can make it down here to London. It’ll be good to see you man. Good luck with your training too, I look forward to seeing you on stage again 🙂


  57. Richard W says:

    Hey kevin,

    You’re an awesome bodybuilder and I think 99% of the real bodybuilders dream of such a body, the other 1% are just stupid! The movies work very inspirational to work hard and get myself on a stage one day. I diet hard and work out even harder thanks to you!

    Man, i love bodybuilding

    Good luck with your transformation, show them whose boss!


  58. Honzina says:

    Hi Kevin – from the Czech Republic!

    My first message didn´t appear. I don´t know why. So that I am trying it agait to say you hello a wish you all the best with this transformation. It is the best in time I solve the same (after 1 year break, 20 years of traning in total). It´s very motivating.

    Be careful – nobody is growing youg :-)).

    Your fan from the time of your win NPC “I´ve got the power” 1991.

    Honza – CZ

  59. Rippy McSewed says:

    Hey Kevin,
    Its awesome you’re bringing the sport back to where it should be man. Good luck this year bro.

    Chris the spottah Olympia ’10 .. im callin’ it now ..

  60. gil.n (Israel) says:

    Hey kevin !
    man i so happy to see you back!

    you 1 of me Favorites bb. (kevin, rony c,jay c)

    i always want to speak with you man!

    i always watching your clip on youtube, to gat motivation!

    end now you back?! open bloog uplod clips i gat so alt motivation man 🙂

    you really awesome man, i love you man! dont stop to updata!

    i wiil be continue to follow you man!

    you look so good now, end this only the start!

    gil.n, from Israel.

  61. Scott Springston says:

    Kevin, I have to say once again that I appreciate you sharing these video’s of you working out. I ask this question not as a putdown but out of sincere interest. Are these and other workouts I see of you on Youtube your real workouts or are they just for “the camera workouts”? You use alot of weight but you just don’t seem to be exibiting the intensity I am accustomed to seeing in a real workout. At the end of most sets you’re not even really breathing hard. You don’t seem to really be pushing it most times. You pause for about 5 secons sometimes and say, let’s see if I can do another rep? With that much pause you could do 5 more reps. If these are your real workouts then the only explination I can think of is that you gain so easily that you don’t need to push really hard?

    • II have said on the blog that I’m not going to failure on a lot of these because it’s been four years and I don’t want to tear a muscle at the beginning. You need to appreciate what a 4-year layoff means. Tear a muscle, end of transformation. Nobody wants to see that. The gains are coming anyway because these muscles have been sitting dormant for years and I’m using heavy weights.

      But dude, this last workout, chest/shoulder/tri, that was getting close to all out brother. Now that I’m four weeks into it I’m going to be stepping it up and blowing it out so keep watching.

      • michael N says:

        hey kevin i have a problem plenty of people might have i feel im getting smaller but people say im big i just want to be ready for my competition in november this is my frist competition so im worried

  62. Eddy bn says:

    Hi kevin 🙂
    I really happy to see you back!
    you animal bro!

    I have question.
    I want to know, how many set you recommend to do, to the little muscles?.. and big muscles?..
    for gat mksimiom mass ?

    i am 19 old.. natural bb.

    Thank you. And please will continue to update!

  63. Kerry F. says:

    Yo… wuz^ bro i just found out your back i saw the videos on youtube what can i say congrats… i can’t wait til you blow up if that’s your plan my wife says “he looks better now.” she just doesn’t understand how raw it is to be that big lol well keep it up champ!!! it’s all you God Bless.

  64. marty says:

    Hey Kev,my shoulders hurt from traning and also I have a landscaping company. Im 36 and have been lifting on and off since I Was 15. You mentioned letting your shoulders rejuvenate mine feel like theres alot cooking in there.If I can get this problem fixed I would be much better off.Let me know if you have gone through this.Man your the best I started my comback to bodybuilding about a week ahead of you, I also saw the burning Hollywood vid on utube months ago been a fan for a long time bro your a class act!

