A Good Cause

Here’s a quick story from my competing days:

Years ago I had the chance to help a terminally ill child and his family. This boy had a few weeks to live. He was in pain, depressed and unresponsive. Wouldn’t talk, wouldn’t move. 

His mother contacted me and asked me to visit. When I got to the hospital, I took my shirt off in the hallway – I was at the peak of my size and definition. I exploded into the room and yelled “muscle man!”

The boy sat up, smiled, and grabbed my arm and felt my muscle. His family cried and hugged me. Helping this child smile and feel good created a precious moment that the family would remember forever. I was blown away by the experience. It sticks out in my mind as one of the best moments of my career. 

Again, I have a chance to make a small difference. The visibility of this blog has skyrocketed in recent weeks. Close to 20,000 visits a day. That makes The Levrone Report one of the most visited bodybuilding sites in the world, thanks to all of you. I feel we should use that power to do some good.

Let’s start by putting up a link for a good cause. Since you guys helped make this blog what it is, I invite you to vote for the cause that’s most meaningful to you. Thanks – Kevin



49 Responses to A Good Cause

  1. jasper says:


  2. Kris Da Spotta says:

    Thats awesome bra. You made his day. I voted for make a wish foundation. If the kidz gonna die, let them have one of their dreams come true.

    I hope to one day be able to touch a kid someday.

  3. jasper says:

    I wanna add these are obviously all great causes, I personally voted for relief international. After all, we all live together, so why not help each other.

  4. akurban says:

    You are a class act Kevin! Great idea! It was honestly hard for me to choose between the four since they are all great charities, so to be honest with you, I had to “eenie meenie minie moe” it. Thanks Kev.

    Your #1 Fan

  5. Jim says:

    Kris, you ain’t funny anymore. Please gracefully step aside and let a more worthy troll assume your role.

    Kevin, good stuff buddy. I’m glad that you’re keeping a balance and still thinking of all the people who need help.

  6. Ryan says:

    I know what you mean Kev. I contribute to Make a wish foundation for around 8 years now. It’s a feeling that makes me smile knowing that there are a lot of kids born with disorders, diseases, etc… and that I am glad to help whenever I can. Keep doing your thing Kev, and if I am not mistaken, you lost both parents to cancer, and that must be tough! I lost my mother to cancer last year as well, and still coping with it and getting through. She passed away just two days after her birthday. We were just getting closer again, and prior to that my dad in 2002 when I was only 20. I can relate and doing charities and making kids and individuals with medical conditions always brings a smile to my face and is something I will continue doing for as long as I live!

  7. Roger says:

    Great story. Thanks for sharing.

  8. eightbitfit says:

    This is great Kevin.

    For all we achieve in our own lives it’s moments when we give to others that make the world a better place to live in.

  9. obvious says:

    why not do them all?

  10. Babet says:

    I was hoping you would add this to the equation..Very big in many ways…Bless you!

  11. Nelson says:

    I myself couldnt vote for ONE cause as being the most meaningful to me, because they ALL are. We should be there for kids, and adults, in need, be it because of Cancer, AIDS, any other sickness, those who came from abusive environments, etc. To God be the glory.

  12. Moz says:

    All great causes.

  13. Aquarius23 says:

    Hi Kevin,
    I was wondering if you could tell us something more
    about natural testosterone level and if there is any way to increase it naturally ?

    Also it would be interesting to know if a person A with a level of 500ng/dL(300-1000 norm.range) can make the same progress as person B with 800 ng/dL if we assume that they have similar genetic and that they are the same age ?

    Very impressing and dramatic improvent in only 3 weeks.

    Best regards.

  14. maciek - poland says:

    In did there is no the worse thing if child passes away. Especially for parents. I was witness, when my mom has died when she was almost 50, and I never forget how much my grand parent has cried and never compromised of his (our) lost.
    I have two children and life without them makes no sense to me at all.
    Keep the faith – is sometimes only thing we can do.
    Bless You!