  65. Ioannis says:

    Hey Kevin, I am on a transformation myself, you give me motivation beyond consideration, let’s rock the world my man

  66. konstantinos says:

    Hallo kevin!In my opinion, you have the greatest body of all time, without being very heavy.Could you tell me for how long should i rest my muscles between sets?Microtrauma is important for hypertrophy?You are the best!

  67. Zac says:

    hey kevin my name is zac cotton and man I just gotta say how much of a huge inspiration you are and that I think that it’s awesome that you are starting to lift again! And I have couple questions, do you have any ideas for putting on some weight, I’m 16 and I have been lifting for the past year I take protein, creatine, and some gaspari products. Hope to here from ya soon, God bless

  68. Agostino says:

    Hi Kevin! I finished two competions this year, and after that i ate so much (you know how is it :D) and i gained 20 pounds (mostly fat) in less than two weeks ahahahah. I am going to see my girlfirend in three weeks and i wanted to be better, so i started a diet and training again.

    In the morning i do 50 minutes of jogging.

    At the gym I always do 5 excercise for big muscles and 2 excercises for little muscle (like you). I wanted to come back to my heavy weight of winter.

    I wanted to post my diet, maybe you can see and correct it, or you can be inspired by it (you don’t need).

    before jogging 3 grams of BCAA

    after jogging
    0.13 lb of all-bran
    0,44 lb of milk
    green tea
    a spoon of brown sugar and a spoon of protein (just for the taste)

    0.066 lb of whey protein (Optimum nutrion gold standard) with water
    one fruit

    0,220 lb of rice/pasta/integral bread
    0,220 lb of meat
    salad, tomato , vegetables

    break like up pre-work out

    after work out 3 grams of BCAA

    0,220 lb of meat
    salad, tomato, vegetables
    less carbs possible 🙂
    (I am a natural body building, i train since i was 15 y o, and i have never took steroids, and unlegal stuff, this things help you only when you are mucular completed and they should used only for very important contests)

    I hope you read this e-mail, I’m a big fun of you Kevin, always tell you for me you are the best!
    Please if you read just answer for make me know that you read it. KEEP THE GOOD TRAINING!!!!!
    I am going to US in three weeks, Seattle if you are there maybe we can train togeater someday.

    From your friend Agostino (19 y o ) – Italy

  69. gary says:

    hey kev..
    you are doing great, keep up the good work(Y)
    the legs will be as great as before or better so dont worried about that;)its al hard word:P

    greetings from the netherlands,

  70. jean michel says:

    wow !!! it s the best new of year !!! kevin levrone come back !!! i m so happy to know !! sorry for my english (because i m french !) but I am obliged to say my enjoyment !! For me you always have was my ideal

    I never forget the day when I saw you to arrive on stage with the music of godzilla!! You were very impressive !!

    I am your biggest fan! Good continuation my friend!

    Jean-Michel France

  71. Dave says:

    Do you do cardio BEFORE or after your workouts? I looked like you did it before. If you do, any reason for that?

  72. Kapp says:

    Greetings from Finland!

    Im just 16 years old but ive been working out for some time now and honestly, the nice people i see at the gym and especially you and other bodybuilders/powerlifters who are nice enough to keep blogs and talk to their fans are my biggest inspiration..

    Keep it up!

  73. Amed says:


    It’s great to see one of the best of all time come back with such determination.Hopefully your considering competition, the sport can always use the best side chest pose of all time. Best of Luck & Keep it up. Thanks for sharing your journey with the world.

  74. My dream is to meet you brother. I have flex magazines with you in it from when I was in high school that motivated me to compete. You amazing man!!

  75. You look amazing man. no matter what. Hope I get to meet you in person at like the olympia expo or something. You are my favorite bodybuilder of all time, beyond any pro still competing or that have competed

  76. Bas says:

    Hey Kev!
    I just wanted to say I am very much enjoying this and I am very grateful that you are taking all this time and effort to let us be part of this and share all this knowledge and wisdom that you have acquired over years and years and years of experience.
    Mad respect.