  15. -giv.Romania says:

    I voted for children\’s heart foundation.But I find important to help kids,or people who suffer mental dysfunction,too.I saw my mother turned in to a zombie,because of the fuckin cancer.I suffered a major depression.Even now,I suffer from anxiety.When she died the tv. started to make strange noises.Then I started to believe in after life,in God.Anyway,my vot is for Children\’s Heart Foundation.

  16. Alex from France says:

    You’re really a good man, Kevin. I have more admiration for you, day after day.

  17. Kryze says:

    I voted for Society For The Prevention of Child Abuse.
    All of the causes are good, but I just think this one might need a little extra funding than the rest, who already have a lot of peoples support.

    Great idea Kev. God Bless, you’re a good guy.

  18. stercus says:

    keep it up kevin! such an inspiration!

  19. Steve W says:

    added my vote! id donate to all but pick the best, thanks kev you are the man. strong muscles and a strong heart.

  20. tjoe says:

    Funny… not two minutes ago I was wondering if you still did things for charity. I figure I’ll look on here for a Q&A or contact section and I see this latest update. I can only assume you have something planned… Way to go Kevin!

    This seems meaningless when speaking of children and charities but I also wondered if you still had or are into boats? Just curious.

    Keep doing your thing Kevin!

  21. Maciek says:

    In did there is no the worse thing if child passes away. Especially for parents. I was witness, when my mom has died when she was almost 50, and I never forget how much my grand parent has cried and never compromised of his (our) lost.
    I have two children and life without them makes no sense to me at all.
    Keep the faith – is sometimes only thing we can do.
    Bless You!

  22. brandon gorey says:

    Awesome Kevin, this is whole journey you have taken is mind blowing. I’m anxious to see your progression in the following weeks, and your ultimate recovery to your pinacle!


  23. chay says:

    4 years ago, I attempted my own transformation after 10+ years of inactivity. I’m glad to see one of the TOP pros at work to learn and take inspirations from.

    Thank you for this site, Kev.

  24. D-Rock says:

    Any extent of greatness begins with one’s self. This vote is a great example of how an individual must be developed in all areas of his or her life before becoming great. This truly shines light on your heart and importance for contribution.

    Thanks for being a great Rep. for bodybuilders and non-bodybuilders alike.

  25. Demorak says:

    You are a good man Kevin…

  26. Kevin S says:

    It’s hard to choose one of them because they are all important in their way, it’s really important to help kids/people with their diseases.
    You are great in all the ways!

  27. NYC Monstah says:

    Damn Kevin now having one of the top Bodybuilding sites you need to get some sponsors. It is all about multiple streams of income baby and no one should hate on you b/c you deserve. Keep pumping babby, I saw your workout the other day and forced myself to do mine.

  28. mario9090 says:

    Kevin one of the best bodybuilders of EVER.

    kev i copy your phrase when i training in the gym with more weight “come on baby, come on” hahahah

    thanks for the inspiration you give us…

    atte: Mario From Baja california, Mexico…

  29. koerperkult says:

    lovely, this is what its all about

    greetings from germany !

  30. king_peach says:

    Your not just a bodybuilder, Your a Heart builder. God love you Kevin Levrone.

  31. Scott says:

    You are the man Kevin,,,,

  32. Richard Berglof says:

    All i can say Kevin you are the man…touched my heart!

  33. Beastside says:

    They should give you the Nobel prize

  34. Lievore says:

    Good job kevin, Your not just a bodybuilder, Your a Heart builder [2]

  35. Drew says:

    Kevin, Very nice story….There are to many selfish people in today’s society. You have shown that there is a lot more to life than just being big. Be true to yourself.

  36. Angelo says:

    First off, I just have to say The Levroni report is absolutely awesome. I mean getting a chance to interact with a legend like yourself seldom occurs. Your progress has been nothing short of amazing, truly inspirational. Its always exciting, when someone makes a comeback to the sport after a period of absence.
    Finally that was a very nice story and just to add to that, there is nothing greater than being able to bless someone in any way/form possible.