  77. Jesse Soto says:

    Hey Kevin… Thank you for all the information on your workouts and diet. It’s very helpful in my life because I workout a bit myself and I am thinking of doing my first contest in the next year or so. I have changed my routine to kinda match yours to see if I get any better gains. It’s only been a week but I’m feeling pretty good about it. Anyway, good luck in your transformation. It would be awesome to see you back on stage again. You’re looking freaking awesome. I’ll be checking in on a daily basis… Out. Ps… You music rocks… Are you still doing it?

  78. Bas says:

    this one 🙂

  79. MHi Levrone says:

    Hi my elegance man,dear kevin.
    I`m an my home,in my club and any where i go,just say kevin is the best,always i want see you,i want talk to you,but i can`t do all my friends want you back to train and kick all guys,yet ronny not ronny with out you.I want a thing from you.always email to me because I & all my friends love you and see and see and see M3.I waiting for your email dear kevin
    your friend that keeps your name in the east, mahdi baradaran

  80. Erik says:

    haha you’re a funny guy kevin, love the mix of your training videos when you stay focussed, train hardcore and living the fitness lifstyle, but it’s even more interesting to watch thoose vid. when you are positive and joking around, cause you are a very funny guy and i don’t have to know you very well as a person to understand that you have a great sense of humour and a good personality. Keep publish your videos, and have a nice weekend / Erik from Norway

  81. MikeWeston says:

    Kevin these videos are great! My only complaint is that I wish you taped more of your workout instead of the last sets. Keep up the good work you are becoming a monster again.

  82. marty says:

    Yo man kev,this is getting better every up to seattle and do some landscaping with me the pump is good,moving all the rocks and lifting alot of heavy shit. when im done worken i eat mega rest two hrs then go to the gym and put myself together. you got a free place to stay if your up for some adventure.PS I will even pay you 20.00 a hr ha ha!

  83. efren says:

    kevin levrone awsome what your doing! be the first one to make a come back and take the mr.O title.

  84. Mike Wiegel says:

    hey kevin im a hugh fan i love the videos you have gave me so much modivation,im from baltimore and im about 300lbs right now im pretty strong i have some muscle but i have alot of chest and stomach fat i want to lose 30lbs what kind of weight training should i do?

  85. veky says:

    hey kevin i am from croatia, for me you are the greataest bodybuilder of all time, you got mass and excellent simetry, and its very bad that you never won mr.O, you deserved it, more than once, but the judges are stu_ _ _ .

    i belive that you will succeed,go and show the best of you!

  86. Roderic says:

    Hi Kev, I’ve been powerlifting in France for 6 years now, but i’m a HUGE fan of you. Your comeback in the gym inspire me to start some BBing workouts, especially when you train your shoulders and triceps! I hope my 600 deadlift, and 500 lbs squat @ 181 may help me with BBing, let’s see…

    I just hope one day you’ll be back on stage and maybe win the Olympia title who knows…

  87. bigjeff89 says:

    hey kevin lets see the 300 pound cable crunches for 100 reps lol jk but ur looken great man, im behind u all the way buddy.

  88. oscar martinez says:

    hey kev u the best really man u can do it i from mexico is great see u egain thanks

  89. michael N says:

    hey kevin i have a problem plenty of people might have i have a feeling that im getting smaller but people say that im getting bigger i have my first competition in november so im worried

  90. Patrick says:

    Amazing genetics you have been blessed and carved by the war gods lol, Big kev i’ve just gotten into bodybuilding due to the fact i was 6ft at 140lbs. from the start the first video i saw was you and it inspried me to be more goal oriented. i got up to 194lbs in 1 year thanks to you and my hard work i then cut to 170lbs keep strong kev your helping me out!

  91. Bassem says:

    Hi Kevin , You are awesome, I am happy that you back to the gym and you made this site so we can contact you and see your progression.

    I returned back now after 6 years when I saw your site, I am 28 now , I am feeling better and I planning to keep on.

    I have question : Is there any kind of food or training that strengthen bones ??? because it’s week .


  92. Pascal says:

    hey kevin!

    i think it is just a big thing what you are doing. you are THE person to represent bodybuilding as its best. i am from switzerland where the sport is not that popular but there is a big potential i think.(or i hope!)
    so go for it and show the world the very positive positive and fun side of bodybuilding.
    respect and nice to see you again…

    regards from swiss

    ps:do you know at all where “my” small country is?:)

  93. Michael says:

    Hi Kevin,
    how you doing?!
    The first weeks been very impressive, and i tried to keep your level from week to week.
    And it works, sometimes.
    But now, you are on a higher level, you passing me.
    I’m pushing more than 450 pounds on the bench. And I think you got me in the next 2 weeks.
    You motivate me to train harder and you remind me, there is always someone who trains harder than me… –> its you!
    thank you for all your efforts and practical informations
    very big and huge greetings from the homeland of Bodybuilding: Austria 😉


  94. marty says:

    Growing nice bro I am learning some nice pointers.Thought I new alot but i am learning much more thanks.For the poduct name how about S.O.S.250

  95. Andrew says:

    Hy,I’m András from Hungary!
    I think you have a very good genetics,and you very wilful to do this.Your body is huge,however you have very good V simmetry too.Your shoulders,and arms are fantastic and amazing!I’m realy hope that you come back,you can beat whomever you want with your muscles!
    You give me me a lot of inspiration,thank you Kevin!


  96. bob rovira says:

    Kevin, i just want to say I love what you’re doing with your transformation workouts..You say we inspire you, but truth is you’re inspiring the hell out of us, your fans. I think it’s truly amazing what your doing and i wish you the greatest success with the LevronReport. You are an amazing individual. not sure how far you going to take it, but I can truly see the old Levrone coming back…it’s truly inspiring.


  97. Gary says:

    I have a question that puzzles me recently i have read an article where one speaks about your muscular earnings they are impressive could you speak in the matter and kevin congratulations for your return

  98. John says:

    Nice work man, i enjoy following this, why don’t you deadlift if you don’t mind me asking?

  99. Robin André says:

    i have never been well built, but when i see you and you´r results, it gives me the inspiration to grow 🙂
    im following you from sweden. great to se you back on track.

    over and out, Robin André

  100. Pedro Larach says:

    Back On 1993, was the first time I watched a Bodybuilding contest on ESPN, and a guy with a Schwarzenegger’s face look just blew my mind with an incredible and freaky physique, That dude was you. Over the years it’s been impossible for me to find another human being with that kind of balance of freaky muscle and aesthetics.
    The Levrone report is the the next best thing to ABCs Lost series, it’s addictive, it has a special mystique and the best thing it’s real life.
    Thank you for sharing this “reality show” with us, it’s amazing.

    Godspeed Kevin

  101. Pedro Larach says:

    Sorry for the misspellings

  102. Marco says:

    Hi Kevin

    Great transformation so long. Italy loves you
    Keep on pumpin´

    Greets Marco 😉

  103. Jason says:

    Hi Kevin,
    You have to be one of the greatest all time bodybuilders; and not to win a Mr Olympia, it must of been just decimal places (.0000) for you not to take first place. Dexter Jackson has won the Olympia based more of an elegant physique (from what I understand) over what has been classed as mass monsters; the Jay Cutlers of the world.But you had the mass,symmetry and an elegance; it’s hard to believe you missed out.
    Here in Australia you don’t run into Olympia contenders like some of those guys would have run into yourself in gyms. Can I ask how long it took you to get into that shape? 5,10 years, and how did you handle the growth hormone side of the sport to be able to compete at the same size level as the guys you did? (if it’s not to personal)

  104. mohasin says:

    hey kevin wud luv to knw sum tips on how to make my body frm a thin lean guy to an gud shaped huge muscled guy

  105. JL says:

    Hi Kevin. I have a simple question. Seriously can I drink Diet Coke with the meals?