    God Bless

  37. Bakri New Zealand says:

    All great causes there bro, personally its the heart foundation and the make a wish for me.

    and 20k worth a hits a day, that is primo bro, how does it make you feel knowing that soo many people are following you? very humbling I’d assume, its awesome that someone of your nature can make such a positive influence on soo many people, maybe you could pay us a visit down in New Zealand one day or have you been before?

    Warm Regards

  38. McK says:

    20,000 a day, wow, that’s serious numbers. Word spreads, I posted a thread about your transformation and a link to this page about two weeks ago on a littleknown forum I regularly use, the next day the thread had over 1,000 views and a page of responses, the public interest is undeniable, great work Kevin.

  39. William says:

    What an amazing thing to do Kevin=)
    This is why so many people became fans of you, you’re not just the best bodybuilder ever(in my upinion) you’re an amazing rolemodel and a humble guy aswell. I know that was one of the big reasons i started to look up to you broh!

    William from Sweden

  40. Robin says:

    Keving, you’re a great role model…leading by example through this blog too! We gotta stand together and make a difference in this hurting world right brother? Right on!


  41. Kyle says:

    All of these issues are important but when it comes to making a decision as to which is most important, I would say the heart foundation for the main reason that you must have a healthy heart to live. they have shelters for the natural disasters ect.

  42. Stanford from holland says:

    4-5 times a year i give drummingworkshops to children that are termanilly ill for the dutch make a wish foundation called doe een wens stichting in dutch.

    I teach them some drums and percussion and some rhythm stuff and they enjoy it and you see that it brightens their day.


  43. kennyfat says:

    quote”The Levrone Report one of the most visited bodybuilding sites in the world, thanks to all of you”….no kevin, thank you . ur not only the best bb but also a good man, we have alot to learn from u.

  44. Thanks to all of you who voted. Children’s Heart Foundation won fair and square by a small margin. That one happens to be close to my heart. The loss I was talking about a few weeks ago was a young relative of mine who had a heart complication.

    Of course, all these charities, and many more, are worthwhile. This vote was not meant to imply that any one is better than the next. The whole thing is in the spirit of giving, so whether or not you contribute to this or any charity, I hope you do something good with all those muscles you’re building.

    I don’t want to put up more than one ad at a time, but I plan on cycling in other causes every couple weeks.

    If you have a cause you support, or any thoughts on how to put bodybuilding to use in a productive way that helps people, please feel free to share your thoughts or post a link in this thread.

    I appreciate all the support. Stanford from holland, two posts above, guys like that are my role models. They are the real heroes.

    Peace. Kevin

  45. Stanford from holland says:


    Thnx for the kind words and am flattered that i’m one of youre role models by doing what i’m doing for kids.

    As i dont have kids of my own i always had a weakspot for them especially the handicapped ones and the ill ones.Where i originally come from(curacao) the local people tend to hide their kids that are handicapped.

    My parents had a house next to this facility and when i passed those kids always looked at me and you could see in their eyes that they wanted something and be excepted as normal people which they are.

    Thats what made me decide to do something for them although i’m not a qualified person to take care of them.I made alot of friends there by just hangingout,talking etc and do some fieldtrips.

    Now in holland i do it by making music with them.

    Kudos Stanford from holland.

  46. Mak says:

    Kevin I have a question on your form during bicep curls. Every article I’ve read says to do curls with your elbow locked in place by your side, yet you bring your elbows forward on the way up. Is that something that works for you?

  47. Gabriel says:

    Don’t lose your grip on the dreams of the past, WE must fight, just to keep them alive…

    My dream is to be a great bodybuilder, here in Brazil.

    Keep helping people to achieve their dreams…

    The dream ain´t over.. The sun is shining…

  48. Matthew says:

    good for you Kevin..:)

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