  106. Tim says:

    Hi Kevin,
    What your doing with this website is great, adds a little legitimacy to bodybuilding, which can be so full of advertising and hype. Your doing everything yourself, Not some magazine writer in a back room making up a routine. Plus, your putting it out there for everyone to see.
    Great stuff

  107. Honzina says:

    There is a possibility on the Facebook to join “The Levrone Report Fan Group”.

    I hope it´s ok, Kev. If you don´t agree let me know…


  108. shree says:

    OMG i cant believe i am writing to you.For me you are GOD.I worship you.I have a wallpaper of u in my room.It was disheartening to see you loose all your muscles u earned.I wished you to would start working out again.And here u r.Watching your transformtn it has given me loads of confidence and self belief.I am very happy for you.I would love to see you on stage but more important is you to be healthy.Plz go on with the hard work and we are here to keep you motivated. YEAH BABY

  109. James says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I’m not Catholic, but what about “Daily Mass” as a name for one of your products?

  110. AMIR LEVRONE says:

    Hey Kevin , Im So happy Here I can Contact you and i really believe if your that kevin i know you will stand in any stage you want . your body still the same just little bit u lost your self comon man find your self im sure you can be who you want . im pretty sure your wonderfull body we all love you so much and i wish even not on stage again see you in the best mood and all the best for you man , i was about gono leave this sport after accident i had but since i saw you started again you gave me that mood back and i will start again too man , i lost 20 kg and now i want bring it back since my kevin will start again , i Even Use AMIR Levrone For My Name How I Like You Dude , Your the best all your video wonderfull and tnx for this nice idea that you let us to see you every day .

    God bless you body .

    im waiting for your news again


  111. Rhys says:

    Hei Kevin

    Looking great. Im from Wales and last year I tore my pec. Both heads and have had an op to reattatch pec to humerus. Cant get back into things as I used to. I think I remember you doing the same in the 90’s? I cant see any scaring or deformity of pec. Is it just as strong? I have much bigger pec on op side and much less of a spread. also a slight dimple. You doing this has got me training again but I have my worries. Do you have any advice? Keep up the great work and get back on stage asap! Many thanks


  112. Luke says:

    alryt kevin,
    congrats on making a come back, looking good after only 6 weeks! jus wanna let you know what your doing here is really inspirational and it must feel good being back in the gym after 4 years. keep up the good work mate and keep those videos posted there really motivating.


  113. Daniel Jack says:

    Hey kev,

    bro i’ve got to say the 6 week transformation has been awesome. deffs give you props, im only 17 and starting to compete but gives me a smile to see your kickin it like you used to. Im a big fan of you coming back, keep it up bruv.

  114. marco says:

    hey kevin i continue to really enjoy the site. its keeping me motivated. im having a hell of a time building up my upper pecks. i have read before that decline presses work the upper pecks too ? what do you think about this ?

  115. Clarkey22 says:

    Hey Kev, I just wanted to let you know I love the site and follow every update. I’m really glad to see you back on the scene and i must say, as much as I like Dorian I think it is an absolute crime that you never walked away with at least one sandow. I really appreciate all the knowledge you are passing on and what you’ve done so far is incredible. Canada loves you bro!

  116. Patrick says:

    Hey Kev i know you get alot of question so no worries on how fast you get back to this one. do you think when you have the time i know your busy with sleeping eating and traning plus family time but posting a video on posing? like proper pose techniques and like ways to make your self look bigger if your lagging in a certain area or not as gentically gifted that would be awesome!
    Keep up the amazing work
    Ontario, Canada

  117. chamika says:

    hi your body is good . your arms now big but forams is week. anyway now you are good

  118. kiyotaka says:

    Hey Kevin I was wondering what time you think is best to start competitive bodybuilding competitions for a new bodybuilder? Iv been lifting for about 1 year and now I’m 16, I went from 145 to 210lbs lean but don’t know if I should start competing, or wait until I’m even bigger around 250+ I haven’t even started to try posing but many people say I should go for it. Also what do you suggest for building obliques my hips are empty looking, but I have big abs I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong with them..

    P.S. Great progress, keep going!

  119. maxqi says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I am Max,and I am your fan from Poland, I am realy happy because I started train , Your’s progress is amazing!!!;O Given me the motivation to heavier training every day.
    I would like to ask you whether as a professional body you have problems with striae distensae? how to deal with them advice? I have this problem recently … Waiting for an answer, Yours

  120. maxqi says:

    Hello Kevin,

    I am Max,and I am your fan from Poland, I am realy happy because YOU started train , Your’s progress is amazing!!!;O Given me the motivation to heavier training every day.
    I would like to ask you whether as a professional body you have problems with striae distensae? how to deal with them advice? I have this problem recently … Waiting for an answer, Yours

  121. RASTISLAV says:

    hi kevin you are for me the best bodybolder ever!!! I watch you on the youtube long long time…I belive for your come back ,..this is message from your fan from the ex cechoslovakia now chech and slovakia:)

  122. MK says:

    hey mmm

    please start talkin again man….fuck what some stupic wimps are saying…i´m following your amazing blog here from germany ….and its so damn impressive …keep training hard man…AND ALL THE HATERS CAN GO AN F**k THEMSELVES!!!!

  123. Roman says:

    Hello Kevin. I like your workouts i am trying to do like you, you are big inspiration for me and my friends here in Czech. I hope you will get back in same or better shape. I trust you can do it. I wish you lot of healthly for that train hard and keep it up 🙂

  124. Earl Thomas says:

    hi Kev.
    Wanted to say thanks for all the inspiration. you have got me back training after a six year lay off due to severe arthritis.
    its great to see an icon back on the scene. after watching the last olympia i have no doubt that if you were to grace that stage again its yours, hands down bruv. thanks again for the inspiration, im finding it very hard but i just watch you and get my sorry butt down the gym.

  125. Franco says:

    hey kevin, we wanna hear what your have to say!
    anything and everything you have to say about training means alot to me and im sure to many others!

    my bro and I watch your videos all the time to get PSYCHED before our workouts. I recently hit a personal high on bicep curls, I curled 60 pounds for 8 reps. I just finished watching your video from a few years back where you curl the 100 pound dumbells and I pushed myself to the max!! thanks kev!


  126. KROM-UA says:

    Здароа Кэвин!!!Ты наверное непоймешь что я здесь написал, но я хочу чтобы ты знал что и на Украине и в России очень рады что ты вернулся к тренировкам!!!Для меня это лучшая новость в году!!!Ты лучший!!!(Zdarova Kevin!!! You probably not understanding that I here have written, but I want that you knew as in Ukraine and in Russia are very glad that you have returned to trainings!!! For me it is the best news in a year!!! You the best!!! Excuse me for bad English. )

  127. helmet012001 says:

    I look forward to this every day I check it out!! Thank you… Your awsome! But what is going to happen when this is over? Keep it up

  128. AKurban says:

    Hey Kev, just wanted to say Happy Birthday Bro! Hope you have an awesome day! Just got back from the gym and I have to be up in 5 hours for work! Best Wishes my man!

  129. Patrick says:

    hey kev happy b-day p.s lets see your WHEELS!!! in this transformation!!

  130. Honzina says:

    Happy Birthday, Kev!

    All the best from Honzina, Czech Rep.

  131. Uno Maz says:

    Dear Kevin,

    Greetings from Turkey!
    It has been a long time, GOOD to see you man. Your pictures and videos have always inspired me to train hard. I think that is exactly what you were made to do, inspire people. Happy Birthday Man! May God bless you and your family.

    Uno Maz

  132. Aaron Burton says:

    Hi Kevin just woundering what steroids if any u are taking to put on the size ? Always bin a huge fan.

  133. ali says:

    Hey kevin , im really happy cause you back to the gym .
    U really inspired me to play this sport and compete one day as a pro bodybuilder like my people here sami al-haddad and tariq al-farsani if u know them .

    However, I have a question can u tell me is it ok to play push-ups programm sets at home while im playing and lifting at the gym , especially the program mentioned that u have to play it 4 days a week .

    And I have heard from some people that push-ups will kill your muscle if u do it with workout at the gym .
    But infact I have gained and progressed when I was playing both of them .

    So what do u advice me and I really need your advice especially you are my favorite body builder without compliment .

    Wish all the best for u big Kevin and good luck bbye .

    From bahrain

  134. Markus says:

    Hey, I’m interest out to build up my body a little. Could you help me and write a schedule
    for me that I could follow?

  135. Javier says:

    Kevin i wanted to say to you that you are a great source of inspiration for me i am a newbie in this but i have great progress i am 20 1.73 meters weight:180 and 15% of body fat i want to compete. can you give me some advice???? can i send you some pics??? i would love to hear from you. really i think you have one of the best bodys in all times.

  136. Joska says:

    I wonder what your real intent is with this 8 week transformation. Maybe promoting a magical training plan or bb product?

    I don’t care because i am going to be your first buyer.

    • Blade says:

      He’s doing this to share his wisdom with the rest of the world.
      It’s all here, it’s all FREE and the best way to give something back is to show your support.

      However, should he put out a product I will buy it too. There’s definitely a market for it and I trust Kevin in that he won’t put his name on junk.

  137. soroush says:

    hi kevin.we are not exagerating,u are the best,best bodybuilder in the universe.ur genetic is incredible.we are crazy of u so that all my room’s walls are full of ur pictures.ur pics are our theme in cellphones,our cellphones memory is full of ur pics,clips.ur name has been written on our T-shirts.
    we are two brothers who started bodybuilding just because of u.we are crazy of u.u are the most favorite sport-man in our country(Iran);it has been shown on an esthatistic on a magazine several times so just try for the best cos u are the best.when we all(in iran)heard that u have started again,we got happiness just like as a bird which starts to fly first to the highest.urs truely soroush and sepehr.plz answer

  138. PEJA says:

    Kevin you are the man! Keep up the good work! I have all your bb videos in my colections and i love it! Your fan believes in You! Full Blown baby! All the best from Serbia!

  139. Vadym says:

    Hey Kevin, you do so many reps and sets, how do you get recovered so quickly, I don’t understand.. I normally train 4 days a weak and I don’t do so much stuff
    I train alredy 2.5 years and my weight is 190lbs 5.9′
    Maybe it’s all about experience…
    Everytime I train I begin to feel the pain in the muscle I train one day after the training

  140. chamika says:

    you are good

  141. Sean says:

    Happy Birthday Kevin 🙂
    i have looked up to you for years and i think your site is great


  142. Honzina says:

    Dear friends,

    there is the possibility to join The Levrone Report Fan Group on the facebook if you want. 😉

    Stay motivated!


  143. Daniel says:

    Just Wanna Say Good Luck Dude
    You Always Will Be My Goal

  144. fred says:

    hey kev,

    Keep up the good work, i like to watch you transform your body in to the shape you use to have. it is realy great i’m preperring for an contest in march so i watch you for inspioring it realy helps me true the hard work sessions. wat i think is the best of what you are doing with this is that you are realy yourself.

    thanks bro,

    Fred beljaars from holland a big fan.

  145. Jacob says:

    What’s up Kevin. Just heard the interview on rxmuscle, and I’ve got to say I was just as nervous as you when those results came in too! But I knew that you were true to your word. I’m sure this 8 week transformation inspired a bunch of people out there, including myself. Hopefully we’ve inspired you in some way the same as you’ve inspired us. I was listening to a talk show radio on and found out that Coleman confirmed that he’s taking the stage 1 last time in 2010. If that’s the case, it would make it 10 times better to see you back up there 1 more time too! The return of Coleman and Levrone one last time would make it the best Olympia yet. Anyways, just wanted to give my thanks and appreciation for being such an inspiration to us fans out here. Keep doing what you do bro, get back at me if you can.


  146. Zack says:

    Kevin, I was hoping you would go back and train at the World Gym from M3. That would be awesome

  147. Luigi says:

    Kevin Levrone is the best!! You should have won a hand full of Olympia’s! Would be absolutely insane if you came back to bust out that famous most myscular pose on stage and rattle everyone. Wish you nothing but the best bro! God bless.

  148. chillchris23 says:

    Hey Kevin!
    I have always been a big fan of yours since u first came in to the bodybuilding world! U were always one of my favorite bodybuilders, and u always looked out for the fans back in the day and u still do! When I heard that u were doing The “Kevin Levrone Come Back Transformation” i was like hell to the yeah… I watched all of your 8 week segmants and still was impressed of the changes that u have made on your body… Kevin keep up the good work and i would love to see u keep up your transformation and your transformation videos… Keep up the good work Kevin and to let u know u were always the greatest and I’ve always looked up to u in the bodybuilding world, and u will still inspire me to be the best bc whenever u train or diet hard someone else is training or dieting twice as hard!! I am competing next year in 2 natural shows, one in Wilmington, NC @ the Gold’s Classic, and another in Columbia,SC for the Palmetto.. I was wondering if u had any advice that u could share..

  149. poupée says:

    hello how are you from poupee

  150. Ryan says:


    Perhaps you’ll be surprised, but you also have fans in Curacao.
    I am so happy that you began working out again. Remember this; you where and still are an inspiration to many people!
    If you’ll compete again or not, you have my blessings!

    Keep up the good work!


  151. erick says:

    hello kevin I am very pleased that you are back on the world of bodybuilding hope that you see when you take what you Meres of you and congratulations for this incredible traformacion so that step by step and continued with all the fans over you admire and then follow up kevin

  152. Chris Cook says:

    Hey Kevin just watch ur last training session on ur Transformation in Venice Beach! Dude that was completely amazing how for u came along after close to 5yrs! U are a great leader to a lot of ppl and ur fans support u no matter what and that’s awesome! U know at the end of ur video segment u said a great quote that is going to stick with me, “The Life of a Champion is an Endless Transformation”.. That is so true and whenever i think i can’t be the best at what i do i just sit there on the bench resting thinking of that quote.. U will nvr go far in the industry or life in general unless u believe in urself and know that u can do it and be the best! Thank’s Kevin and i look forward to seeing u in the upcoming videos!! U are the man and will always be the best in this industry!

  153. ADAM says:

    Yo Kevin,

    I’m really glad I found this blog brother! I used to come to your gym way back in the day and I always appreciated the time you’d spend with me talking about life. I appreciate the free tickets you’d give me to see your band play up at the Vault and for all the emails you’d send me encouraging me to move forward! I learned so much from you. I knew that I wanted to grow up and live my life in much the same way you live yours….

    I’ve started praying and meditating every day and each day I wake up and give thanks for all the blessings in my life. I’m a 3rd year medical student, I’ve got a great girl in my life that has been looking after me, and cooking for me 🙂 and I’m training hard and loving my time in the gym.

    I’ve had a lot of negative people try to influence my life, and tell me I couldn’t do this or that, but I’ve always believed that there are NO limitations in life… We are only limited by our minds and boundaries that we allow ourselves to put up… And for me, I’m at this stage in my life now where I realize that I am the one in control of it all… It’s taken me 29 years to get to this point, but I’m finally there baby… thanks again for everything. Hope to see you again one day, so I can thank you personally for all the support!


  154. Johan says:

    Hello Kevin.
    I want to recive your newsletter but when I´m trying to sign up for it, it does´nt work. So please add me to the list

    Keep up the good work, you are awsome!!

  155. pascal van der smissen says:

    hey Kevin.
    Thank you for all the motivetion .
    it was great to see and hear new things of you!
    I hope you going back in competition.
    thank you and by .
    pascal holland.

  156. Hi Kevin.Ich habe sehr große schwierigkeiten meinen Bizep auf zu bauen.Hättest du ein Tip für mich,und wüsstest du woran es liegen könnte das sich mein Bizep so gut wie garnicht aufbaut.Du hast ja sehr viel mehr erfahrung dafür.Mit freundlichen grüßen Nick aus Germany

